5 Panel Camper Hat

How To Choose The Best 5 Panel Camper Hat

What Is The Purpose Of A Five Panel Camper Hat?

The purpose of a five panel camper hat is to provide warmth during cold weather conditions. In addition to providing warmth, these hats are designed with ventilation holes so that air circulates around the head while wearing the hat. The most common style of camper hat has five panels; however, there are other styles available including six-panel and seven-panel camper hats.

How Does A Five Panel Camper Hat Keep Me Warm?

Five panel camper hats are constructed using wool felt which traps heat inside the hat. Wool feels warm because it contains natural oils that trap body heat. The more layers of wool felt that are added to the hat, the warmer the hat becomes. If you're planning to go camping in winter months, a five panel camper hat is a great choice.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality 5 Panel Camper Hat

There are many different types of hats available today. Some are designed specifically for camping while others are more general-purpose. If you're going to be spending lots of time outdoors during the summer months, you might want to invest in a good quality camper hat. There are several reasons why you should purchase a camper hat. First, these hats provide excellent sun protection. Second, they are comfortable enough so that you can enjoy being outside for long periods of time. Third, they are durable because they are constructed with materials that resist fading and mildewing. Fourth, they are easy to care for since they are machine washable. Finally, they are affordable. So, there really isn't anything wrong with investing in a high quality camper hat.

Sun Protection

One of the main benefits of wearing a camper hat is its ability to block harmful UV rays. Most camper hats are manufactured using fabrics that are treated with chemicals that absorb ultraviolet radiation. That means that you will receive fewer tanning burns and freckles. Also, the fabric of the hat protects your eyes from getting irritated by the bright light coming from the sun. Furthermore, the brim of the hat shields your face from direct exposure to the sun. Therefore, you will avoid developing wrinkles around your nose and mouth. Additionally, the material of the hat prevents heat build-up inside the hat which could cause headaches.


Another benefit of owning a camper hat is its comfort level. Since camper hats are generally lightweight, they allow air flow throughout the head. Because of this, you will stay cooler and drier than you would be if you wore nothing at all. Another reason why camper hats are comfortable is due to the way they fit. Many camper hats are adjustable so that they can be worn comfortably by almost everyone regardless of size. For example, many camper hats include elastic bands that tighten around the crown of the hat. This makes sure that the hat stays securely in place no matter where you put it on your head.


Camper hats are built to last. Manufacturers know that people who camp frequently will likely continue to wear their camper hats for years to come. Thus, they design their products to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling. One thing that sets camper hats apart from other outdoor gear is that they are water resistant. In fact, most camper hats are waterproofed. However, if you plan on taking your camper hat into the shower, you should remove the liner before doing so. Otherwise, you risk ruining the lining and causing mold growth.

Machine Washable

Most camper hats are machine washable. Although washing your camper hat does require some effort, it is well worth the trouble. After all, you wouldn't expect to take your expensive designer handbag into the laundry room.

Features To Look For When Buying A Five Panel Camper Hat

The best way to ensure that you're getting the right camping gear for your needs is by reading reviews online. The internet has become the go-to source for information regarding anything and everything these days. If you're planning on purchasing a camping tent, there are many different features that you must be aware of before making a purchase. One of the most important factors to take into consideration is the number of panels that the tent comes with. There are several different types of tents available today, each with its own set of unique features. Some tents only have two panels while others have more than ten. Before choosing which type of tent you'd prefer, it is imperative that you know exactly what you require. Here are some of the main features to look for when shopping around for a five panel camper hat.


One of the biggest considerations when selecting a camping tent is size. Most tents fall within three categories; single person, double person, and family. Single person tents are perfect for those who plan on spending long periods of time outside, whereas family tents are suitable for groups of four or more. Double person tents are great for couples or families who wish to share a tent together. Family tents generally have larger sleeping areas compared to other types of tents. However, they are typically smaller than single person models. In terms of size, it is advisable to choose a model that fits comfortably inside your vehicle. If you intend on using your tent outdoors, it is essential that you select a model that is large enough to accommodate you and your belongings. Remember, the bigger the tent, the longer it takes to erect. Therefore, it is always wise to opt for a small tent rather than a big one.


Another factor to take into account is weight. Tents vary greatly in terms of weight. While lightweight tents weigh very little, heavy ones can prove difficult to carry. If you plan on taking your tent along with you wherever you go, it is vital that you pick a light model. Otherwise, you might end up carrying too much luggage. Make sure that you check the weight of the tent prior to purchasing it so that you can avoid paying for something that weighs too much. Also, bear in mind that heavier tents are easier to transport because they are lighter.

Ease of Use

In addition to being easy to pack away, another key aspect of a good camping tent is ease of use. Camping tents are designed to provide shelter from the elements, however, they are still prone to rain and wind. As such, it is necessary to equip your tent with adequate ventilation holes to allow air flow throughout the interior. Additionally, it is recommended that you invest in a tent that offers both internal and external storage options. This ensures that you can store your personal belongings safely and securely whenever you decide to leave your campsite. Another thing to remember is that it is preferable to choose a tent that does not require poles. Instead, it is advisable to opt for a model that uses pegs to secure itself to the ground. This makes packing and unpacking a lot simpler.

Different Types of Five Panel Camper Hat

The five panel camper hat has become very popular among men who enjoy camping. The five panel camper hat is designed with a brim that extends past the top edge of the headband. This style of hat offers more coverage than other styles of hats. The five panel camper hat comes in many different colors and patterns. There are several ways to put together these hats. Some prefer to sew the panels onto each other while others glue them together. Regardless of which method you choose, there are plenty of choices available to create a unique hat that fits perfectly.

How To Put Together A Five Panel Camper Hat

To assemble a five panel camper hat, start by cutting two pieces of fabric into strips. One strip should be twice as long as the circumference of your head. Cut another piece of material that is three times longer than the length of the head band. Next cut four strips of material that are half as wide as the width of the head band. Finally, cut another piece of material that is twice as long as the length of the head band. Once you've completed these steps, lay the materials flat and begin sewing them together. If you're using a machine, stitch along the edges of the fabrics so that they form a circle around your head. Then continue stitching down the center line of the hat. After completing this step, trim away excess fabric. Now you're ready to attach the brim. Fold the brim in thirds and pin it to the back side of the hat. Sew along the fold lines. Repeat this process for the remaining sides of the hat. Lastly, turn the hat inside-out and press the seams open. Voila! You now have a five panel camper hat that looks great and protects your noggin from sunburn and rain.

Five Panel Camper Hat Styles

Brimless - These hats are typically sewn together and trimmed with no brim. Brims are optional.

Half Bim - These hats are constructed with a single seam running across the middle of the hat. Half bim caps are commonly found on baseball caps.

Full Bim - These hats are constructed with a double seam running across the middle of the hat. Full bim caps are commonly found on cowboy hats.

Five Panel Camper Hat Colors

Colors range from solid color options to patterned designs. Solid colored hats are generally preferred because they provide maximum UV protection. Patterned hats are fun and fashionable alternatives to traditional solid colored hats. Patterns can be anything from stripes to polka dots to animal prints. Whatever design you decide upon, remember that the darker the background, the greater the amount of UV protection offered.