7 Gallon Water Jug

Class A Customs | T-0700 | One (1) 7 Gallon RV Fresh and Gray Water Holding Tank RV Concession

Class A Customs | T-0700 | One (1) 7 Gallon RV Fresh and Gray Water Holding Tank RV Concession

WaterStorageCube BPA-Free Collapsible Water Container with Spigot, Food-Grade Camping Water Storage Carrier Jug for Outdoors Hiking Hurricane Emergency, Foldable Portable Water Canteen (5.3 Gallon)

WaterStorageCube BPA-Free Collapsible Water Container with Spigot, Food-Grade Camping Water Storage Carrier Jug for Outdoors Hiking Hurricane Emergency, Foldable Portable Water Canteen (5.3 Gallon)

How To Choose The Best 7 Gallon Water Jug

What Is The Purpose Of A 7 Gallon Water Jug?

The purpose of a 7-gallon water jug is to store large amounts of water. If you live in a hot climate where there isn't enough rainfall to fill your tank, then you might be interested in purchasing a larger container. Or perhaps you're planning on moving into a house with no running water and you'd prefer to purchase a water storage unit before you leave your current residence. Whatever the case may be, a 7-gallon water jug is perfect for storing large quantities of water.

How To Use A 7 Gallon Water Jug

To begin using a 7-gallon water jug, you must first empty it completely. Once emptied, pour the contents back into the jug so that the level is approximately half way full. Then close the lid tightly and secure it by tightening the screw band around the top edge of the jug. Next, turn the valve handle clockwise until the air vent hole opens. Finally, tighten the screw band again to ensure that the seal has been properly formed. Now you're ready to start filling the jug! Fill the jug slowly and steadily until the desired amount of liquid has been added. After adding the last drop, remove the cap and allow the water to drain out slowly. Make sure to replace the cap once the water has drained out.

Benefits of Using A 7 Gallon Water Jug

There are many benefits associated with using a 7-gallon water jug. For example, these jugs are easy to transport because they fit inside most standard sized vehicles. In addition, they provide ample room for storing foodstuffs and other supplies. Furthermore, they are durable and long lasting. Lastly, they are inexpensive compared to traditional containers. So whether you plan on traveling frequently or simply enjoy living in a warm climate, a 7-gallon water jug could prove useful.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most major retailers sell 7-gallon water jugs. However, you can also find these jugs online. Some websites specialize in selling only water storage units while others carry both water storage units and kitchen appliances. Regardless of which website you choose to visit, make sure to read reviews and ratings posted by previous customers. Also, check out customer service options available to you. If you decide to order online, take advantage of these offers.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Water Jug

Water jugs are essential tools for anyone who needs to store drinking water. There are many different types of water containers available today, ranging from plastic bottles to metal cans. However, there are certain features that must be considered before making a purchase. Here are five important factors to take into account when choosing a water container.


It is imperative that you choose a water container with enough capacity to meet your daily needs. If you plan on storing large amounts of water, you should opt for larger containers. For example, if you live alone, you might only require a 5-gallon jug; however, if you're planning on hosting a party, you might need a 10-gallon jug. In addition, you should ensure that the size of the container matches the amount of water you intend to store. For instance, if you plan on filling a smaller container with more water, you could end up spilling half of it during transportation.


Another factor to consider is the material of which the container is constructed. Plastic water jugs are generally cheaper than glass ones, but they lack durability. Glass has been proven to last longer than other materials, so it's best to go with this option. Metal containers are another popular choice because they are sturdy and easy to maintain. However, these options are expensive compared to plastic and glass containers.


In order to determine whether a particular type of container is durable, you should check its weight. Heavy containers are likely to break easier than lighter ones. Therefore, you should avoid using heavy containers unless you know exactly how strong they are. Another way to test the strength of a container is by dropping it onto a hard floor. If it breaks easily, it probably isn't very sturdy. Also, you should inspect the seams of the container carefully. Seams that appear loose are signs of weakness. Finally, you should always read the manufacturer's instructions regarding care and maintenance. Some manufacturers recommend washing the container regularly while others suggest leaving it untreated.


Finally, you should think about the price of the container. Although most containers are relatively inexpensive, you shouldn't pay too little attention to the costs involved. Make sure that you aren't paying too much for something that doesn't provide adequate value. As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be able to find a suitable water container for your specific needs.

Features To Look For When Buying A 7 Gallon Water Jug

The most important thing to know before purchasing a water container is whether or not it has features that will allow you to be more efficient with its usage. If you're going to purchase a large-capacity water container, there are several factors that you must take into consideration. The size of the container itself is only one factor; other considerations include the type of lid that comes with the product, the number of spouts available, and the amount of storage capacity inside the container.

Size Matters

First, let's talk about the size of the container itself. While many containers are sold in different capacities, the standard size is seven gallons. However, if you plan on filling up your container frequently, you might want to opt for something larger. There are two reasons why you'd want to go bigger. First, if you fill up your container regularly, you'll likely run out of room sooner rather than later. Second, if you plan on storing foodstuffs in your container, you'll probably want to choose a container that holds more than five gallons because you'll need enough room to store multiple types of foods.

Lid Type

Next, we'll discuss the type of lid that comes with the container. Some lids are designed to fit snugly around the top of the container while others are meant to sit loosely atop the container. Lids that are too tight could cause leaks, which defeats the whole purpose of owning a water container. Additionally, if you plan on using the container outdoors, you'll want to ensure that the lid fits tightly so that it doesn't blow away during windy conditions. Finally, if you plan on storing liquids in your container, you'll want to choose a lid that offers a secure seal.

Spout Number

Now, let's discuss the number of spouts that come with the container. Most containers come with three spouts, although some models come with four or six. Spouts are useful for pouring liquid directly onto plants, pots, and soil. In addition to being able to pour liquid straight down, spouts are helpful when watering flowers by allowing you to control the flow rate of the water.

Storage Capacity

Finally, we'll discuss the amount of storage capacity inside the container. As mentioned earlier, if you plan on storing foodstuff in your container, you'll want to select a model that holds more than five gallons. Also, if you plan on storing liquids in your container, you'll want to choose a model that holds more than ten gallons.

Different Types of Water Jug

Water jugs are great because they're easy to store and transport. Here we take a look at the most popular types of water jugs and explain why each kind is suitable for certain situations.

7 Gallon Rigid Plastic Jug

This is probably the most common type of water jug around. The advantage of these jugs is that they're very durable and strong. They're ideal for storing large amounts of water and transporting it long distances. However, they aren't particularly attractive. If you plan on using your water jug frequently, then you might be happier with something more aesthetically pleasing.

5 Gallon Tainer Jug

Tainers are smaller versions of rigid plastic jugs. They're cheaper and easier to carry around than rigid jugs. Because they hold only 5 gallons of water, they're perfect for short trips where you don't need to lug around too many heavy objects. They're also good for filling small containers such as birdbaths or flower pots.

1 Gallon Aquarium Jug

These jugs are designed specifically for aquariums. They're lightweight and easy to fill. They're also leak-proof, making them safe for fish tanks. The downside is that they're expensive compared to other options. Also, they're not really suited for everyday use since they're intended for specialised purposes.

Gallon Rigid Water Jug

Rigid jugs are the heaviest and strongest option available. They're ideal for storing large quantities of water and transporting it long distances. They're also quite sturdy and resistant to leaks. Unfortunately, they're also rather ugly. So unless you're planning on displaying your water jug proudly, you might prefer something else.

Flexible Aqua Tainer

The flexible version of the tainer jug has become increasingly popular recently. They're lighter than rigid jugs, yet still able to withstand high pressures. They're also extremely versatile. For example, you could use them to fill buckets, watering cans, and garden hoses. They're also pretty inexpensive.

Flexible Aqua Tank

The flexible tank is another variation of the tainer jug. Like its predecessor, it's light weight and compact. Unlike the tainer jug though, it doesn't require a lid. Instead, it comes with a spout that makes pouring liquid into it simple and convenient. Flexible tanks are also fairly affordable.

Bucket Jug

Bucket jugs are relatively low priced and easy to handle. They're also useful for filling larger containers such as barrels and cisterns. Bucket jugs are also commonly found in outdoor areas such as gardens, pools, and ponds.

Cistern Jug

Cistern jugs are basically bucket jugs that have been modified by adding a cover. Cistern jugs are generally more stable than standard bucket jugs.