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Open Ear Headphones,Wireless Bone Conduction Headset Bluetooth 5.1 with Mic - MP3 Play Built-in 16G Memory,IP68 Waterproof Sweatproof - Music Answer Phone Call for Swimming Skiing Driving Bicycling

Open Ear Headphones,Wireless Bone Conduction Headset Bluetooth 5.1 with Mic - MP3 Play Built-in 16G Memory,IP68 Waterproof Sweatproof - Music Answer Phone Call for Swimming Skiing Driving Bicycling

How To Choose The Best Aftershokz Waterproof

What Is The Purpose Of An Aftershock Waterproof Headphones?

The headphones market has been growing rapidly since its inception. With so many different types of headphones available today, there is no shortage of options to choose from. However, with so many choices comes confusion. Some headphones claim to be water resistant while others say they're waterproof. Others claim to be able to withstand extreme temperatures while still others claim to be sweat proof.

Water Resistant vs Waterproof Headphones

There are two main categories of headphones; water-resistant and waterproof. Both types of headphones provide great sound quality, however, only waterproof headphones allow users to swim freely without worrying about damaging their expensive headphones. If you plan on taking part in activities where you might accidentally splash water onto your headphones, then waterproof headphones are definitely the way to go. In fact, most manufacturers recommend using waterproof headphones whenever possible because they're more durable and long lasting.

How Do Waterproof Headphones Work?

Most waterproof headphones contain a special membrane inside the ear cups. This membrane prevents moisture from entering the headphone itself. To ensure maximum comfort and durability, these membranes must be sealed tightly around the entire circumference of the ear cup. This seal creates a barrier between the outside environment and the inner workings of the headphones. Most waterproof headphones are designed to last longer by preventing liquids from getting into the electronics.

Benefits of Using Waterproof Headphones

Using waterproof headphones offers several benefits. First, they are extremely comfortable. Because they are completely sealed, they stay dry and warm during cold weather conditions. Second, they are very easy to care for. Unlike regular headphones, waterproof headphones require little maintenance. Third, they are very affordable. Fourth, they are highly versatile. Whether you enjoy running, biking, hiking, or simply relaxing, waterproof headphones are perfect for almost any activity. Finally, they are incredibly convenient. No matter where you are, whether it's a pool, lake, ocean, or river, you can take your headphones along with you!

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Waterproof Headphones?

While waterproof headphones are beneficial, they aren't always ideal. For example, they are typically heavier than non-waterproof models. Also, they are slightly bulkier. Additionally, they are sometimes difficult to fit properly due to the tightness of the seals. Lastly, they are generally more expensive than other headphones.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Aftershockz Waterproof Headphones

Aftershockz headphones are designed with comfort in mind. With its lightweight design, these headphones provide excellent sound quality while remaining comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. In addition to being comfortable, these headphones are durable, providing long-lasting performance. If you're looking for a pair of headphones that will last, check out the Aftershockz line!


These headphones are very light weight, making them easy to carry around. Their soft ear cushions fit comfortably into your ears, allowing you to listen to music for hours on end. The adjustable headband makes sure that the headphones stay snugly in place during intense workouts. The cord length is perfect for most users, ensuring that there is no tangling between uses.


These headphones are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The padded case protects the headphones from bumps and scrapes, preventing damage to the headphones themselves. The headphone cable has been tested to ensure durability, resisting kinks and twists. The battery compartment is protected by a cover, which prevents accidental removal of the batteries. All of these features combine to create a product that will stand the test of time.

Water Resistance

With water resistance, you know that these headphones will perform well whether you're working outside or inside. The headphones are rated IPX4, meaning that they resist splashes and small amounts of moisture. Even though the headphones aren't completely waterproof, they still remain functional underwater.

Sound Quality

The sound quality provided by these headphones is second to none. Whether listening to music or watching movies, these headphones deliver crisp audio that fills your entire room with rich bass tones. The noise isolation technology ensures that background noises are kept to a minimum, so you can enjoy uninterrupted peace and quiet.


Both versions of the headphones are available online and in select retail stores nationwide.

Features To Look For When Buying An Aftershock Waterproof Headphones

The best headphones for running are those with excellent sound quality, comfortable fit, good noise isolation, easy-to-use controls, and long battery life. If you're considering purchasing a pair of these headphones, here are some features to look for.

Comfortable Fit

Most runners prefer headphones that provide great comfort during exercise. The most important thing to remember is that the ear cups must be large enough to allow air flow around the ears while providing adequate coverage. In addition, the headband needs to stay snug so that there is no slippage and the headphone stays securely in place.

Noise Isolation

Many runners choose headphones because they block outside noises. Noise isolation comes into play when choosing between wired and wireless options. Wireless models typically isolate more effectively than wired ones. However, wired headphones generally have superior audio fidelity.

Easy Controls

Headphones with touch controls are convenient since you can adjust volume, skip tracks, pause/play music, answer calls, etc., simply by touching the right spot on the control panel. Some headphones have buttons located near the cord ends; others require you to press a button on each side of the unit.

Long Battery Life

Battery life is another consideration when selecting headphones. Most runners prefer to listen to music for several hours before needing to recharge batteries. Long battery life is especially helpful when using headphones in outdoor settings where recharging might take too long.

Water Resistance

Some headphones are water resistant, which protects them from getting wet. Running in rain or snow is common among many athletes.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Bluetooth technology has become increasingly popular among consumers. Many smartphones now include built-in Bluetooth capabilities. This makes pairing devices easier. As a result, many manufacturers have included Bluetooth compatibility in their products.


Finally, price is always a factor when making purchases. There are plenty of inexpensive headphones available. But, you shouldn't settle for anything less than high-quality headphones.

Different Types of Aftershockz Waterproof Headphones

The headphones market has been flooded with different kinds of headphones ranging from wired earbuds to wireless ones. The latest trend in the headphone industry is the bone-conduction technology which uses vibrations transmitted via bones rather than air to produce sound. BCT headphones provide superior audio quality compared to traditional headphones because they deliver high fidelity sound by converting external sounds into electrical signals that travel along the skull and stimulate the inner ears.

Types of Bone Conduction Headsets

There are two main categories of bone conduction headsets - closed and open. Closed bone conduction headset is where there is no opening between the speaker and the user’s ear canal. Open bone conduction headset has an opening so that the user can hear ambient noise. There are many advantages associated with these two types of bone conduction headsets. For instance, the closed type offers excellent isolation while the open type does not block out background noises.

Advantages of Using Bone Conduction Headset

Bone conduction headphones allow users to listen to music without disturbing others around them. In addition, they are comfortable since they fit snugly on the wearer’s head. Moreover, bone conduction headphones eliminate the problem of wind noise caused by blowing hair. Also, they are more convenient than other forms of hearing aids since they require little maintenance.

Disadvantages of Using Bone Conduction Headset

One disadvantage of bone conduction headphones is that they cannot pick up low frequency sounds. Another drawback is that they are not suitable for those who suffer from tinnitus. However, most people with normal hearing can benefit from wearing bone conduction headphones.

Benefits of Using Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone

Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience. Unlike conventional bone conduction headphones, Bluetooth bone conduction headphones connect wirelessly to smartphones and tablets. Thus, users can enjoy listening to music wherever they go. Furthermore, unlike conventional bone conduction headphones, Bluetooth bone conduction headphones can be paired with multiple devices simultaneously.

Features of Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones

Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are equipped with advanced features including auto pairing, voice control, hands free calling, and remote microphone controls. Some models include built-in speakers while others have detachable speakers. Most models also have rechargeable batteries.

How To Choose Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Choosing the best bone conduction headphones depends on several factors. First, choose a model that suits your needs. Second, check whether the headphones are compatible with your smartphone or tablet. Third, ensure that the headphones are durable enough to withstand daily usage. Finally, ensure that the headphones are easy to operate and maintain.