Argo 100X Kayak

Pelican - Sentinel 100X Angler Fishing Kayak - Sit-on-Top Kayak - Lightweight one Person Kayak - 9.6 ft

Pelican - Sentinel 100X Angler Fishing Kayak - Sit-on-Top Kayak - Lightweight one Person Kayak - 9.6 ft

How To Choose The Best Argo 100X Kayak

What Is The Purpose Of An Argo 100X Kayak?

Argo 100X kayaks are designed with a wide beam hull which makes them stable and easy to maneuver. Their high volume bow design creates more stability while paddling. With its unique shape, Argo 100X kayaks provide excellent performance in rough water conditions. Its long length gives it great stability and power. Argo 100X kayaks are perfect for fishing, hunting, camping, boating, swimming, surfing, diving, and other outdoor activities.

Why Choose Argo 100X Kayaks?

The Argo 100X kayak has been specially designed to be lightweight yet durable. It features a large cockpit, which offers ample room for two adults. It comes equipped with comfortable seats and footrests. The Argo 100X kayak is ideal for beginners who wish to learn how to paddle a kayak. It is suitable for both solo and tandem paddles. It is available in different colors and styles.

How To Use Argo 100X Kayaks?

To start using Argo 100X kayaks, you must assemble it. First, remove the seat and the decking boards. Then, attach the decking board to the front edge of the gunwale. Next, secure the gunwales by attaching them to the decking boards. Finally, install the seat and the decking boards. Once assembled, you're ready to go! Now, you can enjoy your favorite sport in comfort and style.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Argos Kayak

Kayaks are great fun to paddle and there are many different types available. However, before you purchase one, it is important to know which type suits you best. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing between these two popular forms of watercraft. First, you must decide whether you prefer a sit-on-top kayak or a stand-up model. Sit-on-tops are generally more stable and easier to manoeuvre while standing models provide greater stability and control. Next, you must choose between a touring kayak or a fishing kayak. Touring boats are designed with comfort in mind so that you can enjoy long trips away from shore. Fishing boats are ideal for catching fish and other aquatic creatures. Finally, you must determine whether you wish to go racing or simply enjoying paddling around lakes and rivers. Racing boats are built specifically for speed and performance while recreational boats are intended for leisurely paddles.

Stand Up Models

These models are typically larger and heavier than sit-on-top versions. Stand-ups are very stable and easy to maneuver. They are perfect for beginners who want to learn how to paddle. If you plan to travel far distances, a stand-up boat offers superior stability and safety. In addition, stand-ups allow you to carry gear and supplies along with you. For example, you could bring food, drinks, and camping equipment.

Sit Down Models

This style of kayak is smaller and lighter than its stand-up counterpart. As a result, sit down models are more agile and responsive. They are good for those who want to explore small bodies of water and catch fish. While sitting down, you can rest comfortably and avoid fatigue. Although sit-down models are slightly slower than stand ups, they are still quite fast. Because of their size, they are suitable for short journeys only. Also, because they are smaller, they are easier to transport and store.

Touring Boats

Touristy boats are designed for longer excursions where you can relax and enjoy nature. They are equipped with comfortable seats and storage compartments. Some models include sleeping areas and cooking facilities. Most touristy boats are constructed using fiberglass materials and are lightweight. They are excellent choices for families and groups.

Fishing Boats

Fishing boats are designed to be light and portable. They are ideal for anglers who want to catch fish and other aquatic animals. Many models include bait wells and livewells. Some fishing boats are equipped with special features such as rod holders and seat cushions. Others include removable covers and hat racks. All fishing boats are manufactured using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. They are durable and reliable.

Racing Boats

For racers, speed is everything. Racing boats are specially engineered to maximize power and minimize weight. They are extremely efficient and require little maintenance. Racers can expect to see speeds upwards of 40 miles per hour. Racing boats are recommended for experienced paddlers who want to test themselves.

Features To Look For When Buying An Argo 100X Kayak

Argo has been making kayaks since the early 1900’s. The company was founded by George C. Argus who wanted to create a boat that could be paddled with ease and comfort. He created his first prototype in 1915 and began selling boats in 1916. In 1919 he introduced the first self-bailing model which helped reduce water entering the cockpit. His design proved so popular that he soon sold more than 10, 000 units. Today, Argo continues to produce quality products that are built to last.

The Argo 100X Is Built With Quality Materials

The Argo 100X is constructed using high grade materials including polyethylene foam, fiberglass, and aluminum. All parts are designed to withstand years of outdoor abuse while still being lightweight enough to paddle around town.

It Has A Wide Range Of Paddling Options

This kayak comes equipped with two seat positions, a bow seating position, and a stern seating position. There are also three different footrest options available. If you're planning on doing some fishing, there is a rod holder included.

There Are Plenty Of Storage Compartments

With plenty of storage compartments, you'll never run out of room to store your gear. There are four large pockets located along both sides of the hull. Two of these pockets are accessible from inside the kayak and two are accessible from outside. You can access the interior pockets from either side of the kayak.

It Comes With A Life Jacket

In case you ever forget your life jacket, you can always grab it from the front pocket. The Argo 100X features a removable rear hatch cover that makes accessing the compartment easy.

It Includes A Tow Hook

Towing the Argo 100X is simple thanks to its tow hook. Simply attach the hook to the back of the kayak and pull it into the water. Once attached, you can simply let go of the handle and watch the kayak float away.

It Can Be Used As Both A Stand Up Kayak Or Sit Down Kayak

Whether you prefer standing up or sitting down, the Argo 100X offers the option. Just flip the seat forward or backward to switch between standup and sitdown modes.

It Has A High Level Of Stability

Thanks to its wide beam width, the Argo 100X is stable and comfortable whether you're standing up or sitting down. Its stability is further enhanced by the fact that it does not rock excessively during turns.

Different Types of Argo Kayaks

Argo has been making kayaks since 1976. The company was founded by two brothers who wanted to build a boat that could be built with materials available locally. Today, Argo makes boats ranging from small fishing craft to large expedition-style vessels. Their products are designed to meet the needs of recreational boaters, commercial fishermen, and sportfishers.

Types of Argo Kayaks

There are three main categories of Argo kayaks: touring, racing, and fishing. Touring models are intended for leisure paddling while racing models are meant for competition. Fishing models are designed specifically for catching fish. Each category offers several different designs. Some models are more stable than others, so choose wisely depending on your preferences.

Tourist Models

The most popular model among tourists is the Argo 100XR. This lightweight kayak features a wide beam design that gives stability and maneuverability. Its hull shape is ideal for beginners because it doesn’t require extensive skill to paddle. The Argo 100XR comes equipped with a molded seat, which is comfortable enough for long trips. Other features include a cockpit cover, storage compartment, and bow/stern spray skirt.

Fishing Models

For anglers seeking maximum performance, the Argo 100XP is perfect. With its high volume center console, this kayak is great for fishing tournaments. It includes a molded seat, rod holders, and a stern locker. There is no cockpit cover, however, so anglers must take care to avoid getting water inside the cabin.

Race Model

The Argo 100XT is a race model that is suitable for both amateur racers and professionals. It boasts a wider beam width than other models, giving it greater stability. The Argo 100XT also has a larger cockpit opening, allowing for easier entry and exit.

Other Features

All Argo kayaks feature a removable skeg, which is useful for navigating shallow waters. Skegs also provide traction on slippery surfaces. FRP is stronger than wood and lighter than aluminum. Argo kayaks are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Where To Get Them

Kayaking enthusiasts can purchase Argo kayaks online or at sporting goods stores. Online retailers typically sell Argo kayaks at discounted prices. Retailers generally stock only a few models, so check before heading to the store.