Athleta One Piece Swimsuit

ZINPRETTY Women Athletic One Piece Bathing Suit High Waisted Swimsuit Striped High Cut Sports Swimwear

ZINPRETTY Women Athletic One Piece Bathing Suit High Waisted Swimsuit Striped High Cut Sports Swimwear

How To Choose The Best Athleta One Piece Swimsuit

What Is The Purpose Of An Athleta One Piece Swimsuit?

The Athleta one-piece swim suit is designed with comfort in mind. With its unique design, the top has been cut away so there’s no unnecessary material between you and the water. In addition, the bottom features a built-in brief which offers support and coverage while still being comfortable enough to wear during exercise.

How To Wear Them

To start wearing the Athleta one-piece swimsuit, simply pull the front panel down and slip into the bottoms. Then, adjust the straps around your hips before pulling the back panel up and securing it with the hook and loop fastener. Once you're ready to go, flip the front panel back up and enjoy swimming!


With its unique design, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit gives you more freedom of movement while offering full coverage. Its built-in briefs provide support and coverage while still feeling light and breathable. Finally, the quick dry fabric makes getting dressed easy and convenient. So whether you prefer to be active outdoors or indoors, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit is sure to fit right into your workout routine.

Where Can You Get Them?

At Athleta stores nationwide, you can shop online by visiting Or visit your local store to see our selection of swim suits for men and women.

Women's Athletic Swimming Suits Cover Up Women's Sports

Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and build strength. But, when you're working hard in the pool, it's important to know how best to protect yourself. That's why we created the Athleta one-piece swimsuit. Designed specifically for swimmers, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit is perfect for outdoor workouts and indoor training sessions alike. Whether you're doing laps in the ocean or practicing breaststroke in the pool, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit is guaranteed to give you the confidence you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Covering For Sportswear

Whether you're running, biking, hiking, or playing sports, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit covers everything from your shoulders to your knees. Made from quick drying nylon, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit feels lightweight and breathable. No matter where you plan to take part in your sport, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit is the ultimate solution for covering up your body and staying protected.


Unlike other swimsuits, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit doesn't leave anything uncovered. From shoulder to knee, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit protects you from sunburn, chafing, and rashes. Not only does the Athleta one-piece swimsuit protect you, but it also looks good too. Featuring a sleek silhouette, the Athleta one-piece swimsuit flatters your figure and shows off your shape. Best of all, the quick dry fabric lets you quickly change clothes once you've finished exercising.

There are many different types of swimwear available today. Some are designed with comfort in mind while others are more form fitting. There are those who prefer wearing a bikini style suit while others choose to go for something more modest. Regardless of which type of swimwear you decide to purchase, there are certain factors that must be considered before making your final decision. For example, choosing a quality one-piece swimsuit is important because these suits provide maximum coverage. If you're planning on swimming in public, you might want to think twice about going braless. In addition, you should always check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer so that you know exactly how big you are. Lastly, you should ensure that the material being used is durable enough to withstand chlorine exposure.


One of the most important aspects of selecting a quality one-piece swimsuit is finding a design that fits comfortably. While some designs are very flattering, others could leave you feeling uncomfortable due to tightness around the chest and back areas. To avoid this problem, you should select a model that has adjustable straps. Also, you should ensure that the top portion of the suit does not ride up too high. This could cause discomfort during exercise. Another thing to remember is that you shouldn't expect to receive a perfect fit right away. As long as you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers, you should see results within a few weeks.


Another factor to take into consideration is the overall style of the swimsuit. Many models are designed with a specific shape in mind. However, other styles are meant to flatter everyone regardless of size. Therefore, you should carefully examine each model to determine whether it will complement your body type. Additionally, you should pay close attention to the color scheme. Although black is typically associated with fitness, white is generally thought of as a classic choice.


Finally, you should never forget to check the durability of the product. Most manufacturers include a warranty period that covers defects caused by normal wear and tear. However, you should still inspect the label closely to ensure that it includes everything you need.

Features To Look For When Buying An Athleta One Piece Swimsuit

The best way to choose a suit is by trying on different styles and colors. If you're unsure which style suits you best, take measurements before purchasing so you know exactly what size you need. The following features are important to look for when choosing an Athleta one-piece swimsuit.


Look for fabric with a high thread count. Thread counts range between 200 and 400 per square inch. Higher numbers mean smoother fabrics and softer feeling garments. Also, be sure to check the tag inside the garment. Some manufacturers label the threads with the number of times they've been washed. So, if you see "200" written on the tag, you can assume that the material has only been washed once. However, if you see "400, " you can expect that the material has been washed multiple times.


Make sure the top fits snug around your chest. Make sure there aren't gaping holes anywhere else. Be careful not to pull too tight because this could cause discomfort while swimming. Also, avoid wearing a bikini bottom that doesn't fit properly. It might slip down during exercise.


Choose a color that matches well with your skin tone. Avoid bright colors that will wash away quickly. Instead, opt for pastel shades that will last longer. Don't forget to match accessories with your outfit!


Be wary of patterns that are busy or distracting. Choose simple designs that complement your body type and personality. Patterns that are large or bold will distract you from focusing on your workout routine.


Shop around for deals. Many stores discount their products throughout the summer months. Also, ask friends who shop at these sites for recommendations.


Measure yourself carefully. Take into account your height, weight, bust measurement, waistline, hips, and thighs. Then compare those measurements to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Remember, most companies provide two options for each size; one for petite and another for tall.


Consider your lifestyle.

Shipping & Returns

Others charge a small fee. Always read the fine print before making a purchase.

Different Types Of Athleta One Piece Swimsuit

The most popular type of one-piece swimwear is the bikini top with bottoms. The bottom portion has two parts - a back panel and a front panel. The back panel covers the buttocks while the front panel covers the breasts. Some bikinis have no waistband while others have a narrow elastic band around the middle. Bikini tops are generally designed to be worn alone or with other pieces of clothing. If you prefer something more modest, there are many options available. There are tankini tops which combine a tank top with a brief skirt. Or there are halters which leave little to the imagination. All these styles provide coverage while still allowing freedom of movement.

How To Choose An Athletic Swimming Suit For Women

Choosing the right swimming suit for women isn't easy. Many factors must be considered before making a purchase. First, think about where you plan to go swimming. Think about each activity carefully so that you know exactly what suits you best.

Types Of Athletic Swimming Suits Available

There are several different kinds of athletic swimsuits available today.

Most of them fall into three categories: full coverage, partial coverage, and minimal coverage. Full coverage swimsuits are those that completely conceal everything except for the face and hands. Partial coverage swimsuits show only enough skin to allow for modesty. Minimal coverage swimsuits reveal very little skin. Each style offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Full Coverage Athletic Swimming Suits

Full coverage swimsuits are probably the most common choice among athletes. They're ideal for outdoor sports because they offer maximum sun protection. However, they aren't suitable for indoor pools since they might restrict your movements. In addition, full coverage swimsuits can cause chafing problems. Because they cover the entire body, they can trap sweat inside the fabric. Sweat trapped between the material and your skin could lead to uncomfortable rashes.

Partial Coverage Athletic Swimming Suits

Partial coverage swimsuits are great choices for indoor pools. They give you the option of covering certain areas of your body depending upon your needs. For example, you can choose a suit that leaves your shoulders exposed while leaving your midsection covered. Another possibility is choosing a suit that exposes your chest while hiding your thighs. These suits are perfect for exercising indoors since they allow you to enjoy the benefits of swimming without worrying about getting burned by the sun.

Minimal Coverage Athletic Swimming Suits

Minimal coverage swimsuits are great for indoor workouts. Unlike full and partial coverage swimsuits, they expose almost nothing. They're ideal for swimmers who wish to avoid tan lines. But they're not recommended for outdoor sports since they lack adequate sun protection.