Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter

How To Choose The Best Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter

What Is The Purpose Of A Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter?

The term "benchmade" refers to handcrafted products by skilled artisans who create each item with meticulous attention to detail. In other words, these are handmade pieces of art that take years to complete. Many of our customers choose to purchase a custom-built piece of leatherwork because they know it will be unique and last forever.

How Does A Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter Help Me?

Saddle Mountain Hunters are designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hands. As a result, they're easy to hold onto while riding. If you prefer a more traditional style saddle, we carry those too! Our saddles are available in a variety of colors and styles so there's something for everyone.

Are There Any Downsides To Using A Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter?

There really aren't many downsides to using a Benchmade saddle mountain hunter. We've been selling them since 1992 and we still receive positive feedback from our customers. However, if you'd rather ride a traditional western saddle, we also sell those too!

Is It Worth Buying One?

Absolutely! Not only does a Benchmade saddle mountain hunter provide comfort and safety, but it looks great too. Most importantly though, it makes you feel good knowing that you're wearing a product built by someone who cares deeply about craftsmanship.

Can I Use My Old Leather Sorel Saddle For A Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter?

Yes, absolutely! All of our saddlemountain hunters are compatible with most standard saddles. Just check the size chart before ordering.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter

If you're lucky enough to have ridden a good saddle before, you probably already know how important it is to purchase a high-quality saddle. In fact, there are many factors involved in choosing a great saddle including fit, comfort, durability, price, and style. However, there are two other aspects that must be considered when selecting a saddle - function and beauty. Function refers to how well the saddle performs while riding. Beauty refers to how attractive the saddle looks. Both these elements play a major role in determining whether or not you enjoy using your saddle. So let's take a closer look at each aspect of a saddle so we can determine which features are most important to you.


There are three main functions of a saddle; support, stability, and balance. Support refers to how well the saddle supports your body during long rides. Stability refers to how stable the saddle feels when you ride. Balance refers to how evenly distributed weight is placed across the horse's back. All three of these areas are very important to ensure proper functioning of your horse. For example, if you choose a saddle with poor support, you could end up straining muscles in your legs and hips. Likewise, if you select a saddle with low stability, you might experience discomfort when you ride. Finally, if you pick a saddle that doesn't provide adequate balance, you could develop soreness in your lower back.


While function plays a huge part in determining the overall appearance of a saddle, aesthetics are also extremely important. There are several different styles of saddles available today ranging from traditional western saddles to sleek modern designs. Each type offers unique benefits and drawbacks. Traditional Western saddles are typically more comfortable because they conform to the shape of your rider's anatomy. Modern saddles are designed to minimize pressure points by providing a smoother transition between seat and cantle. Some saddles are constructed entirely of leather whereas others are covered with synthetic materials. Leather saddles are generally more expensive than synthetics but they last longer and require minimal maintenance. Synthetic saddles are cheaper but they tend to show signs of wear sooner. Regardless of the material used, the design of the saddle is another key factor in deciding which saddle best suits your needs. While it's true that no matter what kind of saddle you choose, you'll always benefit from a properly fitted saddle, certain types of saddles lend themselves to specific activities. For instance, a dressage saddle is built specifically for horses competing in equestrian competitions. Dressage saddles are characterized by being narrow and deep. This gives the horse greater freedom of movement and makes it easier to control his head position. Conversely, a trail saddle is wider and flatter. Trail saddles are ideal for riders who prefer to travel fast and loose. Other popular choices include English bridle seats, jumping saddles, and racing saddles.

Features To Look For When Buying A Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter

The features of a good quality saddle mountain hunting knife include high-carbon steel blades with full tang construction, ergonomic handles, comfortable grips, and sharp edges. The blade length should be between 3 1/2" and 4". The handle material should be either wood or leather. Leather is more durable and has a longer lifespan than wood. Wood is softer and easier to sharpen. If you plan on using the knife for deer hunting, the handle should be designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand while holding onto the gun.

Blade Length

The most important thing to know before purchasing a knife is its blade length. There are three main types of knives; fixed blade, folding pocketknife, and folder. Fixed blade knives are those which stay closed unless opened by pushing down on the spine of the blade. Folders open automatically and close again once released. Pocketknives fold along the centerline of the blade. Folder knifes are typically larger than other types of knives because they contain multiple layers within the handle.

Handle Material

There are two different materials commonly used to create handles. One type is wood and the other is synthetic. Synthetic handles are lighter weight and stronger than wood. However, they are more expensive and require special care. Handles made of natural materials are generally more affordable and easy to maintain. Natural materials include horn, bone, ivory, antler, and tortoise shell. Horn is very popular among hunters due to its durability and strength. Bone is another common choice for handles. Antlers are strong and lightweight. Tortoise shells are soft and light. Ivory is extremely rare and hard to obtain.


An ergonomic grip is essential for comfort and safety during long periods of use. Ergonomic grips provide a secure hold while allowing the user to manipulate the knife with ease. Ergonomic designs allow the fingers to wrap around the handle naturally. Knives with nonergonomic grips cause discomfort and fatigue. Ergonomic design includes finger grooves, thumb rest, and textured gripping areas. Finger grooves are small indentations located near the tip of the blade. Thumb rests are raised ridges found on the back side of the handle. Textured gripping areas are rough spots on the handle where the fingertips press.


Knife manufacturers claim that their products are "sharpened", however, there is no way to verify whether these claims are true. Sharpening is done to remove microscopic burrs and nicks from the edge of the blade. Most companies sell sharpening services separately. Some knives are sold pre-sharpened. Pre-sharpened knives are already ground to a fine point.


Handling comfort is determined by the size of the handle and the shape of the grip. Handle size determines the amount of pressure required to operate the knife. Large handles require greater force to push the knife open or shut. Smaller handles require less effort. Grip shape affects the angle at which the wrist bends when opening or closing the knife. Angled grips bend the wrist forward.

Different Types of Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter

In fact, the original style was designed by George Washington himself! The classic design features a straight grip and a single-piece horn. The horn is attached to the saddle using screws.

Saddle Mountain Hunters with Modern Handles - The modern version of the saddle mountain hunter has become very popular because of its ease of use. The modern versions have two pieces of wood connected together by metal hardware. One piece holds the horn while the other piece holds the saddle. Both pieces are held together by screws.

Saddle Mountain Hunters with Single Piece Horns - The single piece horn is another variation of the saddle mountain hunter. Instead of connecting the horn to both sides of the saddle, only one side connects to the horn. The saddle itself is still attached to the horse via leather straps.

Benefits of Using a Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter

Easy To Use – With the modern saddle mountain hunter, there is no more screwing and unscrewing of bolts and nuts. All you have to do is attach the horn to the saddle and tighten down the screws.

Easier To Carry – Since the modern saddle mountain hunter does not require tools, it makes carrying easier. Also, the modern saddle mountain hunter is lighter than the older models.

Less Maintenance Required – Because the modern saddle mountain hunter does not require screws, it takes less maintenance.

How Do You Choose Which Type of Saddle Mountain Hunter Is Right For You?

It depends on whether you prefer a traditional model or a modern model. If you prefer the traditional model, then you might choose between the old school and the new school. Old school saddle mountain hunters have a single piece horn which attaches directly to the saddle. Newer models have a double-sided horn which is attached to the saddle.

Where Can You Find a Good Deal on a Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter?

You can purchase a good deal on a saddle mountain hunter online. There are several websites where you can shop for a great price on a saddle mountain hunter.

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