Bicycle Bar Tape

PETCHOR Road Bike Handlebar Tapes, Bar Tape Cycling, Bicycle Handle Wrapes, 2 Rolls PU Leather + EVA Strap for Mountain Bicycle Black(Length 78inch * 2)

PETCHOR Road Bike Handlebar Tapes, Bar Tape Cycling, Bicycle Handle Wrapes, 2 Rolls PU Leather + EVA Strap for Mountain Bicycle Black(Length 78inch * 2)

How To Choose The Best Bicycle Bar Tape

What Is The Purpose Of Bicycle Handle Bar Tape?

Bicycle handle bars are designed with grips so that riders can hold onto the handles while riding. However, these grips can be slippery and uncomfortable. To solve this problem, many cyclists choose to apply grip enhancing products to their handlebars. One popular product is bicycle bar tape.

Why Do People Use Bike Handle Bars Tapes?

The main reason why people use bicycle handle bars tapes is because they provide comfort and safety. Many types of handle bars exist today. Some handle bars are flat, others are curved, and still others are angled. All of these different styles require unique hand positions. If you're using a handle bar that doesn't fit right, you could end up hurting yourself. That's where grip enhancing products come into play. With a variety of options available, there's bound to be something that fits your needs perfectly.

How Does Grip Enhancing Products Help Prevent Injury?

Handle bars are designed to give you maximum control over your bike. But sometimes, due to poor design, you might slip off the handle bars. In order to avoid injury, you must maintain proper grip. Handles bars tapes are great tools to ensure that you stay safe by providing a firm grip.

Does Gripping Handle Bars Make Me More Comfortable?

Grips enhance your ability to steer and balance your bike. Because of this, you'll notice that you become more confident on your bike. As long as you practice good technique, you'll be able to ride safely and comfortably.

Can Grips Be Used For Other Things Besides Bicycles?

Yes! Grips can be used for other purposes besides bicycles. Whether you're working on a car, playing sports, or doing chores around the house, grips are useful tools.

Is There Any Downside To Using Grips?

There isn't really anything wrong with using grips. Just remember that they aren't meant to replace proper training. Training is important no matter what type of sport you participate in. Proper training ensures that you remain safe and sound throughout your journey.

Are Grips Safe?

Yes, grips are very safe. They are non-toxic and pose no health risks whatsoever. Grips are simply a tool that enhances your performance.

Do Grips Come In Different Sizes?

No. Most grips are universal. You only need to worry about getting the correct size for your particular bike.

Where Can I Find Grips?

Most stores carry grips. You can search online for places that sell grips. Or, you can ask your local bike shop.

Should I Wear Gloves While Riding My Bike?

It depends on whether you prefer wearing gloves or not. Wearing gloves makes it easier to grab the handle bars. However, you run the risk of slipping off the handle bars if you don't have enough grip. So, it's best to experiment and see which method works best for you.

Bicycle bars are designed to be gripped by hand while riding. If these grips become worn down due to frequent usage, they could cause injury to your hands. In addition, if the grip becomes too slippery, it might lead to slipping accidents. Therefore, it is important to purchase high-quality bicycle bar tapes.

How To Choose High-Quality Bicycle Grip Tapes

There are many types of bicycle bar tapes available today. However, there are only two kinds of high-quality ones. One kind has a soft silicone coating which makes it easy to grip with bare fingers. Another type features a hard plastic coating which gives more traction. There are pros and cons associated with each type. For example, silicone coated tapes are easier to apply, but they are prone to cracking. Hard plastic coated tapes are harder to apply, but they last longer.

Benefits of Using Silicone Coated Bicycle Grips

Silicone coated bicycle grips provide superior gripping power because they are softer than other types of tapes. Moreover, they are durable and long lasting. Because they are flexible, they conform well to uneven surfaces. Also, they are very safe since they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Advantages of using Hard Plastic Coated Bike Grips

Hard plastic coated bicycle grips are strong and durable. They are resistant to heat and cold. Furthermore, they are scratch proof and water repellent. They are ideal for outdoor cycling activities where dirt and moisture are common.

Tips for Choosing Good Bicycle Grips

Before choosing a good pair of bicycle grips, take into account several factors. First, choose a product that feels right to your hands. Second, check whether the grips fit snugly around the handlebars. Third, ensure that the grips are securely attached to the frame. Finally, look closely at the color and design of the grips. Make sure that they match your style and personality.

Features To Look For When Buying A Bicycle Bar Tape

Bicycle bars are essential tools for cyclists who ride long distances. The most important thing to remember when purchasing a bicycle bar tape is safety. There are many different types of tapes available today, so it’s best to know which ones are safe before making a purchase. Here are some features to look for when choosing a bicycle bar tape.


The first consideration when selecting a bicycle bar tape is safety. If you plan on using the tape regularly, it needs to be durable enough to withstand constant exposure to weather conditions. Also, the adhesive must be strong enough to hold onto the frame of your bicycle. Some tapes are designed specifically for bicycles with certain frames while others are more universal. Make sure that the tape has been tested by independent third-party laboratories to ensure its durability.


Another factor to take into account is durability. Many tapes last only two years or less because they aren’t built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh elements. However, there are tapes that are designed to stand up to these conditions. Durable tapes are typically thicker and stronger than those meant for indoor use. They are also longer lasting since they don’t stretch out as quickly.


Finally, comfort is another key component to consider. Most tapes are designed to fit snugly around the circumference of the handlebars. Comfort comes down to personal preference; however, some riders prefer a looser grip while others prefer a tighter fit. Tapes vary in thickness depending on whether they are intended for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor tapes are generally thinner and more flexible than indoor tapes.


Lastly, price is always a concern. Always shop around for the lowest prices possible. Don’t forget to check online retailers for discounts.

Different Types of Bicycle Bar Tape

Bicycle bars are designed to be gripped by hand so that riders can control their bikes with ease. The most common type of grip is called "gripping" which involves wrapping the fingers around the grips. Other styles include "clipping", where the rider clips onto the bar using special clippers; and "hooking", where the rider hooks his/her hands into holes cut into the ends of the bar. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages depending upon the riding conditions. For example, gripping is best suited for flat roads while clipping is more suitable for rough terrain. Hooking is good for downhill racing because it gives the rider greater leverage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of each Grip Type

Gripping - Good for flat road riding since there is no risk of slipping off due to uneven ground. However, gripping takes longer to apply and remove compared to other methods. Also, gripping makes it difficult to change gears quickly.

Clipping - Easy to apply and removes quickly. However, clipping does not allow for quick changes between gears.

Hooking - Quickest method of changing gears. However, hooking is only useful for down hill races.

Which Grip Is Best For Me?

The choice depends on several factors including the type of riding you plan to do, weather conditions, and personal preference. If you ride primarily on flat paved roads, gripping is probably the best option. If you enjoy mountain biking, clipping is ideal. Finally, if you race downhill, hooking is the way to go.

Bar Tape Options

Depending on the type of grip you prefer, you can choose from many options for bar tapes.

Tape-Wrapped Grips

This is the most common form of grip found on modern bicycles. To install these grips, simply wrap the tape around the entire circumference of the bar. Be sure to leave enough room for the fingers to fit comfortably. Once installed, the tape must remain intact throughout the season. Otherwise, the grip could become loose and fall off during use.

Saddle Tape

Saddle tape is another popular option for grips.

Saddle tape comes in two varieties: solid and hollow. Solid saddle tape is thicker and stronger than hollow tape. Hollow tape is thinner and lighter.

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