sponeed Men's Bike Pants Gym Bicycle Leggings Cycling Tights Padded Bike Wear Triathlon Pant US Large White

  • High quality fabric: This padded cycling pants is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, stretchy, breathable, abrasion reduce to pilling, fits like a second skin, not tight, but not saggy. Wth moisture wicking and fast drying perspiration technology. so that you will not feel stuffy,it will not stick to your skin, and you will stay breathable, cool and dry on a long distance cycling
  • 4D gel pad: This bike pants is specially designed with shaped as your bike seat and stitched 4D gel thickened padded, which effectively reduces vibration. Being made with breathable fabric and arranged with air vents for the outer layer, the pad can always keep the dry touch,protect the hip and genital system effectively to keep healthy
  • Great features: Our padded biking pants with high quality wide waistband avoids ride up and adds great comfort, smooth ankle zippers for easy off and on, leg opening antiskid design can help better fixed the pants, bright and contrasting colors provide high visibility on the road or trail, will make you safer and more dynamic during the gloomy weather while cycling
  • Stretch for active use; This bicycle tights is suitable for all levels cyclists, which includes mountain biking, road riding, handbike and indoor gym bike training,the sponeed cycle pants is a great choice for full leg coverage, the breathable and quick drying fabric ensures that you stay dry through its exceptional wicking capabilities
  • Service: Please check the size chart carefully and choose a recommend size to buy, do not brush or bleach.do not dry clean,do not tumble dry.We have 24/7 email support, any problem with the mens cycling tights, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you

How To Choose The Best Bicycle Tights

What Is The Purpose Of Cycling Tights?

Cycling tights are designed specifically for cyclists who ride long distances and/or participate in endurance events. In addition to providing warmth, these garments provide support and comfort while riding. There are many different styles available depending on your needs and preferences. Some models include pockets, zippers, and other features which allow you to carry small items with ease. Others are simply meant to be worn comfortably around your legs. Regardless of style, most cycling tights are constructed using breathable materials so you stay dry and comfortable during exercise.

Why Do People Wear Bicycle Tights?

There are several reasons why people choose to wear bicycle tights. First, they're warm. If you live somewhere cold, wearing bike tights will keep you warmer because they trap heat next to your skin. Second, they're lightweight. Many people prefer lighter clothing since it makes biking easier and more enjoyable. Third, they're durable. Most tights are manufactured using strong fabrics that resist tearing and ripping. Fourth, they're easy to care for. Unlike regular clothes, there aren't many chemicals or detergents that affect the performance of cycle tights. Finally, they're affordable. Since they last longer than other types of clothing, they're cheaper to purchase and maintain.

How To Choose Bike Tights For Yourself

The best way to decide whether or not you'd like to invest in a pair of cycling tights is by considering your personal preference. Once you've decided what type of cyclist you are, you can narrow down your choices based on those factors.

Types Of Cycling Tights Available

There are two main categories of cycling tights: full-length and short. Full-length tights cover the entire leg from ankle to knee. Short tights only cover the lower half of the body. Both options are suitable for both men and women. However, there are differences between the two. Women typically prefer shorter tights because they're easier to put on and take off. Men typically prefer full-length tights because they give them greater freedom of movement.

Benefits Of Wearing Cycling Tights

Wearing cycling tights has numerous benefits. First, they keep you warm. Even though you might not notice it right away, being warm before you start exercising will increase your stamina and speed. Second, they reduce friction. Because they're made of soft material, they eliminate the chance of rubbing and chafing. Third, they improve circulation. Being able to circulate blood throughout your muscles increases muscle strength and improves recovery times. Fourth, they protect your knees. Knee injuries are common among cyclists. Wearing tights reduces the risk of injury by preventing contact between your knees and the ground. Fifth, they promote good posture. Proper posture prevents back pain and neck strain. Sixth, they enhance safety. Not only does wearing tights protect your knees, but they also act as a barrier between you and traffic. Seventh, they improve visibility. While driving, wearing dark colors makes it harder for drivers to see you.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Bicycle Tights

Bicycle tights are essential clothing for cyclists who ride outside during cold weather months. Cycling tights provide warmth while protecting legs from windchill and other elements. If you're planning to bike outdoors, you must invest in high-quality bicycle tights. Here are three reasons why you should purchase quality bicycle tights.

Cycling tights are designed with insulation so that riders stay warm throughout the winter season. Insulation prevents heat loss by trapping air inside the garment. In addition, the fabric material of the tights protects skin from chafing caused by rubbing against metal parts of bicycles.

Tights are designed to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of riding a bicycle. Most manufacturers include features such as nylon mesh lining, which makes the tights more breathable. Mesh linings allow moisture to escape and evaporate quickly. Nylon mesh liners also reduce friction between the rider's leg and the seatpost.

Features To Look For When Buying A Bicycle Tights

Bicycle tights are a great way to stay warm while riding your bike. If you're planning on taking part in a race, or simply going for a ride with friends, these tights are perfect for protecting your legs from the cold weather. The best thing about wearing tights during winter months is that you can still enjoy a variety of activities outside. Whether you're doing cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or just enjoying a walk around town, you can be sure that you'll remain comfortable throughout the day.

Tights Are Made From Breathable Materials

The most important factor to take into consideration when purchasing bicycle tights is whether or not they are breathable. There are many different types of materials that manufacturers use to create tights. Some tights are made from nylon, which makes them very durable, but they aren't always the most breathable option. Other tights are constructed using polyester, which offers excellent moisture wicking properties. However, because polyester doesn't allow air to pass through, it isn't suitable for outdoor activity. In order to ensure that you purchase tights that are both durable and breathable, you must pay close attention to the material composition.

Look For Quality Construction

Another important aspect to think about when choosing bicycle tights is the quality construction. Many companies produce inexpensive tights, but there are others who only manufacture high quality products. As long as you know what features you require in your tights, you shouldn't have trouble finding a pair that fits those needs.

Consider Comfort Level

It's important to remember that not everyone has the same level of comfort when it comes to clothing. While some individuals prefer loose fitting garments, others prefer more formfitting options. Therefore, before making a decision regarding the type of tights you'd like to purchase, you should determine what kind of fit works best for you.

Choose A Pair That Fits Properly

In addition to ensuring that you choose a pair of tights that is comfortable, you should also make sure that they fit properly. Although many cyclists claim that tight tights cause chafing, this isn't true. Instead, the problem arises when the tights are too big, causing discomfort and irritation. Before purchasing a pair of tights, check the size chart provided by the manufacturer so that you can make sure that the sizing matches your body correctly.

Wear Them With Warm Clothing

As mentioned earlier, you can enjoy a number of different recreational activities outdoors during the colder months. Because of this, you should never forget to bring along a jacket or sweater to wear underneath your tights. Even though you might be able to handle temperatures below freezing, you could become chilled quickly if you don't have adequate layers of clothing beneath your tights.

Buy A Pair That Is Waterproof

Because waterlogged fabrics can lead to uncomfortable chills, you should avoid purchasing tights that are completely waterproof. Instead, opt for a pair that contains a lining that prevents liquid from seeping through.

Different Types Of Bicycle Tights

Bicycle tights are designed to be worn while riding a bike. The main function of these garments is to provide warmth and comfort during cold weather rides. There are many different styles available today. Some tights are more suitable for casual cyclists who ride around town, others are meant for serious competition riders. In addition, there are several other factors which determine whether a particular pair of tights is best suited for you.


The tightness of a garment refers to its ability to hold heat inside. If you're planning on spending long hours outside, you probably want something with a lot of insulation. However, if you only plan on going short distances, you might prefer a looser fit. Loose fitting tights allow air to circulate between your legs and torso, so you stay warm without feeling too constricted.


There are two primary materials used to create bicycle tights - nylon and polyester. Polyester is lighter weight and cooler due to its lower thermal conductivity. Both fabrics are durable, washable, and easy care. Most manufacturers recommend washing your tights by hand in cool water using mild detergent. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.


Most bicycle tights are cut fairly close to the body. While most men's tights are cut slightly larger than average woman's tights, women's tights are generally smaller than those intended for men. Women's tights typically have shorter leg openings and narrower waists. This makes them easier to put on and take off. Men's tights tend to have longer leg openings and wider waistbands. This gives them room to grow into.


Many companies produce both black and white versions of their products. Black tights are great for colder climates where visibility is important. White tights are ideal for summertime rides. Many manufacturers offer a variety of colors including red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, grey, etc. Colors aren't always practical though. For example, bright colors attract attention, making it harder to blend in with traffic. Darker colors are safer since they absorb light and reduce glare. Choose wisely!


Women's tights are sized differently than men's. Generally speaking, women's tights run small. Fit is determined by the manufacturer based on measurements taken directly below the knee. Socks are added to the measurement before determining size. To ensure proper sizing, measure your thigh circumference at the widest point. Then subtract 2 inches from this number. This is the length of your pant leg. Next, multiply the result by 3/4 inch. This is the width of your pant leg. Finally, divide the sum by This is the recommended size for women's tights.


Prices vary widely depending on brand name, style, color, material, and quality. Buying online can sometimes yield significant savings.


Souke Sports Men's Bike Pants Long 4D Padded Cycling Tights Leggings Outdoor Riding Bicycle

  • [LASTING WARMTH AND BREATHABILITY] As the seasons change, the lightweight full-length Pursuit Attack bike pants from Souke are a great choice for milder conditions that call for full leg coverage. The breathable and quick-drying fabric ensures that you stay dry through its exceptional wicking capabilities.
  • [COMPLETE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT] These cycling pants are made of a durable, 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you and don't bind while you are pedaling. 14-panel construction gently hugs and supports your muscles. Also, Friction-minimizing flatlock seams prevent chaffing.
  • [GREAT FEATURES AND BENEFITS] These biking pants for men are equipped with many practical details. Breathable mesh crotch offers enhanced mobility and ventilation. 360-degree reflective print enhances visibility. Equipped with ankle zips allowing you to easily get the cycling tight on and off. And a wide elastic waistband provides a fit.
  • [4D HIGH IMPACT CUSHIONING] The 4D pad is anatomically designed for the bike riding position without need for any periodic adjustments while riding. It is perforated with multi-level thickness and density foam, and four way stretch fabric for high impact absorption, flexibility and reduced chafing. It will not change its properties with usage and will not harden or soften with use.
  • [BUYING TIPS AND SATISFACTION] Tights for cool, but not cold conditions. If it gets frigid cold outside, you can add an inner or outer layer as needed. Get this mens cycling pants at promotional price now with risk free! We offer a full refund or new replacement if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. We have 24/7 email support. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Santic Men's Cycling Tights Padded Pants Cycle Leggings Bicycle Bike Trouser-Reflective Winter Warm Windproof Black

  • WINPROOF WARM UP FLEECE design for cold weather padded cycling tights
  • BREATHABEL CUSHION:High quality seat padding provides great comfort for longer rides
  • REFLECTIVE: Improve visibility in the dark and bad weather condition
  • FAST DRYING and REDUCE FRICTION:The density of form is 3 times higher than the normal cushion pad,which can effectively improve the comfort level.Micro fiber sponge quickens the air circulation
  • FOOT WITH A ZIPPER,can be relaxed to wear

Santic Women's Bike Pants Cycling Tights 4D Padded Bicycle Long Trousers Breathable & Quick Dry M Parni Black-Pink

  • DESIGN FOR WOMEN: Multicolored style make you more attractive the design of simple also do not break drab. reflective strips in leg makes you safe at night riding. Improves the visibility of the athlete under low or poor lighting conditions.
  • HIGH ELASTICITY, MULTIDIRECTIONAL STRETCH FOR ACTIVE USE: Our elastic cycling pants mimics the natural elasticity of your skin, allowing full range of motion when you exercise with maximum comfortable. Super light, soft and fresh and cool.
  • COOLMAX MOISTURE PADDED CUSHION designed ensures maximum transfer and breathability. It ensures your sensitive areas are protected, and avoid injuries during prolonged period of cycling. Lightweight foam used so that it moulds the shape of your hips perfectly so that you will feel especially comfortable.
  • SUPER QUALITATIVE METERIAL: 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Premium material and anatomical design provides super flexibility and keep your body dry with cool feel while riding. The fabric of anti-pilling, adds an antistatic agent and a moerate amout of fabric softeners in the fibre weaving process, to achieve the aim of abrasion resistance to pilling.

Zimco Men Cycling Bib Tight Windproof Thermal Bicycle Bib Pant Padded (M, Neon Green)

  • Made of Super Roubaix Italian Thermal Stretch Fabric with Brushed Inside
  • Front Softshell Fabric Protects Against Extreme Cold Conditions, Padded Bib Tight to Wear onto your Shorts or Bibs
  • Curved Legs Cycling Position Provide Comfort and Enhanced Performance, 6" Front Zipper for Ease
  • Its Heavier Structure Acts as a Shield Against The Harshest of Weather Conditions, Zimco Power Gel Grip on Ankles
  • Water Resistance Soft Shell Fabric Provides Great Warmth, 8" Front & Ankle Zipper, Reflective Side Panel of Maximum Visibility in Poor Light

Mysenlan Men's Cycling Jersey Set Long Sleeve Bike Shirt 3D Padded Long Pants Bicycle Tights Clothing (Black, X-Large)

  • 【Size Notice】Please check the size chart carefully before purchasing. And the size you received is two sizes larger than the USA size. eg:Asian XXXL = USA XL.And if you encounter size problems, please send a message to us anytime.
  • 【Breathable Fabric】This cycling jersey set is made of 100% polyester, which is lightweight,soft and breathable.It can give your skin excellent comfortable feeling whether you are mountain biking or road biking.
  • 【Moisture Wicking】 The quick-dry mesh draw sweat away from the body quickly, and great ventilation keeps you cool.In hot weather, it can easily take away sweat and ensure the mtb jersey will not adhere to your body.
  • 【Safety & Storage】Three rear pockets on the bike jersey to carry some essentials while riding,cell phone,etc.Reflective strips makes you safe at night riding.Hem designed with silicone antislip strip for well placement.
  • 【3D cushion】3D pad effectively reduces vibration. Using high-density foam and breathable fabic with hole, it is wicking and breathable.Comfortably slip into a pair of biking tights that will fit flawlessly onto your body.Suitable for casual biking or professional cycling, MTB, bikes, Indoor cycling.

Women's Cycling Pants 3D Padded Compression Tight Long Bike Bicycle Pants with Wide Waistband (Black,M)

  • Transfer fabric sets the benchmark for moisture transfer,incredibly soft & smooth for extreme comfort with very little weight.
  • Back zip pocket create convenient storage space for small accessories,like keys ,paper an so on.
  • Leg back zipper and waist back with Reflective patterns add elegant and modern elements and also provide a safer and more visible riding at night.
  • Flattering wide waistband Improve the higher comfort, Flatlock seams reduce chafing and increase comfort, Classic cut - comfortable, non-restrictive, with compression for support.
  • Silicon gel 3D padded protects your hipbone from injuries during prolonged period of competitive cycling and long-distance cycling, provides terrific fitting to your body so that you can move your boday freely when you ride a bike. the 3-D design helps improve air circulation while reducing vibration.

Mysenlan Women's Cycling Long Sleeve Breathable Jersey Set 3D Padded Long Pants Bike Shirt Bicycle Tights Clothing Black

  • 【Polyester Fabric】The fabric wicks moisture away from skin, quickly dry and is soft to the touch. Excellent breathability and ventilation.Top quality zipper.
  • 【Comfortable】Lightweight, soft and comfortable without sacrificing mobility. Tagless on neckline offers you the maximum comfort during exercise.
  • 【Rear Pockets】Three rear pockets to carry some essentials,cell phone,etc. Reflective strips makes you safe at night.
  • 【Occasion】This moisture wicking athletic shirts are great for all sports, training, gym exercises, running, football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, cycling, fishing or outdoor activities and as your casual wear.
  • 【Size tips】Please check size chart in our picture (Try reference with weight/height).If you have doubt for size, please send message to us.

Przewalski Men's Cycling Bib Tights 4D Padded Bike Pants Compression Bicycle Leggings, Classic Series (Black, X-Large)

  • 【Material】-The men's wicking cycling bib tights are made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane, makes the pants durable and resistant
  • 【Ergonomic Fit】-These cycling bib tights feature leg opening silicone leg grippers strip design, which can help better fixed the pants. Enhance the comfort for you.
  • 【Padding】-Superfit around the buttock and crotch area, no diaper like feeling. Proper thickness, makes this men's outdoor recreation tights resistant enough for long-distance riding
  • 【Quick-dry】-This men's sports compression bibs with padding are breathable. The pant never adheres to your skin whenever you're sweaty, it has a quick-dry feature which makes you feel cooler
  • 【Service】-90 days no risk 100% full refund assurance if you are not satisfied for any reason, no questions asked.

NAVISKIN Women's 3D Padded Cycling Tights Bicycle Bike Capris Pants Leggings 3/4 UPF 50+ Sun Protection Outdoor Pants Black Size L

  • 【UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION & MOISTURE-WICKING & BREATHABLE】- Enjoy The Sun Safely - UPF 50+ fabrication protects the skin during outdoor activity by blocking harmful UVA and UVB, delivers a relaxed fit for all-day comfort.these women padded bike pants are made of moisture wicking fabric breathes well & keeps you cool and dry
  • 【PRO GEL PADDING】 - these women cycling bike pants with multi level high density foam plus precise gel pad that combines with the characteristics of women's crotch, adapts to the shape of your body, ensures maximum transfer and breathability & effectively reduces vibration and provide great comfort on long rides
  • 【ARC-SHAPED WAISTBAND & INTERIOR DRAWCORD】 - arc-shaped wide waistband avoids ride-up and adds great comfort, interior drawcord gives you a snug, secure fit
  • 【BACK MESH PANELS WITH ZIPPER POCKET】- back mesh panels enhance breathability to help you stay cool. back zippered pocket keeps your device secure and accessible
  • 【ANTI-SLIP LEG HEM & REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS】 - silicon grippers hold the tights in place. reflective elements enhance visibility in low light

Mysenlan Women's Cycling Pants 3D Padded Bike Tights Long Compression Bicycle Pants Trousers

  • 【Size Note】Please check the size chart carefully before purchasing. And the size you received is two sizes larger than the USA size. eg:Asian XXL = USA L.And if you encounter size problems, please send a message to us anytime.
  • 【Polyester/Spandex Fabric】Moisture-wicking fabric breathes well and keeps you dry and cool. This keeps your body cool,dry and ligh.Elastic wide waistband for a snug,comfortable fit.
  • 【Elastic skin-friendly】Fabric has good elasticity, more close to the skin ,quick dry. This compression massages the muscles to help work out lactic acid. Comfortably slip into a pair of biking tights that will fit flawlessly onto your body.
  • 【Safety】Reflective strips in leg makes you safe at night riding. Improves the visibility of the athlete under low or poor lighting conditions.
  • 【3D cushion】3D pad effectively reduces vibration. Using high-density foam and breathable fabic with hole, it is wicking and breathable. With consideration of lady's crotch characteristics, this pad is suitable for MTB and road cycling. It protects women's buttocks and reduces the pain of riding.

qualidyne Men's Winter Fleece Bike Cycling Pants 4D Padded Cold Weather Bicycle Tights Outdoor Biking Leggings

  • 【Lasting Warmth and Breathability】Winter's chill won't slow you down in the qualidyne bike pantswith Fleece Lined. Made for cold-weather riding, The mens padded cycling pants will provide extra insulation to keep you warm. And the breathable and quick-drying fabric ensures that you stay dry through its exceptional wicking capabilities.
  • 【Compression & Elastic Fit】Biking tights include high stretch compression soft fabric, featuring durable and flexibility while providing muscle support, blood flow, and fatigue reduction. A comfortably snug fit will keeps these cycling tights in place with the ability to move freely.
  • 【Great Feature and Benefits 】These cycling pants for men are loaded with features to get you through the cold weather. Equipped with ankle zips design, these cycling pants can fit your leg secure and comfortably when fully zipped. The ankle zipper allows an easy slide on-and-off when changing, simply unzip and slip our foot through. And a wide elastic waistband provides a secure fit.
  • 【4D Ergonomic Chamois Pad】Ergonomic lightweight pad with saddle support to enhance comfort on pressure points, especially adapted to the male anatomy, maximizing your biking comfort while ensuring safety.
  • 【Road Safe and Reliable】Bike pants are designed with reflective logo on ankles to enhance visibility in low light condition, keeping you safe while biking even at night. Leg silicone grip design prevents cycling tights ankle from riding up or getting caught in the chains or bike gears.

qualidyne Men's Cycling Bike Bib Tights 3D Padded Bike Pants Bicycle Pants

  • 【High Elastic Mesh Fabric】The mesh fabric is breathable and quickly dry can help to keep the skin dry and cool bring you different cycling experience, Don't worry about the out of shape or edge curl due to the high elastic
  • 【High Wicking】The fabrics feature effective water diffusion and wicking properties. It does not stick to the skin and shows cool crispy wearing comfort due to its capillary action. In addition, the dry touch can be maintained even it is wet.
  • 【Ergonomic Coolmax Pad】 3D anatomical and perforated layer design for crotch padding. With high-density, foam inserts absorb shock and reduce skin irritation. Perforated layer design reduces the humid and uncomfortable feeling comparing to the traditional pad. Keeps you dry and fresh on about 8 hours long road rides.
  • 【Comfortable Fit】 3D molded construction, multi-panel and 4 needles 6 threads flat-seam stitching design provides comfort.
  • 【 Satisfaction Guaranteed】Qualidyne offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed within 30 days. Please contact us if you are not completely satisfied for a refund or replacement.

Cycling Bibs Men Long, Gel Padded Bicycle Tights Pant Outdoor Biking Leggings Large Red Black

  • Moisture wicking fabric: These cycle bib pants is made of high quality fabric, features high flexible, high quick-drying, moisture-wicking and lightweight, combine with the breathable mesh bib straps, keeps you super dry and comfortable, especially for long tour riding, provide the best riding experience for you.
  • Ergonomic silicone gel pad: The mens bike bibs tights even have a cushion inside. High-density gel padding absorb the shock, perforated layer design reduces the humid and uncomfortable feeling comparing to the traditional pad. With the multi hole design, keeps your hip dry and fresh while riding.
  • Anti slip band and ankle zipper: The silicone rubber grip around the bike pants leg opening keep the pants fixed in place, they don't ride up and bunch as you pedal. It can avoid the pants legs getting in the bike chain. And the high quality lockable ankle zipper make it easy wear and off.
  • Professional fit design: 3D ergonomic construction, multi-panel and flat-seam stitching design provides better fit and comfort. The mens cycling bib tights is very suitable for your fall and winter riding. It is the best gifts to all the level cyclists.
  • Service: All our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials to the best quality standards; but if for any reason you want to make a return or replacement we are here to help you!

FEIXIANG Cycling Pants for Men, 3D Padded Long Bike Compression Tights MTB Legging Trousers Road Bicycle Mountain Riding Wear Black

  • [ Full Hip Protection ] This men's 3D padded cycling pants is made of 5 layers High Density Sponge, which can reduce friction between hip and your bike seat effectively, 3D cutting and advanced sewing process make it comfortable to wear on, relieving hip pain during the long riding.
  • [ Moisture Wicking & Mesh Breathable ] Our moisture wicking and breathable knit can absorb sweat and water very fast, designed for excellent ventilation and breathability, this men's cycling leggings tights fabrics will not stick to your skin, keep you cool and dry for a long time while biking.
  • [ Second Skin Fit ] The mountain bike pants is very stretchy. 4-way elastic material fit more tightly, like one part of your body, helps to reduce fatigue by supporting the movement of the flesh and increasing blood flow to the muscles during riding, improve the persistence of the movement.
  • [ Reflective Logo & The Personalization Design ] This long riding pants has large areas reflective Logo, which can enhance visibility in low light condition, keep you safe in darkness. Leg opening antiskid design can also help better fixed the pants.
  • [ Excellent Supports After Sales ] Any problem with the biking pants, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.

Santic Men Cycling Pants Men's Bicycle Pants Road Bike Tights Breathable Cycling Long Leggings Oule Grey

  • High-quality Fabric ---80% nylon and 20% spandex, this men cycling pants are moisture-wicking, breathable and quick-dry.
  • Professional Tailored---This men pedalling pants are professional tailored according to the human body cycling movements to help you improve your cycling efficiency.
  • 3D Padded--- The 3d padding is specially designed for professional male cycling. It adapts to the shape of your body and is suitable for two to three hours of riding about 300 kilometers.
  • Reflective Design - The reflective Santic logo at the back of waist and reflective strips at the back of legs can increase the visibility when you ride at night and ensure your safety.
  • Fashionable Design---There are two colors of geometric print to meet your needs.

Santic Men's Cycling Tights Winter Thermal Fleece 4D Padded Bicycle Pants

  • High elastic & breathable fabric: This cycling pants with high moisture-wicking, superelasticity, and breathability, making you comfortable and free when riding.
  • 4D Padded Design: Imported materials, independent research, and development, better fit and protection, Our thermal cycling pants are suitable for long-distance riding.
  • Fleeced Lining: The soft thermal inner fabric, comfortable and warm, locks the skin temperature.t is the perfect choice for your winter riding.
  • Reflective element design: This bike pants are designed with reflective logo and reflector strips on both legs and ankles to enhance the safety of riding in the dark.
  • Versatile Utilities: The fleece-lined cycling tights suits road cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle driving, horse riding, and other outdoor sports activities.

Sparx Men's Super Roubaix Thermal Cycling Tight Bike Bicycle Pants Cool Max Padded (Large, Black)

  • Made of ITALIAN Thermal Stretch Fabric with Brushed Inside, Brushed for Improved Breath, Ability Exceptional Softness and Total Comfort, Perfect Wear Ability
  • High Resistance to Pilling and Abrasion, Contrast Flat Lock Seaming Reduces Chaffing and Increases Comfort, Anatomically Shaped to Avoid Bunching of Fabric and Discomfort
  • Protects Against The Coldest of Weather, High Density 10mm Bi-Elastic 4 Way, Seamless, COOLMAX Pad
  • Excellent U.V Protection, Draw-String in the Waist for Desired Adjustments, Elasticated Waist Power Gel Gripper with Zippered Ankles
  • Italian Active performance Pad Keeps sweat away from body Keeps comfortably, fresh and cool Light, soft, transpiring fabric Performances

Women's Bike Pants Women 4D Padded Breathable Cycling Shorts,UPF 50 Women's Bike Tights Outdoor Riding Bicycle Leggings L Black

  • 🌹 4D Protection Pad -our protection pad is breathable, elastic and safe This ultra-perforated 4D pad helps to absorb shock, reduce skin irritation and minimize the friction between hip and your bike seat, offer comfort and high protection from injuries during long-distance cycling.
  • 🌹 Functional Design - Large areas reflective stripes enhance visibility in low light condition, keep you safe in darkness. 4D flexibility and ergonomic flat seams ensure perfect freedom of movement and minimize the formation of pressure points and offer maximum comfort.
  • 🌹Max Comfort Material- Exercise and Train women cycling bicycle tights is the best solution to enjoy comfort to the fullest, exercise with ease and look fashionable. Made of premium quality 82% nylon and 18% spandex, which makes you feel max comfortable and it also fits nicely with the shape of your legs.
  • 🌹Best Cycling Pants - Our cycling compression pants help to reduce fatigue by supporting the movement of the flesh and increasing blood flow to the muscles during cycling. It can be worn both casual biking and professional racing. It provides the best comfort and the protection you need, it’s also your best biking companion that makes you enjoy the biking. Perfect for biking, cycling, MTB, bicycling, bikes, gym and a wide range of sports activities.
  • 🌹100% Satisfaction Service - We're committed to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Any quality problems with our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will send you a new one for free or give you full refund

Legendfit Men's Bike Pants 4D Padded Cycling Tights Cold Weather Long Bicycle MTB Leggings with Pocket Winter Cycle Wear

  • BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE - 80% Nylon + 20% Spandex. Our 4D padded bike pants for men are made of lightweight breathable fabric, that will quickly wick moisture and release sweat. 4-way stretch fabrics ensure great flexibility and freedom of movement without feeling bulky.
  • ERGONOMIC 4D PADDING - Our upgraded 4D pad is specially designed for male cycling enthusiasts. The ergonomic multi-layer high density foam padding stays in right position, will effectively absorb shock and impact, provide excellent protection for your hip, crotch area and sit-bones. The perforated design also allows better ventilation, keeps you cool and dry even after long distance riding.
  • ANKLE ZIPPER & CONVENIENT POCKET - Ankle zippers allow easily take the pants on and off, you can aslo adjust the ankle width to prevent the pants going up. Back pocket with reflective zipper for secure storage of your key, card and 5.5" mobile phone.
  • ELASTIC WAISTBAND & REFLECTIVE DESIGN - High stretchy wide waistband holds the cycling pants in place. Flat seams to avoid friction and chafing for a snug fit. Large area reflective elements will enhance visibility in low light condition, keep you safe in your night riding.
  • WIDE APPLICATION & 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE - Ideal for mountain bike, road cycling, motorcycle, spin, horse riding and variety of indoor and outdoor sports. Whether you’re bike enthusiast or professional cyclist, our padded bike leggings will be your first choice. Just take it home and start your wonderful cycling trip. If you have any problem with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to help you.

qualidyne Men's Cycling Bike Pants 4D Padded Cold Weather Road Bicycle Tights MTB Biking Leggings Winter

  • 【High quality fabric】 This long bike bottoms is made of 71% polyester and 29% spandex, it is stretchy. The padded cycling pants is very suitable for the Spring and Autumn cycling. our men cycle leggings can easily and quickly absorbs and releases sweat from the skin, for comfortable wear during the longest cycle rides.
  • 【Compression & Fit】Biking tights include high stretch compression soft fabric, featuring durable and flexibility while providing muscle support, blood flow, and fatigue reduction. A comfortably snug fit will keeps these cycling tights in place with the ability to move freely.The bike pants use high elastic waist band, with extremely super flexibility, it won't hurt you, which make your waist more comfortable during your rides.
  • 【4D Ergonomic Chamois Pad】With hip and low back support and anti-friction wings to reduce abrasion, anti-impact and minimize saddle pain, our cycling gear provides good protection and enhanced comfort. The pad fits snug on the rider's sitting bone, comfortable and breathable for long distance rides.
  • 【Ankle Zippers Design】With our special zipper design, these cycling pants can fit your leg secure and comfortably when fully zipped. The ankle zipper allows an easy slide on-and-off when changing, simply unzip and slip our foot through.
  • 【Road Safe and Reliable】This bike pants are designed with reflective logo and reflector strips on both ankles to enhance visibility in low light condition, keeping you safe in while biking at night. Leg silicone grip design prevents cycling tights ankle from riding up or getting caught in the chains or bike gears.

Souke Sports Women's Cycling Pants 3D Padded Bike Long Tights Bicycle Biking Leggings(Black Small)

  • Breathable & Comfortable: This women’s cycling pants features breathable, lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and comfortable while cycling. With four-way stretch the bike pants fits like a second skin, not too tight, but not too saggy, and the material feels super soft against the skin. Unflexed fabrics are suitable for riding in the spring and fall.
  • Compressive & Durability: The lightly compressive design of women's cycling tights supports your muscles that are hard-at-work as you bike and keeps them feeling strong. This padded bike pants also plays role in fending off fatigue and keeping durability in long rides. High degree of compressive and perfect tailoring perfectly shows female figure lines.
  • Women’s Specific 3D Padding:Our cycling pants for women designs with a specific anatomically shaped 3d padding to provide extra comfort and significantly reduce chafing over long distance riding. Variable thickness, great moisture wicking performance, flat-lock stitching and stretch fabric will give women an excellent cycling experience.
  • Elaborate & Various Details: This bike pants for women features reflective fabric at sides and reflective logo to increase visibility and improve safety; Mesh panels behind the knees to provide excellent breathability; A wide waist band ensures super comfort and stretchy; Great ankle zippers are designed to make pulling pants on and off easier.
  • Multipurpose & 100%Satisfaction: This padded bike pants women is perfect for all levels of cyclists and activities-road bike, mountain bike, spinning, indoor outdoor cycling, commuting ect. And We are committed to providing our customers with 100% satisfactory service and product.

RISESBIK 3/4 Cycling BIB Pants Thermal Fleece Bicycle BIB Pants, Cold Winter Bike BIB Tights 4D Padded (Black, XXL)

  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex. High elasticit, these knickers feature the with a DWR treatment and an anti-abrasive finishing for excellent wind repellent capabilities and increased durability.
  • Breathability: The shoulder straps are attached at the shoulder blades by a lightweight and highly breathable mesh panel, improve excellent breathability
  • Chamois: Italy miti carbon fabric pad, the four-layer chamois pad has been specifically designed to ensure lasting performance and comfort. The quick-drying, membranes ensure you stay cool and fresh at your critical contact point with the bike to reduce friction and prevent the build-up of humidity.
  • Elastic Grippers: Leg with Italy Laser-cut 2'' silicone leg grippers DWR treated. Reflective elements for low-light visibility, to make night riding more safety.
  • All-Day Comfort: The extended back panel allows for the bibs to integrate seamlessly with all our jerseys for an optimal aerodynamic silhouette on the bike. All panels are deliberately designed and assembled to match your riding position while eliminating any fabric-bunching in high-motion areas, making these bibs optimally suited to long rides through the winter season.

Darevie Men's Cycling Bib Tights 3D Gel Pad for Spring Summer Bike Pants Compression Cycling Pants Bike Tights Black

  • Better measure your body, (A)waist, (B)hip (C)Inseam, (D)thigh. DO not pick the size base on your T shirts or pants, our cycling wear is professional with slim fit and tighter to your body than the casual wear.
  • Side Fish Scales Fabric--On the side of the legs, we use fish scale fabric to maintain elasticity and provide ventilation, so that you can get rid of the heat when riding, and let the flowing air take away the sweat. This scale shape is also aerodynamic, reducing resistance.
  • Smooth Light Soft Lycra Strap--The front strap also uses Lycra, so there is no stitching at the waist, which is more comfortable than ordinary bib pants without friction. The back strap adopts another Lycra with hundreds of air holes. It is 4-way elastic and super breathable.
  • 6 Hours Ride Gel Ticked Pad provide long time riding--①The contact layer has soft and comfortable suede on the top and a thin sponge on the bottom, which can slightly absorb vibration ②High density sponge, can absorb most of the impact ③The core elastic gel provides stronger protection and shock absorption. ④Lightweight sponge to keep the pad breathable.
  • SIZE GUIDE--Better measure your body, (A)waist, (B)hip (C)Inseam, (D)thigh. DO not pick the size base on your T shirts or pants, our cycling wear is professional with slim fit and tighter to your body than the casual wear.

simcotic Women's Cycling Pants Fleece 4D Padded Cycling Tights Bike Pants Long Bicycle Leggings Winter with Pockets Black L

  • Fleece lining: These women's cycling pants with thermal fleece lining keep you warm in cold weather. The high-quality spandex fabric is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and keeps you dry.
  • 4D Gel padding: Our cycling tights use 4D sponge cushion is more thickness to better protect your crotch, which is more suitable for long and mountain riding.
  • Two pockets: The bicycle pants have two deep side pockets, which can storage your mobile phone, cards, keys and other necessities, convenient and safe.
  • Reflective ankle design: Cycling leggings ankle with zipper design, easy to put on and take off, reflective printing on the calf and thigh increase visibility at night and improve safety.
  • Cycling pants: high-waisted, soft, breathable, moisture wicking fabric keeps you dry while riding, perfect for cycling, spinning, road bikes or indoor and outdoor workout.
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