Big Agnes Blacktail Backpacking & Camping Tent, 3 Person


Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 Ultralight Bikepacking Tent with UV-Resistant Solution Dyed Fabric


Big Agnes Bunk House Camping Tent, 4 Person


Big Agnes Big House Camping Tent, 6 Person


Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL1 Ultralight Tent with UV-Resistant Solution Dyed Fabric


Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL3 Ultralight Bikepacking Tent


Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 Ultralight Tent with UV-Resistant Solution Dyed Fabric


Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Carbon Backpacking Tent (with Dyneema), 2 Person


Big Agnes Tiger Wall Carbon Backpacking Tent (with Dyneema), 3 Person


Big Agnes Salt Creek SL Backpacking Tent, 3 Person


Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Backpacking Tent, 3 Person (Olive Green)

How To Choose The Best Big Agnes Tumble 2 Mtnglo Tent

What Is The Purpose Of Agnes Tumble 2 Mtn Glo Tent?

Tent agnes tumble 2 mountain glo has been designed with the aim of providing maximum comfort while camping. It is made using high quality materials which makes it durable and long lasting. It comes equipped with a mesh window so that you can enjoy fresh air during night hours. It has two doors which provide easy access to the interior of the tent. There are four poles inside the tent which ensure stability and strength. It is very light weight and portable. It is available in different colors and designs.

Where To Get One?

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The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Agnes Tumble 2 Mtn Glo Tent

Agnes tents are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts because of their versatility. With a large number of features available, these tents are perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and other activities where there is no electricity. If you're planning to purchase a tent for camping, here are some tips to guide you along with the process.

Size Matters

Before choosing a particular model, think about the size of the tent you plan to purchase. There are several different models of tents available in the market today. Some of them are small while others are quite spacious. Before making a decision on which type of tent to go for, take into consideration the amount of people who will be using the tent. For instance, if you intend to sleep alone, then a smaller sized tent might be more suitable for you. However, if you plan to share the tent with two or three friends, then a larger-sized tent might be ideal. Also, remember to check whether the tent has enough room for storage. In case you decide to store something inside the tent, ensure that the item does not interfere with the opening of the tent.

Features Matter

Another important factor to consider before selecting a specific brand of tent is its features. Look for a tent that comes with a rain fly. Rain flies provide additional protection against bad weather conditions. Another thing to note is the presence of poles. Most tents sold in the market today include poles. Poles allow you to erect the tent quickly and efficiently. Moreover, most tents come with stakes so that you can set up the tent anywhere. Other features to look for include mesh windows, vents, and doors. Mesh windows let in light and air while vents allow fresh air to enter the tent. Doors are useful for accessing the interior of the tent.

Price Is Important Too

Lastly, price is another important factor to consider. While many brands sell their products at affordable prices, you must always compare prices between different brands. Remember, cheaper doesn't necessarily mean lower quality. So, before deciding on a certain brand, make sure that you know exactly what you're getting for your money.

Features To Look For When Buying A Big Agnes Tumble 2 Mtn Glo Tent

The best tents are those which provide maximum comfort and convenience while camping outdoors. The most important thing to think about when choosing a tent is its size. If you're planning to camp with friends or family members, choose a large enough tent so everyone has room to spread out comfortably. Also, be sure to check the height of the ceiling inside the tent. Make sure there isn't too much headroom, because tall people might bump into each other during sleepovers. Another consideration is whether or not the tent comes with poles. Some tents require you to carry the poles around with you, whereas others include them in the package. Finally, check the weight capacity of the tent before purchasing. Most tents weigh between five and ten pounds, although some larger models can weigh more than twenty-five pounds.

Tent Size

To determine the ideal tent size, measure the length and width of your campsite. Then multiply these two measurements together. Next, divide this number by four to determine the square footage of your site. Now, take the total amount of people who will be sleeping in your tent and multiply this figure by three. This gives you the cubic feet needed for your tent. Remember, however, that the actual volume of a tent depends on many factors including the weather conditions outside.

Ceiling Height

Another factor to consider when selecting a tent is the height of the ceiling inside the tent. While you don't necessarily need high ceilings, taller people might bump heads during sleepovers. Try to avoid tents with ceilings higher than eight feet.


Some tents come with poles included in the package, while others require you to bring along your own. In either case, make sure that the poles fit snugly inside the tent frame. Otherwise, you could end up tripping over them during setup. Be careful not to purchase a tent with poles that are too short. Larger tents generally require longer poles than smaller ones.

Weight Capacity

Most tents weigh between five and fifteen pounds. However, some larger models can weigh upwards of 25 pounds. Therefore, it's wise to know exactly how heavy the tent is before making a purchase.


Finally, durability is another key factor to consider when shopping for a tent. Many tents last only one season, especially if they're exposed to extreme temperatures or rain. Choose a durable model that will withstand the elements. Check the manufacturer's warranty period as well.

Different Types Of Big Agnes Tumble 2 Mtn Glo Tent

Agnes Inc. has been manufacturing tents since 1972. The company was founded by Robert Agnes who wanted to create a quality product with superior craftsmanship. He created his first tent called The Agnes which he sold door-to-door throughout the United States. In 1973, Agnes incorporated and began producing more durable products. Today, Agnes Inc. manufactures many different kinds of camping gear including backpacks, sleeping bags, tarps, hammocks, stoves, lanterns, etc. Their most popular item is the large size tent known as the Big Agnes.

Tent Size

There are two main categories of tents available today: single person and family/group tents. Single person tents are designed specifically for individuals while group tents are meant for families or groups of friends. Group tents typically include three separate rooms; a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Family tents are generally larger than single person models and are suitable for small families. Most family tents have four walls and a roof. Some family tents have windows and doors so that you can enjoy fresh air during the night. There are also dome style tents which provide shelter from rain and wind. Dome tents are great because they allow you to sleep comfortably inside regardless of weather conditions outside.


Family tents are ideal for those who camp frequently together. If you're planning a vacation where you plan to stay in one location for several days, a family tent is perfect for you. Family tents are very spacious and comfortable. Many family tents come equipped with beds, tables, chairs, and other amenities. Other features include storage compartments, mosquito netting, and ventilation systems. All these features ensure that you have everything you need for a relaxing weekend away from home.


However, if you choose to purchase additional accessories such as a mattress, pillows, blankets, and linens, prices could go higher.

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