Angemay Outdoor & Picnic Blanket Extra Large Sand Proof and Waterproof Portable Beach Mat for Camping Hiking Festivals

  • HUGE BUT FOLDABLE- The outdoor blanket size is about 80" * 60"(200cm*150cm) and can comfortably fit up to 4-6 adults, suitable for the whole family; after fold, this picnic blanket shrinks down to just 7" * 12" (18cm*32cm), great for you to carry out to travelling and camping with built-in handle.
  • WATERPROOF SACKING & SAND RESISTANT--This blanket is completely waterproof and sand proof. It can be used as a beach blanket, camping blanket, RV blanket, baby play mat, emergency blanket or throw blanket, it is the perfect choice for the park, the beach, sporting events, soccer games, tailgates, concerts, hiking.
  • DURABLE THICK AND COMFORT SKIN TOUCH-The outdoor mat is made from strong, durable, high-quality polyester and PVC , very durable and comfortable to sit. this sturdy blanket will not rip or tear no matter how much punishment it takes.
  • EASY TO CLEAN--Wipe the waterproof backing with a towel and shake off mulch, sand, grass, or dirt on the surface or hand washing when finishing after activities.
  • EXTREMELY COMPACT AND PORTABLE WHEN FOLDED: Refer to Figure 4, in seconds, this foldable blanket becomes a lightweight, easily portable tote.

How To Choose The Best Big Beach Blanket

What Is The Purpose Of A Big Beach Blanket?

The beach blanket is a great way to enjoy the sun while relaxing by the water. If you're going camping with friends or family, you can bring along a beach blanket so everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit down and relax. Or maybe you're planning a trip to the beach where you plan to stay overnight. In either case, there's no reason why you shouldn't take a beach blanket with you!

How Can You Use A Beach Blanket?

Beach blankets are perfect for lounging around the pool or enjoying the sand. But they aren't only good for sitting outside. There are many other ways to use a beach blanket besides just laying it on the ground. For example, you could lay it across two chairs or fold it into a small square and carry it around with you. Another idea is to wrap it around your legs and feet. This makes it easy to lie back and relax while still being able to see everything around you.

Where Do People Keep Their Beach Blankets?

Most people store their beach blankets inside a tent or cabin. However, if you live near the ocean, you might be more likely to leave your beach blanket right next to the shoreline. Either way, it's important to remember that beach blankets are meant to be enjoyed outdoors. So, unless you're storing it in a dry location, you should probably avoid leaving it exposed to direct sunlight. Otherwise, it could fade quickly.

Are Beach Blankets Safe To Store Inside?

Yes, most beach blankets are safe to store indoors. Just make sure that you remove any plastic covers before putting it away. Plastic bags and wrappers can attract moisture which can cause mold growth.

Can You Put A Beach Blanket Outside During Winter Months?

It depends on the type of beach blanket you choose. Some beach blankets are designed specifically for outdoor use. Others are meant to withstand cold weather conditions. If you're worried about wintertime temperatures, you should check the label on the beach blanket to determine whether it's suitable for storage during colder months.

Is It Okay To Leave A Beach Blanket Outdoors All Summer Long?

Again, it depends on the type of beach blanket you purchase. Most beach blankets are made of materials that allow them to stand up to hot summer days. However, if you're concerned about heat exposure, you should always follow the instructions included with the beach blanket. Also, if you notice that the material starts to wrinkle, you should put it away immediately. Wrinkles indicate that the fabric is losing its strength and durability.

Does Anyone Else Have Any Ideas About How To Use A Beach Blanket?

There are plenty of different uses for a beach blanket. Whether you're using it to lounge around the pool, or lying back and watching the waves crash onto the shore, you'll love the versatility of a beach blanket. With endless possibilities, you'll never run out of fun activities to do with your beach blanket!

The Importance of Purchasing A Quality Big Beach Blanket

There are many reasons why we purchase beach towels. We enjoy spending our summer days relaxing by the ocean with family and friends. However, there are times when we wish we could be more comfortable while enjoying ourselves. For example, during those hot sunny days, we might want to stay cool while lying down on the sand. If you're planning on taking a trip to the beach soon, here are five tips to ensure you receive the best value for money.

Beach blankets are available in different sizes. While most people prefer smaller ones, larger ones provide more room for everyone to lie comfortably. Larger beach blankets are generally thicker and heavier than small ones. Therefore, they last longer too. In addition, they are easier to fold and store away. So, before choosing which size to go for, think about whether you plan on using it frequently or only occasionally.

While cotton is considered to be the standard material for beach blankets, other materials include polyester, microfiber, nylon, and silk. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Polyester is durable and easy to care for. Microfiber is soft and lightweight. Nylon is strong and resistant to water. Silk is luxurious and expensive. Before making your choice, weigh these factors carefully so you know exactly what you're getting into.

Features To Look For When Buying A Big Beach Blanket

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a beach blanket is size. If you're planning on using it as a cover-up during the day, you probably don't want something too small. The bigger the blanket, the more room there is underneath for sunbathing. However, if you plan on taking it with you to the beach, you might be interested in getting a smaller version. In fact, many hotels provide these blankets to guests so they can enjoy the beach while still being protected from the elements.

Size Matters

Beach blankets come in different sizes. Some are designed specifically for covering chairs or tables, others are meant to lay flat on the sand. There are also beach towels which are larger versions of regular bath towels. All of these options allow you to choose the right size for your needs.


Another factor to take into consideration is warmth. Just because you bought a huge beach blanket doesn't mean you can sit comfortably inside it. Many beach blankets are lined with fleece material, making them warm enough to sleep in. Others are simply thick cotton sheets that will keep you cozy throughout the night. Regardless of whether you intend to use it as a sleeping bag or a bed sheet, make sure the blanket has sufficient insulation.


There are plenty of designs available, ranging from simple stripes to intricate patterns. While some beach blankets are plain white, others come in bright colors. Whatever design you prefer, make sure it matches your style. Also, check to see if the pattern repeats itself. That way, you know exactly where you're going to end up each morning!


Finally, durability is another key element to look for. Beaches aren't always safe places, especially if you live near water. Make sure your beach blanket is strong enough to withstand the elements. Check its seams and stitching to ensure it isn't coming apart. If it does start to rip, you'll have no choice but to replace it.

Buying Tips

While shopping for a beach blanket, remember that comfort comes before everything else. Don't forget to think about how comfortable you'll be lying down inside it. Even though you'll likely be spending hours outside, you shouldn't sacrifice your comfort level. After all, you deserve to relax once in awhile!

How Do You Know Which One Is Right For You?

It's easy to fall victim to marketing hype and flashy advertisements. But, by reading reviews and checking online ratings, you can avoid those traps. Before you purchase a beach blanket, read customer testimonials and ask friends who've purchased one. Ask questions about the product and its features. Then, decide based on the answers you receive.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most beaches sell beach blankets and other accessories. You can also find them at department stores and discount retailers. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the brand and quality of the item. So, shop around before you commit to anything.

Different Types of Big Beach Blankets

There are many different kinds of beach blankets available today. Some are designed specifically for the beach while others are more suitable for indoor use. The most popular type of beach blanket is probably the standard beach blanket. Most beach blankets are rectangular with two long sides and two short sides. There are several variations of these blankets including double-sided, king size, queen size, twin size, etc. If you're planning to take a trip to the beach soon, be sure to bring along a good quality beach blanket so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Double Sided Beach Blanket

The double sided beach blanket has two layers of material sewn together. One side is light colored and the other side is dark colored. Double sided beach blankets are great because they provide both warmth and comfort. However, there are disadvantages to using a double sided beach blanket. First, the color of the blanket tends to fade quickly due to exposure to sunlight. Second, the fabric becomes very heavy once wet which makes carrying around the blanket difficult. Third, the weight of the blanket causes discomfort when lying down on the sand.

King Size Beach Blanket

The king size beach blanket is larger than the regular beach blanket. King size beach blankets are typically longer and wider than normal beach blankets. Because of its length and width, the king size beach blanket does not require folding. Instead, it can simply lay flat on the ground. In addition, the king size beach blanket is generally thicker than the average beach blanket. Therefore, it offers greater insulation and warmth.

Queen Size Beach Blanket

The queen size beach blanket is slightly smaller than the king size beach blanket. Queen size beach blankets are perfect for those who prefer a little bit of luxury during their vacations. Unlike the king size beach blanket, the queen size beach blanket folds into itself for easy storage. Additionally, the queen size beach blanket is lighter than the king size beach blanket making it easier to carry around.

Twin Size Beach Blanket

The twin size beach blanket is the smallest of the three types of beach blankets mentioned above. Twin size beach blankets are ideal for children. Children love the softness of the twin size beach blanket. Furthermore, the twin size beach blanket is lightweight and compact. As a result, it is easy to store away when not in use.

Beach Towel

Although beach towels are not technically considered beach blankets, they are still useful pieces of gear. Beach towels are basically oversized bath towels. They are usually sold in sets consisting of four towels. Each towel measures approximately 60 inches by 40 inches. Beach towels are extremely versatile since they can be used indoors or outdoors. For example, you could use a beach towel to dry dishes after dinner or to wipe down tables before eating breakfast.


Authentic Mexican Blanket - Beach Blanket, Handwoven Serape Blanket, Perfect as Beach Blankets, Picnic Blanket, Outdoor Blanket, Yoga Blanket, Camping Blanket, Car Blanket, Woven Blanket (Mandarin)

  • HANDMADE PREMIUM MEXICAN BLANKET: Our serape and baja blankets are cozy, practical, and full of vibrant colors to add joy wherever you take them. Each Aztec blanket is unique, woven by local artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico on a traditional wooden loom.
  • THE PERFECT YOGA BLANKET: Take this high-quality Mexican blanket to your yoga practice. Super soft, breathable, and easy to carry - choose your colors and mix for your workouts!
  • VERSATILE & STYLISH: Perfect for every adventure, these Mexican blankets are your go-to blanket for yoga, picnics, long summer nights, or to cuddle in while relaxing at home!
  • SOFT & DURABLE: Twin bed size (45x70 inches), lightweight (3 pounds), and soft - these serape blankets are made to last! They get softer and more comfortable with every wash, while you enjoy their proven quality!
  • GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK: An original and authentic handmade artisan gift for every occasion! A gift that makes a difference. For each blanket you buy, we donate to our charity partner “Water mission”. Join us in the fight against poverty and for equal access to water!

Bertte Outdoor Blanket Large Beach Camping Picnic Blanket Oversized Hiking Park Waterproof Sand Free Handy Compact Mat Durable Foldable Machine Washable Rug for Travelling, 79" x 59", Blue Stripe

  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE - Oversized picnic blanket, 79" L X 59" W unfold size mat fits the whole family, lounging around with friends. Great for taking kids and pets to the park and play. It's also roomy enough for placing food, drinks and other accessories.
  • THREE-LAYER DESIGN – The top of our outdoor blanket is made of high quality polyester fabric, which is soft and smooth to touch. Thick middle cotton padding provides extra sitting comfort. Upgraded ripstop oxford backing is durable and waterproof.
  • ULTRASONICALLY QUILTED – Ultrasonic quilting is used to bond the 3 layers together, so they can’t slide on each other, maximizing safety. No seam holes allow water to leak through. Portable, lightweight to take it anywhere.
  • WATERPROOF& SAND PROOF - Say goodbye to all that annoying sand which sticks to your regular fleece blanket! Our outdoor blanket is free from sand, grass, and debris. Easily wiped away by simply shaking and slapping. Machine washable and easy to dry.
  • BABY AND KID FRIENDLY - This camping blanket use of no smell materials will not cause harm to human body. Skin-friendly design without pilling issues even if it is constantly rubbed.
  • PORTABLE BAG WITH HANDLE - Enhanced Velcro makes the beach blanket easily folds into a compact tote size 16" x 11”. A carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. Perfect for picnics, camping, beach days and baby's crawling blanket.
  • LIFETIME SERVICE - We are proud to offer our customers a lifetime service on your purchase. If you are not happy with the outdoor blanket, just contact us directly. We will refund your money back or replace your purchase with no questions asked!

Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof, Extra Large Beach Blanket 10'x9'(for 1-9 Adults), Sandless Beach Mat, Lightweight and Compact Beach Mats for Outdoor Picnic Camping Travel, with 6 Stakes

  • 【Extra Large But Compact】The 10'×9' oversized beach blanket is large enough to comfortably seat up to 10 people. Meanwhile it can be rolled up into a compact size(5"X 7") and tucked away in its very own storage sack.
  • 【Sand Resistant & Water Resistant】If sand is kicked on top of the blanket or tracked onto the blanket it will remain, however, you just need to wipe or shake the sand off. This lightweight beach mat made from 210T Parachute nylon, dry fast, breathable, soft and durable.
  • 【Perfect Beach Accessories】This sandproof beach blanket comes with 4 built -in corner pockets and 6 metal stakes that can help to secure the mat to the ground on windy days, so there are no worries about it blowing away!
  • 【Not Just For The Beach】Our waterproof beach blanket is compact, light, thin and easy to travel with. It's great for the beach or any other outdoor activity like camping, hiking or enjoying a picnic with friends.
  • 【100% Risk-Free Warranty】The mission of AlphaBeing is to be Amazon's most customer-centric brand. If the product has any manufacturing quality issue, please do not hesitate to contact us, we’re dedicated to addressing any product/service issues.

Panlen Beach Picnic Blanket, 79"x59" Large Sandproof Machine Washable Waterproof Outdoor Blanket for Ground Grass Camping Tent (Rainbow)

  • 【HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL】 All 3 layers of materials are specially selected to ensure comfortable experience.
  • 【FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE】Because of professional ultrasonic composite technology, completely machine washable, no need to worry the blanket will split, which makes you can use it for years.
  • 【LARGE SIZE BUT PORTABLE】79" x 57" oversized large only 1.3lb , folded into a 15" x 4.5" tote picnic bag, can fit up to 4-5 adults comfortably. no fleece, no sticky sand/leaves/grass. great Christmas gift.
  • 【 CHILD FRIENDLY】With the lovely rainbow pattern, kids and toddler can touch closely as a creeping mat or game pad.
  • 【MEET DIFFERENT USES】This premium blanket can also be used as a beach blanket, an outdoor or stadium blanket, beach mat, camping blanket, RV blanket, emergency blanket or throw blanket, it is the perfect choice for the park, the beach, sporting events, soccer games, tailgates, concerts, hiking and even star-gazing.

Sunlit Silky Soft 85"x72" Boho Sand Proof Beach Blanket Sand Proof Mat with Corner Pockets and Mesh Bag for Beach Party, Travel, Camping and Outdoor Music Festival,Blue and Pink Mandala

  • [ Eye-Catching Design ] - The uniquely designed beach blanket from Sunlit will make you stand out on the beach! You can also use it as photo backdrop, perfect for selfies and posts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube.
  • [ Better Material, Skin Friendly ] - The Silky Cool Soft Fabric allows you to lie comfortably and won't irritate your skin. Also it’s easily cleaned, just brush off all the sand with no effort! The beach blanket is made of sand resistant, water-repellent, odorless fabrics meaning you won't have to dry it off after your trip to the beach.
  • [ Thin and Ultra Portable ] - The blanket comes nicely folded in a compact 12" x 7" durable mesh bag for easy traveling and beach camping! It weighs only 1 pound.
  • [ Stay Anchored ] - Instead of being anchored by anchor stakes there are four built-in corner pockets that prevent the blanket from blowing away, just fill these pockets with sand to weigh down the blanket.
  • [ Multi Purpose ] - The blanket is perfect for use on dry surfaces in the park, at sporting events and open-air festivals, and whilst camping, hiking, fishing.

SEGOAL Sand Free Beach Blanket Large Oversized 10' X 9' Waterproof Soft Lightweight Durable Quick Drying Portable Sand Proof Mat for 7 Adults Family Picnic Travel Camping Hiking with 4 Corner Pockets

  • 【Oversized & Compact】The huge size of 10'X 9' made it's perfect for a family of 7 and can even spread out. Perfect for sports events and outdoor recreation, the Sand-Proof Beach Mat is a must-have item for all your Spring and Summer activities!
  • 【Sand-Free & Waterproof】Experience this sand-proof phenomenon for yourself. So soft and comfortable, this mat is better than any towel or regular picnic blanket that you can find and the softer material is easily folded into a small carry bag. The unique technology delivers a completely sand-proof experience. The little water that may stay behind will dry VERY FAST.
  • 【Premium Nylon Material 】Made of a soft, RIP-STOP Nylon material. Tip: this beach blanket does not allow sand going through. But it's made of Ripstop Nylon, it's perfect for beach ground covering. lt's easy to SHAKE OFF the sand and dirt, just shake the blanket and it easily gets rid of all the sand once. It's Machine washable, Easy to Clean.
  • 【Portable & Easy to Carry】folding size only 11.8 "x 7.8" x 4 ", weighs 1.76 pounds. It can be folds easily and placed in a backpack to carry anywhere. Durable, waterproof, easy to clean, tearing resistance, light weight, convenient for traveling.
  • 【Not Just for the Beach】 The light-weight, quick-dry material is extremely versatile, so you can use it for relaxing during vacation, hiking/camping or simply for hanging out with friends or family in a garden/backyard. Please contact us at first if you have any product quality-related problems, we have one year warranty. Thank you for your support.

Famiry Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large 10 x 9 Feet Size, Durable & Compact Beach Outdoor Mat, Includes 6 Stakes, 4 Sand Pockets & Zippered Pocket - Blue

  • 【Oversized but Compact】The blanket is 9ft *10 ft extra-large size , which can easily accommodate 12+ adults sitting or 6+ adults lying , is the perfect size for you to go out with your family and friends . This beach mat can also be folded into the attached carried bag ,making it very convenient to store and carry around .
  • 【Sand Free & Water Resistant】The only thing you need to do is to gently shake your blanket when you leave the beach. Sand will slip off from the blanket , bringing you a sand-free experience.The water drops won’t be absorbed by the blanket, but fall off the blanket, and the little water that may stay behind will dry very fast .
  • 【Unique Zippered Pocket】The side of the blanket contains a large zippered pocket , which can store your keys, mobile phones, sunglasses and other personal items . The beach mat along with 4 sand pockets and 6 anchoring stakes preventing it from being carried away easily.
  • 【More Than a Beach Mat】Made of durable and lightweight tear-resistant polyester , the application of this blanket is not limited to the beach. It is perfect for any occasion whether it is camping, hiking, a picnic day, a music festival experience or simply travelling ! A truly must-have for your adventures!
  • 【NO RISK PURCHASE】We provide ten-year customer support. If you are not satisfied with our product, please give us a chance to make it right and we will try our best to solve your problem.

URBANECO OUTDOORS Lightweight Beach Blanket - Oversized 107" x 77" - Waterproof Sandproof - Double Anchored for Fun Leisure Beach Blanket - With Stake Pouch and Plastic Stakes - Durable Sand Beach Mat

  • EXTRA LARGE FOR UP TO 8 PEOPLE - It's an extra large beach blanket, but it's also easy to stow away. Our oversized thin sheet beach mat rolls into a compact size that fits in its storage sack. It's a thin, lightweight and packable blanket, so you'll have no problem tossing it in the trunk for your next trip! The large area of this folding mat makes ideal outdoor play mat or outdoor camping mat for the large family.
  • QUICK DRY & WATER RESISTANT - This sheet styled beach blanket keeps you clean and dry in the outdoors. Although it's not 100% waterproof, with a water resistant outdoor blanket like ours you'll keep water at bay, so you enjoy your day with our water resistance blanket. Our waterproof beach mat is versatile in design. Perfect as an outdoor picnic blanket, sand free beach mat or practical solution to take to festivals, concerts, and gatherings.
  • A BETTER TIME AT THE BEACH - This big beach blanket sand proof is the essential beach supplies or beach gear you need when getting some vitamin sea! Dry sand shakes right off, it does not stick to sand resistant beach blankets or picnic blankets. For wet sand a spray of water will do the job. With quick drying materials, our sand blanket dries fast. Great sand free beach blanket for hassle-free outdoor fun.
  • DOUBLE ANCHORED DESIGN - The sheet style beach blankets sandproof are double anchored so it won't blow away on windy days. Your no sand beach mat has 6 yellow plastic stakes and 4 corner sand pockets to hold it, leaving you free to enjoy the sun. Remember to use a towel on our beach blanket waterproof sandproof sheet, since it can get hot!
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT POLICY - This beach picnic mat works best with your favorite towel on top to beat the heat and add padding. Spend the day soaking up the sun! We take your experience with our products to heart. And to show that we’re here to help, we pledge to replace your product should anything ever go wrong. Relax comfortably knowing we have you covered.

LIVN LIFE Outdoor Waterproof Picnic Blankets Extra Large. Sandproof & Waterproof Blanket for Beach, Park, Camping, Festivals or Travel. Large Picnic Blanket but Portable and Foldable (Blue/Orange)

  • Unique Design: A large picnic blanket and beach blanket that has patterns that will be the envy of your friends and family and brighten up your surroundings.
  • Extra Large : LIVN LIFE Picnic blankets and Beach Blankets are approx 60” x 80” Plenty of room to stretch out or enjoy with a few friends and family outdoors. It reduces to just measuring a compact 8”x10.5”x1.5”
  • Waterproof And Sandfree : Our extra large picnic blanket and Beach Blanket are made of durable and strong 600D Oxford Polyester top layer bonded with a PVC bottom layer that will give you a comfortable and dry day out. If at the beach the sand will just brush off. No matter what you use it for it is a comfortable blanket to sit on to keep you dry from ground moisture and clean from any dirt, grass or sand.
  • Durable & Easy To Clean: LIVN LIFE Picnic Blankets and Beach Blankets are so easy to clean with water and strong due to the quality materials. Do NOT Machine Wash
  • Multiple Uses & A Great Gift : These Picnic Blankets and Beach Blankets are a waterproof outdoor blanket that can be used as a park blanket to relax reading a book or with friends or family, a camping mat to make life a little bit more comfortable, a sand free beach mat, a sports blanket for watching the game.

Hiwoss Sand Proof Beach Blanket Oversized 95"x 80",Waterproof Sand Free Beach Mat with Corner Pockets, Portable Mesh Bag for Beach Party,Picnic,Travel and Outdoor Camping,Dream Blue and Teal

  • 🌊【SANDPROOF, WATER RESISTANT & SOFT】The beach blanket is made of sand resistant, waterproof fabrics and it cannot be used as a towel. Just shake the blanket and it easily gets rid of all the sand once.Sand does not filter through.The Silky Soft Fabric let you lie comfortably while enjoying a pleasant day on the beach.
  • 🌊【UNIQUE DESIGN, 4 CORNER POCKETS】The eye-catching designed beach blanket, with quality in appearance, will make you stand out on the beach! You can easily find your family and friends on the beach without worrying about getting lost. At the same time, the beach mat is designed with four built-in corner pockets that prevent the blanket from blowing away.
  • 🌊【THIN& OVERSIZED】 95''×85'' oversized design offers generous space that comfortable fit 3-7adults. It weighs about 1 pound.
  • 🌊【PORTABLE,FOLDARBLE&DUARABLE】The blanket comes extremely folded in a compact mesh bag which is easy to leak sand, wash, and quick dry. You can easily carry it for anywhere!
  • 🌊【MORE THAN A BEACH MAT】The blanket is perfect for picnic, open-air festivals, sporting events.Anywhere you want to stay clean and in style, that’s where this mat belongs.

Yosnie Sandproof Beach Blanket 7983 Inch, Waterproof Portbale Picnic Blankets with 4 Stakes for 4-7 Adults,Oversized Lightweight Outdoor Beach Mat for Picnic, Camping, Travel, Hiking

  • [Large & Lightweight]: Our oversized beach blanket has a size of 79” x 83”, adequately covers sandy or grassy areas, and can accommodate 4-7 adults. The beach blanket can easily be transported in the carrying bag provided. The beach blanket measures 7.5” x 4.4” when folded and only weighs 12.34 oz. making it easy to transport.
  • [Sand, Water, & Wind Resistant]: The lightweight beach blanket repels water and dries quickly. Sand can easily be shaken off of the beach and will not stay stuck on the beach mat. With four small ground stakes, the beach blanket can be securely placed into the ground preventing wind from blowing the blanket away.
  • [High-Quality Materials]: The beach blanket, made of 210T Polyester, is durable, lightweight, and soft. The blue beach blanket has a vibrant color that stands out and offers comfort while sitting outside on the beach. The beach mat’s strong polyester fiber helps prevent water damage and tears.
  • [Suits Many Occasions]: The lightweight beach blanket can be placed on sand or grass. The beach blanket can serve as a picnic blanket or put on the ground at parks, concerts, or sporting events. Children can also use the beach blanket as a playmat. The beach blanket is machine-washable and easy to keep clean.
  • [Offers Protection]: The beach blanket protects skin against hot, damp, or wet surfaces. The blanket can be utilized in emergencies while traveling. The beach blanket’s compact size while folded in the bag makes it convenient to take everywhere. The blanket can provide shelter from rain and used while camping.

OCOOPA Beach Blanket Marine Life Series, 10'X 9' Extra Large, Soft and Durable Material, Sand Free Waterproof, Light Weight and Portable, Perfect for Travel Camping, Beach Vocation, Sea Turtle

  • 🌴How to upgrade your beach trip? Take these stylish beach blankes to your luggage , unlock your seaside cozy space! It’s pretty thin,but you will be surprised by it’s SOFT and DURABLE. EXTRA LARGE size give more space to share, Super Compact to carry. At the same time, Sand proof and Water resistance.
  • 👙FEEL FREE to Stretch Out: Super large size option of 300cmx280cm/10’ x 9’ ( which can comfortably accommodate up to eight people at once, ensures you’ll have a more comfortable time by the water, giving you the space to fully stretch out without moving all your gear to the sand. If you are planning a trip with your family, your friends, or your dog, OCOOPA dive blue beach mat will be a good choice.
  • 👉QUALITY YOU CAN FEEL: Made of breathable and durable RIP-STOP 210T parachute nylon, keep the sand easy cleaning off, also has excellent anti-tearing, dirty resistance. Easy to be cleaned and dry quickly after being wet.
  • 🌈Super Easy Carry:A beach mat so big you can easily fold it to a small storage bag which will never cost space, and we designed the storage bag into a small backpack by which you can free your hands when walk to lunch.
  • 😎Unique Spice for the Travel: Life is always the same but you can add some unique spice to every trip with ocoopa Diveblues Beach Blanket.

OCOOPA Diveblues S09 Sandproof Beach Blanket Waterproof, Extra Large 8 Persons Family Size, Comfortable Parachute Nylon, Cozy& Chic, Compact& Light, Reinforced Windproof, 4 Stakes&1 Travel Bag

  • The S09 collection of beach blanket features a wide stripe pattern inspired by the colors of glorious Hawaiin views- ocean blue, light sky blue, sunset orange, illuminating yellow, romatic purple. These colors remind us that escape from the pandemic will come eventually, and the freedom to explore will be back in the cards.
  • Amazing Huge Size, this beach blanket is 10ft by 9.2ft, you can comfortably laying on it with your family or friends. Up to 6 or 8 persons? Not a problem. And it's ultra-compact when it's folded in the carry bag. Save more space when you pack up your beach essential.
  • We are committed to offer you a premium quality of outdoor gear at a reasonable price. This extra large beach blanket is made of Parachute nylon, which is ripstop, durable, long-lasting, and with great quality of workmanship. It's your perfect companion for your every adventures and vacations.
  • It's ultra thin and light weight. Worried about the wind? There are 4 ABS plastic stakes and reinforced loops. In addtion, 4 corner pockets can be filled with sand and rocks to keep the blanket grounded.
  • Freedom to Explore, laying out in the sun, and enjoy the glorious sunshine radiating against your skin. It's your wonderful beach hours.

Oversized Beach Blanket Sandproof Waterpoof Beach Accessories Vacation Travel Outdoor Picnic Extra Large Foldable Beach Blankets 2-8 Adults Camping Mats with 2 Zipper Storage Pocket 6 Corner Pockets

  • 🌊 【EYE-CATCHING DESIGN & MULTI-USE】:Unique designed beach mat will make you stand out on the beach in the sun!You can also use it as a background for photos and take some nice photos to post to social software like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.It's suitable for many occasions,beach,picnic,camping,hiking,music festivals and many other outdoor occasions.
  • 🏖 【DOUBLE WIND-RESISTANT DESIGN】:Our sandproof beach blanket has 4 built-in corner pockets and 5 ground stakes, provides dual wind-resistant.It keeps the beach blanket on the ground even in high winds.It also has 2 zipper pockets on the side that can be used to hold sand or personal valuables.
  • 🐬 【LARGE SIZE BUT COMPACT】:Weighs only 0.8 pounds! Unfolded size: 79 x 79 Inches; folded size: 7.4 x 3.5 Inches.It's an extra large beach blanket, but it's also especially lightweight and portable,convenient to carry and store.Suitable for 4-8 people.
  • 🌴【 SUPERIOR QUALITY & MACHINE WASHABLE】:TwoYek beach blankets have excellent strength and durability.All our beach blankets are designed for long term use.It is especially resistant to friction and sharp puncture, also it's machine washable.We have adopted the latest printing and dyeing technology, so don't worry about the print fading.
  • ✨ 【SAND-PROOF,WATER-PROOF,DRY-QUICK】:Our beach blankets are made of a strong,and breathable material.It's very durable and you can use it for years.The soft and skin friendly fabric ensures that sand is easily brushed off the blanket and water dries out in a short period of time, unlike regular beach towels.

DYD Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof Oversized Beach Mat 7' x 9' for 6 Adults, Sand Free Extra Large Compact Outdoor Blanket for Picnic, Travel, Camping, and Hiking(Grey)

  • 【SAND FREE & WATERPROOF MATERIAL】This beach blanket is made of durable ripstop water proof Polyester which is strong, durable, and light weight. Say goodbye to all that annoying sand which sticks to your regular beach blanket! Brush off all the sand with no effort! You’ll be able to keep the items on the beach mat clean at all times. It’s time to enjoy a Sand Free chillaxing day on your DYD Blanket!
  • 【MULTIPLE USAGES】Water repellent, anti-heat material makes it perfect for any occasion or outdoor activity whether it is camping, hiking, fishing, a picnic day, a family trip, a sports event, an open-air festival. It’s a beach blanket/mat, a rain shelter, outdoor camping mat, emergency mat/pad, water resistance tarp, picnic blanket, pocket blanket, ground cover, waterproof barrier, and a table cloth.
  • 【OVERSIZED BUT COMPACT】Sized 9'x7'(108"X84") , the beach/picnic blanket allows your whole family or friends to chill. The best part: it can be folded into only 6"*8" and weighted only 14oz. So it can be quickly and easily loaded into our storage bag, which is simple and convenient. You can easily carry it around.It is super easy to clean too. Simply rinse it with water hose, then it will look fresh clean as new.
  • 【ACCESSORIES & GIFT】This beach blanket comes with 6 metal stakes in a pouch for 4 anchor loops so you will have 2 spare ones just in case.The whole set also includes 1 safety carabiner for you to hang the blanket onto your back pack, and A FREE GIFT waterproof case to keep your phones, keys, and cash completely dry and safe.
  • 【INTIMATE SERVICE】If there is a problem with our beach blanket products, please communicate with us in time. We will provide you with services: refunds, exchanges and other issues. Let you aim to have a very good shopping mood every time.

DYY Waterproof Sandless Beach Blanket, Extra Large Oversized 10'X 9' for 7 Adults Soft Beach Mat, Lightweight & Durable with 6 Stakes & 6 Pockets, Picnic Mat Easy to fold for Travel, Camping, Hiking

  • ⛱ SAND-RESISTANT, WATER-RESISTANT and DRY-QUICK: This beautifully coloured blanket are made from strong, durable, lightweight and breathable 100% ripstop parachute nylon. Just shake the blanket and it easily gets rid of all the sand once. Can watch as water beads up and rolls off and will dry VERY FAST. Effectively prevent the wet sand from sticking to the mat. The beach blanket can be washed in a washing machine. The little water that may stay behind.
  • 💧DOUBLE WIND-RESISTANT DESIGN: The sand proof beach blanket with 5 integrated sand anchor pockets and 6 ground stakes, provides dual wind-resistant protection to keep the blanket on the ground even in high winds. The pockets are with built-in zipper which can keep your valuables safe. An ideal beach accessory. You don't have to worry about the beach mat being disturbed by wind and sand, and can enjoy a more enjoyable day at the beach.
  • 🌞 LARGE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The portable outdoor blanket is 10 X 9 ft(300cmX280cm)over 30% bigger than the competing beach/picnic blanket, will comfortably fit 7 adults, And large Enough for Kids, Friends & their Stuff! And it folds to a compact size (4 X 9 in) that fits in a pouch to make a great, lightweight carry along. It is also a handy blanket in case of bad weather where you need some.
  • 🌊 TRULY MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Beach blanket also can be used as a rain shelter (it has a waterproof level higher than the umbrella), emergency mat/pad while travelling, picnic blanket, water-resistance tarp, beach blanket, pocket blanket, ground cover, waterproof barrier, etc. It can also be used as a toy mat for children at home. Hang it on your backpack relaxing on vacation, hiking/camping or simply hanging out with friends or family in a garden/backyard will surprise you on every occasion.
  • 🎁ACCESSORIES: Great travel accessories. Includes 1 Beach Blanket, 6 stake anchors, a safety carabiner and a carry bag. It's maximum strength and durability. Enjoy outdoor fun with more comfort and a lot less hassle.

Gusgopo Beach Blanket, 79''83'' Picnic Blankets Waterproof Sandproof for 4-7 Adults, Oversized Lightweight Beach Mat, Portable Picnic Mat, SandProof Mat for Travel, Camping with Waterproof Case

  • 【Waterproof and Non-sticky Sand】 Beach Blanket is made of 210T polyester fiber, which can effectively prevent water and cracks from damaging it. Non-stick sand: Shake the beach mat gently to get rid of sand or other debris easily. Effectively prevent sand from sticking to the mat. This excellent fabric is not only breathable and lightweight, but also water drops can be observed rolling down.
  • 【Sturdy Design】We have adopted a unique double-layer sewing technology, which has strong tear resistance. The four-angle wooden peg design can fix the beach blanket well to prevent your beach mat from being blown away by the wind. The cushion is designed to be lightweight, with a size of 79"×83" when fully unfolded, a volume of only 4.7"x3.2"x6.3" after being folded, and a weight of only 0.72Lb. Therefore, it can be easily and quickly carried with you.
  • 【Oversized but Compact】This outdoor beach blanket is very large (79"×83"). This huge beach mat can not only comfortably accommodate 7 people or a large family. The cushion is designed to be lightweight, the folded volume is only 4.7"x3.2"x6.3", and the weight is only 0.72Lb. Therefore, it can be easily and quickly carried with you.
  • 【Multifunctional Use】Beach blankets can also be used as rain shelters, emergency mats/mats during travel, picnic blankets, tarps, beach blankets, ground covers, etc. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast enjoying exercise alone on the beach, a couple spending a romantic vacation or a family going on a fun picnic, this outdoor blanket will be your best choice.
  • 【Buy with Confidence】You will get -1× beach blanket, 1× carabiner, 1× phone universal waterproof box, 4× ground nails.Gusgopo backs every purchase with 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our beach blankets, please feel free to contact our customer service team, we will be responsible for our products.

BYDOLL Beach Blanket 78''81'' 4-7 Adults Oversized Lightweight Waterproof Sandproof Beach Blanket Large Picnic Mat Beach Blanket for Beach Travel Camping Hiking Picnic(78" X 81", Blue-Mixed)

  • 🏖️Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof:78''×81'' Size beach blanket comfortable fit 4-7 adults,Odorless,Made by parachute fabric,Rip-stop 210T polyester,Very light and small after folding,12 oz easy to carry,Small and Mighty!
  • 🏕️Beach Blanket Oversized:Good wear resistance,Dry-Quick,Can also be used as a rain shed,sunshade,tent,toddler crawl,Emergency mat,Feel comfortable lying down,Won't irritate your skin,Better professional fabric sewing.
  • 🌴Sandproof Beach Mat Blanket:Effectively prevent water and rips from damaging it,You just need to shake it gently that sand won't stick to the mat, Keep the Blanket clean at all times,Washed by washing machine or by hand.
  • 🚁Multifunctional Beach Blanket:Can block moisture grass and soil on the ground and shading effect is excellent,Suitable for adults teenagers and kids,Also be used as a toy mat for children,Suitable for Travel Camping Hiking Beach Picnic Yoga Outdoors Park.
  • 🛒Beach Picnic Mat:Package includes 1 beach blanket,4 ground stakes,1 carabiner,Keep out the wind because fixed With 4 fixed anchors,Let your family baby and kids enjoy the beach sea and sunshine together,Please feel free to contact us for service if you have any questions.Including return service.

BREENHILL Beach Blanket 79"x83" Sandproof Large Beach Blanket Water Resistant Mat for Family (2-4) Lightweight Picnic Blanket, Portable Outdoor Camping Blankets(BlueWhiteGray)

  • 🏖️Sandproof Beach Blanket🏖️The sand won't stick to the material the surface of the beach blanket, and can be easily brushed off. If wet you are able to easily sweep the sand off with your hands no problem.Please notice that the sand can't pass through the blanket.
  • 🐋Water Resistant Beach Mat🐋The premium new material-210T polyester,durable,make beach blanket has the same effect as lotus leaves. For a period of time, when water drops on the mat, the water will roll and not be absorbed by the mat.Please notice If the beach mat touch with the liquid for a long time, the liquid will penetrate through the gap of the braided line, and the beach mat will become wet, so the beach mat is not suitable for laying in the water.
  • 🌞Try New Stakes for Wind🌞The beach blanket will come with 4 x Durable ABS Anchors Stakes or 4 x Seven shaped smooth metal stakes.ABS Anchors Stakes can better hook the rope, length is 5.7inches(14.5cm).Metal Stakes can go deeper into the beach or soil, length is 6.5inches(16.5cm).The blanket has 4 corner pockets, 4 lanyards with 4 stakes to prevent being blown away by the wind in the beach, improve windproof.
  • 🌞Large Beach Blanket & Multifunctional🌞The blanket with bright colors is 83x79inches(210x200cm). It fits 2-4 adults.Let's start a happy journey with the sandproof beach blanket!The beach mat is perfect for outdoor activities with family and friends, like beach,picnic,hiking,parks,family,camping,vacation. It can be padded on the ground, or it can be propped up to shield the sunshine and rain.
  • 🏖️Quick Drying & Foldable & LightWeight🏖️Only 12 oz(340g), it can be folded very small and easily to carry.The beach blanket dried off pretty fast, if you plan on going back and forth between the ocean and your beach blanket, breenhill beach blanket would be the way to go.

CIRINE Beach Blanket Sand Proof, Extra Large 79''83'' Sand Free Beach Mat for 4-7 Person, Compact & Durable Quick Drying Picnic Mat with 4 Stakes & Corner Pockets

  • 🏝【Sandproof and Waterproof】- Waterproof beach mat is made of durable 210T polyester fiber,this excellent fabric is not only breathable and lightweight.Gently shaking the beach mat can easily get rid of sand or other debris. Effectively prevent sand from sticking to the mat.The blanket can also be washed in the machine which is highly useful
  • 🏝【Oversized BEACH BLANKET for Family】- 79"×83" size beach/picnic blanket is suitable for 4-7 adults.The beach mat is only 0.77 pounds, and the folded volume is only about 2 fists, and it can be easily put into a storage bag. You can easily carry it to the beach, and it is very convenient to
  • 🏝【Innovative and Style Design】- This Beach Mat cushion is stitched into blue and red bubbles, with high appearance quality and high visibility.At the same time, the beach blanket sandproof is equipped with 4 anchors and 4 Corner Pockets, so you don't have to worry about the beach mat being eroded by wind and sand, and you can spend a pleasant day on the beach
  • 🏝【Multifunctional Use】- Beach blankets can also be used as rain shelters, emergency mats/mats during travel, picnic blankets, tarps, beach blankets, ground covers, etc
  • 🏝【Service Concept】- Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues with the quality. 100% SATISFACTION! For any quality issues with your beach mat, we would like to refund or resend a free replacement

Picnic Blankets Outdoor Mat ,LTHAIWIA Extra Large 80 x 80Waterproof Sandproof Compact Beach Blanket, Foldable Machine Washable Quick Dry Picnic Mat for Camping, Park, Travel (Blue-White)

  • 1.Huge Space:The blanket is of extra large size of 80"x80", it can be sitted for 6-8 adults, very suitable for family use or a picnic with a few friends, it can use for picnics, parties,concerts,etc
  • 2.Premium Material:The picnic blankets has a high-quality, three-layer fabric design,The top is acrylic, the middle is the selected sponge, and the back is PEVA. This blanket is completely waterproof and sandproof , machine washable quick dry picnic mat easy to shake any outdoor elements off.
  • 3.Foldable and Lightweight: Waterproof picnic is lightweight, convenient and burden-free, This picnic blanket can be packaged in a classic roll-up package with velcro design, easy to fold the mat, easy to operate and easy to carry.
  • 4.Unique design:Our humanized and attractive outdoor blankets are designed in creative three colors. Blue-white /Red-white design is simple and classic,a stylish choice for all tastes.it can use for picnics, parties,concerts,etc
  • 5.Indoor and outdoor use. Going out and relaxing on a picnic blanket is the perfect choice, it offers the best combination of comfort, durability and compactness. This large picnic blanket is very suitable for picnics, camping, etc. It is also a good gift for family or friends who love outdoor activities.

BENETA Beach Blanket Sandproof 103" x 87"Outdoor Extra Large Beach Mat for 4-7 Adults Camping Hiking Picnic Mat with 2 Zipper Pockets, 6 Corner Pockets and 6 Stakes(Grey Blue)

  • 【Outdoor Picnic Blanket】The beach / picnic blanket 103 * 87 inches in size, accommodate 4-7 adults. It's only 7.87 * 5.5 * 1.96 folded volume,lightweighs only 1 pounds. The lightweight and practical beach mat, you can easily carry it.
  • 【 Sturdy Design】Two zipper pockets in the blanket to ensure your valuables are safe, convenient and practical to use.The beach mat is equipped with 6 stakes and 6 built-in adjustable weight corner bags(4 corners + two square bags in the middle), so you don't worry about the beach mats being blown by wind and sand, and you can have a nice day on the beach.
  • 【Sandproof and Waterproof】The beach blanket is made of parachute ripstop nylon, durable, light and very breathable. Don't worry that the sand stick to the beach mat, just shake the mat, you can easily remove all the sand. This excellent fabric is also moisture-proof, waterproof and machine washable.
  • 【Multifunction Beach Mat】Beach blankets can also be used as rainsheds, emergency mats , picnic blankets, tarps, beach blankets, pocket blankets, and outdoor blankets when traveling,easy to store and portable. This is a truly multifunctional camping accessory.
  • 【Maintenance and Service】The sandproof beach mat is machine washable, easy to maintain and quick drying, ideal for long-term daily use! We provide a lifetime warranty and friendly customer service, if you have any questions about the quality, please feel free and let us know. And we also provide refund or replacement service.

TRADFORE Beach Blanket Sandproof, Waterproof Beach Mat Oversized 79 X 83 Inch for 4-6 Adults, Lightweight Beach Blanket for Outdoor Travel Camping Hiking

  • 🌊Waterproof and Non-sticky Sand: Beach Blanket is made of 210T polyester fiber, which can effectively prevent water and cracks from damaging it. Non-stick sand: Shake the beach mat gently to get rid of sand or other debris easily. Effectively prevent sand from sticking to the mat. The beach blanket can be washed in washing machine.
  • 🌊Oversized But Compact: The 79"× 83" size beach / picnic blanket comfortably fit 4-6 adults sitting or 4 adults lying. It is the best choice for family and friends gathering. And it is easy to fold into a compact size(7.87"x3.93"), 0.73 lbs, so you can easily carry it for anywhere!
  • 🌊4 × Sand Pockets & 4 × Anchor Stakes: The beach mat is equipped with 4 fixed anchors stakes and 4 triangle sand pockets at the corners of the beach mat which you can put some stones or sand into, so you don't have to worry about the beach mat being disturbed by wind and sand, and can enjoy your day at the beach.
  • 🌊Multifunctional Mat: TRADFORE beach mat is suitable for various outdoor occasions. Not only can it be used on the beach, but also be used for camping, hiking, picnics, family trips, open-air festivals, parks and as a toy mat for children at home. It's a truly multifunctional camping accessory!
  • 🌊What You Get: 1×Beach Blanket, 4×Groud Nails, 1×Carabiner, 1×Carrying Pouch - TRADFORE Beach Blanket provides 60 Days Money Back and Lifetime Technical Support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues with the quality. We will work with you to provide a refund or replacement service.
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