Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat, Foam, Noseless Saddle, Black

  • Soft ergonomic, no pressure bike seat
  • The wider saddle design helps to alleviate pressure points to improve comfort with soft foam padding
  • Intended for upright riders, 9.25-Inches wide by 6.5-Inches long
  • Fits most traditional adult bikes and stationary bikes with standard seats posts (27.2mm in diameter), Seat post not included
  • Weather resistant, Simple to clean and keep dry

How To Choose The Best Bike Seat Pack

What Is The Purpose Of A Bike Seat Pack?

Bike seats are designed to provide comfort while riding. However, most riders prefer to carry additional gear with them during rides. This includes water bottles, snacks, maps, etc. If you're planning on carrying these items along with you, a bike seat bag might be perfect for you. With a bike seat pack, you can store everything you need right next to you. In addition, many bike seat packs include pockets for storing valuables. Some models even have compartments for holding cell phones!

Why Should You Carry A Bike Seat Bag?

There are several reasons why you'd choose to carry a bike seat bag. First, you could simply enjoy the ride more by being able to take care of business while cycling. Second, you could avoid getting sweaty hands. Third, you could stay hydrated throughout your ride. Fourth, you could keep your belongings safe and secure. Finally, you could reduce the risk of theft. All of these benefits are great reasons to invest in a bike seat bag.

How Do You Know Which One To Get?

The best way to figure out which model of bike seat bag is right for you is to read reviews online. There are plenty of sites where customers post their experiences with different products. Reviews allow you to see exactly what other users think of each product. Also, you can learn whether or not certain features are important to you. Once you've narrowed down your search based on these questions, you can start shopping around.

Which Features Matter Most?

One thing to remember when choosing a bike seat bag is that no two bikes are alike. Therefore, you shouldn't expect to find a single style of bike seat bag that fits all types of bicycles. Instead, you should shop around for something that works well for your particular bike.

Size - Size matters because it affects how comfortable the bike seat bag feels. Smaller bike seat bags fit smaller bikes easier than larger ones. Larger bike seat bags are generally more durable and hold more stuff.

Weight - Weight is another factor to consider. Heavy-duty bike seat bags weigh more than lighter versions. While heavier bike seat bags are sturdier, they aren't necessarily more convenient.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Bike Seat Pack

Bike seats are essential pieces of gear for cyclists who ride long distances. If you're riding more than 30 miles per day, you'll probably want to invest in a good bike seat. There are many different types of bicycle seats available today, so choosing the right type of seat is important. In addition to being comfortable, a high-quality bike seat must be durable enough to withstand daily abuse. Here are three tips to ensure you purchase a quality bike seat.

Choose a Comfortable Bicycle Seat

Your comfort level while cycling depends largely upon the type of bicycle seat you choose. For example, if you prefer sitting upright with your legs slightly bent, you might opt for a traditional style bicycle seat. However, if you enjoy reclining back into your seat, you could go with a recumbent bicycle seat. Regardless of which kind of seat you select, you'll want to pay attention to its overall design. Look for features such as padding, lumbar support, and leg rests. Also, check whether the seat has adjustable armrests or handgrips. Finally, take note of the size of the seat. If you plan to carry groceries or other heavy objects, you'll want a larger seat.

Consider Durability

Another factor to consider when selecting a bicycle seat is durability. While most bicycle seats last several years, there are still models that fall apart after only a few months.

Before making a final decision, ask yourself these questions: How easy is it to remove the seat?

Look for Features

While you're shopping around for a quality bike seat, remember to look closely at the seat's features. Some seats boast additional features such as built-in lights or reflectors. Other seats provide storage compartments where you can stash small items such as keys, wallets, cell phones, etc. Still others allow you to adjust the height of the seat. All of these features increase the value of the seat and make it easier to transport.

Features To Look For When Buying A Bike Seat Pack

The most important thing to think about before purchasing a bike seat bag is whether or not you're going to be using it with your current bicycle. If you plan on switching bikes frequently, you might want to invest in something more versatile. However, if you've got a single-speed bike and only ride it occasionally, there's no reason why you shouldn't purchase a bike seat bag. The following features are essential to consider when choosing a bike seat bag.


It goes without saying that you want a bike seat bag big enough to hold everything you need while riding. Most manufacturers recommend that you measure the width of your handlebars and choose a size accordingly. Some companies provide measurements so you know exactly how wide your bike handles are. Others simply give general guidelines based on the length of your handlebars. Regardless of which method you decide to go by, make sure you take into account the height of your seat post. Many seats are adjustable, allowing you to raise or lower the position of your seat. Make sure that whatever bike seat bag you purchase has room for both the seat and the seatpost.


There are two main types of material commonly used for bike seat bags: nylon and canvas. Nylon is generally considered to be stronger than canvas, but it tends to stretch over time. Canvas is softer and more flexible. Both materials are durable and easy to care for. Choose between these two options depending on your preference. If you live in a cold climate where snow falls regularly, you'll probably prefer a nylon bike seat bag because it doesn't absorb moisture as well as canvas does.


Bike seat bags aren't meant to last forever. In fact, many manufacturers suggest replacing your bike seat bag once every three years. That said, durability isn't necessarily synonymous with quality. There are several factors that determine the longevity of a bike seat bag. First, the type of fabric used is very important. Second, the stitching must be strong and secure. Finally, the seams must be reinforced to ensure that they remain watertight. All of these aspects contribute to the overall strength and durability of your bike seat bag.


One of the best ways to tell if a bike seat bag is too heavy is to weigh it. Ideally, you'd like to carry around 10% of your body weight in case you fall. Anything heavier than that could cause injury. Keep in mind that the weight of your bike seat bag depends on its capacity. If you plan on carrying anything else besides your bike seat bag, you'll want to factor that into the equation. Also, remember that lighter fabrics require less maintenance. If you can afford to pay a little bit more for a lightweight bike seat bag, you'll reap rewards later.

Different Types of Bike Seat Pack

There are many different kinds of bicycle seats available today. Some are designed specifically for children while others are meant for adults. The most common type of bicycle seat is the child's bicycle seat which comes with a padded backrest. There are other styles of bicycle seats too including adult bicycle seats, folding bicycle seats, and backpack style bicycle seats. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages so let us take a closer look at each one.

Child Bicycle Seats

The best thing about these bicycle seats is that they are easy to install. All you need to do is remove the seat cover and slide the seat into position. Once installed, you simply tighten the bolts and adjust the height by moving the handlebars forward or backward. Child bicycle seats are very popular because they provide maximum comfort for kids who ride bicycles frequently. However, there are downsides to using child bicycle seats. For instance, they are more expensive than regular bicycle seats. Also, they cannot be folded down once they're attached to the bicycle frame. Another disadvantage is that they are bulky and heavy. If you plan to carry your kid around town, then you might want to invest in a regular bicycle seat rather than a child bicycle seat.

Adult Bicycle Seats

These bicycle seats are great for those who ride long distances. Unlike child bicycle seats, adult bicycle seats fold down allowing you to store them away when you aren't riding. Adult bicycle seats are lighter than child bicycle seats and therefore easier to transport. They also allow you to sit upright unlike child bicycle seats which require you to bend over. Most adult bicycle seats include a head rest and foot rests making them comfortable for longer rides. One downside of adult bicycle seats is that they are more expensive than child bicycle seats. Also, they are heavier than child bicycle seats. So if you're planning to travel far, then you'd probably want to opt for a child bicycle seat.

Folding Bicycle Seats

This type of bicycle seat folds down flat when you're done riding. Folding bicycle seats are ideal for commuters since they are light weight and compact. They are also cheaper than standard bicycle seats. However, they lack padding and support compared to other types of bicycle seats. Therefore, they are not recommended for extended trips. Also, they are difficult to attach to the bicycle frame. In addition, they are prone to falling apart if you drop them accidentally.

Backpack Style Bicycle Seats

Bicycle seats with shoulder straps are known as backpack style bicycle seats. Backpack style bicycle seats are perfect for carrying loads of gear. They are lightweight and convenient to carry around. However, they are uncomfortable due to poor ergonomics. Also, they are hard to secure to the bicycle frame. Furthermore, they are not suitable for prolonged periods of sitting. Finally, they are not always compatible with certain models of bikes.


Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Carrier/Bike Seat For Children, Toddlers, and Kids, 3-Point Harness, Adjustable Headrest, Padded Crossbar

  • Rack is compatible with seat post diameters from 25 to 32mm, frame mounted rear bike seat is easily assembled, making getting ready for your adventure hassle free
  • 40 pound maximum weight and is recommended for children 1+, a Phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench is need for installation
  • Quick release 3 point harness, leg restraints, and padded cross bar offer added safety, while the adjustable footwells and removable headrest provide custom fit as your little rider grows
  • Vented to prevent wind drag, custom comfort padding that supports their back and the air cushioned pad that lines the seat
  • Enjoy safe, family-bonding bicycle rides with this deluxe child seat made with lightweight, polypropylene construction

BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag/Seat Bag/Cycling Bag

  • For a safety ride - 3M Scotchlite reflective trim & Taillight hanger
  • Perfect size for all your essential items with Mesh pocket and key clip
  • Strap-on mounting design makes bag be secured in place
  • Large & Medium can expand for more capacity need
  • Great quality guaranrtee & limited product warranty included

Bicycle Seat for - Kids Child Children Infant Toddler - Front Mount Baby Carrier Seat Bike Carrier USA Safety Standard with Handrail - Great for Adult Bike Attachment

  • SAFE: The bike baby seat is very safe to use. Special seat belt buckle could not be released by kids accidentally. WARNINGS: please wear a kid helmet! (NOT included in the deal).
  • COMPATIBILITY: Universal quick release bracket allows seat to mount/dismount from bike in seconds and is compatible with most bike frames (27.2-38mm diameter round frames, NOT for dual suspension bikes,NOT for beach cruisers,NOT for Front derailleur pull from the Top, May not for small size 29" bike frame, the rack possibly touch the tire).
  • FRONT SEAT: Someone might not feel that comfortable when this baby seat sitting at front due to the riding position also the geometry of some of the bikes which you can imagine. Therefore we recommend that you have a good think about this point before make a purchase.
  • EASY TO USE: Designed and tested for children from 9 months to 3 years old, up to 33 lbs/15 kg. All Accessories Included. Easy to Remove without Tools. Please watch the video in the listing.
  • ORDER NOW, WORRY FREE! We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide a life time warranty!

Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion - Padded Gel Wide Adjustable Cover for Men & Womens Comfort, Compatible with Peloton, Stationary Exercise or Cruiser Bicycle Seats, 11in X 10in (Black)

  • COMPATIBLE: Our 11" x 10" bicycle seat cushion is adjustable with a secure drawstring and can fit over most bike seats, even a wide bike seat!
  • COMFORTABLE: Has bike riding become a literal pain in the butt? The soft cushioning of our gel bike cushion provides both women and men comfort.
  • VERSATILE: Great for both indoor and outdoor use, use our gel bike seat cover as a spin bike seat cushion or for active road and trail bike saddles. However you ride, these bike cushion covers are built to last for the long haul.
  • ANTI-SLIP GRIP: This bicycle seat cover is made with an anti-slip interior surface to keep it from shifting while in use. Still not enough? It also includes an e-book with tips and tricks
  • QUALITY: We are dedicated to providing the best gel bike seat covers with the highest quality materials on the market. Should you have any questions or concerns, our Bikeroo team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Domain Cycling Bike Seat Cushion - Ultimate Comfort, Fits Peloton Seat Cushion and Most Exercise and Spin Bikes, Padded Gel Bike Seat Cover to Make Peloton Bicycle Seat Comfortable, 10.5x7 (Black)

  • Peloton Compatible Bike Seat Cushion: Our exercise bike seat cushion accessory for men and women is compatible with most cycling exercise brands including Peloton, Schwinn, NordicTrack, Echelon, Bowflex, ProForm, Xterra, Keiser, Sole, Sunny Health & Fitness, Giant, State, Trek, MarcyPro, Stages, Spinner models and more!
  • Comfortable Padded Cushion: Enjoy the most comfortable exercise possible thanks to soft silicone gel and stretchy lycra material. Our gel bike seat cover will conform tightly to the shape of your saddle and stay put during any exercise.
  • Versatile Fit: Use our bicycle seat cushion during Peloton, spin, or any other stationary bike workout. Fits most seats including spin, exercise, mountain, and outdoor bikes. Please note that it does NOT fit wide bike seats. Check dimensions/specifications to ensure fit for your bike.
  • Non-Slip Stability: A non-slip underside provides traction to keep our cushioned seat cover in place. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, our Peloton seat cover is also compatible with Echelon, NordicTrack, and Bowflex accessories.
  • Cycling Satisfaction Guaranteed: We're confident you'll absolutely love your new Domain Cycling Gel Seat Cushion. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we will take it back or provide a replacement.

Thule Children's RideAlong Bike Seat, Light Gray, One Size

  • Safe and easy to use rear-mount child bike seat for daily commutes or family adventures
  • Mount or dismount in seconds with the universal quick-release bracket
  • Fits most frames (27.2-40mm round frames and 40x55mm oval frames)
  • Adjustable 3-point harness ensures child safety and the perfect fit
  • Smooth, comfortable ride from the shock-absorbing suspension system
  • One-handed reclining seat for on-the-go naps (5 options; up to 20 degree recline)
  • Childproof safety buckle with large button to easily secure your child
  • Built in reflector and safety light attachment point for added visibility
  • Adjustable foot rests and straps to grow with your child
  • Detachable padding is water repellent, machine washable and reversible

Domain Cycling Bike Seat Cushion for Recumbent Bike - Pad Gel Exercise Bike Seat Cover for Recumbent Bike Seat, Stationary Spin Bicycle Seat, Women and Men, 15.5in x 11.5in

  • Fits Concept 2 Rowing Machines & Recumbent Bikes - Whether you're looking to add a little padding to your rowing machine or you want an extra wide cushion for your recumbent bike. This extra-wide padded seat cushion is ideal for any recumbent bike or rowing machine with wide or rectangular seats!
  • Comfort = Improved Endurance! - Our padded exercise cushion is the key to riding and rowing longer than ever. It's incredibly comfortable, so you can focus on your workout and not the discomfort of sitting on a hard seat. It also helps reduce back pain, which means you'll be able to ride or row for longer stretches.
  • Stay Cool - Our Gel seat cover is the perfect way to keep your rear end comfy and cool when you're riding a bike or rowing. It's designed to self-regulate body temperature, which means it stays cooler than conventional seats.
  • Non-Slip Technology - The non-slip underside means you can rest assured that your cushion won't be moving around while you're pedaling away.
  • Cycling Satisfaction Guaranteed - We're confident you'll absolutely love your new Domain Cycling Extra Large Seat Cushion. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we'll take it back or provide a replacement.

Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat for Men and Women ,Oversize Bicycle Saddle with Soft Cushion Improves Comfort for Mountain Bike, Road Bicycle, Hibrid and Stationary Electric Bike

  • COMFORTABLE BIKE SADDLE - Due to thick padding and dual spring suspension, the LINGMAI bicycle saddle is considered one of the most comfortable and soft bike seat since it improves comfort it and helps you feel awesome on your bike
  • GREAT FOR INDOOR BIKES AND OUTDOOR BICYCLES - The soft padding and extra wide design makes this saddle perfect for exercise bike and also cruiser outdoor bicycles
  • GREAT REPLACEMENT BIKE SEAT - Most of the stock bicycle seats that come with new bikes are usually low quality and uncomfortable, that's why upgrading the bike saddle is a great investment
  • Night light safety design, when you ride in the night, if you do not have any reflective equipment, it is difficult to find the car in front of you, it is easy to bring you danger. However, our seat cushion is equipped with a light light, the rear vehicle light will reflect the light, reminding the rear car, the front is riding, greatly improving the safety performance.
  • We hope you like our products. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a 6 month refund guarantee. If our bicycle saddle doesn't improve your comfort, please contact us. We will refund your money. In this way, you have no risk.

Giddy Up! Bike Seat - Comfortable Bike Saddle for Exercise and Road Bicycle with LED - Wide Padded Bicycle Saddle for Peloton - Replacement Comfort Bicycle Seat Cushion for Men and Women

  • WIDE COMFORTABLE BIKE SEAT FOR MEN AND WOMEN - 9 in 10 Amazon customers rated this extra-wide bicycle seat as one of the most comfortable bike seats. Its extra padding, elastomer suspension, and large size increase comfort for both Men and Women
  • SOFT FOAM PADDING FEELS LIKE RIDING ON A CUSHION - The Giddy Up improved bicycle saddle has a specially designed elastomer suspension and extra foam that softens bumps and makes outdoor and indoor riding more comfortable and fun
  • MEMORY FOAM PADDED BIKE SEAT FOR INCREASED COMFORT - The extra padding provided in the Giddy Up bike seat supports the tailbone and the memory foam adapts to your body, giving you all the extra comfortable feel you need to ride longer
  • UNIVERSAL FIT & EASY TO INSTALL- Our replacement bike saddle fits any outdoor and indoor stationary bikes like Peloton or exercise bikes. With its included adapter easy-to-use mounting tools you will enjoy the benefits of a comfy bike ride
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE BIKE SADDLE WITH LED - The big padded bike seat has a unique design with LED lights making it stand out from any other comfort bicycle seats on Amazon. Enjoy a risk-free purchase with our 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

Burley Encore X, 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller

  • Included 1-Wheel Stroller Kit enhances use with a quick transition from biking to strolling out of the box
  • Suspension keeps kids comfortable by softening bumps and jostles
  • 20” push button wheels are quick and easy to install and remove
  • Height adjustable handlebar doubles as an additional roll bar when folded forward while biking
  • Water-resistant cover and zippers provide added protection in wet conditions
  • Rear window ventilation
  • Sunshade protects passengers from harmful UV rays
  • Seat can be detached to convert to cargo trailer
  • Hub-engaged parking brake keeps the trailer in place when loading and unloading passengers or cargo
  • All kit compatibility for stroller, jogger & skiing conversions

Giddy Up! Bike Seat - Compatible with Peloton Exercise and Road Bicycle - Oversized Comfortable Bike Saddle - Extra Wide Replacement Universal Fit Indoor Outdoor Padded Memory Foam Waterproof Cover

  • WIDE COMFORTABLE BIKE SEAT FOR MEN AND WOMEN - 9 in 10 Amazon customers rated this extra wide bicycle seat as one of the most comfortable bike seats. Its extra padding, steel spring suspension and large size increase comfort for both Men and Women
  • SOFT SPRING SUSPENSION FEELS LIKE RIDING ON A CUSHION - The Giddy Up improved bicycle saddle has a special designed spring suspension that softens bumps and makes outdoor riding more comfortable and fun. A great bike seat replacement for outdoor bike
  • MEMORY FOAM PADDED BIKE SEAT FOR INCREASED COMFORT - The extra padding provided in the Giddy Up oversized bike seat supports the tailbone and the memory foam adapts to your body, giving you all the that extra comfortable feel you need to ride longer
  • UNIVERSAL FIT & EASY TO INSTALL- Our replacement bike saddle fits any outdoor standard bikes: Mountain bike, Cruiser, BMX, MTB. With its included adapter easy-to-use mounting tools and bike seat cover you will enjoy the benefits of a comfy bike ride
  • UNIQUED DESIGN BIKE SADDLE ADAPTS TO YOUR BODY SHAPE - The big padded bike seat has an unique design that adapts to your body making it stand out from any other bike seats on Amazon. Enjoy a risk free purchase with our 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

Echelon Oversized Bike Seat, Black, reg

  • Echelon Connect Bike Oversized Seat
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
  • BPA free
  • Hand wash only
  • Seat dimensions: 10.5" x 9.5" x 3"

SILCA MATTONE | Bike Bag plus BOA Closure System | Full Waterproof YKK Zipper | Bicycle Seat Saddle Bag | Bike Storage Bag | Bike Pouch

  • Exterior | The Silca Mattone bicycle seat bag has a sleek black finish with reflective graphics that allow the bike seat bag to virtually disappear under the saddle while still having a reflective SILCA shield that provides high visibility in low light when seen by headlights.
  • Interior | The Mattone bicycle saddle bag has hi-contrast red material with separate ID, credit card or money flap that covers any pro bike tool /accessories that may have pointed or sharp edges while providing full volume with elastic walls that conform to the contents of the saddle bag.
  • Volume | The Mattone bicycle saddle bag holds one inner tube, one CO2 cartridge, SILCA bike tire levers set, CO2 regulator head, credit card/ID, and multitool with ease.
  • Attachment | Mattone bicycle bags has BOA Closure System with open guide release on Hypalon retaining strap allow for easy installation over the seat rails while providing industry leading grip and strength in the steel cabled boa closure system.
  • Zipper | YKK Aquaguard zipper is the top of the line in waterproof bag zippers that blends nicely with the overall design of the bike bags and allows the bike tool bag to be accessed while still being installed under the bike seat.

PedalSteady Gel Bike Seat Cover - Waterproof, Soft Padded Bicycle Saddle Covers for Women & Men. Compatible with Peloton, Bike Seat Cushion Cover for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Exercise Bike and More

  • Comfortable & Durable - Save your butt with extra protection from our thick & soft gel padding cushion! Our bike padding seat cover allows you to ride without pain and soreness. The deep centre pressure relief zone will reduce pressure points on sensitive areas and totally improve your riding experience.
  • Compatibility & Adjustability - PedalSteady peloton bike seat cushion compatible with most adults MTB and road bikes, exercise bike, kids bike, stationary bike and cycling class. Not recommended to use on Narrow Saddle. Suitable Seats Length: 10”- 11” (26 - 28cm); Width 9.4” - 10.6” (24 - 27cm). Please measure your saddle before making a purchase.
  • Anti-Slip Interior Design - Thanks to the anti-slip interior texture design, our seat cushion cover doesn’t slide around and will stay in place to ensure you won’t be distracted by a moving seat cover while riding.
  • Waterproof Cover & Reflective Strips - The gel padded bike seat cover comes with a waterproof cover, which can protect your bicycle seat from rain and dust. The high-gloss reflective strip at the back of the bicycle seat cover and the attached legging reflective tape greatly enhance the safety performance for night riding.
  • Easy To Install - No tools are needed. Our seat cover is easy to install; comes with an adjustable drawstring. Simply put the cover over your seat, then tie the draw-string to keep the cover in the right place.

Bike Saddle Bag with Repair Tool Kits, Bicycle Saddle Bag with Repair Set, Bike Bag Under Seat, Bike Seat Bag, Bike Storage Bag with 16-in-1 Multifunction Tool Kits

  • 【Multi-Function Combination】 This bike repair tool kits come with a 16-in-1 multi-functional repairinging tool, a metal rasp, 6 patches, 3 tire levers, and a saddle bag, which can help to fix most problems of bike.
  • 【Durable & Handy & Compact】 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm hex wrench; 8mm/9mm/10mm socket wrench; Flat/cross screwdriver; 8mm/10mm/ 15mm slab rachet;14GE rim accessory wrench; extension rod, made of high quality alloy steel, light and compact. Combination 16 kinds of common bike repair tools. No need to worry about any problems during cycling.
  • 【Well Made & Unique Design】 High quality stainless steel and ABS material are adopted to the bike repair tool kits, durable and sturdy. The bike saddle bag is made of 600D nylon and PVC waterproof material, perfectly protect your items against raindrops and moist.
  • 【Quick Mount & Easy Release】 Quick-release mounting system of the bike bag that allows fast, tool-free mounting and removal. It also with an inside main pocket and auxiliary mesh pocket, which can fill tools and small items. Zippered pocket for easy putting in and taking out of items.
  • 【Special Reflective Strip & Taillight Suspension Strap Design】 Professionally designed bicycle saddle bag with reflective strips on both sides, taillight can be hung at the rear to make night trip safer. If there is anything wrong with the product or something unclear, please contact us. We will respond promptly to all customers.

SHOTGUN Kids MTB Child Seat and Handlebar Accessory Combo Pack - Complete Set | Front Mounted Bicycle Seats for Children 2-5 Years (up to 48 Pound) | Compatible with All Adult MTB

  • The shotgun combo is the ultimate setup for your mountain bike kid. Not only will you get the shotgun seat and handlebar accessory, you'll also get our custom mudguard and one of a kind 'shred til bed' stem-cap too
  • Share Your Passion For Mountain Biking: With your child riding SHOTGUN, you'll foster a love of mountain biking and the outdoors. Designed for children 2–5 and up to 48lbs
  • Fits All Mountain Bikes - The SHOTGUN Kids MTB seat is adjustable to fit flat or sloping top tubes. Note: Not suitable for e-bikes, road bikes or older bicycles with cables on the top tube
  • Easy To Install And Remove - Quick release attachment makes the SHOTGUN bike seat for kids super easy to fit and remove. Comes with easy to follow fitting instructions
  • Won't Damage Your Frame - The SHOTGUN Child Bike Seat has full rubber protection for your alloy or carbon frame. Don't risk your expensive frame with low quality alternatives

Gel Bike Seat Cushion Cover for Comfort Big Size and Breathable Fits Cruiser Bicycle and Stationary Exercise Bikes Indoor Outdoor Cycling

  • Extra Large And Wide: Our seat cushions are designed in Big size and use Memory Foam, which makes your riding more stable, without side slipping, and reduces more pain in your buttocks.
  • The Best Gel Material: ultra-comfortable high-density memory foam, plus padding, durable than other Gel or ordinary foam bicycle seat covers, making you feel like sitting on a sofa.
  • Widely Applicable:Fits for the width of bicycle seat in the range of 8.5-10 inches. Fits perfect with mountain bike, spinning bike, exercise bike, road bike, cruiser bike, electric bike.
  • Breathable: You will not feel sultry when you ride for a period of time, in the summer, no longer let your pants wet your pants, you will find this is a very comfortable experience.
  • Quick Install: This bike seat cushion cover is Drawcord with non-slip design and elastic band, easy to install and remove. It can be completed in 1 minute.

Kids Bike Seat with Handlebar Attachment, Detachable Front Mounted Child Bicycle Seats with Foot Pedals for Children 2~5 Years, Compatible with All Adult Mountain Bikes

  • 【Safety and Comfort】- Kids bike seat have safety harness.You can concentrate on driving the bike without worrying about the child’s unexpected movements.
  • 【Share Your Passion For Mountain Biking】-  With your child riding ,you'll foster a love of mountain biking and the outdoors. Designed for children 2–5 and up to 48lbs.
  • 【Easy to Install and Remove】- Equipped with a quick installation wrench, allowing you to quickly release the accessories so that the child bicycle seat is super easy to install and remove.
  • 【Compatible with All MTB】- The Auwey Kids MTB seat is adjustable to fit flat or sloping top tubes. Note: Not suitable for e-bikes, road bikes or older bicycles with cables on the top tube.
  • 【BARRIER-FREE RIDING】- Comfortable and close-fitting design releases free space,and will not affect your riding and children's play.Suitable for family riding adventures and daily commuting.

SHOTGUN Pro Kids Bike Seat for Mountain Bikes | No Frame Contact Front Mounted Bicycle Seat for Children 2-5 Years (up to 60lbs) | Compatible with Most Regular and Electric Adult MTBs | Easy Install

  • Share Your Passion For Mountain Biking: With your child riding SHOTGUN, you'll foster a love of mountain biking and the outdoors. Designed for children 2–5 and up to 60lbs.
  • Zero Contact with Your Alloy or Carbon Frame - The SHOTGUN Pro child bike seat connects only to your seatpost and steerer and has no contact with your mountain bike’s frame.
  • Fits Almost All Regular and Electric Mountain Bikes - The SHOTGUN Pro Kids MTB seat is fully adjustable to fit electric and regular mountain bikes of all sizes, flat or sloping top tubes, with standard 1 ⅛” steerers. Fitting requires 10mm of stem clearance, unless your bike has a stem that is shorter than 50mm in length, in which case you will need 20mm of stem clearance in order to fit the Shotgun Pro.
  • Super Fast and Easy To Install And Remove - Swapping the SHOTGUN Pro Kids Bike Seat between MTBs is super easy. Comes with adapters for two bikes, easy to follow installation instructions and an installation video to help with any installation questions you may have about installing the SHOTGUN Pro Kids MTB Seat. Not suitable for Quill stems. Trek ‘Knock Block’ and Scott ‘Syncros’ adaptors sold separately.
  • From Our Mountain Biking Family To Yours - Designed in NZ by Mountain Bike Moms and Dads. Designed and made to premium quality standards for safety and comfort.

TWSOUL Child Bike Seat, Rear Mounted Child Bike Seats, Back Mount Child Seat with Non-Slip Armrests/Pedals Padde/Seat Belt, Hold Up to 100lbs

  • ❤❤【High-quality Rear-mounted Child Bicycle Seat】The child bicycle seat is made of high-quality materials, made of the leather cushion, stainless steel pipe, soft armrest (Made of breathable sponge). Durable and safe to use.
  • ❤❤【Designed for children】The back mount child seat are specially designed for children under 2-7 years old children and under 100 pounds. The design and manufacture meet the top quality standards of safety and comfort. The thickened and widened cushions for child sitting, more comfortable.
  • ❤❤【Safe, Practical】The rear mounted child bike seats has a unique design, protection for your kid. At the same time,The thickened and widened cushions is more comfortable. Non slip handrails and pedals keep children safe, comfortable and free when riding, and protect the legs.
  • ❤❤【Easy to install and remove】Comes with installation tools and safety belts, powerful quick disconnect assembly for easy installation and removal of seats. This accessory is suitable for almost all seatposts, and mountain bikes, electric cars, etc.
  • ❤❤【Share Time with Children】The bikes Seat width: 13in, height: 7in, Backrest height: 12in. With this child bike seat, you can take your child to see the scenery of the world, satisfy his curiosity about the world. And bicycle rear seat allows Protect your child's safety to keep an eye on the road at the same time.

PDXtraordinary Bike Seat Cushion Compatible with Peloton Seat - Comfortable Spin Bike Seat Cushion for Men and Women Comfort - Mountain Road and Spin Bike Padded Gel Bicycle Saddle Cover

  • NEW SHOCK ABSORBING TECHNOLOGY GEL - Add enormous comfort to your bike ride with PDXtraordinary's unique new formula Ergo-Silica Gel️. It significantly reduces shock transferred to the hips and back during your bike ride, and drastically decreases the chance for saddle soreness
  • HIGHEST QUALITY HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS - A bike seat cover is an investment in your comfort and health. Other $10-$15 products just don’t compare. Our principal focus at PDXtraordinary is to provide highest quality products and be a leader in excellence on the market. Made of thicker gel that lines the entire seat (unlike most others), our Comfort Bike Seat Cushion for women and men is made with premium heavy duty materials
  • IMPROVE ENDURANCE AND ELIMINATE PAIN - With your new comfort bike seat cover, specially designed by PDXtraordinary's Physical Therapist and Ergonomic Bike Fit Specialist, you will be able to crush those workouts without limiting pain and lasting discomfort. Reclaim your body and reach new limits!
  • AMAZING GIFT IDEA - Give the gift of quality for any occasion. If you have a loved one that owns a bike, spin bike or Peloton, they will be delighted with a gift given with their comfort in mind - A shock absorbing Ergo-Silica Gel️ bike seat cushion that reduces hip joint and back pain as well as saddle soreness. Compatible with Peloton Seats. This bike seat cover is not sold or created by Peloton
  • 🌼 HOME OF THE HAPPY TUSH PROMISE - If your rear isn't absolutely thrilled by the comfort you experience from our ergonomic gel bike seat cover, easily return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from our highest quality products. Our customer service team will promptly assist you with any questions or concerns. Customer Satisfaction is Our Highest Goal

YLUBIK Bike Seat, Comfortable Bicycle Seat with Taillight Memory Foam Waterproof, Universal Fit, Dual Shock Absorbing Ball

  • 【Comfortable Bike Seat】-Bicycle seat is padded by thickening widened high-density memory foam, bike saddle cushion surface is non-slip wear-resistant texture PU leather. Soft, elastic, and wear-resistant, better protect the buttocks!
  • 【With Bright Tail Light Unique Design】-More eye-catching & safety when riding at night or rain! The safety light of bicycle seat has 5 pcs super bright LEDs, waterproof, 3 lighting modes, offer optimal visibility for safe cycling
  • 【Smooth Riding】-Double shock-absorbing balls and high-density memory foam can easily absorb shocks and protect your hips and spine.The unique silicone cushion makes the bike seat softer.Hollow design to increase air permeability
  • 【Universal Design】-Ylubik bike seat fits for most bikes, such as road bike, cruiser and mountain bike, e-bike, etc. Comes with 2 installation tools and bicycle seat rail clamps, there is no installation problem
  • 【Professional Customer Service】-Ylubik is committed to creating a soft and comfortable bike seat. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us directly and we will solve it for you

Gel Bike Seat Cover, Comfort Bike Seat Cushion Bicycle Seat Cover for Women & Men Extra Soft, Compatible with Peloton, Stationary Exercise, Cruiser Bicycle Seats or Spin Bike. (11"x7")

  • 【Gel Bike Seat Cushion Covers】: Unlike cheap bike seat cover, our bicycle seat cover uses a new vacuum process technology, padded by eco-friendly silica gel and high density milky foam. This bicycle seat cushion will not harm your health. It's soft and comfortable.
  • 【Size & Compatibility】: Our exercise bike seat cushion works great for all types of bikes including Spinning Bikes, Exercise Bikes, and Outdoor Bicycles. Please measure before you buy: The bike seat less than 11 inches long and 7 inches wide will fit well.
  • 【Durable & Comfortable】: This exercise bike seat cover contains high quality memory foam and gel padding exert no harm to health. Absorb shock and reduce pain effectively. Better protect your butts. Bring a healthier & more comfortable experience.
  • 【Non-Slip Design & Easy Installation】: Our bike seat cover for women and men fixes onto an existing saddle with strong cross over VELCRO straps. Anti Slip silicone layer where it connects to your saddle so it stays in place. No hassle with rope and strings.
  • 【Enjoy Longer Riding】: Get the cushion you crave with our silicone gel-filled bike seat cover, and you'll be cruising comfortably in no time.

Crostice Seat Cushion for Peloton Bike & Bike+, Bike Gel Seat Cover for Peloton, Saddle Pad, Memory Foam & Gel Seat Compatible with Peloton, Bike Seats for Women Comfort Wide, Accessories for Peloton

  • RIDING PELOTON WITHOUT PAIN - Every peloton newbie knows that when riding for the first time, we often struggle to get used to the original hard seat and lose our motivation to ride. The CROSTICE seat cushion for peloton bike is soft, it makes riding painless and more comfortable, all while distributing the pressure evenly! Go ahead and enjoy those miles, burn calories and bring back the joy of peloton cycling.
  • COMFY ON THE BUM! - Made both with 3D gel and memory foam inside,it fits for the original peloton seat perfectly. CROSTICE bike seat paddle cover is nimble, ergonomic and it is compatible with Peloton bike and bike+. Whether you're a man or a woman, it gives your bum the comfort you want.
  • EASY ON AND EASY OFF - The seat cover can be installed on your peloton bike or bike plus without removing your original seat and without tools. Follow the installation tips in our pictures and it can be done in 4 easy steps. Installs faster than any other seat cover on the market! The strap-locked design allows the bike seat cushion to fit securely on the peloton seat without sliding around.
  • HYGIENE AND PORTABLE - Never worry about a sweaty bike seat in the gym. Take this saddle pad with you wherever you go. It is a comfortable seat cover for men and women. This padded bike seat coushion for securing your peloton bike has been engineered to be more durable than other bike seat covers.
  • MADE FOR PELOTON, THE RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF PERFECTION - As a big fan of peloton, we are committed to designing and manufacturing professional accessories for peloton , please rest assured to buy! As long as you buy any product in CROSTICE, we will try our best to serve you. We are proud to provide high-quality products to peloton users. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will solve all problem for you.
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