Topeak TC2262B Aero Wedge Pack with Strap Mount, Large

  • Constructed from 1200D polyester
  • 3M reflective strip
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Large openings swallow up all the things you take on your ride. Expandable.
  • Nylon straps; buckle attachment
  • 3M Reflective Strip, RedLite Clip
  • Capacity: 1.48 - 1.97 L / 90 - 120 ci

How To Choose The Best Bikepacking Saddle Bag

What Is The Purpose Of Bike Packing Saddle Bag?

Bike packing saddlebags are designed to hold gear while riding. Most bikepacking saddles include two main compartments, which are called "main" and "side." Main compartment holds most of your essential gear, including food, water bottles, clothing, etc. Side compartment is where you put smaller items, like tools, maps, snacks, etc.

Why Do People Use Them?

The main reason why people choose to carry their belongings with them on bikes is because they're more comfortable than carrying everything in panniers. If you ride long distances, you might be able to fit more stuff into the side pockets of your backpack. Also, you can take advantage of the weight distribution by putting heavier objects closer to the center of gravity.

How Can You Make Sure That Your Gear Will Stay Safe In One?

There are many different types of bikepacking saddlebag designs available today. Some are made of leather, others are made of plastic, nylon, canvas, or other materials. There are several factors that determine whether a particular design works best for you. For example, if you plan on using your pack during wet weather conditions, you'll probably want something that has a rain cover. Another factor is durability; if you plan on taking your pack camping, you'll want something that can withstand the elements.

Are They Worth Buying?

Most bikepackers agree that there is no perfect solution. Each person needs to decide what type of features he/she wants in his/her pack. However, we recommend that you go shopping around before making your final decision. Ask friends who've already bought packs what they think of them. Look online for reviews of specific models. Check out the prices of different brands. Then, once you know what you want, compare the price of each model and pick the one that fits your budget.

Types Of Packs Available Today

Today, there are three major categories of bicycle saddlebags: hard-shell, soft-sided, and hybrid. Hard-shell saddlebags are typically made of durable material such as vinyl or polyester. Soft-sided saddlebags are made of fabric and are generally lighter and easier to transport. Hybrid saddlebags combine both hard-shell and soft-sided characteristics.

Which Type Would Be Best For Me?

Hard-shell saddlebags are great for those who prefer to travel light and fast. They provide maximum security and stability. However, they aren't very flexible and can become uncomfortable after extended periods of time. Soft-sided saddlebags are good for those who enjoy comfort and flexibility. They allow you to bring along larger amounts of gear and still remain mobile. Hybrid saddlebags combine the advantages of both hard-shell and soft-sided designs.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality BikePacking Saddle Bag

Bikepacking saddles are designed specifically for bicycle touring. Most of these bags are constructed with heavy-duty materials so that they can withstand the rigors of long distance travel. In addition, most of these bags are equipped with features that allow users to carry loads of gear while maintaining comfort. For example, many of these bags include mesh pockets that allow air circulation, which reduces sweating during hot weather conditions. Some of these bags are equipped with rain covers that provide additional protection from precipitation. Other features include shoulder straps that allow easy carrying of the bag across the back of the user's shoulders. Many of these bags are manufactured using water resistant fabrics, making them suitable for outdoor activities.

Features That Make BicycleSaddle Bags Unique

There are several different types of bikepacking saddlebags available today. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Frame Pockets - Frame pocketed saddlebags are typically smaller than frameless saddlebags. However, because they are attached directly to the frame of the bicycle, they are more stable than other types of saddlebags. Because of this stability, they are ideal for short trips where the rider wants to maintain control of his/her bicycle. If you plan to ride longer distances, however, you might prefer a frameless saddlebag.

Frameless Saddlebags - Frameless saddlebags are larger than frame pocketed saddlebags. As a result, they are able to hold significantly more weight than frame pocketed saddlebags. However, they lack the stability of frame pocketed saddlebags. Therefore, if you plan to carry significant amounts of cargo, you might choose a frameless saddlebag over a frame pocketed saddlebag.

How To Choose A Good BikePacking Saddle Bag

These lightweight saddlebags are best suited for shorter rides. They are generally small enough to fit inside a backpack.

These medium weight saddlebags are great for extended tours. They are big enough to comfortably accommodate two days worth of food and clothing.

Features To Look For When Buying A BikePacking Saddle Bag

Bike packing saddles are designed with specific features to ensure comfort while riding long distances. Here we discuss some of those features so you know exactly what to look for before purchasing a bikepacking saddle bag.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity refers to the amount of gear that can be carried by the saddle bag. The higher the number, the more cargo room there is inside the saddlebag. However, if you plan on carrying heavy loads, you might want to go for a heavier model. If you're planning on biking across country, you'll definitely need a larger capacity saddle bag.


Saddle bags come in different sizes. Some are small enough to fit into most bikes' panniers while others are big enough to hold everything you could possibly need during a multi day trip. Make sure you choose a size that fits your needs. If you're going to be traveling light, you probably only need a smaller sized saddle bag. But if you're planning on carrying lots of stuff, you might want to invest in something bigger.


Most saddle bags are constructed using nylon webbing. Nylon webbing is durable and strong, making it ideal for holding heavy loads. However, nylon webbing does stretch over time. So, if you plan on taking your saddle bag camping, hiking, or cycling, make sure you check its durability before purchase. Also, avoid saddle bags with zippers because these parts break down quickly. Zipper failures can cause serious problems, especially if you're trying to open the zipper while riding.


Some saddle bags are water resistant, meaning they can withstand rain showers. Others are completely waterproof. Waterproof saddle bags are great for trips where you expect to encounter inclement weather. If you plan on doing extended rides in wet conditions, you'll appreciate being able to pack away your belongings safely.


Many saddle bags include straps that allow you to attach them to other objects. This lets you secure your saddle bag to trees, rocks, or whatever else you'd like to hang it from. With flexible straps, you can customize your saddle bag to suit your preferences.

Storage Space

Another important factor to consider when choosing a saddle bag is storage space. Many saddle bags are designed to store maps, snacks, tools, and other essential supplies. Choose a saddle bag that has plenty of storage space so you can stay prepared throughout your journey.


Lastly, price is another consideration. There are many factors that affect saddle bag prices including materials, design, quality, and brand name. Price isn't always indicative of quality though. Sometimes cheaper models are made from inferior materials and lack certain features. In order to get the best value for money, shop around and compare products side by side.

Different Types of BikePacking Saddle Bags

Bikepacking saddles are designed to be carried by bicycle riders while riding long distances. The most common type of bikepacking saddle bag has two compartments with a zipper closure. One compartment holds gear and food supplies while the other contains tools and accessories. Some models include additional pockets for storing small items. There are many different styles available including backpacks, panniers, messenger-style bags, and more.

Types of BikePacking Saddlebags

There are several types of bikepacking saddle bags available. Each style offers its own advantages and disadvantages depending on where you plan to carry your load. For example, a backpack style saddlebag is ideal for carrying heavy loads over longer distances because it does not restrict movement. However, a backpack design makes it difficult to access smaller items. Pannier style saddlebags provide greater accessibility to smaller items but are generally heavier and bulkier.

Backpack Style Saddlebags

The most popular form of bikepacking saddle bag is a backpack style saddlebag. Most backpack style saddlebags have multiple compartments which allow you to separate larger items into smaller sections. Many backpack style saddlebags have zippered closures so you can quickly secure your belongings inside.

Messenger Bag Style Saddlebags

Another popular type of bikepacking saddlebag is a messenger-style saddlebag. Messenger bags are lightweight and easy to pack. They are commonly found on mountain bikes and road bicycles. Messenger bags are great for short trips since they are easier to transport and store than traditional panniers. Because there is no frame around the top opening, you must carefully close the flap before packing your bag. If you forget, you could lose everything inside!

Tripod Mounted Saddlebags

Some saddlebags are mounted directly onto the handlebars of your bicycle. Tripod mounted saddlebags are convenient because they eliminate the need to remove your luggage each time you stop to eat or rest. Since these saddlebags attach to the front forks of your bicycle, they require special fork tubes. To mount a tripod mounted saddlebag, you simply loosen the bolts holding the saddlebag to the forks and slide the saddlebag forward. Once installed, tighten the bolts securely.

Saddlebags With Wheels

Many saddlebags are equipped with wheels so you can roll them along behind your bicycle. Wheeled saddlebags are useful for transporting bulky objects such as sleeping bags and tents. Although wheeled saddlebags are lighter than non-wheeled versions, they are still quite heavy. In addition, they are harder to maneuver and control.

Waterproof Saddlebags

One advantage of using a waterproof saddlebag is that water cannot penetrate the interior. Waterproof saddlebags are especially helpful during rainy weather conditions. Another benefit is that rainwater drains away from the contents of the bag rather than soaking the contents. Waterproof saddlebags are available in both backpack and messenger style designs.


Topeak Sidekick Wedge Seat Bag, Black, Small

  • Used by both professional and amateur riders alike
  • Made using high quality materials and components
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability
  • 600 Denier & EVA Foam construction
  • Semi-rigid design holds its shape well and is weather resistant
  • QuickClick mount with seatpost strap for stability
  • Large, side-opening molded panels provides complete access to contents

Roswheel 14892 3 in 1 Multifunction Bike Bicycle Rear Rack Panniers Back Seat Cargo Trunk - Army Green

  • Materials: 1000D reinforce polyester with PU coating, water resistant, solid and durable
  • Large capacity: The total volume up to 37L (about 10 gallons), ideal storage for daily essentials, biking gear, cycling accessories and multiple day supplies
  • Angled corner design: angle design for two side bag ensures enough pedaling space
  • Quick install and release: tool free installation with Velcro straps. Compatible with the most bicycles, such as mountain bikes, road bikes and commuter bike
  • Safety: reflective handles, two side large reflective logos for increasing visibility in low light

ROCKBROS Bikepacking Bag Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag Large Capacity Bikepacking Seat Bag Road Mountain Bike Seat Bag Max 14L

  • ADJUSTABLE & FOLDABLE: Bikepacking bag maximum capacity 14L. Easy to hold your tools and short distance items. Roll-top closure design adjust the length of saddle bag to meet your different capacity needs.Why spend much money on several sizes of bag instead of this adjustable capacity saddle bag ?
  • WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: Composite 3 layer bike bag is waterproof. INNOVATIVE material made this large bike saddle bag so that dirt or mud can be clean with a wet cloth
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Fixed buckle with straps secure hold your bag under seat. No tools needed suitable for variety bikes, road bike, mountain bike, dirt bike, bmx, mtb.
  • REFLECTIVE straps increase your night visibility during night cycling. Bike Saddle bag can be used as FENDER if rains heavily reduce the muddy water splashing on your cloth.
  • Product Dimensions: Build in steel around the using panel keep the bag stay in shape and protect items from extrusion. Enjoy your cycling journey no matter sunny or rainy.

BackLoader 15L

  • Large capacity seat bag specially designed for bikepackers providing a streamlined way to carry gear without the need for a rear rack
  • Constructed of lightweight, durable, and water resistant material
  • Upgraded saddle mount system reduces the pendulum effect of carrying large rear payloads, providing a comfortable, controllable ride for extended expeditions
  • Integrated air release button keeps the inner waterproof bag compact

Bikepacking Bags Large Bike Saddle Bags Fully Waterproof Bike Bag Under Seat Roll Up Pack for Mountain Road Bicycle Accessories (131372-A-SA)

  • ★Fully Waterproof & Easy to Clean - upgrade material : double layers waterproof nylon TPU made this large bike saddle bag, 100% waterproof. Mud and sewage can be cleaned by wiping easily.
  • ★Adjustable &Foldable - This bike saddle bag capacity could be adjusted from 3L to 10L (1-2.6 gallons) by rolling bag top. The volume is almost as a small size rack bag. Elastic straps is convenient for frequently used items.It can hold what you need,one bag is enough for you.
  • ★Fixed Securely - Using one widen VELCRO STRAP attach to seat post and two solid SNAP-ON BUCKLES under bike saddle. Compatible with almost all kinds of bike saddle and seat post.
  • ★Safety First - REFLECTIVE elements on this bike under seat bag increase your night visibility during night cycling. Bike bag under seat can be use as FENDER if rains heavily reduce the muddy water splashing on your cloth.
  • ★Great gift :Thanksgiving ,Christmas or Birthday gift for your lover, families or friends. Enjoy your cycling journey no matter sunny or rainy.

WOHO Xtouring Bikepacking Saddle Bag Dry M Cyber-Camo Diamond Black, Seat Bag 15L

  • Ultralight
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 12 Liter
  • Anti - Mud / Water Fabric and Rip-Stop yarn
  • Tri-layered seam tape

NEWBOLER Bikepacking Bike Bag,13L Waterproof Reflective Large-Capacity Bike Saddle Bag for Bicycles Rear Rack, Bicycle Bag Roll Up Rear Tail Pack, Storage Luggage Pouch

  • 13L Large Capacity & Ample Space:NEWBOLER bikepacking bag under seat has 13L maximum high capacity, meet your needs in most conditions. Enough room for your personal items, cycling gears, repair tools. The capacity of the bicycle tail bag can be adjusted from 6L to 13L. Roll-top closure design adjust the length of saddle bag to meet your commuting or bikepacking.
  • Foldable Design & Convenient To Carry: Unique foldable design allows you to storage this bicycle saddle bag just like other normal saddle bags. Extend it into a large bicycle packaging bag when riding, providing a way to easily carry things without a rear rack.
  • Fully Waterproof & Easy to Clean;Double layers waterproof PVC made this large bike saddle bag, which provides the best waterproof performance to protect your valuables from water, dirt, and dust. Adopts high frequency welding technology, durable, cold-resistant, age-resistant, solid and easy to clean.
  • Upgraded Installation & Firmly Fastened: Four steps to install your bike storage bag. Fixed buckle ensures the stability while riding, double straps effectively prevent shaking and sagging.The NEWBOLER seat bag is made of high quality 500D PVC. It is rip-proof and waterproof in light rain. Reflective tape and reflective LOGO are added on both sides of the bag to ensure nighttime riding and improve safety.
  • Reflective Straps & Taillight Compatible: To protect your safety while night riding, this bicycle seat bag is designed to have several reflective straps and reflective LOGO on the surface.

Famboo Bikepacking Bags Large Bike Seat Bag Waterproof Cycling Tail Saddle Bag Under Seat Storage Pack for Mountain Road Bicycle Accessories 10L

  • Large Capacity: Roll down closure system compresses to 3L for daily use, or expands to 10L for multi-day trips. Fixed buckle with straps secure hold your bicycle seat bag under seat. No tools needed suitable for variety bikes, road bike, mountain bike, dirt bike, bmx, mtb.
  • Reflective Stripes: There are reflective stripes on the rear so you can hang the tail light on the back of the bike seat pack, increases visibility and night safety, also great for night bikepacking. Well designed shape reduces air resistance, bring you better cycling experience.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Fixed buckle with straps secure hold your bag under seat. No tools needed suitable for variety bikes, road bike, mountain bike, dirt bike, bmx, mtb.
  • Prefect for Bikepacking&Commuting: Great for a long distance ride, bike-touring, or staying on gravel, or riding on bike paths. Also great for commuting daily without burden of a backpack. Unlike other heavy under seat bike bag, the bikepacking saddle bag weighs only 1.8 pounds.
  • Easy Installation and Quick Release: With solid construction, the bag is easy to mount to the seat and stays securely in place. Easy to hold your tools and short distance items.

ROCKBROS Bike Saddle Bag Bike Seat Bag Waterproof & Large Capacity Bikepacking Bag Under Seat With Buckle For Mountain Road Bike Max 8L

  • 8L Large Capacity:ROCKBROS bike bag under seat has 8L maximum high capacity and can meet your needs in most conditions. Enough room for your personal items, cycling gears, repair tools. Suitable for day trips as well as multi day trips.
  • Easy To Carry: Unique foldable design allows you to storage this bicycle saddle bag just like other normal saddle bags. Expand it as a big bikepacking bag while riding.
  • Fully Waterproof & Mud-resistant: Outside waterproof rain cloth keeps your bike seat pouch away from the rain, inside thickened compartment serve as the second shield to protect your items. Besides, the surface is easy to clean, no worry about mud splashing on it.
  • Reflective Straps & Taillight Compatible: To protect your safety while night riding, this bicycle seat bag is designed to have several reflective straps on the surface. Extra taillight is also compatible.
  • Upgraded Installation & Firmly Fastened: Four steps to install your bike storage bag. Fixed buckle ensures the stability while riding ; double straps effectively prevent shaking and sagging.
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