Bolle Sport Recoil Sunglasses (Shiny Black/Polarized TNS)

  • Bolle Sport Recoil Sunglasses with polarized shatter resistant lenses are ideal for driving and water use
  • Medium to large fit with a secure and comfortable wrap around style with integrated hinges, thermogrip rubber temples, and nose pads
  • High-performance polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, shatter resistant, and provide UVA/UVB protection
  • Polarized lenses are embedded with an optically precise filter that eliminates most glare and reflected light
  • One-year warranty

How To Choose The Best Bolle Sunglasses

What Is The Purpose Of A Bolle Sunglasses?

Bolle sunglasses are designed with a special lens which makes them more comfortable and fashionable. In addition, these glasses provide excellent vision correction. There are many types of lenses available for different purposes. For example, there are prescription lenses, photochromatic lenses, anti-reflective lenses, etc. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. So before purchasing a pair of sunglasses, check whether you require a particular kind of lens.

Benefits of Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are very useful especially during summer months. If you are driving at night, you must be aware of the fact that glare from headlights affects your eyesight. With polarized lenses, you can see clearly even in bright sunlight. Moreover, these lenses reduce reflection from water droplets, snowflakes, dust particles, sand grains, and other debris. Therefore, wearing polarized sunglasses reduces eye strain while driving.

Types of Lens Available

Photochromatic lenses - Photochromatic lenses change color depending upon the amount of light present. As the sun gets brighter, the lenses turn darker. Conversely, as the sun sets, the lenses become lighter.

Transition lenses - Transition lenses are those which allow you to switch between two states of polarization.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Glasses

Before choosing a pair of sunglasses, think about where you plan to wear them most frequently. Also, take note of the weather conditions. Then choose a pair of sunglasses that offers good UV protection.

Where Can You Purchase Them?

Most optometrists sell polarized sunglasses. However, you can purchase them online too. Look for brands that guarantee 100% satisfaction. Make sure you read reviews and ratings before making a purchase.

Are They Worth Buying?

The answer depends on your needs. But if you are someone who spends hours sitting behind a computer screen, then you might benefit from getting a set of polarized sunglasses.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle sunglasses are very popular among men who enjoy wearing glasses. If you're considering getting these types of eyeglass frames, here are several reasons why you should purchase high-quality ones.

How To Choose High-Quality Bolle Eyeglass Frames

There are many different brands of sunglasses available today. However, there are only a few companies that manufacture top-of-the-line products. One of those companies is called "Bolle." Their eyeglass frames are known for being extremely fashionable and durable. Here are some tips on choosing high-quality Bolle sunglasses.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Bolle Sunglasses

High-quality Bolle sunglasses are designed to last. In fact, they are so sturdy that they are guaranteed to be free of defects for two years. That means you can rest assured knowing that you've purchased a pair of eyeglasses that will serve you well for quite awhile. Another benefit of using high-quality Bolle sunglasses is that they are easy to care for. All you need to do is wipe down the lenses with a soft cloth whenever they start to fog up. Also, you can remove fingerprints by rubbing alcohol on the lenses.

Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Bolle Sunglasses?

You can purchase high-quality Bolle sunglasses online. There are plenty of websites where you can browse through hundreds of styles and choose which ones suit you best. Just remember that you must always read the fine print on each website. Some sites sell fake Bolle sunglasses. Make sure you check out reviews and ratings before placing an order.

Final Thoughts

Buying high-quality Bolle sunglasses isn't difficult. Once you know what features you desire in a pair of eyeglasses, you can shop around to find a great deal. Remember, though, that you shouldn't settle for anything less than the highest quality product possible. After all, you deserve nothing short of perfection!

Features To Look For When Buying A Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle sunglasses are very popular among men because of their unique design. The lenses are designed with a special coating which makes them more scratch resistant than regular glasses. In addition, these frames are available in different colors so you can choose the color that suits your personality best. If you're planning to purchase a pair of sunglasses, here are some features to look for before making a final decision.


The shape of the frame is another important factor to take into consideration while purchasing a pair of sunglasses. While there are many designs available, round shaped frames are most common. Round shaped frames fit comfortably on the face and provide maximum coverage. Another type of frame is called aviator style. Aviators are rectangular shaped frames with rounded corners. Aviators are great for those who prefer a classic yet modern appearance. There are other types of frames too, including cat eye, square, rectangle, oval, etc. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, be sure to check out each model carefully before deciding on a particular design.

Lens Color

Another thing to look for in a pair of sunglasses is lens color. Most models come with two options - dark grey and light grey. Dark grey lenses are ideal for driving since they block harmful UV rays. Light grey lenses are good for general outdoor activities. However, both shades are suitable for indoor usage as well. Some manufacturers include anti-reflective coatings on the lenses to reduce glare and improve visibility. Anti-reflective coatings are applied by using special materials. They increase contrast and clarity of vision.


While choosing a pair of sunglasses, durability is another essential aspect to consider. Since these frames are worn outdoors, they must withstand harsh weather conditions. Therefore, ensure that the material used to manufacture the frames is strong enough to resist scratching and fading. Also, opt for a durable finish. Choose a matte finish rather than glossy ones. Matte finishes are easier to maintain compared to shiny ones. Finally, avoid selecting a pair of sunglasses that looks old fashioned. Such styles are no longer fashionable and might give away your age.


Sunglass comfort is another major concern while shopping for a pair of sunglasses. Check whether the temples are wide enough to accommodate your ears. Wide temples allow for easy adjustment and ensure proper fitting. Also, make sure the nose bridge fits snugly around your nose. Otherwise, you may experience discomfort due to pressure points. Lastly, select a pair of sunglasses that feels comfortable on your eyes. Ensure that the frame does not press uncomfortably against your skin. Avoid wearing eyeglasses inside your house as they could cause irritation.

Different Types of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very important accessories which we cannot live without. The sun is always there shining down upon us so we must be prepared with our best pair of sunglasses. There are many different kinds of sunglasses available today. Some are more suitable for certain activities while others are good for general purposes.

Polarized glasses - Polarized lenses reduce glare by filtering light waves coming into contact with the lens. Polarized lenses allow only light rays parallel to the plane of polarization to pass through the glass. Thus, reflected light is blocked and does not interfere with vision.

Shading glasses - Shading glasses are designed to block UV radiation. If you're spending lots of time outdoors during summer months, shading glasses are recommended. However, these glasses are not ideal for driving because they can cause eye strain.

Types of Sunglasses

There are several different types of sunglasses available today. Each type is suited for specific uses. For example, sporty shades are great for outdoor activities while driving shades are perfect for driving.

Bifocals - Bifocal sunglasses are particularly useful for older adults who experience difficulty focusing both closeup and distance away. Bifocals are commonly referred to as "reading" glasses. Bifocals are generally prescribed by optometrists.

Transition glasses - Transition glasses are designed to transition from regular eyeglasses to bifocals. Transition glasses are typically sold along with bifocals.


Bolle Sport Spiral Sunglasses (Shiny Black/Polarized TNS)

  • Anti-slip nose piece
  • Anti-slip temples
  • Frame venting System
  • Wrapped temples
  • Optical class 1 with 100 percent UV Protection
  • Fit - Medium/Large
  • UVA/UVB Protection - Bolle exceeds the industry standard with 100%
  • 20.3 Poly carbonate Lenses - Sunglasses should protect you from more than just the sun. That's why our polycarbonate lenses are made from lightweight, premium-grade resin that's 20 times more impact resistant than glass-and three times lighter.

Bolle Anaconda Polarized Sunglasses, SHINEY BLACK POLARIZED, Large

  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Neutral density gray polarized lens
  • Shiny black nylon frame
  • Special Features: Thermogrip Temple & Nose Tips
  • Spring hinges

Bolle King 10998 Sunglasses Shiny Black

  • Lens color: Tns
  • Lens category: 3
  • Lens material: PC
  • Large Fit
  • Thermogrip Temple Tips and Nose Pads: Moisture-absorbing properties give you solid yet soft adhesion at all times.
  • b88 Wrap Frames
  • TNS - True Neutral Smoke Lens. Neutral-density gray lens provides true color definition. Ideal for all-purpose use.

Bolle Origin Sunglasses, TLB Dark, Dark Tortoise

  • Bolle origin is a full rim frame for men and women, which is made of plastic
  • This 11015 features a rounded edges shape, with a single bridge
  • Ideal for usage with: Fashion, sports
  • Equipped with Polycarbonate lenses
  • Light yet offer good shock resistance
  • Small/Medium Fit
  • Thermogrip Temple Tips and Nose Pads: Moisture-absorbing properties give you solid yet soft adhesion at all times.
  • b88 Wrap Frames
  • TLB - True Light Brown-Dark Lens. Neutral-density brown lens. Provides true color definition. Ideal for high-altitude, high-glare situations.

Bolle Molly Sunglasses Dark Tortoise Frame Frame, Brown

  • B-THIN Active Design RX
  • B-20.3 Polycarbonate lenses
  • Carbo Glass Coating
  • Polarization
  • Anti-fog treatment

Bolle Swat ASAF Sunglasses, Shiny Black/Polarized

  • Ballistic resistance standard
  • Non slip Bridge and flexible temples
  • Ultra enveloping design
  • Provide comfort and protection

Bolle Vibe 11651 Sunglasses Shiny Black

  • They are light yet offer good shock resistance
  • Sport and General purpose wear
  • With a visible light transmission of 10 percent , they are ideal for sunny conditions
  • Our lenses align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times
  • The only prescription program which ensures optimum precision, comfort and frame balance for sports sunglasses
  • Our polarized lenses align light rays from the sun, giving you a crystal clear view at all times
  • The only prescription program which ensures optimum precision, comfort and frame balance for sports sunglasses
  • Our polycarbonate lenses are 20 times more impact resistant than glass and three times lighter

Bolle Bolt S Photo V3 Golf Sunglasses, Shiny Black

  • Lens: Modulator V3 golf oleo af
  • Lens category: 2 to 3
  • Technologies: anti-fog; Anti-Scratch; oleophobic; hydrophobic; Anti-Reflective
  • B88 Nylon Frames, Hydrophobic Nose Pads & Temple Tips
  • Modulator, Oleo/Hydrophobic & Anti-Fog Trivex Lenses
  • Designed for smaller faces
  • Shiny Black Color
  • Made in Italy

Bolle Keelback Sunglasses, Camo Realtree Xtra/Polarized TNS Oleo AF

  • B-thin active design RX
  • Hydrophobic - oleophobic treatment
  • Anti-reflective treatment
  • Photochromic lenses

Bolle Anaconda Sunglasses Matte Tortoise, Brown, Medium/Large

  • B-20.3 Polycarbonate lenses
  • B-THIN Active Design RX
  • Carbo Glass Coating
  • Anti-reflective treatment

Bolle Greta Sunglasses, Matte Chocolate/TLB Dark

  • Package length: 7.4 cm
  • Package width: 8.4 cm
  • Package height: 18.0 cm
  • Product Type:SUNGLASSES

Bolle Clint Sunglasses, Matte Tortoise/TNS Gun, One Size (12095)

  • B-THIN Active Design RX
  • B-20.3 Polycarbonate lenses
  • Carbo Glass Coating
  • Polarization
  • Oleophobic / Hydrophobic treatment

Bolle 473 Matte Blue/Clear Gb10, Matte Blue/Clear, One Size (12197)

  • Matte Blue/Clear frame
  • Size: medium
  • Polycarbonate gb-10 lens with metallic blue mirror
  • Eye size: 54
  • Temple size: 140

Bolle Womens Serengeti Valentina Sunglasses Shiny Red Moss Tortoise Frame/Satin Champagne Gold, Brown, Small

  • Fit: medium universal
  • Polarized drivers lens (brown)
  • Hidden spring hinges, metal embellishments
  • Lens size: 57x49x62mm, 19mm dbl
  • Temple length: 135mm; base curve: 6 RX

Bolle 473 Sunglasses, Matte Crystal/Brown Sunshine

  • Package weight :0.12 kilograms
  • Lens category: 3
  • Technologies: anti-fog; Anti-Scratch; oleophobic; hydrophobic; Anti-Reflective
  • MADE IN : Italy

boll Bolle Kayman Sunglasses, Matte Black & Blue, Matte Black Blue HD Polarized Offshore Blue, One Size (12368)

  • Black and blue medium sunglasses
  • Features: thermogrip Temple tips, nose pads and adjustable nosepiece
  • B-20.3 Polycarbonate lenses
  • Polarized lenses/anti-fog Treatment
  • Oleophobic/hydrophobic Treatment

Bolle Holman Polarized Tns Oleo AR, Rubber Black

  • Black medium sunglasses
  • Features: lightweight and flexible Tr90 nylon
  • B-20.3 Polycarbonate lenses
  • Polarized lenses/anti-reflective Treatment
  • Oleophobic/hydrophobic Treatment

Bolle Frank Matte Black, Sunglasses, Polarized Grey

  • Lens: Hd Polarized Axis
  • Lens category: 3
  • Available in prescription
  • Anti-reflective Treatment/ ideal for bright light conditions

Boll Grace Sunglasses Matte Kaky Medium Donna

  • Lens: Gradient Silver
  • Lens category: 3
  • Hydrophobic Treatment/ oleo phobic Treatment
  • Ideal for Sunny conditions

Bolle 12504 Shifter Matte Black Sunglasses Green Lenses, Green

  • Thermogrip
  • Thermogrip Hydrophilic Nose Piece
  • Thermogrip Hydrophilic Temple Tips
  • Vented Lens

Bolle Aeromax Sunglasses - Shiny Green/Brown Emerald

  • Lens: Brown Emerald
  • Lens category: 3
  • Hydrophobic Treatment/ oleo phobic Treatment
  • Adjustable temples / Rubber on Nose Pad

Bolle Falco Sunglasses Matte Black Unisex-Adult Large, Multicolor

  • Lens Axis
  • Lens category 3
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-fog Treatment Oleophobic Treatment
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