Wheel Master 700C/29 Alloy Hybrid/Comfort Double Wall

  • 700C (ISO 622) Wheel Size
  • Rim Model: WEI ZAC19
  • Hub Model: Shi TX800
  • Spoke Count: 36H
  • Spoke Type: 14G BK

How To Choose The Best Bontrager Wheels 29

What is the Purpose Of A Bontrager Wheels 29?

Bicycle wheels are essential parts of bicycles. The bicycle wheel has two main functions. First, it rotates the bicycle forward and backward. Second, it turns the bicycle left and right. Bicycle wheels are designed with different diameters so that they can be attached to different types of bikes. There are many kinds of bicycle wheels available today. Some are flat while others are round. In addition, there are several designs of bicycle wheels including double-wall rims, single wall rims, clincher rims, tubeless rims, etc. Each type of rim has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the double-wall rim design is more durable than other types of bicycle wheels. However, it is heavier than other types of bicycle wheels. Therefore, it is best suited for high performance racing bikes. Single wall rims are lighter than double-wall rims. But they are weaker than double-wall rims. Tubeless rims are very light weight and easy to install. However, they require special tools to mount and dismount the tire. Clinchers are strong and lightweight. They are suitable for road biking and mountain biking.

How To Choose The Best Bike Wheel Type

The most important thing to remember when choosing a bicycle wheel is safety. Safety comes before everything else. If you choose a bicycle wheel based solely on looks, you might end up getting injured because of poor quality. Always check the material of the bicycle wheel carefully. Avoid purchasing bicycle wheels that are too thin. Thickness is measured by the thickness of the steel wire inside the bicycle wheel. Check whether the bicycle wheel meets international standards. Make sure that the bicycle wheel does not contain sharp edges. Sharp edges could cause injury to your body. Also, avoid purchasing bicycle wheels that are too heavy. Heavy bicycle wheels are difficult to handle. So, always purchase bicycle wheels that are appropriate for your needs.

Benefits Of Using Bontrager Rims

There are many benefits associated with using bontrager rims. One benefit is that these bicycle wheels are safe. Because of their durability, bontrager rims are ideal for long distance cycling. Another advantage of using bontrager rims is that they are versatile. With bontrager rims, you can ride both road bikes and mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are generally equipped with wider rims than road bikes. Thus, bontrager rims allow you to switch between road and mountain bikes quickly. Moreover, bontrager rims are comfortable. They provide excellent traction and stability. Finally, bontrager rims are affordable. Compared to other brands of bicycle wheels, bontrager rims are cheaper.

Are Bontrager Rims Good For Road Cycling Or Mountain Biking?

Road cycling refers to riding a bicycle along roads. Mountain biking involves traveling along trails. Both forms of bicycling involve pedaling. Pedal power is generated by the rider pushing down on the pedals. This motion causes the rear wheel to rotate. As the rear wheel spins, it creates friction which generates force. Friction is created when the spinning wheel contacts the ground.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Bontrager Wheels 29

Bicycle wheels are very important parts of bicycles. If you ride a bicycle regularly, you know that there are many different types of bicycle wheels available today. There are several factors which determine whether or not a wheel is good enough for you. One factor is the material of the wheel itself. Another factor is its size. Yet another factor is the type of tire that goes with the particular kind of wheel. In addition to these three factors, there are other aspects of a wheel which affect its performance. For example, the number of spokes in the wheel affects its strength and durability. Also, the design of the rim affects the way that the wheel rolls along the ground. Finally, the hub assembly determines how well the wheel turns. All of these features play a role in determining the overall performance of the wheel.

How Do Bicycle Wheels Perform?

There are two main categories of bicycle wheels. First, there are those which are designed specifically for racing bikes. Racing bikes are generally built around lightweight frames and high-performance components. As a result, racing bikes require lighter weight wheels. Second, there are those which are designed for everyday riding. Everyday cycling involves using heavier duty frames and more robust components. Because of this, ordinary cyclists typically prefer stronger wheels. However, both kinds of wheels perform differently.

Racing Bike Wheel Performance

In order to be competitive in races, racing bike wheels must be light. Lightweight wheels are easier to maneuver and accelerate quickly. Therefore, racing bike wheels are typically constructed of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy wheels are strong and durable. They are also relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, however, aluminum alloy wheels are heavy. Consequently, they are difficult to pedal uphill. Moreover, because of their weight, they are prone to breakage. Thus, most professional racers choose to use carbon fiber wheels. Carbon fiber wheels weigh considerably less than aluminum alloy wheels. Furthermore, they are extremely strong and durable. As a result, they are able to withstand the rigors of competition.

Everyday Cycling Wheel Performance

On the other hand, everyday cyclists are concerned primarily with comfort and convenience. That is why they prefer steel rims rather than aluminum ones. Steel rims are cheaper than aluminum ones. They are also easy to maintain. Additionally, they provide excellent traction. Most importantly, though, steel rims are far superior to aluminum ones in terms of durability. Since they are so sturdy, they last longer. As a result, they are less likely to crack or bend during normal usage.

Which Type Is Better?

It depends upon your needs. If you're planning to race professionally, then you might want to invest in racing bike wheels. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't notice a significant difference between the two types of wheels.

Where To Purchase Them

Most stores sell both types of wheels. However, if you plan to purchase racing bike wheels, you'll need to shop online. Online retailers carry only racing bike wheels. Some websites specialize exclusively in selling racing bike wheels. Others sell both racing bike wheels and regular ones.

Features To Look For When Buying Bontrager Wheels 29

Bicycle wheels are very important parts of bicycles. If you're going to ride long distances, you need strong wheels that can take the punishment. The best way to determine which type of wheel is right for you is by considering the features listed below.

Tires Size

The size of the tire determines how well the bicycle will handle rough terrain. Tires with larger diameters provide more traction and stability. However, smaller diameter tires allow for greater speed.


There are two main types of materials used to manufacture bicycle wheels - aluminum and carbon fiber. Aluminum has been around since the beginning of cycling, while carbon fiber was introduced in the 1990s. Carbon fiber wheels are lighter weight and stronger than aluminum wheels.


Wheels come in three different shapes - clincher, drop-bar, and tubular. Clinchers are round and flat, allowing them to be mounted onto most frames. Drop bars are shaped like a barbell and are designed to fit into dropouts found on many bikes. Tubulars are tapered and cylindrical.


Spokes are the metal rods that connect the hub to the rim. Spoke count refers to the number of spokes per side.


The hub is where the axle connects to the frame. Hubs come in several styles including freewheel hubs, single speed hubs, and double speed hubs. Freewheel hubs are simple and inexpensive. Double speed hubs are geared hubs that allow you to shift gears using levers located near the pedals.


Rims are the part of the wheel that holds the tire. Rims come in either steel or alloy construction. Steel rims are heavier and last longer than alloy rims. Alloy rims are typically painted black and are easier to maintain.


Wheel weights vary depending on the material used to construct the wheel. Lighter wheels weigh less and are faster. Heavy wheels weigh more and are slower.


How durable a wheel is depends on its design and manufacturing process. Some manufacturers produce wheels that are built to withstand years of abuse. Others build wheels that are only meant to last a few months before being replaced.

Different Types of Bontrager Wheels 29

Bicycle wheel size has been around since the early 1900’s. The original bicycle was designed with 26-inch rims. There are many different types of bicycle wheels available today. Some are more common than others. Here we discuss three popular types of wheels.

Tubular Tires

These are the traditional type of tire found on road bikes. Tubular tires are very stiff and durable. They provide excellent traction on pavement and gravel roads. However, tubular tires are heavy and bulky. If you ride primarily on paved roads, these might be the best option for you.

Clincher Tires

This style of tire is commonly seen on mountain bikes. Clinchers are lighter and faster than tubular tires. Mountain bikers prefer clinchers because they allow for greater speed and agility. Additionally, clinchers are easier to mount and dismount.

Buttress Tires

Buttresses are typically found on cyclocross bikes. Buttresses are extremely light weight and fast. Because of their design, buttresses require special tools to install. Once installed, however, they are incredibly strong and durable.

Other Types of Bicycle Wheel Sizes

There are other types of bicycle wheels available, including 650C, 700C, etc. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, 650C wheels are slightly smaller than 700C wheels. Therefore, they fit narrower frames. In addition, 650C wheels are lighter than 700C wheels.

How Do I Choose Which Type of Bicycle Wheel Size Is Right For Me?

The answer depends on where you plan to ride your bicycle. First, decide whether you will mainly ride on paved roads, dirt trails, or both. Then, determine which type of terrain you will encounter. Finally, choose between tubular or clincher tires based on your riding preferences.

Paved Roads

For those who ride mostly on paved roads, a heavier, stronger, and sturdier rim is needed. Tubular tires are ideal for this situation.

Dirt Trails

Those who enjoy riding on dirt trails will benefit from a lightweight, agile, and quick rim. Clinchers are perfect for this type of riding.

Both Paved Road & Dirt Trail Riding

In order to maximize performance while minimizing weight, a combination of tubular and clincher tires is recommended. Tubulars give you great traction on pavement, while clinchers allow you to sprint down hills.

Which Tire Size Is Best For My Bike Frame?

Once you know what kind of riding you will be doing, you can select the appropriate tire size. Most manufacturers recommend using the same size tire regardless of frame width.


SKS-Germany Blumel Commuter II B65 Black Bicycle Fender Set for 700c or 29" Wheels

  • Fender profile will work with tires up to 2.35" wide
  • Compatible with 700c/28"/29" wheels
  • 65mm fender profile must fit between seat stay and fork legs
  • 3.0mm V-Stays and Stainless Steel hardware
  • Front Fender length: 680mm
  • Rear Fender length: 1185mm
  • Compatible with disc brakes
  • Installation difficulty rating: 8 out of 10. Install time is roughly 1.5 hours. Tools are required for installation.
  • Made in Germany
  • Fender eyelets or frame clamps (sold separately) are required for mounting

Wheel Master 29er Alloy Mountain Disc Double Wall

  • 29in (ISO 622) Wheel Size
  • Rim Model: WEI XM280 Disc
  • Hub Model: W/M MT-2000
  • Spoke Count: 36H
  • Rotor Mount (disc wheels only): 6B

CDHPOWER 29"/700C Black Aluminum Mag Wheels - 66cc/80CC Gas Motorized Bicycle

  • Please note£ºexcluding bolts, size of Bolts to mag wheel:M5x23mm, if your sprocket is thicker than standard sprocket, we suggest bolts M5x25mm. Designed mainly for motorized bicycles;do not need adapter, sprocket only needed; put grease/lubricating oil on thread of wheel to prevent damage of thread from Riding£»inner diameter of rim:17.5mm/0.689inch
  • Aluminum Wheels Excluding chain drive Sprocket£»Thread size: 1.375 inch X24T; the hole spacing for front and rear wheel both 44mm, please see the last picture£»NOTE: It's inevitable that there will be SCRATCHES or PAINT PEELING during transportation, buy carefully if you are concerned.
  • Size for Wheel Axle: LxT(front axle): 160mm x 10mm; LxT(rear axle): 180mm x 10mm; light and very durable. 29"/700c Size Wheel;
  • the hole spacing for front disc brakes of mag wheel to be added is 44mm; axles included;easy intall sprocket on mag wheel,
  • PLEASE NOTE 1: the best safe speed if racing: 35km/h£»Attention: Standard 9 hole sprockets 24T to 60T in Kit do not work on this alum wheel, buyer need drill 6 holes in middle to make sprocket fit on the alum wheel or buyer buy CDH multifunctional sprocket which fits well on CDH alum wheel

ycle Wheel Bag Wheelset Bag, Bike Wheel Bag ycle Wheel Box ycle Wheel Carrying Package Bags Road Bike MTB Mountain Road Bike Travel Case Wheel Carrying Bag(29 Zoll)

  • 【Suitable Compatible with】Bike ycle Wheel Bag suitable Compatible with receiving the front and rear wheels of mountain bikes and road vehicles.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.
  • 【Nylon Material】Bike Travel Case Wheel Carrying Bag Made of durable nylon fabric, the design is simple and generous, and the work is delicate.Good quality not only can provide a safer guarantee Compatible with your life,but also good materials can increase product life.
  • 【Excellent Performance】ycle Wheel Bag With 2 sizes of wheel diameter to choose from, one is 27.5in, the other is 29in, both are light in weight. Exquisite workmanship, stylish and generous appearance.
  • 【Easy to Use】Cycling Wheel Bag,The zipper head is covered with rubber and feels comCompatible withtable in hands as well as easy to use.
  • 【Standard Specification】Mountain Bike Wheel Bag ConCompatible withm to strict quality control standards, dependable to use.Manufactured according to the original specifications.Built to meet standard specification, strictly follow factory quality control.
  • 【Suitable Compatible with】Bike ycle Wheel Bag suitable Compatible with receiving the front and rear wheels of mountain bikes and road vehicles.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.
  • 【Suitable Compatible with】Bike ycle Wheel Bag suitable Compatible with receiving the front and rear wheels of mountain bikes and road vehicles.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.
  • 【Suitable Compatible with】Bike ycle Wheel Bag suitable Compatible with receiving the front and rear wheels of mountain bikes and road vehicles.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.
  • 【Suitable Compatible with】Bike ycle Wheel Bag suitable Compatible with receiving the front and rear wheels of mountain bikes and road vehicles.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.
  • 【Suitable Compatible with】Bike ycle Wheel Bag suitable Compatible with receiving the front and rear wheels of mountain bikes and road vehicles.Practical and convenient in use.Such a practical tool you will need it.

CyclingDeal WTB SX19 Rims Mountain Bike Bicycle 29er Disc Wheelset 29" QR Wheels & Tires - Good Value MTB 29 Inch Rear & Front Wheel Set - Compatible with Shimano 8 9 10 11 Speed

  • HAND-BUILT: Those wheels are built by hand and the spokes are fully extended by pushing machine. So the spokes will not be extended anymore after a few rides. This step is very important to make sure the wheels are always true.
  • QUALITY RIMS: Quality and famous WTB SX19 Disc Brake Rim 29",Spokes: 32, Material: Stainless Steel.
  • HUBS: Novatec Front Hub D481SBT weight 287g, Rear Hub D482TSBT weight 476g, 2 Sealed bearing, Quick Release, Gauge 14, O.L.D. Front-100mm Rear-135mm, Axle material S45C, 8 9 10 11 Speed MTB cassette compatible.
  • TIRES: Continental X-King MTB Wire Tire 29" x 2.2 with tubes.Weight: 4250g/set.
  • ORDER NOW, WORRY FREE! We're so confident about our product quality that we can provide 2-year warranty! Made in Taiwan.

ZUKKA 29Inch Bike Wheel Set,Magnesium Alloy Disc Brake Mountain Cycling Wheels/Fit for 7-10 Speed Freewheels/Quick Release Axles Bicycle Accessory

  • APPLICABLE:Suitable for 29-inch tires with a width of 1.75 inches to 2.125 inchescompatible 7/8/9/10/speed cassette freewheel.
  • HIGH QUALITY:The magnesium alloy integrated bicycle wheel set uses front and rear 10 H stainless steel spokes, aluminum alloy double disc brake ring, which can withstand 350kg of pulling force,strength and durable.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Fashionable colors and excellent workmanship make the bicycle wheel more energetic when riding.The bearings rotate flexibly which can bringing a light and stable riding experience.
  • EASY TO INSTALL:Quick release wheel,installation is more convenient. Front hubs115mm, rear hub 151mm.
  • INCLUDES:wheel*2, quick release*2, original high pressure tire pad *2.The Mountain Cycling Wheels are first choice for bicycle lovers.

Rhinowalk Bike Wheel Bag Travel Case Soft Padded Bicycle Wheelset Carrying Bag for up to 29 inch Mountain Road Bike Wheels

  • 【MATERIAL】 - High quality, resistant and waterproof polyester bag. Silver reflective LOGO that is safe and eye-catching.
  • 【SIZE】 - Diameter is 28.7 inches (73cm), thickness is 1.77 inches (4.5cm), weighs only 480g. Portable road bike travel suitcase.
  • 【MAIN USE】 - Bicycle Wheel Bag for 26 "-29" Road or MTB Bike, offers convenient and protective storage for your wheels.
  • 【FEATURES】 - Waterproof, lightweight, wear-resistant, portable. Provides a safe and efficient way to store your wheel sets. It's a great way to avoid dirt and transport it on the plane.
  • 【NOTE】 - The bicycle wheel bag is ONLY for a complete wheel, suitable for 26 inch / 27.5 inch / 700C / 29 inch bicycle wheels.

BUCKLOS US-Stock MTB Bicycle Wheelset Carbon Hub, 26 27.5 29 inch Mountain Bike Wheelsets Rim with QR, 7-11 Speed Wheel Hubs Disc Brake, Double Wall Flat Spokes Wheelset 25mm Width 24H

  • 【Lighter and stronger】Bike hubs is make of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy rim, makes the weight of wheelset more light and highly toughness.
  • 【Smooth bearing】 Bicycle Wheelsets use the structure of 2 bearings Front and 5 bearings Rear, It improve the lubrication performance, giving you better transmission efficiency and longer sliding distance during riding.
  • 【Unique Design】The spokes of the bicycle wheel set adopt a unique flat design, which reduces wind resistance during riding and increases speed.
  • 【Easy installation】Each wheel set has a quick release lever, even if you are a beginner, you can aslo install the wheel set within 10s. The bicycle wheel can't be used with rim brakes.
  • 【Service】 We will ship to you directly from the US warehouse for free, and it will be delivered to you in about 5-7 working days. If there is some damage, please contact us. We will handle it within 24 hours.

BUCKLOS Mountain Bike Wheelset 26/27.5/29 Inch, Aluminum Alloy Rim 32H Disc Brake MTB Wheelset, Quick Release Front Rear Wheels Black Bike Wheels, Fit 7-11 Speed Cassette Bicycle Wheelset

  • 【Seal Bearing】The mountain bike wheelset adopts a sealed structure, and the front wheel and the rear wheel each have two bearings, which effectively improves the transmission efficiency and greatly reduces the entry of dust.
  • 【Protect inner tube】The rim strip installed between bicycle tube and rim, protect tube from pierce by spoke during trip.
  • 【Removable design】The spline body of the rear wheel can be disassembled to facilitate the installation of cassette and the routine maintenance of the mtb wheelset.
  • 【Quick install】Each mountain bike wheelset pair is equipped with two quick release axles, corresponding to the front and rear wheels, so you can install them in a short time.
  • 【Fast shipping】Bike wheels will be delivered to you about 10 working days after you place your order. If there is any defective which you received, please contact us and we will give you a satisfaction solution.
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