Metolius Adjustable Easy Aider Runners & slings 000 Right

  • Aider version of the Easy Daisy
  • Makes the ultimate ascender sling
  • Wide, comfortable foot stirrups buckle securely in place
  • Overall length: 94" (2388 mm)
  • Specify right or left (labeled and color coded)

How To Choose The Best Bouldering Crash Pad

What Is The Purpose Of A Bouldering Crash Pad?

Bouldering crashes are designed to be placed between two walls so that climbers can practice moves while hanging upside down. Crashes are typically constructed with foam padding and covered by fabric. Some boulders include a small ledge where the climber can rest his/her feet.

Why Do People Use Them?

The main reason why people use bouldering crashes is because they allow climbers to practice difficult maneuvers while being suspended upside-down. Climbers who climb indoors can sometimes struggle with certain types of holds due to gravity. If a hold breaks during a fall, the climber could sustain serious injuries. However, using a boulder crash pad makes practicing these maneuvers safer.

How Can You Make Sure That You Get One For Yourself?

There are many different brands of bouldering crashers available online. To ensure that you're getting the best deal possible, check out reviews before purchasing. Shipping costs can quickly eat away at your budget, especially if you order more than one item.

Where Are Bouldering Crashes Used Most Often?

Most bouldering crashes are used in gyms and indoor rock climbing centers. Because most gyms have limited space, they must choose which pieces of equipment to purchase carefully. In addition, there are only so many places where climbers can go to practice their skills. Therefore, gyms often stock multiple sets of bouldering crashes.

Are There Any Other Uses For Bouldering Crashes?

Some companies sell bouldering crashes for other purposes besides training. For example, some bouldering crashes are sold as protective gear for those who play sports. Others are marketed as furniture accessories.

Is It Possible To Build Your Own Bouldering Crash Pad?

Yes! While building your own bouldering crash pad might seem daunting, it isn't actually too hard. First, you'll need to decide what size you'd like your pad to be. Then, you'll need to figure out what type of material you'd prefer to use. Finally, you'll need to determine how thick you'd like the padding to be. Once you've figured everything out, you can begin construction.

Do Bouldering Crashes Have Safety Concerns?

While bouldering crashes are generally safe, accidents still happen. As mentioned above, if a hold breaks during a fall, the climber could suffer serious injury. Furthermore, if the climber falls onto something sharp, he/she could cut himself/herself badly.

Can You Put Clothes On Top Of A Bouldering Crash Pad?

No. Although many bouldering crashes are padded enough to withstand falling objects, they aren't meant to support weight. If you plan on wearing clothes while using a crash pad, you'll need to remove them prior to placing them on top of the pad. Otherwise, you risk damaging the clothing.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Bouldering Crash Pad

Bouldering crashes are essential pieces of gear for anyone who climbs outdoors. If you're going to be spending hours upon hours on top of walls, rocks, cliffs, and other hard objects, you might as well invest in something that's comfortable and durable. There are many different types of bouldering crashers available today, so choosing the right one can be tricky. Here are three tips to help you choose the best bouldering crash pad for your needs.

Size Matters

Crash pads come in two main forms: foam-based and air cushioned. Foam-based crash pads are generally more popular because they provide greater comfort and support. Air cushioning has its advantages too, however; these pads are lighter and easier to carry around. Both styles of pads are great options, though, depending on your preference and budget.

Consider Durability

Durability is another important factor to consider when selecting a boulder pad. Crashes are designed to absorb impact forces, which makes them ideal for outdoor activities where you could potentially fall down. However, falls aren't always predictable. Sometimes, accidents happen unexpectedly, leaving climbers with bruises, cuts, scrapes, and broken bones. To avoid injury, you must ensure that your crash pad is sturdy enough to withstand heavy impacts.

Look For Features

There are several features that you should look for in a good bouldering crash pad. First, you should check whether the padding is removable. Removable padding is convenient because you can wash it regularly and reuse it multiple times. Second, look for a padded backrest. Padded backsides allow you to sit comfortably while resting between climbs. Third, look for a firm base. Firm bases give you stability and support during long sessions. Finally, look for a soft, thick material. Soft materials are easy to grip and hold onto, making them safer and more stable.

Features To Look For When Buying A Bouldering Crash Pad

Bouldering crashes are designed to cushion falls during hard moves. The most important features to look for include durability, comfort, safety, and stability. If you're planning on using your crash pad while bouldering, you'll want something sturdy enough to withstand multiple impacts. Comfort is another factor to consider because you'll be spending hours on end sitting on your crash pad. Finally, safety comes into play because you'll be falling onto these pads frequently. Make sure that your crash pad has adequate padding so that you aren't injured by landing too hard on the ground.


The best way to ensure that your crash pad lasts longer is to choose a material with high-quality construction. Durable materials last longer and provide more support than cheaper options. Materials such as nylon and polyester are durable and strong, making them ideal choices for a crash pad. However, if you plan on taking frequent trips away from home, you might want to invest in a padded travel bag to store your crash pad inside. Padded bags allow you to transport your crash pad safely without worrying about damaging it.


Your crash pad needs to fit comfortably on your body. If it doesn't, you could experience discomfort throughout your session. Choose a size that fits well around your hips and thighs. Also, pay attention to the thickness of the foam. Thicker foam cushions will give you greater comfort. Lastly, check the weight of your crash pad. Lighter models are easier to carry and maneuver. Heavy ones require more effort to lift and carry.


Make sure your crash pad meets ASTM standards before purchasing it. All manufacturers must adhere to certain guidelines regarding quality control and manufacturing practices. Check the manufacturer's website to see which requirements apply to your crash pad. Some companies only manufacture products that meet specific industry standards. Others produce both standard and custom designs.


Crash pads are meant to absorb impact forces. Therefore, they shouldn't wobble or shift position when you fall. Stability is especially important if you plan on carrying your crash pad outside. Crashes happen outdoors, so you'll need a stable base to land on. Avoid choosing a model that slides around when you sit down. Instead, opt for a solid base that stays put no matter where you set it down.

Different Types of Bouldering Crash Pads

Bouldering crashes are designed to cushion your fall during a hard landing while bouldering. The main goal of these devices is to reduce injuries caused by falls. There are many different types of bouldering crashers available today. Some are more suitable for beginners while others are best suited for advanced climbers. Each type has its pros and cons so choose wisely before purchasing.

Cushioning Crashes

These cushions are typically rectangular shaped with rounded edges. They are generally thick enough to provide adequate padding for most beginner climbers. However, because they are thicker, they take longer to dry out which makes them uncomfortable to climb on. In addition, they are very heavy making them difficult to carry around. If you're planning on using a boulder crashing pad for long periods of time, be sure to purchase a lighter version.

Foam Crashing Mats

This type of crash pad is ideal for intermediate and advanced climbers who plan on spending hours on end practicing their skills. Foam bouldering mats are thin and light weight allowing you to practice anywhere. They are easy to transport and store. Because foam is soft, it absorbs shock well and protects your body from injury. Most foams are made of polyurethane which is durable and resistant to water. Although foam bouldering mats are great for practicing, they aren't recommended for competitive climbing due to the fact that they lack durability.

Crash Matting

Crash matting is another popular option for boulderers. Unlike foam mats, matting is made of dense material that offers superior support and stability. As a result, it doesn't absorb shock as well but it does allow you to perform moves safely. Many companies sell crash matting in varying thicknesses and colors. Be careful though; some mats are too thick to fit into cracks and other areas where there isn't room for large objects. Make sure you measure carefully before ordering.

Crash Blocks

Crash blocks are small cubes of concrete that are placed between holds to give you something to grab onto when falling. They are useful for training purposes only and shouldn't be relied upon for safety reasons. While they are inexpensive, they are bulky and awkward to carry around. Also, they can cause serious injury if mishandled. For example, if you drop a block on your foot, it could break bones or dislocate joints.

Wall Equipment

Some boulders have walls built right into them. These walls are called "crack systems" and are commonly found in gyms and climbing centers. Crack systems are perfect for practicing techniques and performing exercises. They are also helpful for warming up before heading outdoors. Wall crack systems are expensive and require professional installation. If you decide to install your own, be sure to check local building codes before proceeding.


Mad Rock Mad Pad Crash Pad - Black

  • Weight: 13.8 lbs
  • Closed Size: 24"x36"x10"
  • Open Size: 48"x36"x5"

Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board (Black/White Swirl)

  • Next generation of the #1 selling training board. Massive variety of holds
  • The holds are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for better ergonomics and reduced injuries
  • Tapers from top to bottom in both dimensions for better forearm clearance
  • Includes comprehensive instructions, training guide and all mounting hardware
  • Includes comprehensive instructions, training guide and all mounting hardware

Metolius Project Training Board CNC (Blue/Blue Swirl)

  • The holds are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for better ergonomics and reduced injuries
  • Tapers from top to bottom in both dimensions for better forearm clearance
  • The master is CNC milled for perfect symmetry. Fine texture
  • Includes comprehensive instructions, training guide and all mounting hardware
  • 24.5" x 6" (622 mm x 152 mm)

Metolius Safe Tech Trad Harness Harnesses MD

  • New locking speed buckle
  • Four gear loops
  • Innovative slot system keeps pad end in place
  • Dual belay loops
  • Rear haul loop & adjustable leg loop elastics

Metolius - Equalizer Sling-10

  • Made of 16 mm Monster webbing
  • Made with reinforced end-loops to provide additional, full-strength clip-in points
  • Strength: 22kn when used as a looped sling or a two/three point anchor or 18kn when used end to end
  • Lengths: 10' (3 M), 15' (4.5 M)
  • Carabiners not included

Mad Rock Kangaroo Chalkbag - Black

  • Ergonomic shaped
  • Zippered pocket
  • Waist belt included

Friction Labs Gorilla Grip 1oz (28g) - Chunky Texture - The New Standard in Chalk for Rock Climbing, Crossfit, and Powerlifting, Chalk White (FL-Chalk-GG-1)

  • HEALTHY SKIN = BETTER PERFORMANCE | Non-toxic, silica-free and pigment-free chalk that is safe for kids and adults. We responsibly refine all of our chalk in Colorado and strip out all fillers and artificial drying agents found in most other chalks that can dry out and damage your skin.
  • ROCK CLIMBING | A bit of moisture can be the difference between success and failure so it's important to use chalk of supreme quality. Our high purity chalk lasts longer so you can keep pushing to that next hold instead of stopping to chalk up. Get the friction you need to complete all of your projects! Perfect for indoor & outdoor use.
  • WEIGHT LIFTING | Keep your sets and reps consistent. Whether you’re a casual gym rat, olympic power lifting or WOD, don’t sweat the small stuff - this chalk has you covered so you can focus on form and power. Especially great for those who do hang board training, pull up bar, barbell, kettlebell and pole workouts. Take your gym performance to the next level!
  • GYMNASTICS | Don’t let sweaty hands keep you off the podium. Our professional sports chalk will help you maintain a strong and reliable grip so you have smoother dismounts and landings, and fewer slips on bars, rings, horses, and vaults.

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat - Black

  • EASY TO CARRY - Tri-fold design is compact for storage, and two carrying handles makes fitness on-the-go convenient
  • THICK CUSHION - Provides a cushioned, supportive surface for workouts, stretch-ing, martial Arts, or outdoor fitness routines
  • JOINT PROTECTION - Resilient foam interior keeps its shape for long-term usability, and protects knees, wrists, elbows & back. Waterproof
  • DURABLE - Vinyl surface resists tearing or stretching and is easy to wipe clean; great for stretching & floor exercises
  • 3 COLOR OPTIONS - Comes in blue, grey, and black. Dimensions: 72" Lx 24"W x 1 1/2"T. Material - PVC and EPE foam

Metolius Short Stop - Black

  • Padding: 0.75in closed cell foam
  • Carry Mode: handles
  • Dimensions - Open: 36 x 23in
  • Recommended Use: bouldering
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Cozzzi Folding Mattress - Trifold Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Cover -Lightweight and Portable Sleeping Mat - Grey - 25"

  • Comes in Handy in Any Situation: Our tri-fold mattress is a convenient & comfortable alternative to air mattresses. It folds and unfolds with little effort and is great for your guests, travelling, camping & more.
  • Soft and Airy Top Layer: This foldable mattress is made from high density foam which is known for its therapeutic benefits. It is super firm and extremely comfortable for you to enjoy a great night of sleep.
  • Compact & Easy Travel bed: Your best companion while camping, a great floor bed solution or best full size sleeping place for 1 person in a travel trailer! Take this lightweight, easy to carry full size mat anywhere with you!
  • Versatile Uses: This is perfect as guest sleeping place, a temporary bed, as a sleeping mat, for gym exercise, yoga or pilates. Most comfortable children's play area or floor lounger mat!
  • Easy to Clean: Machine Washable, simply zip off the cover and pop it in the washer. Use it as a ground mattress, 4 inch thick foam will keep you warm. Feel like a queen on our tri fold mattress, this is a great replacement for a futon mattress queen!

Metolius Campus Rung 5-Pack One Color, XL

  • Material: wood
  • Length: 16in
  • Dimensions: [xxx-large] 1.875in [xx-large] 1.75in [x-large] 1.375in [large] 1.25in [medium] 1in [small] .75in
  • Recommended Use: training
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Mad Rock Koala Chalk Bag Orange, One Size

  • The Mad Rock Koala Chalk Bag is a great companion to have with you when climbing
  • Allows easy access to the chalk when you need it to dry your hands
  • Hangs upright so you can dig your fingers down into the center for quick chalk access
  • Included tooth-brush holder is fitted for you to take a brush along. Makes it easy to clean off old chalk from the training holds at the climbing arena
  • Waist belt included

Notch Neon Plus 3mm - 200' Throwline

  • The Notch Neon Plus Throw Line has a springy body that helps to keep it from tangling as much as nylon parachute cord does
  • Bright color pattern that makes it easy to view even in thick canopies
  • TENSILE STRENGTH: 350 lbs. (1.5 kN)
  • 3mm (1/8") diameter available in 2 lengths: 200 ft or 1,000 ft
  • Material - Polyester

Metolius Session II - Green/Black

  • Redesigned flap closure system makes the pad easier to load; it reverses to cover up the shoulder straps while you're bouldering
  • 4 new drag handles make it easier to position the pad while it's unfolded
  • Tough exterior fabric stands up to regular use outdoors; carpeted logo gives you a place to wipe your shoes clean
  • Padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry in to your favorite problems; waist belt included
  • Lightweight, updated crash pad for boulder projects

Metolius Session II - Gray/Black

  • Redesigned flap closure system makes the pad easier to load; it reverses to cover up the shoulder straps while you're bouldering
  • 3 new drag handles make it easier to position the pad while it's unfolded
  • Tough exterior fabric stands up to regular use outdoors; carpeted logo gives you a place to wipe your shoes clean
  • Padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry in to your favorite problems; waist belt included
  • Lightweight, updated crash pad for boulder projects

Metolius Safe Tech All-Around Sb - Black - Large

  • Material: webbing
  • Padding: foam
  • Adjustable Leg Loops: yes
  • Gear Loops: [x-small] 2, [all other sizes] 4
  • Haul Loop: yes

Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk, New Alcohol Free Blend - Sports Chalk Cream - Great Grip for Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Sports, Lifting, Pull-Ups, Deadlifts, Kettlebells, Pole

  • QUICK, CONFIDENT GRIP: If you’re unsure of your grip, you hold back, make mistakes and don’t perform at your best. Whether it’s from sweat, moisture, humidity, or oils, Secret Stuff gives power and control to any athlete who needs dependable hands.
  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: No matter the climate or skin type, Secret Stuff is here for you. Original is great for humid climates. Alcohol-free is designed for climate-controlled gyms and/or sensitive skin. Hygienic delivers extra grip while killing germs.
  • NO MESS = GYM FRIENDLY: While many liquid chalks can reduce dust, Friction Labs is the only company with 2 liquid hand chalk formulas (Alcohol Free and Hygienic) that don’t leave ANY marks on clothes or equipment, and wash off hands in seconds.
  • TRUSTED BY THE BEST: Friction Labs is the only chalk endorsed by champions in multiple sports like rock climbing, tennis & powerlifting. Secret Stuff is the only liquid chalk for grip made in USA with the highest quality magnesium carbonate chalk.
  • COMPLETE THE REGIMEN: Our liquid gym chalk is the perfect foundational layer to quickly activate your grip. If you’re really pushing it and need even more drying power, refresh your grip with Friction Labs loose chalk or chalk ball.

Yes4All New Version Wooden Hang Board/Climbing Board for Doorway - Hand Strengthener Equipment for Training Finger, Grip and Pull Up - Espresso

  • FINGER & HAND GRIP STRENGTHENER: Yes4All Climbing Fingerboard is an ultimate training tool to train your fingers and wrists to their maximum, making you a climbing beast. Effective workout tool for OCR, backpacking, hunting, military and martial arts.
  • ROUND CORNERS AND ANTI-SLIP SURFACE: smoothened and rounded sides below the jugs create comfort and avoid pain even when you remain in holding position for a long time. The surface inside of jugs and slopers is also designed specially to enhance grips.
  • MULTIPLE GRIP POSITIONS: various jugs, slopers, mini crimps and pinch holds for a full-scale workout. The mini crimps have the shallowest depth for real climbing difficulty, while other jugs feature a mixture of depth and width for 1 to 4 fingers.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN FOR EFFICIENT WORKOUTS: Yes4All grip training rock climbing equipment adds a phone storage at the top to track exercise time. The 2 pinch holds are detachable and when attached, users can choose their desired angle before tightening them.
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: the product can be installed on many kinds of wall, stud wall or other walls with 16” wood stud to ensure safety and aesthetics. 4 screws for stud wall are also included for an easy setup.

Mountain Hardwear Women's Standard Wondervalley Pant, Olive Gold, Medium Regular

  • MATERIAL: 65% organic cotton, 30% nylon, 5% elastin. Highly comfortable, durable, stretch pants ideal all outdoor activities
  • UPF FABRIC: Constructed from UPF 50 fabric ensures you stay protected against the sun's harsh UV rays from coastal waters to high-desert mountains
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable waist with elastic drawcord and cinch cord at ankle hem, comfortable enough for any outdoor winter activities
  • FEATURES: Extra deep hand pockets, secure zip at back right make it easy to stay active and securely store your essentials
  • MOBILITY: Gusset construction, and articulated knees for ample mobility. Harness compatible
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