ODYSSEY Slic Brake Cable, 1.5mmx60-65-Inch, Black

  • Teflon-lined housing, cable is machined for smoothness
  • One BMX box lug end, one Gyro lug ball end
  • Model: 100935

How To Choose The Best Brake Cable

What Is The Purpose Of Brake Cables?

Brake cables are essential parts of bicycle brakes. Without these cables, there wouldn’t be any braking action. In fact, most bicycles today use hydraulic brakes which require brake cables to operate properly. If you're planning to purchase a bicycle with hydraulic brakes, you must know what brake cables are before making your final decision.

How Do Brakes Work?

Hydraulic brakes are operated by air pressure. Air enters into the chamber where the pistons are located. As soon as the piston moves forward, it pushes the caliper outward, causing friction between the wheel rim and the brake pads. Friction causes heat, which creates more friction. Eventually, the friction becomes so great that the wheel stops turning.

Types Of Brake Cable

There are two types of brake cables; Bowden and V-brake. Both types of brake cables are attached to the frame of the bicycle using clamps. However, each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Bowden Brake Cable

The bowden brake cable is a simple design. It consists of a steel wire connected to the handlebar stem. The other end of the wire is connected to the brake lever. To activate the brake, you pull down on the brake lever. Once the lever reaches the bottom position, the brake cable pulls back and releases the brake.

V-Brake Cable

On the other hand, the v-brake cable is a bit different. Instead of pulling down on the brake lever, you push it upward. This forces the cable to release the brake.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Both types of brake cables have their pros and cons. For example, the bowden brake cable is easier to install because it doesn't require tools. But, it does take longer to adjust compared to the v-brake cable. Also, the bowden brake cable tends to loosen over time due to vibration.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most modern bikes now come equipped with hydraulic brakes. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about finding brake cables since they are already installed on your bicycle.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Brake Cable

Brake cables are important because they allow you to stop your bicycle safely. If you're riding with friends, you might be tempted to go faster than you normally would. But, if you ride too fast, you could end up crashing into something and injuring yourself. That's why it's so important to purchase a good set of brakes.

How Do Brakes Help Me Stop My Bike Safely?

Brakes are designed to slow down your speed by using friction between two parts. As long as there is enough friction, your bike will stop quickly. However, if you apply too little pressure, your brakes will fail to function properly. In addition, if you apply too much force while braking, you risk damaging your tires. So, it's best to choose a pair of brakes that has been tested to ensure that they provide adequate stopping power.

Which Type Is Best For Me?

There are many different types of brakes available today. Some are more expensive than others, but each type offers its own advantages.

There are three main categories of brakes: rim brakes, disc brakes, and cantilever brakes. Rim brakes are found on older bicycles, whereas disc brakes are commonly seen on mountain bikes. Cantilever brakes are typically found on hybrid bikes.

Rim Brakes Are More Common Than Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists who prefer lighter weight frames. Because disc brakes require no moving parts, they are generally considered safer than rim brakes. However, rim brakes still remain very common.

Cantilever Brakes Offer Better Performance

Hybrid bikes are gaining popularity due to their ability to combine the performance benefits of both road and mountain biking. Hybrid bikes are equipped with cantilevers which offer excellent traction and control.

What Makes One Set Different From Another?

One thing that makes one set of brakes different from another is the material used to construct them. Most manufacturers recommend that you replace old brake cables regularly. Although most manufacturers claim that their products last longer than other brands, it's always wise to check the warranty before replacing your existing brake cables.

Are Brakes Needed To Ride Bicycles?

Yes, brakes are needed to ride bicycles. Without them, you'd probably fall off your bike and hurt yourself. Even though modern bicycles are built to handle high speeds, they aren't meant to travel at breakneck speeds.

Features To Look For When Buying A Brake Cable

There are many different types of brakes available today. Some brakes are designed to be operated by hand while others require power assistance. There are brakes with internal mechanisms which allow you to adjust the tension of the brake lever and there are those which require external levers. The type of braking mechanism you choose depends upon several factors including the terrain where you ride, the weight of your bicycle, and the style of riding you prefer. In addition, you must decide whether you wish to operate the brakes manually or automatically. If you plan to ride frequently in hilly areas, you might opt for a mechanical brake because it offers more control. However, if you enjoy long rides on flat roads, you may prefer automatic brakes since they provide greater safety and convenience.

Types of Brakes

Brake systems fall into two categories: manual and automatic. Manual brakes are activated by pulling back on the handlebar grips. Automatic brakes are controlled electronically using sensors located inside the frame of the bicycle. Most bicycles now include both types of brakes. Mechanical brakes are generally preferred by riders who live in urban settings and ride short distances. Electronic brakes are favored by cyclists who travel longer distances and/or participate in competitive events.

Braking Mechanisms

Mechanical brakes consist of a pair of shoes attached to the wheel rim. As the rider moves his or her feet forward, the shoes engage the inner sides of the wheels causing friction between the tire and the road. Friction causes heat, which creates pressure within the shoe. This pressure forces the brake caliper outward, creating resistance to rotation of the wheel. The force required to overcome these resistances varies depending on the size of the tires, the amount of air pressure in the tires, and the speed of the vehicle.

Adjustable Brakes

Most modern bikes have adjustable brakes. Adjustability makes it possible to fine-tune the level of braking power. With adjustable brakes, you can increase or decrease the force applied to the wheel by adjusting the distance between the front and rear brake calipers. This adjustment alters the amount of leverage exerted on the wheel.

Cables Housing

The housing protects the wires connecting the brake caliper to the brake pedal assembly. Cables housings are typically constructed of plastic and metal. Plastic housings are lighter and easier to install than metal ones. Metal housings are stronger and last longer.

Warranty Information

Some manufacturers offer warranties on their products. Warranties vary according to the manufacturer and product. Warranty periods range anywhere from three months to five years. Manufacturers warrant their products for defects in materials and manufacturing. Warranties cover repairs or replacements of defective parts.

How Long Does A Brake Last?

It takes approximately six hours of continuous pedaling before a brake becomes worn out. Worn brakes lose effectiveness gradually and eventually stop working altogether. Therefore, it is important to replace worn brakes immediately.

Different Types of Brake Cable

Brake cables are essential components of bicycle brakes. There are many different kinds of brake cables available today. Some are designed specifically for mountain bikes while others are meant for road bicycles. The most common type of brake cable is called "cable housing". This kind of brake cable has a metal sheath around which the wires run. Other types include wire-to-wire cables, where there is no sheath surrounding the wires; and solid core cables with only a single conductor running inside the cable. All these types of brake cables differ in terms of size, length, strength, durability, etc.

Types of Brakes

There are two main types of brakes - mechanical and electronic. Electronic brakes use sensors to detect the speed of the wheels and apply pressure to the caliper to stop the rotation of the wheel. Both types of brakes require brake cables to operate.

Cables Housing

The cable housing consists of a plastic outer casing and a steel inner tube. The steel tube protects the wires from being damaged by sharp objects during storage and riding. The plastic casing serves several purposes including protecting the wires from moisture and dirt. Another important function of the cable housing is to provide a firm grip so that the rider does not lose control of the bike due to slipping. The cable housing is generally attached to the frame using clamps or bolts.

Wire To Wire Cables

This type of brake cable consists of two separate conductors that are connected together via crimps. One end of the cable is inserted into the brake lever while the other end connects to the brake calipers. The advantage of this type of brake cable is that it offers more flexibility than the cable housing. However, it is prone to corrosion because of its exposed nature. Also, the wires must be carefully wrapped before installation to avoid tangling.

Solid Core Cables

These cables consist of a single copper wire surrounded by a protective material. Solid core cables are commonly found on racing bikes. They are very strong and durable. However, they are expensive compared to the other types of brake cables. In addition, they cannot withstand high temperatures well.

How Do Brakes Work?

Brakes work by applying force to the rotating parts of the bicycle. As soon as the cyclist applies his/her foot to the pedal, the chain engages the sprocket teeth causing the rear wheel to rotate. At this point, the front wheel starts turning too. Since both wheels are now spinning, the pedals continue moving forward. Once the front tire hits the ground, the momentum causes the back tire to follow suit. This creates friction between the tires and the ground resulting in slowing down the bike. This process continues until the cyclist releases the brake pedal.

Where Can I Find More Information About Brakes?

To learn more about brakes, visit Here, you can read articles related to bicycle repair and maintenance.


Jagwire Universal Sport Brake Kit (Hyper), Black

  • Used by professionals
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • The most trusted brand in cycling components

SHIMANO Universal Standard Brake Cable Set, For MTB or Road Bikes

  • Universal Set: Fits either mountain bikes or road bikes
  • Stainless steel inner wires provide smooth movement and higher corrosion resistance
  • 1 x Black Cable Housing with Ø 5 mm (2200 mm long)
  • 2 x Steel cables with Ø 1,6 mm (1 x 1000 mm long) & (1 x 2050 mm long)
  • 4 x Ferrule’s & 2 x Cable tips

Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit Set for Road Mountain Bicycle Cycling, Package Includes: Brake Cables, Brake housing, Ferrules, Cable end caps, C-Clips Buckle (Blue)

  • Package includes: 2 x 1.8m brake cables, 1 x 3m brake housing, 6 x Ferrules, 6 x Cable end caps, 6 x C-Clips Buckle
  • Front brake cable & rear brake cable - long enough to custom the shift cables length
  • 5mm diameter cuttable brake cable housing - 3000mm long enough to keep your desired length
  • Stainless steel strong slick cable for more braking power and smooth operation
  • If there is any problem with this product, please kindly contact us first.

HAZOULEN 2m Long Bicycle Bike Brake Cable and Cable Cap End Set, 10 Pack

  • Package includes 10 x bike replaceable brake cables and 20 x alloy cable caps end tips.
  • Length : 2m; Well packaged with a HAZOULEN plastic bag
  • Stainless steel strong slick cable for more braking power and smooth operation
  • Long enough to custom the shift cables length
  • Practical and durable cable end tips fits for bicycle brake cable, nylon rope, shoelace

Jagwire Slick Stainless Steel Brake Cables Set

  • JAGWIRE Slick Stainless Steel Road Brake Cables and Cable Tips Set
  • (2) - 1.7 m x 1.5 mm Slick Stainless Steel Brake Cables (SRAM/Shimano)
  • (2) - 1.8 mm Cable Tips - Silver Alloy
  • No retail packaging. Items as shown

BlueSunshine Bike Bicycle Brake Cable and Housing Set - Basic Brake Cable Replacement Kit for Your Bike (Black), Cable housing 5mm

  • Package includes: 2 x 1.8m brake cables, 1 x 3m brake housing, 6 x Ferrules, 6 x Cable end caps, 6 x C-Clips Buckle
  • Stainless steel strong slick cable for more braking power and smooth operation
  • Front brake cable & rear brake cable - long enough to custom the shift cables length
  • 5mm diameter cuttable brake cable housing - 3000mm long enough to keep your desired length
  • If there is any problem with this product, please kindly contact us first..

GOOFIT 84.7" Rear Brake Cable Replacement for GY6 50cc 150cc ATV Go Kart TaoTao Roketa SunL Moped Scooter

  • Length:2150mm/84.64“;Cable moving length:148mm/5.82”
  • Rear Brake Cable for GY6 50cc 150cc ATV Go Kart Moped Scooter
  • Replacement for such as TaoTao,Roketa,Baja,SunL,BMS,SSR,KMD,NST,Buyang,Coolsports,Kazuma,Redcat,Eagle,etc
  • To ensure you purchase the correct product,please read the product description carefully or image size
  • Warranty:We are always available to help our customers.If you are not satisfied with the order,please leave us a message.Wish you have a happy shopping experience,we are committed to providing the best service

Hapleby 10PCS Premium Bike Brake Cable, Professional Bicycle brake line for Mountain and Road, Free For End Caps and End Ferrule

  • 【CORROSION RESISTANCE】 - The brake cable are made of highest standard zinc-coated, Each cable consists of 19 wires. it can provide smooth movement and higher corrosion resistance, strong durable.
  • 【PERFECT KIT】 - It has everything you need: you get enough sheath ferrules and end caps, two different length front and rear cables. Fortunately it is long enough to work perfectly on your bike, fit for tandem bike too.
  • 【EASY TO OPERATION REPLACE】 - Make sure you use the shortest cable first that goes to your front brake, then use the longer cable for your back brake. I suggest you used a Dremel tool with abrasive when you want to cut off the brake cable. Please wear the caps on the cables when using them to prevent the cable end being scratched.
  • 【WIDELY USAGES】 - Used by professionals. fit most bikes, for example MTB, road bike, BMX bike, folding bike, recreational cycling.
  • 【BRAKING CABLE TENSION WELL】 - A people about 250lbs, the amount of force from brake line comes under slowing to a stop, perfectly act well. Even no any issues yet after using them for more than 200 miles of riding.

Dymoece Bicycle Derailleur Shifter Cables,Brake Cables Set for Shimano Sram Road Mountain Bike (Only for Road Bike)

  • 2 pcs front 1.7m x 1.5 mm+2 pcs rear 1.7m x 1.5 mm brake cable for road mountain bike
  • 2 pcs front 2.1m x 1.2 mm+2 pcs rear 2.1m x 1.2 mm ultra slick derailleur cable,long enough to custom the shift cables length
  • This bike brake cable and shifter cable is made of durable metal, corrosion resistant and durable
  • Dymoece bike shifter cables and brake cables are Ideal replacement for moutain bike
  • Package includes: 4 pcs brake cables + 4 pcs shift cables + 16 pcs cable end crimps(black+silver) + 8 pcs isolation protection clip

EASTERN POWER 2 Pcs Bicycle Teflon Brake Cables, Road Bike Brake Cable

  • Slick road bike brake cable with Teflon layer is strong enough to ensure safe cycling.
  • The bicycle brake cables are 1.7m long and available for modulation to meet your desired length, while the brake cable ends will help you to fix the incision.
  • Bike Inner brake cables are compatible with Shimano and Sram brakes and matches well with both front and rear brake cable housing.
  • Bicycle break cables are universal replacements for front and rear Road Bike disc brake cables.
  • Package: 2 * bike Teflon brake cable with End Tip, 4 * cable end cap.

Xmomx 10 pcs 2m Long Universal Bicycle Bike Replaceable Brake Inner Wire Cable for Moutain Bike Road Bike MTB + 10 PCs Black Alloy Cable Cap End Tip Crimp

  • Universal Stainless Steel brake cable -2 different ends For Moutain Bike Road Bike
  • Stainless steel strong slick cable for more braking power and smooth operation
  • Suitalbe for front brake & rear brake
  • Practical and durable cable end tips fits for bicycle brake cable, nylon rope, shoelace
  • Package includes 10 x 2 meter length bike replaceable brake cables + 10 x alloy cable end tips.

Chooee Universal Bicycle Brake Cable Housing Kit for Mountain Bike or Road Bikes,Standard,Orange

  • 6-month manufacturer warranty,buy with Peace of mind.
  • PTFE coated brake cable housing is 2450mm long, enough to meet your desired length.
  • Size: Brake cable length- 1.1m(front)/1.7m(rear); Brake cable housing- 5mm( Diameter)/2.45m(Length).
  • Universal Use: Bicycle brakes cable & Housing are suitable for both mountain bike and road bike.
  • Package Includes: 1 x Brake Cable Housing; 2 x Brake Cable; 6 x Housing End Caps; 5 x C clip, 2 x S clip; 2 x Cable End Crimp; 1 x Isolation Protection Clip.

HIAORS 38.17" Drum Brake Cable for 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc 150cc CRF50 Pit Dirt Bike

  • Total Length:970mm (38.17")
  • Cable moving length:160mm
  • For 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc 150cc CRF50 Pit Dirt Bike
  • Please Check The Size Before You Buy It

YASI Bike Brake Cable Shifter Cable, 8 Pack Bicycle Brake Cables Shift Cables Set for Mountain Bike and Road Bike, including 6 End Ferrules, 8 Cable End Caps, 8 Silicone O-Rings and 8 Housing End Caps

  • 【Professional Construction】Our brake and shifter cables constructed with durable metal and quality standard zinc-coated, brake wire is 1.5mm and shifter wire is 1.2mm in diameter with corrosion resistant, which will providing you a better operation and a comfortable riding experiences.
  • 【Complete Replacement Set】You will get 4pcs brake cable 1800mm*1.5mm + 4pcs shifter cable 2100mm*1.2mm, 6 end ferrules (3 different types), 8pcs cable end crimps, 8pcs silicone O-rings and 8pcs housing end caps. Complete accessories parts can meet all your need.
  • 【Easy to Install】Use the 1800mm length barrel ended cables for braking and the 2100mm length small ended cables for rear shifter. All the cables can be cut easily to match well with your bikes. Be remember to use the crimp to cover the cable end after installation.
  • 【Widely Application】A widely use bike brake & shifter cables kit, fit for most bikes. The inner cables length are long enough for mountain bike, road bike, BMX bike, folding bike, recreational cycling.
  • 【WARM TIPS】YASI cables are make for better smooth operation and comfortable riding, please adjust the tension well after installing the new cables. The cable end crimp prevents to be scratched by the cable end and the silicone O-ring keeps your bike from the grind lacquer.

Bike Brake Cable Housing Kit Includes 1 Set Bicycle Brake Line, 2 Pieces V Bike Brake Noodle Cable Guide Pipe and 2 Pieces Plastic Hoses for Road Mountain Bicycle Cycling (Black Brake Line)

  • What you receive: comes with 1 piece bicycle brake line set (includes 1 piece 5 mm brake line 2.5 m, 1 piece general front brake internal line 1.1 m, 1 x general rear brake internal line 1.7 m, 6 x brake line cap, 2 pieces thread tube S buckles, 2 pieces inside tail cap, 1 piece inside O ring, 5 pieces C-clip ) and 2 pieces V bicycle brake noodles cable set (includes 2 pieces V bike brake noodle cable guide pipe and 2 pieces plastic hoses)
  • Bicycle brake line set: strong cable for more braking power and smooth operation, long length and various head to fit mountain bike, road bike; They can help you hold the brake well
  • V Bicycle brake noodles cable set: included 2 pieces aluminium alloy V bike brake noodle cable guide pipe and 2 plastic hoses hose, made of rubber tube with a plastic pipe, reduce friction brake line, effectively protect the brake line, reduce brake line resistance, they are suitable for V bicycle brake repairing
  • Durable and sturdy: this bicycle riding set is made of quality material, each replacement part has been well made, reliable and durable, can be applied for a long time
  • Wide application: this bicycle brake cable housing kit is suitable for both mountain bikes and road bikes, contains everything you need to replace your existing brake and gear cables, and it is a great accessory for bike repair and gift for bike loves

Deapher 1 Pair Bike Brake Cable, Front and Rear Brake Cable for Mountain Bike, Bike Brake Wire Set for Road Bike and Common Bike (BLACK1)

  • 【Sturdy & Durable】New PVC material from bicycle brake cable housing, heat and oxidation resistance, durable; Stainless steel cables with high strength and toughness can provide greater braking power and smooth operation and are not easy to break.
  • 【Perfect Size and Easy to Install】Brake pipe line length: rear:61inch ,Front: 23 inch; brake line length: rear:68.9 inch, Front:29.5 inch. please kindly measure your sizes before purchasing. You can install it easily, no need to ask someone.
  • 【Suitable For】The black Brake Cable Housing Kit fit for mountain bike, road bike, common bike and the throttle cable on a go kart. Please make sure that you choose the right model.
  • 【Package Includes and Easy Maintenance】1 pair Front and Rear Brake Cable. After long-term use, just apply a small amount of butter or lubricating oil on the steel wire to ensure the sensitivity of the brake at all times.
  • 【Customer Services】We are always pursuing to give customers a perfect experience, so when you receive the item, if you have any problems with it, please contact us, we’ll do our best to serve you.

RealiNice V Brake Noodle Cable Guide Pipe with Boot Set (2 Pairs)

  • 【PERFECT FIT】Fully compatible with Shimano and Avid V Brake system.
  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】stainless steel noodle, rubber boot, alloy cable end cap
  • 【IMPROVED PARTS】Plastic catheter with lube, reduce brake cable friction, enhance braking performance.
  • 【FULL PROTECTION】Cable end cap prevent the splitting of the end of the cable core.
  • 【2 PAIRS SET】Including brake noodle x4, rubber boot x4, cable end cap x4

4PCS Premium Bike Brake Cable Set,Universal Standard Bicycle Brake Cable, Professional Bicycle Brake line For Front and Rear Mountain MTB or Road Bikes,include Free Cable Cap End Crimps accessories 2M

  • 【2M LENGTH COMPLETE REPLACEMENT SET】 The Brake cable is Universal standard, Each cable consists of 19 wires,You will get 2pcs front 2000mm*1.5mm+2pcs rear 2000mm*1.5mm barrel ended brake cables; and for free 4*3×O-rings, 4×sheath ferrules and 4×end caps 4 x Housing Cable end caps,and both them can cut the cable shorter if it is too long with your bikes.
  • 【USEFUL PROTECTIVE TOOL】 Practical and durable cable end tips wearing on cable end can avoid scratching and keep cable ends nice and tidy,the donuts can keep your bike from the grind lacquer; And the caps help prevent the cable end from being scratched,It also has a padding function to protect the knob.
  • 【PREMIUM BIKE BRAKE CABLE】 Brake cable are made of highest standard zinc-coated, Each cable consists of 19 wires,Super sturdy,provides better braking force and smooth operation,Could last long time use.Premium brake cable for your great bikes.
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATION】 Used by professionals,all the bike cables kits can be cut easily to match well with your bikes,perfect for front or rear gear and brake; The inner cables 2M length are long enough for Mountain bike, BMX, MTB bikes, Kids' Bikes, Folding bikes, city bikes,like the common,Be remember to use the crimp to cover the cable end after installation.
  • 【WARM TIPS】 This bicycle brake cable kit are make for better braking and smooth operation, please adjust the tension well after installing the new cables. Please wear the caps on the cables when using them to prevent the cable end being scratched.if you enjoy your riding,and it is now put into shopping In the car.

4PCS Bike Brake Cable Shifter Cable, Bicycle Gear Cable Wire for Mountain Bike, Bike Brake Wire Set for Road Bike, Including 18 PCS Complete Inner Replacement Set

  • 【Complete Inner Replacement Set】You will get 2pcs brake /shift cables 2000 mm/6.56 ft. In addition, you may also get a set of free accessories, including: 2×sheath ferrules, 4×end caps,4 x Housing brake Cable end caps,4 x pipe shift Cable end caps, 4×O-rings.
  • 【High Quality Material】The bike brake/shift cables are made of durable stainless steel and high quality standard zinc-coated, alloy end caps and sheath ferrules,PVC pipe end caps and O-rings, corrosion resistant, anti-rust, durable to use.
  • 【Easy to Install】Each brake / shift cable is 2M/6.56 ft long and can meet different kind of bike needs. If the cables are too long, they can be cut to the length you need. Be remember to use the cable end caps to avoid scratching and keep cable ends nice and tidy.
  • 【Scope of Application】This kind of bike cables set fit most bikes, for example: Mountain bike, road bike, common bikes, MTB bikes, Kids' Bikes, Folding bikes, BMX bike, recreational cycling.
  • 【Customer service】Our goal is to provide customers with excellent products and satisfactory service. If you have any questions, please contact us in time and we will do our best for you.

Rpuomtz Bicycle Brake Cable and Housing, Universal Brake Cable Housing Kit for MTB/Road Bike,Ideal for DIY Repair Tool

  • 【Widely Application】Each cable is double tipped. One end with the mushroom shape connector for road bike and the other end has the lolipop shape connector for mountain bike.Leave your suitable connector and subtract the other end.Ideal replacement for MTB, Road Bike, Cycling Bike, Folding Bike,DIY Cable pipe installation and etc.
  • 【PTEE Coated Cables】High wear-resistant material, Greater strength, toughness. Wires provide smooth movement and higher corrosion resistance,better braking power and smooth operation.
  • 【Durable and sturdy】This bike brake cable housing kit is made of quality material, each replacement part has been well made, reliable and durable, can be applied for a long time,buy with peace of mind.
  • 【New PVC Material】The outer housing is treated with special technology, cold, heat and oxidation resistance, and this bicycle brake cable kit to achieve the smallest deformation when at work, to ensure the brakes are sensitive.
  • 【What You Will Get】1 x Brake Cable Housing 2.5 m (2500 mm long),2 x Brake Cable (Front Brake cable- 1.1m, Rear Brake Cable-1.7m),6 x Cable Housing end caps ferrules ,2 x Cable end caps,2 x S clip,3 x O-ring.

Minyou Brake Cable Housing,Bicycle Brake Cable Housing, Bicycle Brake Cable Gear Wires Bikes Replacement Accessory for Mountain Road Bike,3 Meters (Black)

  • The outer hose is made of quality rubber, colorfast, pliable and durable
  • The cable is made of premium spiral steel wires, high strength and anti-abrasion.
  • The inner PVC tube works as lubricant, keep steel wire in good condition to save manual maintenance.
  • 3 meters in length, enough for you to replace worn brake cable, suitable for both mountain bikes and road bikes.
  • Works perfectly on bikes, lightweight, wearable, anti-corrosion, great strength, sensitive.

APRUNM Black front and rear brake cables are suitable for bicycle and mountain bike brake cables, bicycle control cables (1 pair)

  • Product size: rear brake cable: tube length 155mm, cable length 175mm, diameter 1.5mm Front brake cable: tube length 55mm, cable length 75mm, diameter 1.5mm
  • Product weight: 4.23 ounces
  • Qualified quality: The galvanized brake cable is of good quality, will not rust after long-term use, is smoother, smoother and more labor-saving, well-made, strong and durable, and its diameter of 1.5mm is more up to the standard!
  • How to use: Most bicycles are common. If the wire tube is long during use, first pull out the inner wire core, and then cut the new wire tube (inner empty) according to the original old brake wire tube, and then cut the wire The core can be covered.
  • After-sales service: Thank you for your purchase. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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