Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack - Black

  • Aluminum back stays
  • Hydration Compatible
  • Expandable main compartment
  • Padded waist band
  • Rugged, abrasion-resistant exterior

How To Choose The Best Bug Out Gear Backpacks

What Is The Purpose Of A Bug Out Gear Backpack?

Bug-out packs are designed specifically for emergency situations where there is no time to prepare. In these cases, you must be able to carry everything you might need with you, including food, water, shelter, medical supplies, clothing, etc., while being prepared for anything. If you're going into the woods to live off the land, you'll need more than just a tent; you'll need survival tools, fire starters, cooking utensils, clothes, blankets, sleeping bag, toiletries, hygiene products, and other essentials. All of these things take up room inside your pack so you need to know exactly what you need before you go shopping.

How Do You Know Which Bag To Get?

The most important thing to remember when choosing a bug out bag is that it needs to fit your lifestyle. For example, if you plan on living in the wilderness, you'll probably need something bigger than a day hike backpack. If you plan on spending lots of time hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and exploring, you'll need a larger bag. If you're planning on only using your bag occasionally, you could choose a smaller size.

Where Can You Find Them?

There are many different types of bug out bags available today. Some are meant to hold specific items, others are multi-purpose and can be adapted to meet your individual needs. Short term bags are generally lighter weight and easier to carry around because they are designed to be taken along with you during your travels. Long term bags are heavier and bulkier due to the amount of supplies included. Both kinds of bags include a variety of features depending on your preferences.

Which One Is Right For Me?

It depends on what kind of bug out bag you want. Once you've answered these questions, you can narrow down your choices.

Do I Need A Waterproof Bag?

Waterproof bags are great for rainy weather, but they aren't necessary for dry climates. However, waterproof bags are very useful for storing rain jackets, boots, hats, gloves, and other wet items. Most bug out bags sold online are either fully waterproofed or partially waterproofed.

Are There Any Other Features That Matter?

Depending on the type of bug out bag you decide to purchase, you'll notice certain features that matter more than others. For instance, if you plan on doing a lot of walking, you'll want a bag that has plenty of storage pockets. If you're going to be staying in remote areas, you'll want a bag that includes a compass and map.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Bug Out Gear Backpacks

Bugging out is something we've been doing since the beginning of human history. In fact, there are many tribes around the globe who still practice bugging out today. If you're planning on bugging out with your family, chances are you already know exactly what kind of bag you'd like to carry along with you. However, before you start shopping for your bug out bag, there are several factors you must take into consideration. First, you need to decide whether you plan on carrying everything with you or leaving behind certain belongings. Second, you need to determine which type of bag best suits your needs. Third, you need to choose between a large capacity bag or a smaller sized bag. Finally, you need to think about where you intend to store your bug out bag once you arrive at your destination.

Choose Between Large Capacity Bags Or Smaller Sized Bags

There are two types of bug out bags available on the market today. One type offers more room inside while another has a small amount of storage space. Both options provide different benefits depending upon your situation. For example, if you live in a rural location, you might be able to fit more supplies into a larger capacity bag. However, if you live in a city environment, you might prefer a smaller size bag because you'll likely encounter fewer obstacles during your escape.

Consider Where To Store Your Bag Once You Arrive At Your Destination

Once you reach your final destination, you'll need to figure out where you're going to store your bug out bag. Some people opt to leave their bags outside in plain sight so others can see them. Others hide their bags away somewhere safe and secure. Whatever method you choose, you'll need to ensure that no one else gets access to your bag. Otherwise, you could end up losing important supplies or worse yet, someone could steal your bag and run off with it.

Think About Which Type Of Bug Out Bag Is Right For You

Before you purchase your bug out bag, you need to ask yourself these questions: Do you plan on using your bug out bag only occasionally or regularly? All of these factors affect the type of bug out bag you need.

How Much Does Buying A Bug Out Bag Cost?

Buying a bug out bag isn't always easy. There are plenty of choices available on the market today. As a result, prices vary widely. While most people agree that a good bug out bag costs more than a bad bug out bag, there's no way to tell how much a particular bag will set you back unless you shop around.

Where Can You Find Good Deals On Bug Out Bags?

While you shouldn't go bargain hunting when it comes to buying a bug out bag, you can find deals online. Many websites sell discounted bug out bags.

Features To Look For When Buying Bug Out Gear Backpacks

Bugging out is something we've been doing since the beginning of man kind. We're always prepared for whatever comes our way. Whether its natural disasters, economic collapse, or war, we know that there will be times where we must leave everything behind and go somewhere safe. If you're planning on bugging out, you might as well prepare yourself with the best bug out bag possible. There are many different types of bug out packs available today. Some are designed specifically for hiking while others are built more rugged and durable for long term survival situations. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a bug out pack.


The most important thing to look for in a bug out bag is waterproofing. Waterproofing refers to the ability of the bag to withstand water immersion. The main reason why you'd want to purchase a waterproofed bag is because during a disaster situation, you could end up getting stuck in a river or stream. In these cases, you wouldn't want anything leaking inside your bag. Most bug out bags are constructed using materials that allow them to resist moisture. However, if you plan on taking your bug out bag into the ocean, you'll want to check to see if the material has been treated to repel saltwater. Saltwater is extremely corrosive and can ruin your belongings. So, if you take your bug out bag to the beach, you'll want to ensure that it resists corrosion.


Another key factor to consider when purchasing a bug out bag is flexibility. Many bug out bags are designed to carry specific loads. While this is great for those who only travel light, it doesn't mean that you cannot change the load once you reach your destination. If you're going camping for example, you'll probably want to bring along a tent, sleeping bag, food supplies, etc. Once you arrive at your campsite, you'll want to unload your stuff so you can pitch your tent. With a flexible bag, you can remove the contents and replace them with other necessities. If you're traveling by car, you'll want to ensure that the bag you choose can handle carrying heavy objects. Do you plan on bringing along tools, weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, etc. Make sure that the bag you select can hold all of these items comfortably.


Lastly, another consideration when choosing a bug out bag is weight. Heavy-duty bug out bags are excellent for those who intend on spending extended periods of time outside. However, lightweight bags are perfect for quick trips away from civilization. Lightweight bags are easier to carry around and store. They also provide greater freedom of movement. If you're heading out for a weekend hike, you'll want a lightweight bag that weighs no more than 10 pounds. Anything heavier will cause fatigue and hinder your progress. Also, remember that lighter does not necessarily equate to cheaper. Lighter bags require fewer resources to produce which makes them more expensive. But, if you're willing to pay a little bit more money upfront, you'll reap the benefits later.

Different Types of Bug Out Gear Backpacks

Bug out packs are designed to be carried by individuals who intend to leave their homes during times of emergency. The term "bug-out" refers to leaving the area where you live because there is no longer a safe environment. In other words, you're going somewhere else to seek shelter. If you're planning to bug out, you might need to carry certain supplies with you. For example, you could take along food, water, medical supplies, clothing, weapons, and other essentials.

Types of Bug Out Packs

There are many different kinds of bug out packs available today. Some are meant to be worn while hiking; others are intended to be stored inside vehicles. There are several factors that determine which type of pack you choose. First, you must decide whether you plan to hike long distances or travel short ones. Second, you need to know how far away you expect to go. Third, you need to think about how heavy you expect your load to be. Finally, you need to consider how comfortable you'd prefer your bag to be.

The most common kind of bug out bag is called a backpack. Most people refer to these as "backpacks." However, technically speaking, they aren't really backpacks. Instead, they're more properly referred to as carrying bags. Because they are so versatile, they allow you to bring everything you need with you wherever you go. Many people call them "daypacks, " too.


These bags are lightweight and easy to transport. They typically weigh between five and ten pounds. Daypacks are great for hikers and campers. They are small enough to fit into a vehicle trunk or hatchback. They are also convenient for day trips.

Car Bags

Car bags are larger versions of daypacks. They are generally heavier than daypacks. They are ideal for traveling long distances. Car bags are perfect for camping trips or road trips.

Hiking Backpacks

This type of bag has two main compartments. One holds your sleeping bag and another contains your personal belongings. Hiking backpacks are best suited for those who plan to trek long distances.

Packing List

Before purchasing a bug out bag, you should create a packing list. Make sure you include all the essential items you need to survive. Don't forget to include items that will help you stay warm and dry. Also, remember to include items that will help you stay hydrated.

How To Choose A Bug Out Pack

Choosing a bug out pack isn't always easy. You need to figure out exactly what you need before making a purchase.


Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Backpack, Stealth Black, One Size

  • Versatile backpack featuring padded side-access sleeve for 17" laptop and brushed media pocket at top for protective storage
  • Front organizer panel and mesh optics pocket
  • Compression-molded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort
  • Bottom shoe compartment
  • Dimensions:20 H x 14 W x 8 D inches
  • Rubber logo is the new updated version of the product

LA Police Gear Jumbo Bail Out Bag, Diaper Bag, Bug Out Bag, Range Bag, Handgun & Ammo Bag - Black

  • Made from 600D Polyester with PVC Coating
  • 12 exterior pockets
  • 7 interior pockets
  • Wide & comfortable removable shoulder strap
  • Fits laptops up to 15"

LA Police Gear Tactical Nylon Bailout Range Bag, Bug Out Gear Bag, Handgun Storage Bag - Foilage

  • The bag measures approximately 16" x 11" x 6.5" externally (15" x 10.5" x 6" internally)
  • Two adjustable side pockets for radios.
  • Polyester lining to protect your delicate items from scratching
  • Main compartment fits iPad and other tablets/small laptops.
  • Large side zippered pocket for wallet, passport, keys and other valuables.

ARMYCAMO Expandable Adjustable 40L - 64L Outdoors 3 Day Backpack for Hiking School Gym Sport Camping Trekking Travel Military & Tactical,Bug Out Bag, Black, Large

  • ★ APPEAL: This backpack is amazing! You can use it every day for school, carry on for travel or a military tactical assault rucksack. It is completely versatile for any backpack situation. You will love having so many different places to put all your stuff to keep it all separated. It even has a hydration compartment
  • ★ EFFECTIVE: There's plenty of compartments to store and organize your life. The pack holds 3 days worth of clothes along with toiletries and other essential gear. A solid multifunctional backpack for combat, range, survival or hunting. It is water resistant keeping everything dry in a storm
  • ★ USEFULNESS: A great advantage is the accordion zipper or expandability so you can shrink it down to a smaller bag when you don't need the extra room or expand it to 5 inches deeper for more gear. You will be so impressed with our backpack. You can make it into a bug out bag or 72-hour emergency kit and just the greatest travelers Christmas gift
  • ★ DESIGN: With its 600 denier polyester making it tear resistant with awesome straps and great zippers. One nice surprise is the waist strap is removable for when you are not hiking, camping and trekking. It will easily handle 40lbs internally. At 14.5" x 21" x 8" with a capacity of 39 to the expanded 64 liters and only weighs 3.6 pounds
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after you use your tactical backpack for one of it's many applications and you are not impressed with it along with absolutely loving it we will refund your money. Our world-class ARMYCAMOUSA customer service wants you to be SATISFIED with your purchase. Absolutely no risk. The backpack comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get yours and more for family and friends TODAY!

Military Backpack with 2 Detachable Molle Bag - Waterproof Tactical Backpack - Hunting Survival Backpack for Men and Women

  • Size: 18.5 x 11 x 9.1 inch, 37L, Can hold laptop up to 15.6"
  • Constructed of durable 900 denier polyester, waterproof and more durable than 600D, this tactical pack is for hard use
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap, Mesh padded back panel is hydration compatible.Molle webbing platform on face and sides for customizing with additional gear
  • Contoured shoulder straps with quick release sternum strap and waist strap, waist strap is removable. Main compartment with zip around closure, interior zip pocket and mesh pocket.
  • Our tactical assault pack backpack can be used as military backpack, 3 day assault pack, bug out bag backpack, combat backpack, range bag, hunting backpack, survival backpack, rucksack military army backpack or trekking backpack.

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port, Water Resistant College School Computer Bag Gifts for Men & Women Fits 15.6 Inch Notebook, Grey

  • ★LOTS OF STORAGE SPACE&POCKETS: One separate laptop compartment hold 15.6 Inch Laptop as well as 15 Inch,14 Inch and 13 Inch Laptop. One spacious packing compartment roomy for daily necessities,tech electronics accessories. Front compartment with many pockets, pen pockets and key fob hook, makes your item organized and easier to find
  • ★COMFY&STURDY: Comfortable soft padded back design with thick but soft multi-panel ventilated padding, gives you maximum back support. Breathable and adjustable shoulder straps relieve the stress of shoulder. Foam padded top handle for a long time carry on
  • ★FUNCTIONAL&SAFE: A luggage strap allows backpack fit on luggage/suitcase, slide over the luggage upright handle tube for easier carrying. With a hidden anti theft pocket on the back protect your valuable items from thieves. Well made for international airplane travel and day trip as a travel gift for men
  • ★USB PORT DESIGN: With built in USB charger outside and built in charging cable inside,this usb backpack offers you a more convenient way to charge your phone while walking. It's a great tech gift for him from wife, daughter and son. Please noted that this backpack doesn't power itself, usb charging port only offers an easy access to charge
  • ★DURABLE MATERIAL&SOLID: Made of Water Resistant and Durable Polyester Fabric with metal zippers. Ensure a secure & long-lasting usage everyday & weekend.Serve you well as professional office work bag,slim USB charging bagpack,college high school big students backpacks for boys,girls,teens

EMDMAK Military Tactical Backpack, 42L Large Military Pack Army 3 Day Assault Pack Molle Bag Rucksack for Outdoor Hiking Camping Hunting

  • 【42L Large Capacity Backpack】EMDMAK Tactical Backpack Size Approx. 15.36"x 19.69"x 11.81" (W*H*D), Capacity: 42L. Large capacity assault pack, allowing you to carry all your tactical gears. It can be used as small 3 day assault pack, emergency backpack, bug out bag backpack, combat backpack, range bag, survival backpack, army backpack, molle emt backpack, EDC outdoors backpack, hunting backpack, hiking backpack, camping backpack, travel backpack or day pack for daily Use.
  • 【Versatile With Multi-Compartment】Our Military Backpack has 2 Main large compartments, 2 Small compartments in front, and 1 back compartment. The large compartment has an elastic strap to hold laptops or anything you don't want to move around. Each compartments has mesh pocket or zipper pocket to help with organization. Y-Strap on the top allows you to hold more items, like sleeping pad or sweatshirt. And it’s much more convenient to put your gadgets into the bottom side pockets.
  • 【Durable & Comfortable】 With dual zippered closure and made of high density double-stitched 900D Oxford & Nylon fabric, this pack is durable water-resistant.The back area & shoulder straps with adjustable chest strap are ventilated mesh padded design, breathable comfortable. Sides and bottom load compression straps system, to adjust and tighten the backpack. The thick mesh padding back area and shoulder straps will not pinch you under heavy duty.
  • 【Military MOLLE System】The molle webbing system of tactical backpack is designed for convenient for attaching additional Molle tactical pouches or more gears, 3 Rows of molle velcro areas in front of the backpack, The front & both sides & bottom & shoulder straps come with molle attachment straps, the shoulder straps with two D-rings to hang somethings, and the straps at the bottom can be used to hold a tent & sleeping pad or other outdoor gear.
  • 【Free Gift Kits & Customer Service】Come with 6pcs Free Gifts Accessories -- 1 x Tactical MOLLE 500ml Water Bottle Pouch, 1 x1.18'' Paracord Lanyard Keychain(total length19.68''), 4 x Multipurpose D-Rings Grimlock Locking. If there is any question with your EMDMAK backpack, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service, we will do our best to help.

LHI Tactical Military Backpack Large Army 3 Days Assault Pack Molle Backpack Bug Out Bag for Camping - Black with Red Line

  • 1. Military Tactical backpack size approx: 12inch x 20inch x 12inch, Capacity: 45L; Military backpack is made of 900 oxford nylon fabric, durable and water-resistant. Suitable for fitness, travel, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.
  • 2. Assault pack backpack with double-stitched, Heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls, Side and front load compression system, Ventilated mesh padded back area & shoulder strap, breathable and comfortable.
  • 3. Tactical backpack has molle system, Plenty of mount points on the outside of tactical backpack for add-on pouches, designed to be used in combination with other equipment, you can load pockets, water bottle bag, accessory kits and other.
  • 4. This tactical backpack has multi-compartment and zippered closure pockets, including an interior zip pocket and mesh pocket. It allows you to put almost all necessities inside. It is ideal for outdoor activities and military enthusiasts and cools for fashion lovers!
  • 5. This tactical assault backpack can be used as a 3-day assault pack, bug-out bag backpack, army backpack, hunting backpack, military survival backpack, trekking backpack, or day pack for daily use. Please note: The self-contained Velcro is an American flag or a SEAL or a SWOT patch and one is sent randomly.

Special Price Deal - FieldTEQ Army Outdoor ad-Venture Pack - Military Tactical and Survival Gear + Bug Out Bag - 4 Men & Woman & Kids School Back Pack - Gift 4 Camping Hunting Hiking

  • Our Army 70L Backpack is a must have! Its perfect for many trips, including camping and hiking. Plenty of compartments for your essentials, including side pockets for liquids to keep you hydrated!
  • This Backpack includes a back padded laptop sleeve that's accessible through the side zipper closure and will fit a 15" laptop with ease! Main compartment includes a document sleeve and mesh pocket.
  • Top front compartment includes an organizer panel and a keyholder to ensure you never lose your keys again! The inside of the bottom front compartment is perfect for back up shoes.
  • The Army Outdoor Backpack includes a chest strap which can transform this bag from a camping pack to a school bag in a matter of seconds!
  • As always, our backpacks are designed and built with purpose for those who demand the most out of their gear while keeping adaptability in mind for men, women and students who love travel.
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