GSI Outdoors Enamel Coffee Pot to Store Hot Coffee, Tea for Camping & Farmhouse - 6 Cup

  • KEEPS COFFEE HOT: Designed to keep your Coffee hot! Note: this item is not the GSI coffee Percolator and does not include the percolator insert which brews the coffee. This is the pot Designed to hold your already brewed morning drink!
  • EASY TO USE: Just fill the pot and place it on a stove or over a fire to keep your drink warm. If you're looking for a percolator insert to put your coffee on, try the GSI Outdoors enamelware percolator!
  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: Weighing 0. 9 pounds and measuring 7. 1 in x 5. 1 in x 7. 7 in, This coffee pot is easily storable and can be taken on all your adventures. Coffee cup size is 5 ounces each.
  • LIFETIME PROMISE: GSI Outdoors spent over 30 years building quality, performance products and stands behind them 100%. GSI Outdoors warranties all products for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.
  • Care instructions: Dishwasher Safe

How To Choose The Best Camp Coffee

What Is The Purpose Of A Camp Coffee?

Camping coffee is a type of coffee maker designed specifically for outdoor activities. If you're planning on spending more than a few days outdoors, you might be interested in purchasing a camping coffee. There are several reasons why you'd choose a camping coffee over other types of coffeemakers. First, these machines are built with durability in mind. Second, they provide a convenient way to brew coffee while you're away from home. Third, they allow you to enjoy fresh brewed coffee anywhere there is electricity. Finally, many models include features that make them easy to operate and maintain.

Why Would Someone Choose To Use A Camp Coffee?

There are two main reasons someone would purchase a camping coffee. One reason is because they love camping and hiking. Another reason is because they simply prefer to drink coffee outside rather than inside. Either way, both camps are likely to appreciate the convenience of being able to brew coffee whenever they wish.

How Does A Camp Coffee Differ From Other Coffeemakers?

The most obvious difference between a regular kitchen-style coffeemaker and a camping coffee is size. Most camping coffeemakers are smaller than standard kitchen appliances. However, they still produce enough coffee to satisfy anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits of camping coffee. In addition, they typically require fewer parts and tools to assemble. Some models are even dishwasher safe!

Features That Make Them Unique

While most camping coffeemakers share certain common characteristics, each model has its unique set of features. For example, some models include removable filters so you can wash them separately. Others include thermal carafes that keep coffee hot longer. Still others include timers that let you know exactly when your coffee is ready. Many models also include drip trays that collect excess water and filter residue.

Benefits Of Using A Camp Coffee

Using a camping coffee offers numerous advantages. First, it makes brewing coffee easier and faster. Because the machine is small, you can prepare multiple cups of coffee at once. Also, since the coffee isn't stored in a large pot, you won't have to wait long before drinking it. Finally, using a camping coffee lets you enjoy freshly brewed coffee wherever you happen to be. Whether you're sitting by a lake, enjoying nature, or relaxing around a fire, you'll always be able to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most camping coffeemakers are sold online. We carry only high quality products that meet our standards for performance and reliability. Our selection includes everything from inexpensive travel mugs to top-of-the line espresso machines.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Camp Coffee

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature with friends and family. However, there are many different types of campsites available to choose from. Some sites provide electricity while others do not. If you plan on bringing along your favorite beverage, you must be sure to purchase high-quality coffee. Many times, the coffee provided by the site is substandard. In addition, most campsites charge exorbitant prices for their coffee. Therefore, it is important to bring your own coffee maker so you can brew your own delicious beverages.

Quality Matters

There are several factors that determine the quality of coffee. First, the beans themselves must be fresh. Second, the roasting process must be done properly. Third, the brewing method must be chosen carefully. Lastly, the coffee itself must taste good. All these elements contribute to making the best cup of coffee possible.

Bringing Your Own Coffee Maker

Many people prefer to bring their own coffee maker because they know exactly what goes into each cup. There are many options when choosing a coffee maker. For example, you could opt for a stovetop model, which uses hot water to heat the grounds. Or, you might select a drip machine, which has a filter inside that slowly drips the coffee. Regardless of which type of coffee maker you decide upon, you should always remember to bring your own filters and cups.

Coffee Prices Are High

Most campsites charge outrageous amounts for their coffee. As a result, many families cannot afford to bring their own coffee. Instead, they settle for inferior coffee and pay inflated prices.

Be Prepared

It is essential to prepare ahead of time before heading out on vacation. Bring plenty of coffee supplies including filters, mugs, and paper plates. Also, pack snacks and other food items that you may need during your stay. Finally, take along your cell phone charger.

Enjoy Yourself While Traveling

While traveling, you should never forget to relax and enjoy yourself. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery around you. Enjoy hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, and relaxing. Don't forget to bring along your favorite beverage.

Features To Look For When Buying A Camp Coffee

Camping coffee has become very popular among those who enjoy spending time outdoors. There are many different types of coffees available today, ranging from gourmet blends to single origin beans. The best way to choose which type of coffee is right for you is by considering its features. Here are some important factors to think about before purchasing a coffee maker for camping.


The size of the coffee pot is something to take into consideration. If you're planning on using your coffee machine while hiking, fishing, or doing other outdoor activities, you might be limited in terms of where you can set it down. Make sure that the coffee pot you purchase fits comfortably inside your backpack or tent so you can carry it with ease. Also, consider whether you plan on storing the coffee pot outside during cold weather months. If you live somewhere where temperatures drop below freezing, you might want to invest in a warmer model.

Coffee Maker Type

There are two main types of coffee makers available today - drip-style and French press. Drip style machines heat water and pour it slowly onto grounds contained within a filter basket. As the hot water passes through the ground coffee, it dissolves the oils and flavors present in the bean. French presses allow you to prepare espresso drinks directly from fresh roasted beans. Both styles of coffee makers require grinding the beans prior to brewing. Some models include grinders built into the unit itself, while others require you to purchase separate accessories. Consider these options carefully before making your final decision.

Brew Size

Many coffee makers let you adjust the amount of coffee brewed per cup. However, there are certain situations where you might prefer more or fewer cups of coffee. For example, if you're preparing breakfast for several hikers, you might want to brew enough coffee for everyone. In addition, if you're going on a long hike, you might want to bring along a larger capacity coffee maker to ensure you always have plenty of coffee ready when you return.

Water Filter System

Some coffee makers contain filters that automatically remove impurities from tap water. Others rely on manual filtration systems. Either option works well, although most experts recommend filtering tap water because it removes minerals and chemicals that could affect taste. Many coffee makers also include spigots designed specifically for drinking straight from the source. While this makes sense for someone who enjoys sipping coffee while sitting around a fire pit, it doesn't really serve anyone else. Instead, consider investing in a travel mug that attaches to the side of your coffee maker so you can drink your coffee anywhere.

Storage Capacity

Most coffee makers come equipped with storage compartments that hold multiple servings of coffee. Depending on the number of cups you intend to store, you might want to consider adding additional storage containers to increase the total volume. Alternatively, you can simply purchase a second coffee maker to double your serving capacity.


It's important to know how long the manufacturer plans to support your coffee maker. Most companies provide warranties lasting between three and five years.

Different Types of Camp Coffee

Camping has become more popular today with many families enjoying the outdoors together. The great thing about camping is the ability to enjoy nature while spending quality time with family and friends. There are different ways to prepare food during camping trips. One way is by using a stove which takes fuel to cook meals. Another option is to bring along a portable kitchen where you can cook food using electricity. If you prefer cooking outside, there are several options available including gas grills, charcoal grills, propane grills, and electric griddles. All these methods require a source of power to operate. In order to avoid being stranded due to lack of power, it is important to know the type of camp coffee that works best for each method.

Types of Camp Coffee

There are two main types of camp coffee; liquid and solid. Liquid camp coffee includes water, tea, juice, milk, and other beverages. Solid camp coffee include instant noodles, rice, pasta, cereal, crackers, cookies, bread, etc. Some foods cannot be cooked because they contain preservatives. For example, canned meats cannot be heated so they must be eaten cold. However, fresh fruits and vegetables can be prepared.

Liquid Camp Coffee

The most common form of camp coffee is liquid camp coffee. Water is the base ingredient for making liquids. Other ingredients include sugar, salt, spices, herbs, and flavorings. Most liquids are mixed with hot water before drinking. To ensure safety, boiling water is recommended. Boiling water reduces bacteria levels and kills parasites.

Solid Camp Coffee

Another type of camp coffee is solid camp coffee. Unlike liquid camp coffee, solid camp coffee does not involve mixing ingredients with hot water. Instead, solid camp coffee uses dry ingredients. Many recipes call for adding water later. Once added, the mixture needs to be stirred constantly until it reaches the desired consistency. After stirring, the mixture is placed into containers and allowed to cool.

How Do You Make Camp Coffee?

Making camp coffee is easy. First, choose between liquid or solid camp coffee depending on the recipe. Next, select the right container. Depending on the size of the container, you might need to adjust the amount of water needed. Finally, stir the mixture well. Remember to drink the finished product immediately. Otherwise, the mixture could spoil.

Tips for Making Camp Coffee

Do not boil the water unless absolutely necessary. Boiled water destroys nutrients and minerals present in natural sources.

Add enough water to reach the desired thickness. Too little water makes the coffee thick and too much water makes the coffee thin.


Coleman 9-Cup Coffee Enamelware Percolator (Blue)

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking supplies cookware
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

  • Camping percolator quickly brews up to 12 cups of coffee on a camping stove or grill
  • Stainless steel construction resists corrosion and wipes down easily
  • Includes base, tube, basket, and basket lid
  • Lightweight and durable coffee percolator designed for regular outdoor use
  • 12-cup capacity ideal for groups big and small

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

  • Popular with coffee enthusiasts worldwide, the patented AeroPress is a new kind of coffee press that uses a rapid, total immersion brewing process to make smooth, delicious, full flavored coffee without bitterness and with low acidity.
  • Good-bye French Press! The rapid brewing AeroPress avoids the bitterness and high acidity created by the long steep time required by the French press. Plus, the AeroPress paper Microfilter eliminates grit and means clean up takes seconds.
  • Makes 1 to 3 cups of American style coffee per pressing in about a minute. Unlike a French press, it can also brew cold brew style coffee or espresso style coffee for use in lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso based drinks.
  • Perfect for home kitchen use, the AeroPress is lightweight, compact, portable and durable. The tote bag makes it easy to pack with some coffee and a cup for use while traveling, camping, backpacking, boating and more!
  • Includes the AeroPress press, funnel, scoop, stirrer, 350 microfilters, a filter holder, and a zippered nylon tote bag. Phthalate free and BPA free. Mug not included. Assembled measurements: 9 1/2" h X 4" w X 4" d

GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot 12 Cup Enamelware for Brewing Coffee over Stove & Fire - Ideal for Campsite, Cabin, RV, Kitchen, Groups, Backpacking

  • STAY CAFFEINATED: Coffee? Always! The Enamelware Percolator makes your caffeine needs attainable for any campsite, cabin, RV, or even a retro farmhouse kitchen.
  • STURDY STRUCTURE: Built from heavy-gauge steel with a classic, handsome speckled enamel finish, every piece has been kiln-hardened twice at 1000 degrees F to stand up to scratches and chipping.
  • BREW THAT PERFECT CUP OF JOE: The Percolator’s three-ply construction maximizes heat distribution for even cooking. Note: percolators measure a cup of coffee in 5 oz. cup, instead of a typical 1 cup used in cooking
  • A SIGHT TO SEE: Watch your coffee brew through the unbreakable resin cap. Coffee isn’t just a drink, but an experience.
  • LIFETIME PROMISE: GSI Outdoors spent over 30 years building quality, performance products and stands behind them 100%. GSI Outdoors warranties all products for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

  • Portable propane coffee maker great for camping, hunting, tailgating, and more
  • InstaStart push-button ignition offers convenient matchless lighting
  • PerfectFlow technology to brew consistently even in extreme conditions
  • 10-cup glass carafe and removable dishwasher-safe filter basket
  • Lasts up to 4.5 hours on one 16.4-ounce propane cylinder (sold separately)

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set - 24oz Kettle with 2 Cups - Stainless Steel Camping Cookware with Vented Lids & Foldable + Locking Handle - Lightweight Cook Pot for Backpacking/Hiking/Camping

  • IDEAL OUTDOOR ACCESSORIES: The Stanley cook kit is perfect for outdoor cooking for hot meals, coffee, or boiling water Our cooking pots come with a vented top to let steam escape or strain liquid This is a great survival supplies gift too
  • VERSATILE HANDLE: We designed the handle to provide maximum comfort and stability while it's on the stove The locking handle extends for stable cooking but folds over the lid to save space with the rest of your gear
  • DURABLE AND BPA-FREE: The kettle / coffee maker is constructed with 18/8 stainless steel and features two insulated portable 10oz/295mL tumblers to enjoy hot and cold beverages The entire kit is made with BPA free materials
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The stovetop mess kit with cups loaded weighs 13 9oz and empty it’s only 7 8oz which makes it travel and backpack friendly The kettle has graduated marks going up to 20oz

Primula Brew Buddy Portable Pour Over, Reusable Fine Mesh Filter, Dishwasher Safe, Single Cup of Coffee or Tea at Any Strength, Ideal for Travel or Camping, Red

  • COFFEE ON THE GO - Anytime, anywhere. Easy and convenient personal brewing system designed for the active coffee lover. The portable, slim line design allows you to brew anywhere you go in as little as 30 seconds. Perfect for everyday use at home, the office, traveling or camping.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Patented brewing technology for a smooth and rich coffee experience. This reusable extra-fine mesh filter ensures no grounds end up in your cup. Fits most coffee cups or mugs including your travel mug.
  • EASY TO USE - All you need is coffee, a cup or mug and hot water for your perfect single cup of coffee. Simply place the Brew Buddy over your cup, add your own coffee or tea blend, pour hot water and brew until your desired strength is reached.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Dishwasher safe. Simply​ ​dispose of used coffee grinds and rinse​ ​or​ ​place​​ ​inside a dishwasher.
  • SAVES MONEY - Eliminates the need for reusable paper filters, coffee pods or K-Cups, carafes or an electric coffee maker.
  • EASY BREWING - No excess waste from paper filters or plastic pods.

Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator Maker Durable, Brew Coffee On Stovetop, 9 Cup

  • BETTER BREWING - Primula’s 9-cup Coffee Percolator is compact, easy to use, and delivers nine (9) cups of rich, smooth Coffee in one pot. Perfect for everyday use and for large gatherings at home or around the campfire.
  • EASY TO USE- Simply fill the lower chamber with water, Fill the filter with ground coffee, and place on stovetop. Within minutes, delicious, bubbling cups of coffee will fill your pot. Remove from heat and enjoy!
  • SIMPLISTIC, CLASSIC DESIGN – Carefully crafted with aluminum. Provides thorough and even heat distribution for enhanced flavor and aroma. Features a matching lid, lipped spout and stay-cool black plastic handle.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY- Enjoy the craft coffee experience from the convenience of your home at a fraction of the price! Make quality coffee quickly, without the hassle of electric coffee machines or single-use pods.
  • IDEAL FOR HOME, CAMPING AND TRAVEL - Works on all electric, ceramic and gas stovetops including propane. Also suitable for grills and campfires too, making it the perfect camping accessory.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with Adjustable Settings Patented Conical Burr Grinder for Coffee Beans Stainless Steel Burr Coffee Grinder for Aeropress Drip Coffee Espresso French Press

  • Built-in Adjustable Grind Selector The Manual Coffee Grinder by JavaPresse Coffee Company is equipped with over 18 manual grind settings to ensure you have 100% precision & control over the coarseness of your grind; great for all coffee brewing methods for that perfect cup of freshly ground coffee to start your day.
  • Convenient, Portable & Easy to Use Convenient hand crank mechanism eliminates over 90% of the noise that an electric coffee bean grinder would produce; unlike electric burr grinders for coffee beans, JavaPresse hand coffee grinder requires no batteries, power, or long plastic cords to operate allowing you to enjoy fresh ground coffee beans at home or on the go; perfect for your next camping, hiking, or backpacking trip.
  • A Freshly Ground Cup of Coffee to Start Your Day JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinders are equipped with a professional grade ceramic conical burr to heighten flavors of the most exquisite coffees in the world; providing an incredibly consistent grind for a variety of brews while making as little noise as possible; smell the fresh aroma of freshly ground coffee as you brew them on your espresso machine, Aeropress, French Press or Pour Over Coffee Maker. Ground, Brew, and Enjoy!
  • Quality Tested and Built to Last Crafted with the same essence as traditional Japanese cookware, our patented ceramic coffee grinder burr is tested through three quality inspections to last 5x's longer than comparable stainless steel coffee burrs; combined with an impeccable stainless steel frame and convenient size, this coffee burr grinder is at the pinnacle of travel gadgets.
  • Enhance your morning experience with the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Features a built-in adjustable grind selector with 18 adjustable grind settings to craft your perfect cup; this manual burr grinder is built with a patented dual plated ceramic burr assembly that's great for all coffee brewing methods; comes with a manufacturer warranty & 100% money back guarantee.

COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot Percolator Coffee Pot - Coffee Percolator for Campfire or Stovetop Coffee Making (9 CUP)

  • NO ALUMINUM OR PLASTIC. Our stainless steel camping coffee makers are toxin free. Essential camp kitchen equipment with hardwood handle, construction grade steel, & heat-toughened glass top
  • BONUS - FILTERS INCLUDED. We include a pack of medical grade filters. Not required for operation, but these keep finely-ground beans out of the brew. This camping coffee percolator comes ready to use
  • COMBAT TOUGH - VETERAN OWNED. This rugged camp coffee pot is engineered for the outdoors. Take it anywhere. Period. Made by men who weathered 15 combat deployments. A coffee perculator built to last
  • EASIEST WAY TO MAKE CAMP COFFEE. A camp coffee pot is simple, efficient, & classic. When you want something strong, and it’s too early for beer, brew with a Bozeman. Perfect cowboy coffee pot
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. Top materials & workmanship enable a superb promise. Shop with confidence. This is the last camping percolator coffee pot you will ever need. US based customer service

Sea to Summit X-Brew Collapsible Camping Coffee Dripper with Reusable Steel Filter, Pacific Blue

  • Portable, collapsible coffee dripper with a reusable, super-fine stainless-steel mesh filter
  • Made from durable Nylon and food-grade silicone that collapses to pack flat
  • Fits on wide mugs or bottles and makes up to two cups – just add coffee grounds and hot water
  • Works with or without paper filters
  • Weight 2.9oz, diameter 4-inches, capacity 2 cups

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker- Insulated, Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Makers For Home, Camping w/ Travel Canister- Presses 4 Cup Serving- Large, Gray (34 fl oz)

  • Flavor - Hate boring, cold coffee? We do too! Our huge capacity coffee press is vacuum-layered and double-filtered to bring you a flavor more full than your email inbox. Oh yeah, you even get a mini canister for storing your next caffeine hit
  • Keep it steamy - the stainless steel french press keeps coffee (or tea) warm 60 minutes longer than glass coffee presses! It also has a cool-touch handle and a spring-loaded, double-screen filter that will deliver one mean and clean cup of joe
  • Professional grade in every way - This insulated french press brewer is tough, durable and rust proof. Unlike glass, it won’t break when you drop it (but your floor might need some attention). Your search for coffee that makes you smile ends here
  • Unique & next level design - The coffee french press is uniquely designed to keep sediment out of your cup while letting the delicious coffee oils into it. This results in a richer, full-bodied brew that will leave you grinning from ear to ear
  • A thoughtful gift - Do you know someone who camps a lot or spends their mornings out on the lake? This camping french press is a practical device that can brew them up some camping coffee and provide what few gifts can... convenience

GSI Outdoors Percolator Coffee Pot 8 Cup Enamelware for Brewing Coffee over Stove & Fire - Ideal for Campsite, Cabin, RV, Kitchen, Groups, Backpacking

  • Stay Caffeinated: Coffee? Always! The enamelware percolator makes your caffeine needs attainable for any campsite, cabin, RV, or even a retro farmhouse kitchen.
  • Sturdy Structure: Built from heavy-gauge steel with a Classic, handsome speckled enamel finish, every piece has been kiln-hardened twice at 1000 degrees F to stand up to scratches and chipping.
  • BREW THAT PERFECT CUP OF JOE: The Percolator’s three-ply construction maximizes heat distribution for even cooking. Note: percolators measure a cup of coffee in 5 oz. cup, instead of a typical 1 cup used in cooking
  • A Sight to See: Watch your coffee brew through the unbreakable resin cap. Coffee isn't just a drink, but an experience.
  • Lifetime Promise: GSI Outdoors spent over 30 years building quality, performance products and stands behind them 100%. GSI Outdoors warranties all products for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.

Farberware 47053 Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 12-Cup Coffee Percolator, 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Silver

  • CLASSIC COFFEE MAKER: Make delicious coffee morning or evening with The Original 12-Cup Farberware Stovetop Percolator
  • DURABLE AND CONVENIENT: Heavy-duty stainless steel coffee maker is polished to a mirror finish. The sturdy, clear glass knob lets you know when percolating begins
  • NO MESS: Features a permanent filter basket, so there’s no need to deal with messy coffee filters
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Fully immersible and dishwasher safe, the percolator combines technology with the styling and quality Farberware has delivered for decades

Kuju Coffee Premium Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee | Ethically Sourced, Specialty Grade, Eco-Friendly | Basecamp Blend, Medium Roast, 10-pack

  • GREAT TASTING POUR OVER COFFEE MADE EASY - Artfully roasted with 100% arabica beans. With notes of oak, chocolate and honey, this blend will bring you back to Basecamp after your first sip.
  • CONVENIENT & ECO-FRIENDLY - Convenience of instant but with superior taste. All you need is a mug and hot water to brew great tasting coffee in 1-2 minutes. No clean up of bulky brewing equipment, and our single-serve pour over filters are eco-friendly.
  • MADE WITH WIND POWER - All of our Pocket PourOvers are packaged in a state-of-the-art facility run 100% on wind power.
  • NITRO-FLUSHED - All of our Pocket PourOver are Nitro-Flushed to keep out all the oxygen and ensure a fresh-tasting cup of coffee every time.
  • 1% FOR THE PLANET MEMBER - Kuju Coffee is a member of 1% for the Planet and supports the National Park Foundation by donating 1% of all sales.

COLETTI Butte Camping Coffee Pot - Campfire Coffee Pot - Stainless Steel Coffee Maker for Outdoors or Stovetop (14 CUP)

  • CAMP COFFEE POT. Steel wire handle for hanging over a campfire; great for destination camping, weekends at the cabin or the backyard fire-pit. Also works great on a stovetop, grill, or grate.
  • NO ALUMINUM OR PLASTIC: Named after the rugged city of Butte, this beautiful yet rugged camping coffee maker is made of 18/8 stainless steel, with a glass preview knob and rosewood handle.
  • LARGE: Percolating for the entire camp is easy with this large 14 CUP coffee pot. Pack-in the Butte 14 Cup camping coffee percolator to your next outdoor adventure!
  • BUILT TO LAST: Made of heavy gauge, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel for excellent resistance to corrosion; rugged construction withstands rigors of camping stove, fire, and outdoor uses for percolators.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Top materials & workmanship enable a superb promise. Shop with confidence.

Stanley Adventure All-In-One, Boil + Brewer French Press Coffee Maker - 32oz BPA Free Campfire Coffee Pot Heats Tea or Soup - Great for Camping and Travel Dishwasher Safe

  • BOIL + BREW + COOK: Whether you need a fresh cup of coffee or are looking to heat up some soup to warm your bones, this sleek and streamlined French press brews, boils, and cooks, in a large 32 ounces container.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: Built with super durable and BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel this coffee maker is nearly indestructible. It heats up quickly over a stove or campfire, so you fill your mug quickly at home or while camping.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Designed to be space-conscious, the handle folds against to the body so it can easily fit into a backpack. You can also fit a small container of your favorite coffee or espresso in the unit to save some additional space.
  • HOW TO USE: Boil your water in the pot, add your coffee grounds and then press the plunger once you’re ready. The BPA free nylon coffee press keeps all coffee grounds at the bottom and out of your glass.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: ‘BUILT FOR LIFE’. Since 1913 we’ve promised to provide rugged, capable gear for food and drink, built to last a lifetime. It’s a promise we still keep. Stanley products purchased from Stanley Resellers come with a lifetime warranty.

COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot Coffee Percolator Percolator Coffee Pot for Campfire or Stove Top Coffee Making (12 CUP)

  • NO ALUMINUM OR PLASTIC - Hardwood handle, 18/8 Stainless Steel with a tempered glass top and medical grade filters.
  • ENGINEERED FOR THE OUTDOORS - You can take camping coffee makers anywhere. Period.
  • EASIEST WAY TO MAKE CAMP COFFEE - A camp coffee pot is simple, efficient, & classic.
  • ROBUST & HOT - Tired of weak and warm? When you want something strong, and it’s too early for beer, brew with a Bozeman.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Top materials & workmanship enable a superb promise. Shop with confidence.

Stanley The Legendary Camp Mug 12oz Hammertone Green

  • MATCH YOUR PERSONALITY:At the campsite, in the office, or on your morning walk to work,the Stanley Legendary camping mug makes a statement whenever you reach for your lips; It comes in classic Hammertone Green, timeless Matte Black, striking Nightfall, and eye-catching Wine
  • SAVOR EVERY SIP: Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, your iced water on that’s weltering afternoon, or your green tea as you unwind at the end of the day, this vacuum-insulatedtumbler keeps it an enticing temperature
  • DRINKING MADE EASY:We’ve done it: created a lid that keeps spills to a minimum without interfering with the sipping experience
  • BUILT FOR LIFE:Since 1913 we’ve promised to provide rugged, capable gear for food and drink-accessories built to last a lifetime; It’s a promise we still keep

Collapsible Coffee Dripper Pour Over Coffee Filter, Coffee Maker,Paperless BPA Free Silicone Coffee Filter with Lid Seal,Dishwasher Safe,Carabiner for Hiking, Backpacking,Camping and Outdoor Survival

  • 【TOP QUALITY】Our collapsible coffee filter is made of the highest quality BPA Free silicone without using paper filters; the bottom base will stay on and not break; the extra fine stand the lower part of the filter ensure no grounds end up in your cup.
  • 【2 IN 1 USUAGE】With Our Pour Over Coffee Dripper, we offer you 2 choices. Simply use it with #2 paper filter(not included) to get a cup of Quick coffee. Or, use it with our existing reusable metal filter to get a cup of strong coffee, it would take 5-10 minutes. We recommend to use with our existing metal filter to save tons of trees. A good cup of coffee deserves a little bit time.Easy to Use.
  • 【ECONOMIC&ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY】Modern silicone design will last longer than more expensive glass/porcelain coffee drippers Unlike cheaper plastic coffee drippers, silicone does not absorb odors or pass on chemical taste into your brew.
  • 【PORTABLE】​Unique collapsible design saves tons of space and makes storage a breeze...Perfect for your RV, Camping, Glamping, and Office caffeine fix.
  • 【EASY​ ​TO​ ​CLEAN】You​ ​can​ ​easily​ ​clean​ ​our ​coffee​ filter, just​ ​rinse​ ​and​ ​wipe​ ​it​ ​dry​ ​or​ ​place​ ​it​ ​inside your dishwasher or sink after enjoy your coffee asap to aviod coffee grounds that are diffcult to clean after drying.

Wildland Coffee- Medium Roast | 10 Pack | Single Serve | Real Ground Coffee with Instant Coffee Convenience | Strong Bold Flavor | Ethical Brazilian Beans | Travel & Portable Size

  • REAL GROUND COFFEE: Includes 10 Wildland Coffee bags. Each bag contains 3 tablespoons of real ground coffee and 160mg of caffeine.
  • TASTY: Our medium roast has tasting notes of dark chocolate and caramel. Because we pack so much coffee into each bag, you get the same taste and experience as a french press or pour over.
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT TO MAKE: Boil 8 ounces of hot water and soak the bag for 8 minutes or to taste
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Wildland Coffee beans are speciality grade and ethically sourced from Brazil. It's also eco friendly! The tea bag is compostable.
  • STAYS FRESH FOR 12 MONTHS: Each pouch is nitro-flushed which removes all oxygen and your coffee stays fresh for 12 months. No more stale coffee!
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