Weekender Campfire Grid Grill 24-inch

  • A lighter weight campfire grid
  • Perfect for weekend use
  • Fast and easy clean-up
  • 10" x 24" cooking space

How To Choose The Best Campfire Grill Grate

What Is The Purpose Of A Campfire Grill Grate?

Camping grills are designed with a flat top so food can be placed directly onto the hot coals. However, there are times when you might want to cook something other than meat. For example, vegetables, bread, etc. If you're camping by a lake, river or stream, you might want to prepare fish or catch frogs. In these cases, you'll need a different type of grill. One option is to build a fire pit using stones, logs, rocks, or whatever else you have available. Another option is to purchase a portable grill. Portable grills are great because they allow you to take your meals wherever you go. There are many types of portable grills available today. Some models include gas burners while others utilize charcoal briquettes. Regardless of which model you choose, you'll still need a grill grate to properly support the food being cooked.

How Does A Campfire Grill Grate Help Me Cook?

The most important thing to remember when building a campfire grill is safety. Make sure you follow proper procedures before lighting your fire. Also, never leave children unattended near a fire. Children can become seriously injured or killed if left alone near a fire. Once you've built your fire, you'll need to ensure that the heat remains focused where you intend it to remain. To accomplish this, you'll need a grill grate. Most campfire grates are constructed of metal bars or rods. The size of the grate depends upon the amount of fuel you plan to use. Larger fires require larger grates. Smaller fires can be supported by smaller grates. Be careful when choosing a grate. Not only does it need to fit well into your fire pit, but it needs to be able to withstand high temperatures. Otherwise, you could end up with a melted mess!

Types Of Campfire Grates

There are several options available when selecting a campfire grill grate. First, you'll want to decide whether you prefer a solid grate or mesh grill. Solid grates provide more stability and durability. Mesh grates are lighter weight and easier to transport. Both styles are suitable for cooking over open flames. However, if you'd rather cook indoors, you'll probably opt for a mesh style grill. Mesh grates are easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, they're ideal for indoor cooking since they allow air circulation around the food being prepared. Finally, you'll want to select a grate based on its intended usage. Large grates are best suited for large quantities of food. Small grates are perfect for small portions of food.

Cooking With A Campfire Grill

Once you've selected the right kind of grill, you'll need to determine how long you plan to cook your meal. Cooking times vary depending upon the type of food being prepared. Fish cooks quickly. Chicken takes longer. Vegetables take the longest. As a general rule, you'll want to start checking on your food once it begins to brown. Depending on the type of food being cooked, you'll want to check on it periodically throughout the cooking process.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Campfire Grill Grate

Camping has become more popular than ever before. People love camping because there is no other way to experience nature. However, many people still choose to go camping with friends and family. If you're planning on going camping soon, here are three reasons why you should invest in a high-quality campfire grill grate.

It Makes Cooking Easier

Cooking outdoors is fun, especially when you cook food using a fire pit. But, if you don't know how to properly build a fire, you could end up wasting a lot of fuel. Investing in a good campfire grill grate makes building fires easier. With a proper grate, you can start a fire quickly and efficiently. In addition, grates allow you to control where the heat goes. So, if you want to roast marshmallows, you can direct the heat towards the center of the fire while leaving the sides cool.

It Keeps Food Safe

Most campers enjoy eating outside during their trips. Unfortunately, most outdoor meals aren't safe. Many foods spoil quickly when exposed to sunlight. That's why it's important to purchase a campfire grill grate that protects your food from getting ruined by the sun. A well built campfire grate will block harmful UV rays so you can eat safely. Additionally, grates provide a barrier between your food and the ground. This prevents dirt and debris from contaminating your meal.

It Improves Flavor

Grills are great tools for making delicious dishes. However, they can be difficult to master. To ensure that your grilled meats taste amazing, you must learn how to properly set up a grill. Learning how to build a perfect fire is essential to creating tasty meat. Once you've mastered the art of setting up a grill, you can create mouthwatering dishes that everyone will rave about.

Features To Look For When Buying A Campfire Grill Grate

Camping grills are perfect for camping trips because they provide easy access to food while allowing you to cook outside with ease. However, there are many different types of grates available so choosing which type of grill grate to purchase can be difficult. Here are some features to look for when purchasing a campfire grill grate.


The material used to construct a grill grate determines its durability. The most common materials include cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and plastic. Cast iron is durable and long lasting but tends to rust quickly. Stainless steel is more expensive than other metals but lasts longer. Aluminum is lightweight and inexpensive but has poor heat retention properties. Copper and brass are both good choices for outdoor grilling due to their high thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Plastic is light weight and affordable but does not retain heat well. If you're planning on using your grill grate outdoors, choose a metal grate rather than a plastic one.

Heat Retention

Grill grates must maintain adequate heat during cooking to ensure proper cooking results. Heat retention refers to the ability of a grill grate to hold onto heat. Some grates are designed specifically for charcoal grilling while others are meant for gas grilling. Gas grills typically require higher temperatures than charcoal grills, therefore grates intended for gas grilling are generally thicker and heavier than those intended for charcoal grilling. Thickness and weight determine how efficiently a grill grate retains heat. In general, the larger the diameter of the grate, the greater the amount of heat retained by the grate. Larger diameters allow for more efficient heat transfer between the fire and the food being cooked. Weight affects how heavy a grill grate feels when placed on top of hot coals. Heavy grates weigh down the coals and slow the rate of combustion. Lightweight grates float above the coals and burn faster. Choose a grill grate based on whether you plan to use charcoal or propane.


Most campers prefer large griddles since they are easier to handle and store. Smaller griddles are great for smaller tents where storage space is limited. Large griddles are also ideal for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. Most campers prefer griddles that measure approximately 30 inches wide by 24 inches deep. This size works best for two-person campsites and small families. Griddles measuring 16 inches by 12 inches are best suited for solo tent dwellers. Remember, however, that these measurements refer to the width and depth of the entire grate. Do not rely solely on the dimensions listed here; check the manufacturer's specifications before making a purchase.


As mentioned earlier, cast iron grates are very sturdy and last a lifetime. Cast iron grates are recommended for indoor use only. Cast iron grates cannot withstand extreme weather conditions and will crack or break if exposed to rain or snow. Cast iron grates are also prone to rusting. Stainless steel grates are strong and resistant to rust but are relatively thin compared to cast iron grates. Stainless steel grates are commonly found on portable grills.

Different Types of Campfire Grill Grate

Camping has always been my favorite pastime. Whether we're camping with friends or family, or going alone, there's nothing more enjoyable than spending time outdoors. One thing that makes camping so great is being able to cook food while sitting around a fire pit. If you've never cooked before, using a grill grate might be intimidating. However, once you learn how to properly set up a grill grate, it becomes easy to prepare delicious meals. There are many different kinds of grates available, each designed for specific purposes. Here are three common types of grates you may encounter during your next camping trip.

Metal Grate

The metal grate is probably the most commonly found type of grill grate. Metal grates are typically constructed of steel and aluminum. The main advantage of these grates is that they provide excellent heat retention. Since they are heavy-duty, they can withstand high temperatures and last longer than other types of grates. Another benefit of metal grates is that they are very durable. In fact, they can handle extreme weather conditions and still perform well. Although metal grates are ideal for outdoor cooking, they aren't recommended for indoor use because they could cause fires.

Wooden Grate

Another popular choice among campers is the woodgrate. Woodgrates are generally made of either cedar or redwood. While they are lighter than metal grates, they are also weaker. Because of this, they cannot stand up to the same amount of pressure. As a result, they are best suited for smaller areas where the weight isn't too much of a concern. For example, they are perfect for small charcoal grills. Wooden grates are also prone to warping and splitting. Therefore, it's important to treat them carefully. To avoid damaging your woodgrate, store it away from direct sunlight and moisture. Also, make sure to cover it with a tarp whenever possible.

Cast Iron Grate

Finally, cast iron grates are another option for those who prefer to stay traditional. Cast iron grates are extremely sturdy and long lasting. They can hold up to intense heat and remain stable throughout the entire process. Unlike other grates, cast iron grates are heavier and thicker. This makes them difficult to transport, especially by car. However, since they weigh more, they are easier to carry. Additionally, cast iron grates are relatively inexpensive. So, whether you're planning to take along a few cast iron grates or several, you shouldn't worry about breaking the bank. Just remember to bring plenty of fuel!


Sunnydaze Tripod Grilling Set - Black Fire Pit Cooking Grill Grate - Outdoor BBQ - Camping Cookware Accessory - Durable Steel Construction - 22 Inch Diameter

  • Overall size: 55 inches tall, weighs 17 pounds; Legs are 58 inches long and have a 34 inch leg clearance from leg to leg; Top connection piece is 2 inch diameter with built in 2 inch hook for the chain; 22-inch diameter grate is height-adjustable from 14-23 inches above ground; 20 pound weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty design: Tripod stand and grate rack is made from durable steel metal construction with high-temperature heat-resistant paint finish that is easy to clean
  • Easy to use: Minimal assembly required; Each leg is 2 pieces that connect together via spring snap buttons, then the three legs connect to the top piece with spring snap buttons
  • Functional design: Outside tripod grilling set is a must for any barbeque, bonfire, or camping trip; Portable handles allows for use as a serving tray as well
  • 1 year warranty: Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Heavy Duty Large Campfire Grill, Fully Adjustable Swiveling BBQ with long handle, Lifetime Durability, Perfect for Fire pits and rings. Easily portable for camping. Made in USA (15x21)

  • Extra long cool touch handle
  • Superior finish for rust resistance- Nickel-chrome finish is safe for all foods- stake is painted steel
  • Just lift on the handle to swivel away from the fire smoke to turn your meat in comfort
  • Grasp handle and easily adjust cooking temp by moving closer or further from flames.
  • Heavy Duty and well made grills are the built the way stuff should be right here in the USA

onlyfire BBQ Solid Stainless Steel Rod Foldable Cooking Grates for Grill, Fire Pit, 36-inch

  • Dimensions: 36 inchs diameter, large cooking space. made of durable stainless steel.
  • Perfect replacement part for charcoal or gas grill.
  • Used for picnic, camping, outdoor cooking, turn your fire pit into a grill.
  • Hinged center to fold in half makes it easy to add Charcoals, logs and clean embers.
  • Double-check the dimensions of your grills or fire pit before ordering.!

Amazon Basics Medium Portable Folding Camping Grill Grate - 18 x 12 x 7 Inches, Black Steel

  • Heavy-duty campfire grill for cooking over an open fire
  • Made of high-quality welded steel with a steel-mesh grill top
  • For use with outdoor cookware, including heavy cast iron (not intended for direct-contact grilling)
  • Legs angle out for stability and fold up underneath for easy transport and compact storage
  • Medium size: 18.5" x 11.8" x 6.7" (LxWxH)
  • Backed by an Amazon Basics limited 1-year warranty

GameMaker Open Fire Cooking Grill & Skillet Combo | Portable Camping Cooking Grill for Cooking on Firepits, Outdoor Fire Rings, Open Flame Cooking & Campfires

  • OUTDOOR FIRE PIT GRILL: The GameMaker Combo makes outdoor open fire cooking fun, quick and easy. The grill and skillet combo is a must for any camping or backyard adventure. with the Gravity Combo (grill & skillet).
  • HEAVY DUTY CAMPFIRE GRILL: The GameMaker open fire gravity grill & skillet system is incredibly durable yet is an ultra-portable campfire cooking system. Grill dimensions: 18.5” x 16.375”: Skillet dimensions: 18. 625” x 15. 625”: Pole dimensions: 36.75” tall.
  • ADJUSTABLE: This outdoor cooking system sets up & breaks down with no tools needed. The grill and skillet are easily adjusted with a 'lift & set' process allowing gravity and leverage to do the rest.
  • ROCK SOLID: Simply drive the stake in the ground next to your fire and pivot the grill and skillet over to begin cooking. The grill & skillet can independently rotate 360 degrees, moving it off the fire to serve or one direction or another away from hot spots.
  • VERSATILE: The Gravity Grill Combo features over 300 sq. inches of cooking space & comes with the grill posts, grill and skillet.

Bruntmor Grill Swing Campfire Cooking Stand BBQ Grill for Cookware & Dutch Oven Adjustable Collapsible Legs with Hooks & Accessories & Carrying Case

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND PORTABLE- The Bruntmor Grill Swing Campfire Cooking Stand BBQ Grill is a beautiful cook set to take with your camp, picnic, any parties, or to use in your backyard. The grill swing is a portable stand that supports a Dutch oven.
  • EASY TO SET UP - This campfire cooking set is easy to use and folds out in seconds. It is an A-type tripod structure design and stands perfectly well on concrete. It consists of a central cooking pole with collapsible legs and grates for cooking.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE- The Bruntmor Grill Swing is made of high-quality solid all-steel with 11” by 16” with 1/2” lip around the edges cooking grate. High-temperature resistance materials. This durable portable cook set is for wood and charcoal grilling.
  • WITH SUITABLE GIFT HOOKS, each Grill Set includes multiple length hooks made with steel and an adjustable grate grill to hang camping or outdoor kitchenware or any other items. It also comes with a convenient swing tray for over the fire cooking.
  • COMES WITH A HANDY BAG - Are you wondering how to carry this grill swing? The grill swing can be folded and placed with a free, durable, convenient bag designed for easy lifting with zero worries in transport to and from, provided by Bruntmor.

DZRZVD-The Bushcraft Backpacker's Grill Grate - Welded Stainless Steel Mesh (Upgrade Camping Fire Rated)-7.48"X12.6"

  • Thank you for your love of our camping grill mesh! The supplementary stock has been put on the shelves! Welcome to choose!
  • 1. According to customer feedback and requirements, we have made a brand new upgrade to the grill, which is more suitable for the needs of barbecue lovers;2. 304 stainless steel material, frame 5mm, inner wire 1.8mm, mesh 10mm, inner wire wave design, cross weaving,size is 12.6"X 7.48", the limit can withstand the weight of 5KG (To meet most camping requirements);
  • 3. The outer packaging is a black plastic bag, gifted with a 15.75-inch X8.66-inch nylon bundle pocket, more clean and moisture-proof;
  • 4. This grill is suitable for most backpacks, does not take up space, weighs only 300g, easy to carry;
  • 5. The frame is butt welded, and the inner wire and the frame are pressure welded.

Adventure Seeka Heavy Duty 24" Folding Campfire Grill , Camp Fire Grill With Folding Grill Design For Compact Storage. Campfire Grill Grate And Griddle For Versatile Campfire Cooking

  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY & COMPACT - Made from high quality coated steel with sturdy legs, this portable folding camping grill has been carefully designed with space in mind. Our unique and simple folding design makes this barbecue ultra compact and won't take up too much space in your already loaded vehicles.
  • ✅ GREAT SIZE FOR CAMPING - A very generous cooking surface size for any outdoor camp or campground. Whether you're cooking for one or a whole social gathering, the cooking surface space is excellent. This barbecue measures 24 inches x 12 inches with a height of 9 inches.
  • ✅ VERSATILE - This campfire grill grate features a cleverly designed griddle and grill grate combo and can be used over hot coals ideally, or a small open flame fire or fire pit. Whether you want to cook bacon, eggs, toast, steaks, pancakes, sausages or even pineapple slices, we have you covered for just about everything!
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - The foldable design of this barbecue not only makes it compact to store, it is super simple to set up when you arrive. No tools required, you can simply unfold the legs, stand it up, and it is ready to use! It's that easy! It also features handy carry handles to make the barbecue portable to move easily.
  • ✅ GUARANTEE - We're an Australian brand and we love our camping. Therefore we know you'll love our products because we sure do! If you are not happy with your product, please reach out to us because we will do what we can to make things right!

WINTRON 24-in Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate Reversible Grill Griddle Combo for Kamado Joe Big Joe, Pro Joe, Weber Summit E6/S6 & Other 24-in Kamado Charcoal Grills

  • 24-In Round Cast Iron Grill Grate & Reversible Griddle Combo for Kamado Joe Big Joe and Pro Joe Ceramic Charcoal Grill Series: BJ24RHC Big Joe II, BJ24RHCI-A Big Joe III; BJ24NRHC Big Joe II Stand Alone; PJ24NRHC Pro Joe etc
  • 24-In Round Cast Iron Grill Grate Replacement for XL BGE Kamado Grills.
  • 24-In Half Moon Cast Iron Grill Grate & Reversible Griddle Pan Weber Summit Kamado Charcoal Grills and Grill Centers: 18501001, 18301001. 18201001, 18501101.
  • Reversible cast iron griddle offers a smooth surface and a ridged surface. Reversible Cast Iron Griddle Plate: The smooth side can be used as a flat pan, for cooking pancakes, bacon, flapjacks and eggs. The ridged side can create sear marks, so it is better for steak, hamburgers, sausages, chicken breasts and other meats.
  • Material: Matte Porcelain Enamel Cast Iron; Dimension 24*12 Inch, Half Moon

Stainless Steel Portable Mini Camping Grill - Folding Campfire Grillwith Carry Bag for Backpacking Hiking Survival

  • 【High Quality Material】The over-the-fire camping grill is made of 304 stainless steel grate. This helps the grill resist oxidation and corrosion. Stainless steel also makes it lighter and more durable than iron.
  • 【Stable and Portable】the foldable grill is easy to use,just open it and put two legs down. legs angle out for stability and help to take the weight. the grill can be foldable, you can packed the rack into a backpack.
  • 【East To Clean】all parts are rounded smooth, avoid hurting your hands. it has a non-stick grilling surface and can be cleaned easily.
  • 【More Cooking Options】the campfire grill can work as grill gate as well as burning stove supporting. you can use it for open fire cooking, or at an adventure into the great outdoors. perfect for bbqs, picnics, camping or a night on the patio, backpacking, outdoor parties, traveling, beach,wild with your friends and families.
  • 【Camping Grill Size】the heavy duty grill itself measures 9.44" * 7.08" * 4.92"(24X18X12.5CM)when unfolded and 7.08"*6.49"*1.18"(18X16.5X3) when folded.and the grill has a bag you can carry it easily.

Htanch SF8763 (3-Pack) 16 7/8" SUS304 Grill Grate Cooking Grid Replacement for Charbroil 463436213, 463436214, 463436215, 463420508, 463420509, 463441312, 463441514 Gas Grills

  • ➤Fits for Kenmore Sears Models: 463420507, 461442513; Kenmore Part Numbers: 80008076. ➤Fits Master Chef Models: 85-3100-2, 85-3101-0, G43205, G43227, G43257, G43258, G45118, G45119, T480. Master Chef Part Numbers: G432-4300-01
  • ➤Fits for Charbroil Models: 461442114, 463420507, 463420508, 463420509, 463420510, 463420511, 463420512, 463433016, 463434314, 463436213, 463436214, 463436215, 463436413, 463439915, 463440109, 463440109B, 463441312, 463441412, 463441512, 463441513, 463441514, 463460708, 463460710, 463461613, 463461614, 466420909, 466420911, 466433016, 469432215, 4362436214, C-45G3CB, Char Broil Part Numbers: 80008076, 80018559, G432-0002-W1
  • NOTE: Please check the size and shape of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE ordering. Any questions please feel free to contact us. Dimensions: 3 Grids 16 7/8" x 9 5/16" Each, Total 16 7/8" x 27 15/16"

Cast Iron Grill Lifter, Universal Handling Cooking Grate Grid Lifter for Most Charcoal and Gas Grills, 1 Pack

  • 1.This makes it super easy for me to move a hot or greasy grill grate up/down a level or completely out of my Traeger grill, No longer have to worry about getting dirty heart oil on your hands, also do not worry about the cooking grid being too hot and hurting your hands.And with a small leather rope,which make it more convenient to hang up,convenient for next time to use.
  • 2.It is a Cast Iron Lifter, very strong and durable,and there is no need to worry about iit breaking.The handle part is curved and long enough to not be easily burned, and it will be easier to move the grill.
  • 3.This is a small Lifter,Not only can lift up the BBQ grates, also lift the cast iron grill on hibachi, And grilles and Weber grate or most grills. When you clean the inside of grill, use this lifter will be more helpful than upliers.
  • 4.It feels comfortable to hold the hand without any pain. It is easy to lift the cast iron grill, and the grate can be stably lifted off the grill. The effect is very good. The stainless steel grate can also be used.
  • 5.When you go out for a picnic, you can also carry it with you because of its small size. This is not only a lifter, but also a gift, which can be used as a gift for relatives and friends. It will be a good choice.

BreeRainz Swivel Campfire Grill,360 Adjustable Camp Grill Over Fire Pit Grill,Multipurpose Cooking Equipment for Camping Outdoor BBQ

  • [Multipurpose Camp Kitchen Equipment]-With 13.4" grill grate and U-shaped hook, which can be used with cast iron dutch ovens/tea kettles/pan etc. A simple over fire pit grill can meet almost all your cooking needs (such as frying,stir-frying, boiling,etc.).
  • [Premium & Sturdy]-Constructed of high hardness cast steel with anti-rust coating,Φ 0.8" main rod provides maximum stability and high weight capacity
  • [Adjustable Height and Rotation]-With wooden handle for easy cooking height adjustment.Rotate,raise or lower for optimum warming or cooking temperature.
  • [Exquisite Camping Grill]-Different from old-fashioned clunky grills.Our adjustable camping grill grate can be easily disassembled and stored.Folding size as 26.8"*14.8"*15".Perfect for RV camping / glamping activities/hiking / beach or backyard light parties.
  • [Easy Installation]-No bolts required.Easy to assemble in just 4 steps.(To ensure stability, please insert the base rod into the ground more than 11-inch)

CAMPINGMOON Steel Foldable Campfire Grill Stackable Storage Rack Camping Grill T-238-1T

  • This multi-fuction foldable campfire grill can be used on open fire or be used as a camping storage side table to get your camping gear organized.
  • DIMENSIONS:Unfolded:23.6"(L)x13.8"(W)x9.3"(H) / 60(L)x35(W)x23.5(H)cm; Folded:23.62"(L)x13.8"(W)x1.8"(H) / 60(L)x35(W)x4.5(H)cm
  • Folding and sturdy support legs:Easy to carry and storage. By using a steel frame, our rack has a load capacity of 66.13lb/30kg which is sturdy enough to put a cooler box full of ingredients and drinks. *[LOAD CAPACITY:66.13lb/30kg] is a distributed load capacity. Please do not concentrate the weight at one point.
  • ※Please wear gloves during assembling this open fire camping grill to avoid pinching fingers.

38" Grill Swing Large Campfire Grill Stand w/6 Hooks Cast Iron BBQ Grill Campfire Cooking Stand Cookware Hanging Rack Outdoor Picnic Camping Bonfire Party Barbecue Set for Cookware & Dutch Oven

  • 【Cast Iron Construction】The swing grill cooking stand is made of high-quality cast iron which is solid and durable!The surface is coated with a layer of anti-rust oil and black coating to prevent the grill from rusting!Features high temperature resistant,can be used directly in the campfire,the surface paint will not fall off!Eco-friendly materials are non-toxic and pollution-free,food can be directly placed on the grill,even under high temperature,it will not produce hazardous substances
  • 【Stable A-Structure】Our swinging barbecue campfire cooking rack measures 38"(W)x36"(H),which is much larger than those of our competitors,offer you more cooking space,let you cook up anything you want!Stable A-shaped structure enable this campfire cooking grill strong bearing capacity up to 44lbs!The four-legged angle is very large,which expands the supporting surface and forms a sturdy frame,which can better adapt to a variety of terrain,such as beach,grass and slope,as well as your backyard
  • 【Swing Tray &7 Different Length Hooks】The BBQ grill swing cooking stand comes with a convenient swing tray,you can adjust the distance between the swing tray and the fire source by 2 raised chains,so that you can control the temperature according to different food!Each grill set includes 7 different length iron hooks,with these multiple length hooks,you can adjust height to fit the fire,cook multiple food material at the same time,hang barbecue tools,ingredients,kitchenware or other Items
  • 【For Perfect Outdoor Experience】Making campfire cooking easier and more enjoyable than ever before with our portable outdoor grill cooking equipment when you're outdoors! It is compatible with many outdoor cookware,frying pans,skillets and pots,supports grilling,smoking,and cooking over an open fire,you can choose a variety of cooking methods to show your cooking skills,and provide exquisite dishes for your family and friends at the party,camping,picnic,fishing and any other outdoor activities
  • 【Perfect Outdoor Camping Grill】Enjoy food and cooking fun with the swing grill!If you want to go camping in the backyard,host a barbecue party amily party on the beach,have a BBQ party in your garden or campfire party at any outdoor space,our swing away campfire grill is definitely the best choice,it will add unexpected camping fun to your outdoor ctivities!When not grilling,you can use it to hang your dutch oven,kettles,teapots,lanterns,grilling tools,as well as other campsite accessories

ZeroPone Adjustable Swivel Campfire Grill,Black Fire Pit Grill with 2 Brushes,Heavy-Duty Charcoal BBQ Grill Over Fire Camping Grill,For Outdoor Barbecue Cooking

  • 【Premium Material】ZeroPone adjustable swivel campfire grill selects high-quality cast steel that has excellent fire resistance and good hardness, assuring you of durability.
  • 【Versatility】Barbecue grills have a horizontal 360-degree rotation function; two grills of different lengths can boil water and grill simultaneously. The pole of the portable barbecue campfire grill consists of 2 steel poles. You can freely adjust the height.
  • 【Unique Accessories】 Two extra food-grade BBQ brushes are included in the package.These exquisite brushes could have the oil evenly distributed on the food, good taste!
  • 【Easy Installation】No bolts or tools but only several simple steps are required for the installation, which could be completed in less than 3 minutes. To ensure stability, insert the bottom rod into the soil more than 11 inches. The campfire grill can hold up to 18 pounds. The deeper the main pole of the campfire grill is inserted into the soil, the greater the weight it bears.
  • 【Perfect Outdoor Partner】The custom-made bag is easy to carry around and easy to clean for its detachability. It’s your best choice for hiking, camping or any other outdoor activities.

Boundless Voyage Titanium Folding Campfire Grill 2 in 1 Portable Grill Camping Table with Frying Plate & Folding Legs Outdoor Picnic Backpacking BBQ Charcoal Collapsible Grilled Net

  • Material - The folding campfire grill is made of high-quality titanium, makes it lighter and more durable than stainless steel, which is durable and reliable in performance.
  • Multi-Purpose Titanium Grill - This grill is desgin as half grill net and half frying plate. You can choose different cooking methods for different ingredients. And it can also used as a cutting board, multi-purpose, very good for outdoor use.
  • Portable Folding Design - The legs and the desktop are foldable, it can be stored in a mini size after use, which make it more convenient to carry and saving more storage space, idea for outdoor activities. It is very easy to use, simply unfold it, stand it up, and it is ready.
  • Stable - This grill can also be used as a small outdoor table. The legs angle out for stability and help to take the weight. and the four stainless steel legs of this grill are elastic, very strong and stable, with a load-bearing up to 10kg/22lb.
  • Perfect for outdoor: Come with a storage bag that is both wearable and beautiful to carry and protect the grill. Widely use in outdoor such as Camping, hiking, picnic, travelling, backpacking, climbing, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
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