TrailMax Canvas Cavalry-Style Cowboy Bedroll, Premium Lined Sleeping Bag Cover, Durable 12 Oz Canvas, Comfy Flannel Liner, Perfect for Winter Camping, Sleeping Under The Stars

  • GREAT FOR WINTER CAMPING - Don't wake up to a cold wet sleeping bag! The canvas prevents dew and frost from collecting on your sleeping bag or bedding and yet is breathable so moisture can escape as you sleep. Sleeping bag not included.
  • LOADED WITH FEATURES - This over-sized (33"W x 84"L, 36" long flap) cowboy bedroll/sleeping bag cover has heavy-duty zippers on each side & an 8" gusset all the way around for added space. It also incorporates a generous head flap and a flannel lining "pocket" that will hold a sleeping pad.
  • MATERIAL - Liner is made of 100% cotton flannel. The shell is 12/13 oz cotton duck preshrunk canvas. All seams are double stitched with heavy nylon thread.
  • MEASUREMENTS -The bedroll measures 33" Wide x 84" Long, with 8" Deep gusset, and a 36" Long flap. Bedroll weighs about 5 pounds without a sleeping pad or bag wrapped inside.
  • OUTFITTER QUALITY - Outfitters Supply designs and manufactures professional quality trail riding and horse packing equipment with an uncompromising commitment to design, craftsmanship and performance. We're lucky enough to be located in the rugged Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana, nestled next to Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. Our products are regularly tested in these same areas.

How To Choose The Best Canvas Sleeping Bag

What Is The Purpose Of A Canvas Sleeping Bag?

Canvas sleeping bags are great because they're lightweight and easy to pack away. If you're going camping, hiking, or traveling with friends, these bags are perfect for keeping everyone warm and comfortable while you sleep. They're also ideal for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. There are many different types of canvas sleeping bags available today. Some are designed specifically for backpacking trips, others are meant for general outdoor activities.

Why Choose A Canvas Sleeping Bag Over Other Types?

The main reason why most people choose a canvas sleeping bag over other types is its durability. Most canvas sleeping bags are constructed using nylon material which makes them very durable. Nylon fabric is strong enough to withstand heavy usage and has been proven to be extremely weather resistant. In addition, nylon fabrics are light weight making them easier to carry around. Another advantage of nylon sleeping bags is that they dry quickly. Once wet, nylon sleeping bags dry within minutes. This is especially helpful during rainy days or nights where you might encounter unexpected downpours.

How Do You Know Which Type To Get?

There are two primary categories of canvas sleeping bags; synthetic and natural fiber. Synthetic sleeping bags are typically lighter and more compact than natural fiber sleeping bags. Natural fiber sleeping bags are generally heavier and bulkier than synthetic ones. However, there are exceptions to both rules. For example, some synthetic sleeping bags are actually quite bulky due to the fact that they contain multiple layers of insulation. Also, natural fiber sleeping bags are sometimes referred to as "down" sleeping bags. Down sleeping bags are warmer than synthetic ones since they trap air between the fibers.

Are All Canvas Bags Made Equal?

No! Not really. Although canvas sleeping bags are relatively inexpensive, they aren't always equal in quality. Many manufacturers produce substandard products. Therefore, before purchasing a particular type of sleeping bag, check online reviews and ratings. Look for reputable companies that sell high-quality sleeping bags.

Which One Is Best?

That depends on your needs. Then, you'd probably benefit from a larger, heavier, and thicker sleeping bag. If you're only interested in staying comfortably warm while relaxing by the campfire, then a smaller, lighter, and thinner sleeping bag will suffice.

Is A Sleeping Bag Necessary?

Yes, a sleeping bag is absolutely necessary if you plan on spending extended periods of time outside. Without a sleeping bag, you risk getting cold and possibly hypothermia. Even though a sleeping bag is fairly expensive, it's worth investing in one. Otherwise, you could end up freezing to death.

Where To Find Them?

Most major retailers sell canvas sleeping bags. You can purchase them directly from the manufacturer or from third party vendors. Online shopping sites provide another option for finding canvas sleeping bags.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Canvas Sleeping Bag

Canvas sleeping bags are great because they're lightweight, durable, easy to store, and affordable. However, there are many different types of canvas sleeping bags available today. Some are designed specifically for camping while others are meant for everyday use. There are three main categories of canvas sleeping bags - synthetic, down, and wool. Synthetic bags are typically cheaper than other options. Down bags are more expensive than either type of synthetic bag. Wool bags are generally the most expensive option. All these factors influence which kind of canvas sleeping bag you choose.

Synthetic Bags

Synthetic bags are lighter weight and easier to pack than down or wool bags. They're also inexpensive and readily available. Most synthetic bags are constructed with nylon fabric and polyester fillings. Nylon is a strong material that resists tearing and abrasion. Polyester fills provide insulation and warmth. Synthetic bags are popular among backpackers who travel light and prefer to carry only essential supplies. If you plan to camp frequently, a synthetic bag might be right for you.

Down Bags

Down bags are heavier and bulkier than synthetics. They're warmer too. Down bags are filled with goose feathers and down. Goose feathers insulate well and trap air inside the bag. Down is soft and pliable so it conforms to the shape of the body. Down bags are best suited for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and skiing. Because they weigh more, down bags require more storage space. Many hikers prefer down bags because they're warm and comfortable. Down bags are also good choices for families who take frequent trips away from home.

Wool Bags

Wool bags are heavy and bulky. They're extremely warm and cozy. Wool bags are ideal for wintertime camping. Wool is naturally resistant to moisture and cold weather. Wool bags are also very durable. Wool bags are perfect for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors during colder months. Wool bags are also good for children who love to play outside. Children who sleep in wool bags stay warm and dry throughout the night.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Canvas Sleeping Bag For You

There are several ways to determine which type of canvas sleeping bag is right for you. First, decide whether you intend to purchase a single-use sleeping bag or a multi-purpose sleeping bag. Single-use bags are intended to last only one season. Multi-purpose bags are useful for multiple seasons. Second, think about where you plan to use the bag. Third, consider the amount of money you'd like to invest in a sleeping bag. Finally, consider the environment where you plan to use the bag. Once you've answered each question, you'll know which type of sleeping bag is best for you.

Single Use Vs Multipurpose

Single-use bags are intended to be used once and discarded. They're inexpensive and convenient. Single-use bags are

Features To Look For When Buying A Canvas Sleeping Bag

There are many features to look for when choosing a sleeping bag. The most important thing to remember is that there is no single best type of sleeping bag. There are different types of sleeping bags designed for different purposes. Some are meant to be worn while others are intended to be hung. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you're interested in learning more about these options, read our guide to sleeping bags here.


The size of the sleeping bag is another factor to take into consideration. Tent-sized bags are generally lighter weight and easier to pack. Outdoor-sized bags are heavier and bulkier but provide greater warmth. In general, outdoor-sized bags are more expensive than tents. However, if you plan on camping frequently, you might prefer an outdoor-sized bag because it makes packing and unpacking so much easier.


Another key factor to consider is the weight of the bag itself. Lighter weight bags weigh less and are easier to carry around. Heavyweight bags are sturdier and last longer. But, heavy bags are harder to transport and require more effort to set up. So, choose wisely!


One of the biggest differences between sleeping bags is insulation. Insulated sleeping bags trap heat within themselves, making them warmer than non-insulated ones. While insulated sleeping bags are great for wintertime camping trips, they aren't always ideal during summer months. That said, there are several ways to insulate a sleeping bag. One way is by using synthetic fillings. Synthetic filling is cheaper than downfill, which is filled with feathers. Downfill is considered to be the gold standard for insulation. Another option is to purchase a sleeping bag with a built-in liner. Liners are typically thinner than regular sleeping bags and allow air to circulate freely. Both methods increase the amount of insulation provided by the bag. However, liners are slightly pricier than traditional sleeping bags.


Sleeping bags must be waterproofed to ensure that moisture doesn't seep in. Waterproofing materials include nylon and polyester fabrics. Nylon fabric is water resistant, but isn't breathable. Polyester fabric is both waterproof and breathable. Breathability refers to the ability to let oxygen pass through the material. Because of this, polyester fabric is preferred for sleeping bags. Many manufacturers use laminated fabrics to create durable waterproof/breathable sleeping bags. Lamination involves bonding together layers of plastic film. Laminated fabrics are very strong and durable, but they are also quite thick. As a result, they are heavier than other fabrics. Also, lamination tends to reduce the overall loft of the bag. Loft refers to the thickness of the insulation. Higher loft equals thicker insulation. Lofts range anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches.

Different Types of Canvas Sleeping Bags

Canvas sleeping bags are great because they're lightweight and easy to pack. However, there are different kinds of canvas sleeping bags available today. Here we discuss four main categories of canvas sleeping bags.

Down sleeping bags are the most popular type of sleeping bag among backpackers. The down inside insulation makes these bags warm enough for winter camping trips. But, they aren't suitable for summer camp outs since they require frequent re-insulation. Also, down sleeping bags are expensive compared to other types of sleeping bags.

Synthetic sleeping bags are lighter weight and more durable than traditional cotton sleeping bags. Some synthetic sleeping bags include polyester fillings which provide warmth and comfort while others contain only nylon filling. Most synthetic sleeping bags are designed with a waterproof lining so they dry quickly.


2160229 Kamp-Rite Overnighter 2 Person Sleeping Bag - Canvas

  • Sleeps two comfortably
  • Durable canvas outer shell
  • Cotton flannel liner
  • Can handle temperatures as low as 10 degrees
  • Rolls compactly into the included carry bag for easy transport and storage

TETON Sports Canvas Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping , Brown Canvas, 94" x 62"

  • COMFORTABLE FAMILY SLEEPING BAG: Soft lining; Zipper and shoulder draft tubes keep the warm air in; Unzips on each side and the bottom for easy access; Innovative fiber fill for warmth
  • FOR COMFORT LOVERS: The perfect bag for those who prioritize comfort and a generous size over portability and weight; Watch our video on the best way to stuff this bag
  • SIZE DOES MATTER: Double sleeping bag is longer and wider than queen-sized mattress; 94x62 inches (239x157 cm)
  • SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum loft
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports

Guide Gear Canvas Hunter 0-Degree Double Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids 2-Person Warm Winter Cold Weather Lightweight Portable for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Outdoors

  • 2 PERSON SLEEPING BAG – Guide Gear Double Sleeping Bag allows you to make a cold-weather reservation for 2 outdoors in spacious, roomy accommodation. Ample room for 2 people or all for yourself.
  • COMFORT RATED DOWN TO 0°F – A 0-degree sleeping bag, large and wards off temperature swings down to 0°F with 7 lbs. of insulation. You get to explore the outside world uninterrupted.
  • ATTACHED HOOD FOR WARMTH – This cold weather sleeping bag is plush and comes with an attached hood that retains heat, so you stay toasty warm. Generously lined with a brushed-cotton flannel lining in plaid.
  • TOUGH CANVAS SHELL – Armed in a tough shell, take this canvas sleeping bag for camping, backpacking, hiking. 8-oz. cotton canvas shell. A camping essential. Measures 50"w. x 90"l.
  • FULL-LENGTH ZIPPER – Features a 2-way, full-length anti-snag zipper on the right side. Perfect outdoor sleeping bag for adults and kids. Lightweight, portable sleeping bag. Weighs 13.6 lbs.

Guide Gear Canvas Hunter Sleeping Bag 0-Degree Fleece Lined Hooded for Adults Warm Winter Cold Weather Lightweight Portable for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Outdoors

  • COZY COMFORT – Guide Gear Canvas Hunter sleeping bag fleece-lined offers you cozy accommodations outdoors with its toasty warm fleece lining. Ample room to wiggle around and turn to your heart's delight
  • COMFORT RATED DOWN TO 0°F – A 0-degree sleeping bag and wards off temperature swings down to 0°F with 6 lbs. of fiber fill to retain your body heat. 39"w. x 90"l. size
  • ATTACHED HOOD FOR WARMTH – This cold-weather sleeping bag is plush and comes with an attached hood that retains heat. You stay toasty warm with the plaid brushed-cotton flannel lining of this winter sleeping bag
  • TOUGH SHELL – Armed with an 8 oz. cotton duck canvas shell with 3 compression straps, take this hooded sleeping bag for camping, backpacking, hiking. Must-have camping essential
  • FULL-LENGTH ZIPPER – The sleep bag features a full-length double-sided zipper on the right side. Perfect outdoor sleeping bag for adults and kids. Lightweight, portable sleeping bag. 39"w. x 90"l. Size. Weighs 10.7 lbs

Guide Gear Sleeping Bag for Adults, Cold Weather, Winter, Hiking, Camping, Hunter, Canvas, -30 Degrees

  • EXTREME SLEEPING BAG – Our down sleeping bag is rated to -30 degrees Fahrenheit and ideal for late-season hiking, hunting and camping in low temperatures
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED - The rectangular-shaped sleep bag is a generous size and allows room to move for a comfortable sleep, unlike narrower bags
  • CANVAS SHELL – Featuring a cotton duck canvas shell and brushed-cotton flannel plaid lining for cozy outdoor camping on winter nights
  • INSULATED – 9 lbs. of fiberfill insulation keeps you toasty with a 2-way zipper for easy access. Sleeping bag straps are included so you can roll up the thermal sleeping bag and take it anywhere
  • HOODED – The camping sleeping bag features an attached hood and drawstring to keep in the heat. The robust design is highly durable and made from quality materials that last

1845 Helko Werk Handmade Camping Bed Roll with Leather Straps and Zipper - Waterproof Waxed Canvas Portable Bed for Outdoor Camping - Packable Sleeping Bag for Home and Travel F8761 (Field Tan)

  • PREMIUM COTTON CANVAS ROLL: Designed for outdoor settings, this canvas bedroll is made from premium cotton material with waxed finish that resembles leather, but has the distinct advantage of being extremely comfortable, durable and waterproof. It's also compact and lightweight for easy transport anywhere.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: This rustic travel bed features a warm and comfortable layer to sleep on, so you’re sure to enjoy a great night's sleep — whether you're camping out under the stars, or making your home away from home. The clean, fresh canvas fabric doesn't crease, and expertly woven with more than 20 yards to fit an average adult.
  • BUILT-IN LEATHER STRAPS: Our outdoor camping bedroll is equipped with handmade full-grain leather straps that are removable, adjustable, strong, and long enough to accommodate storing a heavy blanket or rolling a bed inside. It measures 80" L x 40" W which is half size compared to other foldable bed rolls in the market, so it's easy to roll it up and carry.
  • HEAVY DUTY ZIPPERS: The rugged, compact sleeping bag has full-length zippers that allows quick and easy entry and exit from either side of the camp bed, as well as protection from the elements. They will not jam or get stuck when pulling, making it convenient to use for shared sleeping space.
  • PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION: Imagine never having to sleep on the cold, hard ground again. Helko Werk camping bed roll is the perfect solution for sleepovers, camping trips, music festivals, or simply lounging around your dorm room. Don´t be caught without a bed when you are on your next adventure.

TETON Sports Evergreen Sleeping Bags; Lightweight Adults Sleeping Bag for Camping; 20F, Brown

  • COMFORTABLE SLEEPING BAG: You'll forget you're camping in this sleeping bag with soft cotton flannel lining, SuperLoft Elite fill, and single-layer construction that work together to keep you warm; Unzips from top or bottom for airflow + easy access
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: Canvas shell will stand up to years of rigorous use; Lightweight for a canvas sleeping bag; Come back to a comfortable, warm sleeping bag after a long day of hiking; Takes the rough out of roughing it
  • VERSATILE: Zipper unzips on two sides to create a blanket or connect a second bag to make a double-wide sleeping bag for two; Sewn-in compression straps for easy transport and storage; Great for making memories with your family anywhere outdoors
  • SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum loft
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports

Bushnell Hooded Canvas Sleeping Bags | 20 Degree Sleeping Bag with Heavy Flannel Lining for Cold Weather Camping

  • BUILT TOUGH: Durable and water-resistant, this 2 person sleeping bag with built-in anti-snag zipper will keep you warm & comfortable on your next camping, hiking, or outdoor adventure.
  • BUILT-IN HOOD: Comfortable hood on this adult sleeping bag retains heat during even the chilliest camping trip.
  • STAY WARM: Bushnell's soft flannel sleeping bags retain body heat, making this a superior insulated sleeping bag.
  • OVERSIZED: Big and tall sleeping bag design accommodates most campers.
  • STORAGE: This camping sleeping bag features an easy-to-roll, integrated packing system with attached buckles for lightweight, portable storage & transport.

0 Degree Canvas Sleeping Bag for Fishing, Hunting, Traveling and Camping Particularly in Cold Winter Outdoor with Removable Flannel Liner and Free Compression Sack for Big and Tall Adults

  • Heavy duty 270GSM Canvas Exterior, shields from cold and resilient against scratches, moisture and tearing. Super comfortable 145GSM 100% cotton Flannel inner layer, soft to the touch and keeps the warmth. Cozy flannel lining. Suitable for outdoor sport : hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, swimming, relaxing, etc.
  • Two-layer offset construction for superior warmth, heavy-duty MAX double zippers. Easily pull one or both feet out on warmer nights, or keep it zipped tight for toasty toes when the temperature drops.
  • Provides more room for stretching, 94.5” X 35.5” (240cm X 90 cm), it’ll fit even the biggest blokes. Removable inner layer, you will get two sleeping bags. Usable For camping in all seasons. The weight is 5.4KG (12 lbs) to provide a comfortable night's sleep for your outdoor weather.
  • The thick canvas fluffy sleeping bag keeps warm and comfortable at temperatures as low as 14 ℉(-10℃).The range of use is -10 ° C ~ 10 ° C (14 ° F ~ 50 ° F), 0 ° C (32 ° F) is the comfortable temperature of the sleeping bag. The windshield and drawstring on the shoulders of the head keep warm air lost. Females are recommended to choose the thicker sleeping bags.
  • Reach out to our AMAZING AGEMORE customer service team if you have any questions or concerns and we will reply ASAP within 8 hours. YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with AGEMORE.

PROHIKER Canvas Camping Sleeping Bag for Adults & Teens, Cotton Flannel Lining Super Warm & Thick Comfortable Lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor Use Perfect for Hiking and Camping

  • Material: outer cover material-premium 235g/m³ anti - tearing canvas which is waterproof and Breathable. Lining Material - cozy and skin-friendly cotton flannel and soft hollow fiber. Its design will keep you warm even in extreme conditions and prevent you from any dampness.
  • It weighs only 7.7lbs, you will never feel tired no matter how long or how far you carry it. Double sided zippers take better ventilation and can make your feet often come out through the wind. Drawstring on the top can scale according to your needs to Keep your neck and body out of the cold. There is a velcro to hold the zipper in place and prevent it from slipping.
  • Expanded dimensions: 78in*36in, Folded dimensions: 18in*11in. Although it’s ultralight, it's really big enough for adults. It can be easily unzipped to be a sleeping mat as well. So you can sleep or lay on it with your kids and family comfortably.
  • Each sleeping bag comes with a compression sack with straps, allowing for super convenient storage and easy carry maneuverability. our sleeping bags are designed to ensure that after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, camping, travel or any other exploration you can get a good and relaxing night’s sleep.
  • We will try our best to make sure every customer is completely satisfied. If there's any problem, message us and we will reply you asap. Anyway, thanks for your coming.
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