Billabong Kids Boy's Boys Tides Sun Hat (Little Kids/Big Kids) Natural One Size

  • Straw Lifeguard Hat
  • Adjustable Chin Strap
  • Weave type: Woven
  • Special size type: Big Boys

How To Choose The Best Childrens Sun Hats

What Is The Purpose Of A Childrens Sun Hats?

Sun hat is a kind of headgear which has been widely applied by many people especially young people who go outside frequently. There are two kinds of sun hats according to different purposes. One is for protecting eyes, another is for shading face. Both of these two types of sun hats are very popular among young people because of its fashion design and convenience. In addition, there are other functions of sun hats besides those mentioned above. For example, sun hats can be used as decoration accessories, so that we can show our personality more clearly. Besides, sun hats can be used as gifts for friends and family members. So, let us take a closer look at the function of sun hats!

Benefits of Using Sun Hat

The most important benefit of using sun hats is that it protects eyes from ultraviolet rays. Many studies showed that wearing sunglasses could reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. However, the effect of UV radiation is cumulative. Therefore, it’s necessary to wear protective glasses during outdoor activities. But wearing sunglasses alone cannot provide enough protection for eyes. That’s why sun hats are recommended.

Shade is always needed when we go outdoors. Especially for hot days, shade is essential to avoid heatstroke. If you are going to stay inside for long hours, you must choose a good quality sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or higher. Otherwise, you might suffer from skin cancer later. But there is no way to completely block sunlight. Thus, sun hats are designed to cover part of your face while allowing light to pass through.

It is common sense that sun hats can be used as decorations. We can put flowers, ribbons or feathers into the brim of the hats. Or we can decorate the hats with colorful beads or sequins. Some people prefer to paint the hats with bright colors. As a result, sun hats become fashionable accessories.

As we know, giving presents is a great pleasure for everyone. Whether it is birthday party, wedding ceremony or graduation day, gift-giving is inevitable. But sometimes, we lack ideas for choosing suitable gifts. Fortunately, sun hats are perfect choices for gifting. Because sun hats are small and lightweight, they can be carried around easily. Also, they are inexpensive. Moreover, sun hats are easy to match with clothes. So, you can give away sun hats as gifts to your loved ones.

In recent years, sun hats are becoming more and more popular. People pay attention to fashion trends. Nowadays, sun hats are considered as a symbol of modernity. More and more women are willing to wear sun hats. Not only women, men too are interested in sun hats. Men love to wear sun hats because they can express themselves freely.

Some people think that sun hats are useless. Actually, sun hats can keep cool air in your body.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Childrens Sun Hats

Sun hat shopping can be quite confusing. There are so many different types of sun hats available today that choosing which ones to purchase can be difficult. If you're planning on spending money on your child's next summer vacation, there are several important factors to take into consideration before making your final decision.

Quality Materials

One of the most important aspects of selecting a good-quality sun hat is finding one with high-quality materials. Many inexpensive sun hats are made of inferior fabrics that could cause discomfort during hot weather conditions. In addition, these cheaper sun hats are more likely to fall apart quickly due to poor stitching and construction techniques.


Another thing to think about when selecting a quality sun hat for your child is comfort. Some children prefer wearing hats that fit tightly around their head while others enjoy loose fitting styles. Finding a comfortable style that fits well is essential when purchasing a sun hat for your child.


Last but certainly not least, you must choose a style that suits your child's personality. For example, if your child loves baseball caps, he might love a cap with his favorite team logo printed on it. Or perhaps he prefers a simple visor style that doesn't draw attention away from his face. Whatever type of sun hat you decide to purchase, remember that it needs to match your child's personality and preferences.

Buying Tips

Before you start browsing the selection of sun hats at your local department store, here are a few tips to help guide you towards the best choice for your family. First, always check the label on the inside tag of the hat. Second, avoid buying a hat that has been worn by someone else because chances are it was purchased cheaply and poorly constructed. Third, never underestimate the power of online research. Online reviews provide insight into the overall quality of a particular brand or product. Finally, make sure to read the instructions included with each hat. Instructions can include information regarding sizing, care, storage, etc.

Features To Look For When Buying A Childrens Sun Hats

Sun hats are great because they provide shade while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. However, there are many features to look for when purchasing a hat for your child. Here are some tips to ensure you choose the right hat for your little one.

Size Matters!

The size of the hat matters more than anything else. The brim must be wide enough so that it covers the ears completely. If it does not cover the ears, it will not stay on properly. Also, the crown of the hat needs to fit snugly around the head. Make sure that the hat fits comfortably before putting it on your child. If the hat doesn't fit correctly, it could cause discomfort or lead to sores.

Choose A Hat That Fits Properly

Children's hats come in different styles, colors, materials, and designs. Choose a style that matches your child's personality. Some hats are designed with bright colors and patterns, which makes them fun and playful. Others are plainer and more classic. There are lots of options available, so take your pick based on your child's preferences.

Make Sure The Hat Is Waterproof

Waterproofing is important when choosing a hat for your child. Many hats are only water resistant, meaning they will allow moisture into the fabric. If your child gets caught in the rain, he/she might end up getting wet. If possible, choose a waterproof hat.

Consider How Much Protection You Need

Some hats are meant to block sunlight entirely. Other hats are designed to shield your child from direct rays of the sun. Consider whether your child needs complete protection from the sun or just a bit of shading. If you're planning on spending most of your day outside, you probably want something that blocks 100% of the sun. Otherwise, you can opt for a hat that offers partial protection.

Look At The Material

There are several types of material used to create hats. Cotton is generally considered the best choice for outdoor activities. Wool is another popular option. Both cotton and wool are breathable fabrics, making them ideal choices for warm weather activities. Synthetic fibers are also good choices for hats. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to care for. Polyester is a common synthetic fiber used in clothing and other products. It has excellent strength properties and is very comfortable. Nylon is another type of synthetic fiber commonly found in athletic apparel. It is strong, flexible, and resists wrinkles well. All these materials are suitable for hats. Just remember that no matter what kind of hat you purchase, it should always fit snuggly.

Different Types of Children’s Sun Hats

Sun hat styles vary by age group and gender. There are many different types of hats available for children including baseball caps, bucket hats, visors, and more. The most popular style among young girls today is the wide brimmed straw hat with flowers. For boys, there are several options including the classic sailor cap, snapback, beanie, and flat bill. All these hats provide shade while protecting the face from the sun. Some hats are designed specifically for swimming; others are meant to be worn during other outdoor activities.

Baseball Caps

The baseball cap has been around since the early 1900s. In fact, the original version was called the "base ball" because it resembled the shape of a baseball. Baseball caps are still very popular today. Kids love wearing them because they're easy to put on and take off. Most kids' baseball caps are made of cotton so they breathe well and dry quickly. However, there are now synthetic versions which stay cooler longer. Synthetic materials are lighter weight and last longer. If you live where summers are hot and humid, choose a lightweight hat rather than a heavy woolen hat. Wool absorbs moisture and sweat making it uncomfortable to wear. Also, avoid hats with large brims because they trap heat inside the head and cause headaches.

Bucket Hats

This type of hat resembles a small bucket with a brim attached to its top. Bucket hats are great for sunny days because they block direct sunlight from hitting the child's eyes. They are also good for rainy days because water drains away from the crown of the hat into the bucket. Buckets are generally made of plastic or vinyl and are sold in bright colors. Some buckets are lined with fabric to absorb perspiration. Other bucket hats are unlined and allow air to circulate freely.


A visor is a broad-brimmed hat with a stiff peak. Visors are useful for blocking glare and providing shade. They are especially helpful for those who drive cars or ride motorcycles. Many visors are adjustable so they fit snugly on smaller heads. Others are adjustable to accommodate larger heads. Visors are typically made of nylon or polyester mesh material. Nylon is strong and durable while polyester is soft and flexible. Both fabrics are breathable and comfortable.

Flat Bill Hat

These hats resemble a flat piece of cardboard cut in half. Flat bills are ideal for cool weather because they let light pass through. Flat bills are also great for winter sports because they keep snowflakes out of the hair. Flat bills are sometimes referred to as "beanies." Beanies are commonly made of acrylic fiber. Acrylic is lightweight and does not retain heat. Beanies are also inexpensive and washable.


Snapbacks are another common style of hat for both men and women. Snapbacks are shaped like a circle with a pointy end. Snapbacks are versatile and can be worn indoors or outdoors. They are perfect for casual occasions and are particularly suitable for school uniforms. Snapbacks are made of either leather or canvas. Leather is heavier and lasts longer than canvas.


SwimZip Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat UPF 50 Adjustable ,Red,2-8 Years

  • Made with the highest rated, UPF 50+ sun protection fabric and wide brim for the best sun protection coverage for babies, toddlers, and kids! SPF 50+ polyester material blocks 98% of UVA and UVB Rays!
  • Adjustable. Both the head strap and the chin strap are adjustable to easily create the best fit possible.
  • Break away chin strap to help prevent choking.
  • It floats! Easily grab this hat if it ends up in the water. And the quick dry fabric will have it back and ready to use in a jiffy! (Corrosion resistant eyelets make this a great hat to take to the beach.)
  • Wide range of colors pair perfectly with SwimZip sun protection rash guard swimwear sets and sunsuits.

SwimZip Kid's Sun Hat - Wide Brim UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hat | White 6-24 Month

  • BUILT-IN SUN PROTECTION - SwimZip's built-in sun protection blocks 98% of all UVA and UVB cancer causing rays. No more sunburns! Keep your child's delicate skin safe in the sun with SwimZip's built-in UPF 50+ sun protection so there’s more time for enjoying the beach, lake or pool and less time worrying about harsh UV rays and reapplying sunscreen.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD AND CHIN STRAPS - Both the head strap and the chin strap are adjustable to easily create the best fit possible.
  • FULL OF FEATURES - Break away chin strap helps prevent choking. Side venting keeps heads cool. Wide brim for optimal protection.
  • IT FLOATS - Easily grab this hat if it ends up in the water. And the quick dry fabric will have it back and ready to use in a jiffy! (Corrosion resistant eyelets make this a great hat to take to the beach.)
  • WIDE RANGE OF COLOR OPTIONS - Pair your kid's sun hat perfectly with SwimZip sun protection rash guard swimwear sets and sunsuits.

Kids Girls Multi-Colors Large Brim Flower Beach Sun Hats,BeigeYellow

  • Material: Straw is a lighter and breathable material that allows heat to escape and air to flow, great for summer wear. This straw hat is well made - thick and tightly woven and you can not see through it. It is comfortable and skin-friendly.
  • Size: hat Circumference:20.5"-21",Brim:3.5"
  • Features of This Cute Straw Sun Hat - The color is bright and the design is beautiful; The design is beautiful with the big flower details make the straw hat more cute and gorgeous. There is a elastic chin ban to keep it in place when there is wind or your child is one to remove hats; There is also a comfort band around the inside to help prevent chafing from the straw rubbing against the skin.
  • Why Kids Need Such a Straw Sun Hat - This good sun straw hat can shade the kids' eyes, protect the kids‘ face, the hair and keeping the kids from squinting in the sun; This good sun straw hat in the summer can help keep the kids cool; Besides protection, this cute sun hat also make your kids attractive and make fun for your kids; Perfect with super styled hair or messy beach waves, you simply can’t go wrong with this fashionable accessory.
  • When Kids Can Wear This Straw Sun Hat - Do your kids like beach activities? Do they like swimming in summer? This cute sun hat is an automatically cool accessory, protect them. Also can match all different style swimsuit;They can also wear this cute sun straw hat to go to school; Want to take good photos for your kids? Yes, wear this sun straw hat will make your kids more cute; They can also wear this pretty sun straw hat to a summer wedding and vacation

Connectyle Kids UPF 50+ Mesh Safari Sun Hat UV Sun Protection Hat Summer Daily Bucket Play Hat Navy

  • UPF 50+ Fabric: Made with premium polyester fabric,breathable,durable,skin friendly.UPF 50+ sun protection blocks 98% of all UVA and UVB Rays
  • Sun Protection: 6.5cm/2.55" foldable floppy brim will help shield your kids skin and offers extra protection
  • Hat Circumference: 50cm-54cm/19.7"-21.3", one size fits most children ages 2-6
  • Adjustable: Non-scratch hook and loop fastener chin strap holds hat in place and an elastic drawcord with toggle at back for adjustability
  • Breathable: The mesh side vents for superior airflow and internal moisture wicking sweatband keep kids cool and comfortable. Packable for easy on the go

HGGE Kids Girls Sun Hat UV Protection Wide Brim Beach Cap with Ponytail Hole, Pink, One Size

  • GREAT LOOK: Kids sun hat with a ponytail hole is specially designed for girls to pull messy buns or ponytails. The ponytail hole is the perfect solution for girls with long hair to stand up or down, and show off the their cute hairstyles while keeping the head cool in the hot summer months.
  • GREAT FIT: One size fits most. Girl sun hat fits 19-21 inches head circumferences. Suitable for kids aged 3-9. The back adjustable drawstring elastic buckle fits a variety of head shapes and sizes. In addition, summer hat is equipped with an adjustable chin strap for a windy conditions.
  • GREAT QUALITY: Children's sun hat fabric is soft, durable, lightweight, waterproof, quick-drying and comfortable. The inner sweatband will absorb any excess sweat. Both sides of fishing hats are made of breathable mesh panels that allow heat to escape and air to flow. Foldable side snaps allow your child to experience different styles: cowboy hat style and flat brim hat style.
  • GREAT PROTECTION: With the highest rated, SPF 50+ polyester material blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays. 2.7 inches wide brim is large enough to provide your child with excellent sun protection, protecting the child's head, eyes, face and neck from harmful sun UV rays, which means more time for outdoor activities.
  • GREAT OUTDOOR ACCESSORY: The soft brim beach hat is both packable and crushable, allowing you to easily fold up and put it in a backpack or beach bag. Your girl will love wearing bucket hat at the beach, playground, park, pool, outdoor festivals, fishing, glamping, camping, hiking, vacation, weekend getaways, and anywhere you want to provide shade for your kid’s face and eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

LLmoway Kids Outdoor Sun Hat Boys Wide Brim Breathable Bucket Hat Summer Quick Dry Hat Army Green

  • Sun protection: wide brim effectively keeps the sun from the face and neck
  • Cozy to wear: lightweight, quick dry polyester fabric and hat both side with mesh
  • Adjustable: hat crown back with adjust toggle, hat circumference 50-55cm/19.7”-21.7”, fit kid age 3T-8T
  • Others: hat with chin cord, windproof; foldable, packable; hand wash recommended
  • Fit boys and girls outdoor activities: safari, fishing, travel, cycling etc.

Connectyle Unisex Child Outdoor Wide Brim Sun Hat for Boy UV Sun Protection Cap for Summer Play Hat Navy Blue

  • Main fabric:100% Polyester,Auxiliary fabric:100% Paper Fiber
  • Elastic chin strap,which is provide more comfortable wearing experience (Size XL: 57CM, no chin strap)
  • The 9cm wide brim will help shield your kids skin and offers extra protection
  • Hat is foldable, undeformable, and more convenient to pack.Moisture wicking sweatband for comfortable fit
  • Please note: the age is only for reference,you can choose it according to your baby's head circumference.Spot clean or wipe clean

Quiksilver boys Pierside Youth Straw Lifeguard Sun Hat, Natural, 2-6 Years US

  • Straw lifeguard hat for boys 2-7. Features include: Straw material and adjustable chin strap.
  • Quiksilver trim package
  • Embroidered patch on front
  • Woven straw construction

Home Prefer UPF 50+ Boys Sun Hat with Neck Flap Summer Beach Hat Kids Safari Hat (Aqua Blue)

  • Kids sun hat for boys and girls: UPF 50+ protection blocks 98% of UV Rays
  • Featured wide brim and mesh vents for cooling airflow through the crown and back flap
  • Easy adjust sizing, Detachable chinstrap and neck flap, Adjustable drawcord and toggle at back help keep the hat stay on your little kids during windy days
  • Lightweight, durable and packable summer bucket sun hat for kids in the mountain, or in the backyard, playing at the beach, outdoor play hat for fishing, safari, travelling, camping, boating
  • 50-54cm/19.7”-21.3” girth fits most children ages 3-7yrs old

2 Pieces Children Sun Hat Wide Brim Foldable Cap UV Protection Hat with Rope for Beach Fishing (Color Set 3)

  • One size fits most: the children sun hat fits 19-21 inches head circumferences, suitable for kids aged 3-9, the elastic buckle on the back of the child's hat can adjust the size of the hat to make it the comfortable size, suitable for most kids, even suitable for adults with small head circumference
  • Fit people: the UV protection hat with chin strap is suitable for most boys and girls, of course, the ponytail hole design is more ideal for girls with long hair so that girls can keep their cute hairstyle while wearing the hat in hot summer, the ponytail hole can also provide some cool for boys
  • Breathable material: the children's beach sun cap is made of polyester mainly, which is soft, lightweight, quick-drying and comfortable to wear,the inside of the cap has a breathable mesh cloth that allow heat to escape and air to flow, and it can provide you better protection from sunshine and damaging rays for face and neck
  • Effective protection: the width of the brim is approx. 2.7 inches and it is wide enough to provide your child with good sun protection to keep the child's head, eyes, face and neck from harmful sun rays when they are outdoors, at the same time, it also has a windproof function, and the adjustable chin strap helps to fix the hat on head in the wind
  • Wearable occasions: the wide-brimmed hat can be easily folded into a backpack or beach bag and suitable for wearing in many scenes such as beaches, playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, fishing, camping, hiking, vacations, etc. so that your child can enjoy playing and not get sunburned

Muryobao Kids Child Girls Boys Summer Sun Hat Wide Brim UV Protection UPF50+ Hats Mesh Bucket Cap for Beach Fishing with Neck Flap Rose Red

  • Great Material: The children's sun hat is made of 100% high quality quick-drying nylon fabric which is very soft to the touch, lightweight, durable, waterproof and breathable. The inner sweatband will absorb any excess sweat and the mesh vents on the side keep kid's head cooler and comfotable.
  • Adjustable Size: Head Circumference:20-22 inches, fits most kids ages 4-12. It could fit some adults with slightly smaller heads as well. Elastic adjustable back band and chin strap provide a comfortable fit and keep the hat from being blown away on windy days. Also, because of the adjustable draw string, your child will be able to use this over the next few summers.
  • Excellent Sun Protection: Features UPF 50+ fabric which block 98% of UV rays. 4.3 inches brim is wide enough and 9.0 inches flap is long enough to cover girl's or boys' eyes, nose, cheeks and back of neck in direct sunlight then protect delicate skin from the scorching summer sun. So there¡¯s more time for enjoying outdoors.
  • Best fishing hat for kids: The summer must-have bucket hat has different colors to be choosed, it is easy to wear and pair perfectly with sunglasses, sun protection rash guard swimwear sets and sunsuits. With this sun protector cap your child will be the cutest one.
  • Functional: The hat is packable, it can roll up to a compact size and easily stows in a bag or backpack. It is a perfect hat for child & youth playing at the beach or in the backyard, playing in the sand, go to fishing, safari, explorer, travelling, hiking, camping, tourism, gardening, boating, pool, park or any other outdoor activities.

icolor Kids Hats Toddlers Sun Hat UPF50+ Breathable Bucket Girl Boy Summer Outdoor Beach Play Sun Protection Cap with Neck Flap for Kids Ages 3~12

  • icolor Kid's Sun Hats Wide Brim UPF 50+Toddler Hat Girl Boy Sun Hat Summer Beach Kids' Play Hat made of Soft Nylon.
  • Head circumference suitable from 21~23.5 inches and Brim measures 3.15 inches ,Wider brim and better sun protection with Adjustable Chin strap
  • icolor Toddlers Sun Hats Breathable, sturdy, durable, lightweight and easy to portable.
  • icolor Kids Hats Toddlers Sun Hat Summer sun protection Caps Beach Play Hats bucket cap for toddlers kids hats outdoor playing.
  • Suggested to ages 3T-12T Girl Boy

Toddler Child Kids Girls Summer Sun Hat Wide Brim UV Protection Hats Floppy Bucket Cap for Beach Fishing Gardening Pure Purple

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Suitable for head circumferences of 19-21 inches. The fit ranges from toddlers to kids and children. The elastic buckle behind the kid's hat adjusts the head circumference of the hat, making it the most comfortable size. NOTE: Before purchasing, please make sure that the child's head circumference fits the size of the hat.
  • PONYTAIL HOLE DESIGN: Behind the kids' sun hat has a ponytail hole that is specially designed for girls, which is perfect for pulling messy buns or ponytails. The ponytail hole is in perfect position to allow girl's hair to stand up or down. Show off the girls' cute hairstyles while staying cool.
  • EXCELLENT SUN PROTECTION: Wide brim length is 2.14 inches. It is wide enough to provide your child with excellent sun protection, protecting the child's head, eyes, face and neck from harmful sun UV rays, which means more time for outdoor activities. It is windproof, the adjustable chin strap is durable and easy to slide up and down, ensuring that the summer cap does not fall in strong winds.
  • GREAT MATERIAL: The children's sun hat fabric is soft, durable, lightweight, waterproof, quick-drying and comfortable. The inner sweatband will absorb any excess sweat. Both sides of fishing hats are made of breathable mesh panels that allow heat to escape and air to flow. Foldable side snaps allow your child to experience different styles: cowboy hat style and flat brim hat style.
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: Fully crushable and packable design for easy carrying and storage. This cute and fashion kid's sun hat is the best choice for vacations and outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, tourism, gardening, beach, pool, park, travel, etc.

Case IH Boys Baseball Cap, Kids Sun Hats, Boys Baseball Hat, Case IH Logo Patch Red

  • IH BASEBALL CAP – This boy’s sun hat for farming has an embroidered IH logo to the front. Wear it for work or leisure, this comfortable youth baseball hat is stylish and functional.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC - Designed to allow for breathability, our International Harvester kids hat is made from 100% twill cotton. One size fits most.
  • COMFORTABLE HAT FOR FARMING - Featuring an adjustable closure, mesh back, pre-curved brim and flame embroidery detail.
  • INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER APPAREL - We get it, we love machinery too. Buy this snapback hat for your loved one or as a gift. It’s durable and designed to last.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED  - Since 1902 International Harvester has been building agricultural equipment and other machinery that gets the job done. Officially Licensed IH farm hat for youths.

SENWAI Kids Sun Hat Outdoor Boys Girls Play Hat Neck Flap UPF 50+ Mesh Large Brim Quick Drying 5-12 Years Hiking Fishing

  • 【Waterproof and Quick-Drying Material】: SENWAI kids sun hat is made of 100% Nylon. Its soft fabric is durable, lightweight, waterproof, quick-drying and comfortable. This sun hat would definitely be a good choice for your children.
  • 【Practical Design】: This kids outdoor hat body has a breathable mesh panel that allows heat to escape and air to flow. So kids will not feel uncomfortable when they play outside with hats on. Besides, there is a snap button on the back of the hat. The drawstring design can effectively prevent the hat from being blown away by the wind.
  • 【Sun Protection】: SENWAI sun protection 50+ UPF hat can block 98% of UV rays. 3.74 inches/9.5cm wide brim and 6.7 inches/17cm neck flap of the sun hat are enough to protect the child's head, eyes, face and neck from harmful sun UV rays.
  • 【Adjustable Size】: Head strap can be adjusted(20-22.2 inches/50.8-56.5cm) accordingly as your kids grows for a comfortable wear, fits most kids ages 5-12 years(also suitable for adults with small head circumference). NOTE: Before purchasing, please measure your head circumference at first.
  • 【Suitable Occasions】: This is a nice play hat for child & youth playing at the beach or in the backyard, picnicking at the park, swimming, hiking, fishing, travelling, camping, boating and other outdoor activities.

Roxy Girls Pina To My Colada Straw Sun Hat, BRIGHT WHITE KALEIDOSCOPE, OS

  • Adjustable closure
  • Construction: 6-panel "J shape"
  • Adjustable back closure
  • Mesh backed design
  • Curved visor

Somaler Toddler Sun Hat Baby UV UPF50+ Sun Protection Hats Summer Play Hat for Baby Boys Girls 0-2T

  • 1) Sun hat for Baby 0-2T: Baby sun hat made with UPF50+ Sun protection fabric,block up to 98% of the UVA & UVB harmful sunray and can totally cover baby's face ear and neck.Lightweight and Quick-dry material make this baby sun hat perfect for active play and all day wear.
  • 2) ADJUSTABLE Hat size : Toddler sun hat made with circumference size up to 19.69'',fit for baby and toddler age from 0-2T, Outer drawstring strap offers a customized fit and adjusts as your baby grows; Chin-strap cord helps secure baby sun hat during windy days.
  • 3) Stiff and Wide Brim : 2.76''wide brim and 4.13'' back flap will provide full coverage for children's face and neck ,Our Infant sun hat has a wide and stiff brim that won't flop; So when it's windy or the hat wet , the brim won't flop to cover your baby's face or blow up; inside brim materials are secure enough for little baby wear and no any hurt on their head .
  • 4) TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Packable and Foldable newborn baby sun hat ,easy to pack into the pocket and friendly for beach and pool travel ,Waterproof and Qucik-dry materials make this sun hat great for beach and pool play ,and it can also work as baby rain hat . Incredibly comfortable fit with sweat absorbent inner band, makes this baby sun hat perfect for all day wear
  • 5) Baby sun hat for boys and girls , Three different colors for both baby boy and girl,Looks cute and stylish.Summertime means outside pool beach playtime, Just Protect your little ones with this sun hat

Kids Sun Hat UV Protection Unicorn Summer Beach Play Hats Wide Brim Neck Flap for Girls 2-9 Years, Pink Blue Tie Dye

  • 💝【GREAT SUN PROTECTION 】Kids sun hats with 3.15" wide brim and 6.3" long neck flap, full coverage to shield sunshine from your kids' head, face and neck. UPF 50+ protection effectively blocks harmful UVA & UVB rays on kids delicate skin, ideal for outdoor activities on hot days.
  • 💝【ADJUSTABLE TO GROW WITH KID】Sun hats for kids with elastic buckle on the back to easy adjust the hat circumference between 18.5"~22.8", one size fits 2 to 9 year toddlers and children comfortable. Durable material and workmanship enable the hat to grow with your kid.
  • 💝【EYECATCHING & MULTI USES】Summer hat for girls features in cute unicorn pattern, unique and vibrant colors, easy to spot your kid in the crowd. Perfect for photo shooting, vacations and outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, adventure, tourism, gardening, farming, beach, pool, park, travel, etc. Let's go enjoy the nature!
  • 💝【 BREATHABLE & PONYTAIL DESIGN】Girls beach hat uses lightweight and waterproof fabric, the mesh panel on both sides can increase airflow and take away stuffiness. The inner sweatband will absorb any excess sweat. Ponytail hole in back is considerate design for girls to pull bun or ponytail through on hot days, offers great ventilation and heat dissipation compared with normal sun hats.
  • 💝【WINDPROOF & WATERPROOF】Sun hat brim is waterproof to keep its brim not flop down when gets wet, the detachable and adjustable chin strap will keep the hat stay on kids head in windy conditions. --Warm Tip--To protect hat's brim, please hand wash, do not machine wash. Please roll the hat up to carry in backpacks or beach bags.

Kids Sun Hat UPF 50+ Boy Girl Protection Hat Wide Brim Beach Hats with Mesh and Adjustable Chin Strap

  • 🍀Kids are natural-born adventurers and love to play in the sun, we delicate to design excellent sun hat to help parents keep them safe and happy all the livelong day🍀
  • 👍Excellent Fabric: 100% nylon quick-drying fabric,Comfortable and soft
  • 👍Excellent Sun Protection:Made with high rated, UPF 50+ sun protective fabric material that blocks up to 98% of UV Rays.
  • 👍Excellent Design: Cap circumference20.5"-22"(52-56 cm),Suitable for most children aged 5-11 years,large and wide brimmed hat shape design, adjustable size, can protect your neck from sun harm,is the best companion for all summer.
  • 👍Excellent Fashion:Cute animal shapes are perfect companions for children, extra soft lining & patterned design, perfect for summer wear.whether it is outdoor sports, fishing, hiking, cycling, boating, walking, sightseeing, beach play, Can keep children happy

LAPI.ZAPI Baby Sun Hat Print Pattern Reversible Kids Boy Girls hat UPF 50+ Sun Protection Beach Bucket Hat Wide Brim (0-6 Months, White Heart)

  • MATERIAL: Outdoor Fabric 100% Ployester
  • SIZE & PERFECT FIT - Our toddler beach hat is designed with an Adjustable Chin Strap 46cm=18.1"(fits 3-6 Months), 50cm=19.3"(fits 6-24 Months), 52cm=20.4"(fits 2-6 Years).
  • Design: cute and funny design for baby Reversible sun hat
  • SUN PROTECTION - Toddler Sun UV Protection Hat Features A Wide Brim and UPF 50+ Sun Protection;Fabric Will Blocks 98% Of Harmful UV Rays, and Its Wide Brim Helps To Cover Children's Face, Neck and Ears, But Will Not Block Kid's View, Great Keeping the Sun Rays Out Of Your Little Ones and Provide The Best Sun Protection For Kids When Playing Outdoors In Spring / Summer Season.
  • ALL-ROUND SERVICE FOR OUR CUSTOMER:If You Are Not Satisfied with The Product, Please Feel Free To Contact Us, Our Excellent Customer Service Team Will Reply and Answer Your Questions Within 24 Hours.

T-Models Infant Hat Kids Sun Cap Compatible with Removable TPU Cover Dustproof (46yards(3-6 Months), Pink)

  • 👒 High transparency, not block your sight.
  • 👒 High quality for durable and long-lasting use.
  • 👒 Portable in size and weight, convenient to carry and use.
  • 👒 Made of high quality TPU material, environment-friendly. Portable in size and weight, convenient to carry and use.
  • 👒 Perfect for school, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, outdoor activities, cycling, pollen season,daily prevention, and many more.

Disney Frozen Toddler Sunhat, Elsa & Anna Kids Bucket Hat and Matching Girls Baseball Cap for Beach, Size 2-4, 2-4T

  • 2 BUYING OPTIONS: This Adorable Kids sun hat is available for purchase as just the bucket hat or can be bought together with a matching toddler baseball cap. Both options are for toddler Girls size 2-4
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & SUN PROTECTION: The Toddler sun Hat fabric is soft, durable, and lightweight with UPF 50+ protection. And will protect Your little one’s head, eyes, face and neck from harmful sun UV rays. The inner sweatband will absorb any excess sweat. She’ll Feel at ease with a lightweight cover that’s perfect for all daily activities and some fun at the park.
  • PICTURE PERFECT: Make or break with a Disney hat that’ll get the job done for any indoor/outdoor occasion. This Baby Sun Hat combines both, colorful Frozen designs to turn heads, and comfort for her all-day wear. She’ll use it for her usual day-to-day activities. A Must Have Item!
  • GREAT FIT: One size fits most Toddlers, The Boys Sun Hat is designed to perfectly fit for Kids Ages 2-4 Wide brim length is 2.75 inches. It is wide enough to provide your child with excellent sun protection, the soft brim Beach Hat is both packable and crushable, allowing you to easily fold up and put it in a backpack or beach bag.
  • LICENSED PRODUCT: Officially licensed Disney Frozen product. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
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