YYVERTICAL | Classic Belay Glasses (Grey) | Sturdy and Comfortable Belay/Prism Glasses for Rock Climbing

  • LIGHT & STURDY | Stainless metal frame and glasses bows made of shape memory alloy. This combination makes the frame enormously flexible and durable.
  • COMFORT | Nose bridge and frame are adaptable to the individual face and head shape. Comfortable view with too fields of vision
  • HIGH QUALITY PRISMS | Zero defect prisms, each model is checked during a quality control
  • DESIGN | Designed in France by climbers for climbers
  • ACCESSORIES | These belay glasses come with a practical case with a double enclosure and carabiner, spare screws, a microfiber cloth and a cord

How To Choose The Best Climbing Glasses

What Is The Purpose Of Belaying Glasses?

Belaying glasses are designed specifically for climbers who climb indoors. Climbers wearing these types of eyeglasses will be able to see where they're placing their hands and feet while belaying. This type of safety gear is essential for indoor climbing because there is no way to tell whether or not someone has fallen unless you know exactly where they landed. If you fall, you could injure yourself badly by landing on something hard.

How Do Belaying Eyeglasses Help Me?

Climbing glasses allow you to see everything around you so you can avoid dangerous situations. For example, if you notice that your partner is getting too close to a hold, you can warn him before he falls. Also, if you notice that your rope is slipping, you can stop your fall with ease. Belaying glasses are especially useful for beginners who are learning how to lead climbs.

Are There Any Downsides To Using Belaying Glasses?

There aren't many downsides to using belaying glasses. However, they are more expensive than regular sunglasses. Some companies offer discounts if you purchase multiple pairs of belaying glasses.

Where Can I Find More Information About Belaying Glasses?

The best places to learn more about belaying glasses include websites dedicated to outdoor sports, online forums, and local stores. Online forums are great resources because they provide information about different brands of belaying glasses. Stores are another good resource because they carry a wide variety of products.

Is There Anything Else That Belays Glasses Are Good For?

Belaying glasses are excellent for anyone who enjoys climbing outdoors. They are helpful for both experienced and novice climbers alike. In addition, they are very comfortable and easy to put on.

Do Belaying Glasses Make My Eyes Watery Or Foggy?

Most people experience little to no discomfort when wearing belaying glasses. However, if you suffer from allergies, contact lenses, or dry eyes, you might experience some discomfort.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Climbing Glasses

Climbers who climb indoors have many options available to them when choosing eyeglasses. However, outdoor climbers must choose between two types of eyewear - prescription lenses and non-prescription sunglasses. While both styles provide adequate eye protection, there are several advantages and disadvantages associated with each type.

Advantages of Prescription Eyeglass Lenses

Prescription eyeglass lenses are designed specifically for the wearer. They allow more light into the eyes while providing greater clarity and contrast. In addition, these lenses are custom fit for the individual user.

Disadvantages of Non-Prescription Sunglasses

Non-prescription sunglasses are inexpensive and widely available. But, they lack the features found in prescription eyeglass lenses. For example, most non-prescription sunglasses block 100% of UV rays. Also, because they're not customized for the individual user, they cannot be adjusted for optimal vision. Additionally, non-prescription sunglasses typically contain plastic frames which can scratch easily. Finally, non-prescription sunglasses are generally inferior to prescription eyeglass lenses in terms of durability and optical performance.

Which Style Is Right For Me?

There are times when neither style of eyewear works well for you. Regardless of whether you decide to purchase prescription eyeglass lenses or non-prescription sunglasses, remember that eyeglasses are only part of the equation. Make sure that you select the right pair of eyeglasses based on your needs and lifestyle.

How Do I Choose My Pair of Eyeglasses?

Consider the color of the frame and its ability to blend in with your skin tone.

Features To Look For When Buying Climbing Glasses

Climbers love to climb mountains because there are so many different types of terrain to explore. The more challenging the mountain, the greater the thrill! But while the scenery is beautiful, the weather can be unpredictable. If you're planning on going climbing, you might want to invest in good quality climbing eyeglasses. Not only will these help you see clearly during your adventure, but they will also provide safety features that could mean the difference between life and death. Here are three important features to look for when choosing climbing glasses.

Anti-Fog Lenses

One of the most common problems climbers face is fogging up their lenses. Fogged up lenses aren't safe to drive with, let alone climb with. Anti-fogging technology is built into modern climbing glasses, which prevents moisture from getting inside the lens. In other words, no matter how humid the air gets, your eyes stay dry and clear.

Waterproof Design

The best way to avoid being caught in an unexpected downpour is by wearing waterproof sunglasses. Waterproof design ensures that rainwater doesn't seep into the frame of your glasses. Even if you lose your glasses somewhere along the trail, you'll still be able to enjoy your day safely.

Adjustable Lens Angles

Most climbing glasses include adjustable nose pieces that allow you to change the angle of your lenses. This makes it easier to adjust your vision depending on where you're standing. Some models even include interchangeable lenses, allowing you to switch between prescription lenses and nonprescription ones.


While the anti-fog coating is great for preventing fogging, it does nothing to stop sweat from building up around your temples. Breathable materials ensure that sweat stays away from your eyes. Sweaty hands can lead to headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision. So, choose breathable material that lets your skin breathe freely.

Different Types of Climbing Glasses

Climbers use different kinds of glasses depending on the type of climb they're doing. Some climbers prefer using sunglasses while others choose to use safety goggles. The most common kind of glasses worn by climbers are called "Belay" glasses. Belaying glasses are designed specifically for those who are working with ropes and other gear. Safety goggles are more commonly used by those who are climbing alone or with partners. Both styles of eyeglasses provide adequate eye protection for the wearer. However, there are certain features that each style has which makes them ideal for specific activities. For example, safety googles are great for indoor climbing because they allow you to see clearly while wearing gloves. Belay glasses are good for outdoor climbs where you might be exposed to windy conditions.

Types of Belay Eyeglass Styles

There are three main categories of belay glasses available today. Each category offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Safety Goggles - Used primarily indoors, these goggles are designed to fit snugly around the face so that no air gets between the lens and the eyes. They are typically black or dark blue in color.

Rescue Goggle - Rescues are used outdoors during rescue operations. Rescue goggles are designed to cover both eyes completely. They are typically yellow or orange in color.


Y And Y - Clip Up

  • The Clip Up is an evolution for all spectacle wearers. Just clip it on your own glasses and belay your partner with comfort. It fits on most glasses and sun glasses and with a small movement it can be switched in between the positions Off and On. The trap

Ucraft Climbing Belay Glasses. 1.34Oz/38g Prismatic Googles. Strong ABS Plastic, High Transparency 90 Prisms, Shockproof Case, Neck Strap.

  • ★ NO MORE NECK PAIN! Make your climbing safer due to the comfortable and more focused belaying on the long routes.
  • ★ STRONG ABS PLASTIC with mat surface for durability and long life in tough conditions.
  • ★ HIGH TRANSPARENCY prisms for clear vision with correct angle that lets the belayer see everything around and the climber without lifting his head.
  • ★ SLIM STACKABLE DESIGN for better peripheral vision that does not lead to disorientation and makes climbing safer. Can be worn over normal or sun glasses.
  • ★ FREE PRO EXTRAS: shock-proof case, black neck strap, cleaning cloth are included.

Cypher Rock Climbing Belay Glasses - Black

  • Material: plastic
  • Recommended Use: sport climbing, trad climbing
  • Manufacturer Warranty: limited

Epic Peak Belaying Glasses - Lightweight Premium Belay Goggles with Decal - Vertical Vision Rock Climbing Essentials to Prevent Belayer's Neck - 2 Adjustable Straps, Cloth, Eyewear Case and Carabiner

  • ⛰ NO MORE SORE NECK - Keep a close eye on your climbing partner without having to crane your neck for a long time. These belaying glasses let you gaze straight and still see what's happening above.
  • ⛰ PROTECT YOUR EYES - These glasses will keep your gaze forward, reducing the chances of sand, debris, or falling rocks from getting into your eyes. You can even wear your sunglasses with it.
  • ⛰ BUILT TOUGH FOR EVERYDAY USE - Tired of flimsy belay goggles that easily get broken? These premium belaying glasses are made of durable material, promising many years of reliability.
  • ⛰ COMPLETE ACCESSORIES - Our set is a tough storage case that is fitted with a metal carabiner clip. You also get 2 straps, one made of adjustable wire and the other, cloth, and a microfiber fabric.
  • ⛰ COMPLETE ACCESSORIES - Our set is a tough storage case that is fitted with a metal carabiner clip. You also get 2 straps, one made of adjustable wire and the other, cloth, and a microfiber fabric.

Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing | Comfortable and Sturdy | Black

  • COMFORTABLE | Comfortable belay glasses for rock climbing with perfect vision on the climber and surroundings while belaying
  • STURDY | Only high-quality materials (zero defect BK7 prisms) are used and a strict quality control is applied.
  • PRACTICAL | Easy to use, hardcase with carabiner, neck strap, microfiber glasses cloth and spare screws included
  • TECHNICAL | The prisms are designed to have a perfect alignment. The BG belay glasses also have the perfect angle (60°) to belay your partner.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH GLASSES | Compatible with eyeglasses and sunglasses

Sarabi.K Rock Climbing Gift Set: Climbing Chalk Bag + Belay Glasses with Neck String, Cleaning Cloth and Case + 6pc Hand Grip Strengthener Set, Ideal as Rock Climber Gift

  • COMPLETE ROCK CLIMBING ACCESSORIES KIT with all the things you need for a great rock climbing experience. These are the items every rock climber wants and needs, packaged in a great set. We've gathered them here in this unique collection at a special value price that saves you time and money. Consider gifting it to a first time climber.
  • CLIMBING CHALK BAG made of soft, durable oxford velvet. Perfectly sized at 7.4 x 5 x 5 inches. It's very lightweight at just over 3 ounces. Equipped with a sturdy quick-clip belt strap for ultimate convenience and proper placement during your climb. Includes a large pocket for storing ID, keys, money, phone and more. Also works great for workouts, weightlifting, running, and anywhere you want light, convenient personal storage.
  • QUALITY BELAY GLASSES with sturdy, comfortable neck string with carry case and cleaning cloth. These let you clearly see what is above you without having to look up your entire climb. Helps relieve neck, shoulder, back, and eye strain that often result from a lengthy climb. Now you can climb like the pros with your own pair of transparent, sharp, lightweight Belay Glasses.
  • 6 PIECE HAND STRENGTHENER kit with 3 hand grips and 3 finger stretchers. These let you conveniently build up your hands for easier climbing, weightlifting, and even for playing the guitar. Made of an exciting new flexible silicone material, they let you withstand repetitive motion without pain or stiffness. Lightweight and easy to carry with you everywhere.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA for anyone who climbs or enjoys the outdoors and physical activity. Just right for a birthday gift, holiday gift, or Christmas gift. Consider gifting it to the entire family!

Ee Light Weight Rock Climbing Belay Glasses High Transparency Prism Goggles with Strap, Zipper Case, Unisex Black

  • High-Transarent prisms offer a clear image and comfortable vision on the climber
  • Glasses light and comfortable. climbers are able to see the road on the head while looking straight ahead.
  • Neck strap allows user to quickly put on and take off glasses depending on climber's situation
  • NO MORE NECK PAIN! Make your climbing safer due to the comfortable and more focused belaying on the long routes
  • Included zipper case keeps glasses safe when not in use

PitchSix EyeSend Adjustable-View Rock Climbing Belay Glasses Lightweight Premium Belay Goggles Adjustable-View Rock Climbing Glasses Eliminate Belayers Neck Carry Case, Cloth and Carabiner

  • THE PROBLEM WITH CURRENT BELAY GLASSES—Belay glasses elevate your field of view, letting you look forward to see up. Unfortunately, all current belay glasses suffer from a fixed-prism design that only elevates your view by a fixed 60°. That’s a low-angle slab climb. If you spend most of your time climbing vertical or overhanging routes, you’re still craning your neck to see up. This could result in neck pain and a less-attentive belay.
  • EYESEND ADJUSTABILTY IS THE SOLUTION—EyeSend belay glasses offer a unique adjustable prism that lets you tune your field of view continuously from a 60° slab to a 120° overhanging route. With EyeSend, you’ll belay in full comfort and give a safer catch!
  • PREMIUM GLASSES FOR COMMITTED CLIMBERS—EyeSend belay glasses are designed for climbers that spend most of their time on cliffs that are vertical or steeper. Whether that’s long belays at Indian Creek or overhanging gym routes, EyeSend glasses offer the comfort needed for demanding belays. If this is you, get the right equipment for your eyes. Get EyeSend.
  • A COMPLETE PRODUCT: Climbing Magazine calls EyeSend “high-end goodness from head-to-toe, and their adjustability is a godsend.” PitchSix considered every detail in the EyeSend design. That started with the exclusive adjustable prism, but also includes an integrated neck strap, a beefy case design, left-hand only operation for use with the Petzl GriGri and in-field serviceability.
  • WORKS WITH OTHER GLASSES: The adjustability of EyeSend glasses means you can let them rest lower on your nose than other belay glasses while still looking comfortably up the climb. Because of this, EyeSend glasses can sit below sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses much better than regular belay glasses.

OULAIQI Ski Goggle Motorcycle Goggles For Man Women Windproof Anti-Fog Scratch Resistant Over Glasses Frameless Snow Goggles For Skiing Climbing Snowboarding

  • 🏂SUPERIOR IMPACT RESISTANCE & TOUGHNESS --- Our snow goggles made of premium TPU material frame and PC lens which make goggles have an excellent flexibility and impact resistance, secure more safety for your eyes and longer service life. Dimension:--Frame height :3.74 in , Frame width : 7.28 in .
  • 🏂COMFORTABLE TO WEAR & OPTIMUM VISION --- This ski goggles adopt to foam layer with two-layer of soft sponge for maximum which safely cling to face on your face.The ultra-large spherical lens provides unobstructed and clear visibility and is designed for optimum performance and comfort.
  • 🏂ANTI-FOG & CLEAR VISION --- Dual-layer lens technology with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating inner lens, It can provide 100% UV400 protection,Along with two-ways ventilation system, our goggles give you a Fog-Free and super super clear view ski experience and prevent scorching to eyes by the ultraviolet light or the strong sunshine reflection on the snowfield.
  • 🏂UV Protection & OTG DESIGN --- OTG design of the goggles allows you to wear your glasses inside the snow goggles,It fit up to glasses with a length of 5. 7” and a width of 1.6’’.The extra long elastic adjustable no-slip strap of the skiing goggles is extremely elastic to ensure helmet compatibility. And make you feel comfortable and not squeeze your eye.
  • 🏂WARRANTY SERVICE ---Try today absolutely risk free with our 90 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and experience the quality under our Lifetime frame and lens breakage Warranty coverage. If the product does not work out for you, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.
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