prAna Men's Standard Mojo Short, Black, X-Large

  • STYLE AND FUNCTION: Sustainable style built with all the performance features you could ever want and need that stays comforatble and secure as you move. The Mojo short is 100% recycled polyester that is lightweight and quick drying fabrick with mesh-lined pockets on the front a back pocket with Velcro pull-tag closure for safety and a plush waistband that give you security without the scratchiness.
  • SUN PROTECTION: Spring or Summer, our Mojo short, with UPF 50+ protection, will help you deliver optimal performance while keeping you protected from the harmful UV rays making it ideal for a full blown active awakening
  • OUTDOOR AND ACTIVE MEN'S SHORT: The Mojo short is made from recycled products reducing envirionmental impact, mositure wicking, and has a stretch fabrication that extends, expands and contracts to move with you allowing for ultimate flexbility during any activity
  • Standard fit

How To Choose The Best Climbing Shorts

What Is The Purpose Of Climbing Shorts?

Climbing shorts are designed to be worn while doing outdoor activities such as rock-climbing, mountaineering, hiking, etc. They are very popular among climbers because they provide comfort and support during strenuous activity. In addition, these shorts allow easy movement while wearing them. Most climbers prefer to climb with a pair of climbing pants rather than climbing shorts because they're more comfortable and durable. However, there are many advantages associated with using climbing shorts over other types of shorts. For example, climbing shorts are lighter weight and easier to carry around compared to regular shorts. Also, they are more breathable than traditional shorts. If you plan to go mountain biking or running, then you might choose to wear cycling shorts or jogging bottoms instead of climbing shorts.

Why Do People Wear Climbing Shorts?

There are several reasons why people wear climbing shorts. First, they are lightweight and easy to pack. Second, they are ideal for those who enjoy outdoor sports. Third, they are great for active individuals who wish to stay cool while working hard outdoors. Fourth, they are perfect for anyone who wants to perform well in physical fitness tests. Finally, climbing shorts are suitable for both men and women.

How To Choose Clothes That Are Suitable For Outdoor Activities

It is important to know which type of clothes are best suited for different kinds of outdoor activities. There are two main categories of outdoor activities - recreational and competitive. Recreational activities include walking, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, picnicking, and so forth. Competitive activities include tennis, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, golfing, volleyball, track and field events, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, skate boarding, surfing, and so on.

Types Of Clothing For Different Types Of Outdoors Activities

The most common types of outdoor clothing are casual, sportswear, and performance apparel. Casual clothing includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and so on. Sportswear consists of shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, vests, windbreakers, fleece pullovers, and so on. Performance apparel includes racing suits, ski outfits, swimsuits, wetsuits, diving gear, and so on.

Benefits Of Wearing Climbing Shorts

Wearing climbing shorts has numerous benefits. First, they are light weight and easy to carry. Second, they are extremely versatile. Third, they are excellent for performing physical exercise outdoors. Fourth, they are good for protecting your skin from sunburn. Fifth, they are convenient and practical. Sixth, they are comfortable and flattering. Seventh, they are fashionable. Lastly, they are affordable.

Choosing The Right Size For Climbing Shortss

Choose the right size for your body shape. If you are tall, select a larger size. Conversely, if you are short, select a smaller size. Remember, the longer your legs are, the bigger the leg opening needs to be.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Climbing Shorts

Climbing is a sport where athletes climb ropes with specialized gear called "climbing shoes" which attach themselves to the rope by way of special laces. There are many different types of climbing shoes available today ranging from traditional hard-soled shoes to soft-soled shoes. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Hard soles provide more traction and stability while softer soles allow for greater flexibility and comfort. Soft soles are generally lighter weight and easier to walk around in. However, these features come at a price; soft soles are typically very thin and lack durability. If you're planning on spending hours upon hours on top of a rock face, you might want to invest in a pair of climbing shoes that offers both support and durability.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Climb Shoes For You

There are three main categories of climbing shoes: hard-soled, soft-soled, and hybrid. Hard-soled shoes are those that have been designed specifically for climbing. Typically, climbers who choose to purchase hard-soled shoes must be willing to sacrifice other aspects of shoe design in order to achieve maximum grip and traction. Some examples include thicker sole materials, higher heel heights, and stiffer uppers. Although harder soles are great for climbing, they aren't always ideal for everyday activities. In fact, most people prefer wearing soft-soled shoes because they are comfortable and easy to walk in. Hybrid climbing shoes combine the best qualities of both hard- and soft-soled shoes. Hybrid climbing shoes are constructed using durable materials and high-quality stitching techniques. As a result, hybrid climbing shoes are extremely durable and long lasting. Additionally, hybrid climbing shoes are able to maintain their shape and fit throughout multiple uses.

Although there are pros and cons to each style, we recommend choosing between hard-sole and soft-sole based on personal preference. Hard-sole climbing shoes are usually heavier and bulkier than soft-sole climbing shoes. Because of this, hard-sole climbing shoes are perfect for outdoor sports such as hiking and mountaineering. Soft-sole climbing shoes are preferred by indoor enthusiasts due to their lightness and ease of movement. Both styles of climbing shoes are suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Traditional climbing shoes are characterized by a thick, heavy sole material. Most traditional climbing shoes are manufactured using leather or synthetic materials. While traditional climbing shoes are sturdy and reliable, they are difficult to maneuver and uncomfortable to wear. Hybrid climbing shoes are built using lightweight materials such as nylon and mesh. These materials allow for increased breathability and ventilation. Furthermore, hybrid climbing shoes are incredibly flexible and comfortable. Hybrid climbing shoes are a good choice for anyone interested in trying out climbing for the first time.

Choosing Between Different Types Of Climbing Shoe Materials

As mentioned above, there are two major categories of climbing shoes: hard-soled and soft-soled. Within each category, there are several different subcategories.

Features To Look For When Buying Climbing Shorts

Climbing shorts are designed with the climber in mind. The material is light weight so that you can climb longer hours while still feeling comfortable. If you're planning on spending more time outdoors, these shorts might be perfect for you. There are many different styles available, including short-short, long-long, mid-length, and full length. All of these options allow you to choose which style best suits your needs. Some climbers prefer the freedom of being able to hike around in their pants, whereas others prefer to stay covered up. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a pair of climbing shorts that fits your lifestyle perfectly.


The most important thing to think about when choosing climbing shorts is the fabric. Cotton is great because it breathes well and dries quickly. However, cotton does absorb moisture, making it ideal for hot weather conditions. Polyester is another popular choice because it doesn't wrinkle as easily and has a smoother texture. Both materials are easy to care for and wash well. Another option is nylon/spandex blends. Nylon offers durability and spandex gives stretchability. Spandex is especially helpful if you plan on doing lots of stretching exercises. Other fabrics include lycra, polypropylene, microfiber, and bamboo. Each type of fabric offers its own benefits.


Another factor to take into consideration is fit. Many climbers prefer shorts that are loose fitting because they provide maximum mobility. Others prefer tight fitting shorts because they give added support during climbs. Regardless of whether you prefer looser or tighter shorts, you'll want to ensure that the waistband stays put. Loose fitting shorts tend to ride up during strenuous activity, causing discomfort. Tight fitting shorts can cause chafing and irritation.


There are several colors to choose from. Black is classic and goes with everything. White is versatile and works well for both warm and cool climates. Blue is another color that looks good on everyone. Green is always a safe bet, since it tends to blend in nicely with nature. Red is bold and stands out among other colors. Yellow is bright and cheerful. Orange is fun and playful. Purple is elegant and sophisticated. Pink is girlish and sweet. Brown is earthy and rugged. Gray is neutral and professional. Be careful though; gray can sometimes appear drab depending on the shade chosen. Darker shades of gray can actually look quite attractive. Choose wisely!


Some climbers enjoy wearing patterns on their clothes. Whether you go for stripes, plaids, polka dots, or anything else, patterned shorts are a fun way to express your personality. Patterns can range from simple designs to intricate ones. Keep in mind that patterns can be distracting and detract from the overall appearance of your outfit. Avoid using too many patterns unless you really love them. Stick to solid colors or plain prints.


Shopping online makes finding the right climbing shorts easier than ever before. With hundreds of stores offering thousands of products, you'll never run out of choices. Prices vary widely between retailers.

Different Types of Climbing Shorts

Climbing shorts are designed with the goal of providing comfort while working out. The most common type of climber short has a pocket for storing keys or other small objects. Other styles include pockets for holding water bottles or other personal items. Some climbers prefer to carry only essentials, which makes sense since these shorts are meant to be worn during exercise.

Benefits of Climbing Short

The benefits of wearing climbing shorts are numerous. First, they provide support for the legs and back. Second, they allow freedom of movement because there is no restriction around the waist. Third, they are comfortable to wear because they fit snugly and comfortably. Fourth, they are easy to put on and take off. Fifth, they are lightweight so you can climb longer before needing to stop to rest.

Types of Climbing Shorts

There are many different types of climbing shorts available today.

Most of them fall into two categories: traditional and modern. Traditional climbing shorts are more durable and long-lasting than modern ones. Modern climbing shorts are lighter weight and easier to maneuver. Both types of shorts are great choices for outdoor activities like rock climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, and caving.

Traditional Climbing Shorts

Traditional climbing shorts are made from cotton and polyester blends. Cotton is breathable and absorbs moisture well. Polyester dries quickly and resists wrinkles. If you plan to hike or camp outdoors, choose a pair of traditional climbing shorts. They're sturdy enough to withstand rough conditions and last for years. However, they aren't very fashionable. For example, they lack pockets and zippers. Instead, they typically have drawstrings or buttons for adjusting the length.

Modern Climbing Shorts

Modern climbing shorts are made from nylon and spandex blends. Nylon is strong yet flexible. Spandex stretches to accommodate body movements and prevents chafing. Because they are light weight, they are ideal for indoor workouts. Also, they have elastic waists and leg openings that adjust to fit perfectly. Many modern climbing shorts have pockets for carrying small items. In addition, they have zippers for opening and closing the front panel. Choose a pair of modern climbing shorts if you plan to go hiking or camping.

How To Wear Climbing Shorts

Wear climbing shorts by pulling them down below the knee. Then pull the top part of the shorts up above the knees. Finally, tuck the bottom part of the shorts inside the tops of the thighs. Make sure the bottoms of the shorts cover the ankles. Otherwise, they could cause blisters.

Where To Find Climb Shorts

Most stores sell climbing shorts. Look for brands that are known for quality products. Brands like Patagonia, Icebreaker, and Columbia are reputable companies that produce high-quality climbing shorts. Keep in mind that climbing shorts are intended for outdoor activity. Therefore, they must be able to handle rain, snow, wind, heat, cold, and humidity. Don't purchase a pair of shorts that doesn't meet those requirements.


Dockers Men's Classic-Fit Perfect-Short - 32W - New British Khaki (Cotton)

  • Sits at waist, roomy fit through seat and thigh
  • Larger smart phone pocket; single welt button through back pockets
  • 10" inseam
  • Features twill, stretch for performance
  • Zip fly
  • NOTE: The Cotton version hits at or below the knee and the stretch (9.5" Inseam) fits at or just above the knee. It all depends on how high/low the customer wears his shorts

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 9" Short, Washed Red, 36

  • Roomy through hip & thigh with straight leg. Sits at the waist
  • Soft, lightweight, and breathable twill cotton
  • Set-in button-closure pockets at back
  • An Amazon brand

JINSHI Men's Casual Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Gym Running Sports Shorts (Army green,M)

  • Lightweight quick dry shorts with internal drawstring and adjustable waist fit for any body form
  • Zip-closed security pockets ensure the safety of the stuff
  • Suitable for any circumstance.Good choice for indoor and outdoor activities.Such as Walking,Running,Gym,Traveling,Mountaineering,Hiking or at Home,etc
  • Quick dry,breathable,lightweight material.Keep you fresh and all-day comfort.Allowing to take less clothes when in travel
  • Solid color.Fashion and Concise.Great for Spring/Summer.Machine washable

MAGCOMSEN Running Shorts for Men Zipper Pockets Workout Shorts Gym Shorts Hiking Shorts Quick Dry Shorts Climbing Shorts Camping Shorts for Men Army Green

  • 95% Polyester,5% Spandex,Quick Dry Men's Shorts with Zipper pockets.
  • Breathable Texture material helps assure body comfort. Sturdy Seams help ensure long lasting wear.
  • Lightweight active shorts designed with zippered pockets at side and zippered rear flap pocket.keeping your value things safe.
  • Adjustable Waistband Allows Short to Fit Comfortably.
  • Great for Spring/Summer sports like running, gym, workout, camping, hiking, travelling and mountaineering,etc.

Lee Men's Performance Series Extreme Comfort Short, Gray Chambray, 40

  • Straight fit-flat front
  • Style and athletic performance
  • Active comfort fabric - Remarkable 4-way stretch
  • Athletic flex waistband
  • Inseam: 10 inches
  • special size type: standard

Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Biker Shorts with Pockets 6" Inseam Workout & Yoga Tights (S, Black)

  • Crafted from a brushed, buttery soft and stretch fabric for delivering you the naked sensation and the unrestricted movement
  • Side pockets allow you to store your personal items when you’re on the go
  • Seamless waistband sits at the natural waist and feels light as air
  • Turn your gear inside out when washing. Wash separately, air dry or tumble dry low
  • Approx. 6" inseam

Hiauspor Men's Hiking Cargo Shorts Quick Dry Athletic Shorts with Elastic Waist for Fishing Golf Casual (Black,Medium)

  • Lightweight and 4-Way Stretch Fabric: Mens hiking shorts with soft breathable fabric enhanced movement and comfort. Moisture wicking features keep you cool in summer.
  • Quick Dry & UPF 50+: The quick dry shorts with quick-drying fabric build-in UPF 50+ keep you dry and provide great protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Elastic Waist + 2 Buttons & 2 Hook and Loop Fasteners: Elastic waistband keep you fit perfectly, 2 hook and loop fastener plus double snaps at the front waist ensure it won't come undone.
  • 5 Zipper Pockets: 5 spacious & deep pockets will store your phone and other essentials. Great quality zippers won't get stuck.
  • Mens Athletic Shorts Occasion for: Hiking, golf, fishing, camping, climbing, casual, work out, beach vacation or the outdoor activities you want.

adidas Boy's Regista 18 Short Bold Blue/White X-Small

  • Climalite wicks sweat to keep you dry in every condition
  • Drawcord on elastic waist
  • Contrast hem stripe

Columbia Men's Brewha Ii Short, Cool Grey, XX-Large x 7

  • Country Of Origin: Viet Nam
  • Model Number: 1536071
  • Outdoor Recreation Product
  • Outer Wear Apparel

FLYFIREFLY Men's 2-in-1 Workout Running Shorts 7" Lightweight Gym Yoga Training Sport Short Pants Black

  • ▲ PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZE: If you prefer loose fit, go up a size.The Workout Shorts Men Size Chart→Small121-143lbs(55-65KG), Medium143-165lbs(65-75KG), Large165-187lbs(75-85KG), X-Large187-209lbs(85-95KG).
  • ▲ HIGHT PERFORMANCE FABRIC: 95% Polyamide / 5% Polyester For The Mens Running Shorts. Extremly Soft Lightweight, Comfort And Breathable Material Wicks Away Sweat And Dries Quickly. Easy To Clean, Retains Shape Even After Multiple Washes.
  • ▲ DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE AND TRAINING: The Force Knit Sport Shorts Men Feature An Upgraded Fabrication Whilst Keeping In Line With The Popular Aesthetic Fit. Ideal Mens Gym Shorts For Leg And To Appeal To Your Physique; Adjustable Waistband With Drawcord For A Better Fit.
  • ▲ FEATURE OF PRODUCT: The 2 in 1 Shorts Men With Built-in Compression Support Thigh Muscle To Improve Performance And Provide More Generous Fit For Extra Mobility----A Liner Phone Pocket To Keep Your Phone Out Of The Way----2 Front Zippered Pockets Keep Your Phone, Keys And Wallet Safe---And One Back Zippered Pocket For Some Extra Storage----Adjustable Contrasting Draw Strings, Easy To Adjust And Secure Support.
  • ▲ PERFECTLY SUITABLE FOR: Gym, Running, Workout, Fitness,Training,Jogging,Basketball,Fishing,Boxing Wear And Outdoor Living Etc.

Cycorld-Men's-Outdoor-Hiking-Shorts-Quick-Dry-Lightweight Stretchy for Cargo Casual Climbing Camping(Grey, Large)

  • [Features] 94% Polyester & 6% Spandex. Adopt high-quality fabrics, quick dry, lightweight, breathable and Tear resistance.
  • [5 Pockets] Our mens hiking shorts have 5 Pockets in total, including 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets, and 1 zip-closed rear pocket. Easy to keep your 6.5" phone or any other small items.
  • [4-Way Stretch] The tactical shorts for men are made by 4-Way stretch fabric to enhance movement and comfort.
  • [Good Fit for You] Elastic waistband and adjustable hook and loop fastener that are around the mens quick dry lightweight hiking shorts would fit your waist better.
  • [YKK Zipper & Advanced Sewing] The mens climbing shorts are made of reinforced crotch seams design and YKK zippers, more durable.

MAGNIVIT Men's 3/4 Pants Outdoor Hiking Shorts Quick Dry Lightweight Stretch Mountain Casual Cargo Shorts Dark Grey

  • Material: Nylon,Spandex / Comfy, flexible, stretch
  • Features: 3/4 below knee long shorts,elastic waist for a better fit,side prints make you look more stylish
  • Reinforced Knee:The thickened knee fabric enhances durability and provides strong protection for outdoor athletes
  • 3 Zipper Pockets:Two front zipper pockets and one back zipper pocket,prevent the loss of valuable items
  • Perfect for Hiking,Camping,Cycling,Mountain,Camping,Climbing,Fishing,etc

Men's Outdoor Hiking Shorts Quick Dry Stretchy 3/4 Capri Pants Cargo Shorts Male Black

  • 【QUICK DRY& AVOID STICKING 】This men's hiking shorts made with breathable, quick-dry but still durable fabric, help to wick moisture and dry quickly, avoid cling.
  • 【EXTRA FLEXIBILITY & LIGHTWEIGHT】★1. Flexibility is also key to comfort. our men's stretch hiking shorts use 4-way stretch fabric to ensures excellent mobility and maximum freedom of movement as moving, avoid the embarrassment of sudden tearing. ★2. Equipped with lightweight fabric, the hiking sports shorts can be packed down small and weight almost nothing making them ideal for travel, unlike usual cargo type pants/shorts so bulky.
  • 【CAPRI DESIGN】Designed with below-knee length, Quick Dry Capri Shorts protect your skin from being hurt or mosquito bites in outdoors and keep dry cool in summer. Great for outdoor activities and sports: tennis, cycling, running, fishing, camping, hiking, climbing, and other cross-training activities. Or you can make the 3/4 sports pants as daily attire.
  • 【SECURE FIT】★1. Featured elastic waistband with an inner drawstring, This men's 3/4 pants can perfectly suit your waist and avoid slide down when running or loading much stuff in the pockets, no more sorrow and anxiety. ★2. Cargo Shorts For Men have two big sides zipped pockets, one back zipped pockets and one velcro flap pocket on the left leg allow for the safe and convenient storage of valuable items such as iPhone, wallet, card.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION SERVICE】A hiking cargo shorts of good quality will not only be comfortable to wear, but also make your athletic performance better. We offer high-quality goods and a 100% satisfaction service! just feel free to contact us if you have quality issues or a dissatisfying shopping experience. if you mean to meet perfect mens hiking shorts, then add to the cart without hesitation.

Work Shorts for Men Stretch Cargo Shorts for Men Tactical Shorts Hiking Shorts Men Rock Climbing Shorts Mens Summer Shorts Dark Grey

  • ♡ Material: 87% Nylon & 13% Spandex. Lightweight and Comfortable. Great for Outdoors.
  • ♡ 5 Pockets Design: 2 Hand Pockets; 1 Zipper Security Pocket and 1 Large Cargo Pocket on thigh; 1 Rear Zipper Pockets. It can store your odds and ends safely when you are moving.
  • ♡ Features: Wear-resisting, Quick Dry, Lightweight, Breathable, Flexible, Sun protection, Moisture Wicking.
  • ♡ Comfortable: Cargo shorts with elastic waistband for better fit. Choose the size as usual. They fit true to size.
  • ♡ Occasions: Idear for daily wear or outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, travelling, camping, fishing, mountaineering, cycling, riding etc.

Blevonh Womens Shorts for Summer,Plus Women Fashionable Athletic Short Inner Leggings Ladies Flexible Waist Recreation Outdoor Climbing Boardshorts Running Outfits Black XL

  • Comfy Shorts:The workout shorts womens,aren’t too big or too tight,or too long.Perfect summer shorts for women.
  • Built In Liner:The running shorts for women,womens athletic shorts,the layer underneath is just tight enough to keep you covered and does not ride up
  • Big Pockets:Women shorts for summer,shorts for women casual summer,the two side pockets are deep enough to fit a phone or your keys without falling out.
  • Occasion: You can wear the athletic shorts for running,workout,yoga,gym or just lounging in summer.
  • Service: If you don't like the shorts for women casual summer,you can return it,Pls don't hesitate.Give yourself a chance to try,may be look so pretty.

Surenow Mens Running ShortsWorkout Running Shorts for Men2-in-1 Stealth Shorts 7-Inch Gym Yoga Outdoor Sports Shorts Camouflage Grey

  • 【PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZE】- The dimensions of the products are actually measured, before ordering, you can refer to the size. If you like loose size, you can choose a larger size. US S (Length 13.7 ", Hip 41.7", Waist 28.3 "), US M (Length 14.5 ", Hip 43.3", Waist 29.9 "), US L (Length 15.3 ", Hip 44.9", Waist 31.5 "), US XL (Length 16.1 ", Hip 46.5", Waist 33.1 "), US XXL (Length 16.9 ", Hip 48", Waist 34.6 "), US 3XL (Length 17.7 ", Hip 49.6", Waist 36.2 ").
  • 【HIGH QUALITY FABRIC】- Outer shorts fabric - polyester + spandex, tight lining material - polyester + spandex. The spandex content of the lining is higher, so the elasticity is better.
  • 【INTIMATE DESIGN 】 - Adjustable drawstring for greater waist comfort, the standard length is more convenient for leg movement. Pocket and towel ring design, convenient to put your personal belongings when you exercise. Zipper design, higher security, towel hanging on the towel ring, ready to use.
  • 【FABRIC FEATURES】- High elastic fabric is more convenient for sports. Quick-drying and breathable fabric can quickly drain sweat and keep dry so that you can keep comfortable during or after exercise.
  • 【SUITABLE PLACE】 - 2-in-1 multifunctional training shorts are suitable for gym, running, yoga, basketball, outdoor travel, etc.

BIYLACLESEN Quick Dry Pants Men Hiking Pants Mens Summer Shorts Running Shorts Men Climbing Pants Three-Quarter Pants Performance Pants Bright Blue

  • Material: Polyester and Spandex ; Stylish and Comfortable Pants
  • High Quality Fabric :Breathable and Quick Dry fabric provides you cozy and cool feeling after sweating.Lightweight fabric keeps you free when you're exercising,give you the greatest freedom.
  • Design: Adjustable elastic waist.You can Adjust the tightness which you need.Below knee length features protect your skin from damage.
  • Zipper Pockets: 2 zipper side pockets(deep enough for 6.5" cellphone),1 zipper rear pockets.The zipper pockets are perfect for keeping your cell phones,wallet and other valuables safe anytime.
  • Occasions: Durable, Lightweight and Soft pants is allows freedom of movement during all activities(Hiking/Fishing/Camping/Traveling/Mountaineering,etc)

Willit Women's Yoga Lounge Shorts Hiking Active Running Workout Shorts Comfy Travel Casual Shorts with Pockets 2.5" Bordeaux M

  • Stretch, ultra-Soft and lightweight fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you from getting damp and chilled while lounging or hiking
  • Comfy, wide waistband stays put to ensure all-day comfort; Adjustable drawcord for a custom fit
  • Hand pockets hold small essentials like a key, card or cash
  • Flatlock stitching reduces chafing, provide next-to-skin softness and chafe-free comfort
  • Willit Versatile Sweat shorts are perfect for yoga, running, travel, hiking, workout, walking or daily wear. They're light, cool, breathable and stretchy, making it a great summer short for vacation

Surenow Mens 2 in 1 Running Shorts Quick Dry Athletic Shorts with Liner, Workout Shorts with Zip Pockets and Towel Loop Black

  • [UPGRADED FABRIC IS LIGHT and BREATHABLE] Surenow quick-drying men's shorts are made of upgraded fabric, which is soft and comfortable, and the lining is elastic, so no matter how you move, you won't feel bound. The quick-drying fabric will not feel stuffy when you exercise, which helps to sweat and has the characteristics of fast-drying.
  • [REINFORCED LINING] The lining is upgraded to make the whole body more elastic. You can feel the difference between it and ordinary shorts by touching it, which gives you a higher quality experience. The fabric is fine and comfortable, without friction or other bad feelings.
  • [DELICATE DETAILS] The side of the shorts is a slant insert pocket, and the inner lining has a well-cut and firm internal pocket, allowing you to hold your personal belongings. The drawstring in the same color at the waist can be adjusted according to your figure to give maximum comfort to the waist. The towel ring at the back is more convenient for movement, and the zipper pocket is better for safety.
  • [SUITABLE SCENE] The 2-in-1 shorts are suitable for many occasions, such as home wear, outdoor running, sports, and fitness, with high comfort, classic and fashionable style. It can't be more suitable for any occasion.
  • [EASY CARE] It can be washed by hand or by machine, with high color fastness, no fading, no deformation, and durability.

CRYSULLY Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Cargo Shorts Summer Climbing Shorts with Pockets Army Green

  • [Fabric] 90% Nylon + 10% Spandex. Men's shorts are made of nylon fabric with moderate elasticity and are not restricted.
  • [Quick Dry] When you are walking fast, due to the quick-drying material, the sweat produced can quickly evaporate and keep it dry.
  • [Multi-pocket] There is 1 pocket on the right side of the thigh, 3 pockets on the right side of the thigh, and 1 pocket with a zipper on the back. A total of 5 pockets can meet your storage needs.
  • [Elastic Waist Circumference] The side of men's waist is made of elastic band, which makes you easy to wear and convenient to travel.
  • [Occasion] It can be worn comfortably in spring, summer, and autumn, suitable for tourism, shopping, mountain climbing, fishing, hiking, camping and other activities.

TACVASEN Men's Capri Pants Quick Dry Hiking Camping Climbing Shorts Below Knees Dark Grey, 32

  • MATERIAL: Nylon & Spandex.
  • FEATURE: Lightweight, Breathable, Quick Dry, Water repellent.
  • COMFORT FIT: Elastic waistband and buckle string on the both sides to make a comfort fit.
  • MULTI POCKETS: 2 slanted pockets, 2 cargo pocket, 2 rear pocket and 1 zipper pocket to keep your item safe.
  • OCCASSION: Durable and comfortable shorts for outdoors or daily wear. Perfect for hiking, camping, climbing, working, fishing, training, golf and so on.

BALEAF Women's 4" Hiking Shorts Quick Dry Lightweight Running Workout Yoga Shorts w Pockets Tile Green L

  • Breathable Fabric: 4" hiking running shorts made from 4-way stretch and moisture-wick fabric, lightweight but not thin, bringing low-friction and cool feeling while exercise.【Warm tips】If you prefer loose one, a size bigger might fit you better.
  • Flat Elastic Waistband: Womens sweat shorts use comfy, wide elastic waistband stays flattering, won't cut into squishy belly fat. Adjustable drawstring for a custom fit
  • 2 Pockets: Workout shorts with side pockets for your essentials, cell phone, key, card or cash
  • Approx 4" Inseam won't ride up, flowey loose legs design provide plenty range of motion, It's a great choice for summer
  • Perfect for hiking, running, yoga, casual summer lounging, travel, workout, walking, gym fitness and any athletic activities

Little Donkey Andy Women's 2 in 1 Quick Dry Hiking Shorts Compression Tights for Tennis Running Climbing Black S

  • Combination shorts and capri leggings is of breathable quick dry fabric wicking moisture away fastly to keep you dry and cool.Lightweight and 4-way stretch allow body to move much more smoothly while playing tennis.
  • Built-in compression hiking shorts with a elastic waistband and drawsting cord lock.
  • The sides zipper pockets is big enough to keep iphone in secure,the rear small pocket for holding keys,coins.
  • Women running shorts with leggings has a towel or vest loop on the back.Reflective logo and pocket's trims keep you visible in low light as walking at night.
  • 2 in 1 tights and shorts athletic wear can fit for any season and most climates.Womens workout short with pants is suitable for climbing,jogging,gym,lounge,athletic,longboarding,rugby exercise,fitness,yoga.
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