Coleman 3000000454 Filler Cap Lantern

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How To Choose The Best Coleman 1 Lb Propane Tank

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Propane Tank?

Coleman propane tanks are designed to be lightweight and portable so that you can take them with you wherever you go. If you're camping or hiking, these tanks are perfect because they allow you to carry more fuel around with you. In addition, they are easy to fill and refill. Most importantly, they provide reliable service and safety features.

How Do Colemans Compare To Other Tanks?

The most obvious advantage of using a Coleman propane tank is its portability. Their tanks are built to last and are very well-made. Another benefit of using a Coleman propane tank is that it comes equipped with a pressure regulator valve. This ensures that there is no risk of explosion due to high pressures inside the tank. Also, Coleman uses only stainless steel valves which makes them extremely durable.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using A Coleman Propane Tank?

There are disadvantages to using a Coleman propane tank. For starters, Coleman does not recommend storing propane in direct sunlight. Because of this, you must store your tank away from heat sources like windows and doors. Additionally, Coleman recommends that you never leave your tank unattended while filling or refilling. Finally, Coleman warns users to avoid leaving the tank open overnight. Doing so could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Is There Anything Else That You Need To Know About Coleman Propane Tanks?

Coleman offers two different types of propane tanks. One type is called a "1-lb" tank and the other is called a "2-gal." Both types are available in either red or blue color schemes. However, the 2-gallon model is slightly larger than the smaller version.

Where Can You Find Coleman Propane Tanks?

Coleman sells their tanks online and in retail stores across North America. You can order them directly from their website by clicking here. Alternatively, you can visit your local hardware store and ask them where they sell Coleman propane tanks.

What Are Some Uses For A Coleman Propane Tank?

Coleman propane tanks are great for outdoor activities. Camping trips, fishing excursions, and hunting expeditions are just a few examples of places where you might use a Coleman propane tank. If you plan on going somewhere remote, you'll definitely want to bring along a Coleman propane tank.

Can You Use A Coleman Propane Tank At Home Or Office?

Yes! Coleman propane tanks are perfectly suited for indoor use. Whether you're cooking outdoors or working indoors, you can still use a Coleman propane tank. Just remember to follow the instructions provided by Coleman regarding storage.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman Propane Tank

Coleman propane tanks are available in many different sizes and capacities. If you're planning on using a Coleman fuel stove, there are two main types of tanks that you could purchase. One type is called "1-pound" and another is called "2-pound". However, the 2-pound tanks are slightly larger than the 1-pound ones.

How Do You Know Which Type To Purchase?

There are several factors that you should take into consideration before making a decision. First, you must know which size of tank you require. For example, if you plan on cooking with a portable grill, you might be interested in purchasing a smaller sized tank. In addition, you should think about whether you'd prefer to store your propane inside the tank or outside of it. Finally, you should decide whether you'd rather purchase a tank that has a built-in regulator or one that does not.

Built-In Regulators vs Non-Regulated Tanks

Some tanks include a built-in regulator while others do not. Built-in regulators allow you to control the amount of pressure within the tank by turning a valve located on top of the tank. Without a built-in regulator, you cannot regulate the pressure of the tank. Instead, you must rely upon the manufacturer's instructions to determine how much pressure is required to operate the appliance.

Which Size Is Right For Me?

After considering these three important questions, you should now be able to choose between the two options. There are pros and cons associated with each option. Let's examine both sides of the coin.

Pros & Cons of Using a 1-Pound Tank

One advantage of choosing a 1-pound tank is that you can fill it quickly. Because you only need to pump a small amount of gas into the tank, it takes less time to complete the process. Another benefit is that you can refill the tank more frequently because you only need to replace half of its contents.

Cons of Using a 1-Pound Tank

On the other hand, there are disadvantages to using a 1-pound tank. Since you only need to pump a small quantity of gas into the tank, refilling it becomes quite difficult. Also, since the tank holds only 0.5 kilograms of gas, you'll run out sooner than you would if you purchased a bigger capacity tank.

Pros & Cons of Using a 2-Pound Tank

Using a 2-pound tank offers a number of advantages. First, you can fill the tank faster because you only need to pump twice as much gas into it. Second, you can refill the tank more frequently because you only need to replace half of its contents. Third, you can cook longer periods of time because you can fill the tank with enough gas to last you throughout the day.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman Propane Tank

Their reputation for high-quality products and customer service has earned them many loyal customers. If you're planning on using a Coleman gas grill, stove, lantern, or other Coleman product, you know you're getting top-of-the-line performance. The same goes for Coleman propane tanks. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a Coleman propane tank.


Most homes require two tanks - one for each appliance. However, larger homes might only need one tank. Check with your local hardware store before purchasing a tank so you can be sure you've got enough capacity.


Most propane tanks are made of steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, or stainless steel. Steel tanks are durable and long lasting, but they aren't very attractive. Aluminum tanks are lightweight and easy to carry around, but they scratch easily. Plastic tanks are inexpensive and light weight, but they crack easily and are difficult to repair. Fiberglass tanks are strong and last longer than most materials, but they are heavy and expensive. Stainless steel tanks are sturdy and corrosion resistant, but they are more expensive than others.


Your propane tank needs to be large enough to accommodate the amount of fuel you intend to burn. In general, the bigger the tank, the more fuel you can store. But remember that the volume of the tank isn't always directly proportional to its capacity. Some tanks are designed to fit into certain appliances, which makes them smaller than standard tanks. Also, different types of fuel take up different amounts of space. So check the manufacturer's specifications carefully before buying.


Propane tanks contain pressurized gases, which could cause serious injury or death if mishandled. Always read the instructions included with your tank and follow safety precautions listed by the manufacturer. Never fill a tank higher than half full, and never leave a tank unattended. Keep children away from the tank and ensure there are no pets near the tank. Store the tank outside where it cannot freeze during winter months.

Different Types of Coleman 1lb Propane Tanks

The company was founded by John W. Coleman who started selling gas stoves. He later began manufacturing other appliances including refrigerators, water heaters, and more. Today, Coleman still manufactures many popular household goods including outdoor grills, fireplaces, and lanterns. Their most well-known product line includes Coleman camping gear which includes tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, coolers, and more. In addition to these products, Coleman makes propane tanks and accessories. There are several different types of Coleman 1 pound propane tanks available. Here we’ll discuss each type of tank and explain why you might choose one over another.

1/2 Gallon Gasoline Propane Tanks

The standard size of Coleman 1 gallon gasoline propane tanks is 1/2 gallons. These tanks are perfect for small portable cooking devices such as barbeques, hot tubs, and other small appliances. If you plan to cook with these tanks, be sure to purchase a regulator so that you can control the amount of fuel being pumped into the stove. Most regulators are inexpensive and easy to install. Some models allow you to adjust the flow rate while others require you to remove the cap before adjusting the valve.

5 Gallon Gasoline Propane Tanks

Coleman 5 gallon gasoline propane tanks are ideal for larger appliances such as griddles, ovens, and large barbecue pits. Because these tanks hold five times more fuel than smaller ones, they provide ample power for longer periods of time. However, because there is more fuel inside, you must pay close attention to the way you fill them. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and never leave the tank unattended. Also, be careful around open flames. Never pour liquid directly onto the flame source. Instead, wait until the container is empty before pouring the remaining contents back into the tank.

10 Gallon Gasoline Propane Tanks

Coleman 10 gallon gasoline propane tanks are great for powering bigger appliances such as griddles, ovens, and large barbecue pits. Like their larger cousins, these tanks are filled using a funnel. Be sure to watch the level closely during filling. Once the tank reaches full capacity, stop adding fuel immediately. Do not continue to pump once the tank is full. Doing so could cause the pressure within the tank to rise too high and result in a burst. To avoid bursting, always check the gauge prior to pumping.

20 Gallon Gasoline Propane Tanks

Coleman 20 gallon gasoline propane tanks are best suited for powering commercial grade appliances such as griddles, ovens, and large barbecue pits. Unlike their smaller cousins, these tanks cannot be refilled. Therefore, you must replace them periodically. Before purchasing a replacement, however, ensure that the old tank is completely emptied. Otherwise, you risk damaging the appliance. Always remember to turn off the burner before removing the tank. Failure to do so could lead to fires.


Coleman 2000032171 Cooking Stoves Accessories & Parts

  • Replacement gas stove regulator for Coleman stoves with gas pressure issues
  • Maintains steady propane gas pressure in Coleman stoves
  • Fits most Coleman Propane Stoves, Grills/Stoves, and Fold N Go Stoves
  • Brings new life to beloved Coleman stoves that require maintenance
  • Check user manual of your Coleman stove to confirm compatibility
  • Not compatible with any stoves powered by liquid fuel or butane/propane mixes

Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Compact Liquid Fuel Stove

  • One 7,500 BTU burner and one 6,500 BTU burner
  • Runs on Coleman Fuel or unleaded gas
  • Boil a quart of water in four minutes
  • 2 Burner, 14,000 BTU Cooking Power
  • Limited Lifetime

Coleman Premium 700 Lumens Dual-Fuel Camping Lantern with Case

  • Extra-bright 700 lumens on high
  • Adjustable dimmer knob for perfect outdoor lighting
  • Dual Fuel technology runs on Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline
  • All-Season Strong design for incredible performance in frigid conditions
  • Runtime of 7 hours on high using 1 tank of fuel
  • Hard carry case for protected carrying and storage
  • 3-year limited warranty

Coleman Company Slip-On Rosette Shape #51 Lantern Mantles (Pack of 2), Green/White

  • Made in India
  • Package dimension :10.16 cm x 7.62 cm x 1.524 cm
  • Package weight :0.05 lbs
  • Product type :SPORTING GOODS

Coleman Small Stove Carry Case,Black,20" W x 6.5" L x 13 " H

  • Rugged carrying case for securely transporting and storing small Coleman stoves
  • Tough PVC-coated polyester construction protects stove from the elements
  • Comfortable web handles for easy carrying
  • 2 drawstring propane pouches securely hold extra fuel canisters (sold separately)
  • Fits Coleman 2-burner stoves measuring up to 20.4 x 12 x 4.5 inches

Coleman Camp Stove Carry Case, Medium

  • Rugged carrying case for securely transporting and storing medium Coleman stoves
  • Tough PVC-coated polyester construction protects stove from the elements
  • Comfortable web handles for easy carrying
  • 2 drawstring propane pouches securely hold extra fuel canisters (sold separately)
  • Fits Coleman 2-burner stoves measuring up to 21.5 x 14 x 4.8 inches

Coleman Fold N Go Grill Case , Black

  • Grill case for Coleman Fold N Go Stoves or Grills
  • Rugged nylon construction for durability and years of regular use
  • Drawstring side pouches hold two 16.4 oz. propane cylinders
  • Padded interior divider helps protect your grill and keeps accessories organized
  • 2 web handles for comfortable transport

Coleman RoadTrip Swaptop Aluminum Grill Griddle, Full Size , black

  • Grill griddle accessory expands the cooking range of Coleman RoadTrip Grills
  • Spacious griddle top offers 285 sq. in. of cooking area for eggs, pancakes, and more
  • Built from durable yet lightweight aluminum for easy transport
  • Dishwasher-safe, non-stick surface with grease management channel
  • Compatible with Coleman RoadTrip Grills and Swaptop accessories

Coleman 2-Burner Classic Liquid Fuel Stove

  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves

Coleman PerfectFlow 2-Burner Stove

  • 20,000 BTUs of cooking power in two high-performance, fully adjustable Band-a-Blu burners
  • Windblock system shields burners for maximum heat and adjust for different pot sizes
  • PerfectFlow system regulates fuel flow for constant, even heat
  • 1 hour of cooking time with both burners on High, on one 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Coleman Camping Tent | 6 Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup , Brown/Black

  • Weatherproof: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in
  • Enhanced ventilation: Integrated rainfly offers extra weather protection with better airflow
  • Built to last: Double-thick fabric stands up to the elements season after season
  • Instant setup: In as fast as 1 minute
  • Roomy interior: 10 x 9 feet with 6 feet center height; Fits 2 queen-size air beds
  • 1-year limited warranty

Coleman PowerChill Hot/Cold Portable Thermoelectric Cooler, 40 Quart , Gray

  • Versatile hot/cold thermoelectric cooler keeps food items at an optimal temperature
  • Keeps contents up to 40 degrees colder or warmer than the surroundings
  • 8-foot power cord allows you to the power the cooler with a car or boat outlet
  • Door opens from either the left or right side to offer added placement flexibility
  • 40-quart capacity holds up to 44 cans

Coleman Rolling Cooler | 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Cooler with Wheels | Wheeled Hard Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 5 Days, Black

  • Xtreme Technology; Insulated lid and extra wall insulation keep ice up to 5 days in temperatures as high as 90°F
  • High capacity: Holds up to 84 cans
  • Heavy-duty wheels: Effortless rolling over any terrain
  • Have-a-seat lid: Closed lid supports up to 250 pounds
  • Cup holders: Molded into the lid to keep drinks close and prevent spilling
  • Telescoping handle: For easy pulling and compact storage

Coleman Cooler | Xtreme Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 5 Days | Heavy-Duty 70-Quart Cooler for Camping, BBQs, Tailgating & Outdoor Activities

  • Xtreme Technology; Insulated lid and extra wall insulation keep ice up to 5 days in temperatures as high as 90°F
  • High Capacity: Holds Up to 100 Cans
  • HAVE-A-SEAT LID: Closed lid supports up to 250 lb.
  • Cup Holders: Molded Into the Lid to Keep Drinks Close and Prevent Spilling
  • COMFORT-GRIP HANDLES: No-crush design with positive stop for pinch-free carrying
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Smoother surface wipes clean easily; leak-resistant channel drain for easy draining without tilting

Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case

  • Instastart ignition for matchless lighting; 7,650 total BTUs of cooking power
  • Fits up to a 10-inch pan
  • Lasts up to 1.25 hours on high on one 8.8 oz. butane gas cylinder (sold separately)
  • Adjustable burner gives precise temperature control, and large base offers stability for easy stirring
  • Durable porcelain-coated grate is easy to clean, and aluminum burner is rust-proof for years of use
  • Carry case included
  • 1-year limited warranty

Coleman Stove Carry Case, Black, 28" x 16" x 4"

  • Durable, zippered vinyl case protects stove during transport and storage
  • Two drawstring pouches hold propane cylinders
  • Designed exclusively for the Coleman EvenTemp stove

Coleman RoadTrip Swaptop

  • Swaptop RoadTrip compatible (stove grate, aluminum grill grate, cast iron grill grate, aluminum griddle, full size griddle sold separately)
  • Spacious 142 sq. in. cooking area
  • Durable, porcelain-coated cast iron construction is easy to clean
  • Fits Coleman RoadTrip Grills

Propane Fuel Cylinders, 4 pk./16 oz.

  • The Coleman Propane Camping Gas Cylinder provides 16oz of clean-burning, portable propane fuel.
  • Standard CGA 600 Connection Fits Most Portable Appliances, Grills and Lanterns
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Constructed with durable steel and reliable valves that provide safe and easy use.

Coleman Kids Wonder Lake 2-Person Dome Tent , 4' x 7'

  • Weather Tec system - patented welded floors and Inverted seams help keep water out
  • Fun design with glow-in-the-dark logo
  • Included rainfly for extra weather protection
  • 7 x 4 ft Foot print, 3 ft Center height
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Coleman Single Burner Backpacking Stove

  • LIGHT & COMPACT: 6.7 oz. (189.9 g) for easy carrying and the folding design fits in your pack
  • COOKING POWER: Up to 10,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • CONSISTENT & EFFICIENT: PerfectFlow offers consistent performance, even in extreme conditions and PerfectHeat provides more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • QUICK BOIL: Powerful burner boils 1 L of water in 3.25 min.
  • ADJUSTABLE BURNER: For precise temperature control; fits a 6-in pan

Coleman 3000004712 C500 Btn/Ppn 440G Camping Stove Replacement Fuel

  • Camping cooking stoves Fuel
  • Versatile top of the line
  • Another quality product
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