Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove, 2 Burner, 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 Inches

  • Cooking power: Up to 20,000 total BTUs. Fits a 12-inch and 10-inch pan at the same time
  • 2 adjustable burners: For precise temperature control
  • Wind-blocking panels: Shield burners from wind
  • Pressure regulator: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • Runtime: Up to 1 hour on high on one 16.4 oz. Propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • 3-year limited warranty

How To Choose The Best Coleman 2 Burner Stove

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Stove?

Coleman stoves are great because they're easy to operate and maintain. With two burners, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously. If you're cooking for more than four people, you might want to invest in a larger model with three or four burners. However, there are many different models available so you can choose which size works best for you.

Cooking Multiple Dishes Simultaneously

The most obvious benefit of using a stove with multiple burners is being able to cook several dishes at once. For example, you could prepare a meal while waiting for dinner guests to arrive. Or you could heat up leftovers before reheating them later. Cooking multiple dishes at once saves time and money by allowing you to avoid making unnecessary trips back and forth between the kitchen and dining room.

Easy To Use

Another advantage of a stove with multiple burners is its ease of operation. Most stoves require only one knob to control both burners. Some models allow you to adjust each burner individually. But no matter which type you choose, you'll be able to quickly and efficiently turn on the burners and start heating food.

Ease Of Maintenance

Stoves with multiple burners are easier to maintain than those with fewer burners. Because you can adjust the temperature independently, you can set the burners to high or low depending on whether you prefer to boil water or simmer sauces. In addition, you can remove the burners from the base unit and wash them separately. This makes cleanup faster and easier.


Because stoves with multiple burners are versatile, you can use them in almost any situation. Whether you're camping, hiking, fishing, or traveling, you can always count on a stove with multiple burners to provide reliable warmth.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman 2 Burner Stove

Coleman stoves are very popular because they provide many benefits including durability, ease of operation, safety features, and affordability. However, there are several factors that must be considered before making a purchase. Here we discuss these important considerations so that you can choose wisely.


One of the most important aspects of choosing a Coleman stove is its durability. If you plan to cook with it regularly, you should invest in a durable model. Durable models are built to last longer and withstand more abuse. In addition, they are easier to maintain and repair. For example, if you accidentally break a glass knob, you can replace it rather than replacing the entire unit. Also, if something happens to the burners, you can simply replace them rather than replacing the whole stove.

Ease of Operation

Another factor to consider is the ease of operating the stove. Some models require special tools while others can be operated by hand. Additionally, some models include knobs that turn clockwise while other units have knobs that turn counter-clockwise. Make sure you know which way your stove turns before purchasing it.

Safety Features

Finally, another consideration is whether the stove has safety features. Safety features include automatic shutoff valves, flame retardant materials, and childproof lids. Automatic shutoffs ensure that gas leaks aren’t left unattended. Flame retardant material prevents fires from starting. Child proof lids prevent children from accessing the fuel supply. All three of these features are essential to ensuring safe cooking.


Lastly, you should take into account the price of the stove. While high priced stoves may seem appealing, they are generally more expensive to operate and maintain. Therefore, you might end up spending more money overall. Instead, opt for a lower priced stove that offers great value for money.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman 2 Burner Stove

Coleman stoves are great because they're easy to operate, durable, and affordable. But there are features to look for before purchasing a Coleman stove. Here are some tips to ensure you purchase a quality stove with all the right features.

Size Matters

The size of your kitchen matters. If you plan to cook large meals, you'll want a larger stove top. However, if cooking small dishes is more important to you, choose a smaller model. The best way to determine which size works best for you is by measuring your countertop. Measure the length and width of your countertop. Then multiply these numbers together to figure out the square footage of your kitchen.

Safety First

Before you start using your stove, check its safety rating. Most models carry a 1-year warranty. Make sure the manufacturer has tested the unit thoroughly and rated it safe. Also, be aware of where the knobs are located so you know exactly where to turn the gas valve. Some units have two knobs while others only have one. Finally, read the instructions carefully. Many stoves require special tools to install properly.

Stainless Steel Construction

Most stoves today are constructed of stainless steel. Stainless steel construction makes the stove easier to maintain and gives it longer lasting durability. In addition, stainless steel is nonporous, making it resistant to rusting.

Easy Operation

Some stoves are difficult to light. Others take too long to heat up. Choose a stove that's simple to operate. Check the controls to see whether they're intuitive.

Ease of Cleanup

Cleanup is another consideration when choosing a stove. All these questions factor into your decision.


Consider the weight of the stove when deciding between different brands.


Durable appliances last longer and provide years of service.


Finally, think about value. Remember, you can always upgrade later.

Different Types of Coleman 2 Burner Stove

The Coleman 2-burner gas stove has become very popular because it offers many features that other stoves lack. The main reason why so many people choose this type of stove is its versatility. There are different models available with varying prices. Some of these models include a glass top, stainless steel finish, and more. However, there are certain drawbacks associated with each model. For example, the Coleman 2-burner stove comes in two versions; the standard version and the deluxe version. Both versions have the same features except for the price. If you're interested in purchasing a Coleman 2-burner stove, here are some important factors to take into consideration before making your purchase decision.


Stainless Steel Finish - Stainless steel finishes are considered to be durable and long lasting. Therefore, if you plan to cook frequently, you might prefer a stainless steel finish. In addition, the stainless steel finish makes cleanup easier since it does not leave behind residue.

Glass Top - Glass tops are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, they allow heat to radiate evenly throughout the entire cooking area. Also, glass tops are great for entertaining guests.

Adjustable Flame Control - Adjustable flame control lets you adjust the amount of heat emitted by the stove. You can set the temperature according to your preference.


Versatile Cooking Options - The Coleman 2-burner stove offers several options for cooking. Whether you wish to bake bread, boil water, fry eggs, roast meat, or grill vegetables, you can achieve success using this stove.

Efficient Heat Distribution - Unlike conventional burners, the Coleman 2-burner stove distributes heat evenly across the entire cooking area. As a result, food cooks faster and tastes delicious.

Long Lasting Fuel - The fuel tank holds enough fuel to last for approximately 10 hours. Thus, you can enjoy uninterrupted meals while camping or traveling.


Expensive Price Tag - Although the Coleman 2-burner stove is affordable, it still costs quite a bit compared to other stoves.

Not Suitable For All Applications - While the Coleman 2-burner stove is ideal for most applications, it is not recommended for high temperatures.


Coleman Fold N Go Propane Stove, 2-Burner

  • Portable 2-burner propane stove ideal for cooking at campsites, picnics, and more
  • Fits 2 pans (up to 10 inches each) and produces 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • Pressure-control technology delivers consistent heat in outdoor conditions
  • Runs over an hour with both burners on high on a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • Matchless InstaStart ignition lights stove with the push of a button

Coleman Gas Camping Grill/Stove | Tabletop Propane 2 in 1 Grill/Stove, 2 Burner

  • 2-IN-1 DESIGN: Use grill and stove at the same time; 130 sq. in. grilling area; stove fits a 10 in. pan
  • COOKING POWER: Up to 20,000 total BTUs
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PERFECTHEAT TECHNOLOGY: Offers more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • 2 ADJUSTABLE BURNERS: For precise temperature control

Coleman 2-Burner Classic Liquid Fuel Stove

  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves

Coleman Stove Carry Case, Black, 28" x 16" x 4"

  • Durable, zippered vinyl case protects stove during transport and storage
  • Two drawstring pouches hold propane cylinders
  • Designed exclusively for the Coleman EvenTemp stove

Coleman Hyperflame Fyresergeant 2 Burner 3-IN-1 Propane Stove , Red

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking stoves
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Triton Propane Stove, 2 Burner

  • COOKING POWER: Up to 22,000 total BTUs
  • 5 ADJUSTABLE BURNERS: For precise temperature control
  • WIND-BLOCKING PANELS: Shield burners from wind and adjust for various pan sizes
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Chrome-plated grate and rust-resistant aluminum cooktop

Coleman Signature 2000020105 Ppn 2-Brnr Fyrechamp Stove, Steel

  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • Camping cooking stoves
  • Another quality Coleman Signature product

Coleman 2-Burner Propane Camp Stove

  • PerfectFlow technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PerfectHeat technology for more efficient cooking with less Fuel
  • 14, 000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • Fits a 10-in. And 8-in. Pan at the same time
  • 2 independently adjustable burners give you precise control for 2 temperature Zones
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