Coleman 3000000455 Latern Pump Kit

  • Replacement kit for Coleman's white gas lanterns & stoves
  • FIts many models excluding models 222, 226, 229, 400, 440, 442, 445, 450, 550, 3022 and 3024

How To Choose The Best Coleman 425E

What Is The Purpose Of Coleman Colemans 425E Camp Stove?

Coleman has been making quality camping stoves since 1935. Their products are designed with durability and reliability in mind. If you're planning a trip into the wilderness, Coleman offers several models of portable stoves including the Coleman Colemans 425E Camp Stove. This model features a cast aluminum body which makes it durable enough to withstand heavy use while still being lightweight. This stove comes equipped with a three-burner design and includes two glass doors so you can see inside the firebox. There is also a removable ash pan underneath the stovetop which prevents ashes from falling onto the ground during cooking. The included windscreen protects the flame from strong winds.

How Does It Burn Propane?

The Coleman Colemans 425E Camp Stove uses propane gas as its primary fuel source. To start the burn process, simply turn the ignition knob located near the top of the stove. Once the flames begin to ignite, push down on the handle to open the door. Then, fill the tank by inserting the nozzle into the opening on the side of the tank. After filling the tank, close the door and wait for the lighted indicator to go out before removing the nozzle. Now, you're ready to cook!

Cooking Time

To prepare food, remove the lid from the pot and put the desired amount of water into the bottom chamber. Next, pour the oil into the middle chamber and set the heat control dial to high. Finally, place the food item into the upper chamber. Close the lid and let the stove warm up for five minutes. Turn the dial to low and adjust the temperature according to your preference. Cook for approximately 20 minutes per pound of meat. For example, if you plan to grill steak, you might choose medium heat. However, if you prefer to bake chicken breasts, you could select higher temperatures.

Safety Features

This stove does include safety features to ensure proper operation. First, there is a pressure relief valve built into the base of the unit. This ensures that no dangerous gases build up within the unit. Second, there is a locking mechanism that secures the lid once it is closed. Third, there is a vent hole located above the burner where smoke and fumes escape. Lastly, there is a non-flammable plastic cover placed around the entire stove. This covers the flammable parts of the stove and prevents sparks from igniting nearby objects.

Pros & Cons

There are many pros and cons associated with using a Coleman Colemans 425E Camp Stove. One of the main advantages is the ease of starting the burn process. Simply turning the ignition knob opens the door allowing you to insert the nozzle into the tank. Another advantage is the ability to adjust the temperature setting. Most other brands require you to purchase additional accessories to achieve these same results. Also, the fact that this stove is lightweight makes it easy to transport. In addition, this stove is relatively inexpensive compared to others on the market. Some disadvantages include the fact that this stove cannot be used indoors because it lacks a chimney. Also, the lack of a screen guard makes cleanup more difficult.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman 425E

Coleman gas stoves are among the most popular camping stoves available today. If you're planning to go camping with friends or family members, there's no doubt that you'd be interested in purchasing a Coleman stove. However, before making a purchase, you might want to know more about these stoves so you can decide which model best suits your needs.

Benefits of Using a Coleman Stove

There are many benefits associated with using a Coleman stove. For starters, Coleman stoves are known to be very reliable. That makes Coleman stoves extremely durable and long-lasting. Another benefit of Coleman stoves is that they are easy to operate. All you need to do is light a match and press down on the flame button. Once the flame ignites, you simply wait for the stove to heat up. Afterward, you can enjoy cooking food while sitting comfortably inside your tent.

Features of Coleman Gas Stoves

Another great thing about Coleman gas stoves is that they are lightweight and compact. Most models weigh around five pounds and measure approximately six inches wide by eight inches tall. So, whether you plan to take along your Coleman stove or leave it behind, you'll still be able to carry it wherever you go. Furthermore, Coleman gas stoves are designed to provide maximum efficiency. Because of its high performance, Coleman stoves are ideal for outdoor activities where you need to cook large quantities of food.

How To Choose Between Different Models

Before choosing between different Coleman gas stoves, you must determine what features you require in a stove. There are several factors that you should consider when selecting a Coleman stove. First, you should choose a stove based on the amount of weight you intend to bring along. If you plan to travel extensively, you'll probably want to invest in a lighter Coleman stove. Second, you should select a stove that matches your lifestyle. Some stoves are meant for backpacking trips, whereas others are designed for hiking. Third, you should think about the size of the stove. Finally, you should check the warranty period of the stove.

Types of Coleman Stoves Available

Coleman offers three types of stoves - portable, folding, and fixed. Each type comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Portable stoves are typically smaller than other models because they fold up for storage purposes. Folding stoves are perfect for those who wish to pack everything needed for a trip into a single bag. Fixed stoves are generally larger than portable stoves. They are also heavier due to the additional parts required to assemble the stove.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman 425E

The company was founded by George W. Cole who started his business with a single gas-powered stove. Since then, Coleman has grown into a multi-billion dollar corporation with more than 2 million customers worldwide. Today, Coleman sells products ranging from camping gear to lawn mowers. Their most popular product line is known as Coleman stoves.

The Coleman 425E Stove

This model is designed specifically for outdoor cooking. It features three burners which allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. There is also a lid that doubles as a storage container. The pot supports are adjustable so that you can choose between two different heights depending on whether you're using the stove inside or outside.


It comes with a 10-year warranty. If something goes wrong during its lifetime, Coleman will replace it free of charge. The pots are easy to clean and maintain. They are lightweight and portable. Also, there is no mess left behind once you finish cooking.


There is only one control knob. So, if you want to adjust the heat level, you must turn the entire unit around. Additionally, the knobs are plastic and could break down over time. Lastly, the flame tends to be too hot.

Different Types of Coleman 425E

The Coleman 425E has been around since the early 1970’s. The original design was created by Bill Coleman who wanted something lighter weight and more portable than his previous model. He came up with the idea of using aluminum tubing which allowed him to create a very light-weight stove that could be carried anywhere. In fact, he designed it so small that it fit inside a backpack! Since its introduction, the Coleman 425E has become a staple camping tool for many outdoor enthusiasts.


This stove comes with two burners and four legs. Each leg features a locking mechanism allowing you to lock each leg into position. There are no knobs or dials on the stove itself; everything is controlled via the handle located near the top of the unit. The handles allow you to adjust the flame height and heat output. The controls consist of three buttons – high/low, medium, and off. To turn the stove on, simply press the “on” button once. Once the stove is turned on, there is a delay before the flames appear. After the flames appear, you must wait another few seconds before adjusting the flame level. If you wish to extinguish the fire, press the “off” button twice within five seconds. The Coleman 425E does require a bit of practice to master, however, once you learn how to control the flame levels, it becomes second nature.


One of the best aspects of the Coleman 425E is its portability. With only four legs, the stove weighs less than 10 pounds making it easy to carry. So, whether you are planning on taking the stove along on a camping trip or hiking trail, you know you will always have access to fuel. Also, because it is lightweight, you can take it almost everywhere. For example, you can bring it on a plane, train, bus, boat, car, etc. As long as you have access to a source of fuel, you can cook with the Coleman 425E wherever you go.


Although the Coleman 425E is extremely versatile, it isn’t perfect. One of the biggest drawbacks is that the flame cannot be adjusted while cooking. Therefore, you must stop whatever you are doing to adjust the flame level. Additionally, the Coleman 425E doesn’t include a windscreen. Although this might seem insignificant, it makes it difficult to cook outdoors during strong winds. Finally, although the Coleman 425E is relatively inexpensive, it is still quite expensive compared to other stoves available today. However, if you plan on spending most of your time outside, this stove will serve you well.


Coleman 2000026613 Globe Straight 290 Camping Lanterns

  • Camping lights lanterns
  • Versatile top of the line
  • Another quality product

Coleman 424-5621 for Stove

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking stoves accessories & parts
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman Company Camp Stove Generator for #413E, #413F, #413G, #426B, #426C, #426D, #442 & #443

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking stoves accessories & parts
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman 21A134C Mantle Sock Instaclip Wire 4Pk Lantern

  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • For use with any Coleman Lantern , designed to fit Insta-Clip 21 Mantles
  • No-tie, pinch-clip design attaches easily to your lantern
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman 2000032171 Cooking Stoves Accessories & Parts

  • Replacement gas stove regulator for Coleman stoves with gas pressure issues
  • Maintains steady propane gas pressure in Coleman stoves
  • Fits most Coleman Propane Stoves, Grills/Stoves, and Fold N Go Stoves
  • Brings new life to beloved Coleman stoves that require maintenance
  • Check user manual of your Coleman stove to confirm compatibility
  • Not compatible with any stoves powered by liquid fuel or butane/propane mixes

Coleman Gas Lantern | 1000 Lumens Deluxe Propane Lantern

  • LUMENS: Up to 1000 lumens casts light up to 23 meters
  • RUNTIME: Up to 7.5 hours (high) on one 16.4 oz. propane cylinder (sold separately); lights with matches
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • RUST-RESISTANT: Porcelain-coated 2-tier ventilator helps resist corrosion and rust
  • GLASS GLOBE: Features high-temperature tolerance to prevent cracking from heat
  • BAIL HANDLE: For easy carrying and convenient hanging
  • COMPACT STORAGE: Collapsible footed base
  • MANTLES: 2 Insta-Clip no.21 mantles included

Coleman 5-Piece Family Cook Set,Red, 5 Piece

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking supplies cookware
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman Gas Stove | Portable Bottletop Propane Camp Stove with Adjustable Burner

  • COOKING POWER: Up to 10,000 total BTUs
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure control for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PERFECTHEAT DESIGN: More efficient cooking with less fuel
  • 1 ADJUSTABLE BURNER: For precise temperature control; fits an 8 inch pan
  • WIND BAFFLES: Shield burner from wind for maximum heat
  • SPACE SAVER: Burner and base separate from propane bottle for compact storage
  • RUNTIME: Up to 2.5 hours on high on one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • 3-year limited warranty

Coleman Exponent Pump Repair Kit, Stove & Lantern


Coleman Fold N Go Propane Stove, 2-Burner

  • Portable 2-burner propane stove ideal for cooking at campsites, picnics, and more
  • Fits 2 pans (up to 10 inches each) and produces 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • Pressure-control technology delivers consistent heat in outdoor conditions
  • Runs over an hour with both burners on high on a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • Matchless InstaStart ignition lights stove with the push of a button

Coleman Lantern Carry Case

  • Carry case fits lantern models 220, 290, 295, and other liquid-fuel lanterns
  • Tough, durable housing helps to protect lantern
  • Color may vary

Coleman 3000005107 Fuel Generator Replacement Camp Stove Models 414 428 3000000791

  • Compatible with Coleman Fuel Stove Models: 414, 428, 3000000791
  • Also known as older Coleman part 414-5621
  • Another quality Coleman product
  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials

Coleman R5177B043C Globe Clear Lantern

  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • Camping lights lanterns
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman 2-Burner Classic Liquid Fuel Stove

  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves
  • Camping Cooking Stoves

Coleman Replacement Tent Pole Kit , Black, 27" x 9.5mm

  • Convenient tent pole kit lets you replace a lost or broken pole instead of the entire tent
  • Includes four 27-inch fiberglass replacement poles with pre-attached ferrules
  • 10 feet of shock cord and lead wire provide the perfect amount of tension
  • Vinyl pole caps help prevent tent fabric from ripping
  • Easy setup instructions included
  • Compatible with Coleman Tent model numbers - 2154640, 2154662, 2154684, 2000036528, 20000375165, 2000037520, 2155782, 2155787, 2161570, 2157802, 2000018247, 2000033190, 2000038053, 2166922, 2178277, 2000007825

Coleman InstaClip #21 Mantles

  • Coleman part number: Part # 2000026605. Can be interchanged with previous part number 21b122.
  • Two #21 wire mantles are included.
  • The mantles are designed to fit into place on the burners; just pinch the wires together to attach.
  • Fits Coleman Lantern models 200, 201, 214, 220, 275, 282, 285, 286, 288, 290, 295, 5107, 5113, 5114, 5150, 5151, 5152, 5153, 5154, 5155, 5159, 5177, 5178, 9951, and 9960

Coleman 3000005106 Portable Camp Stove Fuel Generator

  • Coleman 3000005106 Portable Camp Stove Fuel Generator.
  • Compatible with Coleman Fuel Stove Models: 413, 413A, 413B, 413C, 413D, 413E, 413F, 413G, 426B, 426C, 426D, 442, 422A, and 443.
  • Does not fit Coleman 426 or 426A model camp stoves.
  • Also known as older Coleman part 413A5621. Made in the USA.

Coleman Propane Fuel Case of 6

  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Durable steel construction with reliable valves that are safe and easy to use
  • Perfect for on-the-go cooking, grilling, heating and lighting
  • Package Dimensions: 12.25 inch L x 8.25 inch W x 8.25 inch H

Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Triton Propane Stove, 2 Burner

  • COOKING POWER: Up to 22,000 total BTUs
  • 5 ADJUSTABLE BURNERS: For precise temperature control
  • WIND-BLOCKING PANELS: Shield burners from wind and adjust for various pan sizes
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Chrome-plated grate and rust-resistant aluminum cooktop

Coleman Single Burner Backpacking Stove

  • LIGHT & COMPACT: 6.7 oz. (189.9 g) for easy carrying and the folding design fits in your pack
  • COOKING POWER: Up to 10,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • CONSISTENT & EFFICIENT: PerfectFlow offers consistent performance, even in extreme conditions and PerfectHeat provides more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • QUICK BOIL: Powerful burner boils 1 L of water in 3.25 min.
  • ADJUSTABLE BURNER: For precise temperature control; fits a 6-in pan

Coleman #95 Insta-Clip Accordion Shape Mantle 2-packs of 2 (4 Total Mantles)

  • Coleman Insta-Clip 2 #95 accordian tube mantles, 2-packs of 2 (4 Total Mantles)
  • Coleman part numbers: 95-132C / 2000001330 / 2000026606
  • For use with the 2000, 2500, 2555, and 2600 series Coleman liquid-fueled lanterns
  • These mantles feature removable metal tabs for easy and quick installation.

Coleman Universal Plunger Metal Part #: 242J5201 ; 4 Inch Long Plunger Pump Repair Kit ; Compatible Stoves & Lanterns

  • Item #: 242J 5201 :4 INCH LONG PLUNGER : Universal Plunger Metal Compatible with : *( More in Description box Below)*
  • 285-700E Unleaded 2-Mtl Lantern, 285-734 Lantern, 285-742 Lantern, 286A743 Lantern-Red-Combo, 202 Single Mantle Lantern,
  • 413G499 2-Burner Gas Camp Stove, 413H499 2 Burner Gas Camp Stove, 425E499 2 Burner Gas Camp Stove, 426D499 3 Burner Gas Camp Stove,
  • 426E499 3 Burner Gas Camp Stove - Coleman Fuel, 3000000791 Dual Fuel Powerhouse 2-Burner Stove, 3000001138 1-Mantle Kerosene Lantern,
  • 22E197 2 Mantle Gas Lantern, 413E Fuel Stove, 428-A00 3-Burner Stove, 413F Fuel Stove,
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