Coleman 12-Volt DC QuickPump

  • Colors may vary. Pump will be either black or red.
  • High volume pump inflates and deflates air beds, beach toys, and other inflatables
  • Plugs into any standard vehicle cigarette lighter/power outlet
  • For use with Coleman Double-Lock Valve, Boston valve and pinch valves
  • Adapters included for common valve types
  • Compact and lightweight

How To Choose The Best Coleman 4D Quickpump

What Is The Purpose Of QuickPump Battery Operated Pump?

Coleman quick pumps are designed to be portable and easy to operate. With no gas tanks or electrical connections required, these pumps are perfect for camping trips, picnics, fishing expeditions, and other outdoor activities where electricity isn't available. Coleman quick pumps are ideal for pumping water into containers, filling jugs with fresh drinking water, or simply providing a source of running water while hiking.

How Does QuickPump Work?

QuickPumps are powered by batteries which provide power to the motor. The motor turns a gear wheel which drives a piston inside the cylinder. As the piston moves back and forth, air is forced out of the cylinder creating suction. The suction pulls liquid into the container attached to the quick pump. Once the container has been filled, the user releases pressure on the handle causing the piston to return to its original position and expel the remaining amount of fluid from the cylinder. The cycle repeats itself continuously until the tank runs dry.

Benefits of Using QuickPump

The benefits of using quickpumps include being able to fill large containers quickly and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of carrying heavy bottles of water around. In addition, quick pumps eliminate the risk of spilling water due to leaks caused by faulty valves or clogged filters. Finally, quick pumps allow users to conserve precious resources by reducing the number of plastic bottles needed to carry enough water for a day outdoors.

Features of QuickPump

There are many features that distinguish quick pumps from traditional hand-operated pumps. Additionally, quick pumps are lighter weight and more compact allowing them to fit into smaller spaces. Another benefit of quick pumps is that they are quieter than conventional pumps.

Where To Find Quick Pumps

Coleman offers several models of quick pumps including the CQ4D, CQ5D, and CQ6D. All three models are sold online and at most major retailers nationwide.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman QuickPump

Their products are known for being durable and reliable. If you're going camping with friends or family, chances are you've seen someone using a Coleman product before. Whether you're planning a trip to the woods or simply enjoying a day outside, Coleman makes sure you have everything you need to enjoy nature safely and comfortably.

Quality Materials

Coleman uses high-quality materials in its products. For example, the batteries in their pumps are built to last, and the parts inside are designed to be long lasting. In addition, Coleman ensures that their products meet safety standards by testing each part thoroughly before putting it into production.

Safety Features

Coleman products aren't only safe; they're also easy to operate. Most models include features such as automatic shutoff valves, pressure relief valves, and leak detection systems. All these features ensure that your pump doesn't explode while you're away from camp. Additionally, many models come equipped with a flashlight so you can see where you're going in case of emergency.


Coleman offers a variety of different types of pumps. Some are portable, others are stationary, and still others are both. Regardless of which type you choose, you know you'll always have access to water whenever you need it.


Coleman products are built to withstand the elements. Many models are waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor activities. Other models are made of stainless steel, ensuring that they won't rust or corrode over time. Finally, most models are dishwasher safe, allowing you to wash them quickly and efficiently.

Portable Pumps

Whether you prefer to go hiking or fishing, there's no denying that portablity is important. With a portable pump, you can take along whatever supplies you need wherever you go. Portable pumps are perfect for those who plan trips frequently because they allow you to bring more gear with you. However, if you're planning a longer trip, you might want to invest in a stationary model. Stationary pumps are great for those who travel infrequently because they're easier to store and transport.


Coleman sells a wide range of accessories for their pumps. From replacement filters to storage containers, you'll never run short of options. Each accessory comes with instructions, so you shouldn't have trouble figuring out how to install them properly.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman QuickPump

Their line of outdoor power tools includes lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, garden tractors, chain saws, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, edgers, and more. The company was founded by John W. Coleman who started his business with a single horse-drawn wagon selling coal. Today, Coleman continues to be family owned and operated. In addition to being America’s oldest manufacturer of gas powered engines, Coleman offers a wide variety of other hand held power tools including chainsaws, weed eaters, grass cutters, leaf blowers, and many others.

Quick Pump Battery Powered Lawn Mower

The most important thing to know before purchasing a quick pump is that it uses batteries. Batteries last longer than gasoline so you won't have to worry about running out of fuel. Also, there are no fumes emitted during operation which makes it safer for children and pets. If you're using a push button start model, you'll still need to purchase a starter kit. Once you've purchased your quick pump, you'll need to replace the air filter once per season. Air filters remove dust particles from the air while allowing fresh oxygen into the engine. Replacing the air filter regularly ensures maximum performance and efficiency.

Battery Operated Quick Pump Electric Hedge Trimmer

This tool features a variable speed control dial that lets you adjust the speed of the motor depending on the thickness of the vegetation. There are two settings available; high and low. High setting gives you a faster cutting rate while the lower setting produces a slower cutting motion. The blade rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. This design prevents the blades from binding together and damaging the grass. The handle folds down for easy storage and transport. The unit comes complete with a charger, instruction book, and a warranty card.

Operating Instructions

Before operating your quick pump, read the instructions carefully. Some models require additional parts such as oil, grease, and lubricant. Make sure these supplies are included in the package. Most manufacturers include a user guide that explains everything you need to know about proper maintenance and care.

Safety Tips

Always follow safety precautions when working around electrical components. Never touch exposed wires or terminals. Always unplug the machine immediately after use. Keep away from water sources. Use only rechargeable batteries. Store the product upright. Avoid placing objects directly underneath the wheels. Do not operate the machine near flammables. Check the owner's manual for specific warnings regarding the particular brand of quick pump you are considering.

Different Types of Coleman QuickPump Battery Operated Pump

The Coleman QuickPump is a great little tool designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.


Coleman 4D QuickPump

  • Quick Inflation / Deflation
  • Requires 4-D Alkaline Batteries (Not Included)
  • Use with Coleman QuickBed or other inflatables
  • Will not work for stem valves or needle valves

Coleman Quickpump 120V Pump

  • Double lock/Boston valve adaptor to inflate airbeds and other inflatables
  • Pinch valve adaptor to fill most common inflatables
  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • 120V plug lets you power the pump from any home outlet
  • Flexible extension hose for more convenient use

Coleman Company Dual-Action QuickPump Inflator Hand Pump, Black

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping air mattress pumps
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman Handheld Pump for Air Mattress | Battery-Powered QuickPump for Inflating Air Beds

  • Fast Inflate and Fast Deflate to easily inflate or deflate virtually any single high airbed
  • Double Lock/Boston valve adaptor to inflate airbeds and other inflatables
  • Powered by four D-cell batteries (sold separately)

Coleman Electric Pump for Air Mattress | QuickPump Handheld 120 Volt Electric Pump for Inflating Air Beds

  • 120-VOLT: Plugs into most household outlets
  • FAST INFLATION: Designed to work with virtually any air bed
  • VERSATILE: Included Boston and pinch valve adapters let you inflate other common inflatables
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