Coleman Self-Inflating Camp Pad

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping outdoor sleeping gear
  • Another quality Coleman product

How To Choose The Best Coleman Air Mattress

What Is The Purpose Of An Air Mattress?

An air bed is a type of mattress which uses air pressure rather than springs to support its weight. In other words, an airbed does not contain coils, springs, or foam padding. Instead, it contains bladders filled with air. Bladder-inflated air beds are typically referred to as "air mattresses" because they resemble traditional spring-filled mattresses. However, unlike conventional mattresses, these types of beds are designed to be inflated by hand using a special valve.

How Does An Air Bed Differ From Other Types Of Beds?

Air beds differ from regular mattresses in several ways. First, they require no boxspring or foundation. Second, there is no frame around the perimeter of the mattress; therefore, the mattress sits directly on top of the floor. Third, the mattress itself has no internal structure. Fourth, the mattress must be manually inflated. Fifth, the mattress cannot be flipped over. Sixth, the mattress is not suitable for children. Seventh, the mattress is not recommended for heavy sleepers who might sink into the mattress. Eighth, the mattress is not intended for long term use. Ninth, the mattress is not safe for pets. Tenth, the mattress is not suitable for guests sleeping overnight.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman air mattresses are known for being durable, comfortable, and affordable. However, there are many different types of air mattresses available today. Which type of mattress is right for you depends on several factors including your budget, sleeping habits, and personal preferences. If you're considering purchasing a bedding product, here are three important questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.

How Much Do You Spend Each Year For Sleeping Beds?

If so, you might be interested in learning more about Coleman air mattresses. In fact, these mattresses are perfect for those who are tired of spending money on poor-quality products. With Coleman air mattresses, you can enjoy the benefits of premium quality while saving thousands of dollars annually!

Are You Buying An Old Bed That Needs Repairs?

Many people think that old beds are no longer useful because they are worn down or broken. While this may be true for some older models, most modern Coleman air mattresses are designed with durability in mind. As long as you follow proper care instructions, your mattress will last for years to come. Additionally, if you decide to upgrade to a newer model, you can simply replace the entire mattress rather than replacing individual parts. So, whether you choose to repair or replace your current mattress, Coleman air mattresses provide great value for your dollar.

Which Type Is Right For Me?

There are two main categories of Coleman air mattresses: hybrid and full-length. Hybrid mattresses are ideal for couples who share a single bed and prefer the convenience of a smaller size. Full-length mattresses are best suited for individuals who sleep alone and require a larger amount of room. Regardless of which category fits your needs, Coleman air mattresses are sure to deliver exceptional comfort and support.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman air mattresses are great because they're easy to set up, simple to maintain, and provide excellent support. However, there are many features to be aware of before purchasing one. Here we discuss these features so you know exactly what you're getting into.

Air Pumping System

This is probably the most important feature to look for when choosing an air mattress. The reason why is because the air pumping system determines whether or not the mattress inflates properly. If the mattress doesn't inflate correctly, it could cause discomfort during sleep. Also, if the mattress does inflate properly, it will last longer and require fewer repairs. Most air mattresses today include an automatic air pumping system which makes setting up the bed very quick and convenient. Some models even allow you to control the amount of pressure applied by the pump.

Reversible Design

The design of the mattress is another factor to consider. Many manufacturers now produce reversible designs. This means that the mattress can be flipped around to create two different beds. This is useful if you plan on using the same mattress with both sides facing upwards. In addition, the mattress can be reversed to fit other furniture pieces such as chairs and tables. Reversibility is especially helpful if you live in a small apartment where space is limited.

Adjustable Head & Foot Restraints

Another thing to consider is adjustable headrest restraints. These straps adjust to accommodate users who weigh more or less than others. Adjustability is particularly beneficial for children who grow quickly. Children's heads naturally increase in size faster than their bodies. Therefore, the head restraint needs to be able to expand accordingly.

Inflatable Base

An additional benefit of an inflatable base is that it prevents the mattress from sinking into the ground. This is extremely helpful for those living in areas prone to flooding. An inflatable base also reduces noise caused by movement of the mattress while sleeping. Noise reduction is especially important if you share your bedroom with someone else.

Padded Sides

Some mattresses have padded sides to reduce friction between the mattress and the floor. Padding is particularly helpful for individuals who suffer from arthritis or back pain. Padding also protects the mattress from being scratched by objects placed on top of it. Additionally, padding increases comfort levels by reducing heat loss.

Waterproof Cover

Finally, waterproof covers are essential for preventing moisture build-up inside the mattress. Moisture causes mold growth and mildew. Mold and mildew can ruin the appearance of the mattress and cause health problems. Waterproof covers ensure that no water gets trapped inside the mattress.

Different Types of Coleman Air Mattresses

Coleman air mattresses are designed with comfort in mind. The company has been making these products since the 1930’s and continues to be one of the most trusted names in bedding today. There are many different models available including twin, full, queen, king, California King, and more. Each model offers its own unique features and benefits. Some models include adjustable firmness levels while others provide memory foam layers. Others still allow users to customize their sleep experience by adding additional pillows. All of these options ensure that there is something for everyone.

Twin Size Models

The Twin size models are great for couples who share a room. These models are perfect for those who prefer a softer sleeping environment. They are ideal for smaller rooms where space is limited. They are also easy to transport and store because they fold flat into a small package.

Full Size Models

These models are best suited for larger spaces. Full size models are recommended for anyone who wants a firmer sleeping environment. They are ideal for bedrooms with large windows or doors where noise could disturb the sleeper. They are also easier to set up and take down than other models.

Queen Size Models

This type of model is best suited for single person households. They are slightly heavier than the standard models and are generally found in either medium or soft firmness settings. Queen size models are ideal for someone who prefers a firmer sleeping environment. They are also easier to set up and take down than other models.

King Size Models

They are slightly thicker than queens and are commonly found in medium to hard firmness settings. Kings are ideal for individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping environment. They are also easier to set up and take down than other models.

California King Size Models

Similar to kings, they are thicker than queens and are found in medium to hard firmness settings. Cal King models are ideal for individuals who prefer a firmer sleeping environment. They are also easier to set up and take down than other models.

Memory Foam Models

Some models are equipped with memory foam layers which conform to the shape of the body. Memory foam is very popular among consumers due to its ability to mold itself to the contours of the sleeper’s body. This makes it possible to achieve maximum comfort during each night’s rest. Most models are sold with two separate layers of memory foam. One side is intended for back support while the other side is meant for stomach support. Both sides are covered with a durable fabric cover. Some models are offered with three layers of memory foam.


Coleman Rocky Mountain Twin Quickbed with Wrap 'N' Roll Storage

  • Inflatable twin mattress ideal for camping or as spare bed
  • ComfortSmart coil system with 32 coils and soft suede top
  • Coleman's AirTight system guarantees leak-proof performance
  • Heavy-duty PVC formula; time-saving Wrap 'n' Roll construction
  • Fits standard twin sheets; measures 74 x 5 x 39 inches (W x H x D)
  • Location, temperature, and humidity will affect the firmness of the airbed. Airbeds will need to be occasionally re-inflated (topped off) to maintain desired firmness upon initial use and when used for more than a few days as material tends to relax over time.

Coleman 765353 Trailhead II Military Style Camping Cot

  • ELEVATED COMFORT: Eliminates the discomfort of sleeping on rough or cold ground
  • BUILT TO LAST: Strong cross-bar steel frame
  • SUPPORTS: Up to 300 lb.
  • MAX HEIGHT: 6 ft. 2 in.
  • DIMENSIONS: 73 x 35 x 17 in.
  • Portable: Folds to fit in most car trunks
  • 1-year limited warranty

Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot

  • Adjustable camping cot offers an ideal place for sitting, reclining, and sleeping
  • Removable side table with drink holder provides space for snacks and personal items
  • Durable steel frame can support up to 300 pounds; can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 6 inches tall
  • Foldable design fits in most car trunks; carrying bag for easy transport
  • Measures 80 x 44 x 17 inches when unfolded. Sleeping Area: 80 x 32 inches.

Coleman Premium Double High SupportRest Airbed with Built-In Pump

  • Inflatable mattress with a soft suede top and extra height for a comfortable night's sleep
  • Convenient built-in electric pump with AirTight system and Double Lock valve
  • Extra height keeps you comfortably off the floor
  • Approximate inflated dimensions: 78 x 60 x 18 inches
  • Indoor use only; zippered storage bag included

Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow , Blue

  • Inflatable sleeping pad provides extra cushioning on camping trips
  • Soft, tufted design provides an extra layer of padding between your sleeping bag and the ground
  • Self-inflating design; free-flow valve inflates the pad with no air pump required
  • Compression straps force out air for quick deflation
  • Durable polyester shell endures tough use. Inflated dimensions is 76 x 25 x 2.5 inch

Coleman QuickBed Elite Extra High Airbed

  • Zippered main compartment keeps contents cold; use hard plastic liner if packing with ice, no need for liner with ice substitutes
  • Shoulder strap adjusts for comfortable carrying
  • Front zippered pocket, 2 side mesh pockets, dry storage pouch, and lid bungees available for added storage
  • Heat-welded seams avoid leaks

Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High SupportRest Air Bed for Indoor or Outdoor Use , Green

  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Coil construction contours to body for better support
  • DOUBLE HIGH: Extra height makes getting in and out of bed easier
  • SOFT FEEL: Velvet-like plush top for more comfort. valve is dual-sealed to be leak-free
  • STABLE SUPPORT: Reinforced construction for added stability
  • LEAK-FREE: Dual-sealed valve prevents leaks for all-night firmness
  • DIMENSIONS: 78 x 60 x 18 in.; fits standard queen-size sheets
  • SUPPORTS: Up to 600 lb.
  • EASY INFLATING: Compatible with Coleman air bed pumps (sold separately)
  • INTEGRATED STORAGE: For easy folding, rolling, and storing; carry bag included

Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed, Twin/King

  • Versatile air mattress can be used as 2 twins, a king, or a double high twin
  • Airtight system and double lock valve help prevent leaks
  • Comfort strong coil construction for better support and superior comfort
  • Approximate inflated dimensions: 73 x 38 x 8 inches each; fits king and twin sheets
  • Supports up to 300 pounds; Designed for indoor and outdoor use

Coleman Company Queen Single High Qucikbed Airbed, Green

  • Heavy duty pvc construction with 25% thicker gauge base
  • Fits standard size sheets
  • Flocked top
  • Double lock valve

Coleman SupportRest Elite Double-High Airbed with Quilted Top, Queen

  • Inflatable air mattress features a quilted top for a luxurious, comfortable feel
  • SwiftRise pump inflates the bed in under 3 minutes
  • Double-high height makes getting in and out of bed easier; supports up to 600 pounds
  • AirTight system is factory-tested to be leak-free
  • Deflates fully and comes with a carry bag for compact storage

Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double-High Airbed, Queen

  • Inflatable air mattress offers a luxurious, comfortable night's sleep
  • PillowStop raised head keeps pillow in place to promote all-night comfort
  • Built-in 120-volt pump for rapid inflation and deflation
  • Double-high height makes getting in and out of bed easier; supports up to 600 pounds
  • AirTight system is factory-tested to be leak-free

Coleman Sleeping Pad | Silverton Self Inflating Camp Pad

  • SELF-INFLATING: Free-flow valve automatically inflates; no air pump required
  • SIDE BUMPERS: Reduce the chance of rolling off
  • STORAGE BAG: Attached pouch reverses to double as a pillow when stuffed
  • EASY PACKING: Fasteners keep pad straight for easier rolling
  • DIMENSIONS: 76 x 22 x 1.5 in.

Coleman SupportRest Elite PillowStop Double-High Airbed , Grey/Stripe, Queen

  • PillowStop keeps pillow from sliding off the bed
  • Built-in 120V pump for easily inflating at home or on the go
  • ComfortStrong coil system for better support and superior comfort
  • Supports up to 600 pounds; designed for indoor and outdoor use

Coleman Airbed Queen SH w/4D Combo AM 2000029822

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping air mattresses
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman Quickbed Airbed - Twin

  • Antimicrobial sleep surface resists odor, mold, mildew and fungus from forming on the product
  • Airtight system is factory-tested to be leak-free
  • ComfortStrong coil construction provides better support for superior comfort
  • Double lock valve is dual-sealed to be leak-free
  • Soft plush top creates a velvet-like sleep surface for more comfort

Coleman Quickbed airbed Twin with pump

  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

(2) COLEMAN Aerobed Kids Inflatable Camping Airbed Mattresses w/ Cover & Pump

  • (2) **AeroBed Kids** Inflatable Camping Air Mattresses w/ Fleece Cover & Pump
  • Its 4 in. bed height and 4 in. raised bumpers around the bed make it safe for children
  • It is ideal for kids ages 4 and up
  • A thick fleece fitted sheet adds extra cushioning; and it's washable
  • Inflated Dimensions: 50" x 25" x 4"

Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad, XX-Large - 80 x 30 Inches

  • Camp like royalty with the MondoKing 3D, an ultra-comfy 4.5-inch thick sleeping pad with a stretch knit fabric layer for resting better under the stars
  • Convenient TwinLock valve provides lightning-fast inflation and deflation with two dedicated valves
  • 8.0 R-value insulates in the most extreme conditions; stuff sack also doubles as an easy-to-use pump sack for easier breath-free inflation
  • Dual valves allow compressible foam core to expand and inflate when unpacked; mate perfectly with a second mattress to create an extra-large sleeping pad for two people
  • XX-Large size measures 80x30x4.5 inches, 31x10.3 inches rolled, and weighs 5.5 pounds; stuff sack/pump sack included; limited lifetime warranty; made in the USA

POPCHOSE Camping Sleeping Pad, Camping Mat with Air Pillow Foot Press Compact Lightweight Inflatable Backpacking Pad Built in Pump, Extra Thick Durable Waterproof Pad for Traveling Camping Hiking Pad

  • 【Lightweight Camping Pad】POPCHOSE air mattress sleeping pad is ultra-light because it is inflatable and compressible. Thus you could fold it, press it, compact it to be super tiny. You can easily put the sleeping pad into your backpack.
  • 【Big and Can be Together Design】The size of the sleeping pad is 75x25 inch which fits for everyone, but once you deflate and fold, it becomes just as big as a bottle of cola. Dual sides of buckles to combine multiple pads to be a big one great for tent camping.
  • 【Super Sealing and Wear-resisting】Super tight sealing technology makes sleeping pad can float on water. POPCHOSE sleeping pad is made by premium heavy-duty nylon fabric which is rip-stop, waterproof, washable. Rip-stop protects you from being hurt of sharp stones.
  • 【Great Sleeping Pad for Camping】Sleeping on this pad as comfortable as you sleeping on the velvet bed. Besides, POPCHOSE thick air mattress completely can cuts off the cold from the ground and bringing you a relaxed, comfortable backpacking trip.
  • 【Sleeping Comfortable in Anywhere】POPCHOSE camping mat has special design of ‘Z’ shaped thick air pipes and pump ‘W’ shaped pillow. No matter you sleep on side or back, It perfectly matches the human body curves and provides better body and neck support.
  • 【Advance 2 Way Inflation Technology】It’s time to say goodbye to using mouth to blow up the sleeping pad. The pump of POPCHOSE air mattress sleeping mat has utility patent that provides you easier and faster mattress inflation. Faster, easier and better.
  • 【Super Fast Pumping up】There are 2 plugs on the pump, one for deflation and one for inflation. For fully pumping up POPCHOSE sleeping mat, inflate by feet less than 60s or by hand less than 120s. For deflation, just take a second after pulling out the deflate plug.
  • 【VIP Guest Service for You】 As our VIP guest, you will get our lifetime product care. So no matter what kind of situations happen, broken, air leak, you aren’t happy with our pad. Contact our 7 /24 friendly customer service and get your refund immediately.
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