Coleman Premium Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lantern

  • Durable lantern for camping and outdoor use
  • Dual-Fuel technology lets you use Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline
  • All Season Strong technology for reliable operation in all weather conditions
  • Bail handle makes carrying and hanging the lantern easy
  • Adjustable control knob to dial in the perfect level of brightness

How To Choose The Best Coleman Camp Lanterns

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Lanterns?

Coleman lanterns are portable lighting devices designed to provide light during camping trips. Camping lanterns are very useful because they allow you to see where you're going while you're sleeping outdoors. If you're planning on spending several nights outside, a good quality lantern is essential. There are many different types of lanterns available, including solar powered lanterns, battery operated lanterns, and gas powered lanterns. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a solar powered lantern uses no batteries and does not require electricity. However, these lanterns take a long time to charge. Battery-operated lanterns are easy to operate, but they only last for so long before needing recharging. Gas lanterns are more powerful than other lanterns and produce bright light quickly, but they are expensive and must be filled with fuel each night.

Why Do People Use Coleman Lanterns?

Campers love using lanterns because they give them the ability to read by flashlight while they sleep. In addition, they can be used to signal others nearby. Most importantly, lanterns allow campers to stay safe while enjoying nature. Without proper lighting, it's difficult to navigate around dark areas. Also, there's nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to contact anyone else. With a lantern, you can call for help if necessary. Finally, lanterns are great tools for finding lost hikers. Many times, hikers become disoriented due to poor visibility. Using a lantern, you can guide them back to safety.

How To Choose The Right Lantern

To choose the right lantern, you should think about the amount of light needed. Solar powered lanterns are best suited for campsites with limited access to power sources. Batteries are ideal for outdoor activities that involve extended periods of darkness. Gas lanterns are most appropriate for situations requiring high levels of illumination. Regardless of which kind of lantern you decide upon, you should always check the instructions carefully before setting out into the wilderness.

Safety Tips

Before heading out into the woods, you should ensure that you know how to properly use a lantern. First, you should never leave a lantern unattended. Second, you should carry enough fuel to last you throughout the duration of your trip. Third, you should always turn off the lantern once you've finished using it. Fourth, you should put away the lantern immediately after turning it off. Lastly, you should store the lantern safely when you return home.

Useful Features

There are many features to consider when choosing a lantern. Some lanterns include a windproof design, adjustable brightness control, and multiple functions. Windproof designs reduce the risk of losing the lantern in strong winds. Adjustable brightness controls let you adjust the intensity of the light emitted by the lantern. Multiple function lanterns include flashlights, spotlights, and headlamps. Flashlight models are perfect for signaling to friends and family members who might be lost. Spotlights are helpful for illuminating objects in the distance. Headlamps are especially useful for walking in low light conditions.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Coleman Lanterns

Coleman lanterns are great camping accessories because they provide light while being portable. If you're planning a trip into the wilderness, you might be interested in purchasing these lanterns. However, there are many different types of Coleman lanterns available. Some lanterns are designed specifically for outdoor activities, while others are more suitable for indoor use. There are several factors to take into consideration before making a purchase.

Lighting Options

There are two main lighting options for Coleman lanterns. One option is using a candle inside the lantern. Another option is using batteries. Batteries are generally preferred because they last longer and produce brighter light. In addition, candles require constant attention. Candles must be lit and extinguished each night. Batteries can be left unattended for extended periods of time.


Another important factor to consider is portability. All of these questions will affect whether or not you choose to purchase a particular type of lantern.


Finally, durability is another key factor to consider. These are all considerations that you need to think about before deciding which Coleman lanterns to purchase.

Types of Coleman Lanterns Available

Coleman lanterns are available in a variety of styles. For example, you could opt for a lantern with a glass cover. Or, you could go with a lantern that has a metal frame. Both designs are useful depending on where you plan to use the lantern. Glass covers allow you to see outside, while metal frames give you added strength.


Of course, price is always a major concern. Coleman lanterns range widely in prices. Prices vary based on size, style, materials, and other features. Therefore, it's best to shop around to determine the most affordable Coleman lanterns for your needs.

Features To Look For When Buying Coleman Camp Lanterns

Coleman camping lanterns are great for outdoor activities because they provide light while being compact and portable. There are many different features to choose from depending on your needs. Here are some important factors to consider before purchasing a Coleman lantern.

Light Source

The type of lighting source determines whether the lantern has a bright white light or a dimmer glow. The brighter the light, the more expensive the lantern. If you're planning on using the lantern during nighttime hours, opt for a brighter light source. However, if you plan on using the lantern during daytime hours, a lower wattage bulb might be sufficient.


Camping lanterns come in several different sizes. Some lanterns are small enough to fit inside a backpack or tent bag. Others are large enough to sit on top of a picnic table or other flat surface. Choose a size based on where you plan on placing the lantern. Larger lanterns are easier to carry around so they're ideal for trips outside of town.

Power Supply

Some lanterns require batteries whereas others use electricity. Batteries last longer than electrical power supplies, however, they must be replaced periodically. Electrical lanterns run continuously and therefore, require no maintenance. In addition, most battery-operated lanterns cannot be turned on and off with a switch. Instead, you must remove the cover to turn them on and off.


Make sure that there are no sharp edges or protruding parts that could cause injury. Also check the manufacturer's instructions regarding proper usage. Most manufacturers include warnings regarding the safe storage of the lantern and its components.


Look for a durable material that resists fading and cracking. Many lanterns are constructed with plastic materials which are prone to scratching and peeling. Check the warranty information to see if the product comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. Manufacturers typically extend warranties beyond the standard period to ensure customers receive quality products.


Lanterns are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. Smaller models weigh only 2 pounds and larger ones weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. Consider the weight of the lantern along with the amount of gear you intend to bring along. If you plan on carrying a lot of stuff, opt for a heavier model. Otherwise, go for something lighter.


Prices vary widely among brands and styles. Always shop around to compare prices. Remember that the price of a lantern does not necessarily reflect its value. A high-quality lantern will serve you well for years to come. Invest wisely!

Different Types of Coleman Camp Lanterns

Coleman camp lanterns are great camping accessories because they provide light while being compact enough to carry around with you during the night. The lanterns are designed to be lightweight so they're easy to pack into a backpack or tent bag. There are many different styles available including hurricane lanterns, bug zappers, and more.

Types of Coleman Lanterns

There are three main categories of Coleman lanterns - hurricane lanterns, bug zapper lanterns, and lanterns. Hurricane lanterns are typically larger versions of regular lanterns. Bug zapper lanterns are smaller versions of hurricane lanterns. Both these two types of lanterns are meant to be hung above ground level. Finally, lanterns are small portable lamps that are placed inside tents or other shelters. Most lanterns are powered by batteries which makes them convenient to use anywhere there is electricity.

How Do Coleman Lanterns Work?

The most common type of lanterns are battery operated. Batteries allow users to turn the lantern on and off whenever needed. However, some lanterns require manual operation. For instance, bug zapper lanterns must be turned on manually before each use. In addition, some lanterns include a switch that turns the lamp on automatically once the user enters the tent.

Benefits of Using Coleman Lanterns

Using Coleman lanterns has several benefits. First, they're very durable since they're made from strong materials. Second, they're inexpensive. Third, they're versatile. Fourth, they're safe. Fifth, they're environmentally friendly. Sixth, they're efficient. Seventh, they're easy to operate. Eighth, they're reliable. Ninth, they're fun. Tenth, they're useful.


Coleman Company Standard Shape Lantern Replacement Globe, Clear

  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 4.6 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 5.2 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 4.2 Inches

Coleman Gas Lantern | 1000 Lumens Deluxe Propane Lantern

  • LUMENS: Up to 1000 lumens casts light up to 23 meters
  • RUNTIME: Up to 7.5 hours (high) on one 16.4 oz. propane cylinder (sold separately); lights with matches
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • RUST-RESISTANT: Porcelain-coated 2-tier ventilator helps resist corrosion and rust
  • GLASS GLOBE: Features high-temperature tolerance to prevent cracking from heat
  • BAIL HANDLE: For easy carrying and convenient hanging
  • COMPACT STORAGE: Collapsible footed base
  • MANTLES: 2 Insta-Clip no.21 mantles included

Coleman Premium 700 Lumens Dual-Fuel Camping Lantern with Case

  • Extra-bright 700 lumens on high
  • Adjustable dimmer knob for perfect outdoor lighting
  • Dual Fuel technology runs on Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline
  • All-Season Strong design for incredible performance in frigid conditions
  • Runtime of 7 hours on high using 1 tank of fuel
  • Hard carry case for protected carrying and storage
  • 3-year limited warranty

Coleman Exponent Pump Repair Kit, Stove & Lantern


Coleman 4D XPS Personal-Size LED Lantern

  • CPX 6 compatible, powered by a battery cartridge (included, 4 d-batteries sold separately) or rechargeable cartridge (sold separately)
  • 4-position switch
  • 3 modes: high, low, nightlight
  • Lumens: 190 (high), 100 (low)
  • Runtime: 88 hours (high), 105 hours (low)

Coleman LED String Lights , Black, 10 Tiny LED Lanterns

  • String of Ten tiny LED lanterns
  • Portable - powered by 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • String stretches 6 ft.
  • Up to 20 hours runtime

Coleman LED Lantern | 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern

  • Customizable brightness settings ranging from high to ultra-low
  • 390 extra-bright lumens on high. 100 bright lumens on low
  • 32-ft. (9.75 m) beam distance on high and 19-ft. (5.79 m) beam distance on low
  • Up to 85 hours runtime on high setting and Up to 299 hours runtime on low setting
  • Powered by eight D-cell batteries (sold separately). Water resistant against rain and splashing water. 5-year limited warranty

Coleman Gas Lantern | 1000 Lumens QuickPack 2-Mantle Propane Lantern with Carry Case

  • LUMENS: Up to 1,000 lumens on high casts light up to 22 meters
  • COMPACT STORAGE: Space-saving design integrates the base into the carry case
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions and high altitudes
  • PUSH-BUTTON IGNITION: For matchless lighting
  • BUILT TO LAST: Glass globe with high-temperature tolerance to prevent cracking from heat; porcelain-coated ventilator helps resist corrosion and rust
  • MANTLES: 2 Insta-Clip #21 replacement mantles included
  • RUNTIME: Up to 7.5 hours on high or 13 hours on low on one 16.4 oz. propane cylinder (sold separately)

Coleman 4D LED Camping Lantern

  • Battery-powered outdoor lantern ideal for camping, emergencies, or use at home
  • Water-resistant construction for durability in any weather condition
  • Bright LED bulb emits 54 lumens and lasts up to 175 hours
  • Lifetime LED bulb never needs to be replaced
  • Powered by 4 D batteries (sold separately)

Coleman NorthStar Propane Lantern

  • PerfectFlow system for consistent gas flow and light output
  • High-temperature globe resists cracking from heat
  • InstaStart ignition for matchless lighting
  • Adjustable dimmer knob for the perfect outdoor light

Coleman LED Lantern | 400 Lumens Personal Lantern with 4D Battery

  • LUMENS: Up to 400 lumens on high casts light up to 12 meters
  • RUNTIME: 30 hours (high) or 70 hours (low)
  • EASY TO CARRY: Bail handle with carabiner for hanging convenience
  • WATER RESISTANCE: IPX4 rating for reliable use outdoors in the elements
  • BATTERY POWERED: 4 D-cell batteries (sold separately)
  • LIFETIME LEDS: Never need replacing

Coleman CPX 6 Classic XL LED Lantern, 700 lumens

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping lights lanterns
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman Classic Rechargeable 400l LED Lantern

  • Built-in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • USB charging port to charge your mobile devices (USB cord included)
  • Charge indicator turns Green when fully charged
  • 120V charger lets you easily charge the lantern from any home outlet
  • Convenient charger storage in lantern base

Coleman CPX 6 Rugged XL LED Lantern, 700 Lumens

  • Rugged, water-resistant LED lantern designed for camping and outdoor use
  • Powered by 4 D-cell batteries or rechargeable CPX 6 cartridge (both sold separately)
  • 2 light settings: low (140 lumens) and high (700 lumens)
  • Up to 60 hours (low setting) or 8 hours (high setting) of runtime per charge
  • LEDs never need replacing and stay cool while running

Coleman Lantern Rugged Rechargeable L-ION C002 , Dark Green

  • Built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • USB charging port to charge your mobile devices (USB cord included)
  • 120V charger lets you easily charge the lantern from any home outlet
  • Lumens: 400 on high, 100 on low. Runtime: 5 hours on high, 20 hours on low
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing. 3-year limited warranty

Coleman Kids LED Adventure Mini Lantern 1-Count, Colors may vary

  • Single lightweight LED lantern for kids
  • 5 bright LEDs emit 44 lumens
  • Runs for up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Durable IPX4 water-resistant design
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing
  • Color you may receive include Green, Blue, Orange, or Red

Coleman Quad Pro 800l LED Lantern, Red

  • 4 take-along light panels Recharge on base perfect for when you need light in more than one place
  • Built-in flashlight on each panel provides directional light when you need it fold-down panel handles double as stands
  • Magnetic panels provide hands-free light when attached to toolboxes, car hoods, steel-framed shelters and more USB charging port to charge your mobile devices
  • Base light stays lit when panels are removed fold-down lantern handle for easy carrying in a space-saving design
  • Base powered by 4 or 8 D batteries to conserve battery usage or maximize performance (sold separately) each panel powered by 3 AAA nimh batteries (included)

Coleman LED Lantern | Quad Pro 800 Lumens LED Lantern

  • LUMENS: Up to 800 lumens for base; 100 for panels
  • BEAM DISTANCE: Up to 18 meters for base and 13 meters for panels
  • RUNTIME: Up 20 hours for base, 3 for panels
  • RECHARGEABLE PANELS: 4 Take-Along light panels recharge on base
  • USB PORT: Keeps mobile devices powered
  • WATER RESISTANCE: IPX4 rating for reliable use outdoors in the elements
  • BATTERY POWERED: 4 or 8 D-cell batteries (sold separately) for base; each panel runs on 3 AAA NIMH batteries (included)

Coleman 360 Sound and Light Lantern

  • Provides 360 degrees of light
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker streams music for up to 20 hours
  • USB charging capability keeps battery powered
  • IPX4 water-resistant design
  • Light runtime: 7 hours on high, 16 on medium, 40 on low

Coleman 1000 Lumens LED Lantern with BatteryGuard, Green

  • Battery Guard system stops battery drain to preserve battery life and reduce corrosion
  • Allows batteries to be stored in lantern for years (up to their inherent shelf life)
  • 4 modes: high, medium, low, flashing; lasts up to 14 hours on high and uses 4 D batteries (sold separately)
  • Brightness: up to 1000 lumens; beam distance: up to 16 meters
  • IPX4 water-resistant design; impact-resistant up to 2 meters (on dirt)
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing; 3-year limited

Coleman 600 Lumens LED Lantern with BatteryGuard, Green

  • Battery Guard technology stops battery drain to preserve battery life and reduce corrosion
  • Allows batteries to be stored in lantern for years (up to their inherent shelf life)
  • 2 modes: high, low; lasts up to 30 hours on high and uses 3 D batteries (sold separately)
  • Brightness: up to 600 lumens; beam distance: up to 12 meters
  • IPX4 water-resistant design; impact-resistant up to 2 meters (on dirt)
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing; 3-year limited

Coleman Universal Plunger Metal Part #: 242J5201 ; 4 Inch Long Plunger Pump Repair Kit ; Compatible Stoves & Lanterns

  • Item #: 242J 5201 :4 INCH LONG PLUNGER : Universal Plunger Metal Compatible with : *( More in Description box Below)*
  • 285-700E Unleaded 2-Mtl Lantern, 285-734 Lantern, 285-742 Lantern, 286A743 Lantern-Red-Combo, 202 Single Mantle Lantern,
  • 413G499 2-Burner Gas Camp Stove, 413H499 2 Burner Gas Camp Stove, 425E499 2 Burner Gas Camp Stove, 426D499 3 Burner Gas Camp Stove,
  • 426E499 3 Burner Gas Camp Stove - Coleman Fuel, 3000000791 Dual Fuel Powerhouse 2-Burner Stove, 3000001138 1-Mantle Kerosene Lantern,
  • 22E197 2 Mantle Gas Lantern, 413E Fuel Stove, 428-A00 3-Burner Stove, 413F Fuel Stove,

LED Camping Lantern Battery Powered 1500 Lumen COB Camping Light 4*D Batteries(Included) Perfect for Camp Hiking Emergency Kit

  • 【Bright and Well made】 This LED camping lantern's output can reach 15 bright by using 4*D batteries (included), it is very easy to use by simple switch function. Our camping light use new ABS plastic well built to make it durable working time.
  • 【4 Light Modes and Dimmable】 Simply Press the switch of the tent light to adjust from High-1500lm, Med-900lm, Low-500lm to Nite-90lm.
  • 【Long Last Time】 The LED camping light using 4pcs D batteries (included) as power supply, enables it can be used up to 1.5-72 hours, which last longer than most of the camp lamp in the market. Energy saving and suitable for power outage, emergency usage, hurricane, etc.
  • 【Waterproof and Enough Brightness】 IPX4 waterproof, making it especially suitable for camping, hiking, repair, etc. By using New COB technical to get 1500 Lumens brightness and 360 degree lighting provides you the enough brightness.
  • 【Convenient to use】 Our portable camping lantern comes with two hooks, that can hang the tent lantern upside down to get better light when lighting up a big area.

SereneLife Portable LED Camping Lantern - Battery Operated Lantern, Collapsible Emergency Lamp, Perfect for Camp, Hurricane, Emergency, Survival, Storms, Power Outages, Outdoor Hiking, Indoor - SLCL45

  • 30 HIGH-POWERED LEDs: The SereneLife LED Camping Lantern is equipped with 30 high-powered LED lights, this portable lantern cuts through 360 degrees of darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. It easily lights up the entire tent or room
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The emergency lantern features a compact & portable design, and is designed to deliver bright, brilliant visibility for a variety of tasks, from nighttime camping, to blackouts during storms, or work around the house
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: The portable LED lantern is weather-resistant so it is ready for the outdoors and the elements. Constructed with military-grade materials thus ensuring its quality. It requires 3 AA alkaline batteries to operate (not included)
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: Features a unique & compact collapsible design that reduces & increases the light as you collapse/expand the camp lantern. When it collapses it's almost as small as a mobile phone. Can easily fit in your backpack or emergency kit
  • BUTTON-FREE OPERATION: No switch/buttons necessary to operate. Unfold the metallic handles & pull up to illuminate your battery lantern. You can pull half way if you wish to get a dimmer light or pull all the way up & be provided w/ 360 illumination
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