Coleman 70+ Hour Citronella Candle Outdoor Lantern - 6.7 oz

  • One 6.7 oz Coleman 70+ Hour Outdoor Lantern
  • Keep this camping lantern with your other camping accessories to have it ready for your next camping adventure
  • Long lasting candle uses citronella oil as a naturally occurring mosquito repellent
  • Outdoor candle lantern features a classic lantern shape for a peaceful ambiance to take along with your camping gear
  • This Coleman Outdoor citronella candle with easy grip handle allows for easy carrying that doubles as a hanger

How To Choose The Best Coleman Citronella Candle Lantern

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Citronella Candle Lantern?

Their products include wicks, tapers, votives, pillar candles, and more. In addition to being able to create beautiful scented candles, Coleman offers many different types of lighting solutions including lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps. If you're interested in purchasing a Coleman product, check out our site! We carry everything from Coleman lanterns to Coleman camping gear.

How Does A Coleman Citronella Candle Lantern Help Me?

The main reason why we chose to purchase a Coleman lantern was because it offered us so many benefits. First, it's portable. You can take it with you wherever you go. Second, it's easy to light. Just turn the switch and you're ready to go. Third, it's very durable. It doesn't require batteries which makes it perfect for camping trips. Fourth, it comes with a built-in diffuser which eliminates the need for additional oils. Fifth, it's eco-friendly. It uses only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. Sixth, it's affordable. Finally, it's safe. There aren't any sharp edges or glass pieces inside. All these features combined mean that you can enjoy a relaxing evening outside while still enjoying the scent of a Coleman lantern.

Benefits Of Using A Coleman Citronella Candle Lantern

There are several reasons why you might choose to use a Coleman lantern rather than other options available. For starters, there are no batteries required. Batteries are expensive and can be hard to replace. Also, Coleman lanterns are extremely lightweight and compact. That means that you can bring along multiple lanterns and never worry about carrying around heavy battery packs. Another benefit is that Coleman lanterns are designed to last. Most of the models sold by Coleman are made using high quality materials and manufacturing techniques. So, you know that you're getting something long lasting and reliable. Lastly, Coleman lanterns are relatively inexpensive. Even though they are made of plastic, they are still cheaper than most alternatives.

The Importance of Purchasing A Quality Coleman Citronella Candle Lantern

Their most popular product line is called "Coleman" which includes everything from camp stoves to lanterns. In fact, there are so many different types of Coleman products available today, including candles, lanterns, kerosene lamps, flashlights, and more!

How To Choose The Right Coleman Lantern For Your Needs

There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting a Coleman lantern. First, you must decide whether you plan to use the lantern indoors or outside. Outdoor lanterns are ideal for those who enjoy spending time outside during the summer months. Indoor lanterns provide light inside your house while providing additional safety features such as automatic shut-off mechanisms and adjustable brightness settings. Second, you must determine whether you prefer using a battery operated lantern or a hand crank lantern. Battery powered lanterns require no maintenance and operate with ease; however, hand cranks are typically easier to use and last longer because they rely solely on wind power rather than electricity. Third, you must choose between a standard lantern or a lantern with a built-in flashlight. Standard lanterns only produce light, whereas lanterns with built-in flashlights allow you to illuminate dark areas. Finally, you must select between a lantern with a single bulb or two bulbs. Single bulb lanterns provide brighter lighting, but double bulb lanterns give you twice the amount of light.

Tips For Choosing A Coleman Lantern

Choose a lantern that fits comfortably within your budget. While Coleman offers numerous options ranging from inexpensive to expensive, you shouldn't pay too much money for something that doesn't perform well.

Consider the size of the Coleman lantern before you commit to purchasing it. Most Coleman lanterns range in height from five inches to six feet tall. However, if you plan to use the lantern primarily indoors, you might want to opt for a smaller model. Larger models are perfect for outdoor use.

Look for a lantern with multiple uses. Some lanterns are designed specifically for indoor use, while others are intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Look for a lantern that can be used for cooking, reading, and working.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman Citronella Candle Lantern

Their reputation for high-quality products is well known throughout the United States. If you're thinking about purchasing a Coleman product, there are several features to be aware of before you purchase. The following list contains features to look for when choosing a Coleman lantern.

Lighting Type

There are two types of lighting available with Coleman lanterns. One type uses incandescent bulbs while another uses LED lights. Incandescent light bulbs produce more heat which makes them unsuitable for camping outdoors. However, LED lights provide superior illumination and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Both types of lamps require batteries; however, LED lights consume less power and therefore run cooler than incandescent bulbs. In addition, LED lights are safer because they emit no ultraviolet rays.

Battery Life

The battery life of a Coleman lantern depends upon the size of the lantern. Larger lanterns generally have larger batteries and thus provide greater battery life. Smaller lanterns typically use smaller batteries and so they only last a few hours. Batteries are inexpensive and most lanterns include rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries allow you to replace dead batteries rather than replacing entire lanterns. Most lanterns include both AA and AAA batteries. Some lanterns include AC adapters allowing you to charge batteries using household current.


All Coleman lanterns sold today meet these requirements. Safety regulations ensure that Coleman lanterns are safe for indoor and outdoor use. There are many different types of Coleman lanterns including lanterns designed specifically for children. Children's lanterns are small enough to fit inside a backpack or purse and are easy to carry around. Other Coleman lanterns are large enough to stand alone on a countertop or tabletop. Many lanterns are equipped with wheels enabling you to move them around your campsite.


Most Coleman lanterns are constructed of aluminum and plastic. Aluminum is lightweight and durable. Plastic is lighter weight and easier to mold into desired shapes. Although aluminum is stronger than plastic, plastic is cheaper. Therefore, plastic is preferred for its lower price tag.


Many Coleman lanterns are portable. Portable lanterns are great for campers who wish to bring along a lantern during day trips. Campers can take their lanterns anywhere they go. Additionally, portable lanterns are ideal for those who enjoy hiking and other activities where carrying bulky gear isn't practical.

Color Options

Coleman offers a wide variety of colors for lanterns. Choose between red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, white, black, gray, silver, gold, copper, and bronze. Each color option comes in multiple styles. For example, you can choose between round, square, rectangular, oval, and hexagonal designs.

Different Types of Coleman Citronella Candles

The company was founded by John W. Coleman who wanted to create products that could be used outdoors. He started with a small shop where he sold his goods to campers. In 1900, Coleman began selling lanterns and other camping supplies. Today, Coleman still makes high-quality camping gear including tents, stoves, lanterns, and more. Their lanterns are known for being reliable and durable.

Types of Coleman Citronella Outdoor Lamps

Citronella Lantern - This type of lamp uses a wick to burn citronella oil. The citronella burns slowly so there is no risk of fire. There are two main advantages to using a citronella candle. First, it doesn't leave behind harmful chemicals. Second, it smells great!

Candle Lamp - This style of lamp uses a wick to burn paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is petroleum based which creates smoke and fumes. However, the smell isn't nearly as strong as citronella. Also, paraffin wax tends to melt faster than citronella. If you're concerned about leaving a mess around your campsite, choose a candle lamp.

Hour Citronella - This type of lantern uses a wick to burn citronella oil. Hour candles burn slower than traditional lamps. Because of this, they last longer and provide more light. They also produce very little heat. This is perfect for those who enjoy sitting outside during the evening hours.

How To Use Them

To start burning a citronella candle, simply remove the lid and pour the oil into the base of the lantern. Then, insert the wick into the hole provided. Light the wick by striking a match or lighter. Once the wick begins to glow, you can begin enjoying the scent of citronella. For best results, place the lantern somewhere away from direct sunlight. Keep the lantern away from children and pets. Children especially love to play with citronella candles. Pets dislike the smell and might chew on the wicks.

Benefits of Using Citronella Oil

There are several benefits to using citronella oil. First, it kills insects. Insects are attracted to the smell of citronella. Therefore, citronella oil prevents bugs from landing on your food or sleeping bags. Second, it repels mosquitoes. Mosquitoes carry diseases such as malaria and West Nile virus. Third, it protects plants from insect pests. Fourth, it reduces stress levels. Fifth, it improves moods.


A Cheerful Giver Buzz Off Citronella 16 oz. Simplicity Lantern Jar Candle

  • Holds 16 ounces
  • Burn time is 80 hours
  • All of the candles are made with quality wicks and more fragrance to go above and beyond your expectations
  • This rustic hanging candle lanterns look great inside or outside
  • Unsurpassing quality

Coleman Color Changing LED Citronella Outdoor Scented Candle - 8 oz

  • One 8 oz Coleman Color Changing LED Citronella Outdoor Scented Candle
  • LED candle comes in a shaped, embossed glass candle holder for a unique look
  • Metal handle makes this outdoor candle easy to move
  • Color changing LED lights add a unique, festive effect that lights up the entire candle
  • Citronella scented candle burns for 25 plus hours

Citronella Scented Lamp Oil, 2 Liter - Smokeless and Odorless Insect and Mosquito Repellent Paraffin Lamp Oil for Indoor and Outdoor Lanterns, Torches, Oil Candle - by Ner Mitzvah

  • REPELS MOSQUITOES & BUGS: This citronella scented oil is awesome for you, awful for flying creatures and pests. They hate the stuff! It burns clean, smells great for you and your guests, but keeps those unwanted flying guests away.
  • SMOKE FREE BURN: This premium grade paraffin fuel provides a clean smokeless flame that is not only pleasant to be around, but looks beautiful too. It's great for centerpieces and dinner parties.
  • FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR CANDLES: Whether you are using it for an outdoor picnic, BBQ, or for a candlelit dinner inside, this oil is perfect for all kinds of uses. Use if for decor or subtle lighting.
  • ODORLESS FORMULA: While the bugs can smell the citronella, the lamp fuel is odor free for humans! It doesn't have any unnecessary additives and Enhance your parties and events with beautiful candles that keep bugs at bay.
  • RELIABILITY: Brought to you by Ner Mitzvah the Brand behind #1 Amazon best seller Lamp Oil

Coleman Scented Tin Citronella Candle - 3 Pack, S'Mores, Pine and Campfire

  • One 3 count package of Coleman Scented Tin Citronella Candle
  • Outdoor candles with crackle wood wicks make a crackling fire sound
  • Three scents include pine, s'mores and campfire to add a pleasant smell
  • Packaged in nostalgic embossed tins for easy, safe use
  • Add to your camping supplies along with your camping lantern and other accessories

Coleman Color Changing LED Candle - Citronella Candle, Outdoor Candle - 8 oz (Boxed)

  • One 8oz Coleman Color Changing LED Candle - Citronella Candle, Outdoor Candle - Burns Up to 25 hours
  • This color changing LED candle comes in a embossed glass candle holder to use as an outdoor candle or camping candle lantern
  • Color changing LED lights add a unique, festive effect that lights up the entire citronella candle
  • A metal handle makes this citronella candle easy to use as a camping candle lantern or outdoor candle for backyard festivities
  • Use this LED candle as an outdoor candle in the backyard, or take it for a fun citronella candle on your next outdoor adventure

Copia Aion Citronella Pillar Candle Lantern, Small, Outdoor Use, Natural Extracts, Soft Scent, Decorative Style and Warm Flicking Glow, (AMD-CIT-SML)

  • Beautiful Flicking Glow – These lantern candles are designed with natural citronella extracts and a soft wax core and stronger candlewax exterior, so they produce a more vibrant, slow-burning look that flickers, dances, and adds charming ambiance.
  • Produces a Soft, Relaxing Scent – Our premium small and large citronella candles are free of harsh additives, chemicals, or ingredients and contain only all-natural extracts, which makes a smokeless burn and a fresher, more natural fragrance.
  • Slow-Burning Smokeless Wick – Each camping citronella candle features a long wick along the middle that can be burned, snuffed out, and lit again and again, so you can enjoy hours of reliable protection over and over again.
  • Compact and Portable Candle Size – At a mere 4” x 4.7” and just 1.54 lbs. this small citronella candle sits comfortably on backyard tables, picnic tables, and other personal spaces where you’re reading, eating, or just relaxing alone.
  • Enjoy a More Relaxing Outdoor Experience - These small, portable candles let you enjoy what you love outside without worrying about the mosquitos. They’re perfect for sitting beside you in a hammock, relaxing on your front porch watching the sun go down, or having some wine with a friend on the deck.

Coleman Repellents Tin Mug Outdoor Citronella Candle | Rustic Outdoor Camping Candle with White Pine Scent, White

  • Pine scented decorative outdoor citronella candle camping mug, burns up to 50 hours
  • Create a classic camping atmosphere with this pine scented citronella decorative outdoor candle mug
  • Available in a painted white flecked decorative mug
  • Collect all three scents, s'mores, pine, and campfire for a red, white, and blue summer
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