Coleman Cooler Standard Drain Plug Assembly - 1 Inch Shaft Length

  • Includes drain spout, gasket, and and drain cap
  • For use on most regular Coleman Coolers (see full compatible model list below)
  • Coleman part number: R5214D607G

How To Choose The Best Coleman Cooler Plug

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Cooler Plug?

Coleman coolers are great because they're easy to install and maintain. However, there are times when you might need to remove the plug so that you can access the drain hole inside the unit. If you've ever tried to take apart a Coleman cooler, you know that removing the plug is no simple task. In fact, most people end up damaging the plug by trying to pull it out too hard. That's why we created our Coleman cooler plug removal tool! With this handy little gadget, you can quickly and safely remove the plug with ease.

How Does The Tool Help Me Remove My Plug?

The Coleman cooler plug removal tool has two parts. First, you insert the plug into the top part of the tool. Then, you turn the handle clockwise to unscrew the plug. Once the plug loosens, simply lift it out of the cooler. Now, you can open the drain hole and empty the water out of the cooler.

Is There Any Other Way To Remove The Plug?

Yes, there is another way to remove the plug. But, it involves using pliers which could cause damage to the plug itself. Also, you'd have to be very careful while doing this method since you wouldn't want to accidentally bend the metal prongs of the plug. So, if you really want to avoid damaging the plug, then the Coleman cooler plug removal tool is definitely the best option.

Can I Use Another Type Of Plug Removal Tool?

No, you cannot use other types of tools to remove the plug. Only the Coleman cooler plug removal tool works properly. We recommend using only this tool to remove the plug.

Are There Any Advantages To Using The Coleman Cooler Plug Remover Over Pliers?

There are several advantages to using the Coleman cooler plug remover over pliers. For starters, the Coleman cooler plug remover is safer. Unlike pliers, the Coleman cooler plug remover doesn't have sharp edges that can cut your fingers. Additionally, the Coleman cooler plug remover is easier to operate. All you have to do is twist the handle counter-clockwise to loosen the plug. No more struggling to hold down the handles of the plier while twisting them back and forth. Lastly, the Coleman cooler plug remover is cheaper than pliers.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman Cooler Plug

Coleman coolers are great products. However, sometimes they require maintenance. One of these maintenance tasks includes replacing the drain plug. If you're using a Coleman cooler with a removable drain plug, you must replace the drain plug before draining the cooler. Otherwise, you could be left with a plugged-up cooler which could cause serious problems. Here we discuss why you should purchase a high quality drain plug and how to install it correctly.

How To Replace A Drain Plug

To remove the drain plug, simply unscrew it by turning counterclockwise. Once removed, pull the plug straight down. Then, push the plug back into its hole. Make sure there is no air trapped between the plug and the opening. Now, screw the drain plug back into position.

Replacing An Old Plug With A New Plug

After removing the old plug, check the threads carefully. If the threads appear worn, you might need to replace the entire plug. In this case, you'll need to order a replacement part online. But, if the threads seem fine, you can proceed with installing the new plug. First, insert the plug into the drain hole. Next, turn the plug clockwise to tighten it into position. Finally, reassemble the cooler.

Installing A Replacement Part

Once the drain plug has been installed properly, test the cooler to ensure everything works well. If you notice anything wrong, contact customer service immediately so that they can assist you further.

Tips For Replacing A Colemans Drip Proof Plugs

Colemans drip proof plugs are designed to last longer. Therefore, you should only change them once per season. Also, never attempt to repair a leaky cooler yourself. Instead, call a professional who specializes in repairing Coleman coolers. This way, you can rest assured that the repairs will be done right.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman Cooler Plug

Coleman coolers are great because they're easy to set up and operate. However, there are many different types of plugs available for these units. The best way to choose which type of plug you should purchase is by considering the features listed below.


The size of the plug determines whether it fits into a specific model of cooler. If you plan on using your cooler with multiple models, you might want to invest in a universal plug so that you can swap between them quickly.


Some plugs are made of plastic while others are metal. Metal plugs are more durable and easier to install. Plastic ones require tools to be installed properly.


Plugs come in black, white, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, gray, silver, gold, and bronze colors. Some color options are only available for certain models.

Installation Type

There are two main installation methods for cooler plugs. One method involves drilling holes in the top of the cooler and inserting screws directly into the holes. Another option is to drill holes in the bottom of the cooler and insert bolts.

Different Types of Coleman Cooler Plug

Coleman coolers are great because they're easy to install and maintain. However, there are different types of plugs available depending on which type of cooler you have. The most common ones include the standard plug, the larger diameter plug, and the smaller diameter plug. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each type so you know exactly what you’re getting into before purchasing one.

Standard Plugs

The standard plug is the most popular option among consumers. It comes with a threaded hole on top of the cooler. There are two versions of this plug; one is designed for the older style of Coleman coolers while the other version is designed for newer models. Both versions fit both old and new coolers. The advantage of using the standard plug is that it doesn’t require special tools to remove. In fact, it only takes seconds to pull it out. If you plan on removing the plug frequently, then this might be the best choice for you.

Larger Diameter Plugs

This plug is designed specifically for the larger-diameter Coleman coolers. Unlike the standard plug, this one does require a wrench to remove. Although it’s more difficult to remove, it offers several benefits including increased cooling capacity and improved air flow. Another benefit is that this plug fits both older and newer models of Coleman coolers. The disadvantage of this plug is that it makes it harder to access the water filter. Therefore, you must unscrew the entire lid to replace the filter. Also, since the threads aren’t as tight as those found on the standard plug, it tends to leak slightly. If you’re planning on replacing the filter regularly, then this could be the right choice for you.

Smaller Diameter Plugs

This plug is designed for the smaller-diameter Coleman coolers. Like the larger-diameter plug, this one also requires a wrench to remove. However, unlike the larger-diameter plug, this one isn’t compatible with either older or newer models. Instead, it works exclusively with the small-diameter Coleman coolers. Because it’s incompatible with older models, it’s easier to remove. Since it’s compatible with only the small-diameter Coleman coolers, it’s also easier to access the water filter. This plug is also very durable. It features a strong metal construction that ensures it lasts longer than the others. Overall, this is probably the best option for someone who plans on changing the filter occasionally.


Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler Replacement 8 ft. Power Cord w/Fuse

  • For use on Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler Models: 5644-710, 5644-707, 5644-760, 300000540, 3000001497 and some 5645 Coolers.
  • 8 Ft. Power Cord w/ Fused End.
  • Also Known as Older Part #56443661 or 5644-3661.
  • Made by Coleman.

Coleman PowerChill Hot/Cold Portable Thermoelectric Cooler, 40 Quart , Gray

  • Versatile hot/cold thermoelectric cooler keeps food items at an optimal temperature
  • Keeps contents up to 40 degrees colder or warmer than the surroundings
  • 8-foot power cord allows you to the power the cooler with a car or boat outlet
  • Door opens from either the left or right side to offer added placement flexibility
  • 40-quart capacity holds up to 44 cans

Coleman Cooler Drain Plug for 50, 58 and 82 Qt Xtreme Coolers - 1.5" Shaft Length

  • Made by Coleman. Compatible with the 50, 58 and 82 Quart Coleman Xtreme Coolers.
  • The drain plug assembly consists of the following components: Cap, main shaft, and rubber gasket.
  • Shaft length: 1-1/2". Shaft diameter: 3/4".
  • Double check your cooler's drain plug hole size and cooler wall thickness. This is not a universal drain plug for Coleman coolers, as there are other sizes available.

Coleman Cooler Drain Plug Assembly for 150 Quart Marine Coolers (#5250-1141)

  • 3 Piece Replacement Drain Set
  • For use with Coleman 150 Quart Marine Coolers

JSP Manufacturing Aftermarket White 1.5" Shaft Cooler Drain Plug Assembly for Coleman Xtreme Coolers 50 qt, 58 qt, 82 qt 5010005241 (1)

  • New Aftermarket 1.5" Shaft Cooler Drain Plug Assembly
  • Compatible with Coleman Xtreme Coolers ~ Replaces Part Number: 5010005241
  • Each Kit Includes: 1- drain spout, 1- drain cap & 1- gasket
  • Quantity: 1 kit ~ Color: White ~ Made in USA!
  • For use on only the 50 qt, 58 qt, and 82 qt Coleman Xtreme Coolers

JSP Manufacturing Aftermarket White Standard 1" Shaft Cooler Drain Plug Assembly Compatible with Coleman Coolers (2)

  • New Aftermarket Standard 1" Shaft Cooler Drain Plug Assembly
  • Compatible with Coleman Coolers ~ Replaces Part Number: 3000005299 / R5214D607G - obsolete
  • Each Kit Includes: 1- drain spout, 1- snap drain cap & 1- gasket
  • Quantity: 2 drain plugs ~ Color: White ~ Made in USA!
  • Fits the following: Coleman Models 5235,5236,5239,5248,5248,5254,5255,5256,5265,5269,5275,5276,5284,5286,5293, 5294,5295,5296,5299,5835,5837,5848,5850,5854,5856 and 5894

Honoson 3 Sets Cooler Drain Plug Cooler Plug Replacement Triple Snap Drain Plug Cooler Plug Assembly for Coolers 1.1 Inches/ 2.8 cm Shaft Length (White)

  • You will get: there are 3 pieces of drain caps, 3 pieces of nuts and 3 pieces of gaskets in the package; The size is proper and the quantity is enough for you and your family to use; They are great choices for home use
  • Cooler size: the drain cap is 3.9 inches/ 10 cm in total length, the gasket is 0.8 inch/ 2 cm in diameter and the nut is 1.3 inches/ 3.3 cm in length; Please check whether this product is suitable for your cooler before purchasing
  • Quality material: the cooler plug is made of quality plastic material, which is odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable; It is dirt-resistant and can keep the drain hole of your cooler clean
  • Leak-proof design: the cooler drain plug is equipped with a leak-proof gasket, which seals tight to prevent leakage and the tethered cap helps prevent cap loss
  • Easy to install: the replacement triple snap drain plug is simple to use, no other tools required; You just need to pass the plug through the cooler and tighten it with a nut and a washer

Cooler Standard Drain Plug Assembly, Drain Plug Replacement for Cooler - 1.5" Shaft Length

  • 【Easy to Install】: Our Coleman cooler drain plug is made of high quality material, which are easy for you to replace the part of your cooler.
  • 【Compatibility】: This accessory can be interchanged with 50, 58 and 82 Qt Coleman Xtreme Coolers.
  • 【Package and Appearance】: pack of drain spout*1, gasket*1, and drain cap*1.
  • 【Size and Color】: 2.75 x 1.25 x 4 inches, white
  • 【After Buying Service】: We are pleasured to help you.Please note that we are always here to help. Please contact us through Amazon if you have any questions or inquiries.
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