Northside Mens Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal, Black/Red, 11 M US

  • Rugged flexible upper features breathable inserts/black faux leather overlays/EVA backing/abrasion resistant toe guard/durable shock resistant sole
  • This all weather outdoor closed toe sandal offers water resistant construction/moisture wicking EVA lining for all day comfort
  • Lightweight EVA insole/padded backing ensure cushioning for your feet; toe caps protect your feet for hiking/biking and more
  • Elastic drawstring lacing system keeps your feet safe and secure; heel pull loop allows easy on/off
  • Durable multi directional rubber outsole ensures reliable traction/shock absorption over both wet/dry surfaces

How To Choose The Best Coleman Sandals

What Is The Purpose Of Coleman Sandals?

Coleman sandals are designed with comfort in mind. They're lightweight, easy to slip into, and provide excellent support. If you're looking for something comfortable yet durable, these are perfect for you!

How To Choose The Right Pair For You

The best way to choose which pair of Coleman sandals is right for you is by trying them on. There are many different styles available so take your time and see what fits you best. Try on several pairs before making a final decision. Look for ones that fit well around your feet and ankles. Make sure there isn't too much room between your toes and heels. Also, be aware of the width of the shoe. Some models are wider while others are narrower. Be careful to avoid shoes that pinch your toes or rub against your foot.

Make Sure They Fit Properly

Once you've found a style that works for you, make sure you test-drive them. Slip them onto your feet and walk around to ensure they stay put. Don't forget to check the laces and straps. Check each strap and lace to make sure they aren't rubbing or chafing your skin. Finally, pay attention to the heel height. Too high and you risk blisters; too low and you might trip over them.

Choose Between Different Colors

There are two main types of colors available: natural and synthetic. Natural materials include leather, suede, canvas, and nubuck. Synthetic options include mesh, nylon, and plastic. Leather is generally considered more expensive than other materials. However, it offers superior durability and longevity. Nylon and mesh are both cheaper alternatives. Both are great choices for those who prefer lighter weight footwear. Mesh tends to stretch out over time, especially if you wear them frequently. Nylon is typically sturdier and lasts longer than mesh. Plastic is another option. It doesn't last nearly as long as leather or nylon, but it does offer good value for money.

Consider Other Features

Studded soles give added grip and stability. Arch supports allow your feet to breathe and relieve pressure points. Orthopedic insoles cushion your feet and reduce fatigue.

Get Them In Time For Summer

Summertime calls for lightweight footwear. That's why summer is the ideal season for purchasing Coleman sandals. Not only will they be easier to carry around during warm weather months, but they'll also be cooler to wear. So go ahead and stock up now!

The Importance of Purchasing Coleman Sandals

Coleman sandals are very popular among hikers because they provide comfort while walking long distances. Hiking sandals are designed with features that allow you to walk comfortably and safely. If you're planning to go on a hike, be sure to purchase the right type of footwear. Here are five reasons why you should invest in these comfortable yet durable hiking boots.

Comfortable Footwear

Hikers who choose to wear hiking sandals must ensure that they fit correctly. In order to avoid blisters, you must select a pair of hiking sandals that fits properly. To determine whether or not your foot size matches the shoe size, measure both feet using a tape measure. Then compare the measurements to see which foot is larger. Once you've determined which foot is bigger, take into account the width of each foot. Make sure that the toe box is wide enough so that you can wiggle your toes freely. Also, make sure that there is plenty of room between the top of the heel and the bottom of the sole. Finally, check the length of the shoe. Ensure that the ankle strap does not cut into your skin. If you notice any discomfort, stop wearing the shoe immediately.

Durable Construction

Another important factor to consider when selecting hiking sandals is durability. Look for a material that offers good traction and flexibility. Avoid leather since it tends to crack and split quickly. Instead, opt for synthetic materials such as nylon or canvas. Leather lasts longer, but it doesn't hold up well over time. Synthetic materials last longer and are more resistant to moisture. As far as construction goes, pay attention to the stitching around the straps and seams. Check to see if the stitching has frayed or loosened. If it does, replace the entire boot.


In addition to being waterproof, hiking sandals should be breathable. Waterproof footwear prevents water from entering the shoe, but it cannot breathe. Therefore, you shouldn't wear hiking sandals during rainstorms. However, if you plan on going on a day-long hike, you might want to bring along a poncho or umbrella to shield you from the sun.

Lightweight Materials

Lastly, lightweight materials are essential for hiking sandals. Heavy duty hiking sandals weigh too much and cause fatigue. Light weight hiking sandals are easier to carry and store. They are also lighter to wear, making them ideal for extended hikes. Be careful not to confuse light weight hiking sandals with running sneakers. Running sneakers are meant to be worn only for short periods of time. They are not suitable for prolonged outdoor activities.

Features To Look For When Buying Coleman Sandals

The company was founded by Henry D. Coleman who started making boots and shoes. He later went into manufacturing tents and other camping gear. In 1915 he introduced his famous line of canvas-covered footwear called “Camp Footwear”. His business grew rapidly and soon became known as Coleman Company. Today, Coleman continues to be a leading manufacturer of outdoor products including backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, stoves, lanterns, flashlights, tools, clothing, and more.

How Do You Know If You Need New Shoes?

The most obvious sign that your shoes might need replacing is when they start falling apart. But there are many signs that your shoes could benefit from replacement. Here are some common problems with shoes and how to fix them.

Shoes Are Too Small Or Too Big

Your feet change shape throughout the day. As we walk, our arches stretch and contract. Our toes swell and shrink. So, if your shoe size changes during the course of the day, it's probably because your foot needs adjusting. Try wearing two pairs of socks to see which pair fits best. Then take those measurements to your local store where they can adjust your size accordingly.

Soles Start Separating From The Shoe

This problem happens when the sole starts separating from the upper part of the shoe. Usually, this occurs when you're walking barefoot outside. Once the soles separate, the entire shoe becomes loose and uncomfortable. Soles can become separated from shoes due to improper care or lack of maintenance. Make sure you always put your shoes away carefully so that they stay together. Also, check your shoes regularly for cracks or holes.

Upper Parts Begin Fading Away

As your shoes age, the leather begins to fade. Leather fades differently depending on the type of material it is made from. Some materials fade faster than others. Check the inside of your shoes frequently to ensure that the color hasn't faded too far. If you notice fading, replace the shoes immediately.

Stitches Come Apart

Over time, stitching tends to loosen. Stitching comes undone especially along seams between parts of the shoe. Loose stitches mean that the shoe isn't holding its shape properly. Take your shoes to a professional shoemaker to repair these issues.

Tread Is Deformed

As your shoes get older, the tread gets worn down. Treads are designed to provide traction while walking. Over time, the tread wears down and loses its grip. If your shoes lose their grip, you risk tripping and injuring yourself. Replace your shoes before this happens.

Cushioning Has Been Lost

In order to cushion your feet, cushioned insoles are added to the bottom of the shoe. Cushions absorb shock and reduce stress on your joints. However, if the cushioning has worn away, the shoe no longer offers adequate support.

Different Types of Coleman Sandals

The company was founded by John W. Coleman who wanted to create comfortable yet durable boots for his customers. Today, Coleman offers many different styles of men’s and women’s outdoor footwear including hiking, running, walking, tennis, basketball, cross country, golfing, hunting, fishing, camping, and more. In addition to its popular line of casual footwear, Coleman makes high-performance gear for professionals and outdoors enthusiasts.

Types of Men's Coleman Shoes

There are three main categories of men's Coleman footwear; hiking, running, and walking. Hiking shoes are designed specifically for long distance hikes while running shoes are designed for jogging around town. Walking shoes are meant for everyday walks around the neighborhood. All these types of shoes are available with varying degrees of support depending on the type of terrain you plan to walk on.

Hiking Shoe Features

The most important features of a good pair of hiking shoes include breathability, durability, traction, comfort, and stability. Breathable materials allow air to circulate freely so your feet stay cool during hot days and dry during rainy ones. Durable soles provide maximum grip on uneven ground. Traction comes in two forms; spikes and cleats which give you superior footing on slippery surfaces. Comfort is essential because your feet take a beating when you're trekking across rocky trails. Stability ensures that your foot stays upright no matter where you go.

Running Shoe Features

Features of a great pair of running shoes include cushioning, flexibility, shock absorption, and arch support. Cushioning protects your feet from impact injuries caused by hard pavement. Flexibility lets your feet bend naturally and absorb shocks. Shock absorption absorbs impacts before they reach your body. Arch supports stabilize your arches and reduce stress on your knees and ankles.

Walking Shoe Features

Features of a good pair of walking shoes include lightweight construction, slip resistance, and traction. Lightweight construction allows you to carry heavier loads without feeling weighed down. Slip resistance prevents slipping on wet floors. Traction gives you excellent footing on slick sidewalks and streets.

How To Choose A Good Pair Of Colemans

To choose the right shoe for your needs, start with the following questions: Do you hike, run, or walk regularly? If yes, then you might want to invest in a higher end model. However, if you only plan to be outside for short distances, then you could opt for a lower priced model.


Skechers USA Men's Louden Fisherman Sandal, Brown, 11 M US

  • Outdoor sandal in relaxed fit featuring three adjustable hook-and-loop straps and memory foam cushioned footbed

Kenneth Cole New York Women's Olivia Wedge Sandal, Navy, 8 M US

  • Mule-inspired wedge sandal with peep-toe opening featuring braided jute platform and wedge
  • Whipstitching at welt
  • Open heel with buckled backstrap

Dockers Men's Shorewood Fisherman Sandal, Briar, 11 M US

  • Distressed and tumbled uppers
  • Memory foam insole shapes to the foot for instant comfort
  • Flexible construction
  • Fushion footbed adds an extra layer of cushion
  • Generous fit for a roomier more relaxed fit

Dockers Mens Sunland Casual Slide Sandal Shoe, Dark Brown, 11 M

  • Distressed, tumbled man-made uppers
  • Memory Foam insole shapes to foot for instant comfort and a Fusion Footbed adds an extra layer of cushion
  • Generous Fit offers a roomier, more relaxed fit
  • Flexible construction with a durable rubber outsole
  • Whole sizes only, water friendly style

Dockers Men's Searose Fisherman Sandal, Briar, 10 M US

  • Destressed and tumbled uppers
  • Memory foam insole shapes to the foot for instant comfort
  • Flexible construction
  • Fushion footbed adds an extra layer of cushion
  • Generous fit for a roomier more relaxed fit

Dockers Mens Newpage Sporty Outdoor Sandal Shoe,Briar, 11 M US

  • Outdoor, sporty sandal
  • Memory foam insole shapes to your foot for instant comfort
  • Fusion Footbed adds and extra layer of cushion
  • Roomy, relaxed fit
  • Velcro closures for a personal fit.Durable rubber outsoles.Whole sizes only, avaliable in wide widths.Dockers sporty sandals are perfect companions for your weekend shorts

Skechers womens On-the-go 600 - Brilliancy Sport Sandal, Black, 8 US

  • Lightweight, responsive 5Gen cushioning
  • Sketchers Goga Max high rebound insole for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable straps for secure fit
  • Soft heathered fabric upper

CUSHIONAIRE Women's, Lane Slide Sandals Black 7.5 M

  • 100% Genuine Suede insoles – forms a perfect contour of the foot after being worn in.
  • Premium Vegan upper – With soft lining and adjustable straps
  • Premium traction design EVA outsole – Long lasting
  • Cork footbed - very flexible
  • Platform measures approximately 1.25 inches

Closed Toe Sandals for Men Leather Closed Toe Sandal Athletic Sport Brown 1365/SZ-47

  • Elastic band and heel straps, easy on/off, convenient to adjust fit your feet.
  • Soft lining and cushioned insole, let your foot for all day comfort
  • Wide width summer sandals with enough thickness make it comfortable.
  • The sandals can touch water, but should not be immersed in water for a long time.
  • Closed toe sandals resist the impact of foot force, prevents unexpected crash, protection your toes

Under Armour Men's Ignite VI SL Slide Sandal, Black (002)/Steel, 11 M US

  • Adjustable synthetic strap with soft foam underneath for added comfort
  • Footbed built with two layers of Performance 4D Foam for unprecedented comfort
  • Anatomical contours provide additional cushioning
  • Re-engineered EVA outsole built with durable traction pods in heel for lightweight cushioning & comfort

CIOR Women's Sport Sandals Hiking Sandals with Arch Support Yoga Mat Insole Outdoor Light Weight Water Shoes-U118SLX026-Navy-37

  • EVA FOOTBED: The cushiony EVA yoga mat insole are soft and can absorb impact. The foot bed is textured to provide extra grip.
  • ARCH SUPPORT: The arch support built into the sandal can help provide support to the foot while standing. It can also help control the foot and restrict excess pronation during the gait cycle.
  • QUICK-DRY & DURABLE: Polyester webbing upper is extremely durable and dries quickly after getting wet.
  • INGENIOUS DESIGN: Easy hook-and-loop closure comes on and off quickly and gets the fit just right.
  • ANTISKID OUTSOLE: Soft & skid-resistant rubber outsole gives you safe and secure footing and prevents from abrasion and slip.

ChicWind Mens Sport Sandals Air Cushion Ankle Strap Outdoor Beach Hiking Sandals Dark Brown

  • Lightly cushioned footbed
  • Premium genuine cowhide, absolutely comfortable
  • 3 adjustable straps with hook-and-loop velcro closure, enables you to adjust for a reliable fit
  • Air cushion shock-absorbing sole relieves pressure from your feet, lower legs, hips, and lower back
  • Fashionable retro style. Ideal for beach, pool, work, home slippers, garden and daily wear

Dockers Men's Slide Sandal, Briar, 9

  • Distressed, tumbled man-made uppers
  • Memory Foam insole shapes to foot for instant comfort and a Fusion Footbed adds an extra layer of cushion
  • Generous Fit offers a roomier, more relaxed fit
  • Flexible construction with a durable rubber outsole
  • Whole sizes only

Mens orthotic cross slides ultralight soft cushioning sport sandals with plantar fasciitis arch support all season slippers for indoor Grey Size 13

  • Attractive Upper: Ultra-soft fabric straps adds up leather and metal decoration ,which is connected with fashion and comfort perfectly. Mens slide sandals with breathable cross band straps adopts spot pattern to bring distinctive visual experience.Skin-friendly straps makes you away from blisters.
  • Innovative Design: Scientific footbed with cup-shape can stabilize the position of foot, which can correct your walking posture. It can prevent from many foot pain. When your feet cling to cushion, it can protect your ankle nicely. The thick cushion with protruding stripes makes your feet griping the sandals without slip.
  • Eye-catching Arch Support: Comfortable orthotic mens sandals with excellent arch support can shore up your feet perfectly. Even you walk a long time, your feet cannot feel any stress. Fantastic arch support can relieve many plantar problem, like plantar fasciitis.
  • Comfy & Anti-slip: In order to promotion foot feel, Insole and outsole is made of two different crafts. Cozy insole is more cushioning. Durable rubber outsole collocating clear texture brings fantastic slip-resistant effort.
  • Ideal Mens Sandals: Fashion slipper sandals is combined with sport style brings extraordinary experience. Easy slip on/off sandals is a best choice for indoor and outdoor.
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