Coleman 2000004407 Instant Beach Canopy, 13 x 13 Feet

  • SUN PROTECTION: UVGuard material offers UPF 50+ sun protection
  • INSTANT SETUP: In as fast as 3 minutes
  • COMFORT GRIP: Locks shelter into place for pinch-free pole extending
  • OVERHANGING EAVES: For more shade area with a smaller footprint
  • VENTED ROOF: Releases trapped heat
  • 1-PIECE FRAME: Folds down for compact storage
  • DIMENSIONS: 13 x 13 ft. canopy for 169 sq. ft. of shade; 9 ft. 7 in. center height

How To Choose The Best Coleman Swingwall Instant Canopy

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Swingwall Instant Canopy?

Coleman swingwall instant canopy tents are great for outdoor events where there is no electricity available. If you're planning a wedding reception outdoors with no power source, a Coleman swingwall instant canopy could be perfect for you. With its lightweight design, these portable shelters provide shelter for guests while still allowing plenty of room for dancing. In addition, these tents are easy to set-up and take down so you can enjoy your event hassle free.

How Does A Coleman Swingwall Tent Protect Guests From Rain?

The Coleman swingwall instant canopy has a waterproof fabric roof which protects guests from rain. While most other types of temporary structures require fans to circulate air inside, the Coleman swingwall instant canopy does not because it uses vents located along the top edge of the structure. As long as the vents remain open, the Coleman swingwall instant canopy will stay dry.

Can I Use My Own Decorations Inside A Coleman Swingwall Tent?

Yes! Most Coleman swingwall instant canopy tents include removable panels that allow you to customize the interior decorating options. For example, you might choose to hang banners or flags outside the tent to create a festive atmosphere. Or, you could cover the entire tent in flowers and greenery to give your party a more romantic ambiance. Whatever you decide to do, you'll love the versatility of the Coleman swingwall instant canopy.

Is There Enough Room To Sit Down Inside A Coleman Swingwall Tent?

With a Coleman swingwall instant canopy, you can sit comfortably inside the tent. However, since these tents are designed to withstand windy conditions, you won't be able to lie down inside. Instead, you'll probably prefer to stand during your event. But, if you'd rather relax and rest, you can always bring chairs into the tent.

Are Coleman Swingwall Instant Tents Easy To Set Up?

Setting up a Coleman swingwall instant canopy takes only minutes thanks to its unique folding mechanism. Simply unfold the tent and lay it flat on the ground. Then, fold the sides inward toward each other. Next, slide the poles into the slots provided and secure them by tightening the screws. Finally, pull the ends of the canvas taut and tighten the grommets around the pole supports. Once everything is secured, you've got a fully functional Coleman swingwall instant canopy ready to go.

Does A Coleman Swingwall Tent Require Electricity?

No! All you need to operate a Coleman swingwall instant canopy is water. Since the Coleman swingwall instant canopy features a waterproof fabric roof, you don't need to worry about running out of battery power. Just fill the reservoir with fresh water before setting up your tent and you'll be good to go.

Where Do I Find More Information About Coleman Swingwall Instant Canopies?

We have lots of helpful information including tips on choosing the right size and color for your needs.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman Swingwall Instant Canopy

Their reputation for high-quality outdoor gear is well known throughout the industry. If you're planning to purchase a Coleman product, there are several factors you must take into consideration before making your final decision. One factor is the material used to construct the product. Another important aspect is the durability of the product. All these questions will determine whether or not you decide to purchase a particular item. For example, if you plan on using your Coleman swingwall instant canopy during hot summer days, you might be interested in purchasing a model with mesh fabric. Mesh fabrics allow air flow while still providing shade. However, if you prefer to enjoy the outdoors during cooler weather months, you might choose a more durable canvas model. In addition to choosing between different materials, you should also pay attention to the size of the unit. All these considerations will affect the type of canopy you select.

Quality Materials

One of the most important aspects of selecting a Coleman swingwall instant canopy is the material used to manufacture the product. There are two types of materials available; vinyl and polyester. Vinyl models are typically lighter weight and easier to assemble compared to polyester models. Polyester models are heavier and provide greater strength and longevity. Both options are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With either option, you'll notice that the canopy comes fully assembled. That's because Coleman uses only top-of-the-line components to ensure maximum performance.


Another key component of selecting a Coleman swingwall instant canopy is its durability. Some models include features such as reinforced seams and zippers. Zipper windows are designed to withstand heavy winds and rain. Reinforced seams are stronger than regular seams and are meant to resist tears caused by sharp objects. Other models include UV resistant fabrics which block harmful rays from damaging the canopy. Also, many models now come equipped with built-in lights. Built-in lighting makes it possible to illuminate areas around the perimeter of the canopy. Additionally, some models are designed to accommodate skylights. Skylights are ideal for illuminating large spaces and creating natural light.

Easy Installation

As mentioned above, Coleman manufactures each model with ease of installation in mind. Most models are lightweight and foldable so they can fit inside a car trunk. Once you've purchased the right Coleman swingwall instant canopy, you'll quickly discover why it's become one of the best selling products in the market today.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman SwingWall Instant Canopy Tent

Their tents are known for being durable and reliable. The company offers many different styles of tents including pop-up, wall tents, and portable shelters. If you're looking for a lightweight shelter with great features, Coleman is definitely worth checking out. Here we take a closer look at some of the most important features to look for when purchasing a Coleman swingwall instant canopy tent.

Lightweight Design

The best thing about these tents is that they weigh very little. Most models range between 10 pounds and 15 pounds. That makes them easy to carry and set up. Light weight design doesn't mean light construction though. All of the materials used in these tents are strong enough to withstand years of heavy use. In fact, they are so sturdy that you could probably throw them into a lake and they'd still be fine.

Easy Set Up

These tents are designed to be quick and simple to setup. Once you've assembled everything, you only need to unfold the frame and pull down the fabric. No tools required! Another benefit of these tents is that they are extremely easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions included with each model and you'll be ready to go in no time.

Great Value

Another reason why these tents are popular is because they provide excellent value for money. Many other brands charge more for comparable tents. However, Coleman sells its tents for a fraction of the price. So, whether you're looking for something affordable or high end, there's sure to be a Coleman tent that fits your budget perfectly.

Versatile Use

There are several ways that you can use these tents. Some are meant to be temporary while others are intended for long term use. There are also options available depending on where you plan to put the tent. Whether you're camping or planning a backyard party, Coleman has got you covered.

High Quality Materials

All of the fabrics used in these tents are top notch. They are treated with stain resistant chemicals which ensure that your canvas stays fresh and clean. Additionally, the frames are constructed using aluminum tubing which gives them strength and durability. Finally, the poles are made from steel which ensures that they last for years.

Durable Construction

As mentioned above, these tents are built to last. Each component is carefully selected to ensure that it meets the highest standards. From the material used to the way the seams are stitched together, Coleman takes pride in providing customers with quality products. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that your Coleman tent will stand the test of time.

Types of Coleman Tents

There are three main types of Coleman tents: pop-up, poleless, and hybrid. Pop-ups are the most popular type of tent because they're easy to set up and take down. However, they require more maintenance. Poleless tents are easier to maintain because there aren't poles to worry about breaking. Hybrid tents combine both features into one unit.

Pop Up Tent Features

The best thing about a pop-up tent is its ease of setup and takedown. All you have to do is unfold the tent and pull it together. Once assembled, you simply close the door and lock it shut. If you ever forget to lock the door, you can always open it again. Another great advantage of a pop-up tent is that it doesn't require stakes or pegs. So you can pack it away quickly and easily.

Poleless Tent Features

Unlike pop-up tents which only require two pieces to assemble, a poleless tent needs four pieces to be put together. One piece goes around the top of the tent while another piece goes across the bottom. Two additional pieces go along each side of the tent. To erect the tent, you simply fold these pieces in half and slide them inside the tent. Then you zip the zipper closed. After zipping the zipper closed, you can secure the tent using either stakes or pegs.

Hybrid Tent Features

Like the name implies, a hybrid tent combines the benefits of both pop-up and poleless tents. Like a pop-up tent, a hybrid tent folds up for storage. Unlike a pop-up tent, a hybrid tent does not require stakes or pegs to hold it together. Instead, it uses tension bands to create a sturdy structure.


Another benefit of a Coleman tent is that it comes equipped with a built-in canopy. Some models include a rainfly so you can enjoy shelter from the elements. Other models include a bug net to provide insect protection. There are many different styles of canopies available. For example, you can choose between a single paneled style or double paneled style. Also, you can select whether you'd prefer a mesh screen or solid fabric.

Swing Wall Instant Canopy

This model includes a lightweight aluminum frame that holds the entire tent. The frame is designed to withstand windy conditions. The roofing material is polyester taffeta. This material offers superior strength and durability. The canopy itself is constructed of ripstop nylon. Ripstop nylon is strong enough to support heavy loads yet light enough to carry. The seams are reinforced with stitching. The canopy is attached to the frame using snap hooks.


Coleman Sunwall Accessory for 10x10 Canopy Tent | Sun Shade Side Wall Accessory to Block Sun, Wind, and Rain

  • Single side wall protects from the sun, wind, and rain
  • Designed for use with 10 x 10-foot straight-leg Coleman Instant Canopies (sold separately)
  • Made with UVGuard material that provides 50+ UPF sun protection
  • Heavy-duty fabric stands up to wind and rain
  • Creates added protection for your outdoor sun shelter

Coleman Instant Canopy, 7 x 5 Feet

  • Outdoor canopy tent delivers 35 sq. ft. of shade and shelter
  • Sets up in 3 steps and 3 minutes without having to reach over your head
  • UV Guard material provides 50+ UPF
  • Lightweight telescoping poles feature comfort grip for easy setup
  • Included wheeled carry bag allows for easy transport and storage

Coleman Instant Canopy Sunwall Accessory, Canopy sold separately

  • Fits Coleman Instant Canopy 7 x 5 FT
  • UVGuard protection
  • Perfect for sporting events, apartment dwellers and compact cars

Coleman 10x10 New Instant Sun Shelter Canopy -Lower Peak Truss Bar 43 1/4" Replacement Parts

  • New ReplacementPart- Lower Peak Truss Bar - One Truss Bar Included
  • For the Coleman 10x10 New Style Straight Leg Instant Sun Shelter Canopy
  • Genuine Coleman Replacement Part- Guaranteed Fit (May Also Fit Other Models or Brands)
  • Measure the part on your canopy before ordering to ensure correct size. Bar is 13/16" x 7/16" wide
  • Longest bar is 43 1/4"

Coleman 10x10 New Instant Sun Shelter Canopy -Side Truss Bars 40 5/16" Replacement Parts

  • New Replacement Part- SIDE Truss Bar Only - 2 Bars
  • For the Coleman 10x10 New Style Straight Leg Instant Sun Shelter Canopy
  • Genuine Coleman Replacement Part- Guaranteed Fit (May Also Fit Other Models or Brands)
  • Measure the part on your canopy before ordering to ensure correct size
  • Dimensions: 40 5/16" long. Bar is 13/16" x 7/16" wide

EAGLE PEAK 13' x 13' Straight Leg Pop Up Canopy Tent Instant Outdoor Canopy Easy Set-up Folding Shelter w/ Auto Extending Eaves 169 Square Feet of Shade (Gray/Green)

  • EASY SETUP: The EAGLE PEAK canopy tent is designed with Easy Peak Single Person Setup Technology. This efficient design allows one person to easily open and close the canopy from the center without the hassle of locking and unlocking the canopy leg sliders. The center locking system on this canopy is specifically designed for bigger canopy frames and is more robust than other comparable size units. One pinch-free push, and you're ready to go!
  • VENTED TOP & AUTOMATIC EXTENDED EAVES: Stay cool with the EAGLE PEAK VENT that allows for greater airflow while you work or relax. The canopy’s automatically extending eaves open without any manual assembly and, combined with a sturdy straight-leg design, provides maximum coverage so 8 or more people can enjoy the spacious 169 square feet of shade. The easily adjustable telescoping 3-position steel frame is perfect for adjusting the canopy for your preferred coverage.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Take this lightweight canopy with you anywhere using the portable 600x300D wheeled carrying bag. Our wheeled bag is compact and fits into most car trunks. Easily bring it along to tailgates, the beach, the park or wherever your fun begins!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The CPAI-84 flame resistant, 150D oxford fabric canopy top with UPF 50+ UV sun protection sits overtop a sturdy high-grade engineered steel frame that is powder-coated for rust resistance. EAGLE PEAK’s frame is constructed with M5 hardened through-bolt reinforced assembly and nylon plastic connection hardware, making it superior to other rivet-connected frames in the market. Please search ASIN: B09G2QQYWV for the sunwall.
  • EAGLE PEAK PROMISE: EAGLE PEAK offers a 1-year limited after sale protection from the original date of purchase. Unlike many other canopy manufacturers, EAGLE PEAK offers this for our frames, canopies and bags! If you have any other questions, please contact our professional service team.
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