Coleman 2000032171 Cooking Stoves Accessories & Parts

  • Replacement gas stove regulator for Coleman stoves with gas pressure issues
  • Maintains steady propane gas pressure in Coleman stoves
  • Fits most Coleman Propane Stoves, Grills/Stoves, and Fold N Go Stoves
  • Brings new life to beloved Coleman stoves that require maintenance
  • Check user manual of your Coleman stove to confirm compatibility
  • Not compatible with any stoves powered by liquid fuel or butane/propane mixes

How To Choose The Best Coleman Triton Stove

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Triton Stove?

Coleman stoves are great because they're easy to light and maintain. However, there are many different types of stoves available today. Each type has its pros and cons. Here are three options to choose from.

Triton Propane Stove

The Triton stove is a popular choice among campers who enjoy cooking outdoors. With a fuel tank capacity of 10 gallons, it's perfect for small campsites where you only plan on staying overnight. The Triton comes with a built-in regulator so you never run out of gas while using it. Its flame control knob makes it easier to regulate the heat output. The Triton is lightweight and compact enough to carry around with you wherever you go.

Stove Triton

This model is designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts who love to cook outside. The stove features a stainless steel body and aluminum legs. It includes a removable drip tray and a foldable handle. The stove is equipped with a digital temperature gauge and two adjustable burners. It comes with a 20 gallon fuel tank and a 3 hour timer. The stove is very portable and folds down into a compact size. It weighs approximately 7 lbs.

Propane Stove

For those who prefer a more traditional style of stove, the propane stove is ideal. It offers a large amount of power and versatility. It comes with a 30 gallon fuel tank and a 2 hour timer. The stove has four burners including a high/low setting. It also comes with a safety shutoff valve. The stove is heavy duty and durable. It weighs approximately 13 lbs.

Benefits of Using a Coleman Stove

There are several benefits to choosing a Coleman stove. First, these models are extremely reliable. If you ever experience problems with your stove, Coleman stands behind their products 100%. Second, they're affordable. Third, they're versatile. There are no limits to what you can cook with a Coleman stove. Fourth, they're safe. Coleman uses quality materials in their construction. Finally, they're environmentally friendly. Coleman uses recyclable material in their manufacturing process.

How To Use A Coleman Stove

To start a fire with a Coleman stove, simply turn the ignition switch to "On" position. Then press the igniter button located on top of the stove. Once the ignitor lights up, hold the trigger button down for five seconds. After five seconds, release the trigger button. Now, wait another ten seconds before releasing the trigger button again. Repeat this procedure until the flames appear.

Cooking Tips For A Coleman Stove

Use caution when lighting fires with a Coleman stove. Make sure you know exactly how to operate the stove before starting a fire. Also, be careful not to leave the stove unattended during operation. Lastly, always follow manufacturer instructions carefully.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman Tritton Stove

Coleman stoves are known for being reliable and durable. In fact, many outdoor enthusiasts prefer using Coleman products because they know they're going to be able to rely on these stoves for years to come. If you're planning on spending lots of time outdoors, you might want to invest in a good Coleman stove. Here are three reasons why you should purchase a Coleman stove.

It's Reliable

One thing that makes Coleman stoves so popular among campers and hikers is that they're very dependable. Many other brands of stoves require constant maintenance to ensure that everything works properly. However, with Coleman stoves, there's no need to worry about whether or not the stove is working correctly. Because Coleman stoves are built to last, you can rest easy knowing that you're getting a high-quality product.

They're Durable

Another reason why Coleman stoves are so popular is that they're extremely durable. Most Coleman stoves are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. As long as you take care of your Coleman stove by storing it away from direct sunlight and heat, you shouldn't have any problems maintaining its performance.

It's Easy To Use

Finally, Coleman stoves are relatively simple to operate.

Unlike most other types of stoves, Coleman stoves only require two parts: fuel and flame. Once you've filled the tank with gas, you simply light the pilot light and wait for the stove to ignite. There's nothing complicated about operating a Coleman stove. All you really need to remember is where the flame indicator is located and how to turn the knob to adjust the temperature.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman Triton Stove

Coleman stoves are known for being reliable, durable, easy-to-use, lightweight, and affordable. The best part about these stoves is that they're portable enough to take with you wherever you go. If you're planning on using it outdoors, you'll be glad to know that Coleman has designed its stoves to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Lightweight Design

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a Coleman stove is that it needs to be light weight so that you can carry it around comfortably. Most of the time, you'll only need to bring along a single person, which makes carrying a heavy stove unnecessary. However, if you plan on bringing more than one person, then you might want to opt for something heavier.

Easy Operation

Another great feature of Coleman stoves is that they're very simple to operate. All you really need to do is turn the knob to start cooking. Once you've finished cooking, simply flip the switch back to stop the burners. There's no complicated controls to worry about and there's nothing else to set up before you begin cooking.

Durable Construction

Coleman stoves are built to last. Their construction materials include stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium. Each material offers different benefits, including durability, heat retention, and corrosion resistance. In addition to those features, Coleman stoves are also equipped with safety features that ensure proper operation.


One of the greatest advantages of Coleman stoves is that they're extremely portable. With a little bit of effort, you can pack away your stove into a backpack or suitcase and head out anywhere. Even though you'll probably never leave home without your stove, you still want to make sure that it's safe and secure while traveling.

Versatile Cooking Options

Coleman stoves come with several options for heating food. Depending on where you live, you might already have access to one of these fuels. If not, then you can always purchase fuel separately.

Stainless Steel Burner Grates

All Coleman stoves come with stainless steel burner grates. Stainless steel is highly resistant to rusting and other forms of deterioration. Because of this, you can rest assured knowing that your stove will remain free of stains and odors for years to come.

Safety Features

Coleman stoves are designed with safety in mind. Every model comes with a spark arrestor, flame detector, automatic shutoff valve, and adjustable temperature control. Safety features are especially useful because they reduce the risk of fire and injury.

Different Types of Coleman Triton Stoves

The Triton Propane Stove by Coleman has been around since 1955. The original design was created by George W. "Bud" Coleman who wanted to create a portable cooking unit that could be carried with ease. He designed his invention using materials he found readily available during World War II. The result was a lightweight, durable, easy-to-use stove that became known as the Triton. Today, Coleman continues to manufacture stoves based upon Bud Coleman's original design.

How To Use Coleman Triton Stove

To light the fire, turn the ignition key to the ON position. Then press down firmly on the igniter button. Once the flame appears, release the igniter button. After approximately 5 seconds, the flame will extinguish itself. If the flame does not appear within 30 seconds, repeat steps 1 & 2.

To cook food, pour water into pot and set temperature control knob to desired level. Turn the heat control dial clockwise to increase the amount of heat generated. Counterclockwise to decrease the amount of heat generated.


Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove, Single Burner, Coleman Green - 2000020931, 4" H x 13.38" W x 12.5" L

  • COOKING POWER: Up to 7,500 total BTUs
  • FULL-SIZE COOKING SURFACE: 1 burner fits up to a 12 in. pan
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PERFECTHEAT TECHNOLOGY: More efficient cooking with less fuel`
  • RUNTIME: Up to 3 hours on high on a 16.4 oz. propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Removable chrome-plated grate

Coleman Fold N Go Propane Stove, 2-Burner

  • Portable 2-burner propane stove ideal for cooking at campsites, picnics, and more
  • Fits 2 pans (up to 10 inches each) and produces 20,000 total BTUs of cooking power
  • Pressure-control technology delivers consistent heat in outdoor conditions
  • Runs over an hour with both burners on high on a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • Matchless InstaStart ignition lights stove with the push of a button

Coleman 3000005107 Fuel Generator Replacement Camp Stove Models 414 428 3000000791

  • Compatible with Coleman Fuel Stove Models: 414, 428, 3000000791
  • Also known as older Coleman part 414-5621
  • Another quality Coleman product
  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials

Coleman Gas Camping Grill/Stove | Tabletop Propane 2 in 1 Grill/Stove, 2 Burner

  • 2-IN-1 DESIGN: Use grill and stove at the same time; 130 sq. in. grilling area; stove fits a 10 in. pan
  • COOKING POWER: Up to 20,000 total BTUs
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • PERFECTHEAT TECHNOLOGY: Offers more efficient cooking with less fuel
  • 2 ADJUSTABLE BURNERS: For precise temperature control

Coleman Small Stove Carry Case,Black,20" W x 6.5" L x 13 " H

  • Rugged carrying case for securely transporting and storing small Coleman stoves
  • Tough PVC-coated polyester construction protects stove from the elements
  • Comfortable web handles for easy carrying
  • 2 drawstring propane pouches securely hold extra fuel canisters (sold separately)
  • Fits Coleman 2-burner stoves measuring up to 20.4 x 12 x 4.5 inches

Coleman Stove Carry Case, Black, 28" x 16" x 4"

  • Durable, zippered vinyl case protects stove during transport and storage
  • Two drawstring pouches hold propane cylinders
  • Designed exclusively for the Coleman EvenTemp stove

Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Propane Stove Green, 5-drawer

  • Portable propane stove fits two 12 inch pans or three 8 inch pans at once for variety of meals
  • 3 adjustable even temp burners radiate heat evenly across the stove for consistent performance
  • Adjustable wind block panels shield the flame from wind and fold down as side tables
  • Pressure control and fuel efficiency technologies ensure consistent performance outdoors
  • Matchless instastart ignition allows you to light the stove with the push of a button; Lasts up to .75 hours with all burners on high on one 16.4 oz propane cylinder (sold separately)

Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Triton Propane Stove, 2 Burner

  • COOKING POWER: Up to 22,000 total BTUs
  • 5 ADJUSTABLE BURNERS: For precise temperature control
  • WIND-BLOCKING PANELS: Shield burners from wind and adjust for various pan sizes
  • PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Chrome-plated grate and rust-resistant aluminum cooktop

Coleman Signature 2000020105 Ppn 2-Brnr Fyrechamp Stove, Steel

  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • Camping cooking stoves
  • Another quality Coleman Signature product
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