Igloo 385-431 400 Series Coolers, 3 gal, Red/Yellow

  • HDPE hide won't chip, peel, buckle, or rust
  • Ultra therm insulation for maximum cold retention
  • UV stabilizers prevent fading, cracking in all exposures

How To Choose The Best Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon

What Is The Purpose Of A Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon?

Coleman water jugs are great because they're easy to store and transport. They're durable enough to withstand rough handling and abuse. If you're going camping, hiking, fishing, boating, or anything else outdoors, these jugs are perfect for storing drinking water. They're lightweight and portable so you can take them with you wherever you go. They're also very affordable which makes them ideal for everyday use.

How Do You Use Them?

The best way to use a Coleman water jug is by filling it with fresh spring water. Then, seal the lid tightly and leave it outside where it will stay cool. Once the water has cooled down, open the top and pour into containers. This method works well for long trips since you can fill the jug before leaving home and still be able to drink it later.

Are There Any Other Uses For These Jugs?

Yes! You can use them to hold ice cubes while making drinks. Just put the ice cube tray inside the jug and close the lid. Fill the jug with cold tap water and freeze overnight. In the morning, remove the ice cube tray and enjoy your refreshing drink. Another good idea is to use them to store food. Simply wrap foods in plastic bags and stick them inside the jug. Make sure to label each bag with its contents. That way, you'll know exactly what's in there.

Can You Store More Than One Thing Inside At Same Time?

Sure! You can fit two bottles of soda, three cans of soup, four boxes of cereal, six jars of peanut butter, eight packages of macaroni & cheese, ten loaves of bread, twelve rolls of toilet paper, fourteen pairs of socks, sixteen bottles of shampoo, eighteen pints of milk, twenty-four pieces of fruit, thirty-two eggs, forty-eight slices of pizza, fifty-six candy bars, sixty-eight cookies,

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon

Their products are well known for being durable and reliable. If you're planning on using your Coleman water jugs for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, or other outdoor activities, you definitely want to invest in a good quality product. Here we discuss why you should purchase a high-quality Coleman water jug.


One thing that makes Coleman so popular is its durability. Most Coleman products last for years with little maintenance. In fact, most Coleman products require no maintenance whatsoever. That's because Coleman uses only top-of-the-line materials and manufacturing techniques. Coleman knows that you'll be using these products outdoors where there are extreme weather conditions. So Coleman ensures that their products are built to withstand those harsh elements.


Another reason why Coleman is so popular is due to its reliability. Coleman products are designed to perform flawlessly throughout the entire lifetime of ownership. For example, Coleman knows that you'll be using their products outside. So Coleman ensures that their products are built to stand up to the rigors of outdoor usage.


Finally, Coleman understands that you'll be using their products for many years to come. Therefore, Coleman ensures that their products meet industry standards for quality. All Coleman products undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory. After all, you wouldn't expect a car manufacturer to sell a defective vehicle. Yet, many companies continue to produce substandard products. Coleman doesn't fall into this category.


In addition to durability, reliability, and quality, Coleman offers several features that set them apart from the competition. First, Coleman offers a wide variety of designs. Whether you prefer a traditional design or something more modern, Coleman has got you covered. Second, Coleman offers a large selection of colors. From classic black to bright red, Coleman has a color to match everyone's style. Third, Coleman offers a huge range of capacities. From 1 liter to 5 gallons, Coleman has a capacity to fit almost anyone's needs. Fourth, Coleman offers a number of accessories. From insulated cups to ice packs, Coleman has everything you could possibly need. Finally, Coleman offers a warranty program that protects consumers who purchase their products.


So now that you know why you should purchase a Coleman water jug, here are some benefits you'll enjoy once you've purchased one.

No leaks. Unlike plastic containers, Coleman jugs are leak proof. There's nothing worse than pouring your precious drinking water down the drain.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon

Their reputation for high-quality products is well deserved. The company was founded by John W. Coleman who wanted to provide his customers with safe drinking water. He started selling jugs which he filled himself using spring water. Today, Coleman still uses only pure spring water to fill its jugs. Since then, Coleman has grown into a multi-billion dollar corporation that manufactures everything from lawn mowers to refrigerators. In addition to their great product line, Coleman offers many different types of coolers including portable coolers, ice chests, picnic coolers, and more.

How Does Coleman Make Its Coolers So Great?

The best way to describe the features of Coleman coolers is to give examples of each type of cooler. First, there is the standard Coleman cooler. This is the most popular model because it comes in so many styles and colors. Next, we have the Coleman mini cooler. This small cooler holds two 12 oz cans or four bottles. Finally, we have the Coleman travel cooler. This is the largest size available and holds up to 40 ounces of food or beverages. All three models include a lid lock and carry strap. Each cooler includes a carrying handle and wheels for easy transport.

Benefits of Using Coleman Products

There are several benefits associated with choosing Coleman products. One benefit is that these coolers are built to last. Many other companies sell coolers that are cheaply constructed and break down quickly. Coleman makes sure that their coolers stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Another benefit is that Coleman coolers are designed to be lightweight. Most other brands require heavy duty materials to hold up to the weight of the contents inside. Coleman coolers are light enough to be carried around easily. Third, Coleman coolers are very affordable. If you're planning to purchase multiple coolers, Coleman is definitely worth considering. Fourth, Coleman coolers are versatile. Whether you plan on taking your family camping or going fishing, Coleman coolers are ready to go. Fifth, Coleman coolers are eco-friendly. Because Coleman coolers are made from recycled plastic, they reduce landfill waste. Sixth, Coleman coolers are durable. Unlike other manufacturers, Coleman does not use cheap plastics to build their coolers. Instead, they use strong polyethylene material that withstands extreme temperatures. Seventh, Coleman coolers are reliable. Coleman knows that sometimes accidents happen. That's why they included a locking mechanism on their coolers. Eighth, Coleman coolers are convenient. With Coleman coolers, you no longer have to worry about lugging around bulky ice packs or heavy ice buckets. Ninth, Coleman coolers are attractive. Coleman designs their coolers to look good whether you're storing drinks or groceries. Tenth, Coleman coolers are fun. Coleman coolers are perfect for outdoor activities where you need something to drink while enjoying nature.

Different Types of Coleman Water Jugs 2 Gallons

Their products are well known for being durable and reliable. The company offers many different styles of coolers including small portable ones, large picnic style coolers, and more. One of these coolers is the Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon which is perfect for camping trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities.


The Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon features a stainless steel lid with a screw-in spout. There is also a handle attached to the top so that you can carry it wherever you go. The jug itself is made of plastic and measures 7 inches tall by 6 1/2 inches wide. It holds approximately two gallons of liquid. The bottom of the jug is flat so that it doesn't tip over. The lid is easy to open and close because there is no latch mechanism. The spout is designed to be screwed into the lid rather than snapped onto it. The spout is threaded so that you can attach a hose to fill it with fresh drinking water. The spout is removable so that you can take it with you when you leave camp. If you're planning on taking the jug outside, you might want to remove the spout before leaving.


There are several benefits to using the Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon. First of all, it is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 4 pounds so you can bring it along with you anywhere you go. Because it is light weight, you can easily transport it around town or across state lines. Another benefit is its durability. Since it is made of metal, it is extremely sturdy and long lasting. Finally, the Coleman Water Jug 2 Gallon comes with a lifetime warranty. That means that if anything goes wrong with it within the first five years, you can send it back to Coleman free of charge.

Where To Purchase

This product is available online at You can purchase it directly from the website or you can click here to visit the official site.


Coleman 2 Gallon Beverage Cooler

  • Keep cool on hot days with ice-cold water
  • Wide-mouth top and twist-on cap for easy filling
  • Drip-resistant faucet to fill a cup
  • Keep cool on hot days with ice-cold water
  • Wide-mouth top and twist-on cap for easy filling
  • Drip-resistant faucet to fill a cup
  • Flip-top spout for a quick drink
  • Durable design resists dents, scratches and fading
  • Large bail handle makes carrying easier

Coleman 2 Gallon Beverage Cooler

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping coolers
  • Another quality Coleman product

Rubbermaid Victory Jug, 2 Gallon, Modern Red FG153004MODRD

  • Great for sporting events and outdoor activities.
  • Durable, crack-resistant polyethylene jacket resists scratching, denting, fading, and odors.
  • Extra-thick urethane-based foam insulation has superior thermal retention to keep your drink cool.
  • Inside liner is easy to clean.
  • Made in the USA.

Coleman 2 Gallon Party Stacker Beverage Cooler

  • Drink cooler holds up to 2 gallons of water or other beverages
  • Built-in faucet and wide-mouth top for fast, easy filling
  • Screw-top lid stays securely closed when not in use
  • Interlocking base is compatible with other Coleman Party Stacker items (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA
  • Lid needs to be loosened for better flow from the faucet

Coleman 2 Gallon Party Stacker Beverage Cooler, Red

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping Coolers
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman 5-Gallon Beverage Cooler, Blue

  • Beverage cooler holds up to 5 gallons of ice water or other beverages
  • Wide-mouth top for fast, easy filling
  • Screw-top lid stays securely closed
  • Easy-to-use spigot allows for convenient self-dispensing
  • Side handles for easy, controlled carrying

Igloo 2-Gallon Sport Beverage Cooler, Majestic Blue, Model Number: 31377

  • Sturdy swing up handle for convenient carrying (has a spigot in the base
  • Cool Riser Technology improves cooling performance
  • Dimensions 11in L x 10in W x 14in H
  • Sturdy swing up handle for convenient carrying (has a spigot in the base)
  • Cool Riser Technology improves cooling performance by minimizing surface contact and allowing under cooler air flow and is fully insulated, keeping contents cold for extended time periods
  • Wide mouth opening and easy grip lid make filling, cleaning, opening and closing convenient.
  • Lid vent ensures liquids flow freely through spigot while recessed, double gasketed spigot and gasketed lid help with leak and spill free use
  • Dimensions 11in L x 10in W x 14in H

Coleman Rolling Cooler | 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Cooler with Wheels | Wheeled Hard Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 5 Days, Black

  • Xtreme Technology; Insulated lid and extra wall insulation keep ice up to 5 days in temperatures as high as 90°F
  • High capacity: Holds up to 84 cans
  • Heavy-duty wheels: Effortless rolling over any terrain
  • Have-a-seat lid: Closed lid supports up to 250 pounds
  • Cup holders: Molded into the lid to keep drinks close and prevent spilling
  • Telescoping handle: For easy pulling and compact storage
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