Coleman 0F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults | North Rim Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

  • Mummy-style adult sleeping bag for camping in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 2 inches in height
  • Semi-sculpted hood tightens with a drawstring to seal in heat
  • Quilting construction, insulated footbox, and Thermolock draft tube for warmth and heat retention
  • ZipPlow system plows away fabric to prevent snagging during zipping

How To Choose The Best Coleman Youth Atv

What Is The Purpose Of An Atv For Kids?

Coleman Youth ATVs are designed with kids in mind. With features specifically engineered to fit young riders, these vehicles provide safe fun for children ages 5-12 years old. Coleman Youth ATV models include the YJ10, YJ20, YJ30, YJ40, YJ50, and YJ60. Each model comes equipped with a high quality suspension system, front and rear brakes, and a powerful engine. All models feature a low seat height so younger riders can sit comfortably while riding.

Fun Activities To Do With Your Child

The best way to teach your child responsibility is by letting him experience something he cannot control. He'll learn more about himself and gain confidence in his abilities. Another great activity is to take your child fishing. Not only does this give him a chance to enjoy nature, but it teaches him patience and perseverance. Fishing poles are easy to carry along and require no special skills to operate. Just be sure to equip your child with safety gear before heading into the woods.

Safety Features

All Coleman ATVs come standard with a number of safety features including ABS brakes, dual brake lights, a horn, and a speedometer. Safety belts are included on each vehicle. In addition, all models come equipped with a kickstand, which makes getting started easier. Other optional accessories include a cargo rack, side stand bag, and a tool kit.


Front and Rear Suspension - The front and rear suspensions allow the rider to travel over rough terrain safely.

Engine Performance - Engine performance varies depending on the size of the ATV. Smaller engines produce higher speeds, while larger engines produce lower speeds.

Tires - Tires are available in two different sizes; 2 inch tires and 3 inch tires.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Coleman Youth ATV

Their reputation for durability and dependability makes them the best choice for anyone who wants to enjoy riding outdoors. If you're planning on taking your kids camping, fishing, hunting, or enjoying other activities with you, Coleman is the way to go.

Safety First

It's important to remember that no matter how safe something looks, there could be hidden dangers lurking inside. For example, many children ride dirt bikes because they think they're cool. But these vehicles aren't designed for safety; they're built for speed. Dirt bike riders are prone to serious injuries. That's why it's so critical to choose a product that meets industry standards before you purchase it.

Quality Construction

Another thing to consider is the construction of the vehicle itself. Some manufacturers build their products using inferior materials that break down quickly and fail to stand up to harsh conditions. Others put together durable parts that last longer and require fewer repairs. Make sure you know which type of material is being used by checking the manufacturer's website. Also, check out reviews online to see what others have said about the product.

Easy Maintenance

Finally, you want to ensure that the maintenance process is easy. Many companies sell expensive tools and accessories that are difficult to operate. However, most of us don't have the time or money to invest in complicated systems. Instead, we rely on simple solutions that take little effort to maintain. Look for features like quick release wheels, adjustable seats, and removable covers. All of these options allow you to customize your vehicle to fit your needs.


One of the biggest reasons parents decide to buy a specific model is because of its unique features. Features include things like headlights, mirrors, seat belts, and engine size. Each of these elements plays a role in ensuring that your child is protected during accidents.


Of course, price isn't everything. There are plenty of inexpensive models available. But if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars on a toy, you might as well get the best possible value.


Lastly, you want to make sure that the product you select will withstand years of abuse. Check out the warranty information to determine whether or not the company backs up their claims.

Features To Look For When Buying A Coleman Youth Atv

The company was founded by John W. Coleman who wanted to create a product that could be used outdoors. He created a portable stove with a cast iron pot which he called "The Stove That Cooked". Today, Coleman still makes outdoor cooking tools including stoves, lanterns, grills, campers, tents, backpacks, flashlights, and more.

Powerful Motor

One thing that sets Coleman apart from other brands is its powerful motor. Most ATVs only have two-stroke engines while most motorcycles have three-stroke motors. Two stroke engines are cheaper to build because there are fewer moving parts. However, two strokes lack power compared to three strokes. Three strokes allow for greater torque and horsepower. If you're going to ride your ATV long distances, you might want to invest in a high performance engine.

Tough Construction

ATVs are built tough so you shouldn't expect anything less from Coleman. Their frames are designed to withstand years of abuse. Many models include steel wheels and tires. Some models have aluminum rims and tires. All Coleman ATVs are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Easy Assembly

Most manufacturers require professional installation. With Coleman, assembly takes minutes. Simply remove the seat cover, attach the battery tray, install the handlebars, and tighten down the bolts. Once everything is assembled, you're ready to go!

Adjustable Seat Height

Many ATVs have fixed seats. While these seats provide good stability, they aren't adjustable. Adjustability is important because it lets you adjust the height of the seat to fit your body type. An adjustable seat gives you added comfort and safety.

Adjustable Hand Grips

Some ATVs have hand grips that are too small. Others have grips that are too big. Coleman offers both options. One option is a standard grip size. Another option is a large grip size. Both options give you maximum control over the throttle and brakes.

Large Storage Basket

Storage baskets are great for storing gear and supplies. Large storage baskets let you store larger amounts of stuff. Smaller baskets limit your ability to carry heavy loads.

Wide Rear View Mirror

An easy way to see behind you is essential for safe driving. Wide rear view mirrors increase visibility. A wide mirror also increases your field of vision.

Rear Fender Flares

Fenders are necessary to protect your vehicle from water spray and debris. Without fenders, dirt and mud can enter the wheel wells. Dirt and mud can cause rusting and corrosion. Rusting and corrosion reduce the value of your vehicle.

Full Size Tool Kit

Having a full tool kit is helpful when fixing problems. Full sized tools mean you won't run out of tools during repairs. Also, many tools are included in the box.

Different Types Of Coleman Youth Atv

Coleman has many different kinds of ATVs available for kids and adults alike. The most popular models include the Coleman Power Sports Roadster, the Coleman Power Sports Quad, and the Coleman Power Sports Four. All three of these models are great choices for beginners who are interested in learning more about riding an ATV. Each model comes with its own set of pros and cons so be sure to read reviews before purchasing one.

The Coleman Power Sports Roadster

This model is perfect for those who are just starting out because it doesn’t require too much skill to operate. It features a low seat height which makes it easier for children to ride. However, it does not provide enough stability for experienced riders. For example, it lacks foot pegs and handles poorly when turning corners. If you plan to take your child out on long trips, this model might not be the best choice.

The Coleman Power Sports Quad

The quad offers a higher seating position compared to other models. As a result, it gives you greater control while driving. The handlebars are adjustable making it easy to adjust to fit both small and large riders. Additionally, there are two foot pegs allowing you to stand comfortably during longer rides. Although this model is ideal for experienced riders, it still isn’t suitable for younger children due to its high center of gravity.

The Coleman Power Sports Four

This model is designed specifically for older teens and young adults. Its larger size makes it stable and durable. There are two foot pegs and hand grips giving you plenty of support while standing. In addition, there are no sharp edges around the vehicle making it safer for inexperienced riders. Overall, this model is well-suited for teenagers and adults who enjoy taking long drives.

Pros & Cons

All three models have their strengths and weaknesses. Before choosing one, be sure to check out the pros and cons listed above to determine which one suits your needs best.


Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent,Multi Colored,6L x 9W ft. (Screened Area)

  • 6-person camping tent with built-in illumination for family or group trips
  • LED system offers three brightness settings for overhead interior light
  • Attached 9 x 6 ft. screen room offers bug-free area for relaxation
  • Spacious interior has room for 2 queen airbeds
  • WeatherTec system and rainfly keep tent interior dry and comfortable

Coleman Elite Sundome 6-Person Tent,Blue,144" L x 120" W x 72" H

  • Dome tent fits 6 camp pads or 2 queen-size air mattresses
  • Built-in LED lighting system with 3 brightness settings delivers up to 100 lumens
  • Easy setup in only 10 minutes with snag-free continuous pole sleeves
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams keeps you dry
  • Measures 12 x 10 feet with 6-foot center height

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Elite Montana Tent with Easy Setup

  • Spacious 8-person tent has enough room for 3 queen size air beds
  • WeatherTec system with patented corner welds and inverted seams helps keep water out
  • Extended door awning keeps shoes and gear dry; hinged door offers easy access
  • Measures 16 x 7 feet with 6-foot 2-inch center height
  • Quick setup in 15 minutes with carry bag included for easy transportation

Coleman Sleeping Bag | Cold-Weather 20F Brazos Sleeping Bag, Navy, 10" x 17.8" x 10.4"

  • KEEPS YOU COZY: Stay warm in temperatures as low as 20°F
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Hollow polyester insulation for better heat retention with less weight
  • PREVENTS HEAT LOSS: A draft tube along the zipper keeps body heat from escaping
  • BUILT TO LAST: Durable construction keeps insulation from shifting
  • DIMENSIONS: 75 x 33 inch. Fiberlock Construction prevents insulation from shifting, extending life of your sleeping bag

Coleman Sun Ridge 40F Warm Weather Sleeping Bag, Blue

  • For camping in temperatures between 40°F and 60°F
  • 3 lb. of ThermoTech insulation
  • Polyester cover with soft tricot fiber blend liner
  • ComfortCuff surrounds your face with softness
  • Roll Control fasteners lock bag in place for easier rolling
  • Fiberlock prevents insulation from shifting, increasing durability
  • Thermolock draft tube reduces heat loss through the zipper, keeping you warmer
  • ZipperGlide tailoring allows smooth zipper operation around corners
  • QuickCord no-tie closure keeps bag cinched tight
  • Machine washable
  • Sport Type: Camping And Hiking

Coleman 4D LED Camping Lantern

  • Battery-powered outdoor lantern ideal for camping, emergencies, or use at home
  • Water-resistant construction for durability in any weather condition
  • Bright LED bulb emits 54 lumens and lasts up to 175 hours
  • Lifetime LED bulb never needs to be replaced
  • Powered by 4 D batteries (sold separately)

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds, 4-Person

  • Weatherproof: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; Integrated rainfly offers extra weather protection with better airflow
  • Built to last: Double-thick fabric stands up to the elements season after season
  • Instant setup: In as fast as 1 minute
  • Roomy interior: 8 x 7 feet with 4 feet 11 inch center height; Fits 1 queen-size air bed
  • 1-year limited warranty

Coleman 6-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room | Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch

  • Weatherproof: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; Included rainfly offers extra weather protection
  • Conventional pitch: Sets up in 15 minutes
  • Bug-free lounging: 10 x 5 feet full-floor screen room
  • Roomy interior: 10 x 9 feet with 5 feet 8 inch center height; Fits 2 queen-size air beds
  • Carry bag: Included for easy storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

Coleman Electric Cooler | 40-Quart Portable PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler

  • Versatile hot/cold thermoelectric cooler keeps food items at an optimal temperature
  • Keeps contents up to 40 degrees colder or warmer than the surroundings
  • 8-foot power cord allows you to the power the cooler with a car or boat outlet
  • Door opens from either the left or right side to offer added placement flexibility
  • 40-quart capacity holds up to 44 cans

Coleman Cooler | Xtreme Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 5 Days | Heavy-Duty 70-Quart Cooler for Camping, BBQs, Tailgating & Outdoor Activities

  • Xtreme Technology; Insulated lid and extra wall insulation keep ice up to 5 days in temperatures as high as 90°F
  • High Capacity: Holds Up to 100 Cans
  • HAVE-A-SEAT LID: Closed lid supports up to 250 lb.
  • Cup Holders: Molded Into the Lid to Keep Drinks Close and Prevent Spilling
  • COMFORT-GRIP HANDLES: No-crush design with positive stop for pinch-free carrying
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Smoother surface wipes clean easily; leak-resistant channel drain for easy draining without tilting

Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad with Pillow , Blue

  • Inflatable sleeping pad provides extra cushioning on camping trips
  • Soft, tufted design provides an extra layer of padding between your sleeping bag and the ground
  • Self-inflating design; free-flow valve inflates the pad with no air pump required
  • Compression straps force out air for quick deflation
  • Durable polyester shell endures tough use. Inflated dimensions is 76 x 25 x 2.5 inch

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent , Green/Grey

  • Lightweight camping tent assembles in only 10 seconds
  • Preassembled poles pop up into place
  • Taped floor seams keep you dry even when the ground is soaking wet
  • Multi-position rainfly offers the perfect balance of protection and ventilation
  • Tent measures 7 feet 6 inches by 4 feet 5 inches with a 2-foot 11-inch center height

Coleman LED Lantern | 400 Lumens Personal Lantern with 4D Battery

  • LUMENS: Up to 400 lumens on high casts light up to 12 meters
  • RUNTIME: 30 hours (high) or 70 hours (low)
  • EASY TO CARRY: Bail handle with carabiner for hanging convenience
  • WATER RESISTANCE: IPX4 rating for reliable use outdoors in the elements
  • BATTERY POWERED: 4 D-cell batteries (sold separately)
  • LIFETIME LEDS: Never need replacing

Coleman 4-Person Dome Tent for Camping | Sundome Tent with Easy Setup , Navy/Grey

  • Weatherproof: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; Included rainfly offers extra weather protection
  • Wind and rain tested: Strong frame withstands 35 plus mph winds
  • Great ventilation: Large windows and ground vent for enhanced airflow
  • Stay connected: E-port makes it easy to bring electrical power inside
  • Easy setup: In 10 minutes
  • Roomy interior: 9 x 7 feet with 4 feet 11 inch center height; Fits 1 queen-size air bed
  • 1-year limited warranty

Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag | 50F Sleeping Bag for Kids | Cool Weather Sleeping Bag, Teal , 60" x 26"

  • Comfort cuff design surrounds your face in softness
  • Thermo lock draft tube prevents heat loss through the zipper
  • Fun design that glows in the dark
  • Rectangular sleeping bag, 60 x 26 in

Coleman Big and Tall Camp Chair | Folding Beach Chair | Portable Quad Chair for Tailgating, Camping & Outdoors

  • Extra-large camping chair provides ample space for lounging
  • Oversized seat and large feet offer exceptional stability
  • Seat Drain system empties collected standing water from the seat
  • CellPort water-resistant cell phone sleeve for storing electronic devices in wet conditions
  • Steel frame supports up to 600 pounds and provides long-lasting use
  • Department Name: Unisex-Adult
  • Included Components: Chair
  • Carry Bag
  • Material Type: Synthetic

Coleman Kids LED Adventure Mini Lantern 1-Count, Colors may vary

  • Single lightweight LED lantern for kids
  • 5 bright LEDs emit 44 lumens
  • Runs for up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Durable IPX4 water-resistant design
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing
  • Color you may receive include Green, Blue, Orange, or Red

Coleman Kids Glow Stick, Assorted colors, 1-count

  • 4 modes: glow, flashlight, combo, flashing
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Powered by 1 aaa-battery (installed)
  • Screw keeps battery safely inside the glowstick
  • Lifetime leds never need replacing
  • Includes 1 Glowstick and color received may vary (green, orange, blue or red)

Coleman Powersports 98cc/3.0HP CK100-S Go Kart

  • POWERUL – The 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder – 98cc/3.0hp fully automatic engine will power you through the trails all day with plenty of muscle while being fuel efficient
  • EASY AND SMOOTH – Easy pull start operation, with torque converter CVT system. Low-pressure tires provide a soft, smooth ride even on rugged terrain. Hydraulic foot-operated disc brakes for reliable stopping
  • FUN FOR ALL – recommended for riders up to 150lbs. Recommended for ages 13 and over
  • SECURE – The bolstered seat and four-point safety harness will keep you locked in behind the wheel and it has the heavy-duty padded roll cage for extra security. A kill switch ensures a quick and easy power off
  • DURABLE – Built with a heavy-duty 16- and 13-gauge tubular construction and a rugged, proven clutch and chain drive, this tough machine will withstand years of fun on the trails
  • Included components: go kart
  • tool kit for assembly

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent with Coleman Tent Kit

  • Two-room tent sleeps up to six campers comfortably thanks to 17-by-nine (W x D) footprint and 6 ft. 10 in. center height
  • Floor-less screened room provides extra ventilation on warm days, great place for meals and gathering, rain or shine, and protected storage space
  • Four 10-in. steel tent pegs with flat striking head to secure your tent
  • Rubber mallet to comfortably secure stakes in the ground

Coleman Powersports CT100U Gas Powered Trail Mini-Bike | 98cc/3.0HP | Red

  • POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT: The 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine with 98cc/3. 0hp, will power you through the trails all day with plenty of muscle while still being fuel efficient
  • EASY AND SMOOTH: The easy pull start operation makes this the ideal trail bike for any rider. Low-pressure tires provide a soft, smooth ride even on rugged terrain
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Built with a rugged, proven clutch and a solid, sturdy metal frame this heavy-duty mini bike will withstand years of fun on the trail. The rear drum break allows for reliable stopping
  • FUN FOR ALL: With a load capacity of 150 pounds and clearance of 6 inches, this scooter is perfect for everyone 13+
  • ASSEMBLY: Proper product assembly is critically important to ensure the product functions correctly. Assembly instructions must be followed precisely. Professional assembly is recommended

Coleman Camping Tent | Dark Room Skydome Tent, Blue

  • QUICK PITCH: Sets up in under 5 minutes thanks to pre-attached poles
  • DARK ROOM TECHNOLOGY: Blocks 90% of sunlight so you can sleep in past sunrise; reduces heat (vs. a comparable Coleman tent) for a more comfortable rest anytime of day
  • MORE HEADROOM: 20% more headroom than traditional Coleman dome tents thanks to nearly vertical walls
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: WeatherTec system's tub-like floor, patented welded corners, and inverted seams help keep water out; strong frame withstands up to 35 mph winds
  • WIDER DOOR: Makes it easier to move air beds, sleeping bags, and other gear in and out of the tent
  • ROOMY INTERIOR & EXTRA STORAGE: 8 x 7 ft. with 4 ft. 8 in. center height; fits 1 queen-size air bed; mesh storage pockets and a gear loft keep small items organized
  • COMPACT SIZE: Great for car camping or backpacking and includes a convenient carry bag

Coleman Universal Plunger Metal Part #: 242J5201 ; 4 Inch Long Plunger Pump Repair Kit ; Compatible Stoves & Lanterns

  • Item #: 242J 5201 :4 INCH LONG PLUNGER : Universal Plunger Metal Compatible with : *( More in Description box Below)*
  • 285-700E Unleaded 2-Mtl Lantern, 285-734 Lantern, 285-742 Lantern, 286A743 Lantern-Red-Combo, 202 Single Mantle Lantern,
  • 413G499 2-Burner Gas Camp Stove, 413H499 2 Burner Gas Camp Stove, 425E499 2 Burner Gas Camp Stove, 426D499 3 Burner Gas Camp Stove,
  • 426E499 3 Burner Gas Camp Stove - Coleman Fuel, 3000000791 Dual Fuel Powerhouse 2-Burner Stove, 3000001138 1-Mantle Kerosene Lantern,
  • 22E197 2 Mantle Gas Lantern, 413E Fuel Stove, 428-A00 3-Burner Stove, 413F Fuel Stove,

Coleman Camping Tent | 6-Person Dark Room Dome Camping Tent with Fast Pitch Setup, Blue

  • DARK ROOM TECHNOLOGY: Blocks 90% of sunlight (vs. a comparable Coleman tent) so you can sleep in past sunrise; reduces heat inside the tent
  • FAST PITCH: Sets up quickly with pre-attached poles and hub
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: WeatherTec system's welded corners and inverted seams help keep water from getting in; included rainfly offers extra protection
  • E-PORT: Makes it easy to bring electrical power inside
  • VISIBILITY AT NIGHT: Reflective Illumiline guy lines offer greater visibility in the dark
  • ROOMY INTERIOR: 10 x 10 ft. with 6 ft. center height; fits 2 queen-size airbeds
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