Outdoorsman Lab Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Travel- 50-70F Warm Weather Ultralight Compact Packable Bag with Compression Sack for Kids Men Women

  • Great Night of Sleep No Matter Where You Are: Patent-pending innovative designs and features , ample room, soft liner, and durable shell.
  • Stay Warm and Extremely Comfy Throughout the Night: Survival rating at 32F, Comfort rating at 47F, lower comfort limit at 38F with high loft hollow fiber filling & S-shape quilted to stay lightweight. This sleeping bag is MADE TO LAST with water-resistant, weather-proof, and super quick to dry to keep you warm even in extreme conditions and prevent you from any dampness.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Easy to Clean: Great for frequent traveler, backpacker, camper. Only 2.9lb, compresses small with compression sack, easy to clean and dry.
  • Stop Rolling Off Your Sleeping Pad: Elastic straps on backside to help you stay on your sleeping pad throughout the night.
  • Quality Guaranteed or Your Money Back: OutdoorsmanLab sleeping bags are carefully inspected before shipping to ensure that they are in perfect condition. Your sleeping bag is built to last and provide you with as many great nights of sleep as possible. If we don’t live up to any of these promises, we insist that you contact us so we can issue a refund + free sleeping bag on us!

How To Choose The Best Compact Sleeping Bag

What Is The Purpose Of A Compact Sleeping Bag?

Compact sleeping bags are designed with the goal of being small enough to fit into a backpack or daypack while still providing adequate warmth. Some models provide more insulation than others, so be sure to check the specifications before purchasing.

How Do Compacts Sleep Bags Differ From Regular Sleeping Bags?

Regular sleeping bags are generally larger than their compact cousins. Because of their size, regular bags take up a lot of room in a pack. If you're planning on carrying a large amount of gear, you might want to opt for a smaller model. However, if you plan on taking only a few days worth of supplies, then a compact sleeping bag could be perfect for you.

Are There Any Benefits To Using A Compact Sleeping Bag Over A Regular One?

There are several benefits to using a compact sleeping bag over a traditional one. First, because they are lighter, they require less storage space. Second, since they are smaller, they allow you to carry fewer clothes and other personal belongings. Third, many manufacturers claim that their products are easier to set up and take down. Finally, most compact sleeping bags are cheaper than their full-sized counterparts.

Where Can I Find Out More Information About Compacts?

The best way to learn more about compact sleeping bags is by visiting online forums dedicated to the topic. Many sites contain information about different brands, features, and prices. Also, there are plenty of reviews available online. Make sure you read each review carefully before making a purchase decision.

Is A Compact Sleeping Bag Right For Me?

To determine whether a compact sleeping bag is right for you, think about your lifestyle. Then, choose a model based on its weight and temperature rating.

Which Type Of Sleeping Bag Is Best For Backpacking?

Backpacking sleeping bags are specifically designed to withstand extreme cold conditions. As a result, they are heavier and bulkier than typical sleeping bags. Instead, choose a light-weight bag that offers good insulation and breathability.

Do I Need A Sleeping Bag Cover?

Sleeping bags cover is optional. However, if you live in areas with harsh weather, a sleeping bag cover can help insulate your bag from rain and snow. Additionally, covers can reduce condensation inside the bag.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Compact Sleeping Bag

There are many different types of sleeping bags available today. Some are designed specifically for backpackers while others are intended for general camping purposes. There are several factors that determine which type of sleeping bag you should purchase. One factor is whether you plan to be using the bag for more than one night. If so, you might want to invest in something with a little bit more weight-bearing capacity. Another factor is where you intend to sleep. All these factors will influence the kind of sleeping bag you choose.

Weight Bearing Capacity

One of the biggest advantages of a good compact sleeping bag is its ability to withstand heavy loads. For example, if you're planning to carry a lot of gear into the wilderness, you'll probably want to select a bag that has enough room to accommodate everything comfortably. In addition, if you plan to hike long distances, you'll want to pick a bag that has sufficient insulation to maintain body heat during cold weather conditions. Finally, if you plan to go hiking in hot climates, you'll want to ensure that your bag offers adequate ventilation.

Where To Sleep

Another important consideration is where you plan to sleep. Depending upon where you plan to sleep, you'll need to decide between a mummy style bag or a regular bag. Mummy bags provide greater warmth because they trap air around your body. Regular bags, however, allow more airflow and therefore are generally warmer. Regardless of which type of bag you choose, you'll still need to pay attention to the number of layers you put on before bedtime. Too few clothes could lead to overheating and too many clothes could cause hypothermia.


Finally, another important aspect of choosing a sleeping bag is insulating properties. Most modern sleeping bags now include synthetic fillings that provide excellent thermal efficiency. However, there are certain situations where you may wish to opt for natural fiberfill. Natural fibers retain moisture well and thus can provide additional comfort in wet environments. Also, since natural fiberfill doesn't compress as readily as synthetics, it tends to hold its shape better. As a result, you'll have fewer problems with snags and tangles.

Features To Look For When Buying A Compact Sleeping Bag

There are many different types of sleeping bags available today. Some are designed specifically for winter camping while others are meant for summertime activities. There are several features that you should be aware of before purchasing a sleeping bag. The following list includes some of these important factors to take into consideration when choosing which type of sleeping bag is best suited for your needs.


The size of the sleeping bag is very important because it determines how large or small the bag will fit you. If you're planning on spending most of your nights outdoors during cold weather conditions, then you might want to choose a larger sized sleeping bag. However, if you plan on using your sleeping bag only occasionally, then you might want to opt for a smaller-sized sleeping bag.


Another factor to consider is weight. Many people prefer lighter-weight sleeping bags because they are easier to carry around. Lighter-weight sleeping bags are also more comfortable to sleep in because there isn't too much pressure placed on certain parts of your body. In addition, light-weight sleeping bags are generally cheaper than heavier ones.

Insulation Type

Some sleeping bags include insulation layers inside the bag itself. Others are insulated by simply filling the entire bag with down feathers. Down feathers provide excellent insulating properties, however, they are expensive and difficult to obtain. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a sleeping bag with insulation layers, you must ensure that the insulation material is good quality. Also, check whether the insulation is removable or non-removable. Removable insulation makes it easy to wash the bag if necessary.


Many sleeping bags are waterproofed so that water cannot seep in between the seams. Waterproofing prevents moisture from entering the interior of the sleeping bag. However, waterproofing does nothing to stop rainwater from dripping onto the outside of the bag. Therefore, if you intend to camp in rainy weather conditions, make sure that your sleeping bag has adequate ventilation holes.


Most sleeping bags have pockets built into the sides of the bag where you can store personal belongings. Pockets allow you to keep valuables close at hand. However, if you plan on carrying your sleeping bag on long hikes, you should avoid sleeping bags with side pockets because they limit the amount of room you have for other gear. Instead, select a sleeping bag with front zippered pockets.

Fleece Liner

Sleeping bags with fleece liners are warmer than those without. Fleece liners trap heat next to your skin, thereby preventing the air temperature from dropping below freezing. Additionally, fleece liners reduce the chances of getting frostbite. Although fleece liners are relatively inexpensive, they aren't always worth the money. If you plan on hiking in extreme temperatures, you should invest in a sleeping bag with a wool liner.

Wool Insulated Jacket

For colder climates, you should definitely consider investing in a sleeping bag with a wool jacket. Wool jackets are extremely warm and durable.

Different Types of Compact Sleeping Bags

Compact sleeping bags are great because they're small enough to fit into your backpack and still provide adequate warmth during cold weather camping trips. The best thing about these bags is that they're easy to pack and unpack. There are many different styles of compact sleeping bags available today. Some are designed with more insulation while others are lighter weight. Here we've listed five different types of compact sleeping bags so you can choose which type works best for you.

Down-filled Sleeping Bag

This style of sleeping bag uses down feathers as its insulating material. Down-filled sleeping bags are generally heavier than other kinds of sleeping bags. However, they are warmest and most durable. Because of the high price tag associated with down-filled sleeping bags, they aren't very popular among budget campers. If you plan to travel extensively, however, a down-filled sleeping bag might be worth considering.

Fleece-lined Sleeping Bag

These bags are filled with synthetic fibers rather than down feathers. Fleece-lined sleeping bags are warmer than down-filled ones. In addition, fleece-lined sleeping bags are easier to wash and dry than those filled with down feathers. Although fleece-lined sleeping bags are cheaper than down-filled ones, they are not nearly as warm as down-filled models. Therefore, if you plan to go hiking frequently, you might prefer a down-filled model.

Insulated Sleeping Bag

An insulated sleeping bag has two layers of fabric inside. One side is lined with polyester fiberfill. Polyester fiberfill traps air between the lining and outer shell of the bag. Insulated sleeping bags are typically warmer than regular sleeping bags. However, they require more care and maintenance. For example, you must take special precautions to avoid getting wet when using an insulated sleeping bag outdoors. Also, since there are no feathers or down filling, these bags are expensive.

Thermal Blanket/Puffy Jacket

The thermal blanket is basically a puffy jacket that doubles as a sleeping bag. Thermal blankets are meant to be worn next to your skin. Puffies are intended to be worn outside of clothing. Both types of sleeping bags are useful in colder climates where temperatures drop below freezing. While both types of sleeping bags are inexpensive, they are bulky and difficult to carry around.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Lighter weight sleeping bags are ideal for backpackers who plan to hike long distances. Lightweight sleeping bags are usually constructed from nylon fabrics. Nylon materials are strong and durable. However, nylon tends to retain heat poorly. As a result, lightweight sleeping bags are not as warm as traditional sleeping bags.


BESTEAM Warm Weather Sleeping Bag - Portable, Waterproof, Compact Lightweight, Packable with Compression Sack for Camping Backpacking Hiking, for Kids, Teens Adults - Spring Summer Fall(Army Green)

  • ULTRA COMFORT & DURABLE! Nylon outer, soft Imitation silk cotton filling, 100% Polyester Pongee Lining(Breathable and skin-friendly) keep you warm and blocks out temperatures over 59 degrees to give you a warm, ultra-comfortable night's rest.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SMALL, EASY TO Pack! This space-saving summer sleeping bag for men, women, boys and girls can be compressed down to just 6.9IN in height and weighs about 1.54 lbs. The smallest sleeping bag for backpacking and travel.
  • HOT WEATHER SLEEPIGN BAG! This ultralight sleeping bag is comfort in 59°F/15°C, You can use our warm weather sleeping bag without sleeping bag liner in multiple weather conditions.
  • 2 PERSON SLEEPNG BAG! Two sleeping bags(Any color) zipped together to create one large super snuggly double sleeping bag, makes your camping experience more easy and convenient.
  • MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY! It's the perfect sleeping bag for camping trips, BoyScouts or mountain hiking. Great for traveling, backpacking, golf, home, hiking, trekking or scouts and many more.

Lightweight Violet/Purple Sleeping Bag by RevalCamp. Indoor & Outdoor use. Great for Kids, Youth & Adults. Ultralight and Compact Bags are Perfect for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping & Travel.

  • 🎁 Help Give Back To The Community - With your support, we donate sleeping bags every month to organizations making a difference in communities around the U.S. We're proud to give back, and are unbelievably thankful to our customers for making it all possible. Check out the video on our listing to see our most recent donation!
  • ✅ Ultra Lightweight and Compact - Weighing in at just 2 lbs, the RevalCamp Ultralight Compact Sleeping bag is one of the lightest and most versatile sleeping bags on the market today. No matter how light you travel, you’ll always find the space for it.
  • ✅ Roomy and Comfortable - at 30 x 71 inches, these sleeping bags are incredibly roomy for any adult or child under 6’1. It’s easy to get in, get out and turn around to find a comfortable sleeping position. The zipper stays closed, and the plush filling means you’ll sleep like a baby.
  • ✅ Colors and Designs For The Whole Family - with 12 bright, vibrant colors and designs to choose from, every member of your family will find a sleeping bag they love. And mom and dad can even zip up two bags to create one large super snuggly double sleeping bag.
  • ✅ RevalCamp Promise - we strongly stand behind the great craftsmanship of these sleeping bags. If you aren’t satisfied with the comfort, the size, the weight or for any reason at all then just let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a full-refund – no hassles, no delays, no questions asked.

NORSENS Camping Sleeping Bags - Lightweight Compact Sleeping Bag for Adults, Kids - 3 Season Warm & Cold Weather Sleeping Bags for Hiking,Backpacking, Traveling (Gray)

  • 【Comfort & Warm for Every Night】- Designed with skin-friendly polyester pongee liner, filled with enough spinning cotton, keep you warm and comfort all night on any ground. And you can also unzip the feet separately to get some needed venting for additional comfort while still maintaining insulation.
  • 【Easy to carry, Lightweight】- Bring with a compression sack, you can pack down it easily and take away. 3.6lb - enough lightweight for your backpacking, hiking,camping, travelling. Reduce your additional weight, make you feel more relax.
  • 【Roomy Size for Double】- Generous in size 32.6”x90.5”. Suitable sleeping bag for kids, adults. You can also zip two together for one large size, which can be used for couples, friend, and Parent-child.
  • 【Upgrade Buckle for Compress】- You can use the buckles on 4straps for compressing the sleeping bag and make it smaller to 7.8”x7.8”. Great buckles give you more good will on details. And help you store it on small space.
  • 【100% Satisfaction】- If for any reason you're not satisfied, contact us directly, we offer 90-Day NO Hassle Return and 3-Year Worry-Free Guarantee.

MalloMe Sleeping Bags for Adults & Kids - Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Hiking Cold Weather & Warm - Lightweight Compact Camping Gear Equipment Summer & Winter Girls Boys 1 & Double 2 Person

  • ✅ WAY BETTER THAN THE REST - Our bag is more comfortable than the competition due to more padding and cushioning inside to make sure you are well rested and fully re-energized.
  • ✅ BEST YEAR ROUND SLEEPING BAG - Perfect for spring, summer, fall, and cold winter weather, everything above 32°F freezing temperatures. Keep yourself cosy, warm and safe in every situation at normal altitudes. The ultra-strong, waterproof outer protective shell is made from our unique waterproof ripstop hexagonal weave, double-layered with S-shape stitching, and 3D inner synthetic fiber fill for optimal warmth and insulation to protect you from the elements.
  • ✅ CAMP IN COMFORT FOR ALL AGES - Bring the comfort of your own bed to the great outdoors. Our camping sleeping bags are engineered to guarantee a good night's sleep after a hard day of activities. No matter how tough the terrain or long the day, sleep well with MalloMe. And with vibrant colors loved by both boys and girls, they're great for kids too!
  • ✅ ULTRALIGHT FOR BACKPACKING - A must have for hiking, backpacking, and camping, the perfect balance of performance and lightweight materials for every adventure. Each sleeping bag comes with a compression sack with straps, which makes it super convenient to store and easy to carry.
  • ✅ EASY TO CLEAN - Our waterproof outer shell is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. In case of heavy soilage the sleeping bag is designed for machine washing as well, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity.

Naturehike 1.26lbs Ultralight 800 Fill Power Goose Down Sleeping Bag - Ultra Compact Down Filled Lightweight Backpack Envelope Sleeping Bag for Hiking Camping (Dark Blue, Extra Large(32))

  • HIGH QUALITY MADE -- Made with high quality 20D nylon material, strong comfortable & water proof. Filled by high quality 800 fill power pure white goose down. Zippers: YKK.
  • LIGHWEIGHT DOWN SLEEPING BAG -- Weight only 1.26lbs(regular)/1.74lbs(extra large). If you think your sleeping bag is too large or too heavy on your backpacking adventures, you will not be disappointed to try this one. Design to save space & weight in your backpack.
  • ULTRA COMPACT --This sleeping bag has 2 sizes: Regular(74.80"L X 28.35"W)/Extra Large(78.74"L X 31.50"W); Both can be compressed to carry bag, size only 4.5 inches dia x 10 inches length, small enough to fit into backpack, easy to carry.
  • WARM ENOUGH -- 800 fill power white goose-down, lightweight but warm enough. Recommend sleep zone: Regular(42.8℉ to 51.8℉)/Extra Large(32℉ to 42.8℉).
  • MULTI USE -- This is not only a high quality goose down sleeping bag, when unzipped it, it can also be used as a perfect large power down blanket or mat for indoor outdoor use. If you would like to sleep together with your lover, 2 sleeping bags can be jointed together as a two person sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Liner Camping Travel Home Bed Sheet Lightweight Breathable Hotel Compact Sacks (Purple, 45.3 * 82.7in)

  • ✅Size&Color:our sleeping bag liner is blue,grey blue, khaki and navy with size (45.3*82.7in,63*82.7in),it allows you to stretch out your legs in any sleeping bag or hostel bed,folds down in a 8’’*9”pocket.
  • ✅Heathy & Comfortable:Our sleeping bag liner is 100% made of polyester fiber and cotton,it's very soft and comfortable and can protect you from hotel and outdoors.Sleeping bag liner give you a good sleeping even when you are in travel or business.
  • ✅Portable & lightweight: Our sleeping bag liner is portable and lightweight (1lb), can be put in a small and ultra-light pocket.This sleeping bag liner is compact for camping ,hiking and outdoors .You will like our sleeping bag liner after you choose it.
  • ✅Convinient&Functional : Cotton made makes it can wash easy.Just put it in the washing machine and wash it. Garne T sleeping bag liner is convenient for your camping and some outdoors.Utimate design for our sleeping bag liner size helps to connect sleeping mats for single, family, couples, and group camping.
  • ✅Various Usages: You can use it Indoors,outdoors,mountain climbing, camping,hiking,travel, hotel, hostels ,business trip, in-car night, sleeper train, flight, disaster, sudden overnight stay, etc. For your safe, turn into a clean and comfortable bed. It can also be used as an inner sheet in a sleeping bag.

Naturehike Ultralight Goose Down Sleeping Bag 750/550 Fill Power Compact Portable 3-4 Season for Adults & Kids Cold Weather Waterproof - Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Traveling with Compression Sack

  • 【Unique Design】Combination of envelope and mummy sleeping bag - Mummy upper body, fits the head more compact and keeps warm; Rectangular lower body, can move or expose the feet. Our sleeping bag is large enough and comes in two sizes: 82.7” x 29.5”(Medium) / 86.6” x 33.5”(Large).
  • 【White Goose Down Filled】Selected the best 400g 90% white goose down, no odor and impurities, safe and healthy for adults and kids. 750/550 fill power, STAY WARM AND DRY. Temperature for 750FP: Comfort: 41℉ (5℃); Limit: 32℉ (0℃). Temperature for 550FP: Comfort: 44.6℉ (7℃); Limit: 35.6℉ (2℃).
  • 【Ultralight & Portable】Weight only 1.95lbs(Medium)/2.2lbs(Large), super ultralight and portable. Each sleeping bag comes with a storage bag and a compression sack, packed size only 13.8” x 6.3”(Medium) / 13.8” x 7.1”(Large). SAVE SPACE AND WEIGHT for your backpack.
  • 【Long Lasting Durable】Made with the high quality 400T 20D ripstop nylon material, comfortable and waterproof. ZIPPERS: YKK. Easy to carry for various outdoor activities, such as camping, backpacking, hiking, adventure, mountaineering, traveling, etc. It is also a great choice for hotel use.
  • 【Reliable Customer Service】Naturehike goose down sleeping bags will be your perfect companion. We strongly support the exquisite craftsmanship of outdoor camping gear and provide the best customer experience. If you have any problem, please contact us. We will respond to your concerns within 24 hours.

ZOOOBELIVES Ultralight Backpacking 32-50F Down Sleeping Bag - 27oz Ultra Compact 650 Fill Power Envelope Sleeping Bag for Hiking, Camping and Backcountry, Lightweight and Compressible Alplive T400

  • ✅ ULTRALIGHT BUILT FOR BACKPACKING - Alplive T400 Sleeping Bag is one of the few bags that can pack small enough for backpacking. Its duck down insulation keeps things as light as can be while still providing a 32-50F comfort temperature rating, It can be loaded into a compact 11" x 6.7" sack just easy to fit into a backpack or suitcase and weights only at 1.7lb. its a perfect choice for summer camping.
  • ✅ DESIGN ON YOUR MIND - This bag offers all the ultra-warm, compressible, and featherweight benefits that down is know for. Not only does the rectangular shape offer a spacious feel that you can shift around in, but it also allows you to zip it up to another Alplive 400T bag to make a double sleeping bag, and the bottom of zipper allows you to vent your feet. Even when unzipped completely, a single large-sized bag can conveniently cover two people as a light comforter.
  • ✅ LIKE HAVING A QUILT IN THE BACKCOUNTRY - Soft fabrics and lofty down insulation make it feel like sleeping under your comforter back at home, so you can get a good night's rest whether you're camping in the backcountry or traveling the country in a van. This might be your best night's rest under the stars. Degree range: 23 ~ 32 ~50F
  • ✅ LONG LASTING DURABILITY - Premium 650-fill down offers excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, protects insulation from heat-robbing moisture, Tough 20D nylon shell fabric is treated with a durable water-repellent finish to shrug off moisture. Two of 2-way YKK zippers has an antisnag slider to reduce snagging, makes getting in and out of the sleeping bag a breeze through.
  • ✅ HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE - ZOOOBELIVES is a new brand of its own kind, which prides itself in selling unique outdoor products of the highest quality with cost performance. All products include 100% satisfaction warranty from the day purchased, ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. A perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

OUSTULE Sleeping Bag for Adults Kids Compact Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bags for 3 Season Warm & Cool Weather,Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor Camping Hiking Gear- Teal 4.2 LB

  • 【WIDE APPLICATION SEASON】Comfort Rating:41℉-50℉, Oustule cold weather sleeping bag can be used for 3 seasons (Summer, Spring, Fall). Item Weight: 1.9kg/4.2 lbs. Perfect for backpacking, camping and hiking even using at home.
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】Comfortable lining without itching,Premium 210T Anti-tearing Polyester Fabric; Lining Material:190T polyester pongee ; Fill-Material:100% hollow cotton. These makes the sleeping bag waterproof,ultra soft and rip-stop, So it can keep you warm even in extreme weather and prevent you from any dampness.
  • 【HUMANNIZATION DESIGN】Two-way zipper is easy to pull back and forth,which can be used to adjust the temperature according your demand. Separated zipper at the bottom can also make your feet often come out through the wind. And it come with a wide anti-pinch pull tab. Half-circle hood with adjustable drawstring keeps your head warmer even in extreme conditions. Built in a storage pocket, holds your device and helps keep you organized.
  • 【COMFORTABLE SPACE】Measures 86.6" x 31.5"; fits people up to 6.5’ tall. OUSTULE sleeping bag allow plenty of room for both legs and arms to stretch out; some can be completely unzipped and used like a comforter. Provides a queen size roomy experience, similar to sleeping in your own bed at home.
  • 【PORTABLE PACK】 This adults camping sleeping bag can be packed down into an ultra compact bag in seconds. Comes up with a travel-friendly carry bag, a compression sack with straps, which makes it quite convenient to store and carry along. Can easily be wiped clean or machine washed (recommend hand washing) .

ZOOOBELIVES 10 Degree F Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag for Adults - Lightweight and Compact 4-Season Mummy Bag for Backpacking, Camping, Mountaineering and Other Outdoor Activities Alplive D1500

  • 【STAY WARM & DRY】You'll stay warm in this spacious yet packable, four-season 10 degree mummy bag that's filled with 550+ fill power 35oz quick-drying, water-resistant down for comfort at any humidity level. Ensuring warmth and comfort all night.
  • 【TEMP RATING】Tested and rated at 10 Degrees F for Four season comfort - FILL: 35oz 550 fill-power white duck down is lofty, warm and breathable. Extreme Limit is 0 Degrees F, Lower Limit is 10 Degrees F, and Comfort Limit is 30 Degrees F.
  • 【LONG LASTING DURABILITY】Premium Hydrophobic down repels moisture and retains heat. Tough 320T ripstop nylon shell fabric is treated with a durable water-repellent finish to shrug off moisture. Full-length, 2-way YKK zipper with zipper plow has an antisnag slider to reduce snagging, makes getting in and out of the sleeping bag a breeze through.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE】Thanks for this full-sized 83” x 31” x 20” mummy bag, folds up to a compact 8.7” x 13.8”, weighs only 3.86lb, just right to fit into a backpack or suitcase. Essential for Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Car Traveling and any other Outdoor Activities.
  • 【HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE】ZOOOBELIVES is a new brand of its own kind, which prides itself in selling unique outdoor products of the highest quality with cost performance. All products include 100% satisfaction warranty from the day purchased, ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. A perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Mummy Sleeping Bag - Camping, Hiking, Backpacking Sleeping Bag - Single Person Compact Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Adults with Compression Sack - Warm and Cold Weather Sleep Bag - by Trek N Tree

  • WARMTH & AFFORDABILITY - Staying toasty warm in a mummy sleeping bag doesn't have to mean burning through money. Why pay $100’s of dollars for a lightweight sleeping bag when you can get this plush, cozy camp-ready comfort for a fraction of the cost!
  • SLEEP LIKE A MUMMY - Get ready to sleep like the dead and put the "mummy” in this mummy bag. Wake up feeling refreshed like you just stepped out of a 1000 year-old tomb, minus the wrappings. Perfect for backpacking, tent camping, car camping and road trips.
  • COOLING FOOT ZIPPER - A foot zipper on this warm and cold weather sleeping bag is great for when you need to vent heat or release built-up moisture. Give your stiff feet & ankles a satisfying stretch in the morning while you remain tucked in and insulated.
  • STASH YOUR ESSENTIALS - This camping sleeping bag has a hidden inner storage pocket for stashing your phone, headlamp, watch, lip balm, eye drops, tissues, wipes, or sleep mask. Non-allergenic skin-friendly materials insulate even when damp and are fast-drying.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We can't wait to add you to our long list of tree-trekkers and adventure seekers loving this compact sleeping bag. Problem with your purchase? Don't worry! You're covered by our risk-free Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

Ultralight 900 Fill Power Down Quilt Sleeping Bag - 1 Pound - Ultra Compact (Camouflage) for Moderate use Temperatures

  • Weights only 1 pound! Compact ultralight weight with included compression sack.
  • 50°F or 10°C comfort temperature rating.
  • Multi-Use bag. Down Quilt, Blanket, Sleeping Bag, or combine 2 for double sized bag for 2 people.
  • Filled with high quality 900 power duck down feather material.
  • 6'2" length (75 inches).
  • Excellent youth or child sleeping bag, but also long enough for adults.
  • For summer camping or moderate temperature use

Camping Sleeping Bags, Lightweight Sleeping Bag with Zippered for Adults Kids Families, Compact Sleeping Bag for Camping Backpacking Hiking, Portable Waterproof Sleeping Bag Indoor Outdoor 4 Seasons

  • Camping Sleeping Bag with Hood: Semi-rectangular lightweight sleeping bag that can be used for 4 seasons (Comfort temperature: 50℉/10℃). The shell fabric with wind-resistant 190T polyester design, and the lining, made of skin-friendly material(100% hollow fiber). Sleeping bag for adults is soft and comfortable, ensure a relaxing, good night's sleep after a day's backpacking, hiking.
  • Innovation Zipper Design: Do you want to stay in your cozy camping sleeping bag all day? Xiashrk's unique bottom zipper design can meet your wishes. Just unzip the bottom to walk around. The compact sleeping bag is suitable for camping, family leisure, and office nap.
  • Portable Lightweight Sleeping Bag: Compact sleeping bag with a compression bag, can be carried with you. Camping sleeping bag size: (74.8+11.8)*29.5inches/(190+30)*75cm. The backpacking sleeping bag not only is suitable for an adult but also for kids boys girls. The two sleeping bags on the left and right can be connected together for couples and family use.
  • Easy to Clean and Wash: Machine or hand washable, maximum temperature 30℃, gentle circulation. Don't bleach. Low drying. Don't iron. The waterproof sleeping bag remains unchanged after each wash.
  • Durable Sleeping Bags & Satisfaction Service: Our sleeping bag adopts the top of 190T polyester shell that Anti-tearing & with a waterproof coating. The sleeping bag can provide you with a better travel experience for a longer time. If you have any questions during purchase and use, you can contact us as soon as possible, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Travel and Camping Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner,Lightweight Compact Portable Adult Thin Sleeping Bag Sack,Premium Soft Hotel Sleep Sheet for Traveling Hostels Picnic (Khaki Gray, 82.5 X 45 Inch)

  • ✿GENEROUS SPACE:The liner is 45 x 82.7inch(115 x 210cm) which gives even tall people space to move around and stretch out the legs.It can be travel sheet, lightweight sleeping bag, travel sleep sack thanks to its good humanized size.
  • ✿GREAT DESIGN: The sleep bag liner has a 39" (100cm) opening on one side to make it easy for you to get into. It can be used alone as a sleeping bag for separate dirty things, or used as a liner in down sleeping bag,or as a hotel sleeping sack. Keeps you comfortable throughout the night.
  • ✿PREMIUM FABRIC: The sleeping bag liner is made of cotton and premium polyester with a silky texture which makes it very soft and comfortable against your skin. Unlike normal cotton, easy to crinkle. This new type of fabric no crinkle, no pilling or fade, can be used for a long time.
  • ✿EASY TO CARRY: Only 1.26 lb (573g), incomparable lightweight and compact. Despite its generous size the sleeping bag liner can be folded into a practical 21x21cm (8.3x8.3") pocket when not in use. Easy to carrying and saving pace in your backpack.
  • ✿AFTER SALE WARRANTY:We are so confident about the quality of this travel sheet sleep sack.When you receive this lightweight sleeping bag, if you are not satisfied, for any issue or concerns, you can contact us at any time directly and ask a return or full refund. We wouldn't let you suffer any loss!

MT Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag 41-68 Degree F 400 Fill Power 3 Seasons - 1.5lbs Compact Portable Waterproof Camping Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack for Adults, Teen, Kids Olive Drab

  • Filler: The sleeping bag filled with 400 FP white duck down (400g). As a result of Hydrophobic Down insulation capabilities and waterproof fabrics - the microscopic air clusters found in down feathers creates "loft" that traps heat and keeps you warm.
  • Fabric and Lining: The down sleeping bag made 400T ripstop nylon shell fabric and liner with 2-way YKK zipper against windy and wet weather. Extreme Limit is 41 Degrees F, Lower Limit is 50 Degrees F, and Comfort Limit is 68 Degrees F.
  • Ultralight: Hike farther with the lightest down sleeping bag available (Weight: 1.5lbs.) Summit any mountain or camp by the summer sea with these compact bags and have room for carrying your favorite fleece blanket or silk liner, goose filled pillow, and pad.
  • Ultra Compact: This sleeping bag sizes: 79"L X 28"W; It can be compressed to carry bag, size only 6.7 inches x 7.8 inches, small enough to fit into backpack, easy to carry. The compressible sleeping bag can be completely expandable by zipper, great used for blanket. Expand Size: 79"L X 56"W.
  • Design on Your Mind: This bag offers all the ultra-warm, compressible, and featherweight benefits that down is know for. Not only does the rectangular shape offer a spacious feel that you can shift around in, but it also allows you to zip it up to another 400T sleeping bag to make a double sleeping bag, and the bottom of YKK zipper allows you to vent your feet. Even when unzipped completely, one sleeping bag can conveniently cover two people as a light comforter.

Double/Single Sleeping Bag for Adults Camping, Extra Wide 2 Person Waterproof Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag for 5-Season Warm & Cold Weather, Lightweight with Compact Bag for Hiking Backpacking

  • FOR COMFORT LOVERS! Ours are 4in wider than most double sleeping bags. The perfect camping sleeping bag for those who prioritize comfort and a generous size over portability and weight. While we're in here, you can get a wider double sleeping bag, COZY and Enjoying The Good Life.
  • LARGE DOUBLE SLEEPING BAGS FOR ADULTS AND KIDS! FAMILY CAMPING FAVORITE! This Queen Size Sleeping Bag with a width of 63” is large enough for two people providing a roomy experience for couples and even families with small children. Or as 2 individual sleeping bags, or two queen sized blankets. Perfect for hiking, camping, traveling, Essential for Car Camping!
  • SUPER WARM & MORE SKIN FRIENDLY! The outer shell is made of super strong waterproof and camping grade polyester fabric, super-soft 100% cotton flannel lined and 300GMS 3D inner synthetic fiber fill for optimal warmth. No need to suffer with a cheap, cold, tight sleeping bag! Large enough to comfortably snuggle up with first time campers in the great outdoors.
  • FOR COLD CLIMATE CONDITIONS [32℉ Up]: ETGLCOZY 2 PERSON SLEEPNG BAG for backpacking’s survival temperature is 32℉, so it’s great for nights 41℉ and up! Just remember to pack an extra blanket for those extra chilly nights and you’re all set.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO CARRY AND CLEAN: This light couple’s sleeping bag weights only 7.3lbs. The outer shell is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. In case of heavy soilage the sleeping bag is designed for machine washing as well. Comes with a compression sack, which makes it very convenient to bring this sleeping bag on any adventure.

Naturehike Down Sleeping Bag 800 Fill Power Lightweight Compact for Backpacking Camping Hiking Traveling with Compression Sack

  • COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: Bring the comfort of your own bed to the great outdoors. Naturehike sleeping bag’s outer and inner shells are made of water-resistant 20D Nylon, slippery, smooth, and soft, will not stick to your body, perfect for humid nights. Filled with high-quality 800 fill power white goose down, which gives you a cloud-like feel. Suitable for warm conditions: Summer/Fall/Spring.The comfort range: 51.8℉+.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT: Tired of carrying too much weight on your back? This is the sleeping bag for you! It packs down really small and super light, only 1.5lb. A mesh storage bag and a decent compression bag are included, which make it super easy to carry and store.
  • RECTANGULAR SHAPE & DOUBLE ZIPPER DESIGN: Want a down blanket? Just fully unzip the sleeping bag! Want to sleep together? Zip our two sleeping bags together and get more space!
  • OUTDOOR & INDOOR USE: Perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, bike trip, or used as a hammock quilt. Great as a light comforter at home or used as a blanket to stay cozy on the couch.
  • 100% SATISFACTORY: Reach out to our amazing product support team if you have any questions or concerns. We will respond to you within 24 hours. Thanks for visiting the Naturehike store.

ATEPA Mummy Sleeping Bag Ultralight XL Down Alternative Sleeping Bag for Adult (2.4lbs), Oversize 620 FP Compact Lightweight Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack for Camping Backpacking Hiking, Black

  • 【Down Sleeping Bag】The lightweight sleeping bag is filled with hypoallergenic KingLoft down alternative,a state-of-the-art fiberfill that has the feel of authentic goose & duck down without the feathers, poking or allergies. Fluffiness can reach 620 Fill Power.Extreme Limit is 12℉/-11℃, Lower Limit (men) is 37℉/3℃, and Comfort Limit (women) is 45℉/7℃. You can use it form spring,summer, fall and early winter.
  • 【Packs Down Tiny--Easy to Carry】The ultralight sleeping bag only weight 1.1kg(2.4lbs). Packed size: 39ⅹø20cm/(15.4ⅹø7.9in). Comes with a compression cack for easy to carry. No worrying about room in your backpack.Say goodbye to backaches.
  • 【Mummy Sleeping Bag】Wider and longer than most backpacking sleeping bag.The oversize mummy sleeping bag allow you to move around in side.Gives you large and comfortable sleep environment.Ideal for big and tall guys or active sleepers who like to move around. Dimensions: 220x81x55cm/86.6x31.9x21.7in.
  • 【Convenience Zipper】Across the body anti-snag zipper design at the foot box let your feet breathe in warmer weather, but still have them on top of the soft bag. It’s great for regulating heat. Zipper is doubled tabbed so you can zip up from the inside as well as outside.You could actually walk while still in the sleeping bag if you wanted or needed to.
  • 【Give You Comfy Sleep】Made with soft 20D ripstop shell to prevent down loss and protects against wet weather. **The inverted trapezoidal design provides more space and comfort for your feet.**Inside pocket can safely store your flashlight, wallet, keys, watch and other things.**A draft collar, snag-free velcro, horizontal baffles work together to minimize heat loss.

Hewolf Sleeping Bag 4 Season Warm & Cool Weather Waterproof Lightweight Compact Sleeping Bags for Adults and Kids,Hiking Backpacking Camping

  • Material: 190T polyester waterproof fabrics, Lining 190T polyester pongee breathable and skin friendly,soft and warm.
  • Warm Protection: Not only envelope shape sleeping bag can provide warmth for body throughout the whole night, but the adjustable drawstring hood keeps your head from the cold wehther.After a day of hiking, this sleeping bag keeps you warm all night.
  • Intimate Design: The compact sleeping bags have separate zipper at the bottom for ventilation.And a secret pocket on the inside to keep your valuables safe.
  • All Seasons Suitable: Rated temperature 0℃--25℃,you can choose the most suitable sleeping bag according to the season and temperature.Of course,your body’s feeling of the temperature is also an important reference!
  • Carry and Clean Easily: This sleeping bag has a waterproof design to avoid the liquid,if dirty you just need wipe it gently,In addition, machine washing is also a good choice.The sleeping bag with a compression sack, carry and storage easily!

BISINNA 1.72lbs Ultralight Backpacking 650 Fill Power 32-50F Down Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids - Ultra Lightweight and Compact Backpack Envelope Sleeping Bag for Hiking Camping

  • 【Ultra-Lightweight and compact】:Weight only 1.72lbs.Design to save space & weight in your backpack.BISINNA envelope sleeping bag is one of the few bags that can pack small enough for backpacking. It can be loaded into a compact 11.81*6.3" sack just easy to fit into a backpack or suitcase. If you think your sleeping bag is too large or too heavy on your backpacking adventures, it is a perfect choice for you.
  • 【Warmth and Comfortable Guaranteed】As a result of Water-resistant shell fabric and Hydrophobic 650FP down - the microscopic air clusters found in down feathers create "loft" that trap heat and keeps you warm.BISINNA down sleeping bag is suitable for use at a temperature rate of 0-10°C (32-50°F).
  • 【Multiple Uses】BISINNA envelope down sleeping bag is not only a high quality down sleeping bag, when unzipped it, it could be used as a perfect large power down blanket or mat for indoor or outdoor use. If you would like to sleep together with your lover, 2 sleeping bags can be zipped together as a double sleeping bag.
  • 【Long Lasting Durability】Made with high quality 20D 400T nylon material, strong comfortable & waterproof. Filled by high quality 650 fill power pure white duck down,containing up to 90% down, which through Teflon-treated for better durability and warmth.Two of 2-way SBS zippers makes getting in and out of the sleeping bag a breeze through.
  • 【Reliable Customer Service Guaranteed】BISINNA down sleeping bags will be your perfect companion. We stand behind our products. If you are not completely satisfied with this sleeping bag for any reason, simply contact us, we will send you a replacement or give you a full refund. If you have any problem, please contact us. We will respond to your concerns within 24 hours.

FUNDANGO Lightweight Compact Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Adult, Ultralight 3 Season Thin Warm Weather Waterproof Portable Envelope Sleeping Bag for Camping, Hiking, Summer, Spring, Fall, Women, Men

  • 👍【Lightweight And Easy To Carry】The dimensions of this lightweight sleeping bag are: 190 cm x 75 cm/75" x 30", and the weight is: 1kg/2.2lbs. Each compact sleeping bag comes with a compression bag with shoulder straps and its dimensions are: 12.6" x 7". This dexterous design is very suitable for any trekking without feeling any pressure. The ergonomically designed compact sleeping bag is designed with more space, providing super convenient storage and easy-to-carry mobility!
  • 👍【Sleeping Bag Suitable For 3 Seasons】Our ultralight sleeping bags are suitable for use in the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, with a temperature range of 55°F to 62°F, and extreme use temperatures as low as 40°F. The lightweight sleeping bag is made of 200GSM hollow fiber, 100% polyester lining and 100% polyester filling, The material is soft, comfortable and breathable, which can keep you warm even under extreme conditions, allowing you to get a good and relaxing sleep.
  • 👍【2 In 1 Use】Our two single sleeping bags (a left zipper sleeping bag and a right zipper sleeping bag) can be pulled together to make a two-person sleeping bag, which can be used as a double bag. This design effect can give more space to use, suitable for adults, children, boys and girls. Let the family have a good night rest time
  • 👍【Outstanding Design】The youth sleeping bag is very waterproof, The design of the Velcro is more convenient to use. The bottom provides extra ventilation, and the spacious space is convenient for moving your legs. There are pocket items in the waterproof sleeping bag, which can hold flashlights, wallet keys, watches or other valuables. The stitches and material feel neat and comfortable, and can be easily wiped clean or machine washed.
  • 👍【Multi-scene & Multi-function】This compact sleeping bag can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used as a quilt sleeping bag, picnic blanket, or children's sleeping bag at home or outdoors when you open the zipper. Sleeping bags are specially prepared for backpacking, hiking, and camping. In addition, you can spend a pleasant time at home with your family. This will be great outdoor equipment!

NZ Ultralight 850+ Power Down Quilt and Sleeping Bag for Camping, Outdoor, Festivals. Zip Together to fit 2 Adults - 1.0 Pound - Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack for Youth.

  • NEAR ZERO ONE ULTRALIGHT SLEEPING BAG: Designed to weigh less than just one pound, the NZ ONE sleeping bag is a high-quality camping accessory that keeps you warm and cozy throughout the night. Our new model includes 10% more down fill and 10D Taffeta Nylon material. NZ ONE ultralight sleeping bag is filled with the finest quality white 850+ duck down material, higher than any other sleeping bag in this range.
  • SLEEPING BAG FOR 2 ADULTS: This ultralight quilt/sleeping bag is a versatile gear that can be used as a sleeping bag, blanket, or quilt. When zipped with another NZ ONE sleeping bag, it creates a big enough sleeping bag for two people to snuggle up together, great for couples who go camping (each bag sold separately). The addition of 8 loops allows you to convert it into a hammock.
  • PERFECT FOR WARMER MONTHS: With a comfort temperature rating of 50°F or 10°C, this ultralight sleeping bag allows for sleeping in mild summer conditions as well as spring, and fall conditions in warmer climates. When not being used as a sleeping bag, it also doubles as a blanket or light quilt – two of them can even be zipped together to make one big blanket! From festivals to camping trips, you’ll always be warm and cozy with our NZ-ONE Ultralight 1 Pound Sleeping Bag!
  • COMPACT AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Our Youth and Adult Sleeping Bag was devised to seamlessly fit into any adventure. Use it as a down quilt or turn it into a hammock. Each NZ Outdoor Sleeping Bag comes with a compression carrying bag and meshes storage sack. When zipped up, it measures 75″ x 29″ (190 cm x 73 cm), and when extended, used as a blanket or when 2 are zipped together, it measures 75” x 60” (190 cm x 150 cm). It's a great size for adults and youth.
  • BUILT TO LAST: The NZ Sleeping Bag with compression sack is designed as a rectangle-shaped down quilt, weighing just 1 pound. The rectangle-shaped makes the envelope style possible. The fabric in our Camping Sleeping Bag is improved to be extra water-resistant and gives a softer, more comfortable feel. The quick-and-easy zippers along with the added zipper tube for warmth make this item a must-have for any adventurer.

OMVMO 10 Degrees F 650 Fill Power Down Sleeping Bag for Adults,Ultra Lightweight Compact 4 Season Rectangle Down Sleeping Bag for Backpacking Camping,It Can be Used as a Down Blanket Duvet

  • 【HIGH-END MATERIALS】:The shell and Lining are made by the best quality 400T 20D ripstop nylon spinning, Down will not drill out,Skin-Friendly and Soft.DWR (durable water repellent)coating used,,meaning it resists everything from drizzles to heavy rain and dirt to chilly wind.650FP hydrophobic white duck down is selected for filling. Compared with synthetic fiber sleeping bags, down sleeping bags are more breathable and dry, lighter and warmer.
  • 【HUMANIZED DETAILS】:Draft Tubes around the shoulder and along the zipper, Velcro Securing Strap, Neck and shoulder drawstrings, Half-circle Detachable drawstring hood. These details are designed to lock in heat and keep cold air out. You can free your feet for great temperature control by opening the bottom zipper. Interior storage pocket for wallet or keys. YKK anti-snag 2-Way Zipper, Drying loops,etc. In the process of using it, you will appreciate how much attention we pay to details.
  • 【RECTANGULAR SHAPE】:3D three-dimensional cutting process is used for cutting,the unique rectangular sewing thread provides an independent space for the down, which is locked piece by piece, effectively preventing the down and stacking, and stabilizing the down.Each down-filled rectangular loft locks in the heat firmly, giving you a warm and comfortable sleep.
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE AND 4 SEASONS】: When its zipper is fully opened, it will become a 180CMX160CM down mat blanket or duvet.Since both the bottom and side zippers of the sleeping bag can be opened independently, you can freely adjust the comfortable temperature of the sleeping bag. Whether it's cold winters or warm summers, having a 4-season sleeping bag is enough.
  • 【EASY TO CARRY AND STORE】:This sleeping bag comes with a compression pocket and a storage mesh pocket.No need to roll your sleeping bag again,start at the bottom and stuff the bag in, then tighten the heavy-duty straps .So wherever you go just carry it!
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