SeaSense X-TREME 2 Kayak Paddle - Black (96")

  • Feathered Blade Design
  • Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage
  • Adjustable Drip Guards
  • Support Ridge For Added Strength
  • Three Locking Positions
  • Floats

How To Choose The Best Fiberglass Paddle Board

What Is The Purpose Of An Inflatable Stand Paddle Board?

An inflatable stand paddle board is a great way to enjoy water sports while staying dry. If you're planning to go surfing, kayaking, canoeing, or other activities where you might be exposed to wet conditions, an inflatable stand paddle board could be the perfect choice for you.

How Do You Use An Inflatable Stand Paddle Board?

The best thing about an inflatable stand paddle board is that it doesn't require any special skills to operate. Simply inflate it with air and jump right into the water! Once inflated, you simply step onto the deck and start paddling around.

Is There Any Special Equipment Needed For Using An Inflatable Stand Paddle Board?

No, there isn't any special equipment needed for using an inflatable stand paddle board. All you really need is a pair of shoes, a towel, sunscreen, and maybe a hat. However, if you plan on going swimming, wearing a wetsuit is recommended.

Benefits Of Using An Inflatable Stand Paddle Board

There are many benefits to using an inflatable stand paddle board. First of all, because it does not take up too much room, it makes transportation easier. Also, since it is so light weight, it is easy to carry along wherever you go. Another benefit of using an inflatable stand paddle board is that it is very durable. Unlike traditional paddleboards, these ones are designed to withstand rough weather conditions. Finally, an inflatable stand paddleboard is extremely affordable. Because it is made from plastic, it costs significantly less than its wood counterpart.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using An Inflatable Stand Paddle Board?

While there aren't any disadvantages to using an inflatable stand paddle board, there are drawbacks. One drawback is that it cannot handle large waves. Due to its small size, it is unable to ride big swells. However, if you live near calm waters, you shouldn't have any problems using one.

Which Type Of Water Sports Are Best Suited For Using An Inflatable Stand Paddle Board?

Inflatable stand paddle boards are ideal for most types of water sports. Whether you prefer surfing, kayaking, canoeing, or anything else, you can use an inflatable stand paddle board.

Where Can You Find Them?

You can purchase inflatable stand paddle boards online or at sporting goods stores. Online retailers are more convenient because you can order directly from the comfort of your home.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Fiberglass Paddle Board

Purchasing a high-quality fiberglass paddleboard is important because it will last longer than other types of paddles. If you're planning on spending money on a paddleboard, you might as well invest in something that will last. There are many different kinds of materials that manufacturers use to create these products, so choosing which type of material is best depends on your needs. For example, there are two main types of materials that manufacturers use to produce fiberglass paddleboards; polyethylene foam and PVC plastic. Polyethylene foam is more durable than PVC plastic, but it does cost more.

Polyethylene Foam

This kind of material is commonly found in most recreational water sports equipment. It has been around since the 1950s and was originally developed by NASA scientists to be used as insulation in rockets. Because of its durability, it is ideal for making paddleboards. However, it tends to break down quickly due to UV rays, saltwater, and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a polyethylene foam paddleboard only if you plan on using it for short periods of time.

Vinyl Plastic

This material is typically cheaper than polyethylene foam, but it doesn't hold up as well. Vinyl plastic is susceptible to breaking down faster than polyethylene foam. In addition, vinyl plastic is prone to cracking and peeling. As a result, it is not suitable for long term use. To avoid problems with this type of material, you should always check the warranty before purchasing.


This is the most popular choice among consumers today. Manufacturers use glass fibers to reinforce the structure of the board. Glass fibers are strong enough to withstand heavy loads while being light weight. Additionally, they provide great buoyancy and stability. Although fiberglass is the most common material used to construct paddleboards, it isn't necessarily the best option. Some manufacturers use inferior grades of glass fibers that aren't as sturdy as those produced by reputable companies. Also, some brands sell fiberglass paddleboards that contain harmful chemicals. Always read the label carefully before purchasing.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a paddleboard, you must decide whether you want a single person paddleboard or a double person paddleboard. Single person paddleboards are designed specifically for individuals who wish to go solo. Double person paddleboards are meant for couples or groups of friends who enjoy going together. Both styles are available in varying lengths and widths. Longer boards are generally easier to maneuver, whereas shorter ones are more stable. Boards that are wider are more comfortable to sit on.

Types of Paddling

There are three primary ways to paddle a paddleboard. First, you can walk along the edge of the board. Second, you can ride the waves. Third, you can jump into the water and swim across the top of the board. Each method offers unique benefits. Walking along the side of the board gives you control over where you want to travel. Riding the waves is fun and relaxing. Swimming across the top of the board is fast and exhilarating.

Features To Look For When Buying A Fiberglass Paddle Board

Fiberglass paddles are lightweight and durable. The material makes these boards ideal for both beginners and experts alike. If you're planning on taking part in water sports, then you might be interested in purchasing a fiberglass paddleboard. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a fiberglass paddleboard.


The most important thing to look for when choosing a fiberglass paddleboard is its durability. Either way, you'll want to ensure that the board has been designed with longevity in mind. In other words, you want to choose a product that will last longer than you expect it to. Most fiberglass paddleboards are built to withstand rough conditions. However, there are still many models available that are more suited to casual users who aren't going to put too much stress on the board. So, while you might think that you'll be able to go out and play on the beach for hours on end, you might actually find that you tire quickly because the board isn't strong enough to handle the abuse. That being said, you shouldn't worry too much about the weight of the board either. Some manufacturers build lighter versions of their products so that you can enjoy the sport without feeling weighed down by excess baggage.


Another factor to consider when selecting a fiberglass paddleboard is comfort. While you might love the idea of getting into the water and enjoying yourself, you probably wouldn't want to sit on something uncomfortable for hours on end. Fortunately, most fiberglass paddleboards are comfortable enough to allow you to relax and enjoy the ride. There are some models available that are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort. Others are simply meant to give you a good workout. Regardless of which type you decide to purchase, you'll want to make sure that it fits comfortably in your hands and feet. After all, you'll be spending quite a bit of time sitting on the board, so you want to make sure that it doesn't cause discomfort during those times.


While you might assume that all fiberglass paddleboards are created equal, you'd be surprised to learn that different materials produce different results. For example, some companies create boards that are made entirely of polyester resin. GRP is typically used in boats and ships where strength is paramount. But, since fiberglass paddleboards are intended for recreational purposes, you don't necessarily need to worry about making the board extremely sturdy. Instead, you'll want to opt for a model that offers adequate support and stability.


One final consideration when choosing a fiberglass paddleboard is its overall weight. Obviously, you don't want to carry a heavy load around wherever you go. At the same time, you don't want to pay top dollar for a light board that feels flimsy. So, before you head out to buy a fiberglass paddleboard, you should weigh each option carefully.

Different Types of Fiberglass Paddle Boards

Fiberglass paddles are very popular because they're lightweight and durable. The material has been around since the early 1900s and was originally developed by DuPont for making glass bottles. Today, there are many different kinds of materials available for making these paddles. Some of the most common include polyester, nylon, and vinyl. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss three of the more commonly used materials.


This material is strong, flexible, and resistant to UV rays. Polyester is ideal for beginners who want a light-weight paddle with good durability. However, this material does absorb water which makes it difficult to dry quickly. If you plan to store your paddle outside during rainy weather, be sure to cover it with plastic wrap so moisture doesn't soak into the fabric.


Like polyester, nylon is another great choice for beginner paddlers. Nylon is slightly heavier than polyester but still quite light weight. Like polyester, nylon absorbs little water and dries fast. Because of its strength, nylon is best suited for experienced paddlers who enjoy long distance trips. In addition, nylon is easy to repair if damaged. For example, if you accidentally cut a hole in the top of your paddle, you could simply sew it back together using thread.


Vinyl is a highly versatile material that comes in several colors. Vinyl is extremely durable and waterproof. It's also relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, however, it tends to crack rather easily. To avoid cracking, always apply heat before stretching the vinyl. Heat causes the fibers within the material to expand and contract evenly. This prevents cracks from forming.

Stand Paddles

Paddle stands allow you to safely transport your paddle while protecting it from bumps and knocks. Stand paddles are typically constructed of wood or aluminum and fold down flat when not in use. While folding down, they provide excellent support for your paddle. Once unfolded, they become stable platforms upon which you can rest your feet. Most stand paddles are designed to hold two paddles side-by-side. Others are adjustable so you can fit multiple paddles inside the same stand.

How Do You Choose Which Type Is Right For You?

The size of your paddle is important. Beginners generally choose smaller paddles because they're easier to maneuver and control. As you gain experience, you might decide to upgrade to a larger paddle. Regardless of whether you go small or large, you'll want to select a paddle that feels comfortable in your hands. Also, check the thickness of the foam padding. Thicker paddles are sturdier and last longer. Finally, think about where you plan to take your paddle.


Lifetime Freestyle Paddleboard, 9 Feet 8 Inch, Lime Green

  • 108 inches Long X 35.5 inches Wide X 6 inches Thick
  • EVA Deck Covering for Increased Traction
  • Two Adjustable Fins for Surf or Flat Water Paddling
  • UV Protected - Will Not Fade, Crack or Peel
  • Adjustable Stand-Up Fiberglass Paddle Included

California board company CBC Hydra 10'6 Foam SUP Pkg w/Paddle and Single Fin.

  • High Density EPS Foam; 100% Waterproof core ; Surf Leash Included
  • Camera Mount ; Instant padded roof rack makes it easy to strap your board to almost any vehicle. ; Adjustable SUP paddle with exclusive blade shield. (Adjusts from 63’’ to 83’’)
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • 126" x 30" x 5" ; Material: Multi-Layered Laminated Wood Stringers with waterproof resin; Core: Heat laminated high density 100% waterproof EPS
  • High Density EPS Foam
  • 100% Waterproof core
  • Surf Leash Included
  • Camera Mount
  • Instant padded roof rack makes it easy to strap your board to almost any vehicle.
  • Adjustable SUP paddle with exclusive blade shield. (Adjusts from 63’’ to 83’’)
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs!
  • Paddle Board Set comes with a Tri-Fin System.

Lifetime Amped Hardshell Paddleboard with Paddle, 11', Glacier Blue

  • Perfect for intermediate paddlers. Paddleboard leash attachment loop
  • Eva deck covering for increased traction. Center carry handle for easy transport to waterfront
  • Retractable for surf or flat water paddling. Front deck bungee for accessible storage
  • Durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction. Uv-protected - will not fade, crack, or peel
  • Adjustable stand-up fiberglass Paddle included. 5-Year limited

Lifetime Freestyle Hard Shell Paddleboard with Paddle, 9'8"/X-Large, Glacier Blue

  • Design provides great stability and tracking. Eva deck covering for increased traction
  • Paddleboard leash attachment loop. Center carry handle for easy transportation to and from the water
  • Two retractable fins for light surf or flat water paddling. Durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction
  • Uv-protected - will not fade, crack, or split. Adjustable stand-up fiberglass Paddle included
  • 5-Year limited

Airhead SUP Paddle, 3 pc. Adjustable, Youth (AHSUP-P5)

  • One-size-fits-all
  • Length adjusts from 52" to 74". 132 to188 cm perfect for Paddlers 43" to 65" tall
  • 100% aluminum shaft
  • Fiberglass reinforced ABS "duckfoot" blade
  • 3-Section, easy to stow

Boardworks Versa | Recreational Stand Up Paddleboard | Bombshell Epoxy Hardboard | 10' 6", Bamboo/Blue (4440529519)

  • Perfect for any paddlers looking for relaxing smooth-water trips or anyone looking to make a short excursion
  • This all-purpose SUP is designed with the family in mind and is wide and stable for smooth water paddling
  • Honey Fomb heat embossed deck pad and Extra wide nose and tail allow for excellent performance in all waters
  • Integrated handle for easy carry and locking ability
  • Four Front D-ring tie downs with bungee cordage for storing water bottles and other gear
  • The Center Fin box comes with a 9” FCS2 Connect Dolphin Fin for a toolless install and high performance in all conditions
  • Bombshell Molded Composite Construction – EPS core laminated with layers of Fiberglass, ABS/Polycarbonate, Kevlar and PCV rails, stunning graphics, wood veneer and coated with high-grade paint and polish
  • Capacity based upon Skill: Novice: 235 lbs, Intermediate: 265 lbs, Advanced: 285 lbs
  • Board Length: 10’ 6” – Width: 32” – Thickness: 5-3/16” – Weight: 26 lbs
  • Volume: 234 liters

Driftsun Padded Stand Up Paddleboard - Driftsun 11ft Rigid Soft Top SUP with Paddle, Fin, and Leash

  • MULTI-PURPOSE PADDLEBOARD - Built for all-around use. Holds up in freshwater or saltwater. The size and shape of the Driftsun Soft Top board make it versatile enough for yoga, surfing, fishing, and classic paddling.
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY - Made with tough, top-quality construction to give you stability on water and ensure prolonged use. The Driftsun paddleboard may have soft top for comfort but its ABS bottom and top-grade construction gives it supreme durability.
  • COMFORTABLE RIDE - Designed with a soft EVA Top that makes it gentle and non-abrasive to your feet or skin. Whether you’re setting out to meditate, chase your catch, surf, or just enjoy paddling, expect a comfortable experience every time.
  • SPECS & FEATURES - 11ft long x 31in wide Soft-Top Paddleboard. Board incudes a 2-piece adjustable Driftsun DELTA ASUP paddle, ankle leash and a 9” nylon center fin. Weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP & MATERIALS - All Driftsun Stand-up Paddleboards come with a 1 Year Guarantee on materials, workmanship, and assembly, No Hassle Returns.

AKASO Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard, Yoga SUP with Backpack, Non-Slip Deck, Waterproof Bag, Leash, Floating Paddle and Hand Pump(Green)

  • Ultra Lightweight to Carry: The iSUP is made of military-grade double-layer PVC material with a high-density drop-stitch core, gives the inflatable stand up paddle board enough anti-collision and cushioning. Max capacity is up to 330lbs and can even withstand the crushing of a pickup truck. The 17.2lbs (20% lighter than others) weight allows an adult male to easily lift it over his head.
  • Extra Wide-body Design: 10'x 32”x 6” (length x width x thickness), with 1 removable fin and 2 fixed side fins structure, providing better balance, stability, and maneuverability. Extra 32 inches ensures the stability of fishing, yoga, and family fun with your family, friends and pets. It is an all-around stand up board not only for beginners but also perfect for all boarders of all skill levels.
  • Fast Inflation and Deflation for Quick Operation: Very easy to set up with the Double Action Hand Pump with gauge, helping you to inflate the paddle board to 15 PSI within 5 minutes only! (30% faster than others). After the 5-8 minute deflation, the blow up board can be folded into a travel-friendly size for easy storage.
  • Cover 80% Anti-slip Eva Deck Pad: With a diamond-shaped EVA deck pad design, it can enhance balance and grip, soft and comfortable while increasing friction, reducing the chances of falls and slips. If you accidentally fall into the water, the 7mm thickness of the leash will provide enough safety and a 10' coiled leash will keep the inflatable paddle board in the accessible range.
  • Contain Everything You Need: This AKASO inflatable paddleboard is equipped with a collapsible paddle, double-action hand pump with gauge, safety leash, detachable center fin, backpack, and 10L waterproof bag. Paddles (65-87 in) apart into 3 separate pieces that fit neatly into an included travel backpack.
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