Coleman Camp Chair with 4-Can Cooler | Folding Beach Chair with Built In Drinks Cooler | Portable Quad Chair with Armrest Cooler for Tailgating, Camping & Outdoors , Black, Roomy seat: 24"

  • Built-in cooler: Keeps up to 4 cans cold and easily accessible
  • Hours of comfort: Thanks to fully cushioned seat and back
  • Convenient features: Side pockets, mesh cup holder, adjustable arm heights
  • Dimensions: 24 inches wide; 18.1 inches high
  • Built to last: Strong steel frame supports up to 325 pounds
  • Carry bag: Included
  • Built in arm rest cooler holds up to four cans
  • Mesh cup holder keeps a fifth drink at hand
  • Storage pocket to keep magazines and personal items
  • Adjustable arm rest heights
  • Durable construction, heavy duty steel frame supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Compact, folds up to fit inside most car trunks
  • Carry bag for easy transport and storage
  • 1 year limited warranty

How To Choose The Best Folding Camp Chair

What Is The Purpose Of Folding Camp Chair?

Camping has become more popular with each passing day. People love to go camping because there are so many benefits associated with it. One benefit is that you can enjoy nature while spending quality time with family and friends. Another great thing about going camping is that you can relax by sitting comfortably in a comfortable chair. If you are planning to go camping soon, here are some tips on choosing the right folding camp chair.

Choose A Comfortable Foldable Camp Chairs

It is important to choose a foldable camp chair that fits well into your backpack. Make sure that the seat cushion is thick enough to provide comfort during long trips. Also, ensure that the backrest is adjustable so that you can adjust its height according to your preference. In addition, check whether the arm rests are padded or not. Padded arm rests will be very helpful when carrying heavy loads.

Consider Its Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a foldable camp chair is another factor that needs to be considered before purchasing one. Choose a foldable camp chair that weighs no more than 10 pounds. If you plan to carry a lot of stuff along with you, then you might want to opt for heavier models. However, lighter ones are easier to handle and transport.

Look For Quality Construction

Another important consideration is the construction of the foldable camp chair. Look for a model that is sturdy and durable. Check whether the frame is strong and stable. Also, make sure that the joints are tight and secure. Ensure that the fabric cover is water-resistant and easy to maintain.

Check Whether It Has Wheels Or Not

Foldable camp chairs are available in different styles. Some of these include wheels, others do not. If you prefer to travel light, then you must purchase a model without wheels. However, if you wish to take advantage of the ease of movement offered by wheeled models, then you should definitely invest in one.

Take Care While Using Them

While using a foldable camp chair, always remember to follow certain safety precautions. First, never leave children unattended near the chair. Second, avoid placing objects on top of the seat. Third, always store the folded chair away from direct sunlight. Lastly, never let anyone sit on the chair unless he/she knows how to properly operate it.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Folding Camp Chair

Camping has become very popular with many families these days. Many people enjoy spending weekends away from the hustle and bustle of city living. If you're planning on taking part in outdoor activities while camping, there are certain pieces of camping gear that you must purchase before heading into the great outdoors. One piece of camping equipment that you absolutely cannot live without is a good-quality folding camp chair. There are several different types of folding camp chairs available today, so choosing which type of folding camp chair is right for you depends largely upon your personal preferences. In addition, you should always choose a folding camp chair that meets industry standards. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a high-quality folding camp chair.

One of the most important aspects of a folding camp chair is comfort. Most folding camp chairs are designed to be lightweight and foldable. However, this does not mean that they lack durability. Instead, folding camp chairs are typically constructed using durable materials, including steel frames and aluminum bases. Additionally, folding camp chairs are generally equipped with comfortable cushions that provide support for long periods of sitting. Furthermore, the seat cushion of a folding camp chair is usually adjustable to accommodate users of varying heights. Finally, folding camp chairs are usually equipped with lumbar supports to ensure proper posture during extended periods of sitting.

Another reason why you should invest in a high-quality folding camp chair is because it is built to last. As mentioned above, folding camp chairs are typically constructed using sturdy materials. For example, folding camp chairs are frequently manufactured using steel frames and aluminum bases. Moreover, folding camp chairs are usually equipped with heavy duty wheels and strong handles. Therefore, folding camp chairs are able to withstand rough terrain and extreme weather conditions. Also, folding camp chairs are typically equipped with shock absorbing suspension systems that reduce stress on joints and muscles. Lastly, folding camp chairs are usually equipped with reinforced seats and backs to increase stability and strength.

Features To Look For When Buying A Folding Camp Chair

Camping has become more popular with each passing day. People who love nature and outdoor activities enjoy spending time outdoors. If you're planning to go camping soon, here are some features to look for when choosing a folding camp chair.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a folding camp chair determines its ability to support heavy loads. The heavier the load, the stronger the material must be. Most folding camp chairs weigh between 20-30 pounds. However, there are lightweight models available which weigh only 10-15 pounds.

Adjustable Height

Foldable camp chairs come in different heights. Some fold down while others fold up. Adjustability makes these chairs easier to carry around. In addition, adjustable height gives you greater flexibility when setting up your tent.

Lumbar Support

Most folding camp chairs include lumbar supports. Lumbar supports provide additional comfort by supporting the lower back. They allow users to sit comfortably throughout long periods of sitting.


Some folding camp chairs have built-in back rests. Back rest cushions give added comfort and support. They also reduce strain on the user's neck and shoulders.

Arm Rest

An arm rest cushion protects your upper body from getting sore during extended periods of sitting. Arm rests are especially helpful when using a folding camp chair outside because they allow you to lean forward and relax.

Tent Poles

Many folding camp chairs have tent poles attached to the seat. Tent poles hold the chair upright and prevent it from tipping over.

Storage Basket

Folding camp chairs with storage baskets are ideal for storing gear inside the chair itself. Storage baskets are great for organizing small items like flashlights, knives, etc.

Carry Bag

Folding camp chairs with carry bags are convenient for transporting bulky items. Carry bags are useful for carrying tools, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.

Waterproof Fabric

In order to withstand harsh weather conditions, many folding camp chairs are manufactured with waterproof fabric. Waterproof fabrics repel moisture and dirt so that your belongings stay dry.


Durability is another important factor to consider when purchasing a folding camp chair. Durable materials ensure that the chair lasts longer and remains comfortable for years to come.


There are several types of materials used to manufacture folding camp chairs. Each type offers certain advantages and disadvantages.


Fabric is probably the most common material used to manufacture folding camp chairs. Fabric is light, durable, easy to maintain, and affordable. However, fabric does not stand up well to extreme temperatures. Fabric tends to shrink and stretch depending on temperature changes.

Different Types of Folding Camp Chair

Camping has become very popular these days. People love to go camping because there is no other way to enjoy nature except by spending time outdoors. But while enjoying the great outdoors, we must be prepared with everything needed to survive during our stay. One thing which is essential for us to carry along is a good quality foldable camp chair. There are different kinds of folding camp chairs available in the market today. Here are some tips to choose the right type of folding camp chair for you.

Foldable Chairs For The Backpackers

The most common kind of folding camp chair is the backpacker’s chair. These chairs are lightweight and compact so that they can fit into almost any bag. Most of them are collapsible too. So, you can take them anywhere you wish. If you are planning to travel around the country, then you might want to invest in a foldable camping chair. These chairs are designed specifically for traveling purposes. They are light weight and easy to pack. Some models are equipped with wheels so that you can push them wherever you desire. In addition, many of these chairs are adjustable so that you can adjust its height according to your needs. Another advantage of these chairs is that they are durable. They can withstand rough weather conditions. However, if you plan to use them for long periods of time, then you should ensure that they are well-maintained. Otherwise, they could break down quickly.

Foldable Chairs For Those Who Are Not Travelers

There are several reasons why you might want to purchase a foldable camping chair. First, you might want to sit comfortably while working outside. Second, you might want to relax in comfort while sitting inside your tent. Third, you might want to set up a small outdoor kitchen where you can prepare food using only natural ingredients. Fourth, you might want to bring your children to play in the backyard. Whatever reason you have, you can always rely on a foldable camping chair to provide you with comfortable seating options.

Types of Foldable Camp Chairs

Nowadays, there are two main types of folding camp chairs – the single seat model and the double seat model. Single seat folding camp chairs are ideal for those who prefer to sit alone. Double seat folding camp chairs are perfect for couples or families. Both of these types of folding camp chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. However, if you plan to use them indoors, then you should ensure that they are covered properly. Otherwise, they could cause harm to your belongings. Also, you should avoid placing them near heat sources. Heat causes materials to expand and contract rapidly. As a result, your folding camp chair could collapse.


Coleman Folding Camp Chair | Woodsman II Portable Outdoor Chair, 17" x 17.5"

  • Lightweight outdoor chair for camping, sporting events, and more
  • Compact, folding design for easy portability and storage
  • Constructed from powder-coated aluminum and tough polyester for durability
  • Roomy 15.5-inch seat and comfortable 17.5-inch height
  • Supports up to 225 pounds

Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table | Folding Beach Chair | Portable Deck Chair for Tailgating, Camping & Outdoors

  • SIDE TABLE: Flip-up design with cup holder
  • HOURS OF COMFORT: Relaxed angled seat, cushioned back, and padded armrests
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Aluminum frame for easy transport
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Fabric withstands the elements season after season
  • DIMENSIONS: 20.5 inches wide; 17 inches high
  • BUILT TO LAST: Supports up to 225 lb.

Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Blue Camp Chair, 19.5" L x 31" W x 34.5" H

  • Made from sturdy steel tubing and 600D polyester fabric with PVC Coating to withstand the elements
  • Measures 19.5"L x 31"w x 34.5"H with a weight capacity of 220lbs
  • Comes with cupholder
  • Folds for easy storage
  • By Trademark Innovations

Folding Camping Chair Portable Camp Chair for Adults,Supports 300 lbs, Oversized Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair, With Cup-Holder,Lightweight Lawn Chair for Outdoor,Travel,Picnic,Hiking,Straight Back

  • 【Safe & Stability Folding Camping Chair】: Ablazer adult camping folding chair with adjustable ABS base and flat feet for load distribution on uneven ground. Our camping chairs for fat people have reinforced sockets to prevent the steel pipes from piercing through the seat fabric.
  • 【Comfortable & Firm Support】: This foldable oversized chair for adults with hard cushioned arm rests helping stand up easily, ideal for heavier people and elders. Padded Fabric Seat, very comfortable, also friendly to people limited mobility. Ablazer lightweight folding chair can hold up 225 pounds.
  • 【Considerate Ergonomic Design】: Quad Lumbar Back Support leisure lawn chair with wide padded seat and back rest is not easy to sag after sitting. Our heavy duty foldable camping chair provides reliable support and perfect comfortable experience. Swivel cup holder is designed for your drink, water glasses, cell phone,etc.
  • 【Portable & Multi-Purpose】:Our folding outdoor chair is suitable for hunting, hiking, fishing, sporting events, beach travel, picnic festival, backyard & home, office. Ablazer sturdy camping chair are typically used for outside activities, but is not restricted. Carry bag allows you to easy transport and storage chair.
  • 【Responsibility & Reliability】:We insist on providing you with high quality outdoor padded camping chairs, and your enjoyment is our pursuit. If they don’t work out for you please sending it back, we will arrange full return for you. We are confident of winning your favor.

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Moon Saucer Chair with Folding Cup Holder and Carry Bag - Blue

  • 👉【Focus on Details】Extra straps on the bottom enhance the tear strength of the fabric and improves the overall weight capacity of 350 LBS. Leg tube with diameter 0.9'', guarantee safety and quality.
  • 🚶【Easy to Carry】Weights 13.9 LBS. Folding size: 35.43" x 25.98" x 38.19". It comes with a carry bag for carriage and storage. This chair is good for the lawn, camping, sporting events, outdoor and indoor activities.
  • 👌【High-Grade Material】With hammer tone powder coating prevent corrosion and fading. Use a durable heavy-duty steel stable frame, more stable construction.
  • 📂【Extra Storage Spaces】Side pocket allows you to store your drinking cup and other personal items
  • 🙏【1 Year Guarantee】We try to make our moon chair as good as we can. If there is any part missing or damaged, free replacement or refund promised if there is any quality issue.

OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat Heavy Duty Oversized Folding Double Camp Chair Collection (Single, Double, Triple) (Double Loveseat)

  • INNOVATION DESIGNED FOR YOU: Our patent pending MoonPhase SeatShift (Double & Triple) allows you to customize your ideal seating based on your current situation! You can sit in a traditional side by side loveseat configuration when you're watching a ball game but then shift into a more relaxed half circle around a camp fire or fire pit or just to make eye contact and conversation that much easier!
  • UNMATCHED COMFORT: Double layered quilted padded seats keeps you comfortable. Sloped arm rests with drop down cup holders help's you find that perfect ergonomic lounging positions. Drop down cup holders / pockets to keep your armrests 100% focused on keeping your arms rested
  • ULTRA DURABLE: 300 lb. weight capacity per seat actually means 300 lbs! Each chair is tested and confirmed through independent 3rd party testing agencies. The seat is made a rugged 600 denier PVC polyester fabric which is insulated and puncture-resistant
  • THOUGHTFUL EXTRAS: Built in hidden bottle opener since we know you won't want to get up!
  • LOOK MA, NO HANDS: backpack roll tote carrier, lets you keep your hands free for carrying other items or holding hands with a loved one!

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair Heavy Duty Support 450 LBS Oversized Steel Frame Collapsible Padded Arm Chair with Cup Holder Quad Lumbar Back Chair Portable for Outdoor,Black

  • ❤ 【Large Size】 Oversized Camping Folding Chair Size is 25.20" L x 36.61" W x 39.37"H, Weight is 13.2lbs, Large seat area with 600x 300D padded oxford fabric and padded armrest ensure comfort of this chair
  • ❤【Maximum Loading Capacity】With hammer tone powder coating prevent corrosion and fading. four heavy duty steel frame were added to the bottom of the chair .sturdy steel frame construction make it can support up to 450 lbs and you're guaranteed a long lasting chair to enjoy outdoors all year
  • ❤【Extra Storage Spaces】 Durable mesh cup holder and armrest at the perfect height allows you to relax in comfort.side storage pocket holds cell phone, notebook and maps,side cooler bag will keep you cool on a hot summer day!
  • ❤ 【Portable And Easy Storage】Folding camping chair is easy to set up and fold in seconds. It collapses down to just 9.05″ x 38.58″ and Weights only 13.2 lbs that can be stored almost anywhere
  • ❤【Supreme Comfort】 Whether you’re in your garden, at the beach, camping or hiking, this quad chair is super comfy. Even use it in the home!

EVER ADVANCED Oversized Padded Quad Arm Chair Collapsible Steel Frame High Back Folding Camp Chair with Cup Holder, Heavy Duty Supports 300 lbs

  • FULLY PADDED: Large seat area allows you to relax while sitting; high back seat design and oversized frame ensures maximum comfort
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Collapsible steel frame and durable fabric make the chair extra sturdy; weighs only 8.5 LBS and can support up to 300 LBS
  • OVERSIZED DIMENSIONS: Set up size is 22" L x 24.5" W x 43" H, off ground seat height is 17", back height is 26.5", seat width is 24.5"; folding size is 8" L x 8.5" W x 41" H
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Foam padded armrests with an adjustable cup holder is adjustable and the extra support bar in front can strengthen arm support; side organizer can hold cell phones, notebooks or maps
  • EASY FOLDING: Chair requires no assembly and a compact, easy fold design makes for easy storage and transportation perfect for camping, hiking, or outdoor concerts; 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Realead Adjustable Oversized Folding Chair High Back Camp Chair Beach Chair Heavy Duty Portable Camping and Lounge Travel Outdoor Seat with Cup Holder,Heavy Duty Supports 400 lbs

  • Movable Backrest: The deluxe camping chair does not need a manually adjustable backrest, it can lie flat and reset automatically.Whether you’re in your garden, at the beach or camping, this chair is super comfortable. Even use it in the home.
  • Fully Padded: Padded large seat area and padded armrest allows you to relax while sitting. the design of high back seat and oversize frame to ensure comfort of this chair.
  • High Quality Material: Collapsible steel frame and durable fabric make the chair extra sturdy for sitting. Weights only 12.5lbs and supports up to 400lbs.Set up size is 23.6" L x 23.6" W x 42.5" H, off ground seat height is 16.5", back height is 28.5", seat width is 25.6".
  • Extra Storage Space: The durable mesh cup holder and armrests are at the ideal height, allowing you to relax. The side storage pocket can hold mobile phones, laptops and maps, and the back storage pocket provides more storage space.
  • Easy Folding: No assembly required easy to fold and open up in seconds. Foldable to compact size for storage and easy carry to camping, road trip and outdoor concerts.

Realead Oversized Camping Chairs Heavy Duty Folding Chair Padded Support 400 LBS,Portable Outdoor Lawn Chairs with Cup Holder,Adjustable High Back Beach Camp Chair with Lumbar Back Support for Outside

  • 【Movable Backrest】Realead deluxe oversized camping chairs designed with Movable Backrest.You can sit in it for long periods without any discomfort at all.Not only comfy for sitting and relaxing, and you can watch the sky without laying on the ground.It can relieve your fatigue immediately and effectively! – Feel better in minutes!You’ll wish you found this years ago!
  • 【Supreme Comfort with Fully Padded】High Back Camping Chair designed with fully padded back and padded seat armrest ensure comfort of this chair.Whether you’re at the beach,camping,in your home or garden,.This folding camp chair can help you enjoy the kind of comfort and relaxation you crave.
  • 【High Quality Material】Foldable Hard Alloy steel frame with coating prevent corrosion and fading.Durable oxford fabric make the chair extra sturdy for sitting.Sturdy steel frame construction make it can support up to 400 lbs.Whether you are tall or heavy people,this heavy duty folding chair can let you enjoy the ultimate comfort.You will get a long lasting chair to enjoy outdoors all year.
  • 【Extra Storage Space】This beach chairs comes with two accessory bags and one cup holder.Durable mesh cup holder and armrests are at the ideal height, allowing you to relax. The side storage pocket can hold mobile phones, laptops and maps, and the back storage pocket provides more storage space. A solid comfortable outdoor folding chairs with all the bells and whistles,meet your various needs.
  • 【Portable and Easy to Storage】No worry about assembly and carrying, this folding chairs for outside is easy to fold and open up in seconds.We will provide a closing strap and a beautifully made bag with carrying strap,It collapses down to just 8.58″ x 43.3″ and Weights only 12.5lbs.You can put it on the car to outside,portable outdoor chairs for adults will provide you with a relaxing and pleasant outdoor experience.

Sunnyfeel Double Folding Camping Chair, Oversized Loveseat Chair, Heavy Duty Portable/Foldable Lawn Chair with Storage for Outside/Outdoor/Travel/Picnic, Fold Up Camp Chairs for Adults 2 People

  • Seat with Your Loved One: The deluxe heavy duty loveseat camping chair helps you to make conversation and cuddle with your partner, friends and family members easier. You can enjoy your journey literally together with our 2 person camping chair.
  • Super Handy & Space Saving: The attached extra-large cup holders and mesh net storages free your hands while camping, hiking, traveling or watching sporting events, and easily store your drinks, sunglasses, books, towel, phone, and other gear within hands reach. The open size is 25.5"x54"x39" and it's 11"x7"x40" when folded.
  • Built to Last: The sturdy steel frame construction affords up to 300 LBS (136KG) weight capacity per camping loveseat and the chair weights 18 LBS (8.19KG). The double-seam 600x300D Oxford fabric & 200g mesh has great strength, durability and breathability.
  • Easy-Peasy: Setting this double camping chair up is effortless and fast. You only have to take camp chair out from the carry bag and spend a few seconds to open it, you can enjoy this supreme comfy camping chair and easily transport to beach, fishing, lawn, concerts and festivals. as well as indoor use. Great seat for 2 people + dog
  • We Walk The Walk: 1-Year Warranty: We are confident & proud of our outdoor camping furniture quality, but if there's anything that upsets your experience of using it, please contact us. Sunnyfeel offers a 365-day limited warranty.

BLUU Aluminum Folding Camping Chairs, Heavy Duty Camp Director Chair for Adults, Lightweight Chair with Side Table and Cooler Bag, Support 400 Lbs for Outdoor, Camp, Patio, Lawn, Garden (Black)

  • PREMIMUM MATERIALS: This camp chair is built to be strong and steady while staying lightweight and portable. The frame is thick and can hold up to 400 lbs but remains lightweight because it is made from powder coated aluminum.
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: The BLUU camping chair is designed with thick padded seat, back and armrest. This chair is made for all day comfort and support.
  • DIMENSIONS: The folding chair is perfect for everyone with an extra wide seat at 19.5 inches and standing 19.7 inches tall. It measures 24 X 25 X 34.8 inches while open. This is perfect for all your outdoor adventures.
  • ATTACHED COOLER BAG: The cooler bag holds about six cans with ice or seven pounds of just ice. It measures 15 X 8 X 10.5 inches. Keep your drinks cold all summer long.
  • WARRANTY SERVICE: From mountains to beaches, BLUU offers you the best affordable camping gear and survival kits. You are guaranteed a 30-days refund and a 1-year warranty service. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

ALPHA CAMP Folding Camping Chair Oversized Heavy Duty Padded Outdoor Chair with Cup Holder Storage and Cooler Bag, 450 LBS Weight Capacity, Thicken 600D Oxford, Black

  • Foldable & Portable: Our camping chair is easy to set up and fold. 9.05" x 38.58" after folded, weighs only 13.2 lbs, convenient to store and transport. This portable folding chair is a perfect outdoor seat
  • Strong Frame & Fabric: Features with durable powder-coated steel tube frame, 600D padded oxford fabric, ergonomic padded high back and armrests, which bring you the luxuries comfort
  • Wide Size: Open dimension is 25.20" L x 39.37" W x 39.37"H; Weight Capacity: 450 LBS. This oversized camping chair features more stability and security. You're guaranteed a long lasting chair to enjoy outdoors all year round
  • Humanized Design: Ergonomic padded back and cushioned armrest make you feel good even if you sit in the chair for a long time. Durable mesh cup holder, side storage pocket and cooler bag bring you a great sense of convenience
  • Multi-scene Use: Perfect for camping, fishing, picnic, hiking, concerts or other outdoor activities. This portable chair is a perfect choice for your outdoor camping life

Highlander Set of 2 Lightweight Folding Camping Chairs with Separate Carry Bags

  • SIT BACK AND RELAX WITH YOUR FAVOURITE CHILLED BEVERAGE as there is nothing better than having a good brew outdoors in the summer. A handy cup holder is built into the armrest so your drink or mobile is always at arm’s length. It’s the little things that make us happy!
  • THE DURABLE STRONG STEEL FRAME will ensure you get the best experience from your Highlander chair. Constructed with a Polyester PVC coated material makes it easy to wipe down and clean with a damp cloth
  • PACK YOUR CHAIR AWAY HASSLE FREE when you are on the move. A matching colour carry bag with handle comes included with your purchase allowing you carry it in your hand or throw it over your shoulder. It is simple and light enough for everyone whatever the occasion!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR TRANSPORTATION weighing in at only 2.2kg yet it is extremely strong having the durability of holding 45 times its own weight! Maximum weight of up to 100kg / 16st
  • EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY for a great chair which can be used for numerous occasions. Ideal for camping, sitting in the garden, BBQs, trips to the beach, house gatherings, parties, festivals and outdoor events. The list goes on!

Camp Chair by Mountain Designs | Ultralight Camping Chair for Travellers | Durable Portable Chair Supports 270lbs | Quick Setup Folding Chairs for Adults is Ideal for Camping Accessories.

  • Comfortable and supportive camping chair: Our outdoor chair has a soft bucket seat design, so you're always seated comfortably. The heavy-duty rubber feet make the portable chair sturdy on hard ground. Its velcro sand foot distributes weight evenly for stability and support. Never feel embarrassed about falling over in a camp chair again!
  • Lightweight and durable camping chair: Our camping chairs weigh only 1.8 pounds, making them a must-add to your camping accessories. Transporting this camp chair on your next adventure has never been easier! This ultralight camping chair will support up to 270 pounds and give you many years of use. So, whether camping, hiking, or somewhere like a festival, our camp chairs will be extremely reliable.
  • Quick set-up and fold camping chair: Never worry about wasting time again! The elastic shock cord frame system built into this portable chair means you can enjoy it within seconds. The lawn chair folds out to a cozy 26 x 20 x 19 inches and is 12 inches off the ground. Its packable aluminum pole construction makes packing this outdoor chair into the dimensions of 5 x 15 x 5 inches easy and fast.
  • Top-quality portable chairs: Boasting anodized aluminum leg construction, hardwearing fabric, water-repelling capabilities, mesh panels for ventilation, and 600D polyester, our trusty heavy duty folding chair will become one of your favorite camping accessories. This lawn chair can handle harsh environments and will give you many years of excellent use!
  • Mountain Designs' Camping equipment: Founded in 1975 by Australian mountaineer Rick White, Mountain Designs has long provided superior and innovative goods to adventurers worldwide. Our camping chair was created for the harsh conditions of Australia, so we stand behind it. If this camp chair fails to meet your expectations, we'll spare no effort to make sure you're a happy customer.

JOVNO Beach Chairs Portable Chair Camp Chair Oversize Padded Seat with Side Table & Pockets Heavy Duty Lawn Chairs Folding Camping Chair for Outdoor, Camping, Picnic, Supports to 300 lbs (2PCS)

  • 👉[Stable & Durable]: The beach chairs for adults are designed from 900D durable oxford fabric and steel frame, which adds extra durability. Camping chairs for heavy people can hold a weight of 300 lbs.
  • 👉[Folding & Portable]: The outdoor folding chair size is L23.23"×W17.7"×H32.6" when open, seat height 7.5 inches. L17.7" x H 30.0" after folder, weight only 10 lbs. So the director chair can fit anywhere in your car quickly.
  • 👉[Ergonomic Design]: The foldable chairs come with an extra-wide seat to provide extra comfort for heavy people. The fishing chair's side table & pockets are enough to store all your family beverages. The folding beach chair perfectly fits kids, toddlers, and adults, providing extra comfort to make them feel convenient and relaxed.
  • 👉[Multi-Purpose]: The folding lawn chairs for outside are suitable for the indoor, outdoor, garden, patio, lawn beach, concerts, sporting events, picnic, and camping.
  • 👉[Risk-free Purchase]: If you're not fully satisfied with the folding chair for any reason, please contact us, we'll provide you a 100% satisfaction solution within 24 hours, risk-free purchase with the promised replacement for free or a refund. Give it a try?

KingCamp Camping Chair Lawn Chair Folding Camping Chair for Adults Folding Camp Chair with Lumbar Support+Adjustable Armrest+Cooler Bag Cup Holder,Side+Head Pocket,for Picnic, Camp,Fishing,Max 353lbs

  • 【Comfortable】Adjustable Lumbar support, Height-adjustable armrest. Provide you with luxurious comfort. Adjust the waist strap and the armrest height to ensure your lumbar and arm staying in right place on your camping chair. Ergonomic backrest, full backrest structure, large padded seating area give you better support and soft feeling.
  • 【Strong】All for Durability! Compared with diameter of 19mm, This folding camping chair uses thickened anti-rust steel pipe(Diameter in 22mm) + Cross bracket, card slot and metal-to-metal contact design; The durable non-slip foot cover, suitable for different(soft and hard) grounds; This folding up chair uses 600D encrypted Oxford tear-resistant cloth.
  • 【Perfect Storage】4 Storage places.The large side storage bag can store your mobile phone and magazines; Mesh cup holder, cooler bags(For 3 cans of Coke) allow you to relax comfortably, convenient for placing an drinks you want ; Head bag to storage the outer carrying bag /T-shirt/Jacket,etc.
  • 【Portable】Quick-open and quick-retract folding stand, the fold up chairs are easy to use and carry everywhere you want. When the lightweight camping chair is folded, the shoulder bag is only 8 x 9 x 38''and weighs 11.3 lbs. Idea for picnic, camping, hiking, beach, fishing, home and any outdoor activities.
  • 【Satisfactory Service】KingCamp provides the best experience to all of our customers. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Our lumbar support camping chairs are high quality

KINGS TREK Camping Chair Heated with Battery Pack & Removable Cushion, Heavy Duty Portable Folding Camp Seat for Outdoor Sports, Beach, Picnics (Gray)

  • 【Smart Temperature Control】KINGS TREK heated camping chair features 3 adjustable heat settings (blues means low, white means medium and red indicates high) .The dual-control button enables you to adjust the temperature of the back and hip position separately, making it easy for you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. Once the temperature is beyond 131 ℉, the battery will turn off, keeping you warm and safe at the same time.
  • 【Best for All Seasons】KINGS TREK camping chair is designed for multi-season activities. The camping chair can be fully charged in 3-4 hours; quick charge is only 2 hours. Up to 10 working hours on the lowest setting, 6 hours on medium, and 3 hours on high. It keeps you warm at any outdoor activities in cold weather. The removable seat cushion allows you to remove the cushion when its not needed. The breathable nylon material on the back delivers perfect comfort on hot summer days.
  • 【Incredibly Durable】The maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs. High quality 600D polyester, reinforced breathable mesh offers comfortable support. The heavy duty legs and powder-coated steel frame maximizes the durability.
  • 【Easy Fold & Portable】The camping chair is considerably portable. 16.9lb with a large capacity shoulder carrying bag, makes it easy to carry and won't take up too much storage space. Perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, travelling, and camping.
  • 【User-Friendly】Our camping chair comes with a double front zipper pocket, spacious back pocket and a cup holder to keep your drink from spilling. A quick access storage pocket for your battery pack is offered, in which you could put your phone and battery. 2 USB ports are added on the power bank, with which you can heat your chair and charge your phone at the same time.

Coastrail Outdoor Reclining Camping Chair 3 Position Folding Lawn Chair for Adults Padded Comfort Camp Chair with Cup Holders, Head Bag and Side Pockets, Supports 350lbs, Blue&Grey

  • COMFORTABLE RELAXATION- Reclining lawn chair with 3-stage adjustable back lets you lean back and relax. The comfortable seat and armrests are padded with a layer of foam. the adjustable arm rests feature dual cup holders. The ideal folding camp chair for adults or the whole family.
  • QUALITY AND VALUE- Durable steel tube frame is powder coated for a rust resistant camping chair. The outdoor recliner supports 350 lbs, Great for relaxing at camp, RV, lawn, patio and sports. Tough 600D poly fabric is outdoor rated and easy to clean.
  • POCKETS & STORAGE- Folding chair for camping has a large mesh pocket to keep things safe and organized. Zippered head pocket is great blanket storage and makes a comfortable pillow. Dual cup holders are specially designed to hold both standard drinks and oversized bottles.
  • STURDY FRAME & CONSTRUCTION- You will notice the special attention to design and quality details. Padded fabrics for comfort, Powder coated frame for durability, reinforced joints and corners for strength, Tough material for outdoor use. And smooth folding for easy storage and portability.
  • RELAX ANYWHERE- This light weight folding camp chair includes a shoulder bag to let you recline while at the football game, in the RV, pool party, backyard BBQ, or any outdoor adventure.
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