Julbo Colorado Glacier Sunglasses for Hiking, Mountaineering and Riding

  • Design: Light and strong glacier glasses sized and shaped for larger faces
  • Lens: Julbo Spectron 4 polycarbonate lens offers Category 4 protection and delivers 5% visibility light transmission. The anti-reflective coating improves visual comfort by eliminating stray reflections.
  • Light Conditions: High mountain sun or for activities and sports exposed to strong sun glare and maximum protection from bright sun is a must.
  • Total Cover: Removable, Nylon side shields provide complete eye coverage. Shaped side frame offers solid protection.
  • Comfortable & Secure: Non-slip, rubber covered temples can be molded for a snug, comfortable fit

How To Choose The Best Full Coverage Sunglasses

What Is The Purpose Of Full Coverage Sunglasses?

Full coverage sunglasses are designed with lenses that cover 100% of both eyes. While these glasses provide excellent eye protection, they are typically more expensive than other types of eyeglass frames. However, there are many benefits associated with wearing full coverage sunglasses including increased safety while driving, improved vision, and reduced glare.

Benefits of Full Coverage Eyeglasses

The most obvious benefit of full coverage sunglasses is that they completely block harmful UV rays. If you're spending hours outside during sunny days, you know how damaging those rays can be to your skin and eyes. With full coverage sunglasses, you'll avoid sunburns and long-term health problems related to exposure to sunlight. In addition, full coverage sunglasses reduce the risk of developing cataracts by blocking blue light which causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy.


While full coverage sunglasses aren't required by law, they are recommended by doctors and ophthalmologists because they provide superior eye protection. Many states require drivers to wear corrective lenses while operating motor vehicles, so full coverage sunglasses are ideal for anyone who drives regularly.

Improved Vision

Many people believe that prescription eyeglasses improve their overall vision. These defects include astigmatism, myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, and others. Because full coverage sunglasses block ultraviolet radiation, they actually improve vision by reducing glare. As a result, you'll see objects clearly and distinctly regardless of whether you're indoors or outdoors.

Reduced Glare

Glare occurs when bright lights reflect directly into our eyes causing discomfort and fatigue. Most people experience glare when using computers, reading text, watching television, or working inside fluorescent lighting. Fortunately, full coverage sunglasses reduce the amount of reflected light entering the eye. So, no matter where you go or what you do, you'll enjoy fewer headaches and eyestrain.

Cost Effective

Because full coverage sunglasses are generally more expensive than standard eyeglasses, they aren't always affordable options. However, if you frequently drive or spend lots of time outdoors, full coverage sunglasses could pay for themselves quickly. That same money could purchase two pairs of full coverage sunglasses.


In today's fast paced society, we value style above everything else. Whether you prefer classic styles or trendy designs, full coverage sunglasses are available in virtually every shape, size, color, and material imaginable. No matter what type of frame you choose, you'll never have to worry about finding something that fits perfectly.

How To Choose A Pair Of Full Cover Glasses

Choosing a pair of full coverage sunglasses isn't difficult. First, decide between single vision and bifocals. Single vision glasses allow you to view close-up details and distant objects simultaneously.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Full Coverage Sunglasses

Full-coverage eyeglass frames provide complete eye protection by covering both eyes with lenses. If you're wearing prescription glasses, be sure to purchase a pair of full-coverage eyeglasses because these types of eyeglasses cover more of your vision than regular eyeglasses. In addition, full-coverage eyeglasses are designed to fit snugly around your ears so there's no chance of slipping down while working.

How Do Full-Coverage Eyeglasses Protect My Eyes From Harmful UV Rays?

Full-coverage eyeglasses block harmful ultraviolet rays that cause sunburns and cataracts. Because these eyeglasses completely cover your eyes, you won't be able to see outside. However, since full-coverage eyeglasses are tinted, you won't experience glare either.

Are There Any Downsides To Full-Coverage Eyeglasses?

Although full-coverage eyeglasses are great for protecting your eyes, they aren't suitable for everyone. For example, if you suffer from astigmatism, you might experience blurry vision due to the shape of the lens. Also, if you've ever worn contact lenses, you know that you must remove them before putting on full-coverage eyeglasses.

Do I Need Prescription Glasses With Full-Coverage Frames?

Yes! Otherwise, you could end up straining your eyes while trying to read small print.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses While Wearing Full-Coverage Eyeglasses?

No! Although many people think they can wear contacts while wearing full-coverage eyeglasses, this isn't true. Contacts are meant to be removed prior to putting on full-coverage eyeglasses.

Is It Possible To Get Sunburnt Without Using Full-Coverage Eyeglasses?

It depends on where you live. Some areas receive lots of sunlight throughout the day, which makes it easy to burn your skin. Others only get direct sunlight during certain times of the year. Regardless of whether you live in a sunny climate or not, always remember to apply sunscreen to exposed parts of your body.

Should I Purchase Full-Coverage Eyeglasses Over Regular Eyeglasses?

This really comes down to personal preference. Many people prefer full-coverage eyeglasses because they are easier to put on and take off. However, others prefer regular eyeglasses because they allow them to see clearly. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which type of eyeglasses works best for you.

Features To Look For When Buying Full Coverage Sunglasses

Full coverage glasses are designed to provide 100% eye protection. The lenses completely cover both eyes so there is no gap between the lens and your eyeball. Most full coverage eyeglass frames include temples which wrap around the ears to hold the frame securely in place. Some models include nose pieces with built-in ear loops while others simply have a single piece of plastic that wraps around the bridge of the nose and holds the frame in place.

How Do Full Cover Glasses Protect My Eyes From Sun Damage?

The most important thing to remember when purchasing full coverage eyeglasses is that these types of glasses are specifically designed to block UV rays. If you live where the sun shines brightly during the summer months, you know that UV rays can cause serious problems including skin cancer. Many studies show that wearing sunglasses reduces the risk of developing cataracts by 50%. In addition, many experts believe that wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from other harmful effects of sunlight such as macular degeneration.

Are There Any Downsides to Wearing Full Coverage Eyeglasses?

There are several downsides to wearing full coverage eyeglasses. First, because the lenses are thick, they can be uncomfortable to wear especially if you're active outdoors. Second, since the lenses are thicker, they can distort vision making reading difficult. Third, you might experience headaches due to pressure caused by the heavy weight of the lenses. Finally, if you decide to remove your glasses, you must take care not to scratch your lenses.

Where Can I Find Full Coverage Eyeglasses?

Most optometrists carry full coverage eyeglasses in stock. We've found that we receive more orders for full coverage eyeglasses than any other type.

Do All Full Coverage Frames Come With Temples?

Not necessarily. While most full coverage eyeglasses include temple pieces, some manufacturers sell only half coverage versions. Half coverage glasses are great for those who enjoy outdoor activities but still want to protect their eyes from the sun.

Is There Anything Else That Makes Full Coverage Eyeglasses Different Than Other Types?

Yes! Full coverage eyeglasses are available in different styles and colors. Some popular choices include tortoise shell, black, brown, gray, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white, silver, gold, and copper.

Which Is Better - Full Coverage Or Partially Covers?

It depends on your lifestyle and preferences. If you plan on spending lots of time outside, you probably want full coverage. Otherwise, you could choose partial coverage. Either way, you'll be sure to find something that fits your needs and budget.

Different Types of Full Coverage Sunglasses

Full-coverage eyeglass lenses provide 100% UV protection. The most common type of lens is called "full" because it covers both eyes completely. Some models cover only part of each eye; others leave the top portion uncovered.

Half-Coverage Eyeglass Lenses

These lenses partially cover each eye so you see more than 100% of light while blocking 50% of UV radiation. Half-covering reduces glare by reducing reflections. However, these lenses still allow enough sunlight into your eyes to cause sunburn.

Quarter-Covering Glasses

This style of lens leaves 25% of each eye exposed. If you're concerned about protecting your eyes from the sun, choose a model with a higher percentage of UV protection.

Lightweight Versus Heavy Frames

The weight of your frame affects comfort and fit. Light frames weigh less and are easier to handle. But heavier frames are more durable and last longer. Choose a lightweight pair if you plan to travel frequently.

Frame Color

Frames come in many colors including black, brown, gray, green, orange, red, silver, white, yellow, and tortoise shell. Most manufacturers offer several options.

For example, Oakley offers three different frame color choices: Black/Black, Brown/Brown, and Gray/Gray.

Lens Type

There are two main categories of lenses: hard and soft. Hard lenses are scratch resistant. Soft lenses are flexible and comfortable. Both kinds of lenses filter out harmful ultraviolet rays.

Anti-Fog Lenses

Some lenses are coated with anti-fogging agents to reduce fogging. Fogging occurs when moisture condenses on the inside of the lens. Anti-fog coatings repel water molecules.

Laser Protection

Many high-end sunglass brands now incorporate laser technology into their designs. Laser protection filters out certain wavelengths of visible light which could be damaging to your retinas.


Cover-Ups Black Fit Over Sunglasses For People Who Wear Prescription Glasses in the Sun

  • Large Style Sunglasses Fit Over Your Normal Prescription Glasses
  • UV 400 Protection Blocks the Harmful Rays of the Sun
  • Wrapping Style Shades Eyes From the Sides and Top, Blockin the Sun From All Angles
  • Lens: 6.5in. x 2.25in, Weight: 1.7oz

LensCovers Large Polarized Wraparound Sunglasses | Wear Over Sunglasses to Cover Eyeglasses or Prescription Glasses | Black Frame with Smoke Lens; Fitover for Glasses up to 5 3/4'' X 2''

  • CHECK SIZING BEFORE PURCHASE | LensCovers have 5 different sizes, they are not one size fit all so make sure to take a look at the sizing guide and make sure you choose the right size for your sunglasses
  • Durable | With a plastic frame and lens, these fit-over lenses ensure safe and reliable eyewear for the customer. LensCovers is committed to the highest quality sunglasses covers, no matter who it is for.
  • Full Coverage | Sunglasses that cover your prescription glasses with side shield panels - that provide full sun cover - as well as a more complete fit for your original specs. It's like shields for your eyes.
  • Unisex | LensCovers wraparound sunglasses are for both men and women, just take a look through the variants to find which is best for you.
  • Original | On Amazon since 2013, only LensCovers polarized glasses covers have been certified to meet ISO 12312-1:2013 quality standards
  • Polarized | These polarized sunglasses produce a crystal clear picture. With UV400, 100% UVA and UVB protection, rest easy that your eyes are safe. LensCovers also offers a mirror coating on some models, with all models providing polarized properties and a cocoon-like fit.

Julbo Vermont Classic Mountaineering Sunglasses with Spectron 4 Polycarbonate Lenses and Total Cover Eye Protection

  • THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR: Adventuring in extreme conditions. With a classic look and the high quality of Julbo’s historied Mountaineering sunglasses, these offer unparalleled eye protection for any activity
  • TOTAL COVER: Leather side shields and a design developed for use on glaciers provide complete coverage and protection from the sun
  • FIT AND STYLE: Round glasses and leather side shields offer a traditional and retro mountaineering look. Curved temple ends provide extra grip for a great fit. Multiple color options for versatility of style
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Julbo spent over 125 years building quality, performance products and stands behind them 100%. Julbo warranties all sunglasses and goggles for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product

MF Payback Sunglasses (Black Frame/Super Dark Lens)

  • Shatterproof polycarbonate scratch resistant UV 400 lenses with double-sided anti-fog coating
  • Rubber ear pads
  • Matte Black frame
  • Overall frame width 5.5 inches, Frame height 1.75 inches, lens width 2.75 inches, bridge width .875 inches, length to bend 5 inches, length of drop 2.25 inches.

Yodo Fit Over Glasses Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses for Men and Women,Black

  • Fits over your normal reading glasses (Lens height within 51mm) or prescription glasses
  • 100% UV400 Protection Lens,Blocks 100% Harmful UVA,UVB & UVC Rays
  • Polarized lenses eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue
  • Polarized triacetate lenses are impact and scratch resistant, Lightweight and durable
  • Lens coloring system adds color contrast without distorting natural colors

Fit Over HD Day / Night Driving Glasses Wraparound Sunglasses for Men, Women - Anti Glare Polarized Wraparounds (Sunglasses Black)

  • PRACTICAL COMFORT: Comfortable and durable, these one-piece specs have side lenses for complete coverage. They also have holes on the sides to thread a chain.
  • PROTECTIVE CASE: Also included with these wraparound sunglasses is an Optix 55 branded microfiber pouch & holder with a drawstring that doubles as a cleaning cloth.
  • PERFECT FOR THE CAR: Driving your vehicle with the sun in your eyes is dangerous. Have these in your glove to slip over your prescription eyewear and drive comfortably & safely
  • A TRENDY ACCESSORY: Featuring matte black frames with round edged rectangular lenses- both polycarbonate- these frames are stylish and functional for men and women

Performance Style Neon Hundo P. Reflective Sunglasses

  • Oooh yeah! Our extra radical Tipsy Elves sunglasses are the perfect stunner shades anytime of year. With our bright and amazing sunglasses, you’re bound to be too hot to handle and too cold to hold! Ideal for shredding powder or hanging ten, Tipsy Elves sunglasses are built with a durable frame with solid hinges to prevent damage when things get interesting.
  • Whenever you throw on a pair of retro sunglasses from Tipsy Elves, you’re in the danger zone. Our Tipsy Elves sunglasses are perfect for rule breakers, macho men and women, and anyone looking to stand out in the kingdom of madness.
  • Tipsy Elves sport sunglasses come with a durable case and lens cleaning cloth. The reflective 100% polycarbonate UV400 rated lens of these mirrored sunglasses are drop ball tested with FDA approval to prevent shattering!
  • Click on the Tipsy Elves logo to see our fantastic collection of seasonal and holiday gear. Our funny t-shirts and tank tops are amazing all year long and are bound to get you noticed. When you wear Tipsy Elves, you’ll be ready for any holiday or event! From New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve, Tipsy Elves is here for all your life’s greatest moments. Be sure to click on our logo above to see even more memorable gear! Choose from a selection of tank tops, tshirts, Hawaiian shirts and Onesie Jumpsui
  • Material: 100% polycarbonate Care: Hand-wash with cold water, air dry

Polarized UV Glasses Aviator Driving Goggles Cycling Sunglasses Eyewear Glasses Anti Glare

  • sun-glasses "Vision Day" for eyeglass wearers.Contrast-enhancing sunglasses for optimal visual sensitivity by day.See the world with new eyes. The goggles protect your eyes and lets you see more clearly.The light contrast enhancing lenses offer another advantage: you see everything much clearer!
  • For example, when driving: Stop the flying blind, because you hide the low sun. Also a boon for heavily changing lighting conditions such as with cloudy skies.
  • Ideal for eyeglass wearers: The frame is shaped so that you can wear your normal corrective lenses. "Vision Day", you can just pull it. High quality lenses with mild contrast enhancement, reflecting filter and UV protection 400.Perfect for changing light conditions and low sun . weighs only 36 grams.
  • The attachment is simply placed on the eyeglass frame and can be folded up easily if necessary. The perfect and cost effective solution for all wearers of glasses
  • package include :1PCS sunglasses( Day use) ,1pcs soft glasses cloth same as picture, 1 PCS Polarized test card as as picture ,1PCS soft pouch same as picture .

Suncloud Hotline Polarized Sunglasses

  • Polarized polycarbonate injection molded lenses
  • (No Suggestions) frame material and custom metal logo Plaques
  • 1 base lens Curvature
  • Megon nose pads and/or Temple pads on Select styles
  • Lens width x nose width x Temple length (in mm) = 134 x 0 x 120 - includes microfiber cleaning/storage bag

Oversized Cover Prescription Sunglasses ,Warp Around Polarized Fitover Sun Glasses for Men Women,UV Protection & Anti-glare,Coating Blue

  • ☀COVER OVER & STYLISH 🞂 Premium coverage & lightweight, don't have to buy prescription sunglasses anymore. Simply place these JIANGTUN fit over sunglasses to cover your glasses. Pretty stylish sunglasses are the perfect choice if you have to wear reading glasses outdoors and don't like to wear clip-ons.
  • ☀WONDERFUL EYE PROTECTION 🞂 Nice selected filtering Polarized lens with UV 400 protection which means that it can block off both UVA & UVB radiation,glare reduction and increased clarity.
  • ☀SPECIAL DESIGN FOR YOU 🞂 Sunglasses have Lanyard hole on the end of the arms, a side window to help you see into blind spots while driving. Comfortable WRAP AROUND durable TR90 frame, line shape windproof & breathable holes above the frame for over the glasses shades.
  • ☀BLOCK THE SUN 🞂 Protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun when bicycling and fishing, no more struggles so bad during the winter with the reflection of the snow, also a great helper for someone who has eye sensitivity to glare or just had cataract surgery.
  • ☀WHAT IS INCLUDED 🞂Came with a nice brand box, a fabric pouch and cleaning clothes, prevent scratches, dents and breaks in the frame and lenses.

Fit over Sunglasses For Women And Man Plastic Polarized Sunglasses UV 400 Black

  • BEST OVER GLASSES SUNGLASSES – Our polarized lens sunglasses are lightweight and perfectly shaped to easily fit over most prescription glasses, providing both excellent eye protection and style, our Fitover Sunglasses for men and women protect from all angles and are great protection for sensitive eyes
  • STYLISH POLARIZED SUNGLASSES – The lenses on our wear over sunglasses for prescription glasses have been polarized, mirrored, and they’re a super dark tint however you can still see perfectly, our wrap-around sunglasses for women and men are also available in multiple tinted color options.
  • DIMENSIONS: Frame width 5 9/16 In. 141 mm, Height: 1 12/16 In. 45 mm, Temple 5 12/16 In. 130mm. Please measure your prescription glasses it should a bit smaller than this size.
  • BEST DRIVING SUNGLASSES – These polarized wear over sunglasses are designed to provide you with a classic sense of style that’s perfect to wear on any hot and sunny day thanks to their UV400 protection, blocking the sun’s harmful UV, UVA/UVB rays .It also features side lenses for better peripheral vision and more eye protection.
  • COMFORTABLE – Super-light frame with spring hinges to fit comfortably on your prescription glasses, easy to put on and remove. Our wear over sunglasses comes with a free microfiber pouch for storing and is great for cleaning!

Cover-Ups Black Fit Over Sunglasses - Wrap Around Sunglasses - People Who Wear Prescription Glasses in the Sun (Black)

  • Wrap Around Sunglasses Over Prescription Glasses
  • Large Style Sunglasses Fit Over Your Normal Prescription Glasses
  • UV400 Protection Blocks the Harmful Rays of the Sun. ANSI Z87+ Rated.
  • Wrapping Style Protects Eyes From the Sides and Top - Blocking the Sun From All Angles
  • Size: 6.4" Wide, 2.25" Tall. Holes at the End of Arms to Attach Retainers.

FEISEDY Women Men Flat Top Shield Sunglasses Oversized Square Rimless Shades UV400 B2470

  • An obsession with fashion makers -- Fashion Oversize Siamese Lens Sunglasses Women Men Succinct Style. The perfect combination of frames and lenses is completely different from ordinary sunglasses.
  • FIRST-RATE QUALITY -- This technology combines the lens and the frame to give each product a refined look. Suitable weight glasses with sturdy composite frame, user-friendly and stylish. Temple Length:141mm/5.55''. Nose Bridge: 18mm/0.71'', Frame total Length: 142MM/5.59''. Manual measurement, receice in kind prevail.
  • UV400 HD Lens Technology - FEISEDY Lenses block 99% or 100% of UVB and UVA rays. Anti scratch, durable and easy to clean. At the same time, High-definition lens allows you to better observe the scenery in the sun, ensure clear vision and more natural vision sight.
  • Adapt to the venue - such as walking, driving, shopping, taking pictures, suitable for high-end accessories and daily clothing. This is also a gift preparation, making it a friend and family fashion gift idea
  • FEISEDY sunglasses bring you high quality fashion experience in sunshine and nature.

HUK, Polarized Lens Eyewear with Performance Frames, Fishing, Sports & Outdoors Sunglasses Oval, (Spearpoint) Blue Mirror/Matte Black, Medium/Large

  • HUK | Performance Fishing products to unite all anglers, from the first cast, to the last
  • POLARIZED LENSES | Premium Polarized polycarbonate lenses block glare, provide superior clarity, and are scratch and impact resistant with 100% UV protection
  • PERFORMANCE FRAMES | Injected TR90 frame material is strong, lightweight, and resiliently holds shape for lasting fit and comfort
  • WRAP COVERAGE | 8-Base wrap for greater light blocking and active fit. Feature non slip rubber ends for added performance
  • SIZE | Medium-Large fit

Smith Reverb Sunglasses Black/Photochromic Clear To Gray

  • ChromaPop lenses
  • Hydroleophobic lens coating
  • Extra ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash lens
  • Hydrophilic megol nose pads for a secure fit

Joopin Oversized Fashion Sunglasses for Women, UV400 Big Frame Womens Sunglasses Polarized Ladies Sun Glasses (Black)

  • ✔ELEGANT BUTTERFLY DESIGN - Classic retro oversized womens sunglasses and pretty color design let you look so elegant. Large frame ladies sunglasses not only provide more protection for your eyes also let you look much more mysterious and charming. Butterfly sunglasses are style staples for most of the celebrities. You need one pair of designer vintage sunglasses to show your unique high-end taste as a fashion-forward women, when you are driving, hiking, fishing, cycling, boating
  • ✔HD POLARIZED LENS - Joopin anti glare womens polarized sunglasses reduce glare reflected off of roads, bodies of water, snow, and other horizontal surfaces. Joopin sunglasses polarized can restore true color, with no distortion or deformation of color-saturated images. And if you experience headaches due to light sensitivity, polarized lenses of Joopin black sunglasses may help you experience less intense headaches. Joopin always protect your eyes perfectly
  • ✔UV 400 PROTECTION - The vision lenses of the big sunglasses are 400UV rated, it can block 99%-100% of both UVA and UVB radiation. UV400 sunglasses for women are essential to protecting your eyes against long-term UV damage and keeping your eyes healthy. Also, the scratch resistant lens of the plastic sunglasses gives you unique experience with Joopin. Whether it’s cloudy sunny, uv sunglasses are an essential shield to protect your eye health
  • ✔ONE-PIECE NOSE PADS - The one-piece nose pads design of Joopin fashion sunglasses for women makes the hair from being pinched by nose pads when you wear wide frame womens sunglasses on the top of your head. Due to the premium resin materials, Joopin trendy sunglasses are durable. The designer sunglasses make your nose and ears feel comfortable. You can feel no pressure to try whether the sun glasses polarized fit you well. Why not have a try
  • ✔PACKAGE INCLUDES - Joopin stylish sunglasses x 1 / sunglasses soft box x 1 / exquisite bag x 1 / Lens cloth x 1 / polarized testing card x 1. Joopin elegant sunglasses are made of polarized UV400 lenses, high-quality plastic frames, lightweight, which will bring you a comfortable wearing experience. It is also a gift packaged ready, making it a wonderful gift idea for friends and family! Joopin focuses on fashion women sunglasses. Click and get your high-quality and cheap sunglasses now

Super Dark Lens Black Sunglasses | Biker Style Rider | Wrap Around Frame (Black)

  • Super Dark Lens Sunglasses - 50% Darker than Standard Sunglasses
  • Style Great for Both Men! Similar to Biker, Rider, OG, Cholo, Gangster Style Sunglasses. Wrap Around Style Frame.
  • 100% UV400 Protection from Harmful Rays
  • Flexible and Fits the Contour of Your Face! Flexible Wrap Style Frames
  • Great for Outdoors, Riding, Fishing, Hiking or Fashion!

LVIOE Wrap Around Sunglasses, Polarized Lens Wear Over Prescription Glasses, Fit Over Regular Glasses with 100% UV Protection (Purple Ink Frame Polarized Gray Lens Wrap Around Sunglasses)

  • OVER GLASSES SUNGLASSES - Do you have to wear prescription glasses for driving but buying prescription sunglasses is costly? LVIOE wrap around sunglasses excellent fit over your glasses, such as RX Glasses/ Myopic Glasses/ Reading Glasses.
  • WRAP AROUND SUNGLASSES - The design and shape of wrap around sunglasses can significantly prevent more sunlight from hitting your eyes compared with regular sunglasses. These fit over sunglasses can be worn over your glasses or simply worn by themselves.
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT SUNGLASSES - LVIOE over glasses sunglasses are lightweight and do not increase the weight on your nose. They’re made of a thermoplastic material that is durable and flexible, so you do not feel uncomfortable when worn over your regular glasses.
  • TAC POLARIZED SUNGLASSES WITH UV400 PROTECTION - Keep your eyes safe from that annoying glare from shiny surfaces (e.g. pavement, snow or water), giving you a clearer vision with less eye strain.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Backed up by a cast-iron 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to worry about. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact a customer representative and we will solve the problem.

KastKing Iditarod Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women, Gloss Dark Gray Metalic Frame, Smoke Base Flash Mirror

  • KEY FEATURES - Polarized lenses reduce glare - Impact resistant TAC lenses protect your eyes from flying objects - Block 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays - Lightweight, durable, and comfortable Grilamid frames – Saltwater resistant lens coating protects mirror finishes – Wide temple side-light blocker frame design
  • OUTSTANDING LENSES – 1.0mm polarized lenses are comparable to the thickness you would find on much higher priced sports eyewear. KastKing TAC (Triacetate) lenses pass a double decentering test to ensure there is no optical distortion which can cause eye strain and headaches. KastKing Polarized reading sunglasses help reduce glare caused by reflected light to improve vision and comfort. A tough saltwater resistant coating protects mirrored lenses from damage in harsh saltwater conditions
  • SUPERIOR FRAMES – Made from the same Grilamid material commonly used by the military and in medical applications, our frames are lightweight, extremely flexible, and heat and UV resistant. Grilamid frames are well known for their strength, lightweight comfort, shape integrity, and impact resistance. This ultra-lightweight and malleable material translates to a very comfortable fit
  • BASE LENS COLOR and UV PROTECTION – Smoke lenses are ideal for bright sunlight with the most realistic color reproduction and also work well in medium light and partial shade. Brown lenses increase contrast and depth perception, ideal for partly cloudy to sunny conditions. Copper lenses provide excellent contrast and depth perception, best suited for moderate to low light. KastKing sunglasses block 100% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays and meet or exceed all U.S. ANSI standards
  • PROTECT YOUR EYEWEAR – KastKing includes a molded custom hard case for storage and a custom Prym1 Camo microfiber pouch which can be used for cleaning as well as storing your sunglasses. To avoid lens scratches and lens coating damage, clean your lenses with a clean microfiber cloth or lint free cloths and fresh warm water. Never dip them in saltwater or dry with a paper towel

Men's Polarized Wrap Sport Sunglasses, Large Fit, Full-Coverage, Snook With Grey Lenses

  • Premium Hobie Polarized Hydro 360 Lenses. Dual coated Hydrophobic and Oleophobic on the front and back of each lens
  • TR-90 Frame
  • Co-molded megol rubber on the temple arms and nose bridge for added comfort and wearability
  • Integrated hinges
  • Sport Frame with 8-Base Polycarbonate lenses

Men's Polarized Wrap Sport Sunglasses, Large Fit, Full-Coverage, Snook Gray With Cobalt Blue Mirror Lenses

  • Premium Hobie Polarized Hydro 360 Lenses. Dual coated Hydrophobic and Oleophobic on the front and back of each lens
  • TR-90 Frame
  • Co-molded megol rubber on the temple arms and nose bridge for added comfort and wearability
  • Integrated hinges
  • Sport Frame with 8-Base Polycarbonate lenses

Men's Polarized Wrap sport Sunglasses, Large Fit, Full-Coverage, Everglades

  • Premium Hobie Polarized Hydro 360 Lenses. Dual coated Hydrophobic and Oleophobic on the front and back of each lens
  • TR-90 Frame
  • Co-molded megol rubber on the temple arms and nose bridge for added comfort and wearability
  • Integrated hinges
  • Sport Frame with 8-Base Polycarbonate lenses

Fit Over Wrap Sunglasses Polarized Lens Wear Over Eyeglasses 100% UV Protection for Men and Women

  • 🕶️ SHARP & CLEAR VISION - Protect your eyes from the sun's bright rays while enjoying a clear view. These wraparound sunglasses are designed to fit over your existing eyeglasses.
  • 🕶️ FITS OVER MOST GLASSES - Our black UV sunglasses are sized to fit most styles of eyeglasses or reading glasses. Wear them over your cat-style, full, semi-rimless, or round-framed glasses.
  • 🕶️ REDUCES GLARE - Protect your eyes from the rays of the sun and glare from your electronic device screens. The lenses on these fitover sunglasses help eliminate glare to reduce eye fatigue.
  • 🕶️ EASY TO STORE - Take these over glasses sunglasses with you while driving, fishing, and on all your outdoor trips.
  • 🕶️ THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA - Can't think of a suitable present to give to someone who wears glasses? These fit over sunglasses will make an ideal present for a friend or loved one on any special occasion.

SOJOS Classic Square Polarized Sunglasses for Women Men Sun Glasses SJ2163, Brown Tortoise/Brown

  • CLASSIC SQUARE FRAME FOR EVERYONE - These classic fashion sunglasses will bring you a timeless look and will be great choices for daily fashion accessories all year round. They are suitable for both men and women and suitable for any occasion and weather conditions.
  • HIGH QUALITY UV400 POLARIZED LENSES - SojoS high quality TAC polarized lenses can filter out sunlight reflected glare and protect your eyes from long term damage by blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - These SojoS square polarized sunglasses are made of high quality plastic frames, UV400 TAC lenses, solid metal hinges. All the details will ensure you a long time using.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSION - Lens Width: 54mm | Lens Height: 48mm | Temple Length: 140mm | Nose Bridge: 20mm
  • GIFT IDEAS PACKAGE - Sunglasses*1, microfiber pouch*1, microfiber glasses cleaning cloth*1, glasses box*1. These are also gift packed, which will be great gifts for your friends and family!
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