How To Choose The Best Gsi Outdoors Macro Table

What Is The Purpose Of A GSI Outdoors Macro Table?

GSI outdoor tables are designed with a unique folding mechanism which enables users to collapse the table into its compact size for easy storage and transport. With the ability to fold down to only 2 inches wide, these tables provide maximum portability while maintaining high quality construction.

Why Do People Use Macros Tables?

Macro photography has become increasingly popular among photographers who enjoy capturing images using long exposure times. Using a tripod and remote shutter release to trigger the camera’s shutter, many photographers take advantage of the slow motion effect by setting the ISO speed to 400 or higher. However, shooting photos at night or during low light conditions can be challenging because of the lack of available light. To overcome this problem, many photographers turn to flashlights or other lighting devices to illuminate the subject matter. Unfortunately, most flash lights produce harsh shadows and reflections which ruin the overall image. In order to avoid this issue, many photographers resort to taking multiple exposures of the same scene. While this method works well for still photographs, it becomes problematic when trying to capture video footage. Because of the short duration between each frame, the resulting videos appear jumpy and unstable.

How Does A GSI Outdoor Macro Table Help?

The GSI outdoor macro table solves both problems associated with traditional methods of creating macros. First, the table collapses to only two inches wide making it easier to carry around. Second, the table features a built-in LED flashlight which eliminates the need for additional lighting sources. Simply attach the included clip to the top edge of the table and point the beam towards the subject matter. The result is a stable and steady shot that appears natural and realistic.

Benefits of Using An Outdoors Macro Table

Using a macro lens is essential for producing professional results. However, due to the large focal length required, a DSLR camera cannot fit inside the typical macro hood. Instead, photographers must rely on external flashes or tripods to create the desired effects. Although these solutions work fine for still shots, they are impractical for video recording. For example, attaching a flash to a tripod creates unwanted shadows and reflections. Furthermore, the tripod itself takes up too much room and makes it difficult to maneuver around the subject matter. Finally, using a flash indoors can cause eye strain and headaches. All of these issues can be avoided by using a macro table.

Features of a GSI Outdoors Macro Table

The GSI outdoor macro table comes equipped with three different accessories including a stand, a clamping arm, and a clip. The stand attaches directly to the tabletop allowing the user to position the table anywhere within reach. The clamping arm holds the camera securely in place so that no movement occurs during the exposure period. Lastly, the clip connects to the top edge of the table providing a convenient way to hold the table upright. Once attached, the entire setup folds flat for easy transportation and storage.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using a GSI Outdoors Macro Table?

While there aren't any drawbacks to using a GSI outdoor macro table, there are several limitations.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality GSI Outdoors Macro Table

We know what we're doing! Our products are designed with durability and functionality in mind. If you've ever tried to set up a picnic table outside, you probably noticed that most of the ones available today aren't very sturdy. That's why our product line includes several different styles and materials. All of our tables include heavy-duty steel frames covered by durable powder coat finishes. Each model comes equipped with four casters so you can move it around wherever you'd like.

How To Choose An Outdoor Aluminum Macro Table

There are many factors to take into consideration before choosing which outdoor aluminum macro table is right for you. First, decide whether you plan to use the table primarily indoors or outdoors. Second, choose between a folding or non-folding table. Third, determine whether you prefer a traditional style or modern design. Finally, think about the size of the table you need.

Folding Tables Are Easier To Transport

Most folding tables fold flat for easy storage and transport. However, there are drawbacks to using these types of tables. For example, they require more room because they must be stored horizontally rather than vertically. Also, they cannot stand alone unless you put something underneath them. Folding tables are great for picnics and other events where you might need to bring along a lot of gear. But, if you only need a small table, you might be better served by a standard sized table.

Non-Foldable Tables Offer More Space

Outdoor aluminum macro tables are typically larger than folding models. Because they are stationary, they provide more room for sitting and eating. Non-folding tables are perfect for parties and gatherings where guests will sit down to eat. Some models are freestanding while others attach directly to the ground. Regardless of the type of table you select, remember that you'll need to purchase additional accessories to complete the setup.

Traditional Style Is Versatile

Many customers enjoy the classic appearance of outdoor aluminum macro tables. Traditional designs are timeless and versatile. Whether you're planning to host a backyard barbecue or a formal dinner party, you can count on a traditional style table to fit both occasions perfectly.

Modern Design Looks Great In Any Setting

Our modern outdoor aluminum macro tables are sleek and contemporary. With bold colors and simple lines, these tables blend well with almost any décor. Modern designs are ideal for smaller spaces and indoor settings. They are also easier to maintain because they don't rust or corrode.

Consider Your Needs Before Buying

Before you go shopping for an outdoor aluminum macro table, ask yourself these questions: Do you plan to use the table mainly inside or outside? Once you answer those questions, you'll be able to narrow down your options and pick the best option for your needs.

Features To Look For When Buying A GSI Outdoors Macro Table

GSI outdoor tables are great because they're lightweight, portable, easy-to-assemble, and sturdy. However, there are many features to look for before purchasing one. Here are some important factors to take into account when choosing a good outdoor table.


The size of your outdoor table depends on how big your patio is. If you plan to set up your table outside during summer months, then you might want something bigger so you can comfortably fit more guests around it. But if you only plan to use it during colder seasons, then you probably don't need anything too large. The best thing to do is measure your patio and see which size works best for you.


Outdoor tables aren't designed to be heavy. So, if you're planning to carry yours inside, then you shouldn't worry about its weight. However, if you intend to leave it outside permanently, then you should pay attention to its weight.


This factor refers to whether or not your outdoor table folds down. Some tables fold completely flat while others collapse with hinges. Either way, portability is essential for outdoor tables. Folding ones allow you to store them away when not in use, and unfold them quickly when needed. Also, folding ones are easier to transport since they require fewer pieces to assemble.


It's important to know how durable your outdoor table is. Whatever material your table has, make sure it's strong enough to withstand windy conditions and rough weather. Check online reviews to learn more about other customers' experiences with different types of outdoor tables.


There are two main styles of outdoor tables - round and square. Round tables are generally smaller than square ones. Square tables are typically larger and can accommodate more people. Both designs are suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Choose whichever style fits your needs best.


Some outdoor tables come in multiple colors. Others are available in black, white, gray, brown, etc. Pick whatever color looks most appealing to you.


Finally, price is another consideration. Outdoor tables vary greatly in terms of quality and design. While prices can seem high initially, you'll likely end up saving money in the long run by investing in a well-made outdoor table.

Different Types of GSI Outdoors Macro Table

GSI Outdoor Macro Tables are great tools for outdoor photography. The tables provide a sturdy base for your camera while allowing you to capture images with ease. The tables allow you to shoot photos at different angles, which makes capturing those perfect shots easier. If you're interested in purchasing a GSI Outdoor Macro Table, there are several options available. There are three main styles of these tables; the standard model, the folding model, and the telescoping model. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a closer look at each option.

Standard Model

The standard model is the most popular choice among photographers because of its versatility. The table features a solid steel frame and comes equipped with two legs. The legs fold down so that the table becomes portable. The table folds flat and fits into a carrying case. The table weighs approximately 40 pounds and measures 14 inches by 20 inches by 4 inches. The table includes a tripod adapter that attaches to the bottom of the table. The tripod adapter allows you to attach a monopod or other tripod accessory to the table.

Folding Model

This model is slightly smaller than the standard model. The table only has four legs and does not include a tripod adapter. However, it still offers the same functionality as the standard model. The table folds flat and fits into a carrying bag. The table weighs approximately 30 pounds and measures 12 inches by 16 inches by 3 inches. The table includes a tripod adapter that attaches to the bottom of the table. The tripod adapter allows you to attach a monopod or other tripod accessory to the table.

Telescoping Model

This model is the smallest of the three models. The table only has two legs and does not include a tripod adapter. However, it still offers the same functionality as the standard model. The table telescopes open and closed. The table includes a tripod adapter that attaches to the bottom of the table. The tripod adapter allows you to attach a monopod or other tripod accessory to the table.

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