ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -25 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag, Tan, 38 - x 80 -Inch

  • Oversized rectangle bag has cotton canvas outer layer, paired with a cozy 100% cotton flannel liner
  • Two-layer construction eliminates cold sports and traps in maximum heat
  • Roll-up straps allows you to easily roll and compress bag for transportation and storing
  • The ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood is on our best sellers list; after one cozy use, you’ll know why
  • Dimensions: 38" x 80"; Weight: 13 lbs.; Zipper Size: #10

How To Choose The Best Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag

What Is The Purpose Of A Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping bags are designed to be worn while sleeping outdoors. They're typically made with two layers of material, including a lining and outer shell. Some models include insulation between these layers which makes them warmer and more comfortable. Sleeping bags are available in different weights and lengths so you can choose the right size depending on your needs.

Why Should You Buy A Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag?

There are many reasons why you might want to invest in a heavy-duty sleeping bag. For starters, there are times when you simply must sleep outside. Whether you're going camping, hiking, fishing, or backpacking, a good quality sleeping bag is essential. If you plan on spending several nights away from shelter, a heavier weight model will provide greater warmth and comfort. Also, if you plan on being active during cold weather months, a thicker sleeping bag will keep you warm longer. Finally, if you live in areas where temperatures drop below freezing, a thick sleeping bag will help insulate you from the elements.

Make Sure To Choose The Right Size

The length of your sleeping bag is important because it determines how long you can comfortably lie down inside it. Larger models allow you to stretch out fully, whereas smaller ones limit your ability to spread out. In general, the larger the bag, the more room you have to move around. However, if you prefer to curl up into a ball, a small bag will still fit you well.

Choose Between Lightweight Or Heavy Weight Models

Lightweight models weigh only a few pounds and are ideal for backpackers who travel light. They're also great for those who enjoy outdoor activities during colder seasons. Heavy-duty models weigh upwards of ten pounds and are best suited for wintertime adventures. Because they're heavier, they take up more room in your pack and require a stronger frame to support them.

Consider Features Like Insulation

Insulated sleeping bags are generally lighter than non-insulated versions and are therefore easier to carry. Many insulated models also include additional features like hoods, pockets, and zippers. Hooded sleeping bags are especially useful for protecting you from wind chill. Zippered sleeping bags let you access your gear quickly and conveniently. Pockets are convenient for storing snacks, water bottles, and other essentials.

Get One That Fits Your Needs

Before purchasing a sleeping bag, think carefully about what kind of activity you intend to engage in. All of these factors affect the type of sleeping bag you need.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are essential pieces of gear for anyone who spends extended periods outdoors during cold weather months. In fact, many outdoor enthusiasts prefer sleeping bags because they provide warmth while allowing freedom of movement. However, there are several factors to be considered before making a purchase. First, you must decide whether you plan to sleep outside or inside. If you choose to camp outside, you will likely require a heavier-weight sleeping bag. Second, you must determine which type of sleeping bag best suits your needs. For example, if you intend to travel extensively, you might opt for a more durable model with greater insulation properties. Finally, you must take into account the climate where you plan to sleep. Some types of sleeping bags perform well in warmer climates, whereas others are designed specifically for colder temperatures.

How To Choose A Good Sleeping Bag

Choosing a good sleeping bag is easy once you know what features you're seeking.

There are three main categories of sleeping bags: synthetic fiber, down filled, and goose feather fill. Synthetic fibers include nylon, polyester, and acrylic. Down filled models typically consist of duck feathers sewn together to form a quilted lining. Goose feather models are constructed similarly, except the filling consists of goose feathers. All three styles are available in both regular and ultralight versions. Ultralights are lighter weight models that weigh approximately half as much as traditional models.

Synthetic Fiber Bags

Synthetic fiber sleeping bags are generally cheaper than those made of down and goose feathers. They are also easier to care for since they do not contain natural materials. However, these models lack the insulating qualities of other options. As a result, they are only suitable for milder winter conditions.

Down Filled Models

These models are the most popular choice among backpackers due to their superior insulation capabilities. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other options. However, they are difficult to maintain and cannot withstand extreme temperature changes. Therefore, they are unsuitable for prolonged trips in warm environments.

Goose Feather Fill Model

This option offers the highest level of comfort and durability. Although they are expensive, they are highly recommended by experienced backcountry travelers. Because they are so light, they allow users to hike long distances without fatigue. Additionally, they are extremely versatile and can be worn throughout the seasons.

Tips For Choosing A Sleeping Bag

Before selecting a sleeping bag, you should think about the environment where you plan to use it. Also, consider whether you plan to use your sleeping bag primarily indoors or outdoors. Outdoor models are preferable for activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, etc., whereas indoor models are ideal for staying in a hotel room or apartment. Lastly, remember that no matter what kind of sleeping bag you select, you should always check its warranty policy. Most manufacturers guarantee their products for five years.

Features To Look For When Buying A Heavy Duty Sleeping Bag

The best way to choose a good quality sleeping bag is by reading reviews online. There are many different types of sleeping bags available today. Some are designed specifically for backpacking while others are meant for general use. The most important thing to remember when choosing a sleeping bag is comfort. If you're going to be spending several nights in the same bag, you might want to invest in something more durable. Here are some features to look for when shopping around for a good quality sleeping bag.


Sleeping bags vary greatly in weight. Depending on the type of material used, the size of the bag, and other factors, you could end up with a very light bag or a very heavy bag. Weight is obviously important because carrying a heavier bag takes longer and uses more energy. However, there are times when you really need a lightweight bag. For example, if you plan to hike long distances, you probably don't want to carry too much gear. In addition, if you're planning on using a tent, you might want to pack lighter so you can set up camp faster. So, before making your final decision, take into consideration both the amount of weight you'd prefer to carry and the conditions where you'll be using the bag.


Most sleeping bags fall into two categories: small and medium. Smaller bags generally weigh less and fit smaller bodies well. Medium sized bags are larger and provide more room for bigger bodies. Most manufacturers recommend that you purchase a bag based on your height. If you're shorter than 5', you'll probably want a small bag. Also, depending on the weather conditions where you'll be hiking, you may want to consider purchasing a warmer bag.


Another factor to think about when selecting a sleeping bag is insulation. Insulation refers to the ability of a sleeping bag to trap heat inside. While warmth is certainly important, you also want to avoid getting cold. Many sleeping bags include a combination of synthetic fibers and down feathers. Synthetic fiber insulates better than down but doesn't hold its shape as well. Down holds its form well but isn't nearly as warm as synthetics. Manufacturers typically rate their sleeping bags according to the level of insulation they contain. Generally speaking, the higher the rating, the warmer the bag.


Some sleeping bags are waterproofed. Waterproofing prevents moisture from entering the interior of the bag. Moisture causes mildew which makes the bag smell bad and ruins the fabric. If you plan on taking your sleeping bag on a trip where water is likely to enter the bag, you should definitely check whether the bag has been treated with waterproofing.


Many sleeping bags have pockets sewn onto the exterior of the bag. Pockets allow you to store items such as maps, flashlights, cell phones, etc., without digging through your backpack.

Sleeping bags are essential gear for anyone who spends extended periods outdoors. The right type of sleeping bag can be the difference between comfortable nights' sleep and waking up with frostbite. There are many different styles of sleeping bags available today. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss the most popular ones.

Thermal Insulated Sleeping Bags

These are by far the best choice for winter camping. Thermal insulated sleeping bags provide warmth while maintaining body heat. They insulate very well and trap warm air inside the bag so you stay warmer during cold weather conditions. In addition, thermal insulation reduces condensation which causes moisture buildup and makes you more susceptible to hypothermia. If you camp in colder climates, these are the only kind of sleeping bag you should choose.

Fleece-lined Sleeping Bags

This style of sleeping bag offers excellent comfort and warmth. However, fleece lined sleeping bags are not suitable for extreme temperatures because they allow too much heat loss. Fleece lining does retain heat though, making them ideal for milder climates. Some models include a hood and foot box to keep feet warm. Hooded sleeping bags are great for those who enjoy being outside in cooler temperatures.

Waterproof Sleeping Bags

The waterproof variety of sleeping bags are designed specifically for outdoor activities where water exposure is possible. Waterproof sleeping bags are generally heavier than other varieties and are meant to withstand rain showers and snow storms. Most of these bags are rated down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. While they're good choices for wet environments, they aren't recommended for extremely hot or humid areas. Because they're waterproof, they're also not appropriate for swimming pools or lakes.

Hybrid Sleeping Bags

Hybrids combine two or three different features into one package. For example, there are hybrid sleeping bags that incorporate both thermal insulation and waterproofing. Others are designed to be lightweight and packable. Hybrids are versatile options for almost any environment. They're perfect for backpackers, hikers, and weekend warriors alike.

Tent Sleeping Bags

Tent sleeping bags are typically lighter weight than traditional sleeping bags. They're also easier to set up and take down. Tents are portable shelters that can be erected quickly and taken down easily. Tent sleeping bags are ideal for backpacking trips and short hikes. They're light enough to carry around and easy to setup.

Bag Packing Tips

Packing a sleeping bag is no simple task. Proper packing techniques ensure that you arrive safely at your destination. Below are some tips to remember when preparing for your next trip.

Pack the sleeping bag away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Heat can cause the fabric to shrink and become stiff. This could lead to discomfort and possibly injury.

Use a compression sack to compress the sleeping bag properly. Make sure the zipper is closed completely before placing the bag in the sack.


Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag | 0F Sleeping Bag | Heritage Cold-Weather Camping Sleeping Bag

  • KEEPS YOU COZY: Stay warm in temperatures as low as 10°F with heat-locking flannel liner
  • PREVENTS HEAT LOSS: A draft tube along the zipper keeps body heat from escaping
  • BUILT TO LAST: Durable construction keeps insulation from shifting
  • NO-SNAG ZIPPER: Snag-free zipping and unzipping every time
  • EASY CLEANING: Machine washable
  • DIMENSIONS: 84 x 40 in.; ideal for campers up to 6 ft. 7 in.

Elite Survival Systems Recon 3 Sleeping Bag, Olive Drab, 23 Degree Fahrenheit, -5 Degree Celsius

  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Designed for 23 degree Fahrenheit (-5C) locations
  • Outer top shell made from 210T Ripstop Nylon with a Teflon finish
  • 100gm per square meter Dupont Thermolite Micro insulation
  • Dims packed in compression sack: 9" x 8"; unpacked: 87" long, 33.5" at shoulders, 22" at feet; Weight 3 lbs

Kelty Mistral Synthetic Camping Sleeping Bag - 0 Degree, Regular

  • Budget Friendly: Conquer sleep in the outdoors, without killing your budget. The Mistral is designed to give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t.
  • Durable Materials: Outer shell and inner liner both made using durable and soft 190T Teffeta Polyester. Equal parts comfortable and weather-ready, the bag is made to last season after season, and made for play.
  • Offset Quilt Pattern: The Quilt-style stitch pattern provides the most efficient, even coverage of insulation throughout the bag, eliminating cold spots (or hot spots).
  • Synthetic Insulation: Kelty’s Cloudloft insulation (the same fill we use in our camp pillows and doublewide sleeping bags) provides reliable warmth, cushion, and comfort for your night under the stars.
  • Kelty Craftsmanship: Kelty is synonymous with quality in the outdoor community. Kelty gear is built for play, and built to last. The Mistral sleeping bag is ready to be put through the ringer on the trail, campground, and everywhere in between.
  • 0 Degree Temp Rating, Regular Size: Fits sleepers up to 6ft, fill weight 50oz, total weight 4lbs 2oz, stuff size (non-compressed) 18x12 inches. Color: Red Ochre

ust monarch sleeping bag with temp control, heavy duty construction, pillow option and carry case for camping, hiking, backpacking and outdoors - regular

  • dimensions: regular - 80.32"l x 32.28"w (unpacked), 13"l x 8.5"w (packed) and weighs 4.2lbs - hip girth – 64”, shoulder girth – 61”
  • ease of use: control the temperature by adding or removing one or both of the wings (2 wings - 17 degrees, 1 wing - 24 degrees, no wings - 37 degrees) and when the wings are not in use they can be tucked for added comfort or stuffed into the pillow pocket
  • comfortable: features a ventable overstuffed footbox that adds much needed warmth and space for your feet and is synthetic poly filled (body – 150g, footbox/hood – 150g, wings – 220g) for a relaxed sleep
  • durable: constructed of 20d waterproof ripstop nylon fabric for long term use in most all conditions
  • convenient: comes with a compression stuff sack as well as a 100% cotton storage bag for easy transport as well as hanging loops for efficient, non-damaging drying

ust monarch sleeping bag with temp control, heavy duty construction, pillow option and carry case for camping, hiking, backpacking and outdoors - short

  • dimensions: short - 74.02"l x 29.92"w (unpacked), 13"l x 8.5"w (packed) and weighs 4lbs - hip girth – 59”, shoulder girth – 61”
  • ease of use: control the temperature by adding or removing one or both of the wings (2 wings - 17 degrees, 1 wing - 24 degrees, no wings - 37 degrees) and when the wings are not in use they can be tucked for added comfort or stuffed into the pillow pocket
  • comfortable: features a ventable overstuffed footbox that adds much needed warmth and space for your feet and is synthetic poly filled (body – 150g, footbox/hood – 150g, wings – 220g) for a relaxed sleep
  • durable: constructed of 20d waterproof ripstop nylon fabric for long term use in most all conditions
  • convenient: comes with a compression stuff sack as well as a 100% cotton storage bag for easy transport as well as hanging loops for efficient, non-damaging drying

Spinifex Sleeping Bag | Cozy and Thick Sleeping Bags Delivers Extra Warmth | Advanced Hollow Fiber Provides Extreme Comfort | Tear Resistant No Snags Sleeping Bags for Adults. Camping Sleeping Bags

  • Sleeping bag that keeps you warm: Our comfortable Sleeping bags for adults and kids have a hollow fiber fill that traps heat and keeps you feeling warm and comfortable. Feel confident that you'll sleep cozy on your next adventure with a sleeping bag that has a 32-degree comfort rating.
  • Compact camping gear that packs down small: Our sleeping bag is a must-have addition to your camping accessories, as it provides comfort in cold conditions yet packs down into a little bag measuring 18 x 9 inches. Whether you are car camping or heading into the backcountry, it won't take up much space at all! Lightweight, comfortable, and great for all outdoor occasions, you'll never hesitate to sleep in cold weather again.
  • Sleeping bag that provides a comfortable and cozy night's sleep: With a 400gsm hollow fiber fill, the Spinifex Drifter is not only ideal as a sleeping bag for adults but works perfectly as a sleeping bags for kids! Weighing only 4.2 pounds and boasting generous dimensions of 7'2 x 2'9, this piece of camping gear was built with the whole family in mind.
  • Top-quality sleeping bag for outdoor adventures: Whether you are camping, hiking, or having sleepovers in the backyard, our sleeping bags will keep you warm and protected. Built with plush polyester-cotton lining, tear-resistant 210 polyester shell, and no-snag high-quality zippers, our trusty camping sleeping bags will give you great value and many years of use.
  • Camping accessories by Spinifex: For decades, Australian brand Spinifex has been providing superior outdoor gear to explorers worldwide. Created for the harsh conditions of Australia, we stand behind our sleeping bags. If our sleeping bag fails to meet your expectations, we'll bend over backwards to make sure you're a happy customer.

KingCamp Double Sleeping Bag Queen Size XL 3 Season Sleeping Bag for Warm Cold Weather Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Adults Perfect for Backpacking Camping Hiking with 2 Pillows 8759in RED

  • 【SUPER COMFORTABLE AND SO WARM】KingCamp backpacking flannel cotton double Sleeping Bag with warm and soft flannel lining and filled with premium hollow fibers for optimum warmth insulation. Extra-thick design keeps heat loss reduced, lets you feel warm without pressures, lightness gives you a comfortable sleep in cold weather. King size sleeping bag Comfort Temp 44℉, Limit Temp 35℉, Extreme Temp is 8 ℉.
  • 【SUPER HUGE SIZE】At 59 x 87 inches, the 2 person sleeping bag is incredibly roomy for any adult up to 7ft tall, great for big guys or one couple. The backpacking sleeping bag is the best choice for active sleepers and side sleepers who likes to move around. The sleeping bag double 2 person comes with two small pillows that give your neck and body good and relaxing support, helping you get a good and relaxing night’s sleep.
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE SLEEPING BAG】This Queen Size Sleeping Bag can be detachable via zippers to become two individual compact sleeping bags for backpacking . Features zipper on both sides so that either person can easily get out of the sleeping bag without disturbing the other person. Can also be fully unzipped and laid flat, turning the sleeping bag into two separate large blankets for movie nights, picnics, grass concerts. Really versatile camping sleeping bag for the outdoors.
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】: Double-sided zipper with anti-snag makes it easy to open and close lightweight sleeping bag from inside or outside. In hot weather, our camping sleeping bags can unzip the bottom to make your feet come out through the wind for cool. High-quality polyester and heavy-duty stitching ensure that our sleeping bags for adults cold weather are more durable.
  • 【PORTABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN】: With built-in quick cords on the bag's bottom, the warm weather sleeping bags for adults come with a compression sack, allowing for convenient storage and comfortable packing, lightweight and easy to carry. The package size is 19.6 ×11.4 inches, weight only 8.81 lbs. perfect for hiking, backpacking, car camping, and more. The ultralight sleeping bag can easily be wiped clean or hand washed.

KingCamp Camping Sleeping Bag for Adults Backpacking Hiking Sleeping Bag Warm and Cold Weather 3 Season Sleeping Bag for Indoor and Outdoor with Compression Sack 90"35" Navy Left Zipper

  • 【Super Warm】This flannel sleeping bag adopts 300g/㎡ hollow fiber filling, soft flannel lining , high-quality and durable polyester ripstop fabric. Half-circle hood with an adjustable drawstring keeps your head warmer even in extreme conditions. For this reason, the 3 season sleeping bag is quite warm, soft, comfortable, skin-friendly, and water-resistant. The sleeping bag can help you to get rid of a tiring day of hiking, camping, and travel.
  • 【3 Season Sleeping Bag】Our camping sleeping bag can be used for hot and cold weather in 3 seasons. This KingCamp sleeping bag is designed for comfort temp 44℉. The hiking sleeping bag ensures that after a tiring day of hiking, travel, or any other exploration you can get a good and relaxing night’s sleep.
  • 【Wide Sleeping Bag】The sleeping bags for adults are 90.6’’ X 35.4’’, wider than regular camping sleeping bags. It fits any person up to 7ft tall,give you wiggle room so you will feel cozy for any position. the left-zip backpacking sleeping bag can be easily zipped together with a right-zip one to create a super large double sleeping bag. Couples and friends can relax and sleep sweetly after kinds of sports.
  • 【User-friendly Design】Double-sided zipper with anti-snag makes it easy to open and close sleeping bag from inside or outside. In hot weather, our camping sleeping bags can unzip the bottom to make your feet come out through the wind for cool. Not just a sleeping bag, comfy to just "wear" while chilling, watching tv. For warmer nights, the sleeping bag can unzip into a blanket or pad for a picnic , car camping.
  • 【Easy to Carry】This packable sleeping bag package size:9.8x18.5in, weight 4.85Ibs.The sleeping bag come with a compression sack, allowing for convenient storage and easy carry, roll control design makes sleeping bags for adults cold weather folding quick and easy. The portable sleeping bag is perfect for hiking, backpacking, car camping, and more.

Camping Sleeping Bags - Portable and Lightweight - Backpack Sleeping Bag for for Adults, Teens & Kids - with Compression Sake - 3-4 Season Waterproof (Blue Left Zipper)

  • LARGE AND SPACIOUS DESIGN -This Sleeping Bag for Adults measures at (74.8 + 11.8) x 31.5 inches when unfolded. A perfect fit for both adults and children. Features an adjustable drawstring.
  • WATERPROOF AND TEAR PROOF MATERIAL -290T polyester ripstop fabric, 240T polyester pongee lining - protecting the 100% hollow cotton internal fabric which keeps you warm and comfortable as you sleep.
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE - this camping sleeping bag uses a smooth, durable double-zipper to open the sleeping bag easily. You can open the bottom of the sleeping bag on those warm nights, and take it with you anywhere as it weighs 4 lbs. The Right Temperature Ratings is 32-77℉. It is ideal for 3-4 seasons,for warm and cold weather. Compact and light enough to fit most backpacks.
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - This Sleeping bag has a rated temperature at 32-77℉ (0-25℃) and can be packed down into its compact storage bag in seconds. Perfect for camping, backpacking, and hiking. It can also be a happy nappers sleeping bag at home or office.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you have any questions or issues with our Aodoer sleeping bag please get in touch. Your complete satisfaction is our priority.
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