High Sierra AT7 Upright Wheeled Rolling Duffel Bag, Black, 22-Inch

  • SURE-GRIP top handle tucks down fl at when not in use
  • Main Compartment expands 2 in/5cm for additional storage capacity
  • Recessed telescoping lightweight aluminum handle system with locking mechanism
  • Reflective piping for added safety. Special built-in, high-density foam structure helps maintain the bag's shape while minimizing weight.
  • Body Dimensions: 22.0" x 14.0" x 9.0"
  • Inline skate wheels - Are constructed of polyurethane with ball bearings to minimize frictional resistance, offer durability and reduced resistance for smooth rolling

How To Choose The Best High Sierra Hiking Backpack

What Is The Purpose Of A High Sierra Hiking Backpack?

The best way to describe a high-quality hiking pack is by saying that it has been designed with hikers' needs in mind. Whether you're going for a day hike or a multi-day trek, there are several features that make a good hiking pack stand apart from other brands. Here are five reasons why we think the High Sierra line of packs is the best choice for most outdoor enthusiasts.

High Sierra uses durable materials throughout its entire product lineup. From the frames to the zippers, each component is built to last. In addition, many of these components are constructed using recycled plastic bottles. This makes the company more environmentally friendly while still providing quality products.

Another great thing about the High Sierra line is that it offers lightweight designs. Many of our customers tell us that they prefer lighter weight backpacks because they allow them to carry more gear. If you're planning on spending hours upon hours outside, you'll appreciate being able to take along everything you need without feeling weighed down.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality High Sierra Hiking Backpack

Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature while getting exercise. If you're planning on taking part in outdoor activities, you might be interested in purchasing a good-quality hiking backpack. However, there are many different types of hiking packs available today, so choosing which one to purchase could prove difficult. In order to ensure that you choose the right type of pack, here are three important factors to take into consideration before making a decision.


One of the most important aspects of selecting a hiking backpack is its size.

There are two main categories of hiking backpacks: day hikers and overnight hikers. Day hikers typically carry only enough supplies to last them throughout the entire hike. Overnight hikers, however, must bring along more food and other necessary gear because they plan on spending several days outdoors. Because of these differences, both day hiker and overnight hikers require different sized packs. For example, day hikers generally prefer smaller backpacks with fewer compartments. Conversely, overnight hikers favor larger backpacks that provide ample storage room for everything they need during their trip.


Another factor to consider when shopping for a hiking backpack is weight. Some hikers believe that lighter backpacks are easier to carry, but others argue that heavier backpacks are actually safer. Regardless of whether you think heavy or light, you still need to weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully. Heavy backpacks are more stable and durable, but they're also harder to maneuver around obstacles. Lightweight backpacks, on the other hand, are easy to lift and carry, but they lack stability and durability. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your personal preference and the terrain where you intend to hike.


Finally, another thing to consider when deciding between lightweight and heavyweight hiking backpacks is durability. While lightweight backpacks are easier to handle, they aren't necessarily stronger than their heavier counterparts. As a result, lightweight backpacks are prone to tearing and breaking down faster than heavier ones. To avoid this problem, opt for a sturdy hiking backpack that has been designed specifically for long hikes. With proper care and maintenance, your hiking backpack will serve you well for years to come.

Features To Look For When Buying A High Sierra Hiking Backpack

The best way to choose a hiking pack is by doing research online. There are many different types of packs available so there is no single perfect fit for everyone. The most important thing to remember when choosing a hiking pack is to be sure you know exactly what features you're looking for before making a purchase. Here are some key features to look for when shopping for a hiking backpack.

Weight Capacity

This refers to the amount of weight your bag can hold. If you plan on carrying more than 20 lbs., you might want to invest in a larger capacity bag. However, if you only hike occasionally, you probably won't notice a significant increase in weight.


Most hiking bags today are waterproofed because water can cause problems if left inside a pack. Waterproofing prevents moisture from getting into the interior of the pack. Some brands claim their products are completely waterproof, however, we recommend testing these claims for yourself. If you live in a humid climate, you might want to opt for a lighter weight bag rather than a heavier model. Heavyweight models can become heavy and cumbersome during long hikes.


There are two main pockets found on most hiking backpacks. One pocket holds smaller items such as maps, snacks, etc. The other pocket has room for bigger items such as food, clothing, and sleeping supplies. Many hiking backpacks now include mesh side pockets which allow you to store small items such as keys, cell phones, and wallets. Mesh pockets are great for storing small items since they provide easy access to everything stored within.

Adjustable Straps

Hikers who travel frequently will appreciate adjustable straps. Adjustable straps let you quickly change the length of the strap depending on whether you're wearing shorts or pants. In addition, they give you the ability to adjust the position of the shoulder belt. This lets you customize the fit of the pack according to your body type.

Trip Computer

Many hiking backpacks now include trip computers. Trip computers track information such as elevation gain/loss, distance traveled, calories burned, and speed. Trip computers are useful tools for tracking progress and staying motivated throughout your journey. They also serve as a safety measure since they alert you if something goes wrong. Make sure to check the warranty period of the product you're interested in purchasing.


Some hiking backpacks are designed specifically for outdoor activities. Others are meant to last longer than others. Durability is determined by several factors including material composition, stitching quality, and construction techniques. We suggest researching each brand thoroughly before deciding on a particular model. Ask friends and family members who have owned the same brand of pack for recommendations. Also, read reviews written by previous customers online. Reviews are helpful in determining the durability of a product. If you see lots of negative feedback regarding a specific brand, chances are good that the company isn't very reputable.

Different Types of High Sierra Hiking Backpack

The most common type of pack used by hikers is called a day hike backpack. Day packs are designed with only enough room for food, water, clothing, and other essentials needed during a short trip. The main advantage of these bags is that they're lightweight and easy to carry around. However, because they aren't very durable, they typically last only a few days before needing replacement.

Hiking Backpack

Another popular choice among hikers is the hiking backpack. Unlike day packs, which are meant for quick trips, hiking backpacks are designed specifically for long-distance hikes. In addition to carrying supplies, hikers will often bring sleeping gear, tents, stoves, cooking utensils, and other camping accessories. Because hiking backpacks are more robust and heavier than day packs, they generally last longer and provide greater comfort while traveling.

Trip Packs

Finally, there are the expedition style packs. Expedition packs are larger and bulkier than both day packs and hiking backpacks. They include many features commonly found in hiking backpacks, including multiple pockets, compartments, and zippers. While expedition packs are great for extended treks, they are heavy and bulky. Therefore, they are best suited for experienced hikers who plan to travel far distances.

Tips For Choosing The Right Pack

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a hiking backpack. First, decide whether you prefer a day pack or a hiking pack. If you're planning on doing lots of walking, choose a hiking pack. Otherwise, go with a day pack. Next, think about the size of the bag you'd like. Finally, consider the amount of weight you expect to be carrying. Some packs weigh close to 20 pounds, so you might want to opt for a lighter model.

Types Of Sacks

Day packs are available in two different styles. One style has a single compartment where everything goes; the other style has separate compartments for each item. Both designs allow you to store your belongings separately.

Materials Used To Make Hiking Backpacks

Most hiking backpacks are constructed using nylon webbing and leather straps. Nylon webbing is strong yet flexible, making it ideal for constructing backpacks. Leather is another material frequently used to construct hiking backpacks. Leather is soft and supple, providing excellent support for your body.

Features To Look For In A Hiking Bag

Pockets - Pockets are essential for storing smaller items. Most day packs have three or four pockets, whereas hiking packs have anywhere between six and ten.

Size - Size refers to the length and width of the bag. Larger bags are easier to carry, especially if you're going on a lengthy trek.


High Sierra Summit Top Load Internal Frame Pack, Mercury/Ash/Yell-O, 45L

  • STRONG, DURABLE BALLISTIC NYLON MATERIAL: High Sierra Women's Summit 40L Internal Frame Pack is made with a combination of 1680D Ballistic fabric and 300 x 250-denier Duralite Mini-hexagon Ripstop providing water-resistant qualities that keep your gear dry
  • FEMALE SPECIFIC FIT: designed for a woman's petite frame, the High Sierra Women's Summit internal frame backpack has an adjustable single contoured aluminum frame bar and a versatile, overnight pack to fit the active woman's needs
  • LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY: features a large, top-load main compartment; mesh beverage pockets are on the side for easy access; soft lashing hardware holds ice ax and hiking poles; with webbing daisy chain hang on both sides to attach carabiners and other gear
  • MAXIMUM STABILITY: molded foam back panel with AIRFLOW channels keep your back cool and dry; adjustable waist belt, side and bottom compression straps, and adjustable sternum straps help stabilize the load and secure your gear
  • COMFORT AND EASE OF CARRYING: adjustable mesh padded shoulder straps with load-lifters offer comfort and ease of carrying; non-slip shoulder pads disburse weight more evenly on your shoulders; single, contoured, aluminum frame is adjustable to your frame

High Sierra Summit Top Load Internal Frame Pack, True Navy/True Navy/TropTeal, 40L

  • Versatile overnight pack. Top-load main compartment with gusseted drawstring closure and adjustable top lid
  • Front-load sleeping bag compartment with divider. Padded backpack straps, with adjustable load-lifters, is constructed with Hex-Vent mesh
  • Adjustable sternum strap stabilizes pack. Single, contoured aluminum frame bar can be adjusted to fit the shape of your back. Molded foam back panel with airflow channels to keep your back cool and dry. Adjustable waist belt, with Hex-Vent mesh padding, wicks moisture
  • Side compression straps help secure gear and stabilize the load. Bottom compression straps can be extended to allow for additional storage. Webbing daisy chain on both sides to attach carabiners and other gear.

High Sierra Karadon Frame Pack, Jade/Spearmint/Aquamarine, 45L (S-M)

  • Open side pockets (water bottle)
  • Dual drawstring main compartment
  • Removable lid with zippered Accessory pocket, organizer pocket, and key fob
  • Zippered bottom compartment with divider for sleep-system
  • Hydration compatible: externally accessible hydration sleeve for Quick access and Refill, hydration clip

High Sierra Ski Bag & Sku Boot Bag Combo, Black/Mercury, One Size

  • Ski bag has a 3/4 length zipper and holds up to 200 cm skis; one end can fold to secure shorter skis.
  • Boot bag holds a single pair of ski boots up to size 13.
  • Durable water-resistant fabric. Self-repairing nylon coil zippers.
  • For all winter sports needs

High Sierra Pathway Internal Frame Hiking Backpack, Black/Slate/Gold, 90L

  • Main compartment with U-shaped opening holds two pair of skis up to 185 cm.
  • Padded divider panel and interior hold-down straps keep gear organized and prevent it from shifting inside the bag.
  • Center of bag is padded to protect bindings.
  • Quick-release adjustable compression straps on each end.
  • Long webbing handles can be used as a shoulder strap.

High Sierra HydraHike Waist Pack, Lightweight Running, For Men, Women, and Kids, Black/Slate/Pool, 3L with Bottles

  • Large main compartment for storing your phone, wallet, keys, and any other valuables/necessities you might carry with you.
  • Zippered accessory pocket for additional storage for headphones, or other personal items
  • Large adjustable hip belt to fit all sizes, and make that pack comfortable on your waist
  • Safe to use for night camping: this pack features reflective details which help keep you safe while out in the dark
  • Made to last: this outdoor pack is coated with 600D poly with nylon ripstop making it strong and durable; enjoy many exciting hiking trips with this pack

High Sierra HydraHike Hydration Backpack, Lightweight Running Backpack, Cycling, Hiking, for Men, Women & Kids, Graphite Blue/Mercury/Glow, 8L

  • Large main compartment with hydration reservoir
  • COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN. High Sierra features a comfortable, ergonomic design with this awesome adult hydration backpack; padded back panel and shoulder straps with air mesh material help keep shoulders comfortable and your back cool and dry
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STABLE: HydraHike running hydration backpack has an adjustable sternum strap and webbing hip belt to help secure the bag on your back; adjust these straps to fit your size; light enough to use as a kids' hydration pack
  • SAFE TO USE FOR NIGHT CAMPING: this hydration pack features reflective details on the front and back which help keep you safe while out in the dark; HydraHike is the perfect camping hydration backpack
  • MADE TO LAST: this outdoor hydration pack is coated with 600D poly with nylon ripstop making it strong and durable; enjoy many exciting hiking trips with this water hydration backpack
  • BPA-Free Hydration Reservoir included.

High Sierra Outside Commuter Daypack, Grey Blue, 18L

  • From morning commute to trail; this backpack has you covered.
  • Main compartment is accessible through top zipper
  • 300D Polyester Fabric
  • Fully padded computer compartment Integrated tablet sleeve Zippered expansion gusset to increase capacity
  • Multi-pocket organizer compartment with key fob

High Sierra HydraHike Youth, Curious, 8L

  • Main compartment is accessible through top zipper
  • Lightweight ripstop fabric
  • Insulated reservoir pocket + 1.5L wide slide reservoir included
  • BPA free reservoir has bite valve with on/off switch
  • 360° reflectivity: Be bold. Be bright
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