FROGG TOGGS Java Toadz 2.5 Lightweight Waterproof Rain Pant

  • DriPore Gen2 waterproof breathable technology keeps you active in comfortable, no matter the weather
  • Ultralight and packable makes it the perfect choice to bring with you on all your adventure’s where wet weather may be encountered
  • Zippered leg openings provide fast and easy on/off without shoe removal
  • Pass-through pockets provide ample storage
  • Adjustable, elastic waist provides a customized and comfortable fit

How To Choose The Best Hiking Rain Pants

What Is The Purpose Of Hiking Rain Pants?

Hiking rain pants are designed specifically for outdoor activities where water might be present. Waterproofing is important because many hikers forget to bring along adequate clothing for rainy weather. If you're planning on going hiking during the summer months, you must remember to pack appropriate rain gear. In addition, you should always check with local officials before heading into the woods. Some areas prohibit camping due to environmental concerns.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Rain Gear For Hiking

Choosing the right type of rain gear depends upon several factors including the length of hike, the amount of precipitation expected, and whether or not you plan on spending the night outdoors. Both rain jackets and rain pants provide excellent protection from the elements. However, there are differences between these two options.

Rain Jackets vs Rainpants

The main difference between rain jackets and rain pants is the material used to construct each piece. Rain jackets are typically constructed using nylon while rain pants are generally made of polyester. Nylon tends to dry faster than polyester so it's recommended that you choose a jacket over a pair of pants. Another advantage of wearing a rain jacket is that it offers more coverage than a rain pant. While both rain jackets and rain pants offer good protection, rain jackets are preferred by most hikers since they allow greater freedom of movement.

Tips For Selecting The Best Pair Of Rain Clothes

There are three key considerations when selecting the best pair of rain clothes: fit, function, and price. Fit refers to the size of the garment. Do you prefer loose fitting garments or tight-fitting ones? Function refers to the ability of the rain coat to keep you warm and dry. Price refers to the overall value of the product. All three aspects of rain coats play a role in determining which option is best suited for you.


Your choice of rain jacket should depend on the kind of activity you intend to engage in. If you plan on doing strenuous physical activity, you should select a rain jacket that fits snugly around your body. Loose fitting raincoats are ideal for casual hikes. If you plan on walking long distances, you should opt for a rain jacket that has ample room for ventilation.


If so, you should purchase a rain jacket that features pockets. Pockets are useful for storing small objects such as keys or cell phones. If you plan on engaging in strenuous physical activity, you should invest in a rain jacket that includes a hood. Hooded rain jackets are essential for protecting your head from windy conditions.


It's easy to overlook the importance of price when purchasing rain gear. But, when shopping for rain gear, you should never compromise on quality for the sake of saving money. Quality rain gear costs more upfront but lasts longer and protects you better.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Hiking Rain Pants

Hiking rain pants are essential gear for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. If you're planning on spending more than a few hours outside during inclement weather, investing in high-quality rain pants is important. Not only will these pants be able to withstand heavy downpour conditions, but they'll also provide excellent insulation and breathability.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Hiking Rain Pants For You

Choosing the right pair of hiking rain pants isn't easy. There are many different types available, so choosing which ones best suit your needs can take some research. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect pair of hiking rain pants for you.

Look for features like water repellent treatment, mesh lining, adjustable waistbands, zippers, and reflective strips.

Waterproofing Options

There are two main ways to waterproof hiking rain pants - either by using treated fabric or adding a waterproof coating. Treated fabrics are typically treated with chemicals that repel moisture. Waterproof coatings are applied directly to the outer material of the pant. Both options are effective, but each has its pros and cons.

Treated fabrics are lighter weight and easier to pack. However, treating materials makes them stiffer and less comfortable.


Another key factor to consider when selecting hiking rain pants is whether or not they include insulating properties. Insulated hiking rain pants are warmer because they trap heat inside the garment. Without proper insulation, hikers risk getting cold and wet faster.

Breathable Materials

In addition to providing adequate insulation, hiking rain pants must allow air to circulate freely around the body. Breathable materials let sweat evaporate quickly, preventing bacteria build-up and odor.

Rain pants with mesh liners are great for ventilating while still being warm enough to stay dry.

Adjustable Waistband

An adjustable waistband is another useful feature to look for in hiking rain pants. Adjustable waists enable users to customize fit based on height and size.

Zipper Pockets

Pockets are a convenient way to store small items like keys, money, and cell phones. Zippered pockets are especially helpful for carrying valuables since they can be secured shut.

Reflective Strips

It's always smart to dress appropriately before heading outdoors. Reflective strips are a simple yet effective way to ensure others see you coming.

Features To Look For When Buying Hiking Rain Pants

Rain pants are great because they provide protection from the elements while still allowing you to hike comfortably. If you're going to be spending long periods outdoors, you'll want to invest in good quality rain gear. The best rain pants will allow you to stay dry and comfortable during rainy weather conditions. Here are some features to look for when shopping for hiking rain pants.


The most important thing to look for in hiking rain pants is water resistance. Waterproofing refers to the ability of the material to repel moisture. Most rain pants today are constructed with polyester fabrics which are resistant to water. However, there are other materials available too including nylon and Gore-Tex. Nylon has been known to hold its shape well in wet environments, however, it does not repel water very effectively. Gore-Tex is by far the strongest fabric available for outdoor activities. It offers excellent breathability and water repellency. In addition, Gore-Tex is highly durable and abrasion resistant. So, if you plan on doing lots of backpacking trips, you might want to consider investing in Gore-Tex rain pants.

Fabric Type

There are two main types of fabric found in hiking rain pants - mesh and non-mesh. Mesh rain pants are more breathable since they let air flow freely through the pant legs. Non-mesh rain pants are thicker and heavier so they offer greater protection from wind and precipitation. Both styles are suitable for different situations. Mesh rain pants are ideal for warm climates where you expect heavy rainfall. Non-mesh rain pants are perfect for colder climates where you expect little or no precipitation.


Another factor to consider when choosing between mesh and non-mesh rain pants is fit. Mesh rain pants are typically looser fitting than non-mesh rain pants. Loose fitting rain pants are easier to put on and take off. They also allow for maximum airflow. Conversely, tight fitting rain pants are harder to put on and remove. They trap heat inside making it difficult to stay cool. Also, tight fitting rain pants restrict movement causing chaffing and blisters.


Hiking rain pants should include pockets for storing small items like keys, wallets, cell phones, etc. Pockets are essential for protecting valuables from theft. Some rain pants have multiple pockets sewn into the leg of the garment. Others have only one pocket located near the waistband. Either way, you'll want to choose a pair of rain pants with plenty of storage options.


Some hikers prefer adjustable rain pants because they can adjust the length of the pant legs based on personal preference. Adjustable rain pants are easy to slip on and off. They also give you flexibility when changing positions. There are many ways to customize these pants. One option is to simply cut the excess material away from the bottom hemline. Another option is to sew additional pockets onto the pant leg. Yet another option is to attach elastic bands around the ankles.

Different Types of Hiking Rain Pants

Rain gear has been around since before we knew what weather was. The idea behind rainwear is simple - to provide shelter from the elements while still allowing us to be active outdoors. There are many different styles of rain pants available today, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some are designed specifically for backpacking trips, others for day hikes, and yet others for more extreme activities. In this post, I’ll discuss three main categories of rain pants, including those intended for backpacking, day hikers, and mountaineering.

Backpacker Rain Gear

The most common type of rain gear worn by backpackers is known as “breathable” rain pants. Breathable rain pants are typically made of nylon/spandex blends, which allow moisture vapor to pass through the fabric while preventing water droplets from penetrating. Taped rain pants are generally lighter weight and easier to pack than untaped ones, so they're ideal for long-distance treks where weight matters.

Day Hikers Rain Gear

For shorter hikes, there are several options available for protecting hikers from inclement weather conditions. Day hikers rain pants are typically constructed using Gore Tex fabrics, which are highly durable and windproof. While these pants are great for short walks, they aren’t suitable for extended periods of exposure because they lack ventilation holes. To combat this problem, day hikers rain jackets are commonly equipped with mesh vents along the sleeves and waistband. Mesh venting is particularly useful during hot days when sweat tends to build up inside the jacket.

Mountaineering Rain Gear

Hikers who plan to climb mountains face additional challenges due to harsh weather conditions. For example, high winds can cause snowfall to accumulate on exposed peaks. If you intend to hike above tree line, you must take special precautions to avoid hypothermia. Mountain climbers require specialized clothing that offers superior insulation and wind resistance. One popular option is a full length rain suit, which includes both a hooded rain cape and trousers. Hooded rain suits are especially helpful when temperatures drop below freezing, as they trap heat within the garment.


Jessie Kidden Women's Waterproof Pants Hiking Ski Snow Fish Fleece Lined Insulated Outdoor Golf Travel Pant (28, 801F Black)

  • Waterproof Pants Women: High-level waterproof soft shell Surface layer, Mid layer stretch quick dry breathable fabric, inner layer high-end fleece, fully to block stains and liquids while maintain good permeability, Keep you dry and warm.
  • Hiking Pants Women: Slim fit wear-resisting outdoor pants featuring elastic adjust waist with belt to fit comfortably, four zipper cargo pockets keep your belongings phone, keys, cards secure.
  • Winter Ski Snow Pants: Bootcut leg opening fits boots, Dart on knee giving much-needed flexibility around the knee area, waterproof, windproof,abrasion resistant,no pilling and comfy.
  • Cargo Pants for Women: Four way stretch Scratch-resistant nylon fabric and gusseted crotch design allow full range of motion, especially applicable for outdoor activities with extremely flexibility and comfort.
  • Softshell Fleece Lined Pants: Mid and high rise, Stylish 3D cutting, Perfect for winter outdoor sports like hunting, hiking, mountaineering, travelling, skiing, walking, camping, fishing, climb kayaking.

TBMPOY Men's Snow Ski Waterproof Fleece Lined Pants Outdoor Hiking Mountain Softshell with Belt 02 Thick Grey L

  • Waist size: XS fits for 28''-29''.S fits for 30''-31'';M fits for 32''-34'';L fits for 36''-38'';XL fits for 40''-42'';XXL fits for 44''-46''.
  • Surface layer Soft shell Polyester. Waterproof,Windproof,Durable,Lightweight and Breathable. Inner Comfy Fleece in Thick 01 and 02 keep you warm in cold outdoor activities.
  • Belt included. Adjustable stretchy waist with belt allows the maximum comfort.
  • Multi-pockets and Practical Design. Zipper security pockets keep your small items stay safely while moving.
  • Men's Snow Ski Windproof Soft Shell Snowboarding Pants suitable for daily wear, hiking, hunting, travelling, skiing, camping, fishing, mountaineering, biking, cycling.

Jessie Kidden Waterproof Pants Mens, Fleece Lined Hiking Climbing Motorcycle Ski Snow Insulated Soft Shell Pants with Belt #5088-Black,36

  • Waterproof Pants Men: Wear resistant stretch nylon surface layer with waterproof coating, effectively repels rain ,snow and oil stains, cuts the wind, prevents water molecules from penetrating; Inner layer made of skin-friendly warm fleece with superior moisture wicking treatment, breath freely, keep warmth and dry, provides the excellent comfort and flexibility.
  • Insulated Winter Hiking Pants: 3D Cutting / Mid and high rise/ Side elastic waist allows pants to fit comfortably. Mens insulated pants features 4 large-capacity pockets and 2 button back pockets to keep your phone,wallet,key,tactical gears or other accessories for ultimate safely, convenience and efficiency while moving.
  • Ski Snow Pants Men: Fleece lined softshell pants featured articulated knees provides great stretch flexible, flannel lined and water resistant cargo pants for windy or snowy weathers. Boot fit designed to prevent cold air from being poured in, and the warmth will be better, also can be put into the boots without bloating and moving more freely.
  • Softshell Pants Summitskin Pants: Men’s durable winter pants has ripstop fabrics to protect your legs from gravel, scratch resistant & tear resistant, designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Belt included.
  • Jessie Kidden men slim flannel lined pants suitable for winter outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountaineering, travelling, cycling, skiing, walking, camping, fishing, hunting, garden working, golf, motorcycle.

TBMPOY Men's Outdoor Lightweight Windproof Belted Quick-Dry Hiking Pants(03thin Sage Green,us M)

  • Waist size: XS fits for 28''-29''.S fits for 30''-31'';M fits for 32''-34'';L fits for 36''-38'';XL fits for 40''-42'';XXL fits for 44''-46''.
  • Thin & Quick-Dry & Water repellent windproof outdoor pants keep you comfortable and dry in the summer spring and windy weather.
  • Belt is Included & Elastic Waist: Belt included.Adjustable stretchy waist with belt allows the maximum comfort.
  • Pockets: Zip pockets at sides and back for convenient and secure storage, allows you can comfortably enjoy the exercise time.
  • Slim fit hiking pants for men,perfect for mountain climbing,Camping,skiing,hiking,running,cycling,traveling,walking the dog,fishing,hunting,taking a walk and other indoor & outdoor sports.

FROGG TOGGS Men's ToadSkinz Reflective Waterproof Rain Pant, Black/Silver, Medium

  • The ToadSkinz Rain Pant is a reflective, waterproof pant with a locking web belt perfect for motor-cyclists
  • Made with Frogg Toggs breathable fabric that is wind-resistant and lightweight
  • Pant features heat-resistant inner leg liners, zip-to-knee side zips for easy on and off, and removable retention spats at the leg openings
  • The reflective Frogg Eyzz piping and heat-applied reflective tape allows for max visibility to keep wearers seen and safe

BenBoy Women's Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Fleece Slim Cargo Snow Ski Hiking Pants,AN-SF1602W-Black-L

  • Material: The hiking pants are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, which are waterproof, windproof, warm,abrasion resistant,no pilling and comfy.
  • Multi zipper pockets keep your phone,keys,credit cards and other personal belongings secure.
  • Slim fit hiking pants featuring adjustable waistband with belt,patckwork knees,steric knee darts and unique zippered cargo pockets on thigh part.
  • Water repellent windproof outdoor pants with fleece lining,keep you warm and dry in the cold and windy weather.
  • Stylish snow pants for women,perfect for winter outdoor activities like hiking,mountaineering,camping,skiing,snowboarding,climbing,ice sports. NOTE: Dear customers, if you have any questions , please feel free to contact us and we will provide the best solution to you.

FREE SOLDIER Men's Fleece Lined Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants Water Repellent Softshell Snow Ski Pants with Zipper Pockets (Gray 34W x 30L)

  • STAY WARM: FREE SOLDIER Snow Ski Fleece Lined Pants are made of 94% Scratch-resistant Polyester 6% Stretch Spandex soft shell fabric and lining with 100% Soft Polar Fleece. The skin-friendly property anti-static Fleece Lining of snow pants for men offers you with superior moisture wicking treatment, no pilling, breath freely, keep warmth and dry from the inside out while the Spandex provides the excellent comfort and flexibility.
  • WATER RESISTANT & WINDPROOF: Surface layer of mens ski pants is designed with Water Repellent Coating obviously repels rain and snow, cuts the wind, that pulls moisture away to keep you cool and dry during the winter sports, while maintain good breathability. Resists wrinkle, no fade soft shell winter pants for men with premium fleece lining fabric, give your skin a soft touch and effectively lock the heat, also perfect in windproof and snowproof, which is very suitable for outdoor adventure.
  • MULTI-POCKETS & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 5 Secured Zipper Pockets with Drawstring can keep your phone, wallet, key, tactical gears or other accessories for ultimate safely, convenience and efficiency while moving. Freedom of movement - Stretch Spandex Softshell Pants featured with articulated knees provides great flexible, full mobility and perfectly fit. 3D tailoring with exquisite stitching make the hiking pants for men more suitable and stylish.
  • UPGRADE DETAILS: Side elastic waist allows waterproof pants to maximum fit and comfortable, widen Belt Loops fit for ultimate flexibility, can be used for the belts of different widths. High quality YKK Zipper Fly with Metal Closure avoid the embarrassment. Duraflex D-ring can hang keys chain and other essentials.
  • PERFECT FOR COLD WEATHER - FREE SOLDIER fleece lined pants men are especially suitable for hunting, camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, jungle, running, combat, military, backpacking, working, traveling, climbing, skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. NOTICE: All the data are accurately measured, please choose your standard size. If you like loose fit, please order the Plus or one size up.

Mountain Warehouse Pakka Mens Waterproof Rain Pants - Khaki Medium

  • Waterproof - Tested 1,500mm
  • Taped Seams - All seams are taped to make this item fully waterproof
  • Breathable - The fabric allows perspiration to pass out of the garment, keeping you cool and comfortable. Rated at 1,500g

FREE SOLDIER Men's Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants with Belt Lightweight Waterproof Quick Dry Tactical Pants Nylon Spandex (Mud 32W/30L)

  • MATERIAL: FREE SOLDIER Nylon Pants made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex, quick dry, lightweight and breathable. Scratch-resistant and wear-resistant nylon fabric is also outstanding in the aspect of moisture absorption, which is very suitable for outdoor adventure. The blended spandex fabric features high elasticity, anti-wrinkle and no deformation, soft texture make these pants for men comfortable to wear and freedom of movement.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: DuPont Teflon Coating with durable water repellent can effectively repels liquids and stains, always keep the waterproof pants mens dry and clean. This quick dry pants for men features UPF 50+, which can blocks UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin from damage.
  • FLEXIBLE & COMFORT: The pants for men featured 4-way stretch fabric which has the characteristics of ultralight, breathe freely, quick-drying and elastic. The waterproof hiking pants keeps you dry in outdoor activities without any sense of restraint on your legs. Reinforced articulating knees are designed with 4 pleats and 3D tailoring for the ultimate comfortable and flexible.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE POCKETS: The ripstop hiking pants mens are designed with 2 front Slant Pockets, 2 large YKK Zipper Security Cargo Pockets with COOLMAX mesh lining and 2 back Straight Pockets, it’s convenient for carrying phone, wallet and other tactical items, safe and reliable. Adjustable Belt with Metal Buckle to allow the maximum comfort, you can adjust the length depending on your waist easily. YKK Zipper and Metal Buckle Closure. Regular fit.
  • FREE SOLDIER mens waterproof pants is especially suitable for outdoor hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, fishing, hunting, jungle, running, mountaineering, combat, military, backpacking, working, traveling, and so on. Please refer to the size chart when you choose the size, all the data are accurately measured.

5Oaks Men's Waterproof Comfort-Fit Rain Over Pants Black L

  • Machine Wash Cold,do not use softner,do not iron,Tumble dry low
  • Size L Fit 6'2" Waist 34-36W, Size XL Fit 6'4"/36-38W,36L according to customer's review- PLEASE SEE SIZE CHART IN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW
  • Pull-on elasticized waistband with one-hand drawstring and stopper adjustment. Super comfortable over rain pants
  • Left thigh security pocket with waterproof zipper to keep your belongings dry during bad weather. Snap button adjustment on bottom cuffs
  • Perfect gear for outdoor working, hiking, camping,biking,fishing,hunting,mountain trail etc. Fully taped seams and high waterproof and breathable fabrics to keeps out rain, keeps your body completely dry

BALEAF Women's Hiking Pants Waterproof Fleece Lined Cold Weather Insulated Ski Snow Pant Warm Winter Soft Shell Black M

  • 【Keep Dry and Waterproof】The fleece lining pants is soft and paired with a waterproof shell pant to keep dry and comfortable hiking, sledding, or skiing for hours
  • 【Keep Warm and Windproof】The surface of the winter hiking pants is woven tightly, forming a tight windproof, maintaining the body warm, let you not fear the cold weather
  • 【4 Zippered Pockets】2 zippered side pockets & 1 zippered leg pocket & 1 back zippered pocket, available for 5",5.5",6.5" Mobile Phone.
  • 【Not bulky】Women winter Pants aren't as bulky as ski pants and you could easily wear leggings underneath them for added warmth. The elastic at the leg can prevent snow from entering the leggings inside, provide warm and dry to your ski sports
  • 【Best Gift】Women's winter cold-weather pants can let you keep to warm when you living an under -0℃ environment, suitable for cold winter while hiking, skiing, sledding, cross country skiing, walking, Warm christmas gift for your lover

BALEAF Women's Hiking Pants Quick Dry Lightweight Elastic Waist Water Resistance Joggers Casual Pant for Summer Steel Gray Size L

  • Crafted of lightweight, breathable, water-resistant, and quick dry fabric, the women's hiking pants keep you cool and fresh all day.
  • Stretch-woven fabric with built-in UPF 50+ provides excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • The women's hiking pants with four zip-closure security pockets offer great convenience. The elastic waist with a drawstring and articulated knees make the pants a perfect fit.
  • Featuring adjustable cord locks around the cuffs, allowing leg opening adjustment to keep bugs out when hiking, making them more convenient for sports. Great for hiking, climbing, traveling, or your favorite outdoor pursuit.
  • According to our customer's feedback, these women's lightweight hiking pants may run a litter larger. Please choose one size down If you prefer a snug fit. Machine washable.

Acme Projects Rain Pants, 100% Waterproof, Breathable, Taped Seam, 10000mm/3000gm for Hiking Golfing Fishing (Men's, Large) Black

  • WATERPROOF - 10000mm Waterproof Rating and all seams are sealed. Prevents water from leaking through the fabric and seams.
  • BREATHABLE - 3000gm Breathability Rating. Breathable membrane allows water molecule out, making sure you dry on the inside
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN –Draw cord and elastic system helps you customize your fit around waist. Velcro closure at bottom leg allows adjust the width for different fits and occasions. 2 hand pockets for stacking your essentials
  • VARIOUS OCCASIONS– Perfect for hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, traveling and all other outdoor activities. This stylish and functional rain pants should accompany you when you are out adventure and on your daily commute

Gopune Women's Hiking Pants Outdoor Lightweight Quick Dry Water Resistant (Black,L)

  • 92 % Nylon + 8 % Spandex
  • Lightweight fabric with moisture management to keep you cool and fresh all day
  • Elastic waistband design allows full range of motion for all day comfort
  • Two zippered pockets on the both sides,one back pocket convenient for all your small item.Zipper pocket for secure storage, like phone, keys and cards
  • These women hiking pants suitable for climbing mountain,hiking,travelling,fishing ,running ,cycling ,walking or daily wear

BenBoy Men's Snow Ski Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Fleece Cargo Hiking Pants,AN-SF1602M-Black-M

  • The hiking pants are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, which are waterproof, windproof, warm,abrasion resistant and no pilling.
  • Multi zipper pockets can keep your phone,keys,credit cards and other personal belongings secure.
  • Slim fit softshell pants featuring adjustable waistband with belt,the patchwork knees are strong and wear-resistant.
  • Water repellent windproof outdoor pants with fleece lining,keep you warm and dry in the cold and windy weather.
  • Stylish snow pants for men,perfect for winter outdoor activities like hiking,mountaineering,camping,skiing,snowboarding and other winter activities. NOTE: Dear customers, if you have any questions , please feel free to contact us and we will provide the best service to you.

Hubunucc Men's Fleece Lined Soft Shell Winter ski Insulated Water and Wind-Resistant Hiking Rain Pants,MH4409,Black,US 32

  • Water resistant &Windproof: Surface layer is designed with Water Repellent Coating obviously repels rain and snow, cuts the wind, that pulls moisture away to keep you cool and dry during the winter sports, while maintain good breath ability.
  • Insulated hiking pants :Spandex soft shell fabric and lining with 100% Soft Polar Fleece. Fleece Lining with skin-friendly property offers you with superior moisture wicking treatment, breath freely, keep warmth and dry provides the excellent comfort and flexibility.
  • Multi Pockets pants: 3 Secured Zipper Pockets can keep your phone, wallet, key, tactical gears or other accessories for ultimate safely, convenience and efficiency while moving. Freedom of movement - Stretch Spandex Softshell Pants featured with articulated knees provides great flexible.
  • winter pants men:Adjustable stretchy waist allows pants to fit comfortably. Zippered front and rear pockets keep your small items stay safely while moving. 2 large-capacity zipper side pockets, inner plush fabric to prevent the cold caused by metal, and zip pocket on the back to protect your valuables.
  • Perfect for cold day - Water Resistant Softshell Snow Ski Pants are especially suitable for hunting, camping, hiking, cycling,traveling, climbing, skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. Please kindly refer to the size chart when you choose the size, all the data are accurately measured.

Lightweight Hiking Pants for Women High Waisted Camo Cargo Water Resistant Outdoor Casual Pants with Zipper Pockets UPF 50

  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection--Womens black pants can protects your skin away from harmful rays while outdoors.
  • Adjustable Elastic Waist-- These fashion cargo pants features elastic waistband with drawcord for a snug, fit the waist perfectly.
  • 6 Zipper Pockets-- Teen girls trendy cargo pants with 6 zipper pockets,great for carrying phone, wallet and other belongings. Orange and black zipper pulls give you a completely different matching effect.
  • Adjustable Cord Lock + Elastic Pull Strings-- Ladies athletic pant features adjustable cord lock around the leg bottoms to keep bugs out when hiking and you can adjust the length.
  • Occasions--Outdoor quick dry pants perfect for Hiking, Camping, Fitness, Active, Cycling, Fishing, Boating, Traveling, Running, Jogging, Kayaking, Backpacking, Gardening, Lounge and Daily home wear.

BALEAF Women's Fleece Lined Pants Water Resistant Sweatpants High Waisted Thermal Joggers Winter Running Hiking Pockets Black M

  • Fleece Lined: Soft fleece lining can withstand the severe cold and keep you warm, ideal for cold weather of 20°F-50°F
  • Water Resistant: Comfy soft fabric is treated with a durable water repellent to shed light rain and stains, available for snowing day
  • High Waistband: 3.5 inch High-rise waistband for better tummy control, adjustable drawstring offer custom fit
  • Convenience Pockets: Deep side pockets available for 6.7" mobile phone, cards and other essentials, free your hands
  • Perfect for running, hiking, lounging, casual, skiing, skating, yoga and daily wear. TIPS: Cold machine wash or hand wash, then dry at low temperature or air dry

BASSDASH Splice Mens Waterproof Breathable Hunting Pants Ripstop Camo Fishing Rain Pant

  • High strength, durable, tightly woven ripstop out layer resists thorns and abrasion, while the inner PU coated membrane and the heat sealed seams ensure they remain 100% watertight; With skin-friendly lining
  • Fit into most workplaces as well as doing double duty in the mountains; Can be worn alone for early season hunting from spring turkey hunting to fall archery, also have room for base layers on colder hunts
  • Eight-pocket design for carrying your essentials: Two deep front pockets with reinforced edge for knife clip, two cargo pockets with flap and button closure, two waterproof zippered pockets on the cargo pockets, and two waterproof zippered back pockets
  • The Splice pants are hard wearing pants with strong reinforcement on high impact areas - on lower legs, hip, and ankle to ensure no matter what terrain they are built to last; Color splicing makes a bold impression with its fresh and active style
  • Partial elastic waist (with zipper and button closure) and articulated knees offer flexible comfort for long miles in the field; Fitted ankle draw cord to ensure the legs stays over your boots

Little Donkey Andy Men's Lightweight Hiking Pants Quick Dry Cargo Joggers with Zipper Pockets Gray XXL

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & WATER-RESISTANT- Fabric is super lightweight,featuring water-repellent and breathability to keep you comfortable and dry in the light rain
  • ELASTIC WAISTABND & CUFFS- Elastic wasitband with drawstring for a adjustable fit, no worries sliding down your behind when bending over. Ankle cuffs with a little bit of elasticity for a sporty look and easy wear.
  • 5 FUNCTIONAL POCKETS - Joggers is super lightweight and 5 functional pockets including 2 side zip pockets, 2 cargo pockets with hook-and-loop closure and 1 back zip pocket keep my vehicle keys, money and cellphone secured
  • SUN PROTECTION- UPF 50+ treatment provides excellent UV protection
  • PERFORMANCE SWEATPANTS: These versatile cargo pants are perfect for hiking, lounge, travel, work, workout, walking or daily wear

BALEAF Women's Winter Fleece Lined Hiking Pants Insulated Waterproof Cold Weather Outdoor Windproof Soft Shell Black L

  • Water Resistant & Insulated: Surface layer water repellent breathable coating, inner layer polar fleece for added insulation. It can repels rain and snow, seal out the wind, and keep you warm and light. Suitable for snow ski outdoor in the cold winter
  • Ankle Zipper: Adjustable zipper design at the ankle provides a greater range of motion. Fit over your ski or snow board boots. Articulated knee lets you more comfortable when you bend and squat, provides great mobility around the knee area
  • Slim Fit: NOT BULKY. The pants are slim cut, but also have room for layering. Elastic waistband provides the right amount of flexibility for a better fit. Reflective logo increase the visibility under low or poor light conditions
  • 5 Utility Pockets: Two zippered side pockets available for 6.5" Mobile Phone. One zippered leg pocket for card/keys. Two back velcro pockes provide great convenience
  • Multi Occasion: Perfect for winter outdoor activities in 10-50℉ cold weather, like hiking, cross skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, MTB trail or just walking with your dog in the snow

Little Donkey Andy Womens Lightweight Waterproof Rain Pants Windproof for Golf Hiking Gray Size L

  • Featuring a waterproof-breathable, fully seam-sealed shell and a mesh lining, you’ll be comfortable and protected inside and out. DWR finish resists intense, heavy rain whenever rain falls and the wind blows. Breathability rating: 1000g/m2/24hr; Waterproof Rating: 3000mm
  • Articulation at the knees and the hip combine to further extend comfort and range of motion.
  • Easy-wearing partial elasticated waist for a comfortable fit; Leg openings is adjustable with drawcord; Hook snap button to prevent popping open.
  • Two slant pockets and one thigh pocket with WATERPROOF zippers;
  • Suitable for hiking, mountaineering, travel, riding, walking, camping, hunt, climb, etc

BALEAF Men's Golf Rain Pants Waterproof Zip Legs Lightweight Breathable Pockets Black Large

  • Waterproof&Breathable--10000mm totally waterproof &5000mm/24hr breathablity rating.
  • Reflective Stripes-- Half Leg Zip with reflective riping slit that allows expand the width of the ankle cuff to accommodate over boots, and protects you in all dark situation
  • Three Waterproof Zippered Pockets--Back and both side pockets with waterproof zippers keep your valuable items dry.
  • Ultralight--Folds up very compact, all weather and all sport are suitable for carrying it, especially for outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, camping other action.
  • Adjustable Drawstring--Elastic waistband, easy to put on or off.

Selovzz Men's Outdoor Lightweight Hiking Mountain Pants Running Active Jogger Pants Black 3XL

  • 4-Way Stretch Running Pants --- Quick dry, breathable, lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric and comfortable tailored fit, durable enough to do any sports and casual wear.
  • Water Resistant & Quick dry -- Durable water repellent (DWR) finish on fabric to shed light rain and stains.Outdoor sports,fast drying keeps you cool and dry.
  • Sun Protection--UPF 50+ sun protection fabric protect your skin from harmful harmful UVA/UVB radiation
  • Zipper Pockets --- Two large front security zipper pockets and invisible back pockets can hold 5.5 inch phones, change, keys, etc during active. Premium closed zipper can better protect your valuables not easy to lose.
  • Occasions --- Outdoor and sports activities like running, hiking, workout, camping, athletic, cycling, fishing, gym, track, climbing, golf, walking, jogging or daily wear, etc.
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