CROSS101 Adjustable Weighted Vest Camouflage Workout Weight Vest Training Fitness, 20 lb.

  • Weights included - 8 x 2.5 lb. weights
  • Weights are adjustable in 2.5 lb. increments, max weight is 20 lb.
  • One size fits most
  • One piece design with belt attached onto the vest for easy setup
  • Only 12" in width

How To Choose The Best Hiking With Weight Vest

What Is The Purpose Of Hiking With Weight Vest?

The best way to lose fat is by walking. Walking burns calories faster than running because it uses more muscles. If you walk fast enough, you burn more calories per minute than if you run. In addition, walking is easier on joints, so it’s good exercise for older adults who might be recovering from injuries or surgery.

How Does A Weighted Vest Help Me Lose Fat?

Weighted vests are worn while exercising to provide resistance. That makes it harder to lift weights, which increases calorie burning. As a result, you burn more calories during each workout session.

Benefits of Using Weight Vests While Exercising

Wearing a weighted vest while working out has many benefits. First, it improves muscle tone. Second, it tones specific parts of your body. Third, wearing a weighted vest forces you to engage other muscles besides those used for lifting weights. Fourth, using a weighted vest gives you a sense of accomplishment. Finally, wearing a weighted vest builds self-confidence.

How Do I Wear My Weighted Vest?

To start, put on your weighted vest before going outside. Then, take a few minutes to warm up by jogging around the block. Once you're ready, begin your workout routine. Start slowly and build up speed gradually. Don't worry if you fall behind; simply pick up where you left off next time.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Wearing A Weighted Vest?

There are no disadvantages to wearing a weighted vest. However, there are risks associated with wearing a weighted vest. For example, if you drop something heavy on top of your head, you could suffer serious injury. Also, if you slip on ice or snow, you could hurt yourself. Always remember to follow safety precautions when wearing a weighted vest.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About Wearing A Weighted Vest?

Before starting a fitness program, consult your doctor. Make sure you talk to him/her about whether or not you should wear a weighted vest. He/she will tell you if it's safe for you to wear a weighted vest.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Hiking Weight Vest

Hiking with weights has been around since ancient times. In fact, many cultures believed that carrying heavy objects was good for health. However, there are several reasons why you might choose to purchase a hiking weight vest. First, you could be doing cardio exercises while wearing a weight vest. Second, you could be using the weights to increase muscle strength. Third, you could be using the weights to improve balance. Fourth, you could be using the weights to build stamina. Finally, you could be using the weights to burn calories.

Cardio Exercise

One of the most popular uses of a hiking weight vest is to perform cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise includes walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, cross-country skiing, etc. There are two ways to perform these activities. One way is by performing each activity for 30 minutes continuously. Another way is to alternate between different types of activities. For example, you could walk for 10 minutes, jog for 5 minutes, run for 3 minutes, cycle for 2 minutes, swim for 1 minute, row for 1 minute, and so forth.

Muscle Strength

Another common reason to purchase a hiking weight vest is to strengthen muscles. If you're interested in improving muscle strength, you could start by lifting light weights. Then, once you've built up enough strength, you could lift heavier weights. As you progress, you'll notice that your body becomes stronger and more flexible.

Balance Training

Many hikers carry a hiking weight vest because they believe that it improves their overall balance. Balance refers to maintaining equilibrium during movement. When you hike, you shift your CG forward and backward. Doing this causes your CG to change position relative to other parts of your body. This makes it easier for you to stay balanced.

Stamina Building

Finally, another benefit of hiking with weights is that it builds stamina. Staying active throughout the day is important for staying healthy. Therefore, building stamina is essential for living a long and happy life.

Burning Calories

Yet another reason to purchase a hiking weight vest is to burn calories. Many hikers report losing fat while wearing a hiking weight vest. Some claim that they lose up to 20 pounds per month.

Other Uses

There are many other benefits of purchasing a hiking weight vest. For instance, you could use the weights to train specific areas of your body. Or, you could use the weights to develop core stability. Core stability refers to being able to stabilize your spine and pelvis.

How Much Do Hiking Weights Cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of weights you purchase. For example, some weights are designed specifically for exercising. Others are meant for general fitness purposes. Still others are intended for therapeutic purposes.

Hiking with weights has become very popular recently. People who love outdoor activities and fitness prefer using weight vests while exercising outdoors. The main reason behind choosing these types of exercise gear is because they allow users to perform exercises more effectively. In addition, there are many other benefits associated with wearing weight vests while doing physical activity. Here are some features to look for when purchasing hiking with weight vests.

Adjustable Waist Belt

An adjustable waist belt is another important factor to be considered before buying hiking with weight vests. An adjustable waist belt allows you to adjust the size according to your body type. If you're planning to purchase hiking with weight vests, you must ensure that the waist belt fits properly so that it does not cause discomfort during workouts. Also, choose a waist belt which is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

Comfortable Material

The material used to manufacture hiking with weight vests should be soft and flexible. Choose a product which feels good against your skin. Avoid products made of hard plastic since they might hurt your back muscles and joints.

Waterproof Fabric

Choose a fabric which is waterproof and durable. Waterproof fabrics are easy to maintain and wash. However, avoid nylon since it tends to fade quickly.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Weighted vests are designed to provide convenience to users. Therefore, the controls should be simple and intuitive. Make sure that the controls are located where you can reach them easily.

Lightweight Design

Since hiking with weight vests are meant to be worn by athletes, they should be lightweight. Lightweight designs are easier to carry around and store away.


It is essential to check whether the weight vest is portable or not. Portable weight vests are convenient to transport and use anywhere. Ensure that the weight vest you plan to buy is light and compact.


Check whether the weight vest is built well and strong. Durable materials last longer and resist fading. Check whether the design of the weight vest is sturdy and resistant to tearing.


Make sure that the weight vest you intend to buy is versatile. Versatile weight vests are useful for different kinds of exercises. They can be used for cardio workout sessions, strength training, core strengthening, and yoga.

Different Types of Hiking With Weight Vest

Weighted vests are great tools for hikers who wish to increase strength and endurance while walking. There are many different kinds of weighted vests available today. Some are designed specifically for hiking purposes and others are more general-purpose. The best way to choose which type of weighted vest is right for you is by considering the kind of activity you plan to engage in. If you're going to be doing lots of climbing, then a climbing vest might be ideal. However, if you're planning on spending most of your hike sitting down, then a general-use vest might be sufficient.

Types of Weight Vests

There are three main categories of weighted vests: Climbing, running, and general-use. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the correct vest depends upon the activities you intend to perform during your hikes.

Climbing Vests

The climbing vest was originally developed for rock climbers. Rock climbing involves using ropes and other gear to ascend steep cliffs. Because of this, the climber needs strong upper body muscles to pull himself upwards. In addition, he must be able to hold his position for long periods of time. To meet these requirements, the climber wears a weighted vest to provide added support.

Running Vests

Running vests are generally lighter than climbing vests because they aren't meant to withstand the rigors of rock climbing. Instead, they are intended to give runners additional support while jogging.

General Use Vests

These vests are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness level. General-use vests are generally heavier than climbing or running vests. For example, a typical general-use vest weighs around 5 psi.

How Do We Choose Which Type Is Right For Us?

Weighing our options carefully before purchasing a weighted vest is important. First, we need to determine whether we plan to climb rocks, run, or walk. Then, we need to decide whether we prefer a climbing vest, running vest, or general-use vest. Once we've determined which type of weighted vest we'd like to purchase, we need to think about where we plan to use it. Finally, we need to consider the amount of money we have available to invest in a weighted vest.

Where Can We Find Them?

Vests are sold in sporting goods stores, camping supply shops, outdoor clothing retailers, and online retailers. Most manufacturers sell both climbing and nonclimbing versions of each type of weighted vest.

Do We Need One At All Times?

Some people believe that weighted vests are only necessary when engaged in strenuous physical activity. Others argue that weighted vests are useful for everyday exercise. While there isn't enough evidence to prove either side of this argument, it seems reasonable to assume that weighted vests could benefit almost everyone.


RUNFast rm40p RUNmax 12lb-140lb Weighted Vest (with Shoulder Pads, 40lb), Black

  • Every items comes with weights included
  • Weights can be removed in all models
  • Shoulder pads options also available

CROSS101 Camouflage Adjustable Weighted Vest Without Shoulder Pads (40)

  • Every items comes with weights included
  • Weights can be removed in all models
  • One size fits most
  • Weight options between 20lbs-140lbs

Fitness Weighted Vest, Training Workout Black Adjustable Weight Exercise Vest Boxing Jacket Bearing Capacity 20kg 44LB, Without Weights

  • High Flexibility: The fitness weighted vest is made of compressed sponge interlining with high flexibility in order to offer good protection and shock absorption
  • Good Effects of Bearing Capacity: The bearing capacity is 20kg / 44lbs, and there are 16pcs pouches for loading sand or steel plate etc to meet your actual needs (Weight not included)
  • Meet Different Sports Needs: This vest is an ideal equipment for your physical fitness in order to lose weight and do exercise etc
  • High Quality Fabric Materials: This vest is made of high quality and high-density thickening oxford fabric, so this vest is quite durable for long-time utilization
  • Kindly Notice: Please note that there is no sand and steel plate weights included, you need to match suitable insides materials based on your actual needs

Weight Training Vest,Adjustable Comfortable Exercise Workout Vest Training Fitness,Iron Ore Weights Not Included (44lb Weight)

  • 【Material】:It's made of Oxford fabric,it's durable for weight training workouts,and mesh material allows skin to breathe.
  • 【Material】:It's made of Oxford fabric,it's durable for weight training workouts,and mesh material allows skin to breathe.
  • 【Function】:Ideal for wearing when running,walking,or plyometrics,tone fitness,training,and workout.Flexible enough for use with a variety of different exercises,including jogging,hiking,pull-ups,push-ups,triceps dips,squats,lunges and more.to build endurance.
  • 【Max Loading】:44lbs vest with 16pcs pouches for loading sand or steel plate(NOT included).110lbs vest with 12pcs pouches for loading sand or steel plate(NOT included).
  • 【Adjustable】:This Adjustable conditioning vest that can help you to gain strength and burn additional calories.this shoulder reinforcements keep the vest from ripping,stretching out too much and deteriorating.

Challenge Weighted Workoutwear Weighted Vest For Women, 4 lbs, Exercise Equipment, Body Weight Vest for Walking, Running, Strength Training, Fitness Workout, Weight Loss (L)

  • DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN - The best 4lbs weighted vest for women yet. The unique fashionable design includes a full-length front and back design option and state-of-the-art smooth exterior.
  • PATENT-PENDING FLEXIBLE INNER WEIGHT THINS - Comes with 4 lbs of Weight Thins to provide the ultimate in flexibility and functionality.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE DESIGN FOR BETTER FIT - For decades weighted vests have been male-dominated with bulky heavy-duty construction..., until now. Enjoy the comfort of a women’s focused, form fitting design. Feel Better - Look Better.
  • EXCLUSIVE 100% LOVE-IT GUARANTEE - Every Challenge Weight Workoutwear Vest comes with our exclusive 100% LOVE-IT Guarantee.
  • Perfect for fitness improvement as well as helping those with autism or osteoporosis.

Harbinger Womens Adjustable Weight Vest for Cross-Training, Strength Training, and Endurance Workouts, 10 Pounds

  • Women’s-specific 10-pound adjustable weighted fitness vest for cross training, strength training, and endurance workouts
  • Increases resistance to build additional core strength, speed and endurance while doing push-ups, sit-ups, dead lifts, burpees, or sprints
  • Adjustable in half-pound increments, up to 10 pounds; weights can be easily added or removed for progressive training
  • Design contours to body to maximize mobility and range of motion; fully adjustable extra-wide neoprene belt for secure fit and full-spectrum tensioning
  • Dual padding cushions at shoulders and chest for comfort, with abrasion-resistant outer shell that resists pulling and tears; machine washable

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs/6lbs/12lbs/20lbs/25lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (20 Pounds (9.07 KG))

  • Weights workout equipment is perfect for cardio and weight training, increases the intensity and efficiency of your workout
  • Aduro weighted vest adds extra resistance evenly to body weights, it will not slip and slide during any activities
  • We designed Aduro weight vests for men, women or kids with an adjustable front belt and soft neoprene material for comfort
  • Mesh pocket on the back of this workout equipment saves room for you to add extra weight pockets if needed
  • Backed by Aduro Sport Lifetime Limited Warranty and friendly US customer service, buy this Weight Vest with confidence

Portzon Adjustable Weighted Vest, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs Comfortable Thin Steel Running Vest, Black (Weight Vests)

  • Adjustable & comfortable Weight Vests for training includes 22-pounds max weight with higher cost performance.
  • Designed with widening shoulder, We choose PVE elastic rubber, double-layer nylon mesh material, four-layer thick fabric and double stitch technology, which can withstand a variety of different exercises and has high durability.
  • Advanced design based on combining cardio and weight training, burn more calories such as lunges, squats, and walking.
  • Durable, thinnest and best weighted Vest made from Cardura sleek Black fabric with performance stretch, strong zipper. A total of 42 anti-skid design pockets, you can adjust the number of steel plates according to your needs.
  • Compared with other weights of the same weight, our electroplated steel sheet weights are thin, so it is not easy to detect when wearing a thin sweater or a thin jacket.

Thur amo Weighted Vest, 20KG/44LB Adjustable Strength Training Vest Running Exercise Boxing Fitness Weightloading Sand Clothing (Weights NOT Included)

  • Max Loading 20kg: With 12pcs pouches for loading sand or steel plate (NOT included); Length x Width: 60 x 42cm / 23.6 x 16.5in
  • Widening shoulder design, comfortable to wear
  • Highly flexible compressed sponge interlining, used for protection shoulder and shock absorption
  • Made of high-density thickening oxford fabric, durable to use and breathable
  • A great choice for strength training, losing weight and exercising

ProsourceFit Exercise Weighted Training Vest - 20lb, Black

  • Adjustable fit – designed for men and women to have the best experience, top and bottom buckles are adjustable to fit most heights and body types comfortably
  • Durable comfort – made with soft breathable neoprene that hugs your body, It is designed to last even through the most intensive training or workouts like cross-training, weight lifting, running or sports drills
  • Balanced weights – the ideal training gear with weights placed in perfect balance within the vest, preventing any slipping or sliding during any type of workout
  • Versatile functionality – perfect body weight training that works with all types of indoor or outdoor exercises, gym workouts, walking, running and even agility drills
  • Hands free resistance – ADD resistance to fitness training workouts while keeping your hands free to use Other weight equipment for an intensity and efficiency Boost

Adurance Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 10lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids (10 Pounds, 4.54 KG)

  • Why Choose Adurance? Because we back our Weighted Vest with A Lifetime Limited Warranty and friendly 24/7 US customer service, so you can buy it with confidence and have complete peace of mind
  • Weights workout equipment is perfect for cardio and weight training, increases the intensity and efficiency of your workout
  • Adurance weighted vest adds extra resistance evenly to body weights, it will not slip and slide during any activities
  • We designed Adurance weight vests for men, women or kids with an adjustable front belt and soft neoprene material for comfort
  • Mesh pocket on the back of this workout equipment saves room for you to add extra weight pockets if needed

Aduro Sport Adjustable Weighted Vest Workout Equipment, 4lbs-10lbs Body Weight Vest for Men, Women, Kids

  • This vest's weight can be adjusted from 4lbs up to 10lbs! the vest weighs 4lbs and includes 6x weight packs (1lbs each), allowing you to add or remove them at any time to adjust the intensity and efficiency as you progress
  • The workout equipment body weights are evenly distributed across the vest, so you will enjoy maximum comfort during all workout types, without straining your back or shoulders, allowing you to train better
  • Includes 2 large pockets - a mesh stretch pocket on the back and a 2nd velcro enclosed pocket in the front, to provide you with convenient storage options. it will fit men, women, and kids with the custom fit adjustable straps
  • We designed this adjustable weight vest with a special soft sweat-resistant neoprene comfortable material that will not slip and slide during any activities, so it's perfect for any type of cardio and weight training, whether at home, on your way to work, or at the gym
  • Backed by Aduro Sport Lifetime Limited Warranty and friendly US customer service, so you can buy this Weight Vest with confidence

Gymnastics Power - Weighted Vest 35lb Removable Iron Weights for Men and Women Workout for Calisthenics and Fitness Sport Training (Black)

  • WEIGHTED VEST - Includes 16 iron weights 8 in front and 8 in back for equal weight distribution. Each weight individually wieghs 2.2lb (1kg). Weight and fit are fully and comfortably adjustable for both men and women.
  • DURABILITY - Made with extremely strong 1000D nylon. Shoulder straps padded with TPE foam for maximum comfort even throughout long workouts. Double-stitched using the highest industrial standards for long use.
  • NEXT-LEVEL WORKOUTS - calisthenics, running, military preparation, fireman training or any fitness activity becomes more effective and efficient.
  • MINIMALIST ELITE DESIGN - This vest is designed to sit snug, hugging you naturally even during inverted exercises, static holds, and sprints while still providing the ultimate range of motion.
  • SCALE YOUR WORKOUTS - With your weighted vest you'll gain strength and seamlessly progress from beginner to advanced.

Prodigen Running Weight Vest for Men Women Kids 20 Lbs, Body Weight Vests for Training Workout, Jogging, Cardio, Walking, Elite Adjustable Weighted Vest Workout Equipment-Black,20lbs

  • ATTENTION - The elastic of this vest should be at the waist. Please look carefully at the direction of wear on the pictures.
  • MADE TO LAST - Made of premium chloroprene rubber for comfort, this weighted vest stays super rigid, breathable, soft and elastic even under extreme conditions, ideal for all sports lovers.
  • STUFFED WITH IRON SANDS - Stuffed with no chemical iron sands, this weight vest is perfect for strength training, muscle building, stair climbing, weight loss, weightlifting, walking, running and more, helping improve cardio conditioning and body strength, giving you more power, speed, and agility.
  • DOUBLE ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE STRAPS & REFLECTIVE STRIPS - The integrated adjustable buckle strap is perfect for bust between 35~45 inchs; elastic edge of this weight vest provides superior flexibility for workout, accommodating users of different sizes; refleive strips on both sides of the weight vest keep you away from traffic accidents in all weather conditions(rain, fog, dark) at day or night.
  • FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP - Double stitches craftsmanship prevent sand leakage; thickened & widened shoulder delivers weight evenly and avoid shoulder fatigue, delighting your workout with ultimate convenience.

Adjustable Weighted Vest 44LB Workout Weight Vest Training Fitness Weighted Jacket for Man Woman (Included 96 Steel Plates Weights)

  • 【Increase the Exercise Intensity Comfortably】 This adjustable weighted vest is perfect for adds extra resistance evenly to your cardio and weight training, increases the intensity and efficiency of your workout. The inclined shoulder strap design and the 4.1-inch widened design allow you get the maximum comfort during exercise without feeling back or shoulder fatigue.
  • 【Adjustable Weights】This weighted workout vest contains 96 removable steel plate weights, there are 32 small pockets on the weight vest, each can hold up to 3 weights, and it could bears up to 44 lbs.
  • 【Made of High-quality Fabrics】 This weighted training vest have PVE elastic rubber, double-layer nylon mesh material and soft buffer layer. Soft, comfortable and breathable, it can effectively discharge the heat emitted during exercise and effectively relieve the impact. The adjustable weights is electroplated solid steel plate which is not easy to rust.
  • 【One Size Fits Most】Heavy weighted vest is freely adjustable size, Use velcro straps for fixing, which can be well adapted to different body types. Adjust the bottom straps to fit any users trying to keep the vest nice and snug to their body.
  • 【24-H Customer Service】Free replacement within 30-days, buy it with confidence. Any questions please feel free to contact, we will reply within 24 hours and do our best to provide solutions for you to choose.

Henkelion Weighted Vest Weight Vest for Men Women Kids Weights Included, Body Weight Vests Adjustable for Running, Training Workout, Jogging, Walking - Black - 16 Lbs

  • ATTENTION - The elastic of this vest should be at the waist. Please look carefully at the direction of wear on the pictures
  • IRON PELLETS & METAL ROCK - Henkelion weighted vest is filled with premium iron pellets and metal rock rather than using cheap river sand
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & BALANCED WEIGHT - This weight vest is distributed weight throughout your body, including an adjustable strap to prevent slipping and sliding during exercise (WEIGHT NOT ADJUSTABLE)
  • COMFORT MATERIAL & CONVENIENT POCKET - Our weighted body vests is made of soft neoprene material and mesh pocket on the back to save room to add extra weight
  • EQUAL WEIGHT DISTRUBUTION - With pockets located at the front and back of the vest, the weight vest gives you maximum comfort during all workouts without straining your back or shoulders

Heated Vest for Men Women with Battery Pack, USB Electric Heating Vest Rechargeable, Lightweight Warming Clothing Heated Jackets for Outdoor Skiing Hiking Fishing Hunting (XX-Large)

  • Improved unisex warming heated vest - Designed with the latest carbon fiber and insulation protection sandwich, 5 heating elements generate the heat to abdomen, waist and upper back for upper body warmth. The design of elastic fabrics under the arms on both sides makes it easy to match more body types. Replaceable USB cable design effectively helps extend the vest life, and you'll receive extra one as backup.
  • Ideal Gift Idea - Three temperature levels allow you to adjust the gear according to the weather and environments: Red->High->up to 149℉, White->Medium->up to 131℉, Blue->Low>up to 113℉. The lightweight heated vest for man/woman helps keep your body warm, promote blood circulation, relief pains from rheumatism and muscle strain.
  • Battery Included - The heated jacket vest is equipped with a 5V 10,000 mAh UL-certified battery, working time will be up to 7-8hours on low temperature setting, up to 5-6hours on medium, up to 3-4hours on high. It'll be a cool gift to family members, parents, spouse, friends, employees during birthday, anniversary, or any other special date.
  • Fit Multi Occasions - Perfect for the daily commute, most outdoor activities, runing, walking the dog, hiking, camping, climbing, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, wear our rechargeable heated vest underneath your winter coat to enjoy unrestricted movement in chilly weather.
  • Safety & Easy Care - Built-in thermal protection module, the heating will be stopped to ensure your safety once it's overheat. Hand and machine washable(in a laundry bag): Please remove the battery and power cable, zip up the pocket before washing. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further concerns.

Binivti Heated Vest for Women USB Charging Electric Heating Clothing with Battery Pack Included, women's lightweight heated vests (Small)

  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The women's heated vest design for women who are slim and thin. The heated vest has a unique inner pocket design that allows the portable power supply put in the exclusive location, besides the intellect heating function. The design makes the side pockets more convenient for your hands to warm in the winter
  • BATTERY INCLUDED & USB SUPPLY: Heated vest for women with battery included. Women's heated vest charged with the current 5V /2A power bank supply on the market for power use. We throw in a 10,000mAh battery. The large capacity battery allows for up to 8 hours of low-temperature level use
  • KEEP YOUR BODY WARM WHOLE WINTER: Women's heated vest has 5 carbon fiber heating elements distributed on the abdomen, waist, and center back. Instant warmth heating vest keeps you warm outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, skiing, and even working outdoors
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & MACHINE-WASHED & WIND-PROOF: The heated vest uses a lightweight carbon fiber heating material worn without compromising movement. Fabrics can be hand-washed or machine-washed. Effective wind protection. It feels comfortable and smooth. It can warm the whole winter
  • 6 SIZE AVAILABLE & ADJUSTABLE SIZE ZIPPER: Heated vest for women available in 6 sizes and with a unique zipper design on the side it fits all body types. Recommended buying one size larger. Please read the size table carefully before purchasing and choose the right size according to your situation. If you are not sure, you can come to consult us. We have perfect after-sales service for you.

Turquoise America Adjustable Weighted Vest I Weighted Vest for Men Workout I Weight Vest for Murph Training WOD I Women's Weighted Vest I Weight Vest Plates for Men's Weighted Vest

  • WEIGHTED VEST WORKOUT: Steel plates for weighted vest are used to customize your weighted vest workout and tactical training WOD.
  • 20LB WEIGHTED VEST: Weights for weighted vest come in 5.75 lb and 8.75lb to make 14lb and 20lb weighted training vest. Turquoise America weighted vest plates have been designed to fit most of the weighted vests in the market. Dimensions of the plates are 10x12
  • DURABLE-LIFETIME: These plates are made of very high quality premium steel to ensure lifetime use of these weight vest plates.
  • COLOR COATED: These weight plates have high quality finish with smooth edges.
  • WHAT YOU GET : A pair of steel plates for weighted vest with lifetime warranty of free returns.

Heated Vest Womens Mens Winter Heating Vest USB Charging Electric Heated Jacket Lightweight Heating Hunting Vest for Outdoor Activities Hiking Motorcycle Camping

  • 【Siz Adjustable Heated Vest & Washable】- The 2021 electric body warmer jacket has fashionable design,USB connection power charging,simple to use,connects to 5V/2A output power bank.The rechargeable heated vest has 3 adjustable sizes, you can change it to the best size to wear. Can be machine washed (Note: Put in the laundry bag) or hand washed.
  • 【5 Updated Heating Areas】 - Our fishing vest covers 5 heating areas, built in with quality carbon nanofibers heat elements due to its quick heat-up technology, lightweight, flexible & safe to use. Generate consistent heat for many acupuncture points and meridians, including your back, abdomen, waist, helping to maintain body warmth.
  • 【3 Heating Level】Lightweight electric heating vest has 3 heating level from 45℃ to 65℃. Customers can choose how to heat the heating pads according to your own demands. Your body will be comfortable and does not sweat because of overheating, and comfort as spring. And the individually controlled design makes your device more power-efficient and more durable.
  • 【High Quality Material & Rapid Heating】Skin-friendly soft fabric,Warm cotton inside ensures a soft, flexible and extremely comfortable.Rapid heating in three seconds, promotes blood circulation and alleviates muscle, shoulder and back problems.
  • 【Lightweight Heated Vest】- Womens heated vest can promote healthy blood flow that increases the oxygen and nutrient flow to muscles, relieving pain, decreasing recovering time and improving overall performance. Winter heating vest is specially designed for most of the people like cold weather workers and others performing outdoor activities (like cycling, hiking and other winter sports).
  • 【1 Key Power Button Control All 5 Heating Areas 】- Unisex electric heated jacket have 5 heated zones scatchered in front belly and back, which would help generate warmth and heated for the body. The "power" button can control all heating panels: press 2-3 seconds Power On/ OFF to turn on/off, single click change temperature levels. You can set according to your needs.
  • 【Powered By USB Port Power Supply(Battery NOT Included)】- USB charging electric heated vest is powered by common USB port power bank on the market. In order to make womens heated vest work continuously, you can choose large capacity power bank to maximize the working time of heating vest; or prepare mutiple batteries in advance.The heated vest is designed with pockets, convenient for you to storage your phone, wallet, keys as well as small gears for your outdoor activity.

Men's Heated Vest with Battery Pack, Lightweight Electric Heating Jacket for Men, USB Rechargeable Waistcoat with Pockets

  • 【US Regular Size】 Contoured seams bring a fitted shape to this lightweight cozy heating quilted vest. Classic fit, model height 6.16 feet, weight 134 lbs and wearing a size M.
  • 【5 Heating Parts & 3 Dimmable Temperature Levels】 Temperature adjustable from 105℉ to 135℉. Dual switches for controlling the front and rear heating parts separately or simultaneously according to demands. 5 heating parts including left & right chest, left & right back waist and cervical vertebra.
  • 【Long Warming Duration】 10,000mAh power bank, US adapter and 1m length charging line are packed neatly into included carrying bag with zipper, up to 8 hours heating time meets your daily use. Suitable for outdoor activities in cold-weather like snowmobile, motorcycling, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting or office routine and business trip during fall and winter.
  • 【Upgraded Tailored Design】 Padded waistcoat with stand-up collar, full zip closure and elasticized cuffs, your core will stay warm, while freeing up the arms for active use. A flap at the center front of the neck to prevent abrasions. With 2 waist zip pockets to keep your hands warm and a separated inside battery pocket. Embroidered Leapsee logo.
  • 【Safe and Health Care】 This versatile heated jacket helps to promote blood circulation, relief pains from rheumatism and muscle strain, it will automatically turn down to the second level or turn off when over heat, a thoughtful Christmas gift for people who have difficulty in fighting against cold weather in winter.

DAFENGEA Men's Fleece Vest Full-Zip Warm Lightweight Sleeveless Jacket Polar Sweater Outerwear Vest with Pockets,MJ23045M-Darkgrey-L

  • Men's Fleece Vest - is crafted of 100% ultra soft polyester for ultimate warmth,Machine washable
  • Outerwear Vest for men - With a collared neck and full zip closure, your core will stay warm, while freeing up the arms for active use. The perfect layering piece for ultimate range of motion and comfort during cold winter days.
  • Excellent Vest mens - 2 large exterior zip pockets and chest zipper pocket to put your hands,keep your hands warm.Super large internal pockets meet all your needs for placing items.
  • Clever Detail Design - The zipper top protects to prevent neck injuries, and the elastic cuffs are easy to match with different styles of clothes.It's a perfect layer of warmth to wear for travel.
  • Applications - This sleeveless vest for men is medium weight, warm, breathable and comfy and is super comfortable for those chilly outdoor events It’s a casual vest for workout, running, hiking, walking,jogging, golfing, skiing.

Pudolla Men's Lightweight Warm Golf Vest Windproof Sleeveless Jackets for Men Running Softshell Vest for Hiking Travel Casual(Dark Grey Large)

  • High Performance Fabric: Pudolla mens outdoor vest is crafted of lightly material, stretchy durable fabric for increased freedom of movement on your morning run or golf.

  • Windproof & Water Repellent: TPU mid-layer with water repellent face for protection, keep your warm, dry fit on a misty hiking morning.

  • Utility Zipper Pockets: Two zippered hand pockets and a big enough chest zippered pocket provide safe storage.

  • Drawcord Adjustable Hem: Elastic cuffs softshell vest with adjustable hem design for a personalized fit.

  • Versatile Mens Golf Windbreaker: for golf, hiking, camping, running, athletic, early morning, fall night, and other outdoor activities.

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