Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air-Pump, Grey/Blue (68306NP)

  • The Intex Challenger K2 Kayak is sporty and fun with a streamlined design for easy paddling
  • The bright green color and sporty graphics make the kayak highly visible in the water
  • 2 86 inch aluminum paddles and an Intex high output pump for easy inflation and deflation
  • Made of company's rugged, super tough vinyl that's puncture and UV damage resistant for long term durability
  • Measures 30 by 15 by 138 inches (W x H x D) inflated, with 400 pound maximum weight limit; Includes 2 86 inch aluminum oars, high capacity pump, and repair patch kit

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Kayak Accessories

What Is The Purpose Of An Inflatable Kayak Accessories?

Inflatable kayaks are becoming increasingly popular because they're easy to transport and store. However, there are many different types of paddles and other accessories available for these boats. Here we take a closer look at the most important ones.


The paddle is probably the most essential piece of equipment for an inflatable kayaker. There are two main categories of paddles - long-handled paddles and short handled paddles. Long-handled paddles are more stable and easier to control, while shorter paddles allow greater maneuverability. If you plan to go whitewater rafting, you might prefer a longer paddle with a wider blade. For flat water paddling, however, a shorter paddle works best.

Kayak Paddle Straps

There are several ways to attach your paddle to your boat. Some paddlers choose to carry their paddle by hand, others strap it to their back using a shoulder harness. Others still use a special paddle holder which attaches directly to the hull of the kayak. Whatever method you decide to use, be sure to select a sturdy attachment so that your paddle doesn't slip during rough conditions.

Floatation Devices

Most inflatables include flotation devices called air chambers. Air chambers provide buoyancy, allowing the kayak to float upright in calm waters. Without air chambers, the kayak sinks quickly into the water. While air chambers aren't necessary for recreational paddling, they are useful for whitewater rafting and rescue operations. Be careful not to puncture the bladder before inflating the chamber!


Some kayakers prefer to travel light and avoid carrying bulky gear. Instead, they opt to pack tubes filled with drinking water. Tubes are ideal for rivers where you need to stop frequently to refill your water supply. They're also handy for lakes and ponds where you can fill your tanks from natural sources. Make sure you check the size of your tube carefully before purchasing. Many manufacturers recommend that you purchase a larger diameter tube than you think you'll actually need. That way, you can always cut down the length of the tube later.


Many kayakers prefer to ride waves rather than fight them. To accomplish this feat, they must learn to steer around obstacles. Fenders are designed to deflect spray away from the sides of the kayak. They're especially helpful when riding waves in shallow areas. Because they're attached to the side of the boat, they can interfere with steering. Take care to remove them before entering deeper water.

Life Jackets

Although they're optional, life jackets are highly recommended for anyone who plans to venture offshore. Life jackets reduce the risk of drowning, particularly among children. They also increase safety in case of emergency situations. Most life jackets are equipped with a whistle, making them ideal for signaling rescuers. Don't forget to put yours on before leaving shore!

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Inflatable Kayak Accessories

Inflatable kayaks are becoming more popular because they provide many advantages over traditional hard-shell kayaks. However, there are several important factors to take into consideration before making a purchase. First, you must decide whether you're going to be using your kayak primarily for fishing or boating. If you plan to fish, you might choose a smaller model with fewer features. But if you plan to enjoy other activities, such as swimming, diving, surfing, and so forth, you'll probably want something larger. Next, you need to determine which type of paddling experience you prefer. All these questions affect the size and shape of your boat. Finally, you must select the right accessories for your particular needs. For example, if you plan to travel extensively, you'll need a large storage compartment. If you plan only occasional trips, you'll probably want a small kayak that fits well in your garage.

Kayak Accessories

These accessories allow you to customize your kayaking experience according to your preferences. Paddles are essential for getting around safely while you're moving across water. Fenders are necessary for protecting your kayak from rocks and debris. Life jackets are useful for preventing injury during emergency situations. Boat hooks are helpful for securing your kayak to docks and moorings.

Types of Kayak Accessories

All three types of boats require specific accessories. Touring kayaks typically have longer hulls and wider beam widths. Sport/fishing models are designed for speed and maneuverability. Outdoor adventure kayaks are generally built for stability and durability. Each type has its own set of accessories.

Choosing the Right Type of Kayak

Before choosing a kayak, you should know exactly what kind of activity you plan to engage in. Fishing kayaks are ideal for anglers who enjoy casting lures and baits. Racing kayaks are great for those who love to race competitively. Recreational kayakers enjoy exploring rivers and lakes by themselves. Adventurers seek out remote areas where they can explore nature and wildlife.

Buying Tips

Choose a kayak that suits your style of paddling. If you plan to tour frequently, you'll likely want a stable craft that offers plenty of room inside. If you plan to stay close to shore, you'll probably opt for a sporty design.

Features To Look For When Buying An Inflatable Kayak Accessories

The most important thing to know before purchasing an inflatable kayak accessories is whether or not you're going to be using it with a boat. If so, there are several features to look for, including storage capacity, weight, length, width, and stability. The more stable the kayak, the easier it will be to paddle around in rough water. Stability comes in two forms - buoyancy and flotation.


This refers to the amount of air inside the hull. More air = greater buoyancy. Buoyancy is measured by the volume of air divided by the total volume of the kayak. So, if you have a 10-foot kayak, which has a 20 cubic foot volume, and you fill it with 50 cubic feet of air, the ratio of air to water is 5/20, or That means that 25% of the volume of the kayak is filled with air.


This refers to the ability of the kayak to float. Flotation is measured by the amount of air divided by the total weight of the kayak. So, if you weigh 100 pounds and you put 100 pounds worth of gear into your kayak, the ratio of air to weight becomes 1/100, or That means that only 1% of the weight of the kayak is composed of air.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is measured by the number of bags divided by the size of each bag. So, if you have three large bags and four small ones, the ratio of bags to size is 3/4, or That means that 75% of the storage space is taken up by the larger bags.


Most manufacturers list the weight of their products online. Shipping charges vary depending on where you live.


Length is measured by the distance between the front edge of the cockpit and the rear end of the kayak.


Width is measured by the distance across the widest part of the kayak.


Stabilization is measured by the angle of the bow relative to the stern. The higher the bow, the steeper the angle.

Paddle Straps

Do you prefer to carry your kayak strapped onto your back or do you prefer to strap it to your roof rack?

Different Types of Inflatable Kayak Accessories

Inflatable kayaks are becoming more popular because they provide many advantages over traditional rigid-shell kayaks. The main advantage is portability. If you're planning to take your kayaking trip somewhere where there isn't access to water, an inflatable kayak makes it easy to transport. Another benefit is that these boats are easier to store and carry around. As long as you've got enough room in your vehicle, you can bring along your kayak with ease.

Types of Inflatable Kayak Accessories

There are several different kinds of inflatable kayak accessories available today. Some of the most common include paddles, fins, foot braces, spray skirts, and dry bags. All of these products serve a specific function and are designed to improve your experience while using an inflatable kayak. For example, paddles allow you to propel yourself forward by pushing down on the paddle. Fin systems give you greater control over your boat so that you can steer it into shallow areas. Foot braces are helpful for stabilizing your feet during extended periods of paddling. Spray skirts are designed to reduce drag and increase speed. Dry bags are useful for storing gear and other supplies.


The best way to learn how to paddle is to practice. Paddle rentals are great places to start. Once you become comfortable with the basics, you can purchase your own set of paddles. There are two general categories of paddles - single blade and double blades. Single blade paddles are good for beginners who aren't yet familiar with the art of steering. Double bladed paddles are ideal for experienced paddlers who know exactly which direction they want to go.


Kayakers who plan to travel across open bodies of water must be prepared for rough conditions. Fins are essential for protecting your legs and feet from being scraped by rocks and debris.

Most fin sets consist of three parts: the fin itself, a mounting bracket, and a strap. To attach the fin to the bracket, simply slide the fin onto the bracket and tighten the straps.

Foot Braces

Foot braces are important tools for anyone who plans to explore rivers and lakes. Foot braces stabilize your ankles and knees, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride. They also help prevent injuries caused by twisting and turning. Foot braces come in both hard plastic and soft foam varieties. Hard plastics are generally preferred because they last longer and are sturdier. Soft foams are lighter weight and softer, making them more flexible.

Spray Skirts

Most inflatable kayaks have a skirt attached to the hull. This prevents water from splashing up inside the cockpit and getting trapped between the seat and the hull. Many kayakers prefer to remove the skirt altogether because it increases drag and reduces speed. However, others choose to leave the skirt on because it protects the interior of the cockpit.

Dry Bags

Dry bags are useful for transporting food, drinks, and other supplies. They are especially handy for those who plan to camp overnight.


Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

  • Comfortable for anyone: Kayak includes an adjustable inflatable seat with backrest; Cockpit designed for comfort and space
  • Dimensions: Inflated size 10 feet 3 x 3 feet x 1 feet 8 inch; Maximum weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Directional stability: Removable SKEG for directional stability
  • Increased visibility: In case of emergency, bright yellow color helps visibility
  • Made for smaller bodies of water: Explorer k2 is made for smaller bodies of water including lakes and mild rivers

YYST 4 X Stainless Steel D-Ring Pad/Patch for PVC Inflatable Boat Raft Dinghy Kayak - No Glue Included- Instruction Included- Light Grey

  • Quantity:4 pieces Color: Gray. No glue. Instruction included.
  • For PVC Inflatable Boat Raft Dinghy Kayak.
  • Diameter of Patch : 11 cm(4.25 inch) Out - Diameter of Stainless Steel D-ring : 38 MM(1.5 inch) Inner - Diameter of Stainless Steel D-ring : 32 MM(1.25 inch)
  • Made of PVC and stainless steel 304.
  • Instruction Included. No Glue. No glue for you . No glue on the back fo the d ring patch.

Best Marine Kayak Anchor | 3.5lb Folding Anchor with 40ft Marine Rope & Storage Bag | Premium Anchors for PWC, Jet Ski, SUP Paddleboard, Canoe & Fishing | Accessories for Trolley Kit Equipment & Gear

  • Free Float & Peace Out: Catch a perfect sunset, soak in the surroundings & grab some peace out on the lapping water. It takes a robust & reliable anchor to give you this kind of calm. Our compact, folding anchor is engineered with rust-resistant galvanized iron & snaps into position as easily as 1-2-3.
  • Bonus Ground Tackle: No marine anchor does its job without the right trolley kit accessories. That’s why we included 40’ marine grade rope (that’s 1.5x longer than most), buoy ball for easy retrieval, reinforced stainless steel carabiner clip & handy storage pouch.
  • Safe & Simple Storage: Hitting the water calls for all sorts of safety measures so the last thing you want is an extra worry! This foldable anchor for small vessels weighs in at just 3.5 lbs & includes a protective nylon storage & carry bag to prevent scratches to your kayak, SUP, or jetski.
  • Capt. Jack Stamped: We don’t call our brand Best for nothing! We’re water lovers like you so we know what it takes to rate as one of the top small vessel anchors on the market in multiple continents. Our anchor is engineered for long, hard wearing & stamped for safety, simplicity & storage.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We’re not into trapping our customers hook, line & sinker into a purchase they’re not happy with. If you’re not totally satisfied with our marine anchor & accessories, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak, Professional Series Inflatable Fishing Kayak, K2: 2-Person, Red

  • Super tough laminate PVC with polyester core: Light weight and highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight
  • High pressure inflation provides extra rigidity and stability, with high pressure spring loaded valves for easy inflation and fast deflation
  • Includes 2 removable skegs for deep and shallow water, 2 floor mounted footrests, 2 integrated recessed fishing rod holders, 2 adjustable bucket seats
  • Removable and adjustable mounting bracket for additional accessories, such as GPS systems, fish finders, swivel fishing rod holders etc. Includes a carry bag and repair patch
  • Storage space in bow and Stern with stainless steel d rings for tying down Dry bags and gear; Kayak total weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • 3-ply super tough construction employs a high molecular PVC that is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water. It is highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. It also permits more air pressure for rigidity.
  • Includes 86 inch Aluminum Oars and High-output pump

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak - Two-Person Angler Blow Up Kayak, Includes Paddles, Seats, Hard Mounting Points, Bungee Storage, Rigid Dropstitch Floor and Spray Guard

  • DIMENSIONS & SPECS - Hull Dimensions: 12' 6" x 3' 3", Hull Weight: 44lbs, Load Capacity: 600lbs, Rigid Dropstitch Floor, Front Bow Spray Shield, 7 x Hard Mounting Points, Halkey Roberts Locking Valves, Ample Bow/Stern Storage and Side Carry Handles
  • STAND UP CASTING - The Rigid Dropstitch Floor is an excellent fishing platform for both seated and standing casting. The floor also protects the rider and their vessel from underwater obstacles and functions as an excellent and platform to support kayak fishing accessories. Unlike other inflatable kayaks, The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead series will not rip or tear when encountering underwater obstacles.
  • INCLUDED - PVC Kayak Fishing Boat, 2 x Lightweight Breakdown Kayak Paddles, Removable Skeg, Travel Bag with Backpack Straps, 2 x Padded High Back Support Adjustable EVA Seats, 2 x Drop-In Adjustable Foot Rest and a Dual Action High Volume / High Pressure Hand Air Pump.
  • BUILT FOR THE ANGLER - The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead series kayaks have multiple scotty style mount attachment points for fishing rod holders, fish finders, bait tray and so much more. The bow features a robust bungie stuff compartment and storage.
  • GUARANTEE ON WORKMANSHIP & MATERIALS - All Elkton Outdoors Kayaks come with a 1 Year Guarantee on materials, workmanship, and assembly + 30 Day No Hassle Returns

AQUAGLIDE Navarro 130 Convertible Inflatable Kayak with Drop Stitch Floor- 1 Person Touring Kayak without Cover, Green

  • TOURING BOAT: Navarro is equipped to handle the unknown. With industry leading drop stitched floors, zip on decks, & Hex Shell covered pontoons, this durable lightweight inflatable handles it all.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Our inflatable kayaks are designed to play as hard as you do. Portable, lightweight & built to last, they're created for rapid waters and touring.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Our inflatable kayaks are designed to play as hard as you do. Portable, lightweight & built to last, they're created for rapid waters and touring.
  • SPECIFICS:L 13'3" x W 37" (L 404cm x W 94cm). Weight: 35 lbs. Capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg) 1 Person. Includes: Kayak, seat and storage bag. Warranty: 1-Year Limited. Optional cover available, not included.
  • AQUAGLIDE: Our passion for water sports drives us to engineer some of the best boating technologies available so you get the performance you want combined with the hassle-free portability you need.

Aquaglide Deschutes 130 Inflatable Kayak, 1 Person

  • INFLATABLE KAYAK: A 13-foot open deck touring kayak with a low rocker hull design With its length, stiffness, and light weight, it results in better tracking, more glide, and effortless paddling
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PACKABLE DESIGN: Deschutes 130 weighs only 22 pounds and includes a duffle-style storage bag for effortless transportation Molded plastic carry handles on bow and stern allow for comfortable carrying or lifting
  • KEY USER FEATURES: Kayak includes quick release seats, adjustable foot rests, velcro adjustments for personalized seat positioning, paddle keepers, quick release fin, Halkey-Roberts Valve adaptor, and cockpit drain
  • DETAILS: 1 person, 400 lb (181 kg) max weight Dimensions: 12’10” (391 cm) L x 375” (95 cm) W x 105” (267 cm) H Includes kayak, seat, quick-release fin, storage bag, and repair kit
  • AQUAGLIDE: Our passion for water sports drives us to engineer some of the best boating technologies available so you get the performance you want combined with the hassle-free portability you need

Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Kayak SUP Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board SUP 10'/10'6x31 x6, 2 Blades Paddle, Dual Action Pump, Triple Fins, Leash, Backpack

  • KAYAK SEAT: When you use the SUP for the first time, sitting on the kayak seat and riding on the board is the secret to maintaining balance and is suitable for every beginner. When you get used to the SUP, just remove the seat for a more exciting stand-up paddling experience.
  • ULTRA-STABLE SIZE: The size of our paddleboard is 10’6”x31”x6”, which is the best size for beginners. This provides maximum stability while allowing you to sit comfortably when riding the board. So, get your children or pets to sit with you on the board, providing them with a great sense of security.
  • FROM KAYAK TO SUP: You can use the D-ring design to attach or remove the kayak seat with ease to switch between two different paddling modes. The practical paddle also has a foam insert, so it floats in water. With a Go-pro base at the front, you can install a sports camera to record your vivid rowing moments and the beautiful scenery around you.
  • EFFICIENT PUMP: Our high-efficiency dual action pump has two inflation modes, allowing you to inflate conveniently and efficiently – it takes only 3-10 minutes to blow the board up with our hand pump. The package also includes an electric pump adapter that connects the air valve of the SUP to the onboard electric pump, saving you from buying a new one.
  • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: FreeinSUP provides a two-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-day worry-free return to ensure that you enjoy this board to the maximum. If you have any questions about paddleboards or which accessories you need, please feel free to contact us, and our customer service team will be happy to chat.

Intex 68303EP Excursion Pro Single Person Inflatable Vinyl Fishing Kayak Set, Red

  • SUPER TOUGH: laminate PVC with polyester core: light weight and highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight
  • RIGID AND STABLE: High pressure inflation provides extra rigidity and stability, with high pressure spring loaded valves for easy inflation and fast deflation
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 2 removable skegs for deep and shallow water, 1 floor mounted footrest, 2 conveniently detachable fishing rod holders, detachable and adjustable GoPro & phone mount, removable & adjustable mounting bracket for additional accessories
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: includes paddle, hi-output air pump, carry bag, inflatable seat booster for elevated seating, adjustable seat, grab handle on both ends
  • ADDITIONAL STORAGE SPACE: Storage space in bow and Stern with stainless steel d rings for tying down Dry bags and gear

UCEDER 42" Kayaks Downwind Wind Paddle sail,Durable Waterproof Oxford Material with Clear Window,Foldable Kayak Sail Compatible with Kayaks, Canoes, Inflatable Boats, etc. (Blue)

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:210D Waterproof Oxford Material,Nylon Webbing with Durable OBM Buckles,Fixing your wind sails firmly on the boat to prevent blow off.Durable, Sturdy and Strong.
  • COMPACT AND FOLDABLE DESIGN:Easy to Set Up and Deploy Quickly,Foldable Kayak Sail can be folded into a 15.7 (Diameter) inches pouch,Convenient to Carry and Store.
  • MULTIFUNCTION:Kayak Sail Can Effectively Weaken Ultraviolet Radiation, So That Protect You From Hot Sun.It Can Give You More Power by the Wind Power in The Long Trips.Clear window enables you to view things behind sail.
  • EASY TO USE:Holding The Clips To Keep Kayak Go Forward, and Just Lay It Down To Stop.
  • COMPATIBLE:Compatible with Canoes, Inflatables, Tandems and Expedition Boats,etc.

Cooyes Paddle Board,10.6ft Inflatable Paddle Board, Stand up Paddle Board with Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Emergency Repair Kit, Kayak Seat, Non-Slip Deck & More - Extra-Light ISUP

  • 【More Fun for Beginners & Experts】10'6" in Length, 32" in Width, and 6" in Thickness. 330 lbs weight capacity helps you stand and balance perfectly, suitable for beginners. Superior Maneuverability For Different Users. 3 triple bottom panel fins help improve overall speed. The triplefin design is better for going straight in flat water and also helps with control during surfing. You can also install a kayak seat in the middle for fishing and easily bring your pets on it.
  • 【Same sizes 35% lighter】Made of military-grade DWF epoxy reinforced material. The ultra-light drop-stitch PVC structure makes it 35% lighter than similar-size SUPs (19.4 pounds). PVC and top-quality nylon yarn brushed cushions to bring the board higher strength and a lower bending rate. 15 PSI safety data is strictly tested before leaving the factory. UV resistant exterior protective coating and high-pressure laminate structure are also designed for board protection.
  • 【50% Less preparation time】The other SUP usually takes 5 - 10 minutes to inflate and deflate, but COOYES needs only 3 minutes to do the same. Quick and time-saving. Provided double action hand pump with an air pressure gauge to help you inflate or deflate the SUP quickly. The ergonomic handle fits your palm perfectly to save energy effectively. Two elastic strings are equipped to fix the air hoses.
  • 【All in 1 accessory bundle】COOYES inflatable stand-up paddle board comes with a complete package that includes: Center removable fin, kayak seat, emergency repair kit, 3-Piece adjustable light weight aluminum paddle, premium backpack carrying bag, ankle Leash, waterproof phone case and double action hand pump with air pressure gauge. It makes COOYES SUP ready to use when out of the box. We also take into account possible emergencies, emergency repair Kit are included in the accessories package.
  • 【12 months warranty】If you had chosen COOYES, you will not only get a stylish COOYES ISUP and enjoy a follow-up, considerate after-sale service. COOYES is committed to bringing the best quality SUP to all users. Therefore, we confidently promise a one-year unconditional warranty on boards and accessories! If you have any concerns or questions about COOYES SUP, do not hesitate to contact our after-sale team, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Inflatable Paddle Board Sup - Stand Up Seat Kayak Blow Up Kids 3 Piece Easy Eddy Modular Hard Shell Youth Adults Surf Blue

  • PROFESSIONAL SUP DESIGN: UPWELL inflatable paddle board is 10'6"long x 31''wide x 6'' thick, We abandon the 10'6"long x 32''wide and 10'long x 30''wide that are commonly used in the market. Although there is only a slight difference, users can feel its better flexibility and balance during use.
  • PREEMINM MATERIAL: Inflatable paddle boards is made of the highest quality military grade material, with weight capacity up to 350lbs. Brushed thickening inflatable paddle board with Non-Slip soft EVA deck, can increase its balance and anti-skid effect, reduce accidents. it is a totally comfortable inflatable paddle board for long time sup paddling kayaking. Can be used in exploring, touring, fishing, yoga. Also suitable in the ocean, fresh water lakes and rivers.
  • MANEUVERABILITY: Outfitted with triple bottom panel fins can increase the speed of inflatable paddle boards in the water. Fins can be disassembled for easy carrying during the journey.
  • FULL SET OF ACCESSORIES: Dual hand pumps which can inflate and deflate quickly, adjustable aluminum paddle, safety ankle leash, repairing kits, transparent waterproof cell phone bag, a large comfortable backpack to hold everything.
  • QUALITY SERVICE: The instruction manual of UPWELL inflatable paddle boards is included, which can help you use our SUP more easily. If you have any questions, you can contact us.
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