attwood 13700-7 Lift & Lock Compact Zinc-Plated Anchor Line Control

  • Zinc-plated steel is economical yet durable supporting anchors up to 20 pounds
  • Uses ¼ inch to 7/16 inch line (sold separately)
  • Steel sheave controls the anchor from any position
  • Nylon pulleys resist corrosion and the elements
  • Attwood products are both compatible and reliable, engineered and built with a never-fail attitude

How To Choose The Best Kayak Anchor System

What Is The Purpose Of Anchor System For Kayaks?

Anchors are essential tools for anyone who uses a boat. Whether you're fishing, boating, camping, or anything else, anchors are important because they allow you to stay safe while you enjoy being outside. If you've ever been stranded by bad weather or rough seas, you know how dangerous it can be to be stuck somewhere with no way to escape. An anchor lets you safely ride out storms and other dangers so you can continue enjoying nature.

How Does A Kayak Anchor System Work?

The most common type of anchor is called a "chain" anchor. Chain anchors consist of two parts - a chain and a weight. The weight sits inside the boat and holds the chain tight. To set the anchor, you attach the end of the chain to something solid, like a tree stump or rock. Then you lower the weight into the water until it touches bottom. Once the weight has touched down, the chain automatically pulls itself tight around whatever object was holding it. Now you simply pull on the rope attached to the weight to raise it back up to the top of the water where you can release it again.

Why Do People Use Anchor Systems?

Kayakers love anchoring systems because they provide safety and security during times of danger. In addition to providing stability, these systems let you quickly adjust your position in case conditions change unexpectedly. With a traditional anchor, you'd have to untie the line before you could reposition yourself. But with a kayaking anchor, you can leave the anchor alone and still remain secure. That makes it easier to navigate and more fun to explore.

Types Of Kayak Anchor Systems

There are many different types of kayak anchors available today. Some are designed specifically for kayaks; others are meant for boats of varying size.

Benefits Of Using A Kayak Anchor System

Using a kayak anchor system gives you several advantages. First, it allows you to avoid getting tangled in lines and ropes. Second, it protects you from unexpected changes in wind direction and speed. Third, it allows you to travel farther away from shore and deeper into the ocean. Fourth, it reduces fatigue and strain on your muscles. Finally, it saves money! Traditional anchors require you to purchase separate components, including weights, chains, rings, and hooks. Swiveling anchors eliminate those costs and give you greater control over your positioning. Tripods are great for larger vessels and are especially useful for sailing ships. All three types of anchors are easy to install and remove.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most stores carry both traditional and swiveling anchors. However, tripods are harder to find. Most online retailers sell only tripods.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kayak Anchor System

Kayaks are great fun to sail around lakes, rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water. However, there is no doubt that sailing a kayak is more challenging than simply paddling across a lake with a paddle. If you're going to enjoy boating, you must be prepared for anything that could happen while you're out on the open waters. One thing that many boaters overlook is the fact that their boat needs proper anchoring systems. Without these devices, your boat might capsize due to strong winds, rough seas, or high waves. In addition, your boat could become damaged by rocks, debris, or other obstacles that are floating in the water.

How Does An Anchor System Help Protect My Boat?

Anchors are designed to hold boats steady in case something goes wrong. For example, if you're sailing downwind and suddenly notice that your boat has started drifting away from shore, you'd probably panic because you know that you've got nowhere else to go. Fortunately, most anchors are equipped with lines that allow you to pull your boat back into position. Even though you may think that you're doing everything right, sometimes bad luck happens. That's why it's important to purchase a reliable anchor system so that you can avoid problems before they arise.

Types of Anchor Systems

There are several types of anchor systems available today. Some are simple and inexpensive; others are complex and expensive. Regardless of which type you choose, you should always ensure that it meets certain requirements.

Buoyant Anchors

These anchors are typically attached to the bottom of a boat using a rope. Once properly set, buoyant anchors stay put regardless of wind direction or wave action. Buoyant anchors are perfect for calm conditions where you don't expect to encounter heavy weather. However, if you plan on taking your kayak out during stormy weather, you should opt for another kind of anchor system.

Fixed Anchors

This type of anchor consists of two parts: a base and a weight. The base attaches to the bottom of the boat and holds the weight securely in place. The weight is connected to the base via a line. Fixed anchors are ideal for situations where you anticipate encountering moderate-to-heavy weather. Because the weight stays fixed in place, it doesn't drift away from its intended location. As long as the anchor remains secure, your boat will remain stable.

Adjustable Anchors

Unlike fixed anchors, adjustable anchors are able to change their angle depending on the force exerted upon them. Therefore, they can adapt to different forces and provide stability in varying circumstances. Adjustable anchors are best suited for boaters who take their kayaking seriously. They can handle extreme weather conditions and perform well in rougher waters.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kayak Anchor System

The best way to ensure that you purchase a good quality kayak anchor system is by doing research online. There are many different brands available and each has its own unique features which makes choosing between them difficult. However, there are certain factors that you must take into consideration before purchasing a kayak anchor system. The following are some important considerations to bear in mind while shopping for a kayak anchor system.


It is essential that you choose a kayak anchor system with enough length so that it does not interfere with the movement of your boat. If you plan on using your kayak anchor system in shallow waters, then you should opt for a longer model. In addition, if you intend to use your kayak anchor system in deep water, then you should go for a shorter version. Make sure that you check the size of the hole that needs to be drilled in order to mount the kayak anchor system to the deck of your kayak. Most manufacturers recommend drilling holes no more than 1/4 inch wide. Also, make sure that you measure the distance between the top edge of the hole and the bottom edge of the hole. This measurement will determine whether you need a long or short kayak anchor system.


Another factor to consider is weight. Some kayaks weigh upwards of 50 pounds. Therefore, if you plan on carrying your kayak around, you should select a light-weight kayak anchor system. However, if you plan on storing your kayak inside your garage, then you should opt for a heavier kayak anchor system. Remember that heavy kayak anchor systems are easier to handle because they provide greater stability. So, if you're planning on transporting your kayak across town, then you should go for a lighter kayak anchor system.


Make sure that you choose a kayak anchor system that is made from high-quality materials. Manufacturers who produce kayak anchors use steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, wood, and other types of material. Each type of material offers advantages and disadvantages. Steel is strong and durable; however, it is susceptible to corrosion. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to carry; however, it tends to rust quickly. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosion and is very flexible. Wood is sturdy and weatherproof; however, it is prone to rot. All these materials have their pros and cons, therefore, you should always read reviews before making a decision.


Lastly, durability is another important aspect to consider. These questions will help you decide whether the kayak anchor system that you've chosen is worth investing in.

Different Types of Kayak Anchor System

There are many different types of anchors available today. Some of these include rope-type anchors, chain-type anchors, and cable-type anchors. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The most popular type of anchoring systems are the ones with a rope attached to a weight. There are two main reasons why we choose to use a rope-weighted anchor. First, it is easy to set up. Second, it is very effective because it holds strong and does not require additional weights to hold it down. However, there are several drawbacks to using a rope-weighted anchor. For example, it takes longer to set up compared to other types of anchors. Also, it is more difficult to retrieve the anchor once it is deployed. Another disadvantage is that it cannot be retrieved by hand alone. If someone else needs to pull the boat back into shore, he/she must attach another line to the anchor before pulling it back.

Types of Anchors

The rope-weighted anchor is probably the most common form of anchor found on boats today. It consists of a heavy metal weight connected to a nylon rope. To deploy the anchor, simply throw the anchor overboard and let go of the rope. Once the anchor reaches the bottom, the weight pulls the anchor tight. In order to retrieve the anchor, you must either cut the rope or tie a knot around the end of the rope so that you can pull it back onto the deck. Most boaters prefer to use a pulley system rather than cutting the rope. Pulleys allow you to control where the anchor goes while still allowing you to retrieve it quickly. One advantage of a pulley system is that it makes retrieving the anchor easier since you only need to pull on the rope.

How Does An Anchor Work?

Anchors work by creating friction between the anchor and the sea floor. Friction causes the anchor to sink slowly into the sand or mud below. As the anchor sinks deeper into the ground, the force created by the weight increases. Eventually, the anchor becomes stuck in the ground. At this point, the anchor is ready to be pulled back aboard the vessel.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Rope-weighted anchors have several advantages. First, they are inexpensive and easy to store. Second, they are quick to set up and take down. Third, they provide excellent holding power. Fourth, they are relatively safe to handle. Finally, they are easy to recover. However, rope-weighted anchors have several disadvantages. First, they are slow to set up. Second, they are hard to retrieve. Third, they are harder to remove. Lastly, they are prone to snagging on debris.

Kayak Anchor Systems

Another type of anchor is known as a "cable" anchor. Cable anchors consist of a steel cable wrapped around a weighted base. Unlike rope-weighted anchors, cable anchors are designed to be retrieved by hand. Therefore, they are safer to use. Since they are designed to be retrieved by hand, they are faster to set up and take down. Because they are designed to be retrieved by hand, they are also easier to recover.


attwood 13702-4 Lift & Lock Deluxe Stainless Steel Anchor Line Control

  • Bow or transom mount anchor lift and pulley System
  • Supports up to a 20 pound anchor
  • Makes raising or lowering the anchor easier
  • Uses easy pull-up lock and release anchor line System
  • For Use up to 1/2 anchor line (not included)

Minn Kota 1810140 DH 40 DeckHand Electric Anchor Winch, 40 lb anchor capacity

  • Electric anchor winch makes fishing boat navigation and placement convenient and effortless
  • Davit can be mounted horizontally to stop anchor swing
  • Handles anchors up to 40 pounds; pre-spooled with 100 feet of 800-pound Test nylon rope
  • Comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions; compatible with other Minn Kota accessories
  • Two-year warranty included

Scotty #278F Anchor Lock Permanently Fixed (No Mount)

  • Designed to be used with one hand
  • Pull back on the rope to release the rope locking mechanism and let the rope slide through your fingers
  • When the anchor has reached the desired depth simply lower the rope and the locking mechanism automatically engages
  • No mount

Scotty #797 Anchor Pack w/ 1.5-Pound Anchor Line in Watertight Jar,BLACK,Small

  • Contains 50ft (15m) premium nylon line, 1.5lb (0.6kg) folding anchor
  • Watertight buoyant container which doubles as a bailer, a nylon snap hook, for still water use

Scotty 620767 #276 Anchor Lock w/ #241 Side Deck Mount, BLACK, Small

  • An anchor lock system for small boats in still water fishing situations
  • Tough construction and roller bearing for smooth, quiet operation.Scotty Anchor Lock model #276 includes No. 241 Combination Side/Deck Mount
  • Easy lock and release action allows anchor line adjustments
  • For use with rope up to 1/2″ diameter (rope not included)
  • Mount Dimensions: 4” x 2” x 2”; Bolting Dimensions: 1 5/16” x 3 3/16”

SEACHOICE Folding Grapnel Anchor 1-1/2 lbs. 41050

  • Dependable anchor can be folded up to reduce its size for easy storage when not in use
  • Versatile anchor can be locked in either the open or closed position
  • Rugged anchor is made of malleable iron
  • Heavily galvanized for long-term corrosion-resistant performance
  • Ideal for use by small watercraft and dinghies
  • Reliable anchor weighs 1-½ pounds

YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit

  • Deluxe anchor trolley system with Harken pulleys
  • Allows the bow of your vessel to turn in to the current for a smoother experience
  • Mini zig zag cleat included to maintain stable positioning
  • Installation instructions and hardware included
  • Kit also includes 30-Feet of rope

Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit 72020073 (Excludes Compass and 2019 and Newer Outbacks)

  • Easily deploy your anchor, drift chute or stake out pole over the side of the cockpit area, then move the attachment position forward or aft to hold your boat in the position desired. Easily sit facing down stream / wind at anchor. Simple pulley system and cleat allows adjustment all along one side of your boat anywhere from bow to stern.

Power-Pole Micro Anchor

  • Spike sold seperately
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Silent Operation
  • Battery Pack sold Separately

Attwood 11959-1 Universal 3 lb Marine Grapnel Folding Anchor with 20-Foot MFP Rope and Mesh Storage Bag

  • Included Components: Kayak Grapnel Anchor Kit
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 11 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 13 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 8 Inches

ISURE MARINE Stainless Steel Bruce Style Claw Force Boat Anchor 33lbs (15kg) Heavy Duty Marine Grade Polished

  • ✔Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316 - Highly Polished - Looks beautiful
  • ✔Corrosion and rust resistant - for a long service life
  • ✔ Claw anchors are the preferred anchor choice for coastal and beyond the breakers kayak fishermen
  • ✔Plow shaped design allows the anchor to dig easily into sand, silt, and muddy bottoms.
  • ✔Excellent holding power in nearly all bottom conditions including mud, sand, rock and coral.

Extreme Max 3006.6542 BoatTector Galvanized Folding Anchor - 1.5 lbs.

  • 1.5 lb. folding grapnel anchor
  • Perfectly sized for PWC, dinghies, inflatable boats, canoes, or jon boats
  • For best performance use in grass, weeds, rocky or hard bottom conditions
  • Easy folding and compact storage
  • Ideally suited for short holds in low/no current

SuperStick Shallow Water Anchor Pin Kit, 5/8" x 7'

  • 5/8 inch x 7 ft shallow water anchor pin with stainless steel tip
  • Cinching lanyard
  • Durable storage clips
  • Recommended for stand up paddleboards kayaks and boats up to 17 ft
  • Anchor pin with stainless steel tip is made of Aircraft Grade Fiberglass with an UV Inhibitor

YakAttack SideWinder, Anchor Line Reel, Includes Track Hardware and 75' 550 Paracord (AMS-1010)

  • Includes hardware for install onto your kayak's track system.
  • The line lock groove keeps just the right amount of line deployed.
  • The tail rope passage means it can be deployed outside your kayak anchor trolley ring for true quick release in dangerous situations.
  • For flat water with no current, use the track mount holes in conjunction with the included Mighty Bolts and knobs to attach the SideWinder directly to your kayak's track system.
  • Includes 75 feet of 550 paracord; geartrac not included.

SandShark Ultimate XL Boat Anchors. Adjustable, Compact Boat Anchor Storage. Screw Auger Design Protects Boats and Pontoon Boat Shallow Water Anchor for Beach, Sandbar w/Case Over 5' Tall.

  • No More Worries: Are you tired of worrying if your anchor will hold? The ULTIMATE XL will keep your Boat or Tritoon from hitting the beach, rocks, or another watercraft! “Tether” it off the beach in shallow water. Imagine a beautiful sunny day at the beach or sandbar WORRY FREE!!!
  • Perfect for Beach or Sandbar: Where you need great boat anchors for 25' Boats or boat anchors for 21' boat or boat anchors for 18 foot boat. Great as a sand boat anchor, or pwc sand anchor.
  • Compact Storage and easy carry with the included Padded Case. The XL extends from 40 inches to 5 foot 4 inches and recommended for boats and pontoons over 23’. We provide the Best Boating Accessories!
  • High Quality Stainless Steel with anodized aluminum. Anchors are recommended for use under normal weather and sea conditions. Anchors are intended for “1” watercraft. SandShark is not responsible for products used under unusual weather and sea conditions, or multiple watercraft.
  • Get Yours Today! One of the best boat accessories, seadoo accessories, kayak accessories, pontoon boat accessories, or jet ski accessories! Best boat accessories marine grade from SandShark Anchor!

Anchor Wizard Low Profile Kayak

  • Great for Anchoring any type of kayak
  • Kayak Anchoring System
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of durable plastic

SandShark SuperSport Boat Anchor Patent Pending Design Protects Watercraft at Beach, Sandbar, or in Shallow Water Boat Anchors, Pontoons, or PWC. Adjusts 29"-48" w/Case.

  • NO MORE WORRIES: Are you tired of worrying if your anchor will hold? The SUPERSPORT ANCHOR will keep your jet ski. boat. or tritoon from hitting the beach, rocks, or another watercraft! “Tether” it off the beach in shallow water. Imagine a beautiful sunny day at the beach or sandbar WORRY FREE!!! It will be one of your favorite boating accessories!
  • PERFECT FOR SHALLOW WATER, BEACH, SHORE, SANDBAR- all the places you want to take your Boat, Pontoon, Waverunner, Yamaha, or Seadoo. Never worry about it hitting the beach, rocks, or another watercraft! Tether off the beach in shallow water with your Sand Shark Anchor.
  • DESIGN: Our quality built Super Sport sand anchor for boat is made of reinforced nylon, engineering grade plastic with high strength composite resin, and aircraft grade aluminum. The patent pending design has collapsible handles to turn the beach anchor down into the sand. Nylon padded case is included to protect your storage compartment. It will be one of your favorite Boating Accessories!
  • WHY AN AUGER ANCHOR? When you screw the auger down into the sand, the hole fills with sand. Then, the water holds down the sand and creates a “suction” to prevent the anchor from “pulling-out”. This equals tremendous “HOLDING POWER” and gives you peace of mind and security to enjoy the hot summer days!!!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If after you use your SUPERSPORT sand anchor you are not impressed with it's anchoring power, we will refund your purchase. Anchors are intended for use with “1” watercraft. SandShark is not responsible for products used under unusual weather and sea conditions, or multiple watercraft.

MarineNow Lightweight Aluminum Folding Grapnel Anchor Kit with Float

  • 1/2 Pound 4-Fluke Folding Grapnel Anchor
  • Designed for small boats, inflatable boats, small canoes, and float tubes
  • Fits under most boat seats, in PWC storage compartments, or in PWC storage canisters
  • 15-foot long marine-grade rope
  • Durable nylon storage case is padded for added protection

Newport Vessels Premium 5lb Mushroom Anchor Kit w/Bag, Rope, Buoy, & Stainless Hardware, Black

  • USE: 5lb PE Coated Cast Iron Mushroom Anchor best used on lakes, bays and ponds with mud bottoms
  • SIZE: Small 5lb anchor is perfect for kayaks, canoes, jon boats, jet skis, and other small watercraft
  • INCLUDES: Anchor, Carrying Bag, Stainless Steel Shackle, 30ft nylon rope, floating bouy, and stainless steel carabiner
  • COMPLETE KIT: Kit includes everything you need to safely drop and retrieve your anchor.an anchor, shackle, rope, rope bouy, carabiner to clip to your boat, and a carrying bag.
  • WHY NEWPORT VESSELS? We stand behind every product we sell with our 2 year warranty and a customer service team you can actually talk to!

1" Diameter 8' Island Anchor - Shallow Water Anchor Pole (Black)

  • Island Anchor - Shallow Water Anchor Pole
  • Built for larger boats and harsher conditions
  • 8' Long (95" nominal)
  • 1" Diameter
  • Aircraft-Grade fiberglass construction
  • Stainless Tip stays sharp
  • Rugged T-Handle allows easy driving, has extra thick ribs and is thru-bo
  • Manufactured by Salty Adventuress LLC
  • Standard Free Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail
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