Seattle Sports Roll Catch Cooler - Kayak Fishing Cooler - Removable Liner - Adjustable Attachment Straps (32"), Gray (63905)

  • KEEP YOUR CATCH FRESH - Dual Layer Insulation Allows You to Keep Your Catch Fresh During a Day on the Water
  • EASY TO CLEAN - 3 Roll Closure and Removable Dual Layer Internal Liner for Easy Cleaning
  • EFFICIENT - Heat Reflective Vinyl Exterior and RF Welded Seams Keeps Your Goods Cool
  • VERSATILE - Easy Attachment Points for Kayaks or SUPs With Low Profile Design, Available in 20" and 32"
  • SPECS - Dimensions: 32" x 19. 5" x 5", Capacity: 22L

How To Choose The Best Kayak Cooler Bag

What Is The Purpose Of Kayak Cooler Bag?

Kayaks are great fun to fish with, but they're not always easy to transport. If you plan on taking your kayak camping, you'll probably be carrying around a lot of stuff. That includes food, drinks, and other supplies.

The Answer To Both Questions

An excellent way to store all of these items safely is by using a kayak cooler bag. These bags are designed specifically for storing water-based products. They're lightweight, durable, waterproof, and most importantly, they fit perfectly into the storage compartment inside your kayak. So now you know why a kayak cooler bag is so important!

How Do You Use One?

To start, you'll need to figure out which size you need.

There are three main types of kayak cooler bags available: small, medium, and large. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Small ones are perfect for smaller boats, whereas larger ones are ideal for bigger craft.

Small Size For Small Craft

For example, if you only take your boat out occasionally, you might choose a small sized bag. This makes sense because it fits more comfortably in the storage compartment of your kayak. However, if you regularly go out on the lake, you'll likely want something larger. In this case, a medium or large sized bag will be best suited for your needs.

Medium Sized Bags Are Ideal For Moderate Boats

These bags are good for moderate sized vessels. They're big enough to hold lots of snacks and beverages, yet small enough to fit comfortably in the storage compartments of many kayaks. Medium sized bags are generally recommended for those who paddle once or twice per week.

Large Sized Bags Are Best Suited For Those Who Go Out Often

This is the largest size of kayak cooler bag. Large sized bags are great for those who enjoy paddling several times each week. Because they're so big, you'll be able to carry plenty of food and drink with you. Also, since they're large, they're easier to handle and pack away.

Benefits Of Using A Kayak Cooler Bag

There are numerous benefits to using a kayak cooler bag. First of all, they're extremely convenient. No longer will you have to worry about trying to cram all of your supplies into a tiny little backpack. Instead, you can simply grab your kayak cooler bag and head out the door.

They Keep Food Safe From Drying Out

Another benefit of using a kayak cooler bag is that they keep your food fresh. Since they're sealed tightly, there's no chance of moisture getting inside. This prevents mold growth and spoiling of your food.

They Make Storage Easy

Finally, another advantage of using a kayak cooler bag is that it makes storage simple. Now you can toss everything into your bag and forget about it.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kayak Cooler Bag

Kayaking has become more popular with each passing day. There are many reasons why someone might choose to go kayaking. Some enjoy the exercise while others simply love being outside. Regardless of the reason, there are certain accessories that must be purchased before heading out into the water. One of these accessories is a kayak cooler bag.

How Do You Know If You Need a Kayak Cooler Bags?

There are several different types of kayaks available today. Each type comes with its own set of features. For example, sit-on-top kayaks are great for beginners because they allow you to stand up and paddle around. However, they lack storage capacity. In contrast, inflatable kayaks are perfect for those who wish to travel long distances. Because they are so light weight, they are easy to carry along with you wherever you go.

Types of Kayak Cooler Bags

In addition to choosing between two very different styles of kayak bags, you will also need to decide whether you want something small enough to fit inside your kayak or something larger. Smaller bags are ideal for storing food and drinks, whereas larger ones are designed to hold ice packs and other cold weather essentials.

Benefits of Using a Kayak Cooler Bag

Using a kayak cooler bag offers several benefits. First, it makes transporting your supplies easier. Instead of carrying everything separately, you can pack everything together in one convenient package. Second, it protects your belongings from getting wet during inclement weather. Third, it prevents your goods from becoming damaged by moisture. Finally, it keeps your stuff dry and safe from bugs and rodents.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying a Kayak Cooler Bag

Before making a purchase, you should always take note of the following tips. First, ensure that the bag fits snugly within your kayak. Next, check to see if the bag includes wheels. Wheels are helpful for moving the bag from point A to point B. Last, make sure that the bag is waterproof. Waterproofing is important because it ensures that no matter where you go, your belongings stay protected.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kayak Cooler Bag

The most important thing to remember when choosing a kayak cooler bag is that its main function is to keep food cold while paddling. The best bags are those with insulation built into the design so that there is no chance of condensation forming inside the bag. If you're going to be using your kayak for more than just short trips, you might want to invest in a larger bag. There are many different types of kayak cooler bags available today. Some are designed specifically for kayaks, others are intended for other watercraft. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a kayak cooler bag.


One of the biggest problems associated with carrying ice packs around is that they melt quickly. An insulating material between the pack and the contents will help maintain temperature longer. Insulated bags are generally thicker and heavier than non-insulated ones. However, they are worth the weight because they provide superior insulation. Most manufacturers include foam inserts within the walls of their bags to create pockets where air can circulate freely. This prevents moisture from building up inside the bag which could cause mold growth.


Kayak cooler bags must be waterproofed to ensure that nothing gets wet during storage or transport. Waterproof materials are typically treated with chemicals to resist corrosion. Many companies choose vinyl or nylon fabrics for these purposes. All of these materials are durable enough to withstand repeated exposure to saltwater. In addition, they are resistant to mildew and rot.


Most kayak cooler bags contain several compartments for storing drinks, snacks, etc. Pockets are useful because they allow you to carry everything you need right next to each other. They also make it easier to access items when needed. Some bags have multiple zippered compartments while others only have two. Regardless of size, all of them should have plenty of room for your supplies.


It's easy to assume that bigger is always better. While this isn't necessarily true, a larger bag does mean that you can store more stuff. Larger bags are also easier to handle and hold onto. Smaller bags are great for smaller boats, however, since they aren't very big, they can be hard to fit into small spaces. Also, if you plan on taking your boat camping, you'll probably want something that has wheels attached to it. This makes transporting the bag much simpler.


There are three common ways that kayak cooler bags fail. First, they leak. Second, they rip apart. Third, they break down due to excessive heat. Any type of plastic bag is susceptible to leaks. Therefore, it's essential to inspect the seams carefully before purchasing. Rip-stop fabric is another way to avoid leaking. It's constructed by stitching together layers of fabric that are stronger than regular cotton. Finally, durability is enhanced by selecting a bag that doesn't require frequent washing. Washing destroys the integrity of most plastics. Instead, wash your bag occasionally and let it dry completely before putting it away.

Kayaks are great boats for many reasons. One reason being that they're easy to paddle around with. Another reason is that they're very stable and comfortable while paddling. The last thing you'd ever want to happen is to be caught in a storm and end up getting soaked. If you plan on taking your kayak camping, there are different ways to carry your stuff. There are two main methods of carrying your belongings; either using a backpack style cooler bag or by strapping everything onto the outside of your kayak. Both options have pros and cons. Let's take a closer look at each option so we can see which type of cooler bag works best for us.

Backpack Style Cooler Bags

The most common way to transport your belongings is to strap them into a backpack style cooler bag. These bags are designed to fit inside a standard sized cooler. Some of these bags include wheels so you can wheel them around easier. Backpacks are convenient because they allow you to bring along more things than you could possibly pack into a kayak. However, backpacks aren't always ideal. For example, they can be bulky and heavy. Also, they require you to unload everything before putting your kayak in the water. That makes it harder to load and unload your kayak. In addition, backpacks are hard to store once you've unloaded your kayak. So, if you decide to go with a backpack style cooler bag, make sure you choose something that has wheels so you can easily move it around.

Strapped-On Cooler Gear

Another popular method of transporting your belongings is to strap them directly onto the outside of your kayak. Strapped-on cooler bags are typically smaller than backpack style cooler bags. They're also lighter weight. Because they're strapped to the outside of your kayak, they don't interfere with your ability to maneuver your kayak. As long as you know where you're going, you shouldn't have trouble finding a spot to put down your kayak. Strapped-on cooler bags are perfect for those who prefer to travel light. But, they have drawbacks too. First, they're limited in size. Most strapped-on cooler bags only hold enough supplies for a day trip. Second, they're difficult to access. To open them, you must remove your kayak from its storage location. Once you've removed your kayak, you'll have to lift the lid of the cooler bag to gain access to whatever you're trying to retrieve. Finally, strapped-on cooler bags are expensive. They're generally sold separately from your kayak. Therefore, you'll have to purchase both pieces of equipment together.

Which Type Is Best For Me?

There isn't really a right answer here. Each person has his/her own preferences. If you're planning on traveling far distances, then a backpack style cooler bag might be the best choice for you. Otherwise, strapped-on cooler bags might be a good alternative. Either way, choosing the right cooler bag depends on how much room you have available for storing your belongings. Make sure you choose a cooler bag that fits within your budget and meets your needs.


TCYC Deluxe Yakcatch Cooler for Kayak & Canoe Fishing Angler (42")

  • Body material Made of sturdy 600D/PU water resistant polyester, fully padded with thick closed-cell foam and heat sealed durable eco mesh Tarpaulin Lining. A removable 0.2mm PEVA grey dry tube is included, this dry tube is made of Eco-friendly material. We designed it for keeping some personal stuff away from water. (not for fish).
  • There is a long center zipper opening for quick access to the interior. Zipper and Velcro on the large end provide alternative access when bag is positioned in front of the angler in kayak the Top clips can hold some big accessories.
  • Two padded handle is the coolest gadget that provide comfort when caring. There are six locking clips on the edges for secure tie down and carry handle on both side. It is perfect for keeping your catch secure hand fresh all day.
  • Dimension : W15.75" x H 9.75" x L42"
  • We got some comments from user that they don't like the grey dry bag we provided. We designed it by using eco-friendly PEVA for keeping some personal stuff away from water. Maybe the material is too thin... We will remove it from our future production and stock. The good news is we have already deducted the dry bag cost from current sale price. it is free now...

Insulated Kayak fishing cooler for off shore and on shore angler (Green, 22")

  • Made of 420D/PU ripstop polyester, the bag is fully padded with closed-cell foam and lined with reflective thermal material lining and one pc removable mesh PEVA liner easy to clean.
  • There is big transparent Mesh EVA pocket on top of the bag with water resistant zipper for keep map or personal stuff dry from water. a large Velcro opening secured lid on the end access for bigger fish.
  • There are total FOUR heavy-duty locking clips on the edges for secure tie down and carry handle on both side.
  • Nylon webbing shoulder strap with pad. perfect for keeping your catch secure hand fresh all day.

PROYAKER ICY Catch Bag 48" Closed Cell Foam Insulated Kayak Fish Bag Cooler

  • Keeps your catch fresh on ice for over 48 hrs. 1/2 inch FLEX closed cell insulation
  • Bag lays flat and only grow in height as it gets full. 10 D Rings: 5 on each side
  • Front Zippered Water Resistant Storage, great for tackle boxes, raincoat, or your lunch. Paddle/Utility Pocket
  • Padded shoulder strap. Super strong Tear-proof Tarpaulin TPU material throughout.

Perception Splash Tankwell Cooler - for Kayaks

  • Fits within the open storage area (tank well) of most sit on top kayaks and versatile enough for everyday use tool
  • 1⁄2 inch insulating foam keeps drinks and food cold all day; 40L capacity (20 cans assuming 1: 1 ratio of ice)
  • A zippered opening on top provides the ultimate convenience when accessing drinks and food
  • Adjustable backpack style shoulder straps and strong haul handle for easy portage
  • A low-profile shape minimizes the impact of wind

Buffalo Gear Large Portable Waterproof Kayak Bag 20x9x36 inch,Insulated Fish Cooler Bag,Monster Leakproof Fish Kill Bag,Keep ice-Cold More Than 24 Hours (20x9x36 inch)

  • KEEP FISH FRESH ALL DAY :Keep ice-Cold More Than 24 Hours,keeps fish very cold and hold lots of stuff in addition to the fish. it is heavy duty enough to stand up to fish thrashing about.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Heavy-duty heat-sealed, fiber-interlaced skin construction does not leak so your boat stays clean. Designed with heavy-duty 22oz polyester Tarpaulin interior lining, the cooler fish bag makes cleaning fast.Rinse out the inside and the bottom with a spray bottle of soap/water, invert it to dry,it's ready for the next day
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT: The Buffalo Gear monster fish bag comes in 2 sizes:20x9x36 inch and 30x10x48 inch. Good quality and easy to pack on the boat instead of a big bulky cooler, takes up less space in boat
  • HASSLE-FREE : The drain plug just slips on and comes off very easy and if your not careful you will make a mess out of your car, truck with fish blood. So we make them a screw on type. Twill straps with handle that is reinforced with strong but comfortable tubing.
  • A perfect gift for Christmas or Father’s Day. It's also a good idea to order this for your father-in-law for his birthday

MIER Waterproof Insulated Soft Cooler Bag Leakproof Lunch Bag for Beach Golf Grocery Kayak Picnic Fishing, 30 Cans, Blue

  • Three-Layer Insulation – Thanks to its superior insulation, the MIER cooler bag can keep your food and drinks cold for up to three days. A high density closed-cell foam is specially designed to hold its temperature longer than standard foam models
  • No-Leak Zipper – The leakproof and waterproof MIER zipper will keep the contents of your cooler protected from extreme weather, for longer chilling and better protection
  • BPA Free & 100% Leakproof – The liner of soft-sided coolers are made from Food Grade Safe BPA free-420D TPU leak proof interior lining. The extra tough exterior is waterproof and is resistant to punctures and UV rays. This ensures that the cooler remains intact when faced with hazards of the wild
  • Advanced Features – The exterior front and back pockets for dry items. A bottle opener is included and attached to the side of the cooler. Double-stitched Nylon MOLLE webbing on both sides of the soft sided cooler provides anchor points to latch onto while boating or to customize with your favorite accessories
  • 3 Ways to Carry – A detachable shoulder strap with pad, top handles and 2 reinforced side grab-n-go handle, you can carry this soft cooler bag hands-free on the shoulder for light loads, or use the top/side handles for heavy carry. Perfect for a day at the beach, BBQ picnics, lunches, paddleboarding, road trips, tailgating, hiking, camping, park or backyard use

Wise Owl Outfitters Backpack Cooler Bag - Insulated, Leakproof & Waterproof Soft Cooler Backpack for Camping, Kayak, Hiking, Fishing, Picnic and Beach- 20L

  • ICE COLD: Nobody likes lukewarm lemonade. Made with layers of soft, waterproof insulation, our cooler backpack will keep your drinks, food, and snacks arctic cold from sun up to sundown.
  • COMFORTABLE: Easy on your back, our large & leakproof kayak cooler with adjustable straps makes bringing your bites with you anywhere a breeze - from beach trips to bonfires!
  • ADJUSTABLE: Built with an adjustable air valve, our picnic cooler backpack lets you insulate it to your preference, adding air when and where you need it.
  • DURABLE: Made with heavyweight PEVA nylon and a 1” thick thermal shield, our beer cooler backpack for women and men is leak-proof, weatherproof, and fully submersible. Plus, it can hold up to 24 cans with ice!
  • CAMPING GIFTS: No matter the occasion, our insulated camping backpack coolers are the hiking, backpacking, and beach necessities for the adventurer in your life.

DENPETEC Cooler Bag, Kayak Deck Cooler Bag Paddle Board Cooler Mesh Surfing Accessories with Suction Cups, Paddle Board Deck Cooler Bag Storage for Food, Drinks and Bait

  • Material: This deck cooler bag made of 600D oxford cloth. Durable for use.
  • Suction cup design: This surfboard bags have strong adsorption force can be firmly adsorbed on the deck.
  • Capacity: 11L Insulated Cool Bag can hold 10 cans of coke or 9 small bottles of mineral water.
  • Surfing Accessories: Very suitable for speedboats, surfing submarines. It can be put in your holiday suitcase.
  • Easy Use: Provide structural support when the tote bag is opened; to close the cooler, just fold down the small bag.

Cooler Deck Bag for Paddleboard,SUP Board & Kayak (Black)

  • 1.Keep Your Items Safe and Dry the SUP board cooler bag uses water resistant materials
  • 2.The deck cooler bag Interior Insulated Cooler Storage Keep food and drink cold for hours excursion
  • 3.paddle board deck bag easily fits 10 cans or equivalent amount of food for your day-long excursion. Size: 15'' × 13'' × 3.9''.
  • 4.Premium materials: Made of high quality water-resistant 600D Oxford fabric,inside with thicker Aluminum Thermal &Pearl Cotton Insulation Foam. this cooler bags is more durable and reliable for your adventure.
  • 5.Large capacity,Light weight,Nice design&Easy installation,our Deck Cooler Bag is an ideal paddle board accessory.
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