Malone Deluxe Foam Block Universal Car Top Large Kayak Carrier Kit

  • Deluxe kayak kit for hauling kayaks short distances
  • 2 universal-fit, 18-inch, non-skid laminate foam blocks
  • Bow and stern S-hook tie-downs attach to front and rear of vehicle
  • Blocks' V-shaped cutouts are designed to fit almost every kayak
  • Includes pair of 9-foot over-hull straps; carrying case for storage

How To Choose The Best Kayak Foam Blocks

What Is The Purpose Of Kayak Foam Blocks?

Kayak foam blocks are designed to be placed between two pieces of wood so that the wood does not split apart. If you're going to build a boat, you might think that you'd need to purchase plywood sheets and other materials. However, there is another way to construct boats using only foam blocks. In fact, many boaters prefer this method because it is cheaper and easier to set up.

How Do Kayak Foam Blocks Work?

The process begins by cutting the foam into small squares. Then, these blocks are stacked together with glue. Afterward, the stack is pressed down firmly onto a piece of wood. Once the blocks are attached, the whole thing is covered with more layers of foam blocks. Finally, the entire structure is sanded down to remove excess material.

Advantages of Using Kayak Foam Blocks

There are several advantages to building a boat using only foam blocks. First, you don't have to worry about purchasing expensive tools or supplies. Second, you can create a boat quickly and inexpensively. Third, you can customize the shape of your boat according to your needs. Fourth, you can take advantage of the natural buoyancy of the foam blocks. Fifth, you can store your boat inside a closet or garage. Sixth, you can transport your boat anywhere you go. Seventh, you can reuse your boat whenever you wish. Eighth, you can modify your boat to suit your specific needs. Ninth, you can repair your boat whenever necessary. Tenth, you can sell your boat once you no longer require it. Lastly, you can recycle your boat when you decide to give it away or throw it away.

Disadvantages of Building With Kayak Foam Blocks

While there are numerous benefits to building a boat using only foam blocks, there are disadvantages too. For example, you cannot control the size of your boat. Also, you cannot ensure that your boat will float properly. Furthermore, you must be careful when transporting your boat since it could break apart during transit. Additionally, you cannot guarantee that your boat will last forever.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kayak Foam Blocks

Kayaks are great fun to paddle around lakes and rivers. However, there are many different types of paddling gear available today.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kayak Foam Blocks

Kayaks are great fun and provide hours of enjoyment. However, there are many different types of kayaks available today. The type of kayak you choose depends on where you plan to take it, the size of the boat, and the amount of water activity you wish to engage in. If you're planning on taking your kayak into rivers and lakes, you might be interested in purchasing a sit-on-top kayak. Sit-on-tops are more stable and easier to maneuver because they allow you to stand while paddling. In addition, these boats are generally smaller than other models, making them ideal for beginners who want to learn how to paddle before venturing further down river.

Types of Kayaks

There are several different kinds of kayaks available today. Some of the most popular include touring kayaks, fishing kayaks, racing kayaks, and whitewater kayaks. Touring kayaks are designed with comfort in mind. They typically seat two adults comfortably, and they are equipped with storage compartments so that passengers can store food and drinks inside the boat. Fishing kayaks are perfect for those who enjoy going fishing. Racing kayaks are built specifically for speed. Whitewater kayaks are best suited for those who love to travel fast through rapids and waves. Each kind of kayak has its advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding which model suits you best, you must decide whether you prefer stability or speed.

Size Matters

The size of the kayak you purchase depends on the length of your trip. Most kayakers recommend choosing a kayak based on the number of people traveling together. If you're traveling alone, you may opt for a small kayak. Larger groups may require larger vessels. There are also kayaks that are suitable for solo travelers. Solo kayaking offers the opportunity to explore remote areas by yourself. Many kayakers report enjoying the solitude of being able to see wildlife and experience nature firsthand.

Fitting Into An Environment

Another important factor to consider when selecting a kayak is fitting into the environment. All of these factors play a role in determining the right size vessel for you.

Buying Tips

Before purchasing a kayak, you should determine exactly what features you desire. Make sure you know what type of activities you intend to participate in before spending money on a particular model. Also, think about the size of the boat you'd like to purchase. Smaller kayaks are easier to transport and carry around. Large kayaks are heavier and harder to manage. Consider the weight capacity of each model you're considering. Finally, remember that kayaks aren't toys. Be careful not to injure yourself while playing in the water. Always check with local boating laws before heading out onto the lake or ocean.

Different Types of Kayak Foam Blocks

Kayaks are great fun to play around with, especially if you're into surfing. If you've got a kayak, there's no doubt that you'll be spending lots of time paddling around. The best way to ensure that you enjoy your kayaking experience is by using good quality kayak foam blocks. Let's take a closer look at each type of kayak foam block.

Foam Block Racks

The most common kind of kayak foam block is the rack-style block. These blocks are designed to fit onto the side rails of a kayak. They are very easy to install and remove, making them ideal for beginners who aren't sure whether they'd prefer to paddle solo or with friends. However, these blocks are only suitable for smaller boats, because they cannot support larger vessels. For example, if you wanted to put a large kayak on top of a rack-style block, it could potentially cause problems. In addition, the weight of the boat might force the blocks apart, causing the kayaker to fall overboard!

Foam Blocks

Another popular choice among experienced paddlers is the foam block. These blocks are more stable than rack-style blocks, because they sit directly on the deck of the kayak rather than being attached to the sides. As well as being easier to handle, they provide greater stability. However, they are heavier than rack-style blocks, meaning that they require more effort to carry around. Also, they are generally too big to fit inside small kayaks. So, if you're planning to go camping or fishing, you might want to opt for a rack-style block instead.

Foam Blocks With Wheels

Some kayakers choose to attach wheels to their foam blocks, allowing them to transport the blocks between locations. This makes transporting the blocks easier, although it does mean that they are harder to store away once you reach your destination. Another advantage of wheeled blocks is that they allow you to move the blocks around while you're sitting in the water. This gives you the opportunity to practice your strokes before heading back to shore.

Foam Blocks Without Wheels

Finally, there are some kayakers who prefer to leave their blocks where they are. This saves them the hassle of carrying heavy objects around, but it limits their mobility. Some kayakers prefer to travel light, so they pack everything they need in a backpack. Others prefer to bring along a few essential tools and supplies, leaving the rest behind. Either way, it's important to remember that you shouldn't rely on your kayak foam blocks to hold anything else - you should always check that they are securely fastened to the hull of your vessel.


Riverside12 Standard Kayak Replacement Blocks/Pair, Black (068022)

  • Package length: 32.257 cm
  • Package width: 22.606 cm
  • Package height: 7.366 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

attwood 11438-7 Universal Rack-Free Car-Top Kayak Carrier Kit with Supporting Foam Blocks

  • Includes supporting foam blocks
  • Two straps with adjusting buckles and clips
  • Includes 15-Feet of polypropylene rope
  • Straps are sturdy poly web with vinyl-coated clips

SportRack SR5527 Adjustable Foam Kayak Carrier, 24-Inch, Black

  • Fully adjustable foam blocks can be positioned to accommodate a full range of kayak widths (16" to 24" spacing)
  • 2 non-skid underside protects the vehicle finish
  • Includes 2 straps to secure foam and bars to the vehicle
  • Includes bow and stern tie downs to ensure kayak is secured to the vehicle
  • Fits SportRack Roof Rack Systems, square, round and most factory racks

Riverside Seattle Sports RS - 14" Deluxe Kayak Replacement Blocks (Pair), Gray, Black (068122)

  • Canoe hardware
  • For use with foam block kayak carrier
  • Two 14 in. foam blocks with non skid laminate
  • Seattle Sports

Seattle Sports RS - 18" Universal Kayak Block, Gray, One Size, Model: 068211

  • Seattle Sports
  • Replacement blocks for your Universal Kayak Kit
  • Weight: 1 lbs 4 ozs
  • Featuring our No-Skid anti-slipping bottom

Pelican Adjustable Deluxe Foam Block Transport Roof Kayak Carrier Kit - Comes with Hood Trunk tie Down Loops and 6 tie Down Straps - PS1957, Black; Turquoise

  • Great all-in-one carrier solution to better secure any type of SUP or kayak hull to your car. Comes with two 38" crossbars to provide better support and rigidity.
  • 2 tie down straps (12 ft. long) to secure the bow and stern of your kayak
  • Fully adjustable foam blocks to accommodate a full range of kayak widths going from 16" to 36" spacing. Comes with 2 T-style hood loops providing under the hood or behind the rear hatch attachment for vehicles without tie-down hardware
  • 4 tie down straps (15 ft. Long) with 360 degree buckle bumper protection. Securing your kayaks or boards on your car without worrying about the buckle dropping, breaking your windows or scratching your car paint.
  • This kit includes anti-slip EVA foam blocks to insure they stay in place
  • Sport Type: Fishing

WOOWAVE Kayak Carrier Deluxe Carrier Kit Universal Soft Standard Foam Block for Roof Racks Car-Top Replacement with Tie-Downs, 12 inches

  • ☞【FITS ANY CAR MODELS】The standard kayak carrier kit is a great way to keep the budget down and transport a kayak. It includes 2 foam blocks, 2 tie-downs with adjustable buckles, 2 load straps, 2 S-hooks, instructions and storage bag.
  • ☞【LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE】The 12" gunnel style non-skid EVA foam blocks feature a universal cut-out profile that fits round, square and oval load bars, provides UV resistance and anti-tear strength and help prevent scratches on the car top.
  • ☞【QUICK & EASY TO INSTALL】Secure the 2 foam blocks to the gunwale and load the kayak on the vehicle’s roof. The deluxe kayak carrier includes two safety tie-downs with adjustable cam buckle to secure the kayak and two 15ft load straps with S-hooks to fully ensure a safe installation.
  • ☞【CONVENIENT TO STORAGE】The foam block rooftop carrier includes a storage bag, you could keep the carrier kit when not in use or transports, it is simple yet effective. The dense foam protects your vehicle's paint job while cushioning both your kayak and car from bumps along the way.
  • ☞【12 MONTHS QUALITY WARRANTY】Your purchase includes a hassle-free Money Back Guarantee and a free replacement exchange life time. If the kayak carrier foam blocks get damaged, just feel free to contact our customer service team with a photo, we are willing to replace it FOR FREE.

Pelican Sport Kayak Car Top Carrier Kit Replacement Block (PS0481-3) - Includes 1 Non-Skid EVA Foam Blocks - PS1960-00

  • These foams are compatible with Pelican’s Kayak Transport kit (PS0481-3). They are sold separately to allow you to replace only your foams instead of buying a complete kit again. They will allow you to transport safely your kayak or SUP.
  • The pads are made of EVA. EVA is a very flexible and elastic component that offers better shock resistance when you travel with your kayak or SUP.
  • EVA foams also have adhesive properties that ensure the pads stay in place on your car while you are driving. They also come with a additional anti-slip material that's provide better grip. Simply place them on the roof of your car and install your boat.
  • This includes 1 soft foam pads of 22.7 x 3.4 inches (58 x 9 cm).
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