Attwood 11940-2 Universal Adjustable Kayak Foot Pegs/Foot Brace with Trigger Lock, Black Finish, Set of 2, 15 Inches

  • Foot brace with a lightweight design
  • Trigger lock design allows for easy adjustment
  • Tracks use a universal mounting hole pattern
  • Mounting hardware is not included with this foot brace

How To Choose The Best Kayak Foot Pegs

What Is The Purpose Of Kayak Foot Pegs?

Kayaks are designed with two feet, which makes paddling easier. However, there are times when you might need to stand up while paddling. In these situations, you will need to be able to adjust your position quickly and efficiently. That’s where foot pegs come into play.

How Do Foot Pins Help Me Adjust My Position While Paddling?

Foot pegs allow you to change positions by simply lifting your legs up or down. If you're sitting down, you can lift your knees up so that you can lean back more comfortably. Or, if you're standing up, you can lower your heels so that you can sit more upright. There are many different types of foot pegs available, including those that attach directly to the boat, and others that clip onto existing foot loops.

Why Are Foot Pegs Important For Kayaking?

The ability to adjust your position while paddling is important because it lets you paddle more effectively. With foot pegs, you can control your balance and stability while paddling. Without foot pegs, you could lose your balance and fall overboard. Also, foot pegs let you maintain good posture while paddling.

Are Foot Pins Safe To Use?

Yes! Foot pegs are safe to use. They are very durable, and most models are constructed using high-quality materials. Some models include safety features, such as locking mechanisms, to ensure that they cannot accidentally detach during use.

Where Can I Find Foot Pins?

There are several places online where you can purchase foot pegs. Most stores sell both standard and adjustable versions. You can also find them at sporting goods retailers, outdoor specialty shops, and camping supply stores.

Is Using Foot Pins Easy?

Using foot pegs is easy. Simply slide the peg into its corresponding hole, and tighten the screw to secure it. Once you've done this, you can rest assured that you won't lose your footing while paddling.

Can I Use Foot Pins Instead Of Straps?

Straps aren't always practical. Sometimes, you'll need to tie knots or fasten something else around your leg before attaching the strap. Foot pegs eliminate this problem. Just slip the peg into its corresponding hole, and you're ready to go.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kayak Foot Pegs

Kayaking has become increasingly popular among many individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors. If you're planning to take part in this sport, there are several important factors that must be considered before you purchase your kayak. One of these factors includes choosing the right type of foot peg for your boat. There are two main types of foot pegs available today; those with fixed positions and those with adjustable positions. Fixed position foot pegs are typically more expensive than adjustable ones. However, adjustable foot pegs provide greater flexibility and allow you to adjust the height of the foot peg depending on the size of your feet. In addition, adjustable foot pegs enable you to change the angle of your foot while paddling. Therefore, if you plan on taking part in this activity frequently, it might be worth investing in adjustable foot pegs rather than fixed ones.

Fixed Position Foot Pegs

While fixed position foot pegs are generally more expensive than adjustable ones, they are still very useful. For example, if you paddle regularly, you may wish to invest in a pair of fixed position foot pegs so that you can always set your foot at the same height regardless of whether you're sitting or standing. Also, if you prefer to sit down during your kayaking sessions, you can rest your legs comfortably by placing your feet on the foot pegs. As mentioned earlier, fixed position foot pegs are typically more expensive than adjustable ones.

Adjustable Foot Pins

On the other hand, adjustable foot pins are relatively inexpensive compared to fixed position foot pegs. Adjustable foot pegs are designed to fit most boats. Moreover, they are easy to install and remove. Because of this, you shouldn't experience any difficulty adjusting the height of your foot pin. Furthermore, adjustable foot pegs are ideal for beginners because they allow you to quickly learn how to properly paddle. Additionally, adjustable foot pegs are great for experienced paddlers since they allow you to customize the height of your foot pin according to your preference. With adjustable foot pegs, you can adjust the height of your foot pin anywhere from 1-2 inches.

How To Install An Adjustable Foot Pin

To begin installing your adjustable foot pin, simply loosen the bolts located near the top of the foot peg. Next, slide the foot peg into its corresponding hole on the side of your boat. Once installed, tighten the bolts again. Finally, ensure that your foot peg fits snugly within the holes of your boat.

Advantages of Using Adjustable Foot Pins

There are numerous advantages associated with using adjustable foot pins. First, adjustable foot pins are easier to install than fixed position foot pegs. Second, adjustable foot pins allow you to modify the height of your foot pin based on your preferences. Third, adjustable foot pins are versatile and can be adjusted to suit different sized feet. Fourth, adjustable foot pins are affordable. Fifth, adjustable foot pins are lightweight and portable. Lastly, adjustable foot pins are durable and long lasting.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kayak Foot Pegs

The best way to ensure that you're getting the right kind of foot peg for your boat is by reading reviews online. The internet has become a great resource for finding information about products and services. If you're interested in purchasing a set of foot pegs for your kayak, there are many different features that you should be aware of before making your purchase. Here are some important factors to think about when choosing which type of foot peg to buy.


There are two main types of foot pegs available today. Both types of foot pegs attach to the hull of the boat using suction cups. However, each style comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Sit-on top foot pegs are generally smaller than SUP foot pegs and are easier to install because they only require a single hole drilled into the bottom of the boat. In addition, these foot pegs are more stable since they are attached directly to the hull rather than being suspended above it. On the flip side, SUP foot pegs are larger and provide greater stability due to their ability to hold the board upright. Since they are mounted higher, they are able to support heavier loads and provide a wider base for paddling.


Foot pegs are exposed to a lot of abuse during normal usage so durability is always going to be a concern. There are several ways to determine whether or not a particular brand of foot peg is durable enough for your needs. First, check the manufacturer's warranty period. Most manufacturers guarantee that their foot pegs will last for three years. Second, take note of the materials used to manufacture the product. Some companies use plastic components while others opt for metal parts. Finally, inspect the quality of the manufacturing process. All of these questions will give you insight into the overall quality of the foot peg.


Another thing to consider when shopping for foot pegs is installation. Make sure that the foot peg fits snugly around the hull of the boat. Also, pay attention to the size of the opening where the foot peg attaches to the boat. If the opening is too small, it could cause problems later down the road. Lastly, make sure that the foot peg does not interfere with the steering mechanism of the boat. If it interferes with the rudder, you might experience issues controlling the vessel.


One final consideration when selecting a foot peg is weight. As mentioned earlier, SUP foot pegs are typically heavier than those intended for sit-on-tops. Therefore, if you plan on carrying your kayak across rough terrain, you'll definitely benefit from a lighter foot peg. But remember that heavy foot pegs aren't necessarily bad. Heavy foot pegs are stronger and more stable.

Different Types of Kayak Foot Pegs

There are many different kinds of kayak foot pegs available today. Some are designed specifically for kayaks while others are more general-purpose. The most common type of foot peg is called a "standard" foot peg. Standard foot pegs are generally shaped like a small oval with two holes drilled into each end. One hole goes through the top of the foot peg so that the user can put his/her feet inside the foot peg. The other hole is placed near the bottom of the foot peg where the user places his/her toes. There are several advantages to using standard foot pegs. First, they're inexpensive and easy to install. Second, they provide good support for the ankle and leg. Third, they allow the user to adjust the height of the foot peg by moving the toe hole closer or farther away from the heel.

Types of Adjustable Foot Pegs

The next step up from the standard foot peg is the adjustable foot peg. An adjustable foot peg has three parts; the base plate, the middle piece, and the adjustment mechanism. The base plate fits onto the boat deck and holds the foot peg in position. The middle piece connects the base plate to the foot peg itself. Finally, there is the adjustment mechanism which lets the user change the distance between the base plate and the middle piece. This gives the user greater flexibility in positioning the foot peg.

Adjustable Braces

Another type of foot peg is the adjustable brace. Like the adjustable foot peg, the adjustable brace has three components; the base plate, the middle piece, and the adjustment mechanism. However, unlike the adjustable foot peg, the adjustable brace does not connect directly to the boat deck. Instead, the base plate sits on the boat deck and the middle piece attaches to the base plate. Then, the user adjusts the length of the middle piece by turning a knob located on the side of the base plate. Once the desired length is reached, the user screws the middle piece down to the base plate. This makes the foot peg easier to remove and replace.

Kayak Foot Pegs For Beginners

For beginners who are learning how to paddle a kayak, the best kind of foot peg to start with is the standard foot peg. If you decide later on that you'd rather be able to adjust the height of the foot peg, then you might want to invest in an adjustable foot peg. Lastly, if you plan on paddling long distances, then you'll probably want to invest in an adjustable brace because it will give you the ability to quickly and easily reposition your foot peg whenever necessary.


Propel Paddle Gear Kayak Foot Braces for Splash Protection | Lightweight & Easy to Install | Kayak Paddle Implosion Bar with Adjustable Design

  • KAYAK ACCESSORIES: A functional paddle board accessory for your kayak, these foot braces are lightweight, easy to install, and serve efficiently for years! These braces make it easy to shed water and are great for splash protection.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: If you are into stand up paddle boarding, the Propel Paddle Kayak Foot Brace is a must! Available in a set of 2, these black-colored braces are easy to install. No need to search for heavy tools or equipment as these can be set up in minutes.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: These paddle board accessories are made of HIGH GRADE CONSTRUCTION material that is made to withstand the effects of difficult marine conditions. These braces come with an adjustable design that works well for all types of peddlers.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTED TRACK: The Kayak Foot Braces are ideal for splash protection. They come with a compatible mounted track that works well with all types of stand up paddle boards. The braces enhance the paddling power and offer you a great experience.
  • CALCUTTA OUTDOORS: A leading manufacturer of consumer products for the outdoor sports and recreation market providing performance-driven products, including fishing rods, tackle, coolers, drinkware, outdoor apparel, paddle sports, and marine accessories.

NovelBee Pair Adjustable Locking Foot Braces Pedals Foot Pegs for Kayak Boat Direction Control (Left and Right)

  • Range of pedal adjustment:16.7"
  • Overall Size: Approx.22" x 4.15" x 5.3"
  • Component:base rod and rotating pedals
  • Ideal for seayak, kayak, canoe, angling boat, etc
  • Achieve the effect of transformation of rowing and change direction

Esquirla 2PCS Adjustable Kayak Foot Braces Pedals Nylon Foot Pegs Black Accessories

  • Lightweight molded construction, they will not rust
  • Made of high quality nylon
  • Compatible with sit-in or sit-on kayaks
  • Tracks use a universal mounting hole pattern
  • Kit includes complete one pair

Pelican Adjustable Kayak Foot Brace/Pegs with Trigger Lock - Set of 2 - Black - PS0540-2

  • Adjustable for a comfortable position
  • Easy to install comes with the hardware
  • For sit-in kayaks only
  • Trigger lock design allows for easy adjustment
  • A great addition to your kayak
  • Sport Type: Fishing

Lixada Adjustable Kayak Foot Pegs Foot Brace Pedals, Black

  • Robust plastic construction is very durable and will not rust.
  • Adjustable and easy to install.
  • A great addition to your kayak.
  • Length: 41.5cm / 16.3in.
  • Package List: 1 * Pair of Kayak Foot Braces.

Tongina 1 Pair Kayak Foot Pegs Canoe Pedal Trigger

  • These brace brings you a easy operation, no longer need to reach all the way past your foot or get out of your kayak to make a change.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Designed for seayak, kayak, canoe, angling boat, etc.
  • The braces are fully adjustable and lock solidly into place right where you want them.
  • Use foot control to achieve the effect of transformation of rowing and change direction.

aternee 2pcs Black Nylon Kayak Foot Brace Pedal Feet Rest Peg with Mount Screw

  • Kit includes complete one pair
  • Tracks use a universal mounting hole pattern
  • Made of high quality nylon
  • Lightweight molded construction, they will not rust
  • Compatible with sit-in or sit-on kayaks

Kayak Pack 2 Durable Nylon Universal Canoe Angling Boat Foot Brace Rudder Control Footrest Pegs Pedals

  • Premium nylon kayak adjustable foot brace, strong, lightweight and durable
  • Ergonomic foot pads for comfort paddling
  • You can use foot brace to control rudder and easily achieve the effect of transformation of rowing and change direction
  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • Great DIY replacement accessories universal for seayak, kayak, canoe, angling boat, ocean marine boat and platform boat

LuDa 2pcs Durable Kayak Foot Brace Pedals Fishing Boat Canoes Foot Pegs Replacement

  • Lightweight molded construction, they will not rust
  • Kit includes complete one pair
  • Tracks use a universal mounting hole pattern
  • Compatible with sit-in or sit-on kayaks
  • Made of high quality nylon

YINMZNG Kayak Foot Pegs Rudder Control Adjustable Kayak Pedal,Kayak Boat Accessories

  • The accessories are made of high strength nylon material, which is durable and has a long service life.
  • These kayak foot braces can be used with the rudder to adjust the direction of the boat.
  • These adjustable kayak pedals are very convenient to use and are a very good quality replacement accessory.
  • These kayak multifunctional pedals are adjustable and easy to install. Even a novice can quickly install them.
  • These kayak multifunctional pedals are very suitable for sea boats, kayaks, canoes, fishing boats, etc.
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